Friday, July 27, 2018

P501 link confirmed





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    I AM

  3. Hi, blessed beings;
    Cobra wrote a message on April 2nd called "Soul Families" in which we are urged to gather our "Soul Family Connections" in preparation for the Event.

    I felt compelled to contribute to this subject matter since I have been looking for my tribe for a long time. The fact that the topic has been put on the priority list by the Resistance Movement will give many of us of the ground crew hope for reunion with our soul families.

    On June 27 Cobra wrote in his message "Gamma Timeline", quote:

    "Until physical intervention happens, Lightworkers and Lightwarriors need to hold the Light Grid as much as possible by:
    a) building the Cintamani grid
    b) building the grid of Tachyon chambers
    c) building the Soul Family connections grid
    d) building physical Sisterhood of the Rose groups
    e) preparing for physical contact with the Light Forces according to inner guidance
    f) refraining from interpersonal conflicts by choosing non-reaction and conscious positive action above reaction."

    I started a facebook group page, "Soul Family Connections" as a contribution for building the 'Soul Family Connections Grid'.

    So far, there is no interaction going on there.
    Those of you interested in Soul Family Connections please consider joining this group.
    Especially those who embody the energy of Soul Family Connections are welcomed and encouraged to participate.

    To start a discussion, I posted my 3-part "Alien Love Bite Story", meaning an affair with a man that was arranged and directed by Archons.
    Victory of the Light!

  4. Part 1 - I would like to share some of my best experiences, but first a little backstory.
    I was born December 19, 1990. I remember my mother swinging with me or sitting with me in my baby pool and singing 'Hush Little Baby' even though I was a happy baby from what others tell me. My mothers side of the family were Italian people and very family oriented. When I was about 2 years old my grandfather, who I am told really really loved me, died. He was the glue that held my mothers family together and in his own way a 'lightworker'. The social and identity politics of today would criticize the Italian or Mexican older male patriarchy, but when he went, the family went and thats a fact. They began to divide and have more and more problems and I dont believe it is a coincidence. This was a few years before the congo invasion.

    Many of my earliest memories were very similar to each other and I dont fully understand them. I would be alone in a room or left alone in the house. I could not of been more than 3 years old. I would beg my mother not to leave but she was an empty vessel half the time and would leave anyways. After a few moments I would get this feeling that I was not alone and it would grow and grow. Then I would feel this presence was hostile. I could feel it but couldnt see it and this scared the hell out of me. The closer it got the worse it got until I would be in shear terror of being killed. My heart would be pounding and I would have trouble breathing. I felt like I was going to be killed and would see the lights and darks in my peripheal vision to my right moving. I would look right in terror and then I would see movement to my left like something was spinning or dancing around me. I would feel ice cold and weightless as I would sob and break out in a cold sweat. Whatever these things were they triggered my bodies life or death fight or flight response 100%. This whole time my body was dumping natural drugs into my blood. Normally they help you deal with trauma but with nothing to fight and now where to run, I would absorb every bit. I would get a really nauseating adrenaline high and feel like my heart was going to explode. I would hide under a table or blanket but it didnt help.

    Eventually, whether from terror or something else I could not move and would white out. All of this distorts perception of time but it felt like forever. This would happen day or night, multiple times a week, and sometimes daily. No one would listen and no one would help. I would be ignored by my mother and punished by my father for 'lying'. I would helplessly experience it and then repress it, over and over, all the way into my teens. The author Jim Sparks actually describes it really well to the detail although for him it led to being 'pulled' by greys which I do not remember happening, and he was also in his 30's. Listening to his interviews helped me recall and understand over years what had happened. This started around 19 years old and now at 26 is still ongoing.

    Simon Parkes is another person whose story had similarities to my own. He has shown in a power point presentation his photo at three years old with a bright smile and then four to five at a wedding with a forced grimace. I have a photo of me at two with a bright smile and at five, at a wedding, a forced grimace. I have never smiled since about two or three. I literally can not do it. He has blood of the elite and claims the draco reptilians accepted him as one of there own and trained or conditioned him to never smile as they do not. He had ufo sightings in his childhood and mine came in early adulthood.
    continued in part-2


  5. Experts arrive for important evaluations in the current process.

    Resistant in LEO expect parents who do not arrive. Deliveries happen.

    Nebulous waves do not scare, but they should empower.

    Revaluation in new Status: Euro Stacking.

    Legal protocols of instructors continue to be followed.

    Ascents are shown in mystical events.

    Adhamantinos re-send a call sign. Attention Terranos! Capture and immediate reverberation.

    Temporarily, end of transmission.

    Pleiades 1 (Intensifying 8th Projector ...)


  6. Lighten yourselves, workers of the light.

    Those things that you know by the nickname of chimera are being dissolved and removed from our existence right now.

    Soon the Sky you know will not be the same anymore. New Heaven for the New Earth.

    Victory of Light.

    1. Dear COBRA.

      It occurred to me this morning to mention the following message here for your readers and followers, only for the purpose of public and general enlightenment:

      My exposure here is short and quick. As I learned from reading the RA - Raw Teir Eir Material, for those entities lacking love, as is the case with chimera, arachnids, and their like. They do not ascend to the eighth or to the seventh or to the sixth dimension. They can access the 5th Dimension. That's right. Since there is still a duality here. They never enter the Sixth Dimension. And much less above that.

      In the Sixth Dimnsion only LOVE can ascend. There is no duality here.
      Therefore, arachnids can not exist in the eighth dimension, as mistakenly they may have asked themselves.

      I hope I have contributed to the work.

      Victory of Light.

    2. May this DAY BE NEAR, MAY all the earth's blessibgs be inherited by the meek at heart......

  7. Part-2
    My parents were obviously an important part of all this. My mother was an extremely insecure and vacant person who had an empty retarded look in her eyes. When I was three she was about to put me to sleep, and was muttering about me leaving toys in the bed. I turned around and put my arm out so she wouldnt lay me on sharp plastic toys and started screaming. There were ants all over my bed and she almost laid her baby in them. Her previous husband and first love suddenly left her with two kids and devastated her. My father got her knocked up and would not marry her till I was five. He was always goofy and effeminate one minute and an angry, controlling, narcisist the next.

    I remember my mother refusing to have sex with him one night. He was cursing and started punching boards out of the headboard of the bed on his side. She was quietly telling him to stop and he ran out of board so he got on top of her and punched the boards out right over her head. I started screaming then because I could see her shudder and cower in fear through my crib bars. I was then spanked by him. They usually did have sex with me in the room. He would scold and spank me because I would cry. My older step sister was always basically locked in her room because of my fahter and had weight and self esteem issues. My older step brother had extreme bipolar and learning issues. My father would belittle him for not being able to read and write. He had absolutely zero patience ever and they threw my brother in a mental institution where he was raped. He told my mother who ignored it. He tried to call HRS, which is like the CPS, about how bad my father was. They called my father and told him to beat my brother, which he then did.

    My father was extremely manipulative and polite when speaking to others. But with us, he would bark out orders in a smug arrogant southern drawl with slit eyes like we were dogs. Evey word and action toward us showed total disdain and disrespect. It was draining and humiliating being around him. I wanted him to die but he never did. He had a way of grabbing your ear or hair, pulling you an inch from his face and squinting his eyes like he was studying you. He would bare both rows of his teeth and stare as if he enjoyed it.

    He stood with my mother because he has to control and she let him walk all over her and all over us. He made sure to not leave marks on us and even let us know it. He had hundreds of friends and knew all the police. Everyone loves him. He was untouchable and we were on our own. I never questioned any of this from my childhood because I couldnt remember any of it and was on serious autopilot or half-life mode.

    I immersed myself in movies, video games, toys, and art. This is some of the only things I could remember till about 20 years old. I watched Terminator 2, Jurassic Park, and Batman Mask of the Phantasm at least once a week from 2 to 5 years old. I identified with the terminator. He looked like everyone else but was different and was here from somewhere else with a mission. Daycare and kindergarten seemed really wrong. Being left with total strangers where anything can happen, unsure of if your mother will come back or not and partially raised by teachers and others. I would space out while sitting in class and come back shivering and terrified, to discover I had pissed my pants. I would get up and leave to go to the nurse and come back to find the teacher had no idea I had left. By five or six I was always exhausted and drained and could barely make a fist. The supernatural and my father were kicking my butt. I did okay in school but had trouble with other kids in middle school. Next is part 3.

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  9. We will only know 80%, it's a joke? We want to know 100% !!!

  10. Part-3
    I started changing in high school. My body was making more testosterone and I went from fear and shame 24/7 to angry and distant. I started seeing how society in general was just all around messed up. I would go into a spaced out psychosis as if I was trying to process something. I was still in half-life mode but was starting to understand I was abnormal. I would have people ask me "who do hang out with after school?" and I would have a really weird "what do you mean?" response. I was told it was like I was hiding something, which I thought was crazy at the time. I was getting probably two hours of sleep a night because of the supernatural and my fathers loud tv in the living room, which he would not turn down. The supernatural and other people had stopped getting the fear response from me, but I was also in an apathetic and suicidal, yet mild and polite, mood.

    I wouldnt hurt a fly but wanted to die very badly. Women would give me a nauseous and bad feeling. And sometimes a mini lightning strike (I swear!) and then the feeling of Danger! Danger! Avoid at all costs! As a straight male this was horrible. It forces you to suppress a part of yourself and seriously limits healthy human interaction. Any woman that I was compatible with was taken or we were sabotaged like with me and my female friend in 2014-2015. My senior year in high school(2008-2009), I learned about 'the illuminati', 9/11, and other entry level stuff from people like alex jones. Then I branched out to project camelot and others.

    I had no idea where the world was going and what to do and it just seemed so hopeless. I was in extreme depression and wanted to end it all with a shotgun but thought of many reasons not to. Everyday I prayed deeply with extreme will and determination if anything, god, jesus, other dimensionals, extraterrestrials, anything, show me where this world is going. And this went on for months and months, until spring 2010 when I had my first ufo sighting. I will get into it next, but things started to change. I heard Jim Sparks, David Icke, Jordan Maxwell, and others through the internet and began to slowly recall things from my childhood and started putting pieces together. Now at 26 I am still doing so. Next is Part-4.

  11. Part-4
    Spring 2010
    I was 18-19 years old and was in the library of a state college in south florida. Everything was normal. I left a little after six pm. I wasnt even out of the library doors, when everything became surreal. Time sort of sped up and slowed down and stopped existing at once. There was no fear or contemplation about what was happening to me. The new agers would call it oneness. I could not and did not even try to run or hide or anything, this was destined to happen. I made a left and walked past the library and instantly, without trying, looked up and left. There was an oarngish pinkish layer of cloud, almost fog, covering the entire sky. And there were many golden lights forming a sort of curved boomerang shape up in the sky. It was brighter than the sun but you could stare right at it. And I looked at it like I had seen it many times, turned right to the parking lot, went home, and forgot all about it for at least six months. I dont know why.

    Late 2011
    I was probably around 19-20. I was walking at around 8:30 pm. It was cool out with a nice breeze moving gently through the oak and palm trees in my neighborhood. Light clouds blew across the night sky. There was a full moon out and the stars were exceptionally bright and numerous. I was in a serene and blissful state. And like before without any intent I just looked up to see an exceptionally large and bright 'star' quickly move behind a cloud. It was not a shooting star, so I watched as the cloud moved across the sky. The object jumped up and behind another cloud and eventually dissapeared over the horizon.

    February 12, 2012
    I was on the side of my house around 8:30pm. I instantly looked up as something strange happened in the sky. An incredibly fast moving object appeared, shot across the sky, then dissappeared. It was much bigger than any stars and was sort of a blurry white triangular object.

    Thursday October 2, 2014
    It was around 7:30pm. I was listening to music in deep thought, pacing on my driveway. I looked past some trees in the yard and saw three very bright white-blue pulsing, strobing, almost moving 'stars'. The wind was slightly blowing the tree limbs around so I figured those stars arent moving, the limbs are just making it look that way. It was odd but I kept pacing. I turned back and noticed one star was completely gone and I realized they were ufos as the other two slowly faded out and dissappeared.

    Part-5 The Pleiadians, demons, and the Greys

  12. Part-5 The Pleiadians, demons, and the Greys

    March 1st, 2013
    After falling asleep around 5am I was suddenly being smothered by blackness. I could barely move and maintain consciousness. The whole time there was a weird feeling from the base of my spine up into my low back. It did not hurt but was very uncomfortable. For some reason I kept repeating "I love you and this is not necessary" at least five times very quickly and meant it.

    All the darkness and discomfort quickly left and I rolled over. I was in a drab dark grey metallic room, maybe laying on a table, but Im unsure. Turning away from me were two 'Greys' both about 5 foot tall. One was a bit further away and the other, before turning, made eye contact for half a second and telepathically sent "We are here to show you we are real". They walked towards a doorway that had just blank whiteness on the other side. Standing next to the door just watching was a woman with blonde hair and blue eyes, and maybe around 5 foot 6. She had a light blue suit of some kind and a violet blue vest or something over it. Everything got really bright, time passed quickly, and next thing I know the three people are gone and a pleiadian male, maybe six foot walks through the room paying me no attention. His hair, eyes, and clothing were similar enough to the womans. Next thing I know its about 9am and Im in my bed.

    April 15, 2014
    I fell asleep around 2:30am. Next thing I know I am struggling to control my body and wake myself up. I start trying to scream and I start getting little whimpers and noises out. At this time I become aware that there is a presence in the room. I had earplugs in but could somehow hear my father in the living room, sitting up on the couch, sliding off the leather, and each footstep on the floor as if I were right there. He thought I was having a nightmare and was coming to wake me up. Whatever was in the room with me put an idea and image in my head to try to calm me down. "Dont worry, its just your brother" and I saw an image of my younger brother who was about 15, in place of this thing. He was coming through the wall and headboard of the bed and his face was totally black. All I know is,I could not move, but arms or something else shot out of my body and knocked this thing through the wall as it let out an in-human shriek. My eyes cracked open as my father opened the door and told me I was having a nightmare. I played along. I was so drained and exhausted and could feel it outside the house waiting for me to go back to sleep. About 15 minutes passed and suddenly the energy in the room totally changed for the better and it was gone. I swear a human see-through face popped through the wall and in a second sent information. "Are you okay? Everything is fine, you can go back to sleep". I was hesitant at first but within fifteen minutes I was asleep.

    One more part.

  13. Part-5 cont.

    Friday May 2, 2014
    I fell asleep around 3am. The next thing I know I am being scooped up out of bed. I was about 190 pounds at the time. All I can say is the energy and presence was incredible and there was absolutely no fear about what was happening. I was a grown man being carried away like a baby by something totally invisible, and it was great. I dont know how much time passed or where I was taken but next thing I know, Im being carried back. My left arm, which was at its side before, was crossed over my torso.

    Was I laid down and scooped back up, or did I get to walk around somewhere before being picked up and taken back? I was laid down as I felt a hand grab my left wrist and move my arm back to its side. The sheet and blanket were picked up and dropped on me. I felt cool air rush out against my face. I looked around the room, not frightened but shocked. "What the hell just happened" I said aloud as across the room a see through human looking figure appeared floating in the air. I would say he looked Pleiadian and had nearly straight hair down to his shoulders. He telepathically sent to me a very powerful, reassuring, yet simple message. "Do not worry...we are here". If things get rough I think back to this experience with the assurance that we have allies and we are not alone.

    1. Thank you, David Chicago, for sharing with us your incredible story. Blessings to you.

    2. Thank you Karin. Im sorry to everyone it was so long and I hope it shows others with similar experiences that they are not alone.

    3. Strange things are indeed happening and I think the most frustrating things after all is to not know why and how it is all connected. It feels like we are pawns that are important in some way but everything is happening "above" our heads.
      I enjoy reading Davids storys. They are very easy to submerge into.

  14. This sure is getting exciting!!!

    We call for Intervention now ������

    1. NOW, THIS INTERVENTION to Heal EARTH, and RELEASE HER resources back to the PEOPLE MUST HE NOW

  15. MerleJune 5, 2018 at 7:58 AM
    Dear Cobra and Admin that runs the "501",I forwarded 2 Applications from the 501 Foundations/USA in April,in a descriptive format,as no other requirements were given,but the reg.status of the entity and humanitarian project.What is the time frame to get a reply?I'm a legal adviser for these entities and ready to prepare all the requested docs to proceed. We have a number of projects to make people prosper.With Love,Kind regards for your team. Hope to receive good new. Please,advise your instructions. Ready to follow them.-Galina

  16. Very positive energy lately. There was what seemed like a negative attack on the energy grid a few days ago including some negative entity haunting me at night when i try to sleep. But i pushed through and stayed positive, meditated on it and balanced my chakras and i realized that negative entities cant bother you if you are very positive and send your love to them and realize they too are a part of the one creator. And let them know it!

    We are the ones who will bring about the event through our will and awareness. The event cant happen if we sit down and stay negative all day. Every positive thought brings us closer to the event, every positive thought is desolving the negative anomaly. Yes we may have health problems/mental issues/spiritual blockages but we need to maintain the good vibrations.

    People always talk about raising your vibration and youre probably sick of hearing it but its true, we need to keep our vibrations higher to counteract the suppressive vibrations that keep people down and depressed. If we want to be happy then you need to want it and it will come. Happiness isnt out there somewhere running away from you, happiness comes from within.

    Be conscious of your thoughts, train them and use discipline. Be vigilant in your journey to better yourself, despite all the obstacles and take each step as it comes. Be aware of the mountain in the distance but do not ignore the stone at your feet.

    We create the future and if enough people want something we will get it. So let us strive for peace, love, truth, wisdom and freedom.


    1. Absolutely correct... Love you all..

    2. Well said brother 🌟💙

    3. Perfeito...tambem vejo dessa forma...

    4. Well said , Namaste . Things that help one to stay in high vibrations are : write love on your electrical fuse box and if your can put a pulsor .com on it ,,it creates a zero point energy field , put salt at the corners of your living space and front door , ground your space with imagining points of light from all corners to center , then down to heart of mother earth , Learn to stay grounded , mastering alchemy . com has great grounding protocols , in library free , write love on everything you eat , get patrica cota robals era of peace water blessing manual , its a stunning deeply powerful blessing you can do on the water jug you drink from ,,,,soak in salt say thank you to the water before you get in it , tell it you love it ,,,,while passing others smile and say verbally or silently may you be blessed Hello .
      I am the soul
      I am the light divine
      I am love
      I am will
      I am fixed design .

  17. Such joy to read this...P501 will suceed no matter what

  18. Dear Cobra,
    Please provide us with a situation update, specially involving the international political background and what to expect in the nearest future.
    Surely lots of thing are going on specially in respect to what alternative media has been telling us.
    For now, I and many still believe the reproachment between east and west is fully going on with trump.
    Please update us.
    Love and light to all and (hope) victory is near!

  19. I call upon the Light Forces to bring justice and healing to the situation on Earth. I call upon Pleiadians, Arcturians, Sirians, Angelic Realm, Agarthans. Enough is enough. We humanity ask for physical intervention. So be it and so it is

    1. I call upon the Light Forces to bring justice and healing to the situation on Earth. I call upon Pleiadians, Arcturians, Sirians, Angelic Realm, Agarthans. Enough is enough. We humanity ask for physical intervention. So be it and so it is.

    2. I call upon the Light Forces to bring justice and healing to the situation on Earth. I call upon Pleiadians, Arcturians, Sirians, Angelic Realm, Agarthans. Enough is enough. We humanity ask for physical intervention. So be it and so it is

  20. Some new dimensional details are in place for our Light Community...

    Construction sets: Miniature Outdoor 'Fruit' bracket-arm fixed Lanterns:

    Imagine the youths of Light Community enjoying and assembling piece to piece and lit up some 'Fruit'... miniature outdoor lanterns...


  21. Aber was noch viel wichtiger ist:
    Die Geschwindigkeit, mit der Du AufBrichst :-)
    Als müsstest Du Dich Beeilen.
    Und Die WELT NEU Verteilen.

    Stimmt ja auch ;-)

    Nun wird's intim. Und InTeam.
    Von jetzt an geht's

    Jenseits der BikiniLinie

    Und Das Ist

    I AM