Saturday, April 21, 2018

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  1. After the full Event and the liberation we’re all gonna have a huge party! The Gaians, the Pleiadians, everybody!

    This technique worked excellently for me to give me back my personal liberation and solidify my inner peace for good (and this is from someone who has suffered from insufferable anxiety and schizophrenia for a long time): Close your eyes for a bit, take a few deep breaths and — !!! — let all the fear go. Forgive yourself, forgive everybody, embody unconditional compassion and love, and just let go of the fear and misery, permanently. And even if you get anxious again, just breathe deeply, hold the breath, and keep ignoring it. There was another huge shift earlier and now there’s no turning back.

    I am free; you are free; we are FREE!!!!!

    1. Hello Unknown. Let me ask you something. Can you honestly say that, right now, there can be absolutely no thought that can appear in your mind, unless YOU choose to?...
      So if you are honest and you respond to the question above, please take time and think further what exactly is the degree of freedom that you say you have right now, if you cannot at least prevent any thoughts from rising in your mind, unless YOU specifically choose that?
      An aspect we should all consider right now. Our beloved older and wiser brothers do all that is in their power and that is allowed in our interest, for Earth (the Blue Planet). But our own process of awakening should not only be empty words and self delusion. Freedom is a state that cannot be described, but rather experienced. Let's start with gaining back the control of our mind and thoughts. Then, let's learn how to gain the true superior attention. And from that point on, we can truly start our spiritual journey, as our heart will be then sober. Ancient sages said that the Journey starts right from the point where we are. Where are we, truly? Each one of us must find the particular answer to this question and THEN start.

    2. Hello Logi. I appreciate your thoughtful response, for you are right. I feel that over the years everyone has been heavily indoctrinated by the media, religion, prejudice ideologies, etc., and it's just sad. I admit, they've done it so deeply that even though I have purely positive intentions, a lot of negative thoughts just seemingly pop up at times for me. I'm not sure if it's even "schizophrenia" or if everyone has these helpless, negative thoughts, more or less. I think the latter is more likely. We've been led to believe, for example, that pieces of paper or material possessions determines a person's "social" worth and it's totally false and misleading. This former beast system has been trying to set up everybody to compete with each other for survival, all for what? Individual packets of toilet sheets? An illusory sense of pride of one discrete being over another? Are we this unevolved and imperceptive? Aren't we all connected? Aren't we all One and basically the same? Do we not all want the same thing, that thing being love, peace, happiness and abundance? But maybe it was a game; maybe the Source put itself through the polarity game to experience an even greater freedom and love. However, our free will on this planet has been violated too much. This terrible riddle needs to stop now. We need our real freedom back. We need our true loves and our soulmates back. People might still say: "But we need money to buy stuff, to eat, to survive..." Bullshit. All we need is the vibration of love and compassion for one another. Like Corey Goode said, after the liberation and the financial reset, people can volunteer a few hours or so a week in the community and our galactic societal status would take care of the rest, giving us the ability to do what we love instead of slaving away meaninglessly. This time for our deliverance has come. We desperately need this. I beg the Source to make this happen now; I implore the Galactic Confederation and the Earth Alliance to do all that they can to speed up the planetary catharsis and salvation, for we Justice must be served.

    3. Hi. I did not post in order to question your intentions. I really assumed they are good and genuine. With a rather small dosage of common sense, almost each human being can intuitively understand, mentally, what is to be done. And all the other aspects you emphasized in your reply are positive and I can also plead for them.

      But from saying it, from thinking it, to actually experience it, it is quite the journey. This is an aspect I encountered to many people who decide to give course to their spiritual quest. They start with the best intentions, with a lot of aspiration and energy. But if not well guided and / or if not applying correctly the methods they have the chance to be revealed, they tend to start imagining that they achieved certain degrees of development, which in reality aren't as they think.

      This is no reason to be discouraged or depressed, but to be warned and vigilant, and start immediately a thorough and truthful self assessment.

      NO ONE, not the Pleiadians, not our spiritual Guide or guides, not even GOD, cannot walk our path, or do what is to be done for us individually. We can implore the Divine Grace to get us there, miraculously, and there is a slight chance for that to actually happen. But any responsible and honest Teacher would eventually tell you that Divine Grace is granted for those who deserve it, for those who prepare themselves properly.

      We are all One, we are the Divine Self ATMAN. True, because the great Yogi masters and other Avatars in this Planet's history told us about all this. But are we really experiencing it? I believe that the more we'll experience it, the less we'll feel the need of telling others about it and others will simply search our guidance because they will feel what it is beyond any spoken words.

    4. You speak truth brother. We are very close. We can not stop or slow down now. All the harm must go. This sacred dream will be fulfilled.

  2. Thank you dear Cobra ✨๐Ÿ™๐Ÿผ❤️๐ŸŒˆ

  3. A month ago i had a dream about Master Sananda who told me that he had a meaningful intel for thursday about chimera bases from Brazil that have been destroyd., about implants and anomaly from there but this intel was not presented on any blog.

    1. Olรก Violet Light, sou do Brasil e realmente houve registro de tremores aqui na regiรฃo Sul, isso pode ter relaรงรตes com o seu sonho :) Obrigado pelo relato !

    2. It would be a great help for all of us Brazilian since things are very difficult around here with sรณ many corruption and robbery scandals. VOTL

    3. Acompanhem as recentes atividades nos reportes em Pleiades 1 ( Ilha Magnรฉtica = Curitiba

  4. Dear Ohana: Anyone remember the playground game in the "lower 48" called Mother, may I? "Yes, you may…Step up to the plate, and hit a Home-Run!"

    Expand imagination. Creation is more akin to J.K. Rowling's Potter realms than we've been imprinted to be-LIE-ve.

    For example, now that I've been introduced to Bobo-Dink and Agora-Agora, I'll never-again underestimate members of the Devic Kingdom (e.g., goblins, elves, et al).

    Via the High-Heart: Direct Knowing, and; the Pi-neal gland (pi: from Gr. periphereia—'circumference'; anneal: 1) heat, and allow to cool slowly, in order to reduce internal stresses; 2) recombine DNA in double-stranded form; from Old English, onวฃlan 'set on fire'). Hmm.

    The sticky 'Web' has confounded us for a minute, but also catalyzed the Great Awakening. We don't (never did?) truly need it.

    Our Transversal Ohana is an experienced, often goofy, fun, loving, morphing, and astoundingly-diverse cast of characters. It wouldn't surprise me to find out "Coyote and Road Runner" are twin souls, currently running with Ashtar Sheran. Hoot! My dad (a theologian) insisted that Creator invented humor, maybe because laughter forms a protective 'No Trespassing' field? I sense that the authentic expression of ANY emotion produces this protective field. This gets me pondering on the frequency variance between fear (from the mind), and terror (from Body).

    I've never enjoyed the Horror genre of films, so I'll forego subjecting my precious, luminous soul to graphic depictions of what the Ghouls have been doing, especially to our kinder. Being aware of it (since reading David Icke in the 90s, then Trance-Formation of America [Cathy O'Brien]) is horrifying enough. I turned myself inside-out via those books, and I can feel the looming anguish/cognitive dissonance/rage of those who are just now 'getting it.'

    Unbeknownst to my slumbering self, my mother was siphoning off my precious Light through a cord of attachment—until I was made aware of it (age 40), at which point, AA Mi-ka-el wrapped her up in a rainbow cocoon, and escorted her somewhere for lessons in NOT EATING ONE'S CHILDREN. I suppose this kind of Trespass is less horrifying for being less gruesome? Well, she didn't terrify me before 'eating me,' which is a plus for her. I'm grateful to be going forth in this vessel, and for being involved in the Greatest Show on Earth!

    G'day to All… ∞

  5. Thank you, Cobra.
    Victory of the Light!!!

  6. "Wolnoล›ฤ‡ kocham i rozumiem, wolnoล›ci oddaฤ‡ nie umiem..."

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  8. Deep disclosure segment 4 w/ Tolec and the Ms:

  9. Understanding the Blue Light

    As in the case of the Pink Light, it may be worth to be taken in consideration that in order to visualize properly the Blue Light, we have to understand it at least in 3rd density terms.

    We are also entitled to consider that the 3rd dimensional visible veritable Blue Light is to a great extent the 3rd density counterpart of the metaphysical Blue Light which carries the energy we consider to imagine from here, on the earth...

    So, the proper understanding of it in the earthling physical terms, concerning its visible spectrum, will help us at an unconscious level to visualize what in fact should it be.

    Think at first that the power of light frequency emission (relative to human perception) is proportional to f (frequency of radiation, from 760nm to 380nm).

    A post will be dedicated on the blog:


    1. A full range of dimensional details enclosures for 'encased and potted' low power (up to 1000W) transformers will be available on the blog.

      Sometimes the 'core and coil' transformers are not an option, the protected ones are needed, therefore a dimensional specification range of enclosures (using preferred numbers) will be needed for our Light Communities.
      We don't wait for others to give it, we design our owns.


    2. 'Encased and potted' low power transformers (encapsulated in a high temperature resin, up to Class H, 180ยบC) will be needed for many applications instead of the 'core and coil' (unprotected) transformers.
      We have to do ours, for us, and not to have to chose from what others do, due to economic interests, and undersized and overheating transformers, core and coil only, which re not an option...


    3. For now, dimensional details for the Miniature Post-top Outdoor Light Unit of 4" are almost complete:

      and also are there for the large size of 16" light unit:

  10. I wish I could plaster myself to source, but I will settle for a giant beam of light to hug.
    "Source ye cannot escape thee, thou is headed to ye in a spiral"๐Ÿ˜œ


    1. Chuckling here, Brandon. Boom-e-rang from Source. 'Recess' is over. Good thing The Folks have Many Mansions.

    2. I bet you are a good grandma, I'm going to call you legendary grandma.
      Yes and they have seats at the table for us ALL.

  11. DTI News 4.20 - Govt. Admits Electronic Mind Control/QAnon/COMEY Downfall/WEINER's Laptop

  12. Chemtrails in Spain everydays


    Beautiful movie, gonna be on Vimeo from the 25th of May. I hope it is going to be in English, too. The Faces of the Great Goddess is the English title.

    Victory of the light, and the Goddess ;-)

  14. Thank you Cobra, it's changing everywhere now. It will take as long as it needs to take to awaken billions in the most peaceful means possible. Those who ever doubted this was real, look around and see what is happening. To change the world after 26,000 years of darkness doesn't happen overnight. This is a War of Wills, and the next time someone wants to doubt Cobra, Q, or the True Light, silence yourself, look in the mirror, and find out where that doubt is really coming. I have faith, because this plan was immense. It just takes each of us playing our minor roles to make a major hit movie.

  15. Is this like the splitting of two earth d's
    A lot of this sounds if the galctics have the upper hand, but until we see mass arrests it is same business as usual. I must admit I gave the resistance to Much credit
    I would have thought THIS would be finished in February. We must ensure the dark never return to power. Victory of the light

    1. @dwayne high - we must be careful not to "bite the hand that feeds us". the galactics have a very much broader view of earth's predicament than we do and they solve new unforeseen problems as they arise. we sit here not knowing, not seeing what is really going on multi-demensionally and our ego lets us think we could do
      better. i am pretty sure that in our dream state we are DOING a lot and probably following orders is one of the things we do. we have been asked to remain calm during this time, to meditate on peace and to TRUST THE PLAN. we need to stop acting like spoilt children and whinging and complaining that this is taking too long because that whinging and complaining is contributing to slowing down this process. we need unity, we need courage and we need to just shut up and do what is asked of us. process your impatience and identify the origin if you wish. while we are here on the surface we are galactic babies that have been programmed and mind controlled our entire lives. why? probably so that when this time arrived we would sabotage our own liberation because divide and conquer is what "they" do best.

    2. I couldn t express this better, Bob Steve. Thank you.๐ŸŒน



    I watched this just a few hours later it was uploaded.
    Then... Yesterday it was deleted. And it is back today!
    But.... all older comments, (including mine), are NOT there. And the "views" is NOT correct either....

    ALL these mans that; this was an " extremely dangerous" show revealing many hidden truth to us! VOTL to Earth!

  17. Thank you Cobra for your frequent "technical" updates. I'm looking forward to your next situation update, with the expectation of it containing milestone accomplishment news.

    Power and Victory to the Light!!

  18. Written by Steve Smaly:

    A summary of the Hungarian Ascension Conference will be prepared, but I would like to share some feelings with you.

    When Sunday, the daughter of several nations forming a love circle hand in hand, became a heart in the light of the energies of God […] - many people had tears in their eyes... […] Cobra told the conference when it happened that "This is the moment he waited for all his life" and something begins in history that was born here and now in Budapest. […]


  19. Anyone read "The Celestine Prophecy"?
    Very similar to what's going on with the event and shift in consiscness?...


    UPDATE: For people in Asia, please feel free to do it at 1 PM UTC if you wish.

    If you do not want to be on the list but you still want to get healing, feel free to do the above meditation without giving your name.

    For people who want to receive healing through Astara Meditation

    A Facebook event for this meditation has been created and can be found in the link below:

  21. Dear Cobra,

    again feeling homesick these days...

    This complete info-blackout doesn´t really make it better …

    In earlier times there was at least some small inspiration posted here. A picture, interview, video or song.. Something to know, where we stand here on our mission.

    Now there´s just … NOTHING. We just get from breach one breach to another and from deflection to clear ..

    We were asked to take part in the worldwide PEACE MEDITATION. We gave our best and we get absolutely NO small bit of INFO about it from you.

    We are left here with speculation. I ask when …

    WHEN will it be THE year?
    WHEN will it be finally ENOUGH?
    WHEN will it be THE month?
    WHEN will sabre rattling stop?
    WHEN will it be THE week?
    WHEN will we breathe free air?
    WHEN will it be THE day of final liberation?
    WHEN will we finally meet our galactic brothers and sisters?

    I would be more than thankful COBRA if you could just give us a little sign, that you´re alive and well!

    Hope this doesn´t last for years.. Otherwise we could get a problem here with people leaving and giving up..

    Thank you and

    Victory Of The Light!

    Dua Lipa - Homesick (Album Visual)

  22. I would suggest a Peace/Unity-Meditation for Europe as well!

    Things are slowly getting better, the wind has turned.. But still difficult times here in Germany.

    With all the division and all the foreign people, misstrust, missunderstandings. Thousands of people, mostly young african men. Many of them coming here, taking all the money they can get, stealing, raping young children and women, killing ... most times without real consequences!

    Old people who worked hard for their whole lives. Now they have to beg around for food … and they have to compete with all this immigrants for it, although they sometimes don´t even need it. They take the money for food AND the food and are sending the money to their relatives at home..

    That´s just not fair …

    Those who feel so guided could include Europe in their daily / weekly meditations, violet flame, pink light, viziualising peace, freedom and unity for the countries of Europe!


    PS: After the Ascension Conference in Budapest, Soros left the country. Now he´s coming to Berlin / Germany … D´oh!

  23. "I come today with important news. Divine has decreed that the current situation on the planet requires all of our attention. We have just been through a tough patch lately, and now we have arrived at a place where we need to pick up the pieces and keep going. In other words, planetary ascension reached a rocky path recently. Divine had to reevaluate the situation and came to a conclusion that even though things got out of hands from time to time, the bottom line is that Gaia is at a better place and humanity has awakened en masse. So, after the evaluation, Divine has decided to change the rules here and there, and adjust the speed a little bit, and now we are back on track, continuing the Divine work...That is the case here, lately, we had a group of individuals who acted with 3D mentality, defied the Divine laws and acted against the Divine will by starting wars against humanity. As result, we had to collect these souls, taught them a lesson and then we moved on. So now, we are back on our agenda, continue the ascension efforts..." ~ Mother Mary

  24. Thank you for the update dear Cobra.

    I am feeling more and more isolated the more I learn and grow. Family try to keep me firmly locked in the 3D questioning my beliefs and becoming 'worried' about my acceptance of 'conspiracy' theories. It is impossible to have a conversation about it! MSM try to warn if the dangers of alternative news and family are completely taken in. The hold that the matrix has, the mind control is still very apparent! I am exhausted trying to explain the truth, trying to help awaken people. I will have to resort to meditation and prayer and hope full disclosure comes to the masses soon.

    Love and Light ❤️๐ŸŒŸ❤️

    1. moonily - research NPCs/Background People . Understand that they outnumber organic conscienceness and are part of the matrix. These people unfortunately can be family and friends. Once you understand though, you will not waste your energy trying to explain what you are experiencing, cos they may be programmed to thwart you. Hope this helps.

    2. Purplehaze1960 thank you, what you say makes sense. I guess they may not even realise they are programmed?

      Best to agree to disagree and put energy into healing work and true vocation for being here at this time. Once compression breakthrough happens I can at least offer live and support to those in shock after realizing the truth.

  25. Chem Trails every where is Wisconsin the last few days. Everyone is sick!!


  26. Screw it.

    This is Hollywood Nights



  27. And this is OLD TIME Rock 'n' Roll!!

    Record Machine rockin'


  28. Pluto retrograde 2018 starts on April 22 and ends on September 30. The aspects and fixed star involved in Pluto retrograde 2018 will unleash your inner warrior. Using the power of your mind you can transform a personal crisis into a success story. Miracles are possible.

    What's your Cosmic Identity?
    Decode yourself and people in your life, to see what synchronicities are revealed
    Each signature is a combination of a "Tribe" and a "Tone."

  29. Ok here is one of thousands of reasons to "Hurry Up"
    We are all tired of "darkness" going uninhibited and unstopped
    so...hurry up !

  30. It's anyone have any idea if the event it's still available this year for us.or we have to wait another couple of years for this?

    1. no one knows when the Event will happen (except perhaps the One), so I highly suggest you place your focus elsewhere.

      " Let me just say that the hostage situation on the surface of the planet is very difficult and liberation might take a little bit longer than expected.

      This is the reason the Light forces advise against any speculation about the timing of the Event to avoid disappointment and suggest you rather start focusing on your mission and living your life to its fullest in the Now"

  31. Any idea of these agenda?


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