Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Cosmic Central Race

Our Return of Light meditation has created a coherent consciousness signal across the universe that got the attention of the Cosmic Central race.

Cosmic Central race is the most advanced race which has evolved around the Cosmic Central Sun. It has now begun to focus its attention towards planet Earth and its liberation, because now there is enough consciousness on the surface of the planet to make cooperation with such evolved beings possible.

As a result of this interaction, certain aspects of liberation plan will be released to the surface population in the intermediate future. 

Our Solar System is now full of beings from the Cosmic Central race and they are cooperating with the Light Forces from the Jupiter Command, Ashtar Command, Atlantis Command, Pleiadian, Sirian and Andromedan Fleet, Resistance Movement, positive Agartha factions and certain special forces called SURFACOM.  

Cosmic Central race beings are also contacting the most advanced members of the surface population in their meditations, dreams and visions. 


Upon the request of the Light Forces I am hereby releasing a meditation which you can use to connect and cooperate with the Cosmic Central race. 
1. Use your own technique to bring you to a relaxed state of consciousness.

2. State your intent to use this meditation as a tool for the planetary liberation.

3. Visualize beings from the Cosmic Central race emanating from the Cosmic Central Sun, then being dispersed through Central Suns of all galaxies in this universe. Then visualize these beings entering through the Galactic Central Sun, then going through Alcyone Pleiadian stargate, then going through the Sirius stargate, then entering our Solar System and being positioned inside our Solar System in a flower of life mandala, and then connecting with all Light Forces above the surface, below the surface, and on the surface of the planet Earth.
4. Visualize beings from the Cosmic Central race transmuting all remaining darkness of this Universe until only Light remains. Visualize a new grand cosmic cycle beginning, bringing pure Light, Love and Happiness to all beings in the entire Universe. 

Lengyel Goddess Vortex in Hungary has been chosen as the entry point for the energies of the Cosmic Central race.  The reasons for this choice have to do with the 1996 Archon invasion, social dynamics behavior patterns of the most advanced Lightworkers, the position of the outer border of late Atlantean Mediterranean colonies, and conscious connection of shamen of Lengyel culture with the Galactic Central Sun of our Galaxy:

There is an important restructuring of the surface Light Forces teams in preparation for cooperation with Cosmic Central race and SURFACOM special forces. Justice is coming. Therefore, for the early phases of certain operations I need to expand my legal team and need an attorney that can at least to some degree understand and support my mission, and has a good understanding of international law, copyright issues, defamation and libel issues and harassment / threatening / cyberstalking issues. If you are such an attorney, you can contact cobraresistance@tutanota.com

All that is Done will be Undone.

Victory of the Light!


  1. The last two articles have felt bad for me, this article gives me a good feeling and reads very positively. Let us free this planet together! I hope we will finally see physical results on earth

  2. Thanks for the update
    Translated to spanish
    Traducido al castellano

  3. Time for more advanced more upgraded races coming to assist !!

  4. I would like to know what they look like?
    how can we visualize them if we do not know what they look like

    1. Try your best and rely on your Higher Self. They have probably never been here before.

    2. Indeed. We could at least know their names and an image of them would help a lot to visualize them.

    3. Visualize them as lights beings! Just light with a human silhouette. They'll show they're true form when you send the invite using your intent and visualization. Love and Light!

  5. Sounds great - Victory of the Light!

  6. Darkness will be Undone,Victory of The Light

  7. I'm with you, Victory of the Light!

  8. I take it not to be confused with......
    The Central Civilization is an ancient race, which evolved close to the Galactic Central Sun and is the first race in the Galaxy which reached spiritual maturity many millions of year ago. In some circles, this race is known as the Wingmakers:


    Sometimes they have manifested throughout the human history as physical angelic beings with wings.

    One of their representatives, Iona, brought Goddess mysteries to Earth in Atlantis:


    Millions of years ago, the Central Civilization began to build interdimensional doorways throughout the Galaxy and create the Galactic network of Light. As it did so, it encountered many races throughout the Galaxy, assisting them to achieve the same level of spiritual maturity. All those sovereign, spiritually mature races have created a confederate union which is called the Galactic Confederation (NOT Galactic Federation). As the name implies, it is NOT a hive-mentality centralized federation, but a loose, constructive confederate union of sovereign, mature races. You can read the distinction between a federation and confederation here:


    There is a special division of the Galactic Confederation which is called the Ashtar Command. The purpose of the Ashtar Command is the liberation of this planet. Another important division is called the Jupiter Command. The Jupiter Command is the guardian of the Ganymede portal and its main purpose is the spiritual liberation of this Solar System. It is the main spiritual force behind the Order of the Star and behind the Blue Dragon families.

    Many people were mind-programmed against the Ashar Command after 1996. Since then, most of the channelers were mind-programed also, their transmissions disrupted and they are now mainly receiving deceptive messages from the Archon etheric/plasma grid technology instead.

    The key here is to search for the Light. If you seek contact with the Light forces, you will find it. If you choose to always focus on the negativity, fearing that everything is just another scam, you will find it. So choose your focus wisely.

  9. Thank you Cobra for the intel and meditation tool for us to use to connect with them, most appreciated. Sending positive vibes for your legal team to be fulfilled very soon.

  10. What has been done in the dark will be brought to the light...

    God's gonna cut you down // Johnny Cash


    Thank you Cobra and all Beings of Light!!!

  11. Good update Cobra, it only seems likely to an escalation in the very near future. Perhaps ushering the 3rd phase. Let's get busy meditating. Love and Light!


  12. https://youtu.be/SVmjKHkgxis

    I AM DC

  13. I Thank GOD/GODDESS! This is the Presence Ive been feeling for the past few weeks...Shapes in the clouds, feelings of something great present!!! ITS WONDERFUL!!!

  14. Could you explain the stargates a little bit? The term takes many forms and I am not familiar with most of the stargates.

  15. Godspeed Cobra. Thank you for the info. Hope that lawyer enters into this role with eyes wide opened.

    Bows to the Central Race. Thank you.

  16. I thought SURFACOM is SURFAce COMpression or SURAce COMmand :)

    1. k.l Makes sense if they are pushing from above and below to converge at the centre.

  17. Awesome news!! Requesting that someone so gifted (maybe Smaly7 or other YT creator) make a guided meditation of this. It would help so much in the visualization process and understanding of the stargate locations relative to Earth.
    Victory of the Light!!

    1. Second that, just so many makes it easier for mass participation as well.

  18. I hope this means negotiations with the cabal are over. Victory awaits.

  19. Oh yes, choosing to post this symbol in dark blue on the golden-yellow background is about right!

  20. Cobra, what are your thoughts on Falun Gong?

    1. Steven.S Sounds good to me, as long as it doesn't "take" energy from something or someone else to give to you. I have come to the understanding that it is mostly your intentions that direct energy to and from wherever. So long as your motives stay pure I see no reason this could be a detriment as a spiritual practice :)

    2. Very truthful, respectful, awesome teaching, most peaceful, Noble people. Their practice works our daily life. We should connect to them.

    3. I read and talked to FunLun Gong people. They are pure, seeking harmony using very high level effective meditation, hand gestures, simple movement to elebaye souls awareness to harmonize with the universe. Very righteous,highly disconcerned souls, respectful spirits.

    4. FaLung Gong - Very Noble yet simple teaching to raise your body, mind, spirit in high awareness, righteous state of being, raise your vibratory frequency. Same as TaiChi or ChiGong, yet in a higher, easier way for common people. I fully respect those people with high integrity.

  21. I love the Triple Concentric Circles.

    Victory of the Light!

  22. That's very good news, sorry the only attorney I know is Harvey Birdman and John Gresham😄


  23. How excited I am. All will be finished. Victory of the light !

  24. I AM honor, humble, bless and privilege to be in this magical planet contributing with the most magnificent change in the universe and being surround it by such loving beings of Light. Thank You🙏 We Are One family, Race and God/Goddess Alive. Love to All of You😍

  25. Im ready for this. I feel like I incarnated on the planet during this time for the liberation of this planet.

  26. Thanks dear Cobra ✨ Light Brother for this update ✨ we continue meditating until final Victory of the Light is achieved ✨🙏🏼❤️🌈

  27. Why is it that the dark forces won’t surrender? There obviously highly intelligent beings who had dominant control over this planet for the past 26,000 years, but surely they are aware that the control they once had has now slipped from their hands and that their grip is being loosened and their power structures and technological controls are being weakened and eliminated with everyday that passes, there’s no way they can escape this planet, so logically it would be in there best interest to surrender and meet there fate now then to just drag this on and delay the inevitable, I just don’t understand what is going on in their heads , what do they think their accomplishing by fighting back , it’s futile, their outmatched and they have no power over us anymore, it just boggles my mind , does anyone know why they don’t just surrender and make it easier for themselves?

    1. They don't surrender because they are fear based beings. They believe they will be tortured for all eternity if they surrender so they have nothing to lose by continuing to fight. They don't understand the concept of mercy and grace. George H W Bush once wrote: "If the American people ever find out what we have done we will be swinging from lamp posts." The thing is that would never actually happen because most people aren't evil like he is. We're the good guys. That is not the way we do things.

      For all their crimes against humanity and against the "source" they could still be forgiven but they don't want to be forgiven. They are rather insufferable beings who view empathy, mercy, and kindness as a form of weakness. They would only take that as an invitation to do more evil. To the central sun they will go. It is not because we have denied them mercy but because they reject the mercy we give them. The central sun is only used as a final solution of last resort when all other attempts at rehabilitation have failed.

      Peace be with you.

    2. They've been in power or control of some sort for thousands of years. Rare to want to give that up, so they're acting like cornered rabid animals because they are, for the most part...torture, cannibalism, other atrocities bury your humanity. They don't know how to give up, they've only ever worked for their own survival in their own deadly world.

    3. It's quite simple. To advance in Service to Self (STS) you must dominate over others in any way possible, cause pain, suffering etc.. Doing so increases catalyst which propels them into the next density, offering more power and control, just as offering love and compassion and caring propels most people into the higher positive densities. So yes they will fight tooth and nail, biting and scratching, kicking and screaming until the bitter end, even as we offer them all our love and hearts. And bitter it will be for them. One of my greatest concerns for those people is that they would die and simply reincarnate on a 4D/5D negative planet and start over. However, it seems the Galactic Federation and the Cosmic Central Race has other plans. The plan seems to be a righteous one, and only fulfilled in the absence of collaboration on the negative entities part. They had their chances, and it doesn't surprise me in the least they chose to go down fighting as it is their very deeply embedded nature.

    4. The overall psychology and spiritual understanding of these beings results in the belief of the love of the self, over all others, as a way of understanding the creator.

      Their defiance is them adhering to their understanding of evolution.

      Humanity was striped of all power and enslaved in darkness and ignorance, yet would it be acceptable for us to surrender, even with the odds stacked against us? I fully expect the blackest of beings to remain defiant until complete defeat.

    5. "power is the ultimate aphrodisiac" - Henry Kissinger.

      That's why. These rat fuck sons of bitches are not going to 'come out with their hands up' and give up their power. They'd rather destroy themselves, the world they control and the population they control.

      And, given the the crap they did over the years.....I don't feel sorry for them.

      Hell, I would love to SEE them get flung into the central sun. I'd say good riddance, get lost, and FU to them.

      They won't go down with a fight, this is why I keep saying wither direct alien contact, or what would be the bloodiest revolution in recorded history, because for the simple fact the bad guys have killed to stay in power, and they will kill, again and again, until SOMEONE(S) stops them. There is no other way to end this.

      Some of you accuse me of 'being of a low vibration' when I talk of fighting, and the taking of cabal lives.....no, you folks are wrong. I am being merely REALISTIC....all those who tried to change the world, without firing a shot to do so, all of them resulted, as George Carlin said "Bang to the head!"

      So, the bad guys won't surrender, willingly. Only if ya have clamped in chains, hand cuffs and held at gun point are you going to MAYBE get them to give up. Not me be 'low vibrational', it's me saying it as it is.

      Watch videos of the 1989 Romanian Revolution, Chelchescu was only defeated after he was cornered, captured and finally shot. And he was a SMALL FRY, compared to the gargoyles of the cabal/elites. It took an armed revolution to take down a small fry like Chelchescu, what do you think it would take to take down the cabal/elites? Unless we have a DIRECT, PHYSICAL, FACE TO FACE ET contact, better be willing to spill some blood if you want freedom and the technology the bad guys are denying us.

    6. Excellent post. Ego is all I can think, reminds me of Hitler, his Armies were decimated, he was using phantom Army Groups to defend Berlin while his Generals knew the truth but carried out orders. I imagine many on the dark side know the inevitable yet are following orders. Yes back to the GCS for all of them! Recycle and come back as 5D or higher benevolent beings

    7. Novusod and mg2323, I completely disagree! These dark beings did have the chance to get "normal" treatment, but they have lost this chance forever by delaying the Event for several years, continuing mass murders etc. They must get the punishment, they must be tortured on a prison planet for billions of years. This is exactly they deserve, not being sent into the Nirvana (Galactic Central Sun) like the good guys!

      I am completely with you, Shermen Potter! We need weapons of mass destructions against the Darks, not another lollygagging idiot race, call them Blue Avians, Central Race or anything.

      So dear Novusod and mg2323, speak in your own name, because no Dark being can expect mercy and grace from me, I hope I can be a Forced Interrogation Officer (i.e. Spanish boot and Waterboarding Expert) against those Dark beings after the Event and I can give them back all the terror and suffering a million times that they have given to us...

    8. @Amayydan

      A proper punishment would be like the final battle in Brandon Lee's "The Crow", where Eric Draven was able to absorb and feel the pains and sufferings of not only his dead fiance, who was raped and beaten to death, but also that of the other people that Top Dollar (the film's villain) and his men had done. Draven than grabbed Top Dollar's face and essentially 'downloaded' ALL the pain and suffering into Top Dollar's mind.....

      In the movie version, it caused Top Dollar to scream in pain and fall to his death. In the 1998 TV series, it caused Top Dollar to go into convulsions, and he was left a twitching, drooling basket case.

      In an early episode of Star Trek Voyager, one species used, as punishment, to make a murderer constantly experience the terrifying, painful moments of his victim, over and over......sounds like living hell, to me.

      I feel the bad guys, the elites, need to be made to feel what their victims felt, ESPECIALLY those they harmed personally....like what those children who were raped, beaten, tortured, mutilated and killed for those fucked up ritual sacrifices the elites like to do.

      We need direct ET contact to free this planet....for even IF the masses rise and revolt....I don't see a victory possible, not with the advanced technology the elites have....and even IF we win, I could see it being costly.....as in the survivors, if any, having to live like what was depicted in the Mad Maxx/Road Warrior movies....swapping one hell for another hell.

    9. @amayyudan,you sound like a rather deranged individul, your desire to inflict suffering is little different to those who you condemn. Given the right situation, the right circumstances whose to say you wouldn't act out those desires, and cross over to the dark side of consciousness yourself?

    10. @James Tatlor

      How ELSE are the elites/cabal going to be defeated?

      Give em a hug?

      Give em some flowers?

      Give em a big kiss?

      Drop to my knees and administer oral sex to their shriveled, leathery genitals?

      Let me put it another way:

      Suppose you have a child or grandchild, and the two of you are walking down a street, when, out of nowhere, some screwball shows up and lunges at your kid or grand kid. Are you going to break his god damned head open, or are you going to 'love him'?

      If you are in the ocean, and a shark leaps up and tries to turn you into a meal, are you going to fight back as best you can, or are you going to 'love' the shark and let him eat you?

      For the Cabal/Elites:

      Hit the HARD

      Hit them FAST

      Hit the right where it HURTS.

      Otherwise, settle for being a happy little slave, and GOOD LUCK trying to explain to the younger generations why they are going to have to work till the day they die, working 80+ hours.....as well as their life spans going lower, as it is now in America. Also, have fun explaining why they are going to be slaves all their lives.

      Unless SOMETHING, and SOON, happens.....that is exactly how it will be.

      Personally, I feel THIS would be a fitting punishment for many of the Cabal and Elites ----> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Rhi8IgUMxuA&t

    11. @Sherman, my reply wasn't addressed to you, but allow me to clarify my point.

      In brief, there's a difference between ensuring no more harm, and the insidious desire to inflict harm. Let us not hide behind terms like 'justice' and see it for what it really is, the desire to satiate lower impulses.

      To use your silly analogies, I defend myself against a shark, I don't go out of my way to hurt sharks, nor do I have the desire to see sharks suffer.

      I defend myself against an aggressor with whatever appropriate use of force I deem necessary to protect myself and others, doesn't mean I want to inflict suffering though.

      Why is it you always completely miss the point? Is it deliberate?

  28. If you were wondering about 5G…



    – Image taken by Fates

  29. What a beautiful meditation. I plan to sit with it when I get offline. It feels as truth and resonates deeply.
    Interesting about the Sirius Star-
    Saw a video about that for today- Super Moon, Snow Moon/Storm Moon all day today going across USA. Starting at 10:%3 MST USA, there was an Occulting of the star Sirius. It was blocked out for a time today- invisible.
    No coincidences.
    Anything happening during that time?
    Blessed BE and Victory of Light.
    2/19/2019 = 33

  30. Great news!!!✨✨✨Thank you,Cobra!💖😘🙏

  31. Za slovenske bralce: https://zmagaluci.blogspot.com/2019/02/kozmicna-centralna-rasa.html

    Vabljeni v našo skupino Sestrstva Vrtnice in Podporo Dogodka na Facebooku: https://www.facebook.com/groups/220306748080801/

    Thank you for the post Cobra.

    Victory of the Light!

  32. 🙏✨✨✨ Mooji Meditation Music ॐ) Lose Yourself✨✨✨🙏

    Before the Heavens were made and all the stars were placed, we were one.
    Inside God’s own heart. Don’t you remember?
    Do you remember how we wondered how it would be to walk on this great Earth?
    Having forgotten our True Nature and believing only in our dream to selves.
    How our Father would bring us together again in Oneness, by awakening our minds to the Real.
    How many times we passed by eachother on this lonely planet?
    Asleep to our True Selves and home, but today things maybe different.
    Oh beloved, wake up. Wake up. Wake up..

    Lose yourself. Lose yourself in this love.
    When you lose yourself in this love, you will find everything.
    Lose yourself. Lose. Yourself.
    Do not fear this loss, for you will rise from the Earth and embrace the endless Heavens.
    Lose yourself. Lose. Yourself.

    Escape from the black cloud that surrounds you, then you will see your own light as radiant as the full moon.
    Now, enter that silence.
    This, is the surest way to lose yourself.
    What is your life about anyway?
    Nothing but a struggle to become someone. Nothing but a running from your own silence.

    You are the seeds of Awakening in this sleeping world.
    Don’t sleep now.
    Don’t turn back.
    Don’t turn away from the support of Grace. Shun arrogance and pride.
    Flourish in the Self.


  33. Thank you Cobra, I wish I could serve as this type of lawyer that we need, but I will do my research and twice a day I will make the Cosmic Central Race Meditation! Namaste! Victory of the Light!

  34. WOW!! Thank you for the update! LOVELIGHT to ALL in the WHOLE UNIVERSE ♡♡♡♡

  35. Very interesting and uplifting update. Can anything else be said about the Cosmic Central Race? What do they look like? Are they humanoid? Energy beings that can take any form they want?

    I'm also starting to notice what might be Bubbles of Heaven in my life. A series of "coincidences" seems to be nudging me in the right direction to improve my situation.

    Thank you for all you've done Cobra!

    1. Evolution It is to my understanding that any being fifth density or above (5D+) has the option to appear in a physical form or not. Mastery of the 4D dimension as a precursor(time/space) allows one to manipulate space/time, therefore explaining the appearance of "angels" and "ascended masters" or "orbs of light".

  36. Ever so grateful for all working so hard on this rescue mission. Tough Love, the mighty weapon! Thank you Cobra, love you all!

  37. Replies
    1. I'LL celebrate once I've set foot on an actual alien starship, getting the much needed physical, emotional and gender healing I require, and being able to see, and set foot upon, my REAL home planet.

  38. Dark to Light - Victory of the Light is at hand...

  39. The 'Cosmic Central Race' is different to the 'Central Race?'

    From previous writings the 'Central Race' evolved around the Galactic Central Sun, as opposed to the Cosmic Central Sun. So these are two distinct races?

    Central Race created interdimensional doorways to travel the galaxy, I'm assuming the Cosmic Central Race can travel the bredth of the Universe?

    Since all materials to be found seem to concern Central Race (Wingmakers to some) could Cobra further elaborate on Cosmic Central Race?

    History of society and evolution?
    Paradigm of consciousness across the race?
    Who, if any, were their own teachers?
    What role do they play in the liberation of earth?
    Are they related to the Archangels who first delved into the Primal Anamoly?
    What role have they played, if any, in the galactic wars of the Milky Way?
    What religious/philosophical teachings have they passed onto other races?

    There are many, many more questions, too many to write here. Of course, it may be that this information is simply not known.

    1. Of course, the Cosmic Central Race is something else than that of our galaxy. If you look at the "Cosmic `Landscape` from the Universe" in the symbol, it may come from an area of the Universe that is not visible to us. The universe is much, much larger than the 28 billion light years we can see. In these "infinite" vastness is somewhere the cosmic central race.

    2. My understanding is that Cosmic Central sun is the central sun for our Universe and that the Galactic central sun refers to the central sun of EACH galaxy contained with this Universe.

    3. I have the same question, is this "Cosmic Central Race" the same as the 'Central Race' (blue avian that Corey said). Wish Cobra could have answered it.

    4. I understand the differences between the Suns, I just wanted confirmation between the races, given the similar names.

      I would have appreciated more background information on the Cosmic Central Race since we know next to nothing about them. Although I could also say the same for many of the races of this galaxy alone.

      For example, the leaders of the Chimera are 'dark' Andromedans, but what do we know of Andromedans and their history, culture, society etc etc?


  40. https://www.independent.co.uk/news/science/aliens-space-2019-make-contact-speak-astronomy-fast-radio-signals-burst-a8743016.html

  41. Merveilleuses nouvelles! Merci Cobra...

  42. Did this today..i've never had a problem visualising much..holding said visuals relatively still is a challenge...;)...got the start of a cold now i think though...ha!

    1. Same. Right after I did this, a cold set in. Weird

  43. yes!
    i can feel everything!
    contact is so close i can already feel their hugs!

    keep vibrating love and joy everyone!
    queendom is here! let's celebrate!

  44. Wow this good news. Thanks Cobra.
    Victory of the light.

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  46. http://astral-radionic.triplod.com/index1.html

  47. Gaiaportal of today fits perfectly to this message.


  48. Radionic-Psychotronic-Scalar-Tesla-SyntheticTelepathy-Cybernetic


  49. I am very happy that you finally wrote about the Central Race activity. ^^

  50. Thank you look forward too meeting you in Hungray next month love light

  51. Tuesday, February 19, 2019
    Cosmic Central Race Persian
    کبرا، سه شنبه، ۱۹ فوریه ۲۰۱۹

    نژاد مرکزی کیهان

    مدیتیشن بازگشت نور یک سیگنال آگاهی منسجم در گستره جهان ایجاد کرد که توجه نژاد مرکزی کیهان را جلب کرده است.

    نژاد مرکزی کیهان پیشرفته ترین نژادی است که حول خورشید مرکز کیهان تکامل پیدا کرده است. حالا توجهش را معطوف به سیاره زمین و آزادسازی زمین کرده است، چراکه اکنون روی سطح زمین به قدر کافی آگاهی وجود دارد که همکاری با چنین نژادهای پیشرفته ای میسر شود.

    در نتیجه این تعامل، ابعاد مشخصی از برنامه آزادسازی در آینده نزدیک برای جمعیت سطح زمین منتشر می شود.

    منظومه خورشیدی حالا مملو از موجوداتی از نژاد مرکزی کیهان است و آنها مشغول همکاری با نیروهای نور فرماندهی ژوپیتر، فرماندهی آشتار، فرماندهی آتلانتیس، ناوگان پلایدیان، سیریوس، آندرومدا، نیروهای مقاومت، گروههای مثبت آگارتا، و نیروهای ویژه مشخصی موسوم به «سورفاکوم» هستند.

    موجودات نژاد مرکزی کیهان همچنین در حال برقراری تماس با پیشرفته ترین اعضای جمعیت سطح زمین در مدیتیشن ها، رؤیاها، و تصاویر شهودی شان هستند.

    بنا به درخواست نیروهای نور، بدین وسیله، مدیتیشنی را منتشر می کنم که می توانید با استفاده از آن با نژاد مرکزی کیهان اتصال و همکاری پیدا کنید.

    ۱ از روش خودتان برای قرار گرفتن در وضعیت آرام آگاهی استفاده کنید.

    ۲ قصد خود را برای استفاده از این مدیتیشن جهت آزادسازی زمین ابراز کنید.

    ۳ تصور کنید که موجودات نژاد مرکزی کیهان از سمت خورشید مرکز کیهان ظاهر می شوند، و سپس از طریق خورشیدهای مرکزی همه کهکشانهای جهان پراکنده می شوند. سپس تصور کنید این موجودات از طریق خورشید مرکز کهکشان ما وارد می شوند، و وارد دروازه ستاره آلسیون در خوشه پروین می شوند، و سپس وارد دروازه ستاره سیریوس شده، و سپس وارد منظومه خورشیدی ما می شوند و با آرایشی به شکل «ماندالای گل زندگی» داخل منظومه خورشیدی قرار می گیرند. و سپس با نیروهای نور بالای سطح، زیر سطح، و روی سطح زمین اتصال برقرار می کنند.

    ۴ موجودات نژاد مرکزی کیهان را تصور کنید که همه بقایای تاریکی این جهان را تبدیل به نور می کنند، تا آنجا که فقط نور باقی بماند. تصور کنید چرخه عظیم کیهانی آغاز می شود، و نور خالص، عشق، و خوشبختی برای همه موجودات سراسر جهان به ارمغان می آورد.

    ورتکس الهه ی لنجیل در مجارستان به عنوان نقطه ورود انرژی نژاد مرکزی کیهان انتخاب شده است. دلیل این انتخاب تهاجم آرکان در ۱۹۹۶، الگوهای رفتار اجتماعی پیشرفته ترین کارگزاران نور، موقعیت مرزهای خارجی کلونی های اخیر اتلانتیسی و مدیترانه ای، و ارتباط آگاهانه شامانهای فرهنگ لنجیل با خورشید مرکز کهکشان است.

    یک بازسازی ساختاری در نیروهای نور سطح سیاره زمین جهت کسب آمادگی برای همکاری با نژاد مرکزی کیهان و نیروهای ویژه سورفاکوم، در جریان است. عدالت در راه است. بنابراین، برای فازهای نخست عملیات های معینی، نیاز دارم تیم حقوقی خودم را گسترش دهم، و نیاز به یک وکیل دارم که حداقل تا حد خوبی مأموریت مرا درک و حمایت کند. و درک خوبی از قوانین بین المللی، مسائل مربوط به حقوق چاپ، و اعمال مرتبط با افترا و بدنام کردن، آزار، تهدید، و آزار در فضای سایبر داشته باشد. اگر شما وکیلی با چنین ویژگی هایی هستید، از طریق این لینک تماس برقرار کنید:

    All that is Done will be Undone.
    (آشفتگی ها برطرف می شوند)

    نور پیروز است!

  52. The Sunday breakthrough meditation is turning into something fantastic. I have noticed in the last 4-5 mass meditations that the energy field is rising even before the start by about 15 minutes. When the meditation officially starts it then soars to a fast crescendo about 15 minutes later when a burst of energy, gloriously rips through me. I don't follow the meditation format exactly but intertwine watching a Rieu DVD Christmas London 2017 along with the meditation format basics. It works fantastic,heals,glorifies,energizes, empowers one to reach divine masterly levels. Best of all , it makes it easy and avoids the work, struggle, perspiration syndrome.

    1. Awesome so glad to hear the energy is picking up. I'm coming back to these weekly mass meditations again now so your comment is very exciting.

  53. Don't know how to explain this...but something very sweet happened this morning :). I woke up before I "had to"...felt tense first, but suddenly felt I was kinda drawned down in a cousy, warm, safe state...now afterwards I think like maybe a womb :D I know, sounds strange :D but...

  54. Can you maybe give an insight why the Schumann Resonance went completely off the carts from Feb.16th 7pm to Feb. 17th 7pm, for exactly 24 hrs?

    1. M S and intoourselves Check out the Pleiadians transmissions from roserambles.org by Michael Love


    1. Have you seen the work of George Kavassilas?

      I don't even see an "ascension" but a completion. We are here to become full embodied universal beings. Gods in flesh. To ascend is to miss this.
      Talk with Earth and our Sun. They created themselves for a reason. They created our reality for a reason. We are the universe in flesh. That's why our reality is so dense, all of life is represented here in every being. Earth is the universe in it's wholeness as a planet. Only the jealous would take this from us through "ascension", we all will be complete and almighty and all-knowing beings as our soul as a human.

      Noone has the complete picture, we're all pieces of the puzzle. Some pieces are small and some are big, but we're all part of it! COBRA for example is a big piece, but he doesn't yet know the difference and similarities with completion and ascension.

      Take this information and Georges work to your galactic family.

      Eternal peace is upon us! =)

      Joy and love

    2. Drago drago mi je - I'm glad people are thinking whit their heads and like one of the comments say we are all part of this puzzle bigger smaller ,, David Icke say when you see that guy Cobra run ,, Cobra have his messages ,Corey and David W. theirs ,,Sananda website theirs , Benjamin F. his ,but I know one thing they all HELP me in some way ,, like the bad politicians in my country they help me to see who I do NOT want to be so bad people help you to ,,who is truthful and who is not their problem ,, we are unique everyone and there is 1000 and 1000 ways to meditate like to make pizza or beer ,, and I like monkey's intel freaks or not no difference ,, Hope that those MONEY for all PEOPLE come ,free energy and clean Earth and that PEOPLE can truly choose what they want in their life ,,travel or meditate or help clean mess we did and I mean junk ,,clean the Earth from it ,,and not be force to do this or that because of toplet bombs or Archons or this or that ,,I have all eternity to be Light Body Being or vapor Being I mean so cool stuff here to do I'm just interested how many PEOPLE would like to be vapor PEOPLE if we are not in this conditions here and I'm talking about awaken PEOPLE because some do that from fear think that is not good reason for wanting accession,, Don't know ,,I will do what I want that I Know . Yo Central Race !!!!

    3. “President Obama spoke to them today and he said to them, and to all of us through them, quote,

      'I have had to do things in order to keep my family alive. This does not mean that I have sold out to the dark side. I have been, by necessity, a double agent, in order to accomplish this. The truth of the timeline converging and the work that being a double agent has been able to accomplish will be known after NESARA is enacted.

      'And as NESARA is enacted, I will be there on stage to tell the whole story myself alongside Captain Ashtar and Admiral Sananda Kumara. The light that is pouring in right now is initiating great unexpected change for the good. The accountability is now totally on the table and the darkness and separation can no longer maintain itself. The Deep State operations are being shaken up to their core. Progress is moving along at a more rapid rate and pace than has ever been on Planet Earth.'
      Rama: Yes.
      Tara: And I am going to let Rama say something more, he has something more to say.

      Rama: What I can say is that as we are watching the continued chaos in this the 33rd day of the shutdown, this is affecting millions of people and it is about a non-crisis. The crisis is everything that is going on with President Trump’s crime family, has to do, not with Putin but with the Deep State, and the war against each other in the thirteen families. They are fighting to the death with these games and it involves the criminal gangs around the planet. That is not being discussed except on the periphery of the news agencies. They don’t go there.

      It is about how the media is controlled, also, by let’s say, the criminal government connected with the criminal gangs, and how this breaks right at this moment, is that these energies are still not out of this eclipse, I mean, the waves of energy that are going across our [planet]
      Tara: and will continue through the whole year,
      Rama: Yes, and the waves are only going to get bigger and stronger. And the dark side has lost. That’s as plain as day.
      TARA & RAMA NEWS REPORT BEHIND THE SCENE : Rama Speaks: On Monday, the 10th of December. This morning I received a call from Tom the Ring-tailed Cat, Larry and Curly. They said to me,"Huge chunks of the matrix are falling apart and the staff and its members of the West Wing are running for their lives because they fear the extremely imminent possibility or probability of being subpoenaed or summoned to testify in open court against President Drumpf." They went on to say, "Michael Cohen may get ten to fifteen years in prison." I asked Larry, Tom and Curly, "Why such a small sentence?" They answered, "This is just speculation at this time. As time goes on and more is revealed about Mr. Cohen's much larger criminal role in the big story we will find out how much larger his real sentence will be, along with a whole lot of other information as 9/11 is the next step. Rama: Yes. Tara: as an inside job. http://www.ashtarontheroad.com/tara-rama-report-12-11-18.html

      / AUDIO REPORT < https://fccdl.in/2IgSw3yfs1

    4. @Drago

      Only direct ET contact will solve this.....you can 'raise your vibrations' as much as you like, but it won't stop power mad, bloody thirsty gargoyles from causing havoc and destruction.

    5. Thankyou Shermen, i know what you mean, but !, its very important, to note, the more the individual souls, dose raise there vibration, it adds to the healing of mother earth gaia, so we can awaken more soul's, by adding your love vibration, in the earth crystalline earths grid....? this would help alot, so not to allow mother earth, to go in labour pain, then many soul's would be lost and no graduation.....? raise your vibrationm no matter what, and know, by this, you are adding your love energy, to cosmic soup.....NEUTRALITY IS THE KEY......https://galacticdrago6.wixsite.com/birth-love

    6. @Drago

      I'm fed up with trying to 'awaken more souls'. Tried that from ages 14 to 34, and all I had to show for it is ridicule, laughed at, called names and physcially beaten up on several occasions. I am gonna hit 40 this year...I wasted HALF MY LIFE, trying to 'awaken' the sheeple. I've had it.

      I need to meet the aliens, get my body changed to its PROPER gender, get the life span/longevity of the aliens, and travel among the stars......NOT be stuck on earth, aka "Planet Alcatraz", adding to 'the cosmic soup'. Nor do I have any plans on being killed by the elites, as they have killed before.

      I need...I DEMAND the few things I ever asked for personally in this life.

  56. The planet is being liberated from the shackles of the British Crown Corporation and The Vatican. If you have a birth certificate, you need to take a look at this.

  57. This is wonderful news , thank you dear friend and all light beings out there. I will do my best and keep praying and participating in meditations. Even if i cannot visualize , as syrange as it may sound ( could someone give me a clue why i can't ? Is it some block or did they do something to me to prevent me from visualizing ? ).. Thanks and hugs to all sisters and brothers lightworkers. Victory of the Goddess Victory of the Light

    1. Training may help. You can start small and then expand it.
      Look at something, then look away or close your eyes and visualize what you saw. That should work. Then expand this visualization step by step. It should get better with time.

    2. Use your imagination, we all have that. You do think about things in your head just as any of us do. This is because you focus on this things with your conscious mind. It's a matter of redirecting that conscious effort to aid in your visualization during the meditation. Love and light!

  58. More good news without any evidence of anything. I don't see anything to get excited about since nothing has changed

    1. Are you expecting your reflection to smile back at you? If so believe that nothing has changed for you than that's what you get. Things are changing all the time. It's a collective effort by all beings and so encouragement a much better choice of word, if so want results to your liking. Most a happy with the efforts thus far. Love and Light!

    2. Change has and must occur on the inner first then it manifests in some way later.

  59. Welcome welcome Cosmic Central Race. Thank you Cobra for this WONDERFUL update.

  60. Major migraine last night during the light blasts. Guess the implant grid is feelin it! XD

  61. Why do we have to continue to meditate to the central race if they already decided our consciousness is ready for contact? Ready means ready. Just saying... With 💗

    1. BINGO.

      I say enough lollygagging, and let's finally have contact.
      It's LOOOOOOOOOOOOOONG overdue.

    2. @UnicornGirl the answer is in your comment. Our "consciousness" is ready for "contact". And meditation is exactly that - contacting someone through consciousness.

    3. @Tropby

      We need PHYSICAL, face to face contact.

  62. Cosmic Central Race, Thank You for Coming! :)
    Thank You Cobra as well!
    For those of you, who feel the need to take a pause from a everyday routine - matrix life, you have now the opportunity to go on a free 3 month trip around the world with a stranger... For more information and for the applying click here :
    Victory of the Light! <3
    Cerca Trova <3 :)

  63. I am very happy to see that the Earth is finally being universally recognized. We are very fortunate that this is happening now.

  64. "Justice is coming." While paying attention to the Q drops people already know this; although be it very slowly. And in reference to the Cosmic Central Race, surprising they will ignore the cry of billions in pain and suffering over thousands of years but have no problem hearing a meditation. More evidence this Ascension game has been rigged against anyone foolish enough to enter it. Tell them to pack up and go home. We don't need their charity nor their help, it's far too late for any of that now. Time to take matters into our own hands and keep all the species who have interfered with us out of our affairs forever.

    1. Well, that means you better be willing to spill blood, and be good with a weapon.

      I'd rather we have contact, and AVOID what will be the BLOODIEST revolution in recorded history.

    2. We cant overcome the negative 4D ETs who took earth hostage 350k yrs ago only the Event and a higher vibration will force them to leave or be destroyed. I agree with you, why were we left with no help for 350,000 yrs to be reincarnated by reincarnated over and over to repeat a life only to die have memories scrubbed and come back for more fear, struggle and death again. Not sure how this helped us grow. Clearly it did NOT as the galactics must intervene in mass now to overcome the grip the chimera and their ilk have on Gaia.

    3. Okay, those beings could not intervene earlier, because there was not enough of Light present on the surface of the planet, therefore they could not intervene earlier, because energies were not ready for it. Such evolved beings as them, can not simply manifest and do everything for us, they can assist to a certain degree and that assistance can be only reached, when enough Light is reached on the surface of the planet. Enough Light is created by us - Lightworkers through enough participation in the Mass meditations, that express what we Truly want and show the Cosmic Central race, that we are ready for the next stage of the planetary liberation, which includes their help. It is like our meditation from August 2017 - we showed Galactic Central race, that we are ready to cooperate to a certain degree with them... I do not know the details of the cooperation, only thing I know - it always depends on a certain level of Light - awareness and if it is reached, can then send a signal, that we are ready for More... :) <3

    4. Unfortunately, I have to agree with your statement at least partially.
      We were told it's like a game, in fact it is, in my opinion, a sick experiment. I feel as if I/my consciousness is trapped in an artificial body and has been assigned a destiny/role.
      Destiny is actually nothing but having to perform forced actions and I have no chance or only limited, to control my body when the programmer wants to do the script, I mostly can only scream inwardly ...... If I managed to break out of programming, I was knocked out and drugged.....

      what my eyes see and my ears hear is the matrix=virtual reality. through some lucky cases, individuals have been able to turn off my program for a short time and everything I saw looked the same just in a different light, there was no sun in the sky, there was no sky!!! There was no noise and no one was there. When I made a sound, it sounded like I was in an echoing room.
      This makes me assume that what I experience in my life, see and hear was already lived by someone else (my recommendation, watch the movie "blade runner").

      now need a good song like this one:


    5. What a stupid comment haha yeah lets turn away the most evolved beings in the universe who could speed up our ascension process and have a far greater impact on the healing of humanity. But lets forget that and turn them away because Joe Renaud doesn’t need their help hahahaha because Joe Renaud is out there putting the graft in and taking out all the cabal.. great job lol think before you comment, can feel your frustration but you understand very little at this stage. But thank you for your service

    6. @Petr

      It will only, as my late dad used to say, "Mean a damn shit!" when we meet the aliens, face to face, the bad guys are either cooling off in a jail cell or a morgue, we get technology we SHOULD have had decades ago, and are traveling the stars and have longevity that can be measured in centuries.

      Until that happens, won't mean a damn shit.


  65. Here's some CCR at 432 Hz



    I AM DC


  66. Radionics, Remote Viewing, Astral projection - Jef Harvey and Bernard Alvarez


  67. @cobra, there might be a cosmic problem in demanding that people who do wrong go to central sun for new incarnation:

    we are allready on a planet where people come to because of such reasons....

    1. If that's what they chose to experience and get closer to the source through service-to-self, then that's their choice.
      The problem here is they're reincarnating on a planet where most beings want to ascend positive through service-to-others and that's what's creating imbalance.
      If they reincarnate on a negative planet where every soul is focused on service-to-self, then there's no problem, right?



  69. Thank you Cobra for a most awesome update! Made my heart skip a beat.💓 Victory of the Light!✨✨✨

  70. Heard this first thing this morning and had to share. Enjoy!😊

    Mr. Spaceman (The Byrds, 1966)

  71. Thank you for your update Cobra. I am happy to know that more brothersof light are helping us in these important time in ascension of Gia and ours!!!
    From my HIGH SELF I welcome you and let the light covers and accelerate this process in our planet!!!!!!

  72. This art i did a few years back looks just like the meditation description.Namaste

  73. I think it would be nice if someone could draw a outline of the central Sun and our solar system and the palladian star system relative to where we're at in our galaxy. This way we can be more accurate in our meditation. Victory of the light.

  74. Cobra, is there a reason why you decided to cancel today post "alarm downgraded to red"? It was there till a couple of hours ago more or less...

  75. It's almost impossible to believe that not a single alien would show up and make an appearance to give us hope which makes me think that most of this can't be true

    1. look at the night sky! you will see a bunch of spaceships <3

    2. Unfortunately they can not appear yet, because of the toplet bombs... It is very sad, we could have contact with the Resistance Movement operatives, but it is not possible yet.
      We must Fight for It! <3

    3. Wish they hurry the hell up

      the et's got long life spans...we, human mongrels don't

      And Petr....HOW does one fight THAT?!

  76. With the Builder Race back in our solar system I dont see how the dark ones can survive any more days now.

  77. I send my romanian translation for your huge announcement and meditation dear Cobra ! is so great to know all our efforts made on january 21 on Return of the Light Meditation helped us so much to be now in contact with the builder, very advanced race, The Cosmic Central Race ! Thank you from my heart !!! https://evak2019.blogspot.com/2019/02/postare-cobra-19-februarie-2019.html Victory of the Light !!!

  78. Talk about the Hammer of Thor now! Sledge hammer

  79. My SRA (Satanic Ritual Abuse) MILAB (Military Aduction/MILAB Testing/Space Program) Dreams Are Actually Repressed Memories (Graphic) (Video Testimony)



  80. http://deepdisclosure.com/guided-interviews-m-and-ms-m/

  81. Victory to the Light!
    It's the best we could do. Guided meditation in Portuguese:


    Peace and Light!

  82. Can someone make this into a guided meditation? It’s hard to remember all of the things to visualize. ������
    Love you all


  83. February 20, 2019

    Thank you https://prepareforchange.net/2019/02/20/cobra-update-cosmic-central-race/

    If I may I most humbly reply this to the wonderful information you provide us with:

    History is being recorded, what a lighting feeling, It is so good to hear all is well and humanity is being  made whole again we truly are making it happen! Planetary liberation is becoming a complete state of reality! It really is to be a true graspable state of being felt by everyone without a doubt- All thanks to The Central Race! & that long list of different groups of beings that are here to help us, I.e.… “SUFACOM,”

    I wanted to list the groups you mention just to be clear and out of utter importance, truly I am so amazed and excited we have all joined in this common task. This is the list of the groups you mention, what happiness, we rejoice with you and so as to hear and partake of this most momentous occurrence. Thank you, Edward Morgan for informing us the public.

    “Our Solar System is now full of beings from the Cosmic Central race and they are cooperating with the Light Forces from the Jupiter Command, Ashtar Command, Atlantis Command, Pleiadian, Sirian and Andromedan Fleet, Resistance Movement, positive Agartha factions and certain special forces called SURFACOM”

    To this I say, Welcome we gladly receive you with open arms and extend our humble gratitude and gratefulness for caring for us we feel the same way and appreciate your being thank you, brothers of Light!

     It is a wonderful occurrence what is transpiring at this very moment whereas now we have more conscious individuals razing  the overall positive frequencies of the Earth allowing a rapid impromptu   clearing of the remaining negative forces, that until very recent, completely dominated the majority of the World’s population engulfing and maintaining us into a more negative overall energetic frequency which is felt and registers with the Earth and it all of its inhabitants,  consciously or unconsciously this was the overall negative energetic frequency that plagued the people of the Earth but not any longer!  “It is The Return To The Light Meditations,” held and hosted by the Prepareforchage.net network along with Cobra  as well as with leadership and guidance of the Central Race, along with the people of the Earth along with Earth’s  Light workers and Light warriors, ascended masters Shaw-mans and those who meditate on the task at hand that forms  the vast part of the one hundred forty four thousand and others who all are working in conjunction with and through the use of group Meditations that is actually having a dramatically positive effect that will in fact be an inevitable Event to come in the Very Near Future.

    These are very exciting times right now, it is a time where many insiders speak the same lingo as they report on the same sequence of events unfolding before all to see namely, Undergoing Military Tribunals not covered by the Press of the Mass Media however it is the age of alternative Media as such here is a list of Alternative Media Reports Summery and Quotes from,  Benjamin Fulford, David Wilcock, The GoldFish Report and Cobra have stated the same thing, “they have lost,” “it is almost over,” “Negativity and Evil was overtaken by the Light & The good that exist in the world prevailed.”  In closing, I will end by writing and stating that, “good wins over evil by any measurement of time so as to say any-Day, Century Millennia, on any Eon on any Tachyon there is always a  … “Victory of the light!”

    Thank you Cobra

    By Jairo Bonilla Quintero Author mesheekaltan@blogspot.com


    1. Excellent post. Yes dominos are falling and now with the Cosmic Central Race which I tend to think is the builder race that seeded life throughout our galaxy, the original parents if you will of humans are now back to rectify a situation gone horribly wrong. Turn on our DNA 6 strands please.

    2. Just for the clarification "Unknown" - the Cosmic Central Race is not the Galactic Central Race, who call themselves Sphere Being Alliance and we call them Blue Avians. I do not know, how the Cosmic Central Race call themselves, but they evolved the closest to the Great Cosmic Central Sun. On the other hand, those we call the Blue Avians, evolved the closest to our Galactic Central Sun. So this is the difference, but both of these races are Ancient Builder Races. <3


  84. Victory of the Light!
    Thank You Cobra once Again. :D <3
    It seems crazy these days since 21st of January, I just have now so many synchronicities and I know my Divine Mission. <3 : Mission Ignition :
    It is time to reveal my connection with the Central Cosmic Race. This is a very personal connection, but I received instructions to share this connection with others, who are ready... http://vampiresandregina.com/2019/02/21/possible-origin-of-the-cerca-trova/

  85. I would just like to comment here as a reminder that Cobra is fucking sexy.

  86. AMMORAH- Collective Transformational Grid 10/2/19: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zvGNsN8Zn9I&t=538s&frags=pl%2Cwn

  87. /The eponymous site is at Lengyel in Tolna county, Hungary. But when were there archaeological excavations? I know about Gétye, but not the name tax. [Gétye - Zala-county.

    1. (Abbot-parish priest Mór Wosinsky, at the end of the 19th century, excavations in Lengyel.-By the way, Wosinsky was of polish descent who was one of the founders of "amateur" archeology that ended in the 1960s. )

  88. I say it once again......let the EVENT happen right now!

    Were suffering still. And lost all faith...and patience completely!

  89. We now have access to the Cosmic Central Sun as has not been for some time. The symbol visualization is very important in any related meditation.

  90. Oh thank you for guided audios! We made this meditation today and it was wonderful!

  91. A little humor in the Comment gallery! I like it.

  92. The symbol of Cosmic Central Sun is very powerful!

    1. Thats because the Central Sun Race has made a connection opening with themselves and us. Rejoice we have been accepted and now we have to take advantage and connect with them as much as possible. Concentration and meditation on the symbol opens the portal.

  93. Wonderful Astral Traveller, thank you so much!!

  94. grassroot action, create awareness

    spread the news

  95. Thank you for such wonderful news, Cobra!

  96. I am not qualified as a lawyer. I am studying Japanese criminal law and civil law self-taught. Currently, he is sued by Khazarian Mafia and filed a lawsuit against civil law, so I am doing my own lawyer's work. Cooperation of complaints is possible when there is a culprit in Japan. However, all of my terminals are hacked by Mafia and e-mail exchanges are always hacked. From March onwards, safety will also increase for sending and receiving in the designated mail. However, because Japanese telecommunications company NTT is cooperating with Mafia, there is a possibility of information leakage. We will contact you after March.

  97. I wish I knew an open minded attorney, all I can offer you is all open minded legal secretary. Much luck in this endeavor

  98. Elder Dragon Fates De Whynot

    ~ The Elders of Thuban ~

    ~ Cosmogenesis and a Universe in Parallel Time-Space ~

    Mathimatia- A Revelatory Eschatology
    The Monopolar Quantum Relativistic Electron – An extension of the standard model and quantum field theory
    Conformal Cyclic Cosmology (CCC) and the Weyl Curvature Hypothesis of Roger Penrose
    The Alpha Variation and an Accelerating Universe
    Definiton to Inflaton to Instanton to Continuon – Four Pillars of Creation
    Cosmology Evolution of the Multiverse
    Inflation Curvature, Waved Matter and Hypermass
    A Revision of the Friedmann Cosmology
    Cosmogenesis – III. The Instanton
    Cosmogenesis – II. The Inflaton
    Cosmogenesis – I. The Definiton
    Cosmogenesis – 0. A Story of Creation

    ~ The United Nations ECOSOC Organization Alpha Omega ~

    ~ Bureau of CENTRAL Interpol ~

    ~Elder Dragon ~

    ~ The Journey to The Duat ~

    ~ Wepwawet ~

    ~ Anunnaki Gold ~

    ~ Akhenaten and Aten ~

    ~ Ultima Thule, Hyperborea, Polar Shift and The Economist 2019 ” New Horizon” ~

    ~Spirit Science ~

    ~ Neil Keenan ~

    ~ Benjamin Fulford ~

    ~ Cobra Resistance ~

    ~ Fulcrum News ~

  99. Im hoping someone can add some clarity here please? Is anyone aware of Sur Hur Kat? Or Shuk Hur Kat? Cant quite work it out

  100. <3 <3 <3 Daily Buddhic Columns Meditation
    with a unique location every day
    at 3:30pm UTC (in Meditation Main Audio Room)

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    March 01 * Africa Egypt Giza
    March 02 * Asia China Beijing
    March 03 * Asia China Chengdu
    March 04 * Asia Taiwan Taipei
    March 05 * Europe England London
    March 06 * Europe France Paris
    March 07 * Europe Germany Munich
    March 08 * Europe Italy Rome
    March 09 * Europe Slovenia Ljubljana
    March 10 * North America USA / California Los Angeles
    March 11 * North America USA / California Mount Shasta
    March 12 * North America USA / District of Columbia Washington
    March 13 * North America USA / New York New York
    March 14 * Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory on Long Island:
    March 15 * DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency) in Virginia
    March 16 * Peterson Air Force Base at Colorado
    March 17 * Africa Egypt Giza
    March 18 * Asia China Beijing
    March 19 * Asia China Chengdu
    March 20 * Asia Taiwan Taipei
    March 21 * Europe England London
    March 22 * Europe France Paris
    March 23 * Europe Germany Munich
    March 24 * Europe Italy Rome
    March 25 * Europe Slovenia Ljubljana
    March 26 * North America USA / California Los Angeles
    March 28 * North America USA / California Mount Shasta
    March 29 * North America USA / District of Columbia Washington
    March 30 * North America USA / New York New York
    March 31 * Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory on Long Island

    Look here: https://www.welovemassmeditation.com/p/daily-buddhic-columns-meditation.html if you find it useful to look at the following satellite photos for each of the mentioned locations before doing the meditation.

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  101. Are the cosmic central race the so called Azez ?

  102. the symbol of saturn saturnday satan really

  103. why this sentence?
    "All that is Done will be Undone."

  104. why this sentece?
    "All that is Done will be Undone."

  105. are the cosmic central race the Azez behind the Azeztulite legend?

  106. Central Civilization can be found on the earth as ANAKIM(亞納金人).
    The race from Central Civilization created wings for Reptile. Anunnaki, Alpha-DRACONIANS, DRACO always fail when they try to be the WingMakers. They can Run, but They can't hide. No more compromise space!

  107. Love and Light. I hope the positive Event comes now. I hope you have peace.

  108. Thank you for all I saw Weekly end of Coronavirus
    Thank you for Countdown end of Coronavirus
    Thank you everyone
    Thank you all Team and My family

    Gods win
    Best ReGards
    Mr.Rungsun Gunkoom