Monday, May 14, 2018

Entry Protocols Update

Entry Protocols blog post has triggered strong reactions and so it requires an update.

First, it was never claimed that pre-Event entries into the Resistance will happen. It was stated that they may, or may not happen. Entry protocols were given to the surface population so it may be prepared in case they do happen.

Second, if pre-Event entries do happen, they might not happen in the immediate future (days, weeks or even months).

Third, these entries are only intended for a very small number of people, between 20 and 200 individuals. This is NOT a mass recruitment campaign for the Resistance.

Fourth, these entries are only intended for two categories of people, the first category being very advanced Lightworkers / Lightwarriors with minimal attachments to the surface population that require a well deserved rest in a more beautiful and loving environment and the second category being Lightworkers / Lightwarriors with practical experience in cultural anthropology, communicology, sexology, counseling psychology, cultural psychology, sociology and social work. This second category will help the Resistance in future interactions with surface population, as Resistance members are many times at a loss how to interact with often reactive surface humanity. 

Fifth, these entries will very seldom be presented to surface members with strong family attachments. Surface population will experience many surprises in their personal relationships after the Event and needs to distinguish between emotional attachment and unconditional love:

Sixth, candidates for Resistance entry will go through a process of inner preparation so if and when the entry does happen, they will be able to trust the process through inner Soul connection with their inner voice of truth and with the Resistance. People with excessive amount of fear and mistrust are not considered as candidates.

Seventh, an entry into Resistance is considered to be a spiritual initiatory experience and therefore the candidate needs to go through the experience in full alignment with his own free will and on his own. This is an entrance into a higher reality and is NOT a trap, leading to some reptilian underground base.

Eighth, banana comments that have mushroomed over the internet in the last few days are proof that most of the surface population is not ready for contact. So do not complain if there are delays in the future.

Luckily, many people are sane enough to see with their own eyes that I have not been replaced with a clone, and that my intel still stands:

Victory of the Light!


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    1. It is interesting to know that “Bon Iver” follows Cobra.

      Perhaps there is hope for the surface population yet!


  2. You have, and always will, resonate with truth and love C. The prepared population will be the rock for the rest if needed✨

  3. Yes, thank you. I was wrong reading that message on operation disclosure. I thought they were absolutely true and reliable. So they're not. Shame. For those still wondering: message from Edward Morgan of Prepare for Change and KP:

    So good it wasn't true. Tiers of relief:) Let's dance!

  4. Thanks for the update

    Translated to spanish
    Traducido al castellano

  5. Thank you for the explenaition... it was maybe a misunderstanding by me from translation but it was uplifting to read this text from you also in my head it was a little to overeager or to beautiful for truthness for me :D i wanted really to go

    Love and Light ... René Halle

  6. I am sorsorry
    Please forgive me
    Thank you
    I love you

    May this awareness be an opportunity for us to actively continue sending out Love vibes to transmute fear wherever it may be found.

    With deep gratitude to Cobra and RM

    Victory of the Light

  7. Yes people are over reacted cause they thought they'll send out invites in massive numbers. Maybe this article will be a cooldown for them, so we need to admit nothing changed, since RM already recruited members as we can know from Cobra's interviews. And 20-200 is not that many to say oh something is changed cause they need mass amount of people now. So I hope this update helps everyone calm down.

    But let's talk about the eighth point here... Because of few trolls, agents, uninformed people who create those comments not really fair to be more delays cause that punish those who are doing great, and yes punish the banana comment writers too but they would really learn from that? I don't think so, more delays just give them gunpowder for the comments... The Event is something the Earth population never will be full prepared, can't achieve every human out there will be 100% prepared for a period of time. I see the only way if we trigger it as soon as possible and try to ride the waves. That's what humanity do, adapt for changes.

    1. I could not agree more, about the few "banana commenters". I consider them to be a minority, as I think that a lot of the "more awakened" people don't even post at all. Most people don't, unless they have something important to say. Yes, there are a lot of trolls out there, and there always will be. But they do not reflect the majority. And you are SO RIGHT in saying that we will never be 100% fully prepared. We NEED something to JOLT THE WORLD AWAKE, otherwise we could be rotting away for years to come. And I for one, will not make it X years. The time needs to be NOW.
      Love, Light, and Blessings to ALL

    2. Cobra’s eight point was literally making a point. He’s not saying that more delays will be intentionally be created because of banana comments.

      Cobra is simply pointing out the fact that alot of us complain about delays, yet when we are faced with a potentially real situation (Entry Protocols) with actual implications, a lot of us plummet and can’t even handle it. Yes of course it is understandable that it is hard for the manipulated surface to trust everyone, but when your higher self is used in your decision making, you won’t have to worry about being tricked.

      Everyone, please utilize your WHOLE being when given information. You will very much appreciate the result.

    3. Exactly.. unless there are real concrete changes to show people something is happening like arresting 9ii conspirators for example, or money reset, it's very very difficult to convince people. Every day people die of cancer and won't seek alternative treatment, so programmed to trust their oncologist even to their grave, now that's how programmed our society is. The solar wave will enlighten everyone, everyone will then be able to handle contact.. they will instinctively know they are connected to life off this planet.. so there will be no fear. Plus once this divine wave hits, all will be open to seeking answers from the very ones they once doubted.. forgiveness and love will reign once more

    4. I think a lot of people have been really excited at the possibility of being able to help and the prospect of being a part of something more in alignment with a
      their authentic purpose (amongst a few trolls). I think it's great so many want to help, yet are concerned about their families and animals. That's what is good about humans. In my life, I have learned it is better to focus on the positive, including people in your life. Unfortunately, a lot of us have been raised or conditioned to focus on the negative, and ignore the positive no matter how much more of it there is than the negative. I've spent my adult life learning to focus on the positive (reprogramming myself)...a work in progress. There's a lot of good people in this blog, some doubters, and some trolls. Aside from what we see in the news, we are going on faith in the authors of the blog post. I trust what resonates within me as truth, which is why I have stuck with this blog. It is understandable that people have some doubts. When you KNOW the truth, you have to let the doubts of others go and focus on those who believe as you do. When you are the leader, you have to try to ease the doubts first, then leave it to them to decide, and let it go.
      People who follow this blog are MORE awakened than the average person. I think it is wonderful so many people were interested in helping that they wanted clarification of other things so they can look out for their families as well as the planet too. That was my take-away from the responses.
      I'm proud of everyone who has wanted to volunteer and who has also wanted to look out for family. I salute you all, my fellow light warriors who live in faith on what you cannot even see. Y'all know how hard this planet has been for us and you/we keep on going! Thanks everyone for your prayers and meditations and your focus on the highest and best timeline for humanity and for having faith in a better reality even while bad things go on in the world. I think we all deserve a collective, galactic hug. That would go a long way. I send my hugs to all of you! 😘

  8. Tous ai plus clair merci cobra je veux vraiment y participer je le veux avec toute mes forces travailler pour la résistance cela est quelque choses que j'ai en moi depuis très longtemps cela fais longtemps que je ne suis plus attacher à rien ici à la surface. Depuis 6 mois je suis dysfonctionnel et je n'apporte plus beaucoup à la population de surface avec la lumière qui est en moi. c'est pour cela que je vous écris ce message qui me serrais plus convenable de continuer mon évolution et ma mission de vie avec vous la résistance. Cela sera avec mon plus grand honneur de travailler avec la résistance ce que je veux depuis mon éveil. Avec tous le respect que j'ai pour vous tous, je voudrais être avec vous pour travailler avec cœur et âme ensemble pour la population de surface qui en a tant besoin. Merci cobra pour le travail que vous faite. Je SUIS personnellement près à quitter ma FAMILLE pour vous et moi pour ma mission divine. Je vous l'aise travailler mes frères et sœurs très bonne soirée. Ensemble nous gagneront !!! Merci d'avoir lu ce message qui pour moi est très important tant que pour vous. Que cela soit ainsi que dieu vous garde tous!!!!!

  9. C said that all the banana comments over the past few days are proof that most of the surface population is not ready for contact. I have to strongly disagree with that. I think a LOT of us are ready, and of course there will always be the "doubting Thomas", but please please PLEASE do not lump us all together. The people who said "it would be such a tough decision" or "can we write letters to our family so they know what happened" etc etc, obviously those people are not prime candidates, and probably wouldn't even be considered. But I feel very strongly that there are a LOT of Lightworkers/Lightwarriors who are awakened enough, who would be fully and 100% dedicated, and would consider it the highest honor and privilege to be considered. Just because there are a few, even a few hundred, people who post "ignorant" (sorry for the word choice) comments, does not mean that the majority of the surface is not ready. Not only are we ready, but we are tired. Tired of the toxins in our air, in our water, in Mother Earth. Tired of living paycheck to paycheck (or not even in a lot of cases). Tired of wasting away, of wasting life. Most of us cant even "live life", we are just biding our time, while doing as much "inner work" (meditation, prayer, research, etc) are we can. I'm not living life, I'm wasting life. I would LOVE the opportunity to help people, in ANY way. I for one would cherish the opportunity to help, in any way. It is quite dis-heartening to read on here that the "entry protocols" could possibly still be months and months out, and the Event months and months after that. I think most of us are tired, and sick, and sick of being tired all the time, and we WANT and NEED something to happen! Whether it be the Event, entry protocols into the Resistance, or even helping on a much smaller scale. May the Event happen sooner than any of us could hope. Much Love, Light, and Blessings to ALL :)

    1. Thanks for your thoughtful and well written comment. As I said in my reply to a previous comment, I couldn't agree more. I find it rather condescending to myself as a Lightworker to say I'm not ready for contact because I had doubts about the entry protocols, based totally on my intuition. Now that more has been explained about it, it makes more sense. These explanations should have been included in the original Entry Protocol posting.

    2. I agree w/ IWantTohelpHumanity,... just because one has legitimate concerns doesn't mean that one is not ready or doesn't want to join-in. Part of intelligence is to question what is not completely clear,...

  10. Thanks brother, that update helped a whole lot with understanding the parameters and of course the answers always come from within.
    My kids do not belong to me they belong to the one like we all do.

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  12. The tachyonized pink light egg-shaped bulb - a light source for esoteric purposes able to channel higher dimensional energy into the physical realm...

  13. With regards to your "eighth" point above -- we are entitled to be skeptical. We have suspended belief and ventured into the realm of blind faith. You always had a somewhat brusque style, but not *this* brusque. The easiest way to dispel the "banana comments" is to post an audio interview, however short, so people can "use their inner guidance" to ascertain the truth.

    1. Cobra has finished a lot of programming. And that he does not follow these programmings, some feel that as brusque. He just does not support the programming of others, but relies on personal responsibility and supports this.

      Wailing is a sign that one is not willing to work on himself, but want to force this work on others.

    2. Wasn’t commenting about brusqueness per se but the perceived difference in the levels of such - which lends itself to speculation that it might be a different person at the helm.

    3. This "KT" guy could well be a clever disinfo agent. I apologize if he is. And I can see how the online posting from "RS" would be seen as an act of betrayal from a "disgruntled ex-associate" -- perhaps the "banana" comment was directed more at RS-type comments than to KT specifically.

  14. Thank you for the timely update Cobra. When I read the original post, I immediately knew I was not a candidate but I did not feel compelled to comment. In fact, I knew in a half a second, because my attachments are too strong at the moment. I was however very enthused by just the posting itself.

    People, this has never happened before to this group. We have never witnessed these giant steps forward before (at least not to my knowledge). The fact that Cobra is posting more of these 'protocol' messages should be a sign that we are moving closer and closer to the goal.

    Here is some satire to inject into the conversation to help people change their tone from 'not of love and light' to 'something closer to love and light'.

    I give you .... THE CLASH; "Should I Stay or Should I Go"

    Much love,


  15. I think that the people will never be prepared for the first contact if the aliens don't show up. They hide themselves.we are not believe for long time in fairytales.we all waiting the event.a sign something but nothing shows up never.the resistance stay at safety place with food and family and just say sitting on a couch : oh the people are not prepared for the event!! Let just late the event another couple of weeks or months.but they are well and happy there at underground base and they are a bit selfish thinking like this about us.we from the surface are the most brave not they because we live here and the resistance there.and the event its in there hand's not bad that it's like this.they want to believe in event but they just criticise people in sted to do something that to make people to believe in resistance and the event.i don't think that you Will post this but I hope so.because it's the pure truth.

    1. @Soare, Unfortunately, there are serious implications to just come out and directly show us that they are real. This would cause a massive amount of deaths from retaliation mechanisms of the Chimera.

      The Resistance was formed in order to liberate planets, this is literally their main purpose. They aren’t just sitting on their arm chairs eating replicated donuts all day while bashing the surface for not being ready. Instead, they are actively working in all aspects in an attempt to HELP us.

      Instead of everyone constantly bashing them, we need to thank them for all they have done and are doing.

    2. Well said Soare. I couldn't agree more.

    3. I don't think it's the truth at all, miss. We, humans on earth, have great opportunities to spread peace, anchor light and all that just by listening to our heart and do as it wants. We don't need much money for that, no other material wealth than basics like shed from the cold and trees + herbs, plants for our prospering. Everything else is bonus and everybody with 30 minutes time, spent in the woods, taking part in the wonder of nature, sending blessings makes an impact and he/she will notice that very soon. We're a strong species and we're loving creatures, every help from outside is also a bonus. Best wishes!

  16. "Eighth, banana comments that have mushroomed over the internet in the last few days are proof that most of the surface population is not ready for contact. So do not complain if there are delays in the future."
    We would do well also to remember that a vocal few can bring an energy that seems to represent the energy of the many. For example, there's 200 ppl in a room, the person with the mic says xyz, 8 ppl boo and carry on with comments and derision. Take note, that leaves 192 who did NOT do so. The general population of earth my not be awakened, but they are not generally a bunch of idiots. The idiot factor is just noisier - like the MSM, banana blogs, etc. My hopes are still high for a continued and ever-quickening blossoming of peace, compassion and love worldwide despite the programming of the MSM, movies, a large of the internet and the stone-faced yak-yak one might here at work or in public.

  17. In the past, and more than once, Cobra has instructed everyone on how to learn to discern and transform their personality distortions properly:

    "...honing your discernment skills will be of utmost importance. This is easily done by combining your rational mind with intuition. Most of all, you need to think with your own head and feel with your own heart."

    “The key to true discernment is to:

    1. Acknowledge your fear and other suppressed emotions and transform them. There are many ways, approaches, healing modalities and techniques to transform emotions:­

    2. Educate yourself in basics of science, art and all other areas of human knowledge so that your mind can not be distracted with total nonsense many times appearing in alternative media (Nibiru crashing into Earth anyone?)

    3. Meditate or find any other way to connect with your higher self

    4. Free yourself from the bias and nonsense of the alternative media as you have freed yourself from the bias and nonsense of the mainstream media, and think with your own head.”

    It's up to all of you to make these changes to yourselves. And once you change yourself you will be amazed at how the world around you changes. Much love everyone <3

  18. Seriously dude, angry at the banana comments. Love your work, but you sound like a dad fed up with the kids in the back asking "are we there yet?"

    1. Cobra’a been working tirelessly posting amazing, unfindable intel for the past 6 years. There comes a time when affirmative words must be used to show us that this in fact all serious and he’s not some AI robot clone faking stories.

      Cobra thought 2012 was too early to start the blog. Although, he continued with it anyway with hopes of helping humanity.

      Please, don’t criticize Cobra for standing up for himself and the resistance against quite crazy allegations.

    2. Thank you Nic. You are a very wise young Light Warrior. A lot of us are much older and worn down. But COBRA and the RM need us all to stand strong and hold the Light. I AM committed till my last breath however long that is...

  19. "Fourth, these entries are only intended for two categories of people, the first category being very advanced Lightworkers / Lightwarriors with minimal attachments to the surface population that require a well deserved rest in a more beautiful and loving environment and the second category being Lightworkers / Lightwarriors with practical experience in cultural anthropology, communicology, sexology, counseling psychology, cultural psychology, sociology and social work."

    So i qualify 100%, nice :D

    1. I also thought that the fourth point was the main interesting but I was more amused by the last part you didn't include.

      "This second category will help the Resistance in future interactions with surface population, as Resistance members are many times at a loss how to interact with often reactive surface humanity. "

      I wonder how different such a society could be in their mindset compared to the most different surface societies?

    2. Not difficult. We have them on the surface coated as 'normal humans'. Is obvious the difference between being connected with the Soul from being disconnected from it. Here is where lays the difference. An example... Let me introduce another level of human that resides also in the surface of this planet and is beyond than the simple quality of hostage but considered as a 'high level hostage'.

      They are those that developed their awareness but still imprisoned in the 3D life. They can't be taken out of planet because of quarentine status and they are also untouchable about a possibility of dying prematurely, instead they are condemned to suffer high levels of frustration regarding their life, this until they develop their total self mastery, and then is when they are freed.

      Most of the cases they are put to live as 'isolated imprisoners', because they are seen as a high level risk to the controllers. These conditions permeates the possibility to develop a complete disattachement from many things in their life.

      They don't represent the majority that resides the surface that is totally disconnected and programmed in the distorted field from Source, controlled by the archons, from here is easy to understand the difference.

      They are highly valued and can be easily taken as a task force to collaborate with RM or others that are assisting the liberation of the Planet. They will serve as a bridge between the none awakened to the fully awakened.

      I think these are the perfect candidates for the possibility of pre-Event first contact.

  20. Thank you for this post Cobra. Well what can I say, I read the Kabamur post on disclosure news and it had me questioning a few things, then the next day another article by Jared Rand supporting this blog. yes, I admit, I was confused.

    Please though, do not blame people for questioning what they read, or for being confused. These are extremely hard times and there are many people that claim to be of the light putting out articles and information, some of which sounds credible because they are clever and mix in truths with lies.

    There are many people who are quite vulnerable, seeking the light, hope, a new life because their lives are currently so hard. the entire human race has been manipulated, lied to since time began. I guess what I am trying to say is please don't be hard on people who are already struggling to grapple with the sheer amount of info/mis-info out there, there is a lot! It does not mean these people are not worthy or are not enlightened enough, it just means that there are some very clever folk out there working for the dark and targeting those who are vulnerable.

    Love and Light to all x

    1. Well said.. why we need divine energy to cleanse earth

  21. The event have to come this year and it's a must !!!

  22. This update means so much that the way of we think is not that different from RM(advanced beings). It is not practical to invite the ones who still have families attachments.

    But I am a bit surprised that RM have difficulties in interacting with surface humans, don't they have spiritual abilities or high technology to "read" our mind? If they know what we are thinking , they should have proper manners when interact with us, or perhaps they can't read us telepathically unless we agree them to do so, just like a protocol between two PC communication ?

    Can Cobra give an answer of this question with "yes" or "no" ? :)

    1. Because the surface population is EXTREMELY reactive, it is very hard to gauge what their next thought will be, even with telepathic abilities.

      Also, just because you can read someone’s thoughts, it doesn’t mean you know how to communicate to them in a way that will not be harmful to the conversation.

    2. I am a neutral observer of events, not here to take sides at this critical juncture where lightworkers are severely loaded with physical and mental aches , financial and health difficulties. But I can try to reason your query with- this mystery communication via telepathy or via other tech. The problem here is, whenever in the past the benevolent faction tried to read our mind or make contact telepathically- repercussions followed. You see, the malevolent side, the ones who have abused humanity they are equally and sometimes better equipped at tech. They too
      can intercept the positive factions contact with the surface humans. So for eg, you have been contacted by positive faction either to read your mind or to project in you a message via tech or tele, the dark side gets alerted and the subject may get exposed. And getting exposed is not what we want here. This is one explanation in my knowledge, though not precise I think.

  23. Cool, i have absolutely zero attachments to surface population, skilled in Psychology, Communicology and Sociology. No fear or doubt either and studying hermetics atm. Lucky Light

  24. thank you Cobra, thank you RM, and thank you to all sisters and brother are working hard for our freedom. when i saw Cobra's entry protocols i found out how unprepared i was. i always thought that i was ready to serve i were to be called but when i started thinking deeply about it i was too far from what i thought i would do. i hope this is a turning point for spiritual growth for me. some how this was a test for me although i was about 50% ready personally it very hard for me to separate from a few special people i they important in my life which shows that i have long way to go to spiritual growth. thank you again.

  25. Cobra and all other readers here. Just curious what gemstones and crystals do you feel most drawn to or are the most powerful/important.

    I like - Amethyst, Aquamarine, Morganite, Goshenite, tektite, lapis lazuli, rose quartz and of course cintamani.

    What about you?

    1. Keshe technology, it's the real deal. When they say you feel it, you feel it like running your hand under water, totally physical. It feels like wind and liquid that goes right through you, it's pretty crazy. Everyone can feel it, it's not like crystals. I can show pictures other experiments too. I made them for years. I've given away 100, and sold 100 around the world. But now I recommend people get the from Keshe. It's legit, they arrive right away. It all works, the healing tech, the free energy, everything.

      Also if anyone wants to talk about Cobra stuff, hit me up.

    2. Hey Patrick, just took a look at your facebook post. Thanks for buying two pain pens so you could take one apart I was very curious what was inside of them. Did you build a magrav as well? how did that turn out? So you would recommend the pain pen? Cheers

    3. Thanks! I'd definitely recommend a Pain Pen. It will change your life for sure. It's real alien technology, it'll blow your mind, cure all your problems, I stand by it. It's the price of a chiropractor visit or two bottles of vitamins but it lasts forever!

      I've built 9 magravs, including some groundbreaking ones. They're so powerful you can see the energy. It even projects through walls and ceilings. It kind of scared my friend, he was like "whoa, am I really seeing this?" You can feel it too. Like my dad said "It feels like there's a fan in there!" Yep, like wind and water. They healed my family and dogs, but also changed the mental space in the entire house. It made it feel like a holiday, happy and vibrant and like family. Especially when everyone else was gone or asleep, it felt like Christmas eve, but powerful! I never had power saving results, but that's understandable considering how they work. They need to make a black coating similar to the fire or caustic coating, on the wires in your entire house and appliances. It takes a lot of powerful magravs, and a lot of time, at least a year in many cases. I only was able to do 6 months before we moved. Better devices could be made than a basic magrav, ones that would work quickly and every time. But we'll have to wait for those. Keshe has come out with advanced designs, people just need to catch up. It's got to the point where you need a whole laboratory to make the new gans and devices. And so few people make this stuff. As we all know, the skepticism on this planet is unreal. It's only a matter of time, I've talked to 3 people who have successfully made anti-gravity reactors that worked, actually lifted off the ground. They're too scared to show it though. Which makes me angry as hell actually, but whatever. They're worried about their families. I guess they want their kids to continue to live as slaves. The main guy has had two encounters with Men In Black. One time they threatened him on the street and he punched them and ran away. Another time they're broke into his house and stole all his stuff. He posted a video online (for a little while) showing the device lighting up like a sun, flying in his garage, with all the neighborhood kids watching. But he's scared for his family so we won't see it for some time. I've talked to him regularly for 2 years, he's shown me some stuff that makes me believe him. One device flew up and hit the ceiling and broke. One got stuck on, it didn't fly, but created massive force fields around it. He couldn't reach in and turn it off! He grabbed a baseball bat to smash it and still it was blocked! He eventually got a swing in and broke it.

      The video below shows the black nanocoating spreading down the line, it's pretty cool. The video is made by trolls who were bent on making Keshe look like a hoax, so they stopped after 6 weeks. But they still showed the nanocoating spreading, which proves it works. (Also see test video list in my previous comment.)

  26. Thank you for the post Cobra! I figured that these protocols have been given to us in advance, at least three or more months in advance. That's how everyone can prepare in peace, clear their implants related emotions about the whole idea of making contact with either RM, Agartha or ETs and think about their choice to either accept the invitation or not and to make all the necessary preparations, if they know in advance that they're getting a visitation.

    There is no doubt that one needs to be emotionaly stable and have a clear and strong conenction with one's Higher Self to be even considered as a possible candidate. At the same time, you have to be immersed with the current surface society and it's paradigm well enough, that you can give a proper advice in future missions for the RM, positive Agarthan factions and ETs, as they have a hard time understanding us, just like Cobra said. They really need like ambassadors of sorts and also people, capable of performing missions on the surface, as they are probably mose used to the hard surface conditions (not that I'm implying that the RM agents are not used to these conditions, but I bet that after they finish a mission on the surface, they don't want to repeat it for quite a while, as the rehabilitaion process is arduous and long.)

    In any case, just continue your missions everyone and observe your reactions, they're often caused by implants. Practice your conenction with your Higher Self and everything will become clear.

    Victory of the Light!!!

  27. the more delays the more people will die

    1. massive amounts of beings would die if the Event were to be triggered now (due to Toplet bombs). this has been said many times

    2. The more delays the safest transition. Full glass or empty glass?

    3. The tentacles and the head remove somewhere to 98%.. In my opinion. Divination.. or Intuition..

  28. I'm waiting for the invitation of resistance.

    1. they won't invite you online.

    2. Just as I knew - I am absolutely positive that nobody who have ties will be invited, as it could hurt the people to endure their disappearing.
      If I didn't have children dependent on me, I would be happy to join and help. But I am very damaged physically - I am deaf and very short sighted. I won't be able to help much with these disabilities, with anything that require speaking on phone or talking with lots of people, using my deaf accent speech.
      (though, I would be able to help the deaf population who would be surely at lost at the Event)

  29. Gratidão querido pela explicação!

  30. I feel these sort of updates should be announced in interviews so questions can be answered to avoid everyone speculating and allowing emotions to run high. This will prevent misunderstandings and confusion for many. Just a thought. But again thats going by the asumption that cobra has the time for these interviews

  31. Hehe, so, calm and cool your head down , guys!

  32. Thank you for the extended explanation, I'm sure if people are honest to themselves they will see that this only concerns a very small percentage of this community.

    Sadly I don't think I'll be one of them.

    But Victory to the light always!
    All the best for those who get chosen!

  33. Perhaps most people would react less if they just did the inner work while living in the real world sadly many are still stuck on a plantation they created for themselves.

  34. My main consent is the aftermath of this invitation.

    Many here said they are qualified and ready to go anytime.
    What if they are not selected, will they be able to live with it or will they be thinking why they are not selected because they are not worthy? Or probably, they will be angry with the RM for not selecting them? Etc, etc.
    We are still human afterall and we tends to have the emotional impact when we are not selected.

    To recall some of your memories about the invitation of the visitation of the Neptune Mothership some years ago and the event did not manisfested. Many felt cheated and some were very angry with the light forces, giving empty promises, etc.

    And another event of Blossom Goldchild who predicted the appearance of the light ships on the skies on 13th Oct 1998 and it didn't turn up. Many pointed fingers at her and could not accept the explanation (Dark threatened nuclear wars if they appear). It took the light forces 2 yrs to neutralised this threat and when she gave out the 2nd prediction of the light ships appearing in New York's skies on 13th Oct 2010, most people no longer believe in her and called her a cry wolf even hundred of ships appearred on that very day.

    I hope people will accept the selection choice and live with it, perhaps when the actual events begin, they will be required to be in the frontline to do their missions.

    I bless those who will be accepted and may your journey in the inner Earth be joyful, peaceful and wonderful.

    May the LOVE be with you always!

    1. I have much resonance with what you said, actually I have seen quite many examples like it in the past years. Do you still remember the year 2012 when all of the channeling messages said there would be big and tangible things happened, and then it turned out nothing happened, many people just left without turning back again.

      I don't know how many of these spiritual channeling messages are true, they are just flooding on Internet . As I observe many of them are fake or half fake half true. This situation is the most fundamental reason why light commuities are so divisive so far ,full of disagreements because it seems RM and galactic force can not do anything with these fake channeling message campaign by cabal (or by some sincere psychics with wishful thinkings). However, those nonsense messages flying on Internet make people more confused and divisived, even Cobra blog appearance in 2012 and he had made many clarifications, it doesn't help much. The damages have been made, the distrust has been established , what's more, we have Event delaies for such long time, so the light communities look like this nowadays.

      In one word , fake/half fake/wrong channel message > create distrust before and after 2012 > disunity of lightworker communities > delay of the Event > create more distrusts > more disunities > more delaies of Event .....(the circle going endlessly)

      Cobra, please do forward this comment to RM , it will make them understand why things are like this.

    2. Beloved BBB, I thank you for the clarity of the current situation of the light communities after so many uneventful promises (I don't blame them because they are dealing with a very powerful dark force). I was called a liar, imaginative, etc and people don't speak or contact me anymore after the year 2012 with no event. People lost faith in me and the light forces. How many people will behave like them when this offer is not manifested cause Cobra said it might or might not need to do this.

      I would love to see this invitation takes place and they can help to speed up the events and cut short the suffering of this 3D world. But what if it does not manifest and how many will turn away and never returned again like you said.

      I think we don't have to attack those who post their views in a difference way (not banana comment). We will be in the frontline comforting the surface population and with this kind of unloving attitudes, I don't think the people can accept it. Before we can be in the frontline, we have to come together, not attacking each other.

      I hope I get this message correctly because words can be misinterpreted in many ways (I am sorry if you view it differently). Put our differences aside and accept our differences in views, culture, language (a barrier in communication), etc so that we can move forward as ONE.

      May the LOVE be with you always!

  35. I hope to be accepted in the resistance, I deeply feel that this is my mission and I am here for it! Victory of the light <3

  36. I have shared these words of wisdom from Rumi multiple times before on this blog, but I feel called to share them yet again:

    “Goodbyes are only for those who love with their eyes. Because for those who love with heart and soul there is no such thing as separation.”

    I think Rumi has done an excellent job of putting a very advanced concept into words here. By having an attitude of unconditional Love that is not influenced by space or time you are able to connect with beings in a very beautiful, profound and special way. A way that I feel is perhaps not explored enough in our modern day, fast paced technological world. A way that can be very beneficial for beings who are disconnected from their true families.

    Cobra has recently expressed that it's important for us to start connecting with our Soul Family in very meaningful ways:

    "It is also of the utmost important for members of the soul families to start connecting with each other from higher perspective and not only as human beings being caught in Quarantine Earth."

    May the Soul Families reunite in Divine Grace and Love *

  37. Thank you Cobra for clearing all misinterpretations. <3 Surely we All appreciate it. :) I am ready for the Contact, Victory of the Light!!! <3 <3 <3 Petros K. - Cerca Trova...

  38. Caro amiigo, e Porta Voz do nobre MR.

    Reconheço, e nós da superfície reconhecemos que a esmagadora maioria da humanidade ainda dorme, cheia de nanites, como presumo que estejamos.

    A despeito de seu desabafo - postado abaixo - peço humildemente, mas com veemência, que dispare O EVENTO o quanto antes.
    Não se trata de esperar pelo NESARA/GESARA.
    Se trata de salvarmos a humanidade que está morrendo de doenças plantadas como o câncer, a gripe. a hepatite, a fome, as mazelas das guerras civis e militares.

    A humanidade aprendeu a ver e a apreciar o nascer e o por do Sol. A humanidade aprendeu a ver e a apreciar a lua da Terra suspensa no ar, se se mover, e acha aquilo normal.

    A humanidade vai se espantar, como o gado que se espanta com um animal que avista pelo caminho. Mas a humanidade não vai ficar assustada por muito tempo.
    No máximo, o povo se acalma depois de algumas horas. Digo que não serão dias, mas apenas horas para a humanidade se acalmar.
    Por favor, seja compreensivo, paciente, mas não tão paciente conosco.


    Agradeço por me ceder o espaço aqui.
    Vitória da Luz.

    "Oitavo, comentários de banana que se multiplicaram na internet nos últimos dias são prova de que a maior parte da população da superfície não está pronta para contato. Portanto, não reclame se houver atrasos no futuro." MR/COBRA. ;

    "Eighth, banana comments that have multiplied on the internet in recent days are proof that most of the surface population is not ready for contact, so do not complain if there are delays in the future." MR / COBRA.

  39. I've just returned to Japan from such a great conference in Taipei. I was such a wonderful conference which has given us profound and positive changes to something we had never experienced.
    On my return flight, someone sent the link to the funny comments as appeared on the PFC site. I almost laughed looking at it. Cobra was very powerful physically and energetically for the two days meeting. Clone may just look alike in its appearance with the original one but will never be able to move and excite such a large number of participants spiritually and emotionally on a deeper level. I have been seeing Cobra face-to-face for many times for some years. Present Cobra is not a clone. We can easily recognize him from his way of smile, reactions, warmth and way of talking.

  40. i wish that in the future i am able to walk my talk because this past five days was a test for me and i failed the exam. and i hope this a turning point for my spiritual growth to be ready at all times to do the right thing because IF I DON'T DO IT WHOM WOULD so help me to walk my talk. i also wish that we work together for our freedom by supporting each other because unity is power united we stand criticizing each other we fail that's what exactly the dark wants. as we all may know that the rulers they might seem disagreeing on many things but the end of the day they are one CAN WE DO THE SAME PLEASE thank you to all that are involved for this one's in life time project.

    1. Reality hacking starts with your attitude! You must take the reigns and steer in the direction that is in alignment with your "true north"

  41. What an excellent post Cobra Thank you!. To me this whole brewha has illustrated a few things to at least me - maybe others.

    1. If people are fearful/triggered by this post maybe that shows where internal work needs to be done individually? We all have internal landscape cleaning we can do.

    2. It is a good line in the sand where humanity is today. Will humans on the surface every be ready for the Event? Probably not. Doesn't mean it shouldn't happen as soon as possible. But it does show where we can assist and help them adjust and adapt to the new world. All of us can help starting today. Anywhere we see fear (anytime of fear) in others how can we help ease it to a positive position? Everyone of us is empowered to just reach out a kind word or a helping hand. Why don't we do more of that? To that end, I thought how can I help beyond that? Why not do a walking billboards reminding people of their power? So I took a deep breathe and started Love Is Power at Love is power. People forget.

    I would love to hear on this board how others are helping? Little things, big things, what is this crew on this site doing to help others personally? I think it would be inspiring to hear all the good we are doing as a collective.


  42. What a lovely post to read this morning! Thank you Cobra and to others making positive comments. I had two take aways from the fanfare of the last week about entry protocols.

    1. If people are personally triggered by this concept, it is a good opportunity that more internal work of letting go fear needs to be done. Internal landscape cleaning is an ongoing process.

    2. It is a great illustration of where humanity is today. Baseline if you will. Will humans ever be ready for the event? Probably not. Doesn't mean it shouldn't happen as soon as possible. However, what it shows to me is how we can HELP humans on the surface be more prepared and how to HELP after the event. We have smart caring people on this board. What can we each do to help get rid of any type of fear? A small word here, a helping hand there, talking to friends and family even if they think you have gone around the bend, all helps. Drop by drop. Each of us have the power.

    I thought to myself, how can I help more? Sure it feels a bit vulnerable but I took this as a challenge to get rid of more fear. I figured we can all be walking billboards. Love Is Power ( The cost of the items cover the creation of them FYI. The idea is the more we can get "out there" that love is power and is an option to fear people might pause and think about it.

    Finally, what is everyone here on the board DOING to help humanity get past fear? From a small word to a bigger gesture. I love to hear what others are doing. It is inspiring and shows what as a collective we can do. Please post!


  43. Za slovenske bralce:

    Vabljeni v našo skupino Sestrstva Vrtnice in Podporo Dogodka na Facebooku:

    Thank you for the post Cobra.

    Victory of the Light!

  44. But i am so ready!

    Like i sad i have no attachments and i've waiting for something like this all my life. I know i am not the only one cause some of us are really just waiting to start and it is so like not fair to delay because of the late ones. We are here to be the firsts and we can't stand anymore. Let the entries begin!

  45. Thank you Cobra for all you continue to do and your love for humanity and change. So much disinformation out there so no surprise your recent article could be distorted and twisted for their means. The bottom line we all must find our purpose and ask for guidance to follow our journey. Recently disconnected from social media and most of the internet. Feel a new sense of freedom and clarity. Interesting when I saw Cobra first article I never felt fear. I felt a sense of knowing to send it love. It was not for me because of my connections to family and love ones. It did bring me joy knowing I would have my own journey helping the people in my life when the event happens.
    The bottom line we all have a responsibility in this mission and need to ask and stop attacking Cobra and one another so we can bring change. For me Cobra message did not feel different from any of the messages I have been connected to for the last 6 years. I have always felt they come from a place of love, compassion for all of us and a loving commitment to change. With much Love, Peace, and Light Dear Cobra.

  46. Zirtaeb Zaid

    Dear Cobra,
    It is the first time I write to you but I have been reading your articles for a couple of years and sharing them with my adults children. I tried one time to connect to you before but I couldn’t. Yo had lost your dear love and I had a similar situation: the relationship I had for twenty years broke. I left California alone and all my documents disappeared. I am 65 years old, an American citizen, I believe I have the knowledge you are requesting and the disposition to serve. I don’t know how advanced I am according to what you request. My children are living their lives independently and I am alone and ready to respond. Thank you for everything.

  47. Thank you!!!!!! Keeping focus on awakening email friends people, strangers that I meet, to any category of change that they may possible be able to relate to. Yes, my friends put up with listening to me, even though I may think differently. Happily focused on The Event, the transitions and anything to move this along. I am especially looking forward to significant high tech healing devices. VTL ASAP.

  48. Nothing more dangerous than a fear/ignorant mass of adults.

  49. Peace and harmony♡Stay calm♡♡

  50. estas aclaraciones tendrían que haberse dado desde un principio es lógico que por mas que apoyemos el cambio hacia la luz, y a Cobra,
    ya sabemos como desde siempre a los humanos nos han mentido, es por eso que tenemos que tomar precauciones,

    1. The first message is clear. Overly precise explanations are only useful in an "emergency" if, contrary to expectations, they are not understood.

      Strictly speaking, those who make overexact statements from the outset offend the minds of the listeners.

  51. This comment has been removed by the author.

  52. Dear readers , if you listen to your own hearts , inner voice of truth. You will always know what is real and what is not.
    Does not matter what other people say, matters what you know and feel is real within...
    With a respect to dear families,

  53. Thank You for the detailed information COBRA. Your explanation Resonates with me. The first article I read regarding this topic did not fully explain the details. I think misinterpretation might have caused confusion and fear in those who read the original post, which was detailed, but vague at the same time. I resonate with this post, because I understand the details. Thank You..

  54. Thank you Cobra for clarifying and for the opportunity to serve humanity. We appreciate and are grateful for the efforts, commitment and love of the resistance to free humanity. If I read this correctly, we must focus on our inner work as part of the preparation. If we are selected, then that work will further prepare us for integration and success within the resistance. The clarification helps a great deal.

    Victory of the light!

  55. Thank You Cobra for your Dedication and Patience. Love to You and All Our fellow Lightworkers who hold True and steadfast in these last moments of the dark ones.
    The light is Victorious!

  56. Can I get an update on Tachyon energy and how far along we are in using them on the surface.


    1. You are already!!

      Many quality tachyonized products are already on
      on the right of this page!

  57. Well said Cobra. I felt fear and sadness that made me not see what was actually said in the message. Thank you for make it more clear!

  58. Just a daily reminder that we all have work to do!

    all ya gotta do is hone yourself and how you interact with the world. make yourself worthy of KNOWING! The bad attitude is the pain that reminds you of the truth you turned your back on!

  59. i can totally understand what its like to be in your shoes cobra..
    for all we see is people reacting with the stagnent mindsets, its gonna be a harsh reallity for those who thought of there thoughts to be of very high intelligence, only to realize later that it was just a blockage in enrgetic fealds of there bodies and where being harvested... its gonna be hard for them but cant wait to see it happen just so thy move ahead and let go of what had happen and start fresh in unity... even these people had enough of keeping the energetics of seperation within them selfs... cant wait for to see us all unite... thanks cobra you one of the forces i couldnt have survived without.

  60. I believe that this previous post was of great importance, caused in me and in many the most varied of feelings and served as a Thermometer so that we can make an assessment of our walk as beings and workers of light. We can reflect on WHAT IS UNCONDITIONAL LOVE, HOW IS TO LIVE UNCONDITIONAL LOVE AND FOR ANYTHING WHAT IS TO BE THE OWN UNCONDITIONAL LOVE! You also need to be prepared when you post information on the internet to hear and see the most diverse interpretations that can be given to it. My inner vision reports that this information, behind us even more certain that we should always listen to our inner voice, OUR DIVINE ESSENCE, because that is where all the truth that will FREE us.
    Let us continue, brothers and sisters, our walk, that everything will happen as planned by each one. WE ARE A GREAT AND ONLY FAMILY, WITH THE MOST VARIOUS QUALITY AND NOT LEAST IMPORTANT ONE OF THE OTHER, TO WHICH THE CREATOR HAS GIVEN US. LIGHT AND LOVE!

    Acredito que este post anterior foi de muita importancia, causou em mim e em muitos o mais variado dos sentimento e serviu como um Termometro para que possamos fazer uma avaliaçao de nossa caminhada como seres e trabalhadores da luz. Podemos refletir sobre O QUE É O AMOR INCONDICIONAL, COMO É VIVER O AMOR INCONDICIONAL E POR FIM O QUE É SER O PROPRIO AMOR INCONDICIONAL! Tambem É PRECISO estar preparado quando lançar uma informaçao na internet, para ouvir e ver as mais diversa interpretaçoes que podem ser dado a ela. Minha visao interna relata que esta informaçao, nos tras ainda mais certeza que devemos sempre escutar nossa voz interna, NOSSA ESSENCIA DIVINA, pois é ali que esta toda a verdade que nos LIBERTARA.
    Continuemos, irmaos e irmas nossa caminhada, que tudo acontecera conforme o planejado por cada um. SOMOS UMA GRANDE E UNICA FAMILIA, COM AS MAIS VARIADAS QUALIDADE E NAO MENOS IMPORTANTES UMA DA OUTRA, A QUAL O CRIADOR NOS BRINDOU. LUZ E AMOR!

  61. Best part of entry is the Douglas Adams quote, "Don't Panic, and carry a towel." Funny and so relevant.

  62. For most people there hasn't been any evidence of anything yet. So it is natural that people are going to doubt and have all kinds of emotions when you are asked to drop everything you believe and go with blind faith into a tunnel. Maybe Cobra doesn't understand that because he already has evidence but the rest of us don't. Having said all that it took me about one second to decide but if I am chosen I will go without doubt because of the greater good. It will be easier for some people to go than others that's obvious. It is easier for me because I don't have any attachments but I have worked my whole life to achieve this. More delays because people aren't ready doesn't make any sense to me. We already know most people are not ready to have Blind Faith without evidence. Life is about establishing a balance between give and take. The problem here is you are supposed to do all give and no take so don't feel bad if this does not resonate with you. There is no support system to help anyone make this decision it is strictly a personal individual thing. Nothing will happen until they dismantle the toplet bombs anyway. At least that's their excuse for continuing the delays. The only evidence I have that makes me hopeful is that my friend and I that helped cobra where attacked in the cervical spine in the same exact area with the same exact excruciating pain. So I don't believe that was a coincidence. I also don't believe it was a coincidence that I was repeatedly attacked. I hope this helps someone. Victory of the light

  63. My higher self told me the numbers of people who would go are very small. I definitely realized I wasn't up for the task when I felt physically sick at the thought of my mother wondering where I was, I knew right then this wasn't for me. But I think you are being too hard on some people and their reactions to this news. An agent of the dark could easily follow the beginning of the protocol and trap someone. It is a legitimate concern.

    I can also understand you are frustrated with how supposed "awake" people suddenly claimed you are an agent of the dark. That's called jumping to conclusions. There wasn't enough evidence to suggest this was 100% a trap and nothing else. I had to leave a lightworker group because of their insistence this is a trap and nothing else. I cannot work with people who do this.

    It was obvious that this was meant for people who didn't have strong family ties and responsibilities. Who is going to agree to pack a bag in 5 to 15 minutes and leave their family behind without telling them? No one.

    I think the lightworkers with these academic backgrounds are a great way to create future protocols for contact, ones that are more effective.

    Some advice I have to fellow lightworkers and lightwarriors: never jump to conclusions. Be comfortable with a degree of uncertainty. And remember that the simplest answer is most often the correct one. If you have to create a convoluted conspiracy theory to explain away a piece of information, you're probably worried about nothing.

  64. Merci,j'adoré tout,merci pour toutes le sacrifice que vous faite pour humanité, gloire a vous

  65. Thank you Cobra, much needed update as many seemed to live fear-based instead of heart-loving.

    Yes I have been quiet, tried to put comments in, but didn't manage.

    Don't wait for the 'more awakened', just step out the emotional rollercoaster and read openminded and calmly what really had been said.
    So many have jumped into conclusions and asking questions while everything had already been explained.

    Please let's not attack Cobra nor the RM.

    If you do feel angry or fearsome, you need to work on it. How can we work as One if we attack the Good Ones that are trying to help us? You are playing the cards of the Dark Forces. So make up your mind, overcome your fear and let's love one another unconditionally.

    I have met Cobra in Budapest. He has given his all, he lost his lovely wife who was brutallly attacked and murdered and still is fighting for us! He doesn't deserve our mistrust. He deserves our trust and support.

    We need to keep working on ourselves. Keep growing, love unconditionally and keep the faith.

    It's not fair to wait for someone to rescue us and then when being rescued, hide in fear. Again make up your mind!
    But most of all, don't wait to be rescued. Start believing in yourself, love yourself and don't be hard on yourself, your family, your friends, Cobra or whomever.

    There are so many kids out there being mistreatened in unthinkable horrendous ways, women and men enslaved. There is always someone who is in a worse situation than yourself. We are not fighting for ourselves only, but for ALL OF US!

    We humans need to unite, with each other, the animal and plant kingdom, with the RM, the Light Forces. We are invincible together, so let's move into loving energy and help each other by keeping our cool, be clear and being nice to each other.

    @Nick Hulscher: I like your helpful comments, thanks!

  66. Thank you brother cobra for your patience with us and service for us. I hope thecday to meet our soul families is near. I send you and the light forces my deeoest gratitude, love and fruendship. You are welcome everytime.

  67. Thank you brother cobra for your patience with us and service for us. I hope thecday to meet our soul families is near. I send you and the light forces my deeoest gratitude, love and fruendship. You are welcome everytime.

  68. Thank you for posting about the Entry Protocols Cobra. I believe the post will be very helpful for those who "may be" selected.

    Peace, Strength and Courage Beyond Measure...

    Victory of the Light!

  69. Victory of the light! Never any doubt in my mind!!!

  70. I can say with my own experience that COBRA is 100 % real in what he does. I know that because i was with him personaly on his April 2018 conference in Budapest. When you would be there you would also know that, otherwise its only disinfo or lies.

  71. Well this kinda confirms fears of the Event being a sub-conscious experience through the dreams of humanity instead of a coming out of the closet experience. Waiting for social change in humanity for first contact will not happen during this cycle. I have to say that the light forces taking a back burner approach to abstain from negative human interaction on even the most minimal scale is becoming an expected tone. I hope Cobra understands that humans are getting to the point where they won't care if the Light forces manifest or not but humans will keep destroying the earth.

  72. I think we all need to continue to stay focused on doing our inner work. I trust this is the fastest way to the Event. I am just back from a two weeks healing retreat in Peru and have been "of grid" most of the time. Comming back I witness how we seem more sensitive to energy, which is making it easier for us to get polarized towards following one thought/belief or the other.

    This only indicate to me that even more focus needs to be made inwardly, even for us that consider ourselves awake! Like Ashtar have said; “Enough!” We need to rid ourselves of all limiting thought forms and concepts and trust only in guidance from our own Inner Being. This is the way and it is also the way to increase our frequency so we can cooperate even if there are some “smaller” differences in the way forward, but the ultimate goal is all the good stuff Post-Event will bring humanity.

    We are all One, but this cannot be experienced by getting absorbed in all the stories being told and sold on different blogs, YT channels etc. at least not those that hold a majority of negative “news”. We are aware of global deceptions surfacing right now but I think it is wise to balance the news feed by positive work to keep the personal frequency high.

    If we want to continue to make a change it is time (all the way to the Event) to step up to the challenge and be focused on holding the frequency we want to experience After the Event, already NOW! This is LOVE, FREEDOM, FAITH, APPRECIATION, PEACE, HARMONY etc.

    I believe this is the way that most of us on the surface are here to work, to hold the frequency, in this planetary shift. We are doing it together, we are approaching what we want to experience! Stay strong, stay firm, have faith.


  73. Thanks Cobra, but after reading all this why post it? Don't gonna happen in "immediate future (days, weeks or even months)" and is for only 20-200 people, who of course has a high advanced spirituality and can just "dream" about it like Teresa. Yea, i'm just tired like a lot of people, who needs to keep in surface going to or jobs in a illusion world where we don't fit anymore. Lots of things don't make sense here but people keep believing in this and "living" like nothing is happening or is wrong.
    Just tired, but i only gonna rest when Event happens and we finally can live in a full Love world, Victory of the Light!

  74. Thanks for the update, this was a much needed clarification.

    Victory of the Light!

    As always, Much Love, Much Joy & Much Light - Peace Be With You

    ~ I AM A Light Sharer

    Adonaï/Until Next Time.

  75. One Perspective of What It Means To Be an Awakened Soul:

    “There are millions of people on earth who do not have the inner urge to lead a spiritual life. How is it that we are crying for Light, Delight, Love and Compassion from the Absolute Supreme? How is it that we are trying to lead a better life, a more illumining and fulfilling life, a spiritual life? It is because we have been AWAKENED by the infinite Grace of the Supreme.

    The moment we are awakened our conscience plays its most significant role. Conscience is the inner voice. It is the voice of inner light.

    The difference between inner light and outer light I am sure all of us know. Outer light immediately exposes us. If we do something wrong, it will expose us and we will immediately be ‘caught’.

    But inner light acts in a different way. Inner light will NEVER, NEVER EXPOSE US. On the contrary, inner light will ILLUMINE US. If we make a mistake, if we commit even the worst possible blunder, the inner light will come to our rescue. It will illumine us so that we will not do the same thing again.

    The inner light tells us what to SAY, what to DO and what to BECOME.

    What to say?

    God is for all. God is not only for me, but He is also for you, for everyone.

    What to do?

    Love God in every human being.

    What to become? Conscious, constant and unconditional instruments of God.

    When we do the right thing, God blesses us. When we say the right thing, God smiles at us. When we become the right thing, God embraces us.”

  76. One Perspective On Listening To Intuition, Our Innermost Voice of Truth:

    “There are three principal paths that lead to God Realization: the path of Selfless Service, the path of Love and Devotion and the path of Knowledge and Wisdom. Raja Yoga (Mysticism) is a significant aspect of the Yoga of Knowledge (Jnana Yoga).

    The Knowledge Supreme is something infinitely more than mere philosophical knowledge. Mysticism is experience, the direct and intimate experience of Truth. After covering a great distance in the path of knowledge, philosophy gets tired and takes rest. Mysticism begins when and where philosophy ends. The seers, after having personally experienced the knowledge of Truth, revealed it to the world at large.

    With Intuition, no mind or mental analysis exists. An aspirant sits on the wings of Intuition and flies to the Ultimate. Intuition reveals the perfect oneness of the Transcendental Vision and Absolute Reality. With the experience of Intuition, no word or thought can do justice to the experience.

    The light works in and through the aspiring soul; the darkness works in and through the unaspiring soul. The real transformation of human nature comes not through an austere, ascetic life or a complete withdrawal from the world, but through a gradual and total Illumination of life. And for that, one needs aspiration.

    An Intuitive experience is the aspirant's inner certitude of Truth. This certitude rests on revelation. Revelation is inner authority. Inner authority is final. And who has this authority? Not he who is a victim of merciless logic, but he who has had the experience and who has now grown into the experience itself. Logic is the reasoning and reasoned truth, which is the pride of the finite. Intuition is the revealing and revealed Truth, which is the pride of the Infinite.

    If we believe in direct Intuition, then we must realize that the Ultimate Truth is not only above reason, but “contrary” to conventional reason. If we believe something through reason, we enter onto the life torturing path of duality, the unconscious duality of separateness from “God”/and Source. But when we believe something through our inner, Intuitive faith, we enter onto the life giving and life fulfilling path of unity's Transcendental Reality.

    Intuition tells us that God Realization can be attained not by the practice of ideas, but by the constant experience of oneness with Truth. And the very reality of the experience of God becomes continuous pure Intuition."

    Meditation and prayer, our calls to “God,” are ways we can ask how to cultivate Intuition. How to Awaken and realize our Spiritual Oneness with the Supreme Everlasting ONE.

  77. trash star has to be rigel get it

  78. I've never doubted it.. The selection does not happen so that the Pleiades talk to the higher/superior self?

  79. Thanks for this update my brother Cobra.

    I think there are a lot of people in this blog which need to work still (fear, discernment, inner soul connection etc). It's never too late!

  80. you need a girl to play The Game

  81. I feel there is a great influx of female energy that men/patriarchy are struggling with at the moment. Watch this space because the female vortex is reaching momentum and isn't going away. Peace and love

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.


    2. Get out of here with that Patriarchy stuff. This world is not going to be worshiping feminism after the event. We will have true equality and won’t have need for religions or feminism anymore.

  82. I am happy this additional info was given. It clearly answers all of my pending questions. I would be an excellent transition helper. I would like the better environment I am very tired of all the negativity here on the surface. I would like to be around intelligent and loving people instead of the these mostly negative people around me who seem to be taking a very long time to get it together. I am not sure where my best place would be and for now I don't mind helping out with the transition from here. If they come for me I will gladly go below. Thanks for the clarification.

  83. cobra your love and patience are inspirational for all. timeline will go better faster if all of us 'superficials' lol raise our consciousness and spread compassionate action as all masters have. so much work to be done on the surface.
    everyone has the potential and future of master because all have aspect of creative source inside. Namaste.

  84. Yes Benjamin Fulford, mentioned in his actualization May 14th and spoke about Cobra's post. People still don't understand what really happen right now, they are scare and misunderstanding when someone try to give a hope in this caos. Sometimes I think this happen because the people continues focused on the the outter senses...pending on what this person said or the others; and do not give time to listen at their high selves in their private and quiet places waiting for an answer..
    The situation is so delicated like it is happening right now, it needs patience, wisdom and clarity. I underatand Cobra your feelings, I asked my self sometimes that if this current situation, we deserve for being so blind, selfish and ignorant!!! Patience Cobra!! is still a long way to go.

    Victory of the light

  85. @COBRA,
    Dear Brother, I wanted to send you an email. But I don't know why, for some reason, (which I can't explain....), I feel it has to be posted right here, on the comment section of your blog. So, if this is wrong-then, please, FORGIVE ME. 🙏

    Okay. About a month ago, or so, YOU said that all banana and donkey comments would NOT be published.

    So, may I ask you, why was the fear mongering comment by a coward lier "unknown", (happens to be somebody named Tom Price. He reminded me about the incident of "the one who knows", in 2016). Anyways. So, why was his BANANA COMMENT POSTED here for everybody to see?
    Will You, please keep your promise of BANNING that kind of comments FOREVER!?

    You have nooooo idea how many people, (and even some long time followers), got into his TRAP.... Maybe for a short time only. BUT! Him playing the "savior" role did work!
    I've got many emails asking ME, (not you), to explain what was going on? Who was lying, and who THEY SHOULD TRUST?
    And when I told them to ignore that guy with a huge ego, and even a bigger mouth.... PEOPLE started accusing M E of being a BLIND Cobra follower.

    Well, my answer was; >>I have been, and I'll stay with Cobra=RM+GFL, as long as there's NOT a physical proof that there is NO RM, and/or GFL who have only good intentions for the humanity, and... I'll leave, W H E N I stop in believing that there is AN EVENT coming<<.

    I've been a loyal, and an AWAKEN member of this community. NO ONE knows it better than YOU; the RM; and the whole team of the Earthly Ascended Masters of Earth who are, (to me), the most important members of the Ashtar command.
    I LOVE YOU ALL. 🌹 ❤️❤️

    1. @HYE ANGEL: I did not read the “banana” comment you pointed out to Cobra from an “unknown” poster (real name, Tom Price). I know you have been a devoted follower of this website for a long time and I was curious what you were referring to. I went back to the last post which currently has 630 comments and could not find a post that seems like what you pointed out, what Cobra has referred to as a “donkey” or “banana” comment. Perhaps I missed it. I don't know.

      To my understanding, the meaning of a donkey or banana comment is one that is INTENTIONALLY disruptive to Cobra or the website, as one’s motive. It can also be a comment that Is INTENTIONALLY rude, disrespectful, accusatory, and defaming to another or their comments.

      To my understanding, simply disagreeing or raising controversial points of view regarding a topic, post, comment, etc. would not in itself have the above disrepectful motive that Cobra was referring to.

      As I stated, I personally did not find the comment you were referring to. So it must have been upsetting to you.

      Your post, though, did remind me of a story in the Bible that has become famous. Something that I think ALL of us can learn from. And I of course include myself in its application.

      I realize Cobra has said that the archons have intentionally altered the scriptures/texts of all the major religions. So whether the following brief event in the Bible is a true accounting or not, is not so important as the wisdom and love contained within it.

      For us ALL:

      Excerpt from the Bible

      New Testament: Book of John, Chapter 8

      Amplified Bible version (AMP)

      “The Adulterous Woman”

      1 But Jesus went to the Mount of Olives.

      2 Early in the morning He came back into the temple [court], and all the people were coming to Him. He sat down and began teaching them.

      3 Now the scribes and Pharisees brought a woman who had been caught in adultery. They made her stand in the center of the court,

      4 and they said to Him, “Teacher, this woman has been caught in the very act of adultery.

      5 Now in the Law Moses commanded us to stone such women [to death]. So what do You say [to do with her—what is Your sentence]?”

      6 They said this to test Him, hoping that they would have grounds for accusing Him. But Jesus stooped down and began writing on the ground with His finger.

      7 However, when they persisted in questioning Him, He straightened up and said, “He who is without [any] ‘sin’ among you, let him be the first to throw a stone at her.”

      8 Then He stooped down again and started writing on the ground.

      9 They listened [to His reply], and they began to go out one by one, starting with the oldest ones, until He was left alone, with the woman [standing there before Him] in the center of the court.

      10 Straightening up, Jesus said to her, “Woman, where are they? Did no one condemn you?”

      11 She answered, “No one, Lord!” And Jesus said, “I do not condemn you either. Go. From now on ‘sin’ no more.”]

      *********** ***********
      NOTE: The above is meant to be taken spiritually and soulfully, not as "religious" belief or dogma.

      May we continue to pray, meditate, ask for Divine intervention, and most of all follow our innermost Truth as revealed by our deepest Soul connection with the Everlasting Source, the All-Knowing ONE within us.

      Victory of the Divine Light for all on earth -
      Soon - Now.

    2. Hye Angel, how interesting? I used to like Tom Price a while ago and subscribed to his channel 'The Positive Side of 2012'. I didn't agree with everything he said but gave him a pass because he appeared to be on the side of the planetary
      liberation but I've noticed some VERY strange behaviour and comments recently. 1)putting his own voice over the voice in the You Tube video message from the Pleadians saying they were now on the surface of the planet, 2)Claiming he was now on the 'A' team (Whatever the A Team is) 3) Putting out an 'Emergency' Video warning people about Cobra's Entry Protocol post and claiming Cobra was a woman. Just to name a few things (there are many more). Maybe he has been taken over? Thanks for your post it is validating to me.

    3. Hye Angel , i have been coming to site for many years.

      Over the Years i have read your comments Always and you are One of the strongest Light Workers here.

      I see you as one of the "Guardians of the Gates and the Light"
      I see you as one of the Light Warriors holding the Light even for the most Tired Light Workers , you never give up. Your Wisdom, Words and Dedication, and Strength is always Appreciated.

  86. @ COBRA,

    BTW, I think I qualify. So, if things in my life keep going like this.... Then, I might CHANGE MY MIND, and ask to be taken down to the hell, (the underground), and...
    be consumed by the flesh eating Agarthans and RM members! 😂😂😂

  87. According to "inteldinarchronicles.blogspot" "operation-disclosure-geopolitical-gcrrv"
    * The RV will occurr prior to GESARA
    * GESARA is expected to be enacted late this year
    * There is approximately 10-20 years left before the pole shift occurs
    * The Earth must undergo these changes before "The Event" - the energy
    blast from the Galactic Central Sun that will raise our vibrational
    frequency to the 5th density.
    * Don't expect "The Event" for another 10-20 years

    Can anyone verify the validity of these statements ?
    Thank you.

    1. Not true. More Banana intels in inteldinar. Discernment.

    2. There is no reliable event prediction. Everything happens when it is suppose to. You don't need to know when it is going to happen it actually is not important when it happens.

  88. For those who feel guided:

    Strong Freemason/Agartha Related Synchronicities/Dreams


  90. Basta seguirem o que seus corações dizem.
    Mais nada.
    Abraços de Luz.

  91. Reactive is right. It was st first entertaining to read people's response. Then it became just downright sad and disappointing as we all realized even people in this community are not ready except but quick to jump to some odd conclusions.

  92. For most people there hasn't been any evidence of anything yet. So it is natural that people are going to doubt and have all kinds of emotions when you are asked to drop everything you believe and go with blind faith into a tunnel. Maybe Cobra doesn't understand that because he already has evidence but the rest of us don't. Having said all that it took me about one second to decide but if I am chosen I will go without doubt because of the greater good. It will be easier for some people to go than others that's obvious. It is easier for me because I don't have any attachments but I have worked my whole life to achieve this. More delays because people aren't ready doesn't make any sense to me. We already know most people are not ready to have Blind Faith without evidence. Life is about establishing a balance between give and take. The problem here is you are supposed to do all give and no take so don't feel bad if this does not resonate with you. There is no support system to help anyone make this decision it is strictly a personal individual thing. Nothing will happen until they dismantle the toplet bombs anyway. At least that's their excuse for continuing the delays. The only evidence I have that makes me hopeful is that my friend and I that helped cobra where attacked in the cervical spine in the same exact area with the same exact excruciating pain. So I don't believe that was a coincidence. I also don't believe it was a coincidence that I was repeatedly attacked. I hope this helps someone. Victory of the light

  93. Thanks for the delay stupid bananas!!!!!!!!

  94. (Curiosity!(In the middle of Europe, V. Orban organizes a total dictatorship in the Aquarius in era..)

  95. the swami is the vlad of india

  96. I had a lucid dream of the Event. I explained how people can experience this now using two magnets. The dream was only six seconds long, but I remembered every detail, and I made a video on it:

  97. 20-200应该是已经非常确定的人选。其它人的言论是可以忽略的。不要因为不相关人的评论而迷失真正的目标。直接去找被选中的人就可以了。尽最大的努力去推动事情的加速发展。一定要知道自己要的是什么,可以放弃的是什么。

  98. The times we are living are wonderful and crazy. Emotions are strong then wavering. Understanding what we see and hear is so confusing. Patience and slowing down to digest what comes our way is so important. Your message cobra is one that simply needs to be shared. Thank you for your patience. It is a big responsibility we all are taking on.

  99. Amazing! Clap clap clap!
    Victory of The light!
    Salamat ja! Salamat gajun!

  100. Thank you dear Cobra 🙏🏼✨❤️🌈

  101. When the creation was new and all
    the stars shone in their first splendour,
    the gods held their assembly in the sky
    and sang "Oh, the picture of perfec-
    tion! the joy unalloyed!"
    But one cried of a sudden-----"It seems
    that somewhere there is a break in the
    chain of light and one of the stars has
    been lot. "
    The golden string of their harp
    snapped, their song stopped, and they
    cried in dismay----"Yes, that lost star
    was the best, she was the glory of all
    From that day the search is un-
    ceasing for her, and the cry goes on ...
    from one to the other that in her the
    world has lost its one joy!
    Only in the deepest silence of night
    the stars smile and whisper among
    themselves---"Vain is this seeking!
    Unbroken perfection is over all!"

    Susan A. Wells
    gentle~deers make gentle ears

  102. "ALL conflicts are created, ALL."

    Neither side is wrong. "Everyone on the surface has personality weaknesses... everyone." Sound familiar?

    There is no need to attack ANYONE. The lack of understanding is due to injuries. The injured animals (cabal) who won't stop biting, need to be put down (returned to the light) so the rest of us can heal.

    We are all tired. It's impossible not to be under the circumstances. Yes, there is intentional disinformation but helping each other and shining light on the darks "tricks" is what is needed.

    So, with the "bananas" let's make banana almond milk, milkshakes. Share our thoughts, try to understand one another then shake hands.

    At the end of the day, all that matters is that we keep shining on.

    I love you Cobra, RM, Light Forces... If you can't understand the surface population to a certain degree, I'm actually grateful that you can't.

    To live in a world that can't relate to such darkness makes me smile. I hope we all join you someday soon.

    "We are one... you are inside me...Every step I're there, Every breath I breathe... we share... We are ONE." Isis Astara

    May every single being assisting the light be Blessed.

  103. Regarding banana comments: Benjamin Fulford made some inaccurate and uncharitable comments about Cobra's Entry Protocols blog posting. Since Mr Fulford also has a large following, it may be of benefit to respond to him. Ben Fulford apparently has not yet developed discernment and discrimination on matters of spirit, metaphysics, and extra-planetary social dynamics. His world-view and area of some expertise remains centered in matrix-driven socioeconomic concerns. He does provide a service, and it appears that he is attempting to work for the Light. However, his comments on matters that he does not understand should be view as uninformed opinion. On the subjects which he does understand, he is being fed intelligence from opposing factions, and these factions pull him to and fro, making his "intelligence" reports inconsistent, and often just plain wrong. But we will give him the benefit of tolerance as he learns more through experience. It must be difficult for him to be financially dependent on the production of a weekly report, and this might tempt him to try to reach a larger audience by making comments on subjects he is not qualified to evaluate.

    1. Yes! My sentiments exactly. Well said. Thank you.

  104. 'Sexology' - you can't just banana that word out there on the internet like that, it's just askin for trouble... *facepalm* -one of the worst weeks of my life so far, hey - thumbs up though :)

  105. My brother,

    The previous post was great value!

    Opportunity for many souls to review their fears.

    Many, I know, my dear friend, through your post have gone up.

    Oh glory!

    Some are in the learning stage to walk.
    They are learning to trust in their sacred heart.

    My dear friend, keep singing!

    Keep being the light you are!

    Keep shining!

    I'm always with you
    I will always be connected to your heart, in all my timelines!
    I trust you!

    You are and always will be inviolable, I know.

  106. We need a toilet bomb specialist. Please EVENT soon.

  107. Love u Cobra. Paid trolls have been hitting the Q-anon community hard as well. If anything the amount of what we like to call "concern trolls" (paid outsiders who pretend to be a doubter just to pull others astray) shows that we are right above the target. The more hate we get the closer we are to our goal.
    Where we go one, we go all! Victory of the Light! Keep it up Cobra!

  108. Thank you Cobra and RM for this update 🙏🏼
    ✨Victory Of The Light✨

  109. I was excited about the Entry Protocols post. Honored that we could even know such things and that they may happen. Thank you COBRA. I appreciate how difficult it can feel when people misunderstand. I hope it doesn’t set back contact too long.

  110. PART 1

    I have been reading Cobra's blog since its inception in 2012 and have been very intrigued by the intel he has shared. Most of it resonates with me on a very deep level which is why, 6 years later, I am still following the posts. I do believe that there are countless races of very loving High Vibrational Beings of Light which exist and I also believe that many of them are assisting the liberation of Humanity from the grip of the Dark Lords. I want those benevolent groups of beings to know how deeply grateful I am for their assistance and their sacrifice. For anyone to volunteer to come and work in a place where evil of the worst kind lurks in every corner is beyond selfless!

    I would like to share my insights both as a fellow human living on the surface who has experienced deep suffering as a mind controlled slave in THE MATRIX and also as someone whose DNA remembers existing as a higher Being of Light, emanating pure divine love.

    I can understand both sides of the equation. So perhaps my insights can assist both the human population as well as members of the RM.

    For those of us who have endured decades and even multiple lifetimes inside this dark matrix, the trauma is very deeply embedded in our souls but also in our emotional bodies as well layers of trauma memories stored in our cells, our organs, our tissues and our entire fascial system. When you have faced years or lifetimes of emotional, mental, sexual and physical abuse, torture, mind control, radiation poisoning (from Wi-Fi and other forms of tech), chronic pain and illness.....and especially if you were abused as an innocent child into adulthood your scars run very deep.

    I grew up in a slave mind control cult and also had a schizophrenic father so the level of abuse I endured was quite extreme. Through meditation and other spiritual practices I have been able to overcome a great deal of these traumas. But the process has been long and very difficult. Even as I write this, I am still RELEASING additional layers of trauma memories that have been stored in the tissues and cells of my physical body. I am frankly ASTOUNDED at just how much Dense Energy still inhabits my body! No wonder we feel so "heavy" in our spirit, so sluggish, so depressed and so sick....we are carrying pounds of some of the darkest densest energy that has ever our physical and energetic bodies!

    In a March 22, 2018 post entitled "Pleiadians" Cobra himself stated "The surface of this planet has far more darkness than me, the Resistance or the Pleiadians have ever expected."

    That DARKNESS has (without our consent or knowledge) infested our souls, our bodies and our minds. It is not an easy task to remove it all and the process can be downright grueling and very painful! Sometimes the suffering is so great we would almost choose death rather than have to endure another moment of such deep suffering on so many levels. I am attempting to help the RM understand how prolonged and how excruciating the suffering has been for so many of us.

  111. PART 2

    The RM also needs to understand that not all surface humans are extremely "reactive" in nature, although many do exhibit that behavior these days (alot of which is exacerbated by mind altering pharmaceuticals, toxic food and water as well as the sea of low frequency radiation waves we are all drowning in every single day). I do not consider myself to be reactive unless strongly triggered by a very abusive person (and usually over a long period of time).

    However, because I have been extremely ABUSED, manipulated, lied to, controlled to an extreme degree by individuals I trusted (including my own father), authority figures in religious institutions, corporations and multiple groups that presented themselves as having positive intentions when they actually intended to harm.......I am VERY CAUTIOUS when it comes to "joining" any individual or group....and especially if that involves leaping into a place or experience with no assurance that it is safe or advisable for me to do so.

    The religious mind control cult I was raised insisted on blind unquestioning obedience and total subservience to its agenda. That is why (before the advent of the internet) it took families 4 or 5 generations before they could break free from its evil grip! I have spent thousands of hours over the last 15 years studying cults and mind control (and have a deep understanding of exactly how it's implemented and the various stages a person goes through when they are de-programming themselves and breaking out of the hive mind thinking).

    It took me 36 YEARS to break out of this cult.....that is how DEEPLY EMBEDDED the mind control program structures were! When I managed to break free I was initially terrified because in order to free myself I had to leave behind every single person I ever knew.....including close family I felt as if I were free falling into a dark abyss as my entire "world".....the only world I knew.....had crumbled beneath me when I realized it had all been a lie.

    Initial recovery for me took 5+ Years (just to get over the shock of what had happened to me) and another 5 Years to remove the intense feelings of FEAR and GUILT that had been implanted in my psyche before I was able to function in normal society. And this does not include how long it took me to recover from the sexual abuse I experienced as a child.

    I was so relieved when I finally broke away from the group that had ruled my every thought and movement for 36 years that I was not prepared for the realization that most of the other groups I tried to align myself with (whether religious, new age, spiritual or otherwise) were mostly cults also that sought to control my thinking and suppress my spiritual abilities. After all, this is the way of the Dark Matrix -- if you manage to escape or break free from one prison, they entice you into another one that looks shiny and new on the outside (but inside is full of the same control/slave programs).

  112. PART 3

    So once again I had to break free from all of that and basically become a LONER so I could develop my spiritual understanding of the Universe. Most of us know by now that they erase all of our memories each time we reincarnate so we have to start ALL OVER again in our spiritual development.

    I should mention that in the process of researching who really ran the cult I was born into, I went far deeper down the rabbit hole than I ever intended to go. I learned about DUMB's (deep underground military bases), soulless reptilians and beings who intentionally suck the energy from our bodies, and even eat our blood and flesh, children and humans who go missing and are ritually sacrificed or have horrible mutilating experiments performed on them, child trafficking and the latest slew of pedophilia gone rampant across our planet, etc. Most of these vile activities have happened UNDERGROUND or in very secret isolated locations, so it should be understandable why there was such a Strong Reaction to being escorted underground by someone we have never seen or met before!

    We would be FOOLISH if we were not cautious after having endured so much manipulation, trauma and suffering. At the same time, we also must learn to open our hearts again and trust our inner guidance when dealing with new information or those who are not familiar to us. Only in this way can we once again ascend into the Higher Realms of Existence and reclaim our rightful place among Galactic Society. It is going to take tremendous amounts of understanding and cooperation on both sides.

    I for one, would consider it a privilege and a joy to meet a group of beings who truly emanate Pure Divine Light and have zero intention or even the capacity to harm another! I dream about this all the time......and know deep in my soul that this is the kind of soul purity we once had.....and will return to.

    I must also say that it THRILLS and EXCITES me to know that the Pleiadians have advanced Healing Chambers that can cure all our ills and suffering in under 20 minutes and disinfecting "Showers" that can completely clear us of all matrix implants and nano-tech! That removal and detox alone would help us vibrate at a much higher level and feel much deeper states of Peace, Love and Joy!! I also really love the replicator technology. Imagine being able to enjoy our favorite foods for example, without any harm coming to animals or being able to instantly materialize any object you needed or desired. Abundance for All would be the new status quo.

    Lastly, I will say that in response to Cobra's recent "call to action" (and my own inner calling for several years now) I have just today officially begun my studies in Vibrational Science and the Energetic Balancing of Life Forms and Living Spaces. This is very needed on the surface at this time to counteract the effects of the extreme radiation poisoning we have all been subjected to. It has been discovered that alot of the "reactive" behavior the RM has observed in humans can be almost instantly corrected by balancing the energy waves running through a particular space.

    I truly believe that Human Beings at their core are very Kind, Gentle, Peaceful and extremely Loving. We just need to re-establish Energetic Harmony in our environment so that we can once again realign with Pure Divine Creator Energy. It is my mission to help make that a reality.

    The way to DISSOLVE THE MATRIX is simply to Raise and Maintain a higher frequency vibration as one cannot experience negative beings or pain unless they are vibrating at a very low frequency. This means we can no longer act (or speak) out of Anger or Fear, no matter how “passionate” we feel about a subject, because it is these very emotions (ultra low frequencies) that the Matrix Rulers use to keep us enslaved here.

    It is imperative that we RELEASE these low vibrational EMOTIONS and learn to communicate in LOVE and PEACE.

  113. What could be the best attitude to serve Truth, the World, People, Animals, Myself, and last but not least: God. Cobra? Anybody?
    I humbley ask and need it.

    1. @Maria: I think the best attitude is to do what you just did, write a comment that "that" is your concern.

      Honesty with yourself, being open, listening to your inner guidance. And if it rings true to you, pray to "God" to reveal the answers you seek.

      There is no magical formula. Each person is uniquely divine in the grand scheme of the Divine Plan and Flowering of life - FOREVER.

    2. Receptivity of course! Openness to the possibilitys. Making space for truth to settle in!

  114. suite au rêve très réel que j' ai fait il y a quelques mois ,pour ma part je confirme que cobra a raison.
    beaucoup d' amour a tous



    Seasonal blues? Lack of blue light may be to blame:


    1. The outdoor light unit with tens of thousands lumen output of blue light is almost ready...


    2. Blue Light Therapy is one of the few FDA approved photonic treatments:

  116. This comment has been removed by the author.

  117. I would like to also state that I sense a negative attitude about the surface population from this site. I follow Emery Smith and he states that the ET's he contacted see the surface population as heroes. I sense from this site though that the surface population is looked down upon. I'm not happy about this attitude towards the surface population. Keep in mind that what you perceive someone to be, this perception of them only makes them more of what you perceive them to be. Likewise, I will try not to perceive your underground utopia as being condescending towards the surface population. Maybe it's a catch-22. We are stuck with each other, whether we like it or not.

  118. And what about those who are or are not very advanced, but are very tired and need rest?
    I feel I am 30000 years old lately.

  119. Thank you , thank you ~ Namaste !

    My love and gratitude, Cobra, Ashtara, RM, Plenary Fleet, and all ambassadors, light warriors.

    And I, like other eager, have written a lot ...
    Many are happening and can not be seen as linking each other as events in different countries and so they implanted us not to see and understand and to always be in contradiction ....
    But regardless of the counterattacks, I remain focused on working with my interior and working on "simplicity" a sophisticated and not easy word.
    In 2012, when I watch your blog, I understand step by step as I can, I fall, I get up, but ALL CONCENTRATES stay on what I've experienced and seen, and Ashtar said, "Enough!"
    We must free ourselves from all forms of thinking and limiting and trusting concepts only in the direction of our own Inner Being - spiritual .
    " Spirituality Live - DO NOT Learn "
    Universal and multidimensional hugs to everyone.
    We are in positives and positives, and nothing returns from this.

    Before, before , before warriors.....

    Let it be light!

  120. The first thought that came across my mind when I first saw the Entry-Protocol Post is not whether I’ll join in the Resistance or not, which I know I wouldn’t be chosen, but that how will the Illuminati people exploit/high jack this to ‘recruit’ those willingly/waiting to be chosen. I kindly urge Cobra and the Resistance to look into and address this and for the community to be aware of such possibility.
    Anybody that looked upon the 2nd post to have the assurance and clearing up doubts, I’m pretty sure you failed the first test which is yourself; critical thinking is one of them. I’m being blunt but not without compassion, it is to break the illusion from the danger I’ve pointed above. Take this opportunity to humbly admit and work on your true mission.
    Resistance work is not a stroll at the beach, it takes particular skill sets for this high value job. Most chosen prospects are already groomed in this life-time with the necessary skills required in their soul contract, some wouldn’t even know it until the moment arises. When the Entry Protocol is activated and those that wanted to be chosen but not, it simply means your mission(s) is on the surface that’s all. Some one has to do the mundane job while our brave brothers and sisters working feverishly for the same goal. We should have them in our prayers and meditation for their protection and transition to reach the Resistance safely.
    For those that are debating about point 8 in 2nd post. Hurray! Finally the Entry Protocols is release… enough said.
    We are candles in the storm ~ victory to the light.

  121. To all,

    Who can effectively contact with three awakened community led by 1) Corey Goode with, 2) David Wilcock, 3) Benjamin Fulford to convince those awakened community to join Breakthrough meditation (2 PM UTC every day), Breakthrough Meditation at 4-hours interval, Goddess Meditation (2:30 PM UTC every day) to accelerate "The Event". "The Event" can activate UFO FULL DISCLOSURE. Cobra, which is, also support above related meditations.

    Can anyone contact with those three awakened community for this urge? The final result is those three awakened community join above related meditations

    Breakthrough Meditation

    Guided audio playlist:

    Breakthrough Meditation at 4-hours interval

    we are going to do Breakthrough Meditation at the following times, until further notice.
    2 AM UTC
    6 AM UTC
    10 AM UTC
    2 PM UTC
    6 PM UTC
    10 PM UTC

    Goddess Meditation

    Guided audio playlist:

  122. Like mentioned before, I am still ready, speaking out of my free will.

  123. Cobra...we don't have to focus on those who post banana comments, we must focus on moving forward without those whom are in disbelief... For all my life I've longed for this purpose... Being apart of the resistance is what determine my character... To help humanity be free of the corruption on the surface population....I really hope the Resistance choose me out of the bunch...i have information to gind me ready.

    1. The problem is that these comments start a process of manifestation - even if we don't focus on them.

  124. Thanks Cobra for the update & for answers to many people's questions. After reading the many bloggers comments, I don't think the Resistance will go away empty handed for qualified candidates to join them...many were heartfelt and very real in their request to join up & with great qualifications. And the Resistance could really use their input (as you confirmed) from we surface people. I'm not a candidate for I'm needed on the surface and will get a "continued calling" for what I need to be doing. Good luck to those chosen as I'm sure they will be a real asset!

  125. Cobra did mention in a few articles before this that there would be a Massive of wrong Intel given out to Public.

    If you went into a state of Panic my advice:
    1. Ground yourself and stop following most of the Attention Seekers
    2. Spend time away from Computer out in Nature
    3. The more you Panic the more you feed the Controllers of this World your precious life force energy esp Fear Energy which they live on.
    4. Listen to Beautiful instrumental music to uplift yourself and people around
    5. Learn to express yourself by painting, writing poems or learn to play an instrument
    6.Cook a meal which Uplifts your MIND , BODY AND SOUL.


  126. I'm very tired! 42 years old hell, it was enough. I would still like to live, but I would need a hearty/great rest. (...) --do not be public!--

  127. Once things actually start happening, such as politicians getting arrested finally and going to jail or being hung for treason, and other things like the Pope and all his demons being arrested for pedophilia, I think the bananas will fade out. The mind control doesn't help and we really need CNN and other fake news to be arrested or exposed. I am so tired of the constant fake news and lies and people eating it up. As much as I love them I do feel like slapping them silly for being so blind and stupid. It is a very tenuous time on the surface. God be with you Cobra. Love and light to you all. I'll be having my nano-shower here on the surface courtesy of Sol. Godspeed!

  128. Thank you,Cobra.💖🙏🌹.

  129. Thank you Cobra! Victory of the Light!

  130. A Recommendation For ALL Cobra Readers:

    @astral traveler and others:

    I have been reading Cobra's posts at this website and this blog's comments since 2012. My life since childhood has been open to, and devoted to, the highest spiritual understanding and Will of the Most High "God," Source, who I think alone has the reality and status of being Ever-Present, All-Knowing, All-Powerful, and all Divine qualities as Eternally ONE.

    I strongly suggest(!) that everyone who has been here and values Cobra and his intel regarding The Event (and all else related to spirituality) take a moment to read the following clarification article written by Teresa.

    I think it is honest and balanced. In my view, Teresa exemplifies the right attitude to have about life; to have an open mind, to listen to yourself, to not give up your self power and worth (sovereignty), to think for yourself, and focus on your own life without needing to endorse or bash others, etc. To attune to one's own Heart and Spirit unified with the Divine Ultimate Heart and Spiritual Reality. To find and follow one's life mission (as Cobra has advocated). And more.

    Teresa Yanaros speaks...

    May 14th, 2018

  131. To pursue or express doubtful thoughts..

    ..starts a manifestation process in the wrong direction. Anyone close to their I Am presence knows this and will be very careful to do so.

    For example, delays are manifested by such a thing:

    "Banana comments that have mushroomed over the internet in the last few days are proof that most of the surface population is not ready for contact. So do not complain if there are delays in the future. "

  132. the feedback she got was predictable..

    Anything that resembles or triggers our fears at the slightest u can be certain we will whine about.. cry and damned...

    Thus the possibility of magic takes a backsit...

    The most she could do n did was to clear her views for those willing to listen this second time around...

    However i think she shouldnt get so worked up about it .. at the many who jumped to feed their own fears...

    That is one of the downsides of being at the public's views... expect misunderstanding confusion n ill intent toward you... agendas will be many..

    All u can do is to continue walking your walk... the purity of it should outshine any shadows that anyone tries to toss...

    The unfortunate thing about it is that it takes soo damn long on this realm.. not that is not possible to expedite it...

    U can be certain that Cobra and her are in the Cabal's naughty list... some of that backlash she got n that cobra got here probably initiated by their lil minions(it takes 1)... in an attempt to trigger peoples fear...

    So it was good to read that the younglady responded in a sorta grounded mode.

    I say sorta because she displays a bit of concern.. as someone in the public scene would normally worry about...

  133. This update made many Speechless, unfortunately this update was important very quick response. The get in contact and interact with surface population is not so ez I think I am 25 Years old I love laughing and having fun in my life, RM probably don't know about sarcasm or Meme culture during all reading from Corey not surface population / good fraction will response in love without any negatives mind

  134. It's so funny to read all this here :D

  135. Well that counts me out LOL!! but then again I refuse to play the ascension game anyway so it's no skin off my eternal existence.

    If Cobra is surmising that this process will take up to months for the one being targeted you can bet any kind of compression breakthrough event will take much, much longer. Perhaps a few more years to actually happen given the length of time the resistance movement and the "Company of Heaven" have taken already out of our lives.

  136. Don't Panic, and Starman in Orbit. A small World.


  137. May 14th Dear Jairo, due to the ongoing vicious attacks on Cobra's good name in various internet channels happening right now. I am asking you on behalf of Cobra if you could please help us spread the following post far & wide in all social media channels & websites under your reach please, this is a very important task! Thank you very much in advance: "Prepare For Change: Important Cobra Announcement"

    May 14th 2018

    Dear Jairo, due to the ongoing vicious attacks on Cobra's good name in various internet channels happening right now. I am asking you on behalf of Cobra if you could please help us spread the following post far & wide in all social media channels & websites under your reach please, this is a very important task! Thank you very much in advance: "Prepare For Change: Important Cobra Announcement"

    May 15th 2018

    It is terrible when uninformed people with their misinterpreted conjectures cause damage and it can have such a negative ripple effect. It is out right Crazy that people make such wild-claims and tall tails. Understandable… that is the job of the dark side of humanity, to skew the truth and to try and defame the good name of Cobra, who I am assuring has not been cloned and who’s blog has not been hijacked by anything or anyone. These claims are nothing more than confabulation from some negative individuals who dedicate their life to troll Cobra and try to spread lies about him and his message of Unity. Furthermore; the claims of some dedicated individuals with some very dark motives along with calculated steps, to try to defame the good name of Cobra and his blog are not true and has not worked… Cobra is alive and normal as always within the difficult world and abnormal world it is to live in. “Word to the wise,” read the entire script, thread, Posting and or entries, believe me just go back and read everything before you jump to irrational conclusions that can have negative impacts in many levels spaces and dimensions. In my own testimonial: starting now, I Jairo Bonilla, Author of ( & ) , can firmly assure that in the short time which I have dedicated my efforts to help spread Cobra’s blog, I can attest to the fact that Cobra’s intention’s are good, he just wants us all to join and to come together in the most positive manner. Be it through blogging or meditation, all Light-Workers, Light, Warriors and everyone, Mothers, Fathers Sisters Brothers are welcome here and remember, “If something goes wrong in your life, do you go and blame God?” Cobra, who is the Creator and founder of as well as It is Cobra who unlocks the portal to consciousness through meditation. The person known as Cobra, the Ascended Master, known as Cobra, cannot be cloned, hijacked, or killed by dark-forces entities or any dark energy. यदा यदा हि धर्मस्य ग्लानिर्भवति भारत । अभ्युत्थानमधर्मस्य तदात्मानं सृजाम्यहम् ॥४-७॥ परित्राणाय साधूनां विनाशाय च दुष्कृताम् । धर्मसंस्थापनार्थाय सम्भवामि युगे युगे ॥४-८॥ Whenever there is decay of righteousness, And there is exaltation of unrighteousness, then, I Myself come forth. For the protection of the good, for the destruction of evil-doers, For the sake of firmly establishing righteousness, I am born from age to age. By Vandy Bonilla & Jairo Bonilla href="" imageanchor="1" > Victory of the Light!