Saturday, July 14, 2018

Disruption removed


  1. Congratulations light warriors

  2. Don't know what disruption, but glad it's gone!!!❤️ Holding the light in Florida guys!! Victory of the Light!!!πŸ‘

    1. No, in Amersfoort too! Haha! Hold the light boys and girls (I don't like gals). Pooh, in a funny mood.

  3. Great moves. Hope July will be historical

  4. Large Fissure in Yellowstone in the grand teton, if you read the unveiled mysteries then you know that's the name of the meeting place under mt.Shasta for the brotherhood and what looks like a real life Phoenix.

    1. Yes my Shasta has an entire civilization..I am told the agarthans are are us from the future who came back to correct/insure the timeline for our ascension wldnt compromised. It is all so amazing..I am sure you do this too..look around at how we are all controlled..the daily work..sports to keep us occupied.. really changes a person when they realize the game we have been in for so so long. I hope Ben F is right and arrests come in Aug and 9ii truth in Sept!! Without truth we cant move forward

  5. SIAMO ABILI. CiΓ² che ci manca Γ¨ conoscenza e formazione.
    SOMOS CAPAZES. O que nos falta Γ© conhecimento e treinamento.
    WE ARE CAPABLE. What we lack is knowledge and training.
    SOMOS CAPAZOS. Lo que nos falta es conocimiento y entrenamiento.

    1. I have discovered in a recent reading the following aspect about humanity: Of about 7.5 billion people, half is not exactly human, and will not wake up. So we must have the understanding that this part of the people did not come to wake up, but were programmed to give support to the old matrix. Just being aware of this already helps us deal with what does not resonate with the awakening.

  6. 🌟🌟🌟❤️❤️❤️🌟🌟🌟

  7. Hello cobra I think that when you said that until the end of February someone will get enough ,and will trigger the event.i think that this person it's you.maybe you don't know but you was this person.i think that you have a great role in this . SF maybe you have to bring the event for us because you know better than alliens how it's Life on earth and that it's much suffering on earth.the alliens they not know because they only can imagine how it is but they never suffered like us.this why they late the event so much.victory to the light.

    1. I thought the same thing the other day. Though I lack the knowledge of how lives of other Light Beings are and have been for all this time but is it possible to imagine the hardships we go through all the time here? I believe Cobra got his share of what it tastes like to live on Earth now... Probably even more than most of us got during several lifetimes due to his involvement to the planet's liberation. And to do this out of their free will makes me speechless and truly grateful.
      I don't mean to judge Light Forces for they know better about the overall situation we are currently in and therefore are in better place to make decisions than us. Still I can't help the feeling I've had enough.
      Love to you all, stay strong.

    2. MORE than enough.

      I need to get off this prison planet, go with the aliens, get my bod changed (as in gender and so to get a REAL life span, like the aliens.....80-100 years is NOT enough), and see what's out there.

      And it won't do us god if we are all elderly by the time something finally happens.

  8. if eye have not been an absolute gift in your life, i beg your forgiveness <3

  9. Where is this Templars justice, just another false promise, where's concrete, tangible proof

  10. Love and light to all πŸ’™πŸŒŽπŸ’š

  11. We need to pay more attention to the amazing creative projects and
    programs that are being developed by our fellow human beings around the world. And these projects are benefiting thousands. Especially in developing countries.
    It's difficult for many of us who are hurting to focus on the
    enormity of the changes already taking place but please realize
    that we are waking up!!! Folks we are waking up!!! The light is shining bright.
    Thank you Cobra for helping us stay grounded and to all who are opening their hearts to every
    living thing on this planet and who have consciously taken the
    steps needed to help us take this incredible leap into a new
    way of being. This is a spiritual revolution my friends.
    Let's be in gratitude and knowingness that all is well.
    The Universe has our back. Stay hopeful. It will not be long. JRT Morgan

  12. It is 1230 Sunday here in central Melbourne Australia and the skies have been clear both trails/ muck...I'd like to think it's same anywhere else but......

    1. I an 20 miles out of London, we too are having Cristal clear blue skies

    2. We had some on Friday but sat clear..Sunday makes me smile now when I see them it just confirms the energies are REAL and they are desperate to block them which of course is impossible!! ;)
      We have already won..time is secure..Source cant be defeated..Galactics are in control now.

  13. Thanks beloved Cobra and RM.
    So... no more turning water into wine, but turning water into crystal clear water, healing for all and everyone. Hallelujah!

  14. Maravilha....Great news..

  15. Maravilha....Great news..

  16. This petition (from Cobra Resistance) has been shared here before, but it might not be clear that it refers to Cobra's latest post.

    Please sign, if you agree and share, if you feel guided to.

    Let's do it - let's reach the 144,000!

    Victory of the Light


    To all,

    If anyone can effectively contact with three awakened community led by 1) Corey Goode with, 2) David Wilcock, 3) Benjamin Fulford, please help to convince those awakened community to join Breakthrough meditation (2 PM UTC every day), Breakthrough Meditation at 4-hours interval, Goddess Meditation (2:30 PM UTC every day) to accelerate The Event. "The Event" can activate UFO FULL DISCLOSURE. Cobra, which is, also support above related meditations.

    Can anyone contact with those three awakened community for this urge? The final result is those three awakened community join above related meditations

    Breakthrough Meditation

    Guided audio playlist:

    Breakthrough Meditation at 4-hours interval

    we are going to do Breakthrough Meditation at the following times, until further notice.
    2 AM UTC
    6 AM UTC
    10 AM UTC
    2 PM UTC
    6 PM UTC
    10 PM UTC

    Goddess Meditation

    Guided audio playlist:

    1. Your post reminded me of weekly ascension meditation,thanks bro

  17. Beloved star beings you have come a long way for this auspicious time to reverse the course of this planet from 3D matrix linear time into 5D miracle eternal Now.

    Many of you that have come here as gatekeepers, frequency holders, grid workers, earth keepers, crystal record keepers and blue rays as forerunners for the new earth consciousness…. in one word STAR SEEDS in embodiment. You have done this since eons so whether you are an unconscious star seed or a conscious star being…. that is where you are heading at… becoming conscious of and acclaiming your star hood avatar mastery.
    It is time to re-claim and acknowledge the power that you are and thru your very presence…. radiate, vibrate, command in the name of the highest light the particles of light in your vortex auric field to serve and act with highest authority and integrity with the law of One and you will regain your full galactic potential and serve as omnipresent omnipotent omnicognizent star portals of light, bringing forth the wisdom from within which is stored within your very DNA and the record keepers, that are placed within your body. The continual upgrading, downloads and activations offered is of no use, if you keep holding yourself small and feed lower vibrational realities thru a constricted linear mindset. We urge you to bring your whole attention and devotion to higher vibrational intent, to bring your consciousness into your sacred heart space and approach life with the supreme power that is available from this sacred star portal...
    Grace Solaris the Arcturians

    Source: Scenic Sasquatch

    1. Ok but until our DNA is literally turned on and the implants removed and veil is gone..we cant get to a christ consciousness level can we? I am.positive..woke up 2+yrs ago..I know we are all spiritual beings..I know all events staged..I know Galactics are here but in terms of abilities I dont feel any different despite energies coming in.

  18. Just a feedback on Cobra's latest post. I feel the controllers are still active and they have blocked the organs which are actually required to follow sacred love. If the light forces can do something about it they should seriously consider helping us in that department. It's as if it does not work with your loved one but forces you to look elsewhere, which I know is not right. Another symptom I have felt is a pain in my right jaw. Can't talk or eat without pain.
    So what I am trying to say is we are still being attacked. I am not public with my knowledge because just the thought of going public brings in the attacks. They are too clever.

    1. Say command pb stardust several times daily

    2. Thanks I had forgotten about that

    3. Catalonia garrotxa

    4. "Aditya",... Of course that could also be the result of "dental work" or "Tetanus",...

  19. That certainly sounds encouraging,...

  20. Trump gathers top military brass for a dinner in which he announces "This is the calm before the storm." Clearly talking about mass arrests. Made more obvious by the fact that "The Storm" is one of Q's slogans.*d8jTZwaIRwilsmzi-TUDDQ.png,c_limit,f_jpg,h_630,q_90,w_630/v1513904096/production/designs/2206054_1.jpg

    A reporter says "What storm Mr. President?" He says "You'll find out."

  21. anyone read about the false 5d matrix? why wait for someone else? salvation lies within.......

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