Sunday, March 3, 2019

Abort Project 310; loop closure and exit


  1. It seems no good. Take care.

    1. man the light forces have plan A,B,C,D,E,F,G,H... ITS NOT ABOUT SOMETHING NEGATIVE, its simple about a change

    2. I didnt like to hear this as well! Is it about the Portal on March 21th?! Please don't abort it. Please don't stop the Operation Phoenix!

  2. Well we gave it a shot cobs😉


  3. Who knew how much evil there was in this world?
    "Those who know cannot sleep."

    Bubbles of heaven,
    islands of light.
    I am aligned with the light.

    I am.
    Respite from the war.

    Then, rooting for the team,
    existence in the balance.
    Meditation as intention as weapon in a war
    I've become aware of, then forget when I have to
    do life.

    Like a fire burning, which way will it blow?
    Two steps forward (the posts are different),
    one step back.
    Who knew how much evil there was in this world?

    Love and gratitude for those who can do what I cannot.

    1. Hi freeworlf7, nice poetry, you made me cry, much Love to you and everyone else.

  4. Sorry if I'm annoying, I'm full of energy I have to get use to these energies I was smoking weed every 2 hrs for the last few years if I had it plus the cigs really bring you down.

    1. Oh yes Brandon! annoy annoy annoy! Man you sound fantastic! Embrace your new life! Much much love!

    2. brandon stamps I have seen your posts as of late and it please me to see you come into your own energy and identity. You are free to do as you please good sir. Keep the energy coming brother, we all need a little boost every now and then :D I am still on the fence about weed personally. It seems to help at times depending on the energies at play both externally and internally. But as you said, it's not meant to be done every 2 hours or whatever as a "crutch" as it may be seen in some users (myself included). Suppose I shall have to obtain more inner strength and support abroad in order to make the necessary changes. Thank you for all you do.

    3. I agree my2323, I have had some inspirational moments when on weed, like when I watched "Astral city a spiritual journey" ( thanks for the recommendation untwine😘) and I cried very hard like 4 time during that movie then it felt like my brain plopped out my skull on the right in the front and then my soul family came to see me in my sleep, here the post from gaia WordPress.
      Galactic confluences guide the Light-minded.

      Cosmic reunifications commence.

      Star systems combine for the benefit of all.

      Portals are presented to all.

      Cosmic journeys commence.

  5. If Cobra said Cabal members that are arrested are put in virtual reality chambers to experience what their victims felt, does that mean that the light forces condone torture?

    1. Andrew J. Hunt No. But they do believe in karmic balancing. Since they have no suffered as much as we have, it's only fair that they suffer due to Natural Law and the Law of Attraction and Law of Polarity. At least I think that's the case. Tit for tat and all that ;)

    2. Can you share with me, the link when He say that please?
      Or at least tell where is that declaration, thanks


      See: virtual reality simulation chambers

  6. maybe this has to do withe a non needed action... since we jump some timelines events...

    maybe thing greater then ever.

    Maybe the game is finally over... GG

  7. At the sudden I remembered a video of a few years ago that talked about time and how it developed during time. It seems linear, with ‘(expension)’ added to it in the dictionary. And time was divided by a hypotenuse that now ends in the opposite of the beginning. As slow as it was in the beginning, as fast and faster it is now.
    It can very well also include the automatic end of satanism and all bad things for Earth and living creatures.
    I learned about this linear time through mortgagesJ

    1. The problem about this hypothesis is that the time is not linear

    2. That's partly correct, outside of 3D.




  9. Starseeds in the Immersion Program: Pleiadian Message




  11. Partnered Output Coils - Free Energy

  12. You have to understand ,people talk all the time about THE Event but there are eventS this month there will be A event ,events never stops,events are waves of energie, some are small other waves are somewhat bigger in energie, every wave lifts humanity up, untill our body's will be more light than carbon.And that will go on and on and on untill we are as angels pure light/energie, it can take a thousand year or more ,at a certain point in energie level dead will not exist anymore.

    1. Ur right. The event is happening.

    2. Stop please, making us dissapointed/angry, and frustrated, with that it could take thousand years more.

      Stop it please!

      It need happens right now!

      A big wave.

      The whole planet will be dead, if nothing happens within years.

      And no, there is NOTHING uplifting yet!

      If so, most of us, will feel veri good, and light.

      Only still feel dense..negative energies.

      Please EVENT, right now!

    3. Gaia will not be allowed to die. The only reason that Humans are still around is because Gaia is patient, and loves Humans. Perhaps the more Humanity realize their insignificance in relation to Gaia, the faster the surface issues will resolve.

    4. Events are happening this very moment, its a ongoing process if de blast of energie as you want it to be came over us it would kill you instantly,now we are growing into it wich is much better for everyone, some people are ahead of others some just begin to awake, some will be more light/energie and will be much more healthy never sick . Long before the 1000 years ends everyone will be in perfect health also younger/ rejuvenated so dont worry .

    5. And no the planet will not be dead there will be changes but for the better , desserts will be green again, on the top of the mountains no snow but vegetables growing,the weather will be in balance and so on.So again dont worry.Be happy because that state of mind will help de energie's come into your body

  13. the sun was quite profoundly pulsating when watching it on march.03/2019,as the great sun set.....the camera didn't pick up the pulsating,there was a large object above the setting sun at the same time-i figure this is the pleiadiun spacecraft carrier that has arrived in theatre,as prophesied by a lightwarrior of recent.....above my paygrade of course.....hahahahaha…..

    cosmicshining55555 -

  14. galactics communication ship in earth atmosphere for FULL discloSURE

  15. PLEASE stop this NOW ... It's more than enough . ENOUGH .we waiting and suffered long enough . Stop all these atrocities NOW without delays. Where is the Goddess ? Please meditation 21 march . Victory of the Light

    1. Right words my friend...i give up too...the source..lightforces, and ET,s, has delayed this thing sooooo extremely long, that i have no other choice, than take my suicide pills. Im sorry, hope see you soon on 5D new earth, or in heaven.where all is more than well.

      This world is getting such a hell, thatt its beyond all words.

  16. please let direct divine intervention happen . I pray and plead and will cry in front of Source / Goddess to have mercy and save this planet. We need real freedom and peace now . Like right NOW . We can't take more weeks or months of this madness so let this nightmare end . We have a lot to heal and work to do . The real mission ..... We were not prepared for such a long , unfair fight . Goddess bless

  17. Otherwise light forces , evacuate/ give free safe passage to lightworkers who want to leave surface . What about those entry protocols nobody deserves it or can't be safely done now ?

    1. Not that simple... we are facing our own redemption... our own cleanse.
      We must do it... humans are one... they will NEVER intervene in a free will action.

      We cause it, we need to step up and deal with it.

      Send love... your mind is more then you thing... is the top most powerful weapon..

      Consciousness is where thigs are elaborated... what we see is just consequences of driven blind minds.

      Be the one who see further from the conflit...

      Do not feed the low energy... become the high one... wish the better... the end of it... and perceive the out come of those tragic acts...

      We are one... some die here... but the soul is eternal. And after that we all will see light.

  18. Thanks Cobra, I will be flying on March 21st abroad from the us is there anything I should be prepared for?

  19. I'm sorry, from now on, if I couldn't put it in better words.

    The darkness is only in the game yet because they use the old divide and conquer trick,
    and we just don't turn the game because we still fall for it!
    There's only the deceiving because there's one who gets fooled, you know?

    Rival faction dealers, they knew how to unite and organize to get stronger.
    Companies with their cartels also know how to put differences aside
    For a bigger goal. But we can't do that, we don't know how to do it,
    So the game still continues! We attack each other and that doesn't help us!

    I think of the event as a little bucket that needs to overflow with energy.
    But it's a little bucket that fills and empties, according to what we do.
    It fills with things (thoughts, actions, feelings, etc.), good, positive and high that we do,
    But it also empties with negativity.
    But then when will the event be? We should answer that!!!
    When we're going to let the little bucket overflowing with energy?!!?
    So it's no use wanting a date. Date is for linear time, does not apply here!!!
    We have to solve!!! It's going to happen when the little bucket overflowing with energy!!!
    which depends on us!!! But we are inconstant!!!! Focus on the bucket overflow and the event happens!!!
    This energy thing is serious and it works!!! Who has eyes to see you say!!!

    As for the guys with technology, money, societies x, Y, Z. Forget it, we can't count on them!
    They're just more of the same!!! Who really wants to do always find a good solution,
    but who does not want to do always find a good excuse, and that's all that has happened!!!
    They've already fallen into the end when it's over!!!!
    When does it end? When it's over. And when it's over? When it ends. Realize?
    They don't want to leave their own interests aside, for the sake of the collectivity!!!
    But if divine justice exists will reach them too, because they had all the means to make
    And they did not, they did not know to leave the ego aside in favor of the greater good for all,
    including their own, and did not realize, the ego does not leave, did not evolve and their time is ending!!!
    It is not enough not to do evil, it is necessary to do good!!!

    But we don't need them!!!! Gandhi freed a whole country, no weapon and no money, only with no collaboration!!!
    The slave-capitalist system is based on consumption.
    When we lose our job, we reduce our consumption and get over it!!!
    So let's do this, we'll decrease the consumption by choice, by empowerment!!!!
    It is no use for a company to produce or provide a service if it does not buy!!!
    They need whoever buys them, they depend on US!!!!
    Whoever buys it has the power, not who produces it!!!!
    Let's do that in everything they use to manipulate and enslave us and turn the game around!!!!
    If you use the TV to manipulate us, don't watch the TV!!!! I don't watch and I look good!!!
    There are some peaceful and legal ways to solve this system fast!
    Enough ends when it over!!! They lost their time !!!
    Who knows the time does not wait to happen !!!!