Friday, March 22, 2019

Minimum surface conditions not met


  1. UPDATE PLEASE!!!!!!!

    UPDATE PLEASE!!!!!!!


    UPDATE PLEASE!!!!!!!



    I lost all my faith in all light forces..Source now

    What happened on March 21?


    A lot are demanding Cobra to update for almost more than a month now,,,,but he sitill refuses to update...DAMMIT! Yes, i a so angry...fed up totally, that you cannot imagine.

    Instead of updating, only irritating coded messages..failure this failure that.

    Im thinking all is totally fake!


    We ALL want the event RIGHT NOW!!

    I wish you all...all the best.

    Love and light.

    1. Well Cobra HAS BEEN updating the last hours, days ....

    2. It seems they are in a delicate situation too.
      What about sending them all high vibrations, love and light that we can?
      We can do this, at least.
      Love always help.
      This way, maybe Cobra could be able to post our so expected update sooner.

    3. Had you being in war?Hmm maybe not war...had you waive tables in a busy restaurant?...RESPECT your servers pamper kid...

    4. Listen to yourself. Don't rely on Cobra to give you happiness. Take control of your life.

      Best wishes.

    5. Yes..March 21 by many channels we wld see a dramatic wave arrive..I just didn't feel anything. I am not the most intune but wide awake and I know this is all happening.

    6. @Steven.S


      For ME, I need contact with the ETs to get off this PRISON PLANET, get my body changed and travel the stars.

      Humans and earth can not give me that.

    7. @Christian Hueso

      Your point being?

    8. Hy.

      Hey guys, I'm tired of this Shilly-shally. I have visited many sites and blogs on this topic and all of them start with enthusiasm and plenty of news, then slowly go out, cite obstacles, impediments, delays and strange problems with strange acronyms that we could not care less about.

      Then the facts: either disappear altogether (making you think of a Scam) or take refuge in telling us that we must be the ones to free ourselves, with prayers, meditation, reaching the full consciousness of who we are. So, if so, what good is a blog, a site, a self-styled Liberation program by a self-styled movement supported by High alien hierarchies?

      "We do everything by ourselves ... and of course we don't combine nothing because the Elite controls us and indoctrinates us more and more".

      Then we wait for something Miraculous: the Event so trumpeted, that it seems to move away more and more over time and ... it smells like a Rotten egg.

      Is it so here too? Because doubts are growing more and more. Meanwhile, time passes, the age advances and many of us will already be dead if, and when, this elusive event will happen.

      What do we want to do? We wait for Godot, and we wait and wait ... I would say ENOUGH!
      Even at the cost of seeing a global bustle, but I want to be able to say to witness something truly real, powerful, incredible and cathartic, I don't know if I can explain myself.

      Otherwise it will be the usual fairy tale that enchants us with amazing future that will never come true.

      I ask those who know more (COBRA) to explain the matter to us and also to give some interviews, as he did before, because His Silence makes me doubt a lot about the matter.

      Greetings and Peace, Claudio.

      PS: Enough with the acronyms that are only wasting time, we want Real Facts because the world seems to me to be going Worse, time after time.

      PS2: I have by nature the habit of saying my opinion without hesitation or fear. If this bothers someone, they deal with it.

    9. If you want the Event to manifest it.
      To say that you have lost your faith in the Forces of Light will further enthrall the process, for you are cocreating it.
      COBRA never stated that the EVENT would happen on March 21.
      We are manifesting this and time will depend on us, indidually and collectively.

  2. I typed a long comment in one of the blog posts but it seems I struck the jackpot for the wrong reasons and that blog post got deleted, along with all the comments under that blogpost including mine.

    Anyway the basics of that comment was my estimation that the Event would take place no longer than 10 years and no less than 5 years based on that thermodynamics graph of the boiling process used as an analogy to describe the process towards the Event, and interpolating based on the actual length of time recorded for Phase I at 6-7 years.

    This is a realistic assessment given the state of awakening and even among the so called awakened 'truth' community there's infighting, the projecting behavior from Red Pill induced trauma from waking up, and infiltrators and community 'orbiters' hanging around like Kuiper Belt asteroids coming in every now and then to create drama and infighting.

    The good news is the Light Forces have established a permanent beach head with the space within these Bubbles free of interference from the Dark Forces.

    The other good news is that the Cosmic Central Race who are the most spiritually mature in this part of the Universe have considered it worth their while to talk to a race who just evolved from animals 'yesterday' in geological timescale. So its up to us to do the work to ensure not to make them regret that decision.

    Although I am partially disabled from the intense military training that I went through as a conscript in 2002-2004 as required by my country's conscription laws I consider myself in Spirit with the Positive Military who want this to end. Collectively we are the ones who were misused by the plague of evil in the ranks of the power structure for them to make money off our sweat and blood, at the very least in peacetime training being subject to high physical and mental stress so they can be free to enjoy their creature comforts and screw us over while we provided that security for them to do all that.

    I can personally verify this piece of information in my life that has been happening gradually over the past year leading up to the transition to Phase II, and I consider myself as left-brained non-New Age as they come without becoming one of those 'skeptic debunker' trolls.

    " During this phase, the Bubbles of Heaven get slowly and progressively larger with less entropy, whereas the surrounding matrix society gets progressively more unstable with more entropy.

    This is precisely the reason why some people are guided to put less attention to outer daily politicking and more attention to inner spiritual growth." - Cobra

    Its my sincere hope that the Cosmic Central Race will not regret their decision to talk to a race that in terms of the spiritual gap might be like a situation of us talking to spiders. (I have no problem with the comparison, my most memorable spiritual experiences have been with those small house spiders.)

    I hope we can learn something from them because we aren't going to acquire the tools to go up the Kardashev Scale unless we can be spiritually mature enough to handle more powerful energy sources without misusing them. This on top of having too much of a plague of evil in the ranks of our power structures to be allowed into the Greater Consciousness of the Universe up to this point.

    Victory Of The Light.

    1. Thanks for that enlightening perspective of yours.

    2. @Sam Raven

      so, in other-words, MORE GOD DAMNED WAITING.....

      At THIS rate, I'm going to be GERIATRIC by the time anything good happens.

      Won't do ME any good if I am dead, or withering away in some old age home by the time the good stuff happens.

      It's taking all I got to NOT simply get a revolver and play some Russian Roulette, if you know what I mean.

    3. >Sherman Potter

      Based on some past comments I have seen I gather you are transitioning.

      Its probably not my business, but I am saying this as you have indicated several times of harming yourself on this forum, including now.

      If this helps there's a small chance you are feeling depressed as a result of those hormones being injected into your body conflicting with your biological self.

      In my experience most people who transition are doing so because they believe it is the one-all solution to overcome their other traumas, without realizing that this is also part of the agenda being pushed by The-Powers-That-Should-Not-Be.

      After someone I know realized this he de-transitioned and he has got a much better grip on his life now. As a transgender he was basically sitting down saying 'poor me' while crying for help from a world that didn't care about his problems. In this world only you can help yourself. He realized this and he got up and decided to sort his stuff out.

      I don't know why the people in the West don't have the same attitudes we have in the East towards these things, but we always had a dim view of these 'alternative lifestyles' precisely because of the damage they do to everyone from individuals to families and then society, which is probably the main reason they push all this. They want to shred the fabric of society that keeps it together and stable.

      I don't think its a coincidence that my part of the world that has a dim view of these alternative lifestyles are also fast catching up or overtaking the West in every sphere of civilization be it military, financial, technological.

      And I am not a Bible thumping Christian, I just see this for what it is based on information I have gathered.

      Hope this helps.

    4. @Sam Raven

      No, it's not because of THAT. I felt this way since childhood.

      Since as far back as I remember, I have HATED being a man. Ugly body, hair loss, stupid manly voice, no nice clothings, all this macho crap, etc.

      And NO, I will NOT settle for either being a man with a strong feminine side, nor will I settle for being what is known as a "twinkle toes" or a "limp wrist", Liberace and John Inman being prime examples of those.

      I need to be transformed to at LEAST look and sound like a woman, and I KNOW that the ET technology, which is far far in advance of our own PATHETIC 'monkey technology' that it will be indistinguishable from magic, can help me.

      If YOU are happy as your gender, Sam....GREAT, good for YOU. YOU, when given the dice before you were conceived, got the lucky number seven upon rolling. ME, on the other hand, got lousy SNAKE EYES.

      I might have been born male, but INSIDE, the REAL ME, there is a WOMAN who's been BEGGING, SCREAMING, CRYING to be let out. And having been born in 1979, rather than 1989 or 1999, where folks NOW have better opportunity, and society more open, I did NOT get a chance, and at age 40, I can't do anything with conventional earth method, even if I HAD the money to do so.

      This feeling has been since childhood......I will not 'sort my stuff out', for there is NO alternative I will accept, apart from getting the feminization I need. And I know the ET's can both help me and have the KINDNESS to understand that I need to become a woman, and why.

      There is NO 'agenda', in regards to me. I am saying what I feel, and what I need.

      And this being my FINAL reincarnation, I NEED this transformation. IF there is a god, and I am denied.....I will forever HATE that god.

      Is what I ask for SO damned unreasonable? It wanting to both go with the aliens and become the person I SHOULD have been asking for so much?

    5. @Shermen Potter if you have nothing to lose and don't care what happens to you, then I have a somewhat risky advice for you… that's what I'd do if I had nothing to lose because I'm also frustrated by this endless waiting game.
      So, just go to any secluded place like a desert, a deep forest, mountain or lake and meditate or pray to have a physical contact with some ET who can help you. I heard they often show themselves to the awakened people when they're sure that no other humans who could get scared can see them. I don't know if some negative ETs wouldn't show up to abduct you though, but if your intentions are clear, then I think you should be safe.
      And if that doesn't work, then you can even try with negative ETs… read about black magic, some other occult stuff and learn a few sentences in reptaari (reptillian language). Then try some rituals or talking to people around you in reptaari. Of course I wouldn't recommend this option, but I can see that you're suffering much and honestly if the light side refuses to help you, then I wouldn't say anything against you if you chose the dark side. As long as you wouldn't be hurting any innocent people that is.

    6. @Tropby

      I already live in the 'stix. Had many sightings, many from my CE5's, I just need one...just ONE of those ships to and take me with them.

      Earth and humanity can blow themselves up for all I care.....

      ...let's face facts, humans will NOT 'awaken' on their own.....they are in LOVE with, and WORSHIP money, powers, possessions, and all that other monkey crap.

      At this rate.....light side, dark side.....don't mean a DAMN THING anymore.

      Hell, look at "The Last Jedi", Luke Skywalker, who on several occasions, saved the galaxy from evil, wound up betrayed, seen his friends and loved ones get slaughtered, and came to the conclusions that the Jedi (light side) and the Sith (dark side) BOTH needed to GO.

      And at LEAST Jedi and Sith got to have gnarly powers that any munchkin could learn (in that galaxy), have cool light swords, and travel freely in space, not to mention some, when dying, just VANISH, leaving their robes behind.

      Hell, the snake in bible's Genesis, when one thinks about it, did NOT screw over Adam and Eve.....the snake FREED them. "God" wanted to them be deaf and dumb, not to mention OBEDIENT little monkeys. Coupled with that "god" have NO problems taking out entire populations, including CHILDREN (who had nothing to do with their parent's 'sins'). What the FUCK IS 'light' and 'dark'.

      The first chance I get to leave this useless lump of rock with the aliens, I GOING.....I', DONE be a 'warrior of light'.....since it just means, like any solider, you go through CRAP and HELL, and what do you get in return when you ask for something you need?

      LESS than NOTHING.

    7. @Tropby

      This clip, here, pretty much covers how I am, I even have had many meltdowns like this, even blubbing to myself when no one is around to hear it.

      I spend TWENTY YEARS OF MY LIFE, trying to WAKE UP THESE STUPID, MOTHER FUCKING MONKEYS, what do I get in calling, laughter, ridicule....

      ..SHIT, I got practically disowned by my own so-called 'human family' for trying to wake them up. Twenty years of LIFE....GONE....wasted, and for WHAT? Being treated like the village idiot, parents telling their kids to never become like that loser (me!), or folks saying, "Take off your tinfoil hat and take your meds!", or dumbest of monkeys, after telling them of the corruption, wanting, for example:

      "I hope to god to see you get your face smeared under the boot soles of the brave military men (or police) you talk shit about, kid!"

    8. @Tropby
      And don't get me started on intimate relationships...or the LACK thereof. Since trying in 1994, my first year of high school....trying to find a nice, special someone....biggest disaster of a failure I can name. When trying to show people how the world is not as it appears, even years AFTER high school......they just give what I call the 'fluoride stare', and walk away like I am so freak, or dump my ass immediately. Coupled with the AGONY of being a WOMAN trapped in a man body (and to rub salt into the wound....I did not even get the body of an ideal man, say Dolph Lundgren.....I had to get the opposite....scrawny, falling victim to hair loss as age 16.....ANOTHER strike against both the human body in general and the male body...for why even HAVE hair loss?! What do you need it for?! Even trying in the gym, I'd lift weights till I drop, still a lil scarecrow.. Bad enough I was born a man, I just HAD to be like Gargamel from the old Smurfs cartoon, or Golem from lord of the rings)....I'd get rejected, people I would be attracted to turn me down HARD, saying they want a "REAL MAN" and not some "balding, effeminate pansy" who believes in little green men and crazy conspiracies. And when I DO manage to find SOMEONE who I MIGHT have a chance.....they were always, and I mean ALWAYS in another state, or more often than not....another COUNTRY. And when I THINK I have even a slight chances, that person of interest ALWAYS 'disappears', no trace of them, their phone number no longer in service, their emails account deleted, even their face book accounts totally cleaned out and or non existent. WHAT THE FUCK! WHY DOES THIS ALWAYS HAPPEN!!!!! It got so bad, that in 2013, I threw in the towel, and completely GAVE UP Earthlings as lovers/special someones.

    9. @Tropby
      So, in addition to meeting alien life, getting my bod changed to a woman's (or at LEAST looking and sounding like one, akin to a glamorous male to female transsexual, or a really glammmed 'femboi'...which will be ideal compromise), getting a life span like the aliens, and travel abut the stars and maybe find a nice planet in the Pleiades cluster to live on....if I EVER
      find a special someone or someones....especially one who understands that I NEED to become feminized, and well as without the drama and the materialism that comes with human lovers.....I NEED to go with the aliens.....and soon.

      And, even though this might sound self-serving, but I feel I am all set for the aliens, I feel that I HAVE 'paid my dues'....yes, I failed to awaken the masses, but without anything TANGIBLE, I'm pretty much no better than some clergyman.....and at least, unlike the clergyman, I am not raping little kids, or embezzling vast sums of money.

      And I am NOT simply gonna wait to DIE, and MAYBE finally get what I DEMAND in the next life....for there will be NO next life, this is my FINAL REINCARNATION.....NO MORE AFTER THIS!

      And if the 'light forces' wanna see this planet get better.....they gotta SHOW UP.

      Look at it this way, given the choice, which would you or anyone else welcome:

      1: Aliens who actually appear. Vast fleets of ships, both big and small...some land and we see the occupants....finally answering man's most burning question, "is anyone else out there?". As well as bringing gifts and help like free energy, tech and science that makes life better, and LONGER. Cures to plagues and illness. Finally reaching the stars and seeing what's out there.


      2: Aliens who won't appear until AFTER man ALONE defeats the bad guys (despite the bad guys HAVING alien tech, and possibly alien allies), saying CRAP like "We have a non interference policy" "We will not violate your free will" or "we love you too much to appear" or doing 'behind the scenes' stuff, keeping everyone ignorant and the believers still looking like fools, and having ALLOWED the bad guys access to their technology and not even taking it away from them.

      I'd sure as hell go with #1. And if the bad guys, be it human or alien, wanna do a FAKE landing or invasion, the real good ones are gonna be SPAT on and demonized, the people asking "Where were you all this time?!" "Why did you not help?!"

      Alien contact is the only thing giving me the will to live, still.

      What I want now is gentleness, and joy, and love from the aliens. Is what I ask for soooooo unreasonable?

    10. @Shermen Potter
      So you have more luck with ETs than me then. I never even saw a UFO with my own eyes. Or at least have any encounter I can remember.
      In that case what were these ETs telling you? The usual channelling staff like "be patient and raise your vibrations because the Event is so close"?
      As for your statements about contact, you're preaching to a choir. I'd like to do exactly the same thing. Leave this god-forsaken planet and explore the universe. But that seems to be impossible right now.
      So if you can't wait up to a few years when according to Cobra the Event should occur, then I'd try going with the dark side for a while. They should be able to be forgiven and choose the light side again after the Event, right?
      As for your question what's the light and dark anyway… I'm struggling with the same dillemma as you when it comes to ETs. I can't understand their motives and actions until now and I can see many examples of hypocrisy from them. That's why I'm advising you to try with the dark side and see what they have to offer. Just go to a desert, meditate and ask for contact with anyone who's willing to help you physically and the ones who're only blabbering about vibrations and patience shouldn't appear when they read your intentions.

    11. @Shermen Potter
      As for relationships I don't have much experience myself and most of it was almost equally as heartbreaking as your experiences since I'm fat. I even went from Poland to Japan for a girl who in the end told me I'm too ugly for her. After that I wanted to kill myself if I had to go back to Poland with only negative experiences, so I fought until the end and aftei hundreds of rejections I found the one woman who accepted me and got engaged 1 month before my visa expired. I was incredibly lucky, but I still have many traumas and hate being around any girls my age.
      And even though I was lucky with finding a relationship I wanted, I still envy you for your contacts with ETs, since no one seems to want to contact me.

  3. Replies
    1. It isn't. As I understand some needed conditions for some certain operations or actions are not met on the surface of the planet. I think it has something to do with still to many people who are not awake or does not suport Lightforces with meditations and visualisations of bright future for all. But that will change. We must continue whatever it takes. Victory of the Light!

    2. @Janis Mezeckis

      So, in otherwords, we gotta suffer MORE because the masses, whom I refer to these days, as "stupid monkeys" choose to remain mindless slave?

      HOW many more damned meditations MUST we do?
      Personally, I feel a more direct "EXTERMINATE THE DARK FORCES!" will be FAR more effective.

    3. Shermen we don't have to suffer until the Event. We have our instruments to make our life conditions better - our mind, intentions, steps of manifestation. Use them friend an then the suffering will be the problem only for "stupid monkeys" as U call them who will probably wake up only after hard kick in the U know where right before the Event. It just could be even to shaky for us if the Event would happen now. And remember, no man decides when the Event will happen, even not Cobra, only the Source when He/She will see that the right conditions for that are in the place. Love and Light brother and make ur days lighter and easier. Caus U can!

    4. @Janis Mezeckis

      I TRIED that for ages....

      ....guess what happened?


      IF it worked, I'd have had an alien starship either land, or materialize me onboard. I would have been transformed into the WOMAN I should have been born as. I would have been LONG gone from this useless lump of rock we are on. And I would have been on a better planet YEARS AGO.

      LET the monkeys 'shake' for all I care.

  4. Pretty sure this has something to do with my nightmares, my kids mother said to me in a nightmare I was the seat of the devil😂😂😂

    Scars of transmutation are smoothed with Light Awareness.

    Necessities change.

    Congruence applies to all of the Higher Path.

    Harbingers are released.

    Marilous envoys come to Gaia’s aid.


    1. Hi sweet Brandon! Yeah, got that message, too - and needed it as my partner was delivered into intensive care yesterday because of a stroke - spaceweather happenings working on sensitive brain and nervous systems.But the incoming light works its part and will help smoothe the scars also in my partner! Congruence is harmony ad being already those we are in the future as we follow the higher path. Harbinger: financial, health-wise..., Mar y Luz marilous envoys - well, that says it all!

    2. @Heike

      All the MORE reason we need the aliens to arrive, otherwise we'll all find ourselves in intensive care wards, at some point.

      I'd rather DIE fighting, than live in some terminal ward due to energy weapon attacks from the bad guys.

    3. Aliens is not a good term to use, try space family or space brothers.

    4. Hi Heike, sorry to hear about your partner, yeah the sun is getting real active with solar flares and coronal holes, hang in there and be strong for your partner, LOVE/LIGHT to you both💖🌟


    5. I use the term 'alien' with high esteem.

  5. So much for something GOOD happening this time around.

    Folks were saying something AMAZING is gonna happen this Spring equinox.

    And I just had my 40th birthday.......


    Am I gonna 'celebrate' my 80th in some old age home, here on Planet Alcatraz?

    Light Forces.....take a page the Daleks, one of which is seen in my avatar.

    Go after the Dark Forces......cabal, lizards, dracos, chimera, whatever the names are....and simply EXTERMINATE them.

    Hit them HARD

    Hit them FAST

    Hit them right where it HURTS

    The bad guys are NOT going to come out with their hands up.

    The bad guys are going to FIGHT until they either win, or are dead.

    The bad guys are NOT going to fight fair, or fight clean.

    The bad guys are going to use any means necessary to keep their power hold.

    And, light forces, like it or not, this is a WAR. And if we are to win this war, light forces, you will have to get ugly, get angry, and be willing to take their lives, if needed.

    This video clip is from the Terminator. Specifically, the police shootout scene. The Terminator robot coolly walked in, assessed the layout, stepped out and returned with the 'big guns', both metaphorically AND literally.

    My point? I say it's time the light forces, who admit to NOT knowing what suffering WE are going through, having never experienced it in their LONG lifetimes......either come to earth, aka, 'PLANET ALCATRAZ', and live life as SLAVE/PRISONER, like the rest of up, give the bad guys one last chance to stand down.......if they say no........................

    .............destroy them.

    I, who abhorred violence for many years in my youth, am NOW more than willing to take the lives of the bad guys, given the chance, and the needed weapons, to do so.

    So, are you, light forces, going to FINALLY come and help us out, OR are you going to spend more time being concerned about the well being of the BAD GUYS, and sitting on your behinds, while giving US nothing more than silent cheerleading, or pre match pep talks?

    1. I fully agree to the last word standing (here). The newest failure (21.03.2019) of the so-called lightforces strengthens even more your standpoint, Shermen! INSTANT EXTERMINATION of the dark forces seems the only legit solution by now; we are far beyond mercy and the "hug them and send them light" attitude. Drastic measures must be applied without any hesitation against the cabal, chimera etc.

    2. This tweet was inspired by your comment. You should vote.

    3. @Matthew

      Since when have voting ever worked in the past?

    4. @Shermen Potter the Light Forces simply can not intervene because we are still in the hostage condition and the evildoers would destroy us all at once.
      The Light Forces allowed the evildoers to play with this planet for a long time before they realized how far they had gone. Many of us, like you, have decided to help in the only possible way: incarnating here and agreeing with all terms (surrendering as a slave). All our suffering in all our lives was our own responsibility, for we knew very well what kind of game we were entering.
      But the good news is that it is possible to change your own reality and I am already doing it. You can become the Goddess that you are memo here within the quarantine. The process is extremely difficult and requires a lot of discipline. It is about the power of manifestation. There is no way to talk about everything in one review.

    5. @Rafael

      HOW? HOW does one 'manifest' on this PRISON PLANET?
      HOW do I become the WOMAN I should have been? Conventional earth methods won't work for me, my body is too 'damaged' from the ravages of puberty, when masculinity kick in. I was not lucky enough to be born in a later time, when more and more feminine looking and sounding males are common....not to mention I barely have a penny to my name.

      Also, I did NOT choose to incarnate here, I got TRAPPED, like a bug on fly paper. I would NEVER chose to come to Planet Alcatraz, populated with mindless sheep, willingly. I refute that bit. And how the FUCK as WE helping out being PRISONERS?!

      So, smart guy.....HOW THE FUCK do I get what I need and want on Planet Alcatraz, huh?

      And the Light Forces better get some backbone and DESTROY the bad guys. I just turned 40, and the aliens have long life spans.....we, genetically wounded monkeys, DON'T.

      And this being my FINAL reincarnation, IF I am denied what I need, and it's 'business as usual' to the day I die...I will die with HATE on my lips....hate for the earth, hate for humanity, hate for the cabal, hate for the light forces, hate for the resistance movement, and hate for god/creator/source. Hatred for all of them for being ignored, neglected and ABANDONED.

      Do YOU understand, Raf?

    6. And also, you are saying we are good as fucked, eh, Raf?

  6. It just does not do anything .. In spite of mass meditation, despite ASCOM, despite so many years already .. Meanwhile, I'm really disappointed, why not finally attack and lock them up or bring to galactic Central Sun. They do what they want with their attacks .. I do not understand that with the toptlet bomb, for years you can not remove them completely ..

  7. The Galactics with Builder Race need to take direct action. The Dark forces we were told are all but gone..that cant be true. Galactics are here in mass so what else needs to happen? C trails are back blocking sun.

  8. Hold on..we were told we had enough light anchored..enough awakened to trigger Event. Mass meditation was huge success.. we need something done now to awaken the programmed masses..massive UFO display..take over the media satellites.. have Trump take action if he is working with Alliance?? Is he????

    1. Assuming the coded messages are anywhere even close to what we think they are, (I seem to recall a comparison to rhesus monkeys comprehending quantum physics) This is the Cabal in it's death throes, lashing out like never before until it dies.

      Trump is just the latest puppet in a long line of puppets, He's cooperating only when the right people are pulling his strings.

    2. Will only mean a damn when we are free.

  9. Dear brothers and sisters, it is time to take action again! In the last 24 hours there were several codes messages, which may show delays in the process towards planetary liberation:
    To help resolve these resent setbacks as quickly and smoothly as possible, we suggest to all who are guided to do so, to perform the Key to Freedom meditation, the Cosmic Central Race meditation and the Goddess meditation as frequently as possible.

  10. I’m sorry but don’t bite the hand that feeds you. If it wasn’t for the light forces we would have lost long ago. They gave us a fighting chance!!!!! We would already be at nuclear war and the surface population eradicated . All while the colonies and cities inside earth hide and wait under agenda 21!!! Learn to be grateful it could always be much much worse.

    1. Grateful that we are still in shackles? Grateful that will still suffer? Grateful that the masses still view us as freaks?


  11. iPOT Video 3-23-19… “Q Anon/News – Blockade Removed” (covers #Q #QAnon posts 3161-3166)


  12. Não ver as estrelas durante o dia não significa que elas não existem. Quem disse que a transição é "Eu, meu..." se somos todos um! Não pêrcebe-la e não senti-la, não significa que não esteja acontecendo nada.