Tuesday, March 3, 2020


It is time to take action again! It is time to take the destiny of our world in our own hands! We all agree that the process of planetary liberation is taking too long, and the current timeline is not going in the best direction. Here is our chance to collectively shift the timeline back into our optimal timeline for planetary liberation. Therefore we are using the opportunity of the massive astrological configuration of Jupiter Pluto conjunction on April 4th/5th to create a portal through which we will unify our consciousness and trigger the process that will solidify the optimal Ascension timeline for the planet.

Make this viral! Share it worldwide! Post it on your websites and blogs! If you know an alternative media outlet, you can send it to them. You can create a Facebook event for your local group of people doing this in your part of the world. We also need one main Facebook group for this event. You can create a video about this and post it on Youtube.

However, this time, only people following my blog will not be enough. We need a more worldwide cooperation with more large influencers involved.

This activation is a test for the surface population whether it will be able to manifest unity or not. The Light Forces will be monitoring the level of cooperation and will use that as one of the determining factors for the immediate future plans for the Event.

There are many spiritual leaders with large following and I sincerely hope they would like the coronavirus to be erased and that they would like the planet to shift into the most positive timeline. If they wish to join this meditation, they can contact cobraresistance@gmail.com .

Scientific studies have confirmed positive effects of mass meditations and activations on human society, so each of you that will participate in this activation can actually help bringing the Age of Aquarius closer to us:

This activation helps the Light forces to ground the energy of Light on the surface of the planet to completely remove the coronavirus, to help removing all the fear this epidemic has created, to counteract all plans dark forces had with triggering this epidemic, and to help shifting the planetary evolution back into the most positive Ascension timeline that will lead us into the Age of Aquarius.

Number of people doing that activation is the single most influential factor within the power of the surface human population for speeding up this process.

We can reach the critical mass of 144,000 people doing this activation! This will create a massive healing chain reaction in the energy field worldwide.

We will be doing this meditation in the exact moment of Jupiter Pluto conjunction on April 4th/5th which will be the first moment when a truly powerful energy of Age of Aquarius will hit the surface of the planet:

We will be doing this meditation at 10:45 pm EDT on April 4th in New York. This equals 9:45 pm CDT in Chicago, 8:45 pm MDT in Denver and 7:45 pm PDT in Los Angeles. Europe and Asia will already have April 5th at the moment of the activation, which will be 3:45 am BST in London, 4:45 am CEST in Paris, 4:45 am EET in Cairo, 10:45 am CST in Taipei and Beijing, 11:45 am JST in Tokyo and 12:45 pm AEST in Sydney.

You can check the time of the meditation for your time zone here:


1. Use your own technique to bring you to a relaxed state of consciousness.

2. State your intent to use this meditation as a tool to shift the planet into the most optimal timeline and as a tool to completely remove the coronavirus.

3. Visualize a pillar of brilliant white Light emanating from the Cosmic Central Sun, then being distributed to Central Suns of all galaxies in this universe. Then visualize this light entering through the Galactic Central Sun, then going through our Galaxy, then entering our Solar System and going through all beings of Light inside our Solar System and then through all beings on planet Earth and also through your body to the center of the Earth.

4. Visualize this Light transmuting all remaining coronavirus on Earth, disinfecting all infected areas on the planet, healing all patients, removing all fear associated with this epidemic and restoring stability.

5. Visualize the course of events on planet Earth shifting into the most positive timeline possible, shifting away from all epidemics, away from all wars, away from all global domination. Visualize white, pink, blue and golden Light healing all inequalities, erasing all poverty and bringing abundance to all humanity. Visualize a new grand cosmic cycle of the Age of Aquarius beginning, bringing pure Light, Love and Happiness to all beings on Earth.

Suggested time for our meditation is 20 minutes.

Updates about the Ascension Timeline Meditation:


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    1. I have shared this information


      Also, important information

      Lysol Disinfectant below kills 99.9% of Germs and Virus, including The Human Coronavirus
      Facts: https://ibb.co/17NGgdc
      Label: https://ibb.co/hWXHvb4

    2. Mass meditation on April 4 and 5 and on other days is targeted not only the coronavirus, which is an integral part of the gamma timeline, but also the entire system created in the last 25 thousand years. Its "highest achievements" are the countries where presidents, royals, premiers, Church hierarchs, legislators, judges and prosecutors rape and torture children, sit on adrenochrome and drugs. Where the secret services and the police exploit and cover the porn business, prostitution, human trafficking and drugs. Where the Internet is actively used to decompose and defile ruling class and population so that it is easier to subdue, control, program and direct them. Where the entire economic and social system is built on endless all kind of wars, greed and debt slavery. All that is also a core part of gamma timeline. And to erase it forever is necessary to anchor on Earth cosmic light energy as much and often as possible by mass meditations. This schoolwork is very needed to help those who sacrifice their life for the sake of schoolers. And 2020 gives a unique opportunity for success.

  2. This is really important.
    Thank you Cobra.

    We all need to start publicizing this today for Saturday-Sunday April 4-5.

    This time, we need to get the big influencers on board: David Wilcock, Corey Goode, Emery Smith, Benjamin Fulford, Jordan Sather, Luisa of Goldfish Report, Praying Medic who reports on Q. Plus others.

    Victory of the Light!

    1. Well man if you have any way to contact them it would be valuable to post here. I have tried to contact David Wilcock ,Coorey Goode and Jordan Sather through twitter before but no response.

      I have contacted Benjamin Fulford before and he has responded in all to cases .

      Also I have tried to speak to Edge of Wonder through live chat and they didn't respond . I think if a lot of people would contact them they would respond.
      Here is their email onedgeofwonder@gmail.com and their twitter page https://twitter.com/OnEdgeOfWonder

    2. And Ben and Rob from "Edge of Wonder"-TV.

    3. None of this really makes sense I can tell many are dedicated to this process. I've been observing for some time. Just as things get a bit hopeful something else happens to where there is seemingly a huge set back are these really helping. If so urgent why wait a month

    4. Exactly... why wait a month... the situation is urgent now and can be easily organized in a week... in a month this crisis will have subsided or will have already moved to the next stage. If we need to act, we need to act faster

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  3. Facebook event for the Ascension Timeline/End of Coronavirus Meditation

  4. Thank you Cobra! Will do! VOTL❤️

  5. This may well be interpreted as a warning from the Light Forces to leading light workers who refuse to cooperate.

    Constant refusal may lead to the conclusion that they are no longer useful.

  6. i hope many famous spiritual influencers worldwide join this time, it is our job to let them know about meditation and share it! We have one month. Here we go !

  7. Here we go again, victory of the light!!

  8. I knew this was coming.. I will try to reach out to people. Thanks cobra

  9. Praise to successful of the meditation!

  10. What about that group in Korea that was posted here.. that have the big followers # of almost 144k. The one affected by the latest corona virus trend. I would suggest someone(s) influential talk to the leader... it would be a win win situation . .. and since supposedly he is believed to be a reincarnated Jesus why would he decline this opportunity to bring major healing...

    Just a thought...

    Maybe some people can convince those evangelist from tv or chucrches.. to do a vesion of their own (if they are not into metaphysical lingo)... to get in the action on that day and time.. is that acceptable? I havent read the instructions. But if lyrics are " generic" i would say less (metaphysical fiendly) people would not object in following the lyrics..

    1. WON'T happen, the churches, and their people, see US as heretics, infidels and devil worshipers.

      You got better luck going to Detroit and not being mugged.

    2. Generalisations are dangerous at times like these. If you do t try, you don't KNOW.

  11. Ah yeah.. ill make sure to pass down the information to my enemies lol.. i got more of those than friends lol.. might as well ...

    1. Same, I barely HAVE any more friends left.
      I feel like Obi-Won Kenobi after Revenge of the Sith, and at least HE had super powers and weapons.

  12. Budget in june and census in December.

    Its all money.

    Money money money


    Rather live in van by the river.

  13. So reaching the last critical mass wasnt it then.

    1. I was thinking the very same thing. COBRA even said that because of that last meditation the Light Forces could take a more direct, active role in liberating the planet. Where's the financial crash and subsequent reset that was promised? What's the point in hyping these meditations to people when even after critical mass is achieved, no significant changes occur in the positive direction? Discouraging. Disappointed.

  14. Just spraying the mask with saturated saline and drying it with sunlight. It is turn the almost meaningless mask into an effective infection control one. It is good to spray on both sides of the mask.

    Victory of the Light!

  15. You should water the virus with good holy water. Indeed. How does the competent priest adjust the vibration of the holy water, which is equal to the vibration of the universe? (need live water from specialized sources. 3 factions: life is yes, life is negative, neutral.. )

  16. I will participate it but let me make clear to light force that people don't join the meditation does NOT mean they don't want to cooperate.

    Different people has different perspective and their own methodology, everyone is working in different level to the extension that their own realization can reach. Some people are working towards the planetary liberation consciously and some working unconsciously, it is not fair to say: Hey those guys don't wanna join , how disunite the earth human are! While the attention of the people who don't join are focused on the different aspects that also benefit to the earth liberation. They don't realize the importance of the meditation does not mean they don't care the earth or human liberation. If you require everyone must follow your methodology or else you don't acknowledge other's efforts , it is NOT free will unity but communist dictatorship style unity.

    No offense , the light force must consider it over a big picture.

    1. @k.L
      Not to mention the light forces will have to consider and be willing to spill some blood.

      I am MORE than willing to take lives, now, if it means a better life. And the universe will NOT weep for the evil ones....I wanna look them in the eyes as they DIE, me being the last thing they see, as well as me putting the gun barrel to their faces and pulling the trigger.

  17. Rock and Roll...let's get this done...Victory For the LIGHT

  18. https://yearzeroportal.blogspot.com/2019/09/combatting-soul-slavery.html

    You see, everyone is given a birth certificate which is our bond of value as owned property. As it was explained to me, nothing, not land, water, vehicles, or any other material object can actually be owned. Only human bodies can be considered intellectual property!
    This means that everything you think you own is in fact owned by the jesuit banking system because YOU are owned by it and you are the claimer. The only way to remove yourself from those contracts is to sign yourself to a different possessor. There are only two! The jesuits belong to the beast who claims all material objects, and most relevantly, human bodies as its possessions, however its contender is recognized as a real authority under the title "christ!"

    1. Man you have movement in my country like Free People or something ,, one guy was on TV few times he sent like some kind legal documents to government and another stuff he did but important is if you don't grow your own food you pay taxes by buying it , if you don't produce your own petroleum you pay taxes to that state ,, and birth certificates or Krsni Paper that you get in churches as little baby is as benjamin or SOMEONE said used as collateral for state to barrow money from central banks ,, it is simple every person pays taxes so in 10 years you pay in average some amount of tax x4 million people = ?????? Money

  19. Yes! Thank you for this post. I have something to say. I'm 59, tired. I now know why I came here. I accomplish that March 1999. I thought I would go home. Nope.
    I was married with a young son on top of it all. Why my rant?

    We came here on a huge mission. One never attempted. We are true warriors of light. I dont give up. I want to but I dont. I get some rest, clear my head and shake it off.
    Because this is why I'm here.
    Its simple.
    It's not easy to live it but I know humanity, galaxies, universes are worth it. That's right. Earth is crucial in many ways to more than one can fathom.
    Yes I'm tired. So what. I can meditate and use my strong mind. I will. I was born to do this. I am not afraid.

    I love humanity.

    1. Hi Diana,

      I understand what you mean and I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your support. You have my utmost respect.

      I want you to know that because I read so much power and energy in your words.

      Thanks for not giving up.

      Thank you for your light.

  20. "We all agree that the process of planetary liberation is taking too long, and the current timeline is not going in the right direction. Here is our chance to collectively shift the timeline back into our optimal timeline for planetary liberation"
    Sure, I'll do this and post some comments about the meditation on ascension videos on youtube.
    But isn't it exactly the same wording as with the Age of Aquarius meditation? I thought we reached the goal and shifted to the optimal timeline back then. And all the negative entities were being cleansed thanks to the virus outbreak. So I assumed everything is going according to the plan.
    How many times do we need to shift the timelines until we're on the optimal one and it's enough for something positive to happen? Does that mean if we don't reach the goal this time, then the Age of Aquarius meditation was for nothing?
    Sure, I expected more meditations before December to speed up the process. But I just don't like the wording here. It sounds like we haven't made any progress since the last time.

    1. I was thinking the same thing. Reaching critical mass, I assumed we were on the right path now. What an unpleasant surprise to hear how quickly a critical mass meditation can be derailed again.

    2. I say just have the light forces appear with an ARMADA...to be seen by the world (IF anyone panics....TOUGH ROCKS), and round up the bad guys.

      So far, all the light forces did, so far, was give time for the bad guys to reload their weapons...this fucking virus being one such example.

      do NOT give the bad guys a fair shot in war, for that leads to trouble.

    3. Tropby I don't think the Age of Aquarius mentioned the 'timeline not going in the right direction'. This is new.

  21. Coronavirus: “Cures” Worse Than the Disease pt 1
    Yes, there are as many theories about coronavirus disease 2019 (Covid-19) as there are people talking about it. The reality is that I don’t know the truth about what this virus really is or where it came from and neither do you.

    But there’s something that we do know for sure regardless of where this virus came from or whether it even really exists. The hype and fear and panic and pandemonium surrounding this (supposed) outbreak is going to be far worse than the disease could ever be. Because, as I’ve been screaming about for over a decade now, a bioweapon attack (real or manmade, false flag or otherwise) is the perfect cover for a slew of agenda items on the globalist checklist. And the more the population panics, the more they play into the globalists’ hands.

    Here are five items on The Powers That Shouldn’t Be’s wishlist that are being delivered on a silver platter as people scurry around panicking about coronavirus.

    1) Unprecedented surveillance and control of population

    As Corbett Reporteers will know by now, China is in many ways the model for the technocratic Brave New World of the 21st century. Social credit scores and facial recognition CCTV networks and government-controlled internet are just the most obvious examples of how governments will seek to surveil and control their populations in the future. So it shouldn’t be surprising that China, as the epicenter of this new coronavirus outbreak, is pioneering new and hitherto undreamt of ways to keep their population in line during the crisis.

    The first thing to note is the sheer scale of what the Chinese government is attempting here. The quarantine imposed in Wuhan last month, encompassing a city of 11 million people, was already the largest quarantine in human history. But when that quarantine expanded to include the entire province of Hubei—a population of 57 million people—the scope of the lockdown became nearly unimaginable. How can such a quarantine possibly be maintained?

    Well, as we’ve all seen, it can be done by good old-fashioned brute force. When in doubt, just weld the sick person’s door shut so they can’t leave their room!

    But to really manage millions of people, you need technological help. And so the Chinese government has been deploying every tool in its arsenal to monitor and maintain restrictions on citizens and their movements.

    Flying drones to harass anyone walking around without a mask? Check.

    A nationwide video surveillance system called—you can’t make this up—Skynet to help spot quarantine evaders? Check.

    A color-coded rating on a smartphone payment app to identify people as low or high-risk for carrying the virus based on their payment and travel history? Check.

    If you can think of a creepy and invasive way of tracking and controlling the population, you can bet your bottom dollar that the Chinese government has already thought of it (and is likely already using it).

    But here’s the real question: When this is all over, do you think the government will simply shelve these technologies and systems? Or do you think that once this level of control becomes normalized that the authoritarians in the Chinese Communist Party will continue using it?

    And here’s the even realer question: Do you think there’s a government anywhere around the world that wouldn’t use this technology on its own population if given a convenient excuse (like, say, a freakout over a novel coronavirus.

  22. Regarding the coronavirus, I was hoping that it would no longer be a problem by at least the middle of March, not needing to be included in the next mass meditation at all. I've been doing the meditations to remove it, as have others. Things are not progressing as well as I had hoped, so this is very disappointing.

    Regarding other spiritual leaders, yes it would be great if they got on board. There are many spiritual institutions who have been made aware of this blog for the previous mass meditation in January...

    Regarding the rest of the surface population (the masses), I wouldn't 'get my hopes up.' I noticed that sanitation wipes in stores are being sold out, which is a sign (among other signs) that people are in a state of panic. I have an extremely low opinion of the masses. I will try to work on this low opinion, but it's very difficult when people allow fear to dictate their actions.

    1. I completely agree with all the points you say, it is exactly the same resentment that I had with the meditation against the virus which I do regularly and the masses you took the words from my mouth and yes, it should be careful not to fall into the trap of mass hatred even if it is difficult. Thank you cobra but we are waiting for a real update on the situation of the planet. An update like this from where you tell us that the planet is on a bad timeline without knowing why. And not to tell us anything about one of the greatest victories of the Light forces by suppressing the chimeras of the plasma plan !!!. If we are in a critical phase and the forces of light cannot give us information on the situation, let us know it would be the minimum to do. Finally for two months that you give us crumbs on this subject and to hide the situation then you constantly talk to us about this virus that I can not stand to hear the word. Please do not take advantage of the situation as the cabal does, which is to hide what is really going on and to highlight the coronavirus. These were my thoughts and I had to let you know despite this, I am aware of your work and I thank you. I just want to make you realize that the more information we have, the more we will be able to be more effective in meditation and to move forward as starseed communities. Thank you I wish you all a good day.

      Google Translate.

    2. Galactiquewarrior17, you make good points. Cobra said the timeline was secured a few months ago:

      "Monday, November 25, 2019

      Before the Dawn

      Although we did not reach the critical mass in our Silver Trigger activation, the Light Forces achieved big victories in the last few weeks and most negative scenarios for planet Earth have been eliminated and positive timeline secured."

      The positive timeline was secured, but oops, now it's not 'going in the right direction.' So now we are waiting yet another month to shift the planet back onto a timeline that was supposed to have already been secured a few months ago. I usually don't cuss because cuss words are overused, but this time it's very appropriate to say what the fuck?

      I've already given this blog way more lenience than I should have. It's definitely time that I move on. I'll stay for the remainder of the possible replies to my comments from others on this post, and then I'm DONE.

    3. The positive timeline has been secured, true, but this is still a war and in every war there are setbacks. With our meditation we wish to create the optimal, the best timeline with as little setbacks as possible.

  23. Coronavirus: “Cures” Worse Than the Disease pt 2

    The answers to these questions are obvious, but just look at the prisoner conditioning that has been taking place at the airports for the past two decades. Even people like myself who grew up pre-9/11 can scarcely believe there was a time where you could hop on a plane with little more than a step through a metal detector. What? You want to bring a water bottle through security!? What are you, crazy? In just two decades, the entire experience of air travel has been utterly transformed, and no declaration of victory in the so-called “War on Terror” will ever bring back the old security screening practices. For the average American, the TSA if just a fact of life now.

    And for those who live for long enough in a quarantine crackdown, complete government surveillance of every citizens movements, purchases and interactions will just be a fact of life. These tools of control are here to stay, and the longer these quarantines last and the greater the areas effected, the further it will go in conditioning the public to accept it.

    2) A blank check for Big Pharma and the WHO

    When a detective is looking to solve a crime, it’s important to ask cui bono. Although it may be circumstantial, establishing who benefits from a crime at least points you to some suspects.

    In this case, though, the question of who benefits has a simple answer: WHO benefits, of course. The World Health Organization, that is. As the United Nations body tasked with directing international health and leading the response to global health concerns, the WHO always grows in power in the wake of every crisis.

    During the swine flu non-crisis and the ebola non-crisis and the zika non-crisis the WHO was led by Director-General Margaret Chan. It was under Chan’s watch, remember, that the WHO declared the 2009 swine flu outbreak a “global pandemic,” a move that automatically triggered billions of dollars of vaccine purchases by various governments. This was a blatant cash grab, of course, and even the Council of Europe was compelled to note that the members of the WHO council that made the pandemic declaration were also sitting on the boards of the vaccine manufacturers who stood to benefit from that decision.

    With the Covid-19 outbreak, too, the WHO is playing a game with the pandemic declaration, only this time its motivation is precisely the opposite. In 2017, the World Bank issued a $425 billion bond in support of its Pandemic Emergency Financing Facility. Investors in that bond issue will lose everything if a global pandemic is declared before July . . . a key reason, some suggest, why the WHO is refusing to call coronavirus a pandemic despite it quite clearly meeting the criteria.

  24. Coronavirus: “Cures” Worse Than the Disease pt 3

    So who is heading the WHO this time around? Well, it’s not Margaret Chan anymore. She stepped down in 2017 and was replaced by Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, an Ethiopian politician and academic who, William Engdahl notes, is the first WHO director-general who isn’t even a medical doctor. Instead, after earning his degree in biology at the University of Asmara in Eritrea and serving in a junior position at the Ministry of Health under the Marxist dictatorship of Mengistu, he:

    “[. . .] then went on to become Minister of Health from 2005 to 2012 under Prime Minister Meles Zenawi. There he met former President Bill Clinton and began a close collaboration with Clinton and the Clinton Foundation and its Clinton HIV/AIDS Initiative (CHAI). He also developed a close relation with the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. As health minister, Tedros would also chair the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria that was co-founded by the Gates Foundation. The Global Fund has been riddled with fraud and corruption scandals.”

    Oh, you mean the Gates Foundation and their GAVI Alliance for vaccination that are the WHO’s biggest donors? The Gates Foundation that helped host the Event 201 “high-level pandemic exercise” in New York last October that war gamed out the entire coronavirus scenario we’re currently living through? Right.

    And how are WHO going to save the day? With Big Pharma drugs, naturally! Governments are already lining up to pledge tens of millions of dollars to fund the effort to develop a coronavirus vaccine. And that’s just the funding to develop the vaccine. There are many more billions waiting for the big pharma manufacturers who can deliver the first vaccine to market.

    Yes, coronavirus is going to be a big payday for some rich and well-connected people in the international medical mafia. But don’t worry, the politicians are going to get in on the fun, too . . .

    3) An excuse to implement medical martial law

    A decade ago, in the midst of the swine flu hype, I released an episode of The Corbett Report podcast on medical martial law. In that episode I laid out the various ways that governments around the world (including, of course, the US government) have been quietly passing legislation that would enable them to implement martial law in the event of a global pandemic. This would allow them to quarantine and incarcerate citizens suspected of infection, and would allow the government to administer whatever medications (including vaccinations) it deemed necessary to stop the spread of the infection.

  25. Can some creative soul from above guide someone from below to create a really cool hip hop song that would make even the uninitiates sing and dance to freesom.. to shake themselvees loose.. especially during these meditations :)...

    Imagine that where even the ones in slumber rises to the occassio. Where the lyrics touches deep into their soul that not even the darkest cloud could blanket it...

    Come on people.. lets shake our self free in style..

    fine. Fine... i get it. There is only one way.

  26. No from me. The virus will be dissapear by itself by april 4 an the light forces always asking more and more, but not doing anything big in physical. So I don't think this should be the way. To do something what not helped us even if we reached the critical mass many times etc. No. No and NO

    1. The Light Forces will be monitoring the level of cooperation and will use that as one of the determining factors for the immediate future plans for the Event.

      I agree with you and because I feel like being a light force, I will also just monitoring.

    2. I might step this one out as well.

      WE, lowly humans, are WORN OUT and TIRED!!!
      How much MORE dangling of the carrot is going on here?

    3. I'm gonna check the monitors with you brother

  27. Coronavirus: “Cures” Worse Than the Disease pt 4

    In the US specifically, this legislation took the form of The Model State Emergency Health Power Act, a piece of legislation that was drafted by the Center for Disease Creation (CDC). The act grants government the power to quarantine, force vaccinate, and mobilize the military to help implement emergency procedures as deemed necessary to contain the outbreak. It is designed to be forwarded in each state legislature so that the states could harmonize their emergency pandemic plans, essentially creating a federal system enabling medical martial law. As the ACLU notes:

    “The Act lets a governor declare a state of emergency unilaterally and without judicial oversight, fails to provide modern due process procedures for quarantine and other emergency powers, it lacks adequate compensation for seizure of assets, and contains no checks on the power to order forced treatment and vaccination.”

    Regardless, at last count the act has been the basis for 133 pieces of legislation in 33 different states.

    And, sure enough, the citizens of the developed, Western world who thought that martial law was only for banana republics and exotic Eastern countries are about to get a taste of this bitter medicine on the back of the coronavirus hype.

    Australia just activated its emergency pandemic plan despite not having a reported case of human-to-human transmission of Covid-19. The plan grants the government the power to cancel public events, force people to work from home, close childcare centers and otherwise impose mandates and restrictions on the daily lives of its citizens as it sees fit.

    Not to be outdone, the Swiss Federal Council has just declared a “special situation” which allows the council to issue emergency police ordinances “without a basis in federal law.” Some of the powers explicitly assumed by the council include the power to mandate vaccinations, order quarantines and ban events or close institutions. minds.com/blog/view/1080314433557057536
    There's more... finish reading at above website.

  28. Wow...Now we need another meditation to get 144,000. Unbelievable!! I have been reading this site for years now and now I have to call total bull crap!! So all the Angels, Light worker Warriors and God`s Spiritual helpers can not get rid of this evil on this planet. They just let us get poisoned, sprayed from the skies, Food and water poisoned. Total Fake Fake Fake. Im done!! I know you will just delete my words of truth.

    1. Yea, Cobra SAID we did the 144k participants that was the requirement....what...was there some sorta FINE PRINT the light forces did not bother to mention about?

      Light Forces....get your ASSES in gear and SHOW UP, we did OUR bit...what is YOUR EXCUSE?!

    2. I say let's get picked up by the aliens, go with them and leave this rotten planet.....as Kang said, "Only a fool fights in a burning house".

      Plus I'm tired trying to wake up the masses anymore, they just won't listen.

    3. Perhaps the bottom line is that we have to do the job by ourselves.
      I cannot think of any other answer to the question "what happened to the big succes of the previous global meditation?"

  29. I work at night. Between four and five there is great silence. You can count on me.

  30. The most positive time line? Maybe the epsilon or theta ?

  31. I try to get much people to involved I can but it's also getting harder because we had a successful aquarius meditation and I need to explain why we need another 🤷‍♀️. When dark players use this fearspread to counter aquarius grid what will then stop from doig it again. I will do my best to get much people into the coming meditation as possible and hope that this will be enaugh love and Light to you all

  32. goddess wants peace and peace it shall be 💙

  33. I no longer participate in any meditation. What has happened to the world to participate again Cobra !!! ???

    1. This is a game for LF and for DF and we are the players.

    2. Ao que parece os trabalhadores da luz se descuidaram e deram espaço para os 'caídos' mexerem na linha do tempo. Outra vez. Esses descuidos estão ficando cansativos.

    3. This is NOT a game, Zao, this is WAR.

  34. Sorry Cobra, I don't really get it. Seems like once again we didn't do our homework. 😑

    But we reached critical mass for the Age of Aquarius Meditation.🏆 Now we have to do another one to get to the Age of Aquarius?

    We made meditations every 4 hours, flower of life, Corona and what not.. Many will ask if we will ever get there.

    We can't tell them every time, that this is the final push..

    And what are all those high energies and planetary constellations worth if the dark ones seemingly still can do what they want? Why timelines keep being unstable?

    Think we need more information. Otherwise many could give up.

    Sorry just asking 💗

    1. You are absolutely right.

    2. Cobra said it was just enough to... - so not a feat of strength. Even the dark ones work behind closed doors. There are a lot of starseeds here - what for? All of them made treaties with the light forces during their incarnation, but most of them don't keep them.

      Leading light workers are so successful because of their agreements. They are supported by the Light Forces. For tactical reasons, they work at a low level to reach many people. Their service in return is to support higher level Lightworkers (like Cobra in mass meditations). But they do not keep these agreements, which has a negative impact on timelines.

      They do this because they consider what comes from their Higher Self as coming from their lower self, which leads to pride and arrogance and increases darkness instead of light.

      Cobra sagte, es war gerade genug, um... - also keine Glanzleistung. Auch die Dunklen arbeiten hinter geschlossenen Türen. Es gibt hier sehr viele Sternensaaten - wozu? Alle haben bei ihrer Inkarnation Verträge mit den Lichtkräften geschlossen, aber die allermeisten halten sie nicht ein.

      Führende Lichtarbeiter sind aufgrund ihrer Verträge so erfolgreich. Sie werden von den Lichtkräften unterstützt. Aus taktischen Gründen arbeiten sie auf niedrigem Niveau, um viele Menschen zu erreichen. Ihre Gegenleistung soll sein, Lichtarbeiter mit höherem Niveau (wie Cobra bei Massenmeditationen) zu unterstützen. Aber sie halten diese Verträge nicht ein, was Zeitlinien negativ beeinflusst.

      Sie tun dies, weil sie das, was von ihrem Höheren Selbst kommt, als von ihrem niedrigen Selbst kommend betrachten, was zu Stolz und Arroganz führt und Dunkelheit vermehrt anstatt Licht.

    3. @3k14Pi

      We got no weapons, no intel, no tactics, no equipment, little to no information on what's going on.....what the FUCK are we do to?!

      The light forces need to wake up, get their weapons and realize the bad guys MUST die....the bad guys will chose DEATH over defeat...YOU know it, I know it.

      For tactical reasons, the bad guys must be rubbed out.....nothing else will cut it, since it seems each time we THINK we got a foothold, the bad guys manage to reload their weapons, as it were.

    4. Sherman.. u know it and everyone also knows as to why the switch has not been triggered...

      It is easier said than done.. to say just remove of all the bad ones .. done..

      Would u not think if it was that simple it would not have been done already.

      We were told why still is not possible.. we keep intentionally or not forgetting the above lil/major detail when we ready for our rant.

      We all understand the frustration... we had lived thru it or we still keep feeding it.. is a choice

      We have to work with what we have at our disposal

      Or choose to stay angry demanding every single time the same rethoric that we already know that doesnt work cause is not possible before or still now.

      Lets not forget this game wasnt build in one day nor 6 days.. so lets not expect.. that at the moment we are aware of the playbook we let out arrogance dictate what the solution is (and i am guilty of this).
      That no one else had thought of it nor had tried everything in their power to get to the conclusion.

      My friend.. it is clear u still angry... tell me how far has it gotten u...

      I have read u through the years Sherman... the anger has not wavered... whether is testament of ur suffering or not.. the fact is... in order to move forward we need to start being a more posive force even to ourselves.

      i had me share of rants and so have others(so dont think i am picking on u Sherman).. is normal reaction.. but we need to sit back and think at times.. where does fueling our anger and at times self pity take us... snd for how long could this possibly be anywhere helpful toward our healing.

      You may be dismissive to what i just implied or said... at the end of the day.. it doesnt matter what i said.. is what u feel and wat u perceive as truth that will govern ur days... if so to choose angry is ur thing.. well that is what will rule u

  35. Thanks for the update!
    Translated to spanish
    Traducido al castellano

  36. Of course I am absolutely and definitely in!

    Come on dear lightworkers!
    We have reached the critical mass for the activation of the Age of Aquarius, we can do this too!

    Let's show the Light Forces that we can do it again! Please give the Light Forces 20 minutes of your life!

    Victory of the Light!

  37. I will definitely join in and share this meditation, that is a given... but I am so confused right now! Our Age of Aquarius activation in January was a success that brought us into phase 3...the Blue Dawn is here...the meditations, and the Pleiadians with their stardust protocol have been kicking butt on the corona virus, slowing it down...chimera spiders being cleared...endtime madness is a (necessary) purging of darkness ahead of compression breakthrough...etc. etc... With so much good / uplifting news sprinkled throughout several posts/updates these last several weeks, I was not aware that the current timeline was NOT going as planned!🤔 Of course we all know that the dark forces are desperately fighting tooth and nail to create as much fear and chaos as possible- which is driving the endtime madness- which was expected- but according to the info here it also seemed that the LF had a handle on things. No? And now, the fact that we need this new meditation, just boggles my tired brain. I was under the impression our current timeline was solid since Jan.11...Not so?
    *face palm*
    What the heck happened?

    1. Each phase has it own challenges I guess

    2. Where is this more direct intervention Cobra said the LAST meditation we had, where we got the 144k?

    3. @Shermon,
      Cobra has spoken of direct intervention.

  38. Another global meditation!? There's tens of thousands of people that died in the last week and the light forces want us to wait one whole month, while the virus kills us all?!
    DEAR FORCES OF LIGHT, I HAVE A HONEST COMPLAINT: -They released a pandemic that kills tens of thousands of people on us without our permission and we feel powerless against it. Please step up and respond in kind. - We're not actually united, we've been tortured with ignorance and rejection since we were born, we don't actually feel a sense of unity even though we spend our lives searching for it. We're desperately craving it but we can't see it! To give you an understanding of how bad the situation is, it took me 3-4 years of professional therapy to finally get into a state of mutual respect and love with my relationship partner. 99% of the population either doesn't believe in or can't afford professional therapy. Not to mention they feel like that's what life is meant to be: a horrible loneliness hell where nobody understands or cares about you.
    - The hardest, most heart crushing thing I ever did in my life was to heal myself (my emotional trauma) when I NEEDED to be saved! It felt like being beaten down a whole full of feces and finding the strength to pull MYSELF out of it in spite of the torture, in spite of nobody helping me, in spite of everybody beating me further down the whole. I HATE that I had to SAVE MYSELF! It was maddening and painful. Forcing myself to save myself was a trauma all onto itself. And furthermore, none of your guides and channels did anything but give me an "update addiction" the real savior, who's methods ACTUALLY work was Teal Swan.
    -Speaking of Teal Swan, why haven't any of your envoys asked her to participate with her fan base to our global meditations? She's an extra sensory, she can see guides, angels, energies, etc. She can see and hear you. She's a huge revered celebrity here and us fans have a harder time reaching and convincing her to publicly participate to our global meditations.
    - I'm going to blow the whistle on every lightworker out there who has never channeled or seen (face to face) a Pleiadian from the light forces that are here to battle the dark forces: We don't actually believe you're there! We want to believe you're there, we create a fantasy world where there's light ships all around us but that's just it, it's a fantasy, an imaginary scenario, not the truth! We can't, we can't feel/see/hear you! And the global meditations we do, we don't actually believe those work either, same as the light forces, we want to believe, we act like we don, but it's just fantasy/ imaginary, not the truth. What people meditating feel is what would affect them directly like the pillar of light or vortexes swirling on/in our personal space. everything that doesn't affect us individuals directly we can't feel it and we just use our imagination/ visualization techniques in hopes it works. We're doing it mechanically, not with inspiration and purpose. We do it like it's our job or we do it because we have to, just like we'd do it for our surface/dark system bosses.

    Stop asking for our approval while we're getting tortured and beaten to death! We can't scream any louder for help, we've been screaming for a savior for 3000 years or more! Can't you hear us? You already cleared the majority of the strangelet and toplet bombs, surely you can do more now!

    Suggestion: "It's better to ask for forgiveness than to ask for permission." And I promise, we will forgive you, we have been subconsciously waiting for you for millennia!

    1. Aria i cant speak for them of course. I am sure they have heard your statement and pain you have shared.

      I will try to be brief.in our microcosm as individuals there is opportunities to add a lil bit of love to the world... only so much that is if we are not distracted by the traumas we have to deal with daily...

      what we lack in major ways even among the awaken population
      is that chain of love power that only mass participation.. coordination and synchornization could only muster/manifest..

      It is clear we are not yet out of the woodworks. We are closer though
      ... so regardless how a new opportunity to create that chain of love is presented or described as.. whether is yet again for another opportunity to improve our timelined or assist in removal of yet another dark dirty trick... what is important is that we need to make our voices heard.. our love spread accross the continents... to show that we are all one.. that we stand for change.. that we speak for those unheard.. that we are here for those unseen...

      We are aware only a small percent of the present predicament... regardless even if the ods are greater than we are made to believe .. we must not give up... you are not alone... this can't be a celestial joke.. because deep inside each n everyone one of us holds some sacred knowledge n understanding unique to each... this inner understanding spells out that life is more than these mortal challenges and wounds... i wholesomely believe that u as a star child would have been wrapped in love this very moment by your star family if they could... we are by far the forgotten children... we are the children they are waiting on... the children many above and below are placing their life on the line to keep alive .. sure we may feel like we are on life support.. but regardless.. dont ever doubt that you roam in someone elses heart... dont ever doubt that u are not alone... nor are those whose pains have yet to be written about...

      This is the time however... where if we were to spend it in just speaking of our pain we would never accomplish much as our struggles goes beyond lifetimes... we need each n everyone to step up to the occassion when a call for unification is made... simply because.. is the least we can do for the unspoken souls.. for those silent voices that only pray for mercy for they see no end to their suffering... for everyone else im between n for ourselves... this is how we can show everyone that they r not alone.. and we do this cause we mean it not cause we have to.

    2. There are far fewer people in the astral plane now. Many of the deceased are therefore already incarnated again.

      There's hundreds of thousands of people that incarnated in the last week

    3. @3k14Pi
      They have my condolences.

      Probably FORCED to incarnate here, due to the incarnational TRAP/veil on this twisted planet.

      THIS is probably the reason why there are so many haunted places, where spirits stay, refusing to leave it...for they figured it all out, for they will be forced into ANOTHER human lifetime....who the FUCK wants THAT again?!

    4. @Sherman,
      the laws of higher-dimensional physics cannot be circumvented.

  39. This purification is called the end time madness.

  40. 4h45am, that sound hard, there won't be many europeans. There is no way to do the meditation in sleep I suppose ;) ?

    1. It is sunday I suppose. We can wake up early, it is the best daytime for meditaton. 💓✌🤗🌎💞

    2. Liberation of the planet is important. They will have to set an alarm clock.

    3. I guess light forces count on Asian people. Not gonna be easy to reach critical mass. We won with age of aquarius meditation that was supposed to bring us closer to nicer times.
      How to explain to people the reason for next meditation? That unity thing is pish too. It the light forces want unity, then might as well detonate the planet now. Not much unity within awaken community. Even people on this blog losing faith. Convince the unawaken? Good luck.
      I'm still gonna meditate but seams the weight of the world is placed on not enough shoulders. Also seemed the light forces had situation with the virus under control, yet cabal does whatever they want.
      Anyway, good luck to us all. One day we will be free

    4. This sequence of what to di in meditation is to complicated even for me ,, Cobra is that only how you can participate in meditation ,, can it be you read all this and just meditate whit that intent ,, make video where all that happens maybe it will be easier because like this new people or me personally can't relax and focus on meditation itself ,, also make some nice post not to overwhelming for new people who wants to participate to catch what to do why to do ,, I have share your blog whit scientist little bid mad scientist who has 50 000+ people following him on Facebook he talks about what is happening in world more or less as you but again he is scientist he got Tesla award for science people who follow him on blog they follow him because stuff he say in his interviews on TV stations , for example he say this Zumboids that run world are crazy ,, I don't know what to say but he would need to go 5 years in back and read all posts and watch all interviews and stuff to see is he interested or will he post on his Facebook let's go people let's do this meditation

  41. "Essa ativação é um teste para a população de superfície, seja capaz de manifestar unidade ou não. As Forças Leves acompanharão o nível de cooperação e o usarão como um dos fatores determinantes para os planos futuros imediatos para o Evento."
    A contrapartida esperada é a prisão das pessoas que ainda detém a tecnologia para provocar um Raio Azul e uma praga de Gafanhotos. Bem como, a prisão esperada dos que comandam e dos que realizam os testes com o Coronavírus.

  42. Thank You Cobra ❤️🙏 But seriously I'm thinking physical intervention, some indication that our Galactic Brothers and Sisters are actually here, as close as some say,is the only thing that will wake up and unite the masses. Most of Us Light workers appear crazy and out there because as of yet there is no actual proof that any Intervention of any kind is happening, it's just hearsay. To 99% of the population nothing any different is happening and we are just fringe conspiracy space cadets on medication with foil hats on. My wife smiles affectionately at me when I mention this movement, hoping I'll get over this and move on to a normal life soon, or seek psychiatric help. Come on Light Forces give Us All a no Nonsense, irrefutable Sign your here to Help and convince the other 99% to Wake Up! I can not see any main religious organizations or the like using this Meditation it's just not the way they do things. Sorry to burst any personal bubbles but Earths Reality bubble needs bursting before any Real progress will happen. It's Time to rip the band aid off and unfurl the cotton wool the dark ones have had us smothered in for Aeons. ❤️🙏

    1. @Dr Bob


      We need a physical intervention.....the light forces...if they think only WE can take on the bad guys ALONE and UNAIDED....all that's gonna result is a bigger body count.

      Rip off the band-aid, YES....I been saying this for YEARS. Otherwise, NOTHING will happen.

      Either show up and KILL the bad guys...or PICK UP those of us who are ready for contact....I REFUSE to stay on a sinking ship, I will not get drowned for some 'great mission'.....FORGET IT.

      So, light forces.....GET UP OFF YOUR ASSES! WE DID THE 144K bit already....we done out part.....now do YOURS!

    2. They told us the time would come when we would have to keep calm love, compassion for humility for others, that time is here ...

    3. Yea my best friends are walls bugs air and animals all else think I'm crazy and I'm not social acceptable anymore because 90% of subjects people are talk about we have different perspective whit one big difference I know they only have opinion ,, I know something is there because when I meditate I feel so much in my body so nobody can tell me I am crazy because I am not , it would be easier if I am ,, and funny is one time I was thinking about all this shittt and how to call our situation here on Earth and I have compare it to movie whit Jim Carry acting , couldn't remember name of movie but all else I I could remember about movie ,,then few days later Cobra post we are like in Thurman Show ,, what to say spy's everywhere in real life in spiritual ,, it is like in Casino put on Black or White or on Zero odds are same

  43. I sent a msg to Gold Fish Report via Facebook and Ascension Radio. I’ll be reaching out to the others too❤️ If all of us work together as a team we can make this happen❤️❤️❤️

  44. Like before the previous meditation, I suggest you all write an invitation to the upcoming April 4th meditation in the comments sections below each of the following videos on the following youtube channels:

    ECETI Stargate Official YouTube Channel
    Simon Parkes
    The GoldFish Report
    SphereBeing Alliance
    Stillness in the Storm
    Prepare For Change
    Alfred Lambremont Webre
    Age Of Truth TV
    Robert David STEELE Vivas #UNRIG
    Edge of Wonder
    Destroying the Illusion
    Cosmic Agency
    Infinite Waters (Diving Deep).

    As well as in any other youtube channels you think might have responsive people. Write the invitation in plain text and attach the link to this Cobras publication. Together we will succeed! Victory of the Light!

  45. I was very happy last time when we reached the critical mass. But i lost the hope now... April 4/5 is very far from now. How many people will die till then? Dear Cobra, we need to know more details (if possible), and to know why wasn' t enough the last critical mass to get the hope back!
    Victory of the LIGHT!!!

    1. We get the hope back, but people keep in the drama of earth, fear, etc and now we need to push to the best timeline again and again since many people are not doing their homework. A new virus, war tension, etc etc, always the same and people still get caught in it and us need to help stabilize as always.

      Anyways, Victory of the light!!

  46. I see on this blog that some lightworkers just can't behave.

    They believe 1 or 2 mass meditations a year is enough to initiate the event. And if that's not enough, they complain and give up. For me as a lightworker this dysfunctional behavior is very shameful.

    What planet do you think you are on? This is the last planet in this universe under the rule of the dark forces. Do you think the dark forces are giving up just because they are weakened? The Dark Forces know that if they lose here it is over for good! So they do everything they can to prevent the event.

    Of course it is not enough to meditate every 4 hours! But better every 4 hours than NOT! Do you understand?

    This is the endgame!

    Some lightworkers just don't understand it. They want immediate results.

    I've already said that the endgame will demand a lot of sweat.

    The event means freedom for billions. Of course the dark forces will do anything, and I mean really anything, to prevent our liberation. Until the very last moment.

    No matter how many times dysfunctional lightworkers complain here, I will go my way. On my path, giving up is unacceptable. I will work with other Lightworkers who decide with their free will not to give up supporting the Light Forces and liberate this planet.

    Victory of the Light.

    1. *slow, sarcastic clap*

      Ummm....IF this is the final planet with evil control....WHY IS IT TAKING SO FUCKING LONG!!!???!!!!

      Why not...and hear me out on this....the light forces bring an ARMADA of starships....materialize for the WORLD to see, and have them appear, round up the bad guys and take them away? How fucking DIFFICULT is it for the light forces to WIPE OUT the bad guys?

      Just KILL 'EM and get it over with! They won't surrender, they PREFER oblivion over a life where they do not rule....so GIVE them oblivion, I say....not like ANYONE is gonna weep for them, I sure as hell won't.

      So, spare us the pre match peptalk....we need DIRECT ACTION/INTERVENTION.

    2. They think because Cobra said when we reach 144k we will have Event ,, go read blog in past 5 years , so they behave accordingly ,, if I tell you to work harder and you will get bigger paycheck for it and in end of month I say not even sorry , don't judge people on this blog not Cobra not Dark Forces do as you wish whit your life that is free will , Dark Ones do what they want I do what I want you do what you want ,, if someone is disappointed for very good reason and you are like smartest guy in universe who can judge them because you know how they should fell , sorry God almighty I didn't know that was you speaking , but funny is he don't judge nobody ,,

    3. Ah, Sherman.

      I was hoping you'd respond to my comment.
      I see many of your comments on Cobra's blog.

      This is the first time I've been attacked by a lightworker on Cobra's blog. It was only a matter of time and you're the first to do it.

      First... It's nice to meet you.

      So Sherman...
      You might be surprised but... sometimes I think like you. I've read a lot of updates from Cobra, and a lot of them I don't like, I admit. But Cobra explained a lot in his interviews.

      You know...
      The activation of the Age of Aquarius was successful and I was very happy about that. The Light Forces have made progress.

      I have decided to continue with my free will. I don't want to waste my life energy complaining all the time. I help as I see fit. This is my way and I am not giving up.

      If the Light Forces initiate and intervene now, the Chimera Group will wipe out this planet and all life on this planet immediately. Do you understand this?

      I am on this planet to help liberate humanity. That is my focus.

      If you decide with your free will not to help anymore, not to meditate anymore and rather express your frustration on this blog, ok, your decision.

      I have my way and you have your way.

      You're angry and I understand.

      No one on this blog will be able to make me give up.

      You have no idea what I have been through in my life on this planet and yet I have never lost the light in my heart.

      If I could, I would take a spaceship to pick you up and save you here. But I am a prisoner on this planet myself.

      I do not know why, but I am motivated and sure that the light will be victorious.

      When this planet is liberated and we both should meet, I would shake your hand and welcome you in all friendship.

      Greetings from Germany.

    4. @Lightworker GER: EXACTLY!

    5. Merciiii 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽 we love you sherman again i think someone caled lightworker GER was thinking like me about you sherman we are with you but you have to know that cobra expain to us meny times that à contact with then can't apen like your are thinking.

      Contact cannot happen first since the matrix was created to prevent extraterrestrial contact. In addition, we have the chimera group which could destroy the planet or make less damage. Then you have all the implant monitoring systems and all over the matrix know what we are doing in a way it just can't happen like that I think you need my dear friend to be aware of the situation we are submissive here. I wish you all the best try for a moment to connect to the light it will do you good. And it will give you a bigger perspective. And again tanks to this message from lightworker GER this message resonate with me deep.

      You know incredible sherman hahaha that I had the same thought as lightworker GER. I met you because your messages at a certain moment were discouraging (but I could understand you it also happened to me to think like you) after the event we were all grouped together (starseed) and you were there I approached you friendly and I tell you man you were really difficult but we got there at the event. Lots of love to all.
      Sorry if thé translation is not correct.

      We will win this war.

      VICTOIRE de la lumière

  47. people are helpless. you cant even buy hand alcohol sanitizer because its all gone. like everyone says the hope is gone because the light forces are not doing anything to give us hope or a chance to fight back. it is beyond absurd to wait a month to see how many die and drop the morale lower to see if we pass your test? that is beyond insulting and only serves to lose all faith left in you. not to mention all the people attacked during meditations.go home light forces you are not doing anything anyway

  48. I will participate. April is a long way off when the virus is in your state and your immune system sucks. Will light workers be protected from dying before the April meditation?

  49. During each physical war, the victorious country did not conquer from start to finish, it too suffered human losses and periods when victory seemed to go away. Why would it be different with the Light Forces? The enemy is formidable, and very vicious! At no time should you relax the defense, at no time should you believe that the battle is won until it is over! Each small victory is a step towards the final victory, we haven't finished the fight, this is not the time to give up, so let's do like the gladiators saluting Julius Caesar and saying: "Those who are going to die salute you! ".
    It is about the liberation of our planet, the stake is great and definite, and the battle is at the height of the stake. Our ancestors were proud to go into battle, which was a physical battle; we are just asked to sit down and meditate ... And the way we do it will or will not bear fruit. If these days, for a battle of such importance, we are just asked to sit down and meditate, it is because it is time for us to understand our infinite power and use it. What do we have to fear? In spirit we are the Most Holy Son of God, of unlimited power and love. What can the dark forces do against our Light? their power lies in the ignorance of our power!
    So even if we have to meditate again and again, and again, let's do it, let us show God that we are truly His Son, and that we are fighting to give Him back His Kingdom!
    Top hearts!

    1. You fight against his children so there is no victory in my mind , it is like mother / farther watch their children fight ,so no victory , and those wars you talk about are problem because who we are = our history on earth and our mind programming ,, I have read post from Acturians that perfectly explain why we have so hard time doing this , it go something like this ,, You are Light Warriors who now need to sit and put shields and swords down and master patience ,, biggest problem is Light Warriors can't see progress so you need sit down and calm yourself believe it know it it is all ok ,, it is hard , if I have born on Tibet and Buddhists raised me it would be easier ,, same as for Buddhist it would be hard to be policeman

  50. I will be there, Cobra❤️💛🧡

  51. I am all in! Let's make critical mass. Victory of the Light!

  52. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. @Uviniciusc

      PLEASE ask the crews of those ships to PICK ME UP, only THEY can give me the happiness I need, for this world can't.

      And yes, DIRECT intervention is needed and preferred. Look at history...each time it was up to human intermediaries to take on the bad guys, they often met a grizzly end.....Joan of Arc, St. Paul, Tesla, Kennedy, Assange himself is probably dead already.

      Come on, ET's APPEAR and finally start kicking some bad guy butt for once!

  53. I've got so much to tell you, but I'm afraid you won't believe me...

  54. 3:45am in the UK, that is perfect, complete stillness and silence for maximum effect, im definitely in, will share as far and wide as possible.

  55. This comment has been removed by the author.

  56. Yes I must admit i’m a little pissed off. The dark ones release a boi-weapon killing 1000’s and spread it around the globe causing world wide pandemic even if the threat to life is minimal I would still expect the light forces to be able to retaliate or take drastic action as this is a step to far.
    Now I know I have no idea what actions the light forces are doing or how hard they’re working but when lightworkers are consistently asked to do these meditations and reach critical mass and we actually do it, but then a couple months later we are asked again its sort of loses momentum. I will not be participating in the next meditation because it clashes with my work. I would like the light forces to step up the contact with us ground crew to get their hopes and spirit back up. I understand its the hardest right before the finishing line but a helping hand wouldn’t go a miss haha

  57. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. Is it possible for someone to delay the event? Aren't the rays coming from the central sun? Who really can stop, such a great cosmic force?

    2. All toplet bombs removed? Are you sure? The event would follow that.

  58. Some believe it is only great power that can hold evil in check, but that is not what I have found. It is the small everyday deeds of ordinary folk that keep the darkness at bay. Small acts of kindness and love.

    1. Walking old ladies across the street, or rescuing puppy dogs WON'T topple the evil empire.

      This is a WAR, you know.

  59. They told us the time would come when we would have to keep calm love, compassion for humility for others, that time is here ...

  60. What if coronavirus is part of the plan, for those who are not ready to change so they can leave ...

  61. Sure, I`ll be doing and promoting this meditation as I feel that this stupid C-virus paranoia amongst the dull masses is indeed affecting the good energies achieved earlier with our successful Age of Aquarius meditation! It`s like this prolonged scare is extinguishing the good effect and positive course so I`m with Cobra on this one! But I don`t like that there will be some sort of a test of a unity levels for the population on this! WE ALREADY REACHED THE UNITY LAST TIME AND IN 2018!!!JESUS CHRIST!! Something feel strange with this!! Maybe here so called lightforces could intervene more directly as promised in case of a successful Age of Aquarius meditation and to cut some oxigen to mainstream media, huh??????!!!!!!! Because they are reporting our good progress into oblivion with this c-virus fake hysteria!! And will be doing that in a future!!!! There are reports that this whole c-virus situation is purely a media hoax! A scam! And it doesn`t seem that the sleeping masses are getting smarter too! So this is a problem.

  62. Дорогой Кобра благодарю 💕🌺💕🌺💕🙏🙏🙏Казахстан подключается! Победа Света!!! 💜💜💜

  63. I've been thinking about this, and sorry, but I'm going to have to leave you on your own. I've really always been on my own. There are so many problems I can't fix. When there are problems that cannot be fixed, the best thing to do is move on. The problem with the light forces having little to no influence over physical reality is obviously a problem that cannot be fixed.

    I know that this is the next 'biggest most important' meditation coming up and so forth. Yet, so was the last one, and the one before that, etc. It's always something that's just out of reach, just one more time, just one last breakthrough, when really there is nothing to see.

    I will not be participating any further. It's time I finally left. I'm walking away. I have needs that have not been met, and it's time that my torment finally comes to an end. I will find my own way to take my power back. I will no longer give my power away to someone else's cause. Good bye.

  64. I sent Simon Parks with Connecting Conscious group the info. We also do meditations. I am sure he will coordinate with this.

  65. Forwarded to my Connecting Conscious group with Simon Parks who also does meditations and I am sure he will coordinate with this.

  66. I praise everyone who is ready to continue the good fight!!! Find encouragement in other light warriors like you! Others ask yourself a very simple question - why am I here, how do I perceive myself? Am I a warrior of light? If the answer is no, then I strongly urge you to keep eating your popcorn and keep to your self all your disbelief, doubt, ignorance and your victim's point of view. If this type of vibration-lowering behavior comes from you unknowingly, consider whether you should not do self-cleaning and self-healing yet. At no time did Cobra claim that Age of Aquarius meditation would be the last mass meditation. On the contrary, it has been repeatedly emphasized that the Dark will continue to create chaos to the very end and to their complete defeat. Why are you surprised that we, the soldiers of light, must continue to counteract their evil deeds? It is also said that nothing will change much in the physical world until the Event itself and the removal of Cabal. One of the key factors that will change everything at one moment is still invisible to most of us, and that is the ever-increasing accumulation of Light in the subtle plans caused by our individual and mass meditations and elevation of vibration. Keep your vibrations high and don't let others doubt and disbelief stick to you too. Don't try, just do. It's all a matter of faith. The outcome will directly depend on your faith in what you do. Co-creators, don't be deceived. It takes effort, but the reward will be worth it. Victory of the Light!

  67. Three months have passed since 2020 and nothing positive has happened on this planet yet, and you introduce a meditation every day. Do you think people are joining this meditation without something positive? We are getting worse every day, not getting better !!!

  68. Moves and counter moves. In order to understand why again...consulte the I Am (the deathless Self within). From there you shall see that this is a nonlinear war we are engaged in. Our freedom is not going to based on one meditation but within the Self, continue to devote time to Self every day...this will crack the matrix, not waiting for beings in starships to save you. The LF and RM are with you, not in flesh and blood but in your heart of hearts.

    Remember this a cosmic play and we are actor, viewer,and director. Play each role from the highest precept of never ending Love.

    Patience and Endurance will lead you to Freedom!

    "And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose." - Romans 8:28

    This verse is for all of us. Forget the body/mind ego. The Self never fails.

    1. Look how many people DIED trying to fight the bad guys.

      Sorry, but the alien starships showing up is our ONLY way to win. Otherwise, you are just mentally MASTURBATING.

      And I want nothing to do with this 'comic play', for I do NOT find it entertaining, fun, or enjoyable.


    2. @J
      One can be TOO PATIENT, you know.

      MAYBE, if we humans got to lived for thousands of years, without aging, like the ET's, We'd be more patient as well.....but we're genetically raped monkeys, with neutered DNA.....we need the ET's to REPAIR this DNA, I wanna be something OTHER than a defective primate.

  69. Of course most of will do this meditation, but this is honestly one of the most disheartening messages by COBRA to date. You told us after the success of the last mediation that the Light Forces would now be able to take a much more direct and active role in the planetary liberation and that we had shifted to a positive timeline. Since then there has been no collapse in the central banking debt slavery system, no financial reset, no major cabal members amongst surface population brought to justice, a virus sweeping the globe killing thousands- overall, NO TANGIBLE RESULTS. Your wording in this message about this being a test and that we're being monitored to see who participates is insensitive and almost comes off as a threat. Easy for you all to say that, meanwhile surface population light workers are suffering the most by far drowning in debt, dying of disease, suffering through war, protests and generally being marginalized by the rest of "normal" as crazy conspiracy theorists. Get us some of your promised results, otherwise point the finger somewhere else!

    1. You have formulated exactly my thoughts, dear friend. This message is threatening and I can't figure out, how supreme beings can think about us in this way, especially when their part of action, is the missing "link" here!

    2. NAILED IT.

      Come on light forces....how much HAS to happen before you get off your ASSES and do YOUR part?

      We did OURS, GODDAMMIT!

    3. I really agree with you, IT seems very bizarre that only NOW they would look at the number of participants.. Everybody is just trying to survive here without any signs of improvement.. I think a lot of people are quitting now and loose there hope all together.. Can we do something better than meditation? I REALLY would like to know.. wishing all strength 💖

    4. My thoughts exactly. Always another reason why it cant happen. Most people are chipped! They cant wake up.
      Pleaidian stardust would stop corona virus what happened? So 5D and higher Pleaidians cant stop it??

      This reads as fear based more meditating to convince the galactics who ALLOWED THE DARK ONES TO INHABIT EARTH TAKING HUMANITY HOSTAGE 350K YRS AGO USING US AS FOOD now want us to prove there is enough of.us wanting to ascend? WTF

    5. Yep. They ALLOWED this....it's time the galactic forces FACE THEIR RESPONSIBILITY AND END THIS.

      Meditation won't cut it, ACTION is needed. As Scotty said, "the most effective diplomat I know is a fully charged PHASER BANK!" Come on, Galactics, USE your phasers, or whatever you got.

    6. Ikr!
      Point your fingers somewhere else!
      I love you!

  70. We're not meditating against the corona virus, we're meditating for end of the jewish passover. March 14 is a better date than april 4 to 5.

  71. Sure, I`ll be doing and promoting this meditation as I feel that this stupid C-virus paranoia amongst the dull masses is indeed affecting the good energies achieved with our successful Age of Aquarius meditation! It`s like this prolonged scare is extinguishing the good effect and positive course so I`m with Cobra on this one! But I don`t like that there will be some sort of a test of a unity levels for the population! WE ALREADY REACHED THE UNITY LAST TIME AND IN 2018!!!JESUS CHRIST!! Something feels strange with this!! Maybe here so called lightforces could intervene more directly as promised in case of a successful Age of Aquarius meditation and to cut some oxigen to mainstream media??????!!!!!!! Because they are reporting our good progress into oblivion with this c-virus fake hysteria!! And will be doing that!!!! There are reports that this whole c-virus situation is purely a media hoax! A scam! And it doesn`t seem that the sleeping masses are getting smarter too! So this is a problem.

  72. You'll have to do more promotion since most people supporting this blog will be dead. Will light forces interfere when humanity dies?

  73. What happened to that 144k critcal mass that was needed, and we pulled off?

    What was the point if nothing came out of it?

  74. I must say after reading all the comments, it is easy to feel discouraged.
    But personally I have seen that being on the side of light has made my life better even though I am right there with most of you in not having enough money and blah blah. But I have seen that hard work and educating myself to better my life has turned my life around. This has in turn made me peaceful and loving and ready to act on the light forces instructions at a moment's notice.
    We have to better our life. There is no other hope. So let's just meditate and ask others to join in with us.
    I always feel energized after a good meditation. And then I get good ideas to better my life.
    I am in Cobra!

    1. Aditya, Absolutely!

      We all need to be positive ANYWAY.
      We all need to improve our lives.
      We all need to develop our own higher selves.

      If we read this blog, we are probably on this path anyway.

      <3 Sending some love.

    2. I am light and i meditate at least half an hour every day and night.
      I just don't feel called for mass meditations anymore.
      Even when the critical mass is reached nothing happens.
      I feel keeping our vibes in uncoditional love and unity daily is much more effective.
      Be love all the time.

  75. This process is like windows 10 updates.
    They work but they don't.

    Shoulda dropped the nukes back in the 50's, get this bullshit over and done with.
    BIG mistake coming to this planet, BIG god damn mistake.

    1. Yeah... But we are grand and will be equaly rewarded.

  76. I see the comments I posted triggered you cobra. Why you didn't approve my comments everyone should see the comments I made because they are pure facts it's not my opinion it's a fact so why you got triggered so much if what i said was not truth.No malicious intentions but someone has to be honest and tell the facts without sugar coating ??

  77. This is what I came onto this planet to do, and you better believe I'm not going to miss this one. Count me in!

  78. Shared on The Golden Age Goddess


  79. I get both sides. I will be there up until and on the 4th. I look at it like a tug-o-war and I would assume the Dark Ones (having everything to lose) are constantly pulling so we need to match that AND overtake their efforts. I just thought that we would see more direction and communication from our team. I feel like the only communication is that we aren't doing enough. I do enjoy Intel and it unfortunately helps fuel what I'm doing. I have no doubt that what we are doing is needed. I just thought that we would be trusted with more updating and/or reporting at this point in the game. KEEP YOUR HEADS UP FOLKS.... I MEAN, WHAT ELSE ARE YOU GOING TO DO :) See everyone on the 4th!!!

    1. Thanks is exactly what I wanted to write. Stay strong !

  80. The updates are not consistent. Gamma timeline is secure. We hit critical mass with last major mediation. Pleaidians are using nanostardust to neutralize the virus. The dark ones on the plasma plane are almost removed!?

    WTF toplet bombs have to be gone by now. We have how many 5D and higher galactic races here helping?

    I read fear in this update. So we stop this virus and another bioweapon is dropped using the chemtrail jets?

    The virus isnt even killing most people only people with medical issues already.

    Why are we having to keep proving to the galactics we deserve the solar wave when in fact we are them and this duality experiment went terribly wrong with AI virus infection. So sick controlled hostages need to prove they deserve to be rescued by friends and family? Enough.. the updates are not consistent.
    This is very disappointing.

    What happened to luring the chimera archons reptilians to China on the plasma plane for final removal Cobra?

    This reads as fear based


    1. Same.
      Cobra himself told us not to worry or fear or even think of corona virus.
      Something feels really strange here.

    2. No, toplet bombs are NOT gone. I explained a zillion times already that until they are gone, the Light forces do NOT have so much power on the physical plane as we would wish. However, with mass meditations we increase their ability to help. Your choice.

  81. Per the people out there who are worried about the Coronavirus.... I live very close to an area where is has killed several. I can tell you that it is blown WAY OUT of proportion. Remember to not get swayed by the volume of reports but the content instead. We are definitely winning. Get 2-3 weeks of supplies together and focus..... control your thoughts and focus on The Event. Everyone have a great day because you deserve it!

  82. The meditation is a good idea, however it needs to be sooner. It does not take that long to organize participation in these meditations, a week is more than sufficient. There is no need to abide to exact astrological aspects either, the collective energy generated is enough to create a positive opening. Energetic action is needed now, not only to counter the virus, but also to counter the re- anchoring of the dark energy that is happening right now as a result of dark forces feeding on the loosh generated by these events. A month is going to give the dk forces too much time to build and get stronger. So I suggest a much sooner date.

  83. YOU GUYS !!

    The January meditation was successful and we achieved a lot.

    Cobra is not saying we didn't achieve anything in that meditation.

    He is saying the Light Forces have to make some decisions about how they will proceed immediately after this Saturn-Pluto conjunction and if we hang together and meet the 144,000 level, THEY WILL GO IN ONE DIRECTION..... and if we don't meet the 144,000 level, THEY WILL DO SOMETHING ELSE.

    Don't get bogged down.

    We all need to keep working on this anyway.

    Really: Is promoting this April 4-5 meditation sweat off your back?

    Let's get all these big shots on board with this.

    We need to just bombard all of them with requests that they join in on this April 4-5 meditation.

    Justin of Stillness in the Storm was on board last time -- He can probably be persuaded this time to join in and we need to ask him to ask his buddies (David and his wife Elizabeth, Corey, Emery, Jordan, Laura Eisenhower etc) to participate.

    The spiritual communities too.

    I have a mailing list of about 150 people (friends, etc).

    And they are going to hear from me. Several times they are going to hear from me.

  84. Sorry to say but… something is not logic in this story.
    1) Pleiadian Stardust have disinnescate virus--> We need mass meditation against coronavirus
    2) We have raised critical mass and set on correct timeline --> We need do meditate for move on correct timeline
    3) We will see major intervention --> We have seen nothing

    Dear Space Friends
    If you exist and not are only product of our immagination it is time to move from your relaxed space ship and dirty your hand here with us

    Dear Cpbra
    if you are really in contact with them increase your interaction with us in this blog because no source say us truth


  85. Don’t be .... we love you ❤️

  86. This comment has been removed by the author.

  87. Thanks dear Cobra 🙏🏼 invitaremos a la mayor cantidad de personas a participar en esta meditación, para sobrepasar la masa crítica 🌟 Victory of the Light!!! 🙏🏼🌟❤️🌈

  88. People are Tired and frustrated, run down and feeling Low, is that not understandable, the Light at the end of the tunnel seems for some to be forever receding. It's going to be difficult as the last mass meditation proved to keep people enthused and on board when things don't appear to be happening, hence the kickback we've seen on this blog with regards to Cobra's post. Things are definitely coming to ahead. I'll obviously be doing the Med. I just pray the deadlock gets broken soon before we lose to many worn out Light workers. Not all Light workers know there Gods and remember past lives etc. Some are running on just hope and faith and there's only so far that will take certain souls before they call it a day. We just need a SIGN to keep the team happy and inspired in my opinion. Victory of the Light!

  89. 我们需要对地表直接的干预

  90. I‘m supporting this meditation and will take part for sure! But I can also sympatize with all who are frustrated, I mean all that it would take is a little sign from the Lightforces that all this is not just a joke.. I mean we are asked here since 2012 to follow blindly, In my view this can go on for only so long... I have asked for years for a sign in my personal life, this could be anything from a dream to a small blip in the sky. But not even that seems to be possible for them. So come on Light Forces, what did you expect?

  91. Weird fact:
    Last night i saw two spaceships at different moments over the hill right before my house.
    It was the 1st time i saw them moving like that and SO close.
    Then i came to this and my vibe went lower and lower.

    Honestly, is any of this true?
    I don't feel called at all for this.
    All i read is fear and i don't like that.

  92. I will meditate, as always,
    but the decision of the event
    ultimately lies with God.

  93. Za slovenske bralce: https://zmagaluci.blogspot.com/2020/03/sirite-po-internetu-meditacija-za.html

    Vabljeni v našo skupino Sestrstva Vrtnice in Podpore Dogodka na Facebooku: https://www.facebook.com/groups/220306748080801/

    Thank you for the post Cobra.

    Victory of the Light!

  94. I know that more people are getting frustrated about all the stuff going on on Earth right now, but we can't lose hope!

  95. Many comments are negative on this blog today! Vincent and I put ourselves in the place of Cobra who picks up everything in his face! Yet he is the only one who has always been consistent in his information and not to make promises at all! We have to read carefully all the information he gives us, especially the fact that the forces of Light are starting to attack the last layer of toplet bombs near the surface... How do you want the forces of Light to help us since if they get too close, we can all jump? The last meters are very difficult, we knew it! And we are here to carry the Light! The Shadow hates the Light and it hates us, preventing us from being happy! So, let's meditate, let's be united in adversity, let's try to be as consistent as our dear Cobra! We have nothing to lose! A little more courage, all of you! It is unbearable, we know it and we also experience it every day... But let's stay the course! We are not going to give up so close to the goal! Thank you dear Cobra! (Vincent and Marie-Hélène)

  96. Ascension Timeline/End of Coronavirus Promo Video 432Hz


    Promo video playlist:


    For those translators who feel guided to send me a translation of my promo video please send it to the following email:


    And the script of the video of course:


    Victory of the Light!

  97. I am in!!! At 4:45 in the morning in Sweden!❤️I'll set the alarm. There is NO EXCUSE for skipping this. THANK YOU COBRA for another oportunity to help out in this easy and pleasant way. ❤️

  98. Ok can I be the voice of reason here for a moment? So many who post on this blog want a "button" pushed and then expect everything to be magically in order. Has anyone considered the LOGISTICS required to mobilize goods, supplies, resources, healing devices, etc. etc. to Millions or Billions of people and explain the presence of Alien Civilizations AFTER the Event occurs? This will require serious COOPERATION on the part of many people globally! The reason Cobra said this is a "test" is to see how well we work together on a simple thing such as a group meditation. If we can't do that how are going to calm and mobilize entire COUNTRIES and MILLIONS/BILLIONS of people? The ET's can just show up after they press the reset button or there could be mass panic. That means WE have to be ready to step in and assist which will require major Cooperation and group effort.

    The majority of comments here so far do NOT show any type of willingness for the most part to simply participate in the meditation and are actually showing disrespect in both tone and insinuation. By stating you are unwilling to participate in the meditation you are showing the Light Forces you are unwilling to cooperate in other matters. I understand people are frustrated but you are missing the larger picture and there is never any excuse to be disrespectful (to one another or the Light Forces). Would you be motivated to help someone who continues to blast you with unkind words and accusations?

    To everyone reading this blog: We need to realize that in order to ASCEND as a collective to this wonderful 5D world we all dream of that MEDITATION and COOPERATION are how we get there. How do you think all of these other civilizations ascended??? It was NOT by dissension, complaining, being uncooperative or using disrespectful words. Those are all low vibrational behaviors and energies that we MUST overcome.

    Why is it so hard for everyone to understand that GROUP MEDITATION with a SINGULAR FOCUSED INTENTION is how we break through the matrix??? The reason we haven't fully broken through yet is not enough people will do this SIMPLE thing! Yet they spend so much energy telling everyone that they're not going to do it. This is incredible to me and I don't understand this response. It's 20 Minutes out of your life on a very powerful astrological day! What is the problem in doing this?

    Do this many people really not understand the power of GROUP FOCUS???

    It is more powerful than anything the Light Forces could ever do IF we get enough people to do it at the same moment! Until enough understand and embrace this concept, things will be delayed. If you don't understand the power of group meditation please watch the movie "Avatar"! Everything they accomplished was through group meditation and cooperation, even transferring the consciousness of someone into a new body!

    We haven't even BEGUN to embrace group meditation on the scale needed. That is what Cobra is trying to relate to us all. As for his "wording" English is not his first language so we should understand that and not attach inflammatory meanings to his words that are incorrect.

    Finally.....instead of continuing to envision the worst possible scenarios such as "no one will participate, they're just too unconscious" why don't we start to focus on the BEST possible scenario where in our personal meditations we see Millions joining us on April 4th and then reach out and contact those with larger followings? We can create this with our intentions.


  99. This is the time we are most needed, that is why we are exactly here. Take actions!

  100. yeah I have a feeling we will barely reach this requirement. People are alittle tired to keep this going with no reward and feeling good about yourself isn't a reward. Society is becoming too exhausted to act violent or unify.

  101. Prime Creator. Infinite creation. Love, Joy, Peace. Light. Angelic Beings. Living emanations of positive. Higher Universal consciousness. Galactic consciousness. Alliance of good will. Sincerity, truthfulness, support, cooperation, partnership between all beings, all humans of good will on the planet and i in space. Most Positive timeline. Protection of timeline. Protection of life. Living and letting to live in Love, Joy, Well being, of body and mind of all living beings. Spark of courage and ability to help others in all beings. Generous caring will of fellow human, sister, brother, everyone. Prime Creator, Angelic beautiful beings, Powers, Light Forces, Let good will, plea of most little of beings be heard most clearly among Prime Creation. Let the mercy, love, well being, peace, joy be given as light and love is ever present in everything, please let it multiple and grow and shared from Universal consciousness, Beings with Galactic consciousness, Let the wisdom, love, peace be transcended to remain stable on planet Earth. Lets Live and let live to all beings in Peace, Love, Joy, Well being of body and mind. Let Every being be thankful live Prime Creation Universal consciousness in now. Thank You.


  102. Prime Creator. Infinite creation. Love, Joy, Peace. Light. Angelic Beings. Living emanations of positive. Higher Universal consciousness. Galactic consciousness. Alliance of good will. Sincerity, truthfulness, support, cooperation, partnership between all beings, all humans of good will on the planet and in space. Most Positive timeline. Protection of timeline. Protection of life. Living and letting to live in Love, Joy, Well being, of body and mind of all living beings. Spark of courage and ability to help others in all beings. Generous caring will of fellow human, sister, brother, everyone. Prime Creator, Angelic beautiful beings, Powers, Light Forces, Let good will, plea of most little of beings be heard most clearly among Prime Creation. Let the mercy, love, well being, peace, joy be given as light and love is ever present in everything, please let it multiple and grow and shared from Universal consciousness, Beings with Galactic consciousness, Let the wisdom, love, peace be transcended to remain stable on planet Earth. Lets Live and let live to all beings in Peace, Love, Joy, Well being of body and mind. Let Every being be thankful live Prime Creation Universal consciousness in now. Thank You.

  103. China vê agora seu nível de poluição despencar e há evidências de que a mudança possa estar relacionada à desaceleração econômica por conta do avanço novo coronavírus (COVID-19). http://www.painelglobal.com.br/noticias.php?t=Nivel_de_poluicao_na_China_despenca_apos_surto_do_novo_coronavirus&id=20200303-123456

  104. I think the times are just as expected. Things cannot change as quick as many want, because matrix reality needs to be exposed a bit more. Whatever happens is just needed, otherwise it would not happen.

    I will participate in the meditation. Since 2017, I have always participated. And I will continue to do so.

  105. I am awaken since September 2017. Since this time I have learnt one thing – divine patience.
    As many of u here I would love to have Event NOW, as I’m sick of my lack of liberty, lack of cash, debts and so on. But when I observe my path back, I’m conscious, aware, that my Soul needed a lot of time to wake me up. I do believe, I understand the anscescion process also cannot happen without firm, solid preparation!
    I really think we shouldn’t discuss too much. No. We should do what we are supposed to! I don’t believe anyone here wishes to go back to 3D. We are given a great, great chance, we were given even a tool – we just have to sit down for a while and use it. No pain, no blood. Only some time to invest for a incredible future. I don’t belive this could be too much to anyone…
    My feeling is totally positive. If something is still not ready at our brothers out there, maybe we should move asses and make some, little, effort and HELP, as we are also being helped. Don’t you think?
    I will definitely meditate in April, I will join any meditation that will be suggested. And we should never, NEVER-EVER give up!! You better wake up people, or this kindergarten with spiders will never end. Brrrr.
    Victory of the Light.
    With Love, Aga

  106. I do understand the frustrations of many people that we aren't "there" yet. I myself am bummed out about that as well, trust me.
    But you know what? Complaining about it won't help one single bit.
    The dark ones are ramping up their efforts in their bid to survive, so what we should be doing the same in our quest to defeat the dark side.
    Quitting now is NOT an option.

    While I don't like repeating myself, I'll actually do just that and copy from a previous post a few days ago:

    All of us agreed beforehand to come here to FIGHT that FINAL BATTLE.
    Like it or not, remember it or not, that is what it is.
    Nobody thought that it would be this hard and last this long but we all agreed beforehand that we would tough it out and do WHATEVER IT TAKES to fulfill our divine mission.

    And we will DO just THAT.
    I AM proud of each and every single One of You.
    Quitters never win.
    Winners Never Quit.


    Tomorrow will be SunShine.
    And all this darkness past.

    This is
    Land Of Hope And Dreams


    Bells Of Freedom will ring.

    I AM DC

  107. Thanks COBRA...the Intel I have been missing (less and less posting from you) came in a new form to me just now. Although I've been reading here since 2014 I've never taken the time to read your responses to comments. I did that today (on this post) and it filled the void of not listening to or reading an interview from you. Who and why you chose to comment on realigned my thoughts. It has changed my day for the better.

  108. I usually dedicate my hours of night sleep to meditations to facilitate the light work of light workers. You could do the same.