Sunday, May 21, 2023

Situation Update and Cobra Conference in Japan

The Light Forces are making good progress with clearing of the etheric plane, and some good news regarding that are expected soon.

Clearing of the subquantum anomaly is also progressing to a certain degree.

Physical biochips are much more problematic, at least a this point. They are the main tool of surveillance through which the Chimera controls the surface population:



Those biochips would detect any physical intervention of the Light Forces on the surface. The contacted individual would first be very happy, but his increased vibrational frequency together with the video/audio feed from the biochip would alert the Chimera mainframe computer in the DARPA pit.

Immediate action would be taken to decrease the vibrational frequency of the contacted individual, either by removing that individual through DEW electroplasma induced heart attack, by orchestrating a car accident, by removing the loved ones of that particular individual, or by any similar means. This is one of the main reasons why the Light Forces are not contacting individuals on the surface.

The other reason is asymmetric retaliation. If one Lightwerkers would be contacted, the dark forces are threatening to harm or even kill thousands others.

If non-physical contact is made, or if a certain individual raises his vibrational frequency too much, the physical biochip detects that also, and automatically lowers the vibration of the individual by inducing electroshocks through the navel biochip. The navel biochip is capable of producing electroshocks between 20 and 130 volts, depending on the circumstances. At the same time, the two biochips in the frontal lobe of the brain produce strong magnetic fields that produce sleepiness, brain fog and confusion. Thus physical biochips represent a very efficient slave driver mechanism which controls the surface population.

On top of that, the biochips synthesize mind altering chemicals that produce sleepiness (frontal lobe biochips) and fear (biochip above the navel).

On top of that, the frontal lobe biochips monitor the brain activity and communicate with other biochips and with DARPA mainframe computer through ultrasound, and navel biochip constantly suppresses the vibrational frequency through infrasound.

The physical plane is further monitored and controlled through scalar network created with cellphone towers, cellphones themselves, and wi-fi networks:

The next layer is the global network of ionospheric heaters:



And the next layer is the Space Force (former Air Force Space Command) surveillance network, which detects and removes any Positive ET intrusion attempts into the quarantine:




The Light Forces have explained to me how all this ties into the timing dynamics of the Event:



The first curve on the graph (marked 1) represents the entropy of the surface society. This entropy increases with time, as the physical quarantine is a closed system without any contact with outside positive ET races.

The second curve (marked 2 on the graph) represents the entropy of the Event. This entropy decreases with time, as more and more retaliation mechanisms of the dark forces that would be triggered at the time of the Event (such as toplet bombs) are being removed.

Both curves meet at the certain time that is marked with a circle on the graph. At that moment, the entropy of the surface society surpasses the entropy of the Event, and that is the moment when the Event will be triggered. Current moment is marked on the graph with an X.

If the Event would be triggered prematurely, the simulations predict a partial collapse of the electrical grid and food distribution chain in many parts of the world, which could only be addressed in 1-2 weeks time. Also, the Light forces would not be able to completely block all biochemical weapons that would be released by the dark forces in their last effort to keep control. This would lead to many deaths and untold suffering, and would stain the Event experience for many:

As one of commenters on my blog put it:



Nevertheless, soft disclosure is going mainstream:

With genuine and reliable instructions for the evacuation at the moment of the polar shift available in alternative media:

With awareness of the cyclic nature of the universe slowly reaching mainstream scientific community:

And even with the awareness that we are at the end of the cosmic cycle:

With a simple explanation of quantum fluctuations:

After the Portal of Light activation, more and more people understand mass meditations in balanced and positive perspective: 

And finally, Goddess energy is returning to the surface of the planet. Sisterhood of the Rose is more active again:

And more and more people are actually creating physical Goddess temples. If you have created such a temple, you can make it public on the following website:

You can find inspiration in this beautiful book:

Or in past Cobra interviews:

French speaking people can also find inspiration here:

Anybody can get healing in monthly ascended master and stellar rays healing sessions:

Or optimize the personal timeline through this meditation:

And connect with the I AM presence utilizing advanced ATVOR spiritual technology:



Everybody is more than welcome to join our Ascension Conference in Kyoto, the most powerful Dragon vortex in Japan, on July 8th and 9th:

Victory of the Light!



  1. Merci Cobra pour ces Nouvelles, Gratitude <3 courage à toutes et tous, Victoire de la Lumière
    Sandrine Veilleuse des Energies de Gaïa

    1. That is to say, the etheric matrix must be cleared first, and then the physical biological chip can be cleared. The premise is that the plasma layer does not hide the unknown darkness.
      Clearing implants has triangle-in-one technology, and the Resistance Movement could consider developing a similar technology for clearing physical biochips

    2. Merci à toi belle Déesse, 7/7 pour le travail lumineux que tu fais avec ton groupe et toutes les belles âmes qui s'y trouvent , en toute humilité et en prenant le temps d'être à l'écoute de tes frères et sœurs.
      Ça vaut tout l'Or du monde

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    4. DH what is the word on the telegram broadcast that was suppose to take place?

    5. Well spirittoo.. i removed myself from that channel(jfk tel. channel). If they are not going to be serious about what they post and walk the talk i wont be part of their testing of the public tool.

      Btw... One needed to be approve to get in to the princess Diana's channel to view the live stream on that 19th .. i signed up on the 19th and by the 21th i still had not been approved. Throughout that period of waiting,
      i looked to see if i hear a beep about that event that should have happened on the 19th.. n not even the wind whispered on it.

      Also.. today on cbknews121 suppposedly there will be the interview of m.j. elvis. Diana. Etc. Well yesterday i removed myself from that channel too so i wont be able to verify. To be honest seemed it will be a waist of time(nothingburger). If it happens i assume being such an important event it should leak ouside so we all "little people" can see it.

      My conclusion... whoever are the good guys behind this.. they either are horrible at advertisement or this was a trial and i dont appreciate games played on the public as if there isnt enough. They seem to have forgotten the public needs to have someone/group to trust. If there are no heroes with capes at least let them have someone(s) that oozes unconditional trustworthiness.

      In short i guess.. if the interview happens surely we will get to hear it in all alternate mediums for sure.

      Last i apologize for posting infor that clearly was disinfo at least so far.

  2. May this help the light forces with the collective liberation

    Liberation Is Near !

    1. Recent Light🌌🌠


  3. Current space weather conditions:

    Planetary K Index 5.67

    Power systems: High-latitude power systems may experience voltage alarms, long-duration storms may cause transformer damage.
    Spacecraft operations: Corrective actions to orientation may be required by ground control; possible changes in drag affect orbit predictions.
    Other systems: HF radio propagation can fade at higher latitudes, and aurora has been seen as low as New York and Idaho (typically 55° geomagnetic lat.).

    A Night Like This


  4. Thanks Cobra for the explanation. Much needed

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  6. ( FRANCAIS/FRENCH) Article explicatif (textes+protocoles+slides/images) sur les SESSIONS DE GUÉRISON MENSUELLE avec les MAITRES ASCENSIONNES et les RAYONS STELLAIRES

  7. Implant Truth In Plain Sight

    Before this update I has made a matrix pic/map in the following post which will be updated soon from the additional intel just released

    Thank You

  8. Muchas gracias Cobra por informar.❤️

  9. Estoy realmente muy confundido,hablamos de meditación masiva para estabilizar la situación financiera y a la vez hablan de una evacuación?antes creo que nunca hablo de una Evacuación, que esta pasando?que cambio ?alguien me puede sacar estas dudas?

    1. Guerrero..Cobra siempre ha hablado de la EVACUACION..después del cambio de los Polos.

  10. Thank you very much for this update. The victory of light is near ✨🌙VOTL

  11. The light forces need to find a way to explode the shit out of the last pit. I hope they find it soon.

    The last pit is only 30 meters down. I feel surface population can be really useful by infiltrating this building below darpa earthquarters and find a way to help the light forces to destroy this mess.

    1. Exactly!! We assumed this was done already can other pits be taken out and not trigger some type of retaliation ?? How can draco ships be taken out ? It seems to me all wld need taken out at once so they couldn't retaliate not this slow approach how is this safe??

    2. I wonde if the LFs nuke the last pit the biochips will stop working.

    3. It always come down to the anomaly which is the deepest battle

      The deepest layer is the subquantum which gets cleared by :

      "advanced Mjolnir technology provokes unmanifested subquantum anomaly to manifest as quantum fluctuations, which are then easily cleared."

      This means that until they transfer ( a nifty mjolnir trick) all sub into plain quantum anomaly(to clear more quickly in the general state)...they are still though-basically filling the quantum with anomaly constantly.

      Once all the subquantum pool is drained of course they will just have to drain the last general quantum pool, which would no longer being be constantly refilled, making it only a matter of time until the last puddle evaporates as the rain(SubQ) had stopped.

      The reason that's all relevant is because quantum fluctuations is the power source of the biochips

      The light cannot access the Cube b/c what the biochips system is capable of , they need to be weakened

      Also the same situation on the etheric, once anomaly is cleared all the entities & their tech & etheric implants will go. Until then the dark have too much leverage

      Since the physical is more dense , the etheric will go first which is great without the etheric archon grid many of us will finally become more optimal versions of ourselves.

    4. I think that it is not only a question of being able to destroy or not, there are strong chances that they found the means to connect this pit to human beings or point of vital energies, when a dark being is deactivated the human beings bound to him must be stabilized that requires much energy.

    5. The etheric is their matrix power control over hostage humanity. Once it is cleared then it's a new ball game. Our much denied victory will be in sight. True Light at the end of the tunnel.

  12. Grazie Cobra per l'aggiornamento, è tutto molto chiaro. Un passo alla volta si farà tutto, abbiamo fretta perché il tempo è inesorabile ma non c'è altra scelta che aspettare il momento migliore per l'Evento dato che i problemi sarebbero troppo grandi e pericolosi per gli operatori di Luce nel caso che l'Evento accadesse subito. Mettetevi il cuore in pace e vivete al meglio che potete. Non lo dico da privilegiato, ho mille problemi e vado avanti. Lavorando molto la Luce arriverà. Un abbraccio a tutti voi fratelli lavoratori della Luce🙂

  13. Mise à jour disponible francophone ici :

  14. i want to know if its possible if someone can remove the physical biochips themselves? also what would happen afterwards if you can remove it?

    1. I would say that if that were possible, we would have known about it long ago.

      Besides, the dark forces should be cunning enough to prevent that.

    2. Me too, and how long, on average, does it take to remove 'em anyhow?

    3. i was asking because if someone can remove theirs then maybe contact can happen with that indiviual?

  15. Understood... the current situation still trumps the desire for First Contact.
    We'll be standing by, LF and RM! 🫡
    Thank you for the update COBRA!

  16. Thanks for the update. Scary stuff with the polar shift evacuation.

  17. En español, en castellano:

  18. I still see no reason why the event should not be triggered immediately now that the toplet bombs are gone. The toplet bombs being gone means they can't destroy the Earth. So even if there is a lot of loss of life by triggering the event now, wouldn't the end result still positive in that after the event, the chimera will finally be gone, and the souls of the people who died would simply be able to reincarnate on the newly liberated Earth if they so choose. So why wait? Why continue to prolong the suffering?

    1. I am really confused now on what The Event is suppose to be. I thought when it was trigger in would end pain and suffering ... not bring more. Also find that working to raise my vibration level higher will bring attacks if I get it too high. Real confusing.
      And I guess this report tells us to forget about the LF posting videos on this blog.

    2. Agreed...I thought event wld wipe out the AI scaler tech...wipe out the negative ETs ..and the Galactics would nullify any retaliation from any dark militaries but won't event also take down all electronics and galactics could easily detect any systems still online that pose a threat? Of not when would event ever be triggered as all toplet bombs gone .it's getting to feel like there will always be a reason not to storm the beaches...nobody does right but also even under the best circumstances won't some transition due to the energies?
      People are dying daily right now..starving to death...being killed..poisoned.etc...

    3. Cobra i understand you are the messenger so please do not take me comments as if directed at you.

      Spirittoo i think something is amiss... it sounds more to me as if the good guys from below requested more time from the good guys from above. Imho If hell is going to break loose at the time of the event thus is expected heavens will pour in as well. The final stance can't possibly be conducted all in conventional manner. We would be screwed if that is the case.

      So obviously... seems there are still some precautions that need to be dealt with... for example the ability to render the biochips unoperational... if that is the case.. they should just say that. That there are some critical systems or control mechanism yet for them to find a way to mitigate...

      I would fall for that hook line and sinker... the matrix is complex and had been in operation for a very long time. We might not like it but if those that see the larger picture decided is best to do it this way then i would like to believe the decision was balanced and best for all concern. What we ask however is no more carrots... just tell it as it is. We are at the 11th hour.. letss face it with eyes wide opened if possible. In order to grow and show that we can handle the truth is by getting to face it. Am i wrong or too much wishful thinking?

      Thank you btw Cobra for the explanation on the biochips

    4. Fully agreed with your point of view!

  19. Thanks Cobra! The situation is still complicated, quite serious, and there is a need to focus more on our Light work, to heal and anchor the Goddess energy more and more on the surface of our planet. Our meditations also help the Light Forces to do the final cleansing and do all they can to help humanity break the matrix and reduce the anomaly around the Earth and nullify and cancel as much darkness as possible. We have to thank Light Forces and Resistance Movement for all they are doing! Here is the translation of the update in Romanian: Victory of the Light!

  20. This comment has been removed by the author.

  21. Unfortunately the bad guys are always better prepared than the good guys expected. Or more accurately.. we the surface are more work than planned. Keep grinding everyone... It's got to happen at some point. VOTL (for a decade & some change now 😁).

  22. That's why I felt pressure in both crown and heart whenever I try to do something really against them. Bottlenecked in every time I got in high frequencies. Feeling electric shock in my brain whenever I am seeking for higher intellectual information. Got huge amount of anxieties from unknown sources. I found out they afraid sunlight"EMP", some mushrooms"Fungi that can break electric devices”, and Vitamin D"yang qi". They were almost stopping us for consuming those, stopping me from having more sunlight by making me anxieties and staying at home, from eating more mushrooms by making me sick using unknown method after consuming. In western countries they also stopping ppl from consuming Vitamin D by passing some laws defining it as some kinda illegal drug.

  23. The mind control, or more accurately entire being control is obvious. People are so unthinking and their actions programmed it's eerie. I enjoyed social media for many years but can't do it anymore because it's getting scary how programmed EVERYONE is. Even my friends are straight up robots. Unable to process thoughts about any subject. And the cell phone addiction I see in public. The gym is not a place where people exercise, it's a place where people sit on the equipment and stare at their phones. I wish I had some pictures but I don't have a damn phone and wouldn't walk around with a camera, but it's nearly everyone. When they're done with a set, they FRANTICALLY rip their phone out of their pocket and cram it in their face, hunch over, and go limp like a zombie staring at it for long periods of time. Then eventually remember they should maybe exercise a little. As soon as the weights hit the ground they frantically rip the phone out again. I'm not being judgmental, THEY are not having fun doing this. They act like utter crackheads. Guys standing at the urinal with their dong in one hand and their phone in the other, scrolling social media while they're taking a piss. Can't stop for even 30 seconds to pee. It's freaking me out. I don't see how anyone could complain about implants while intentionally owning a cell phone and wifi. I haven't had a phone is 18 years and never wifi, you don't need it. I can feel the horrible waves because I've been much less affected. I don't have the same nerve and brain damage everyone else does. I think that shit is worse than implants. Implants don't make me almost faint, and they never gave people this dead-eye, dead face look. More every day I see people who honestly frighten me with how much they look like a corpse, can't control their face or eyes anymore. Smash that shit on the sidewalk and throw it in the trash where it belongs before you get even worse dementia and it's permanent. It's a bit pathetic that people who call themselves awake or health conscious still use this insanely damaging tech. Because it's EVERYONE. Think about how ridiculous that is. Nobody is even close to awake, nobody gives the slightest shit about their health or soul. Just because you read a website doesn't mean anything. People waiting for the Event while carrying around a cabal weapon on purpose, derp. "I NEED to watch cat videos while standing in line at the grocery store, it's totally worth the Alzheimer's and not being able to control my facial expressions anymore."

    1. My thoughts too. I am convinced most are simply too zombified to be of any use. Any where, anytime. in any galaxy.

    2. Any galaxy? I'm pretty sure humanity is the worst possible species as far as damaging themselves. Maybe some other planets are or have been worse enslaved, but Earth people like it, and fight to stay enslaved.

      I wonder why should the Galactics even help? People are like "Bring on the Event, but until then I'll be carrying around my own personal scalar weapon mind control device. What if my wife thinks of a grocery item while I'm at the store? You expect us to have pancakes instead of oatmeal?! I NEED the scalar weapon. And bring on the ascension chambers because I'm so enlightened. Keep fighting and dying for us Light Forces while I scroll Instagram on the mind control device you warned us about."
      Why should they do anything for us?

    3. Sure a phone is like any tool...must be used properly...I got off fb tried to awaken people but it only alienated friends and social media but a phone is also very good to keep my family connected and I see what you mean many people still driving looking at their phone...literally the phone comes before their own safety or others!
      Why we must have the event we all expected more people to be awaken to question I know many have but in terms of seeing a full picture of our history ETs making these bodies that's far too much for most to accept. I know many who question media but took the jab!! Or who simply can't believe we are all ETs..22 different races in our or how we all have had many many lifetimes..nope their church says just 1 and they trust it still. I will hold the light but we need dominos to fall no more meditations no more BS...action time

    4. Yep, LET the masses get shocked....something to make them stare up at the sky, drop their dumb-phones, and say, "SHIT, IT'S REAL!", or them running all over the place screaming, either way I'll be fine with those.

  24. The ultrasound u talking about properly are wifi and 5g signal towers. They can be targeted on some map as Snowden said. Not surprised they would use 5G and wifi to do this like mmwave signal can be use as ADS weapons. That's reason why they built these 5G towers without considering the cost. Using them as ADS is one of them.

  25. So due to the biochips monitoring what we read view listen to etc they can monitor our awareness ie vibration level and attack us if needed so why wld we try to raise our vibration if it means being attacked or worse killed?? If this is all done via their quantum computers in the pits why have the light forces with their advanced technology not just taken out those puts!? A galactic bunker buster bomb if you will. We thought all such bio implants would be removed already that was posted over a year ago I think. Seems the galactics are so risk averse they are actually helping the chimera as now we all think we are easily controlled if we push our vibration we could be taken out. Let's stop this destroy all the pits now it's been going on for years now. We are told their are millions of positive ETs now here well let's go!

  26. i truly believed and speaking about the following : Immediate action would be taken to decrease the vibrational frequency of the contacted individual, either by removing that individual through DEW electroplasma induced heart attack, by orchestrating a car accident, by removing the loved ones of that particular individual, or by any similar means. This is one of the main reasons why the Light Forces are not contacting individuals on the surface....
    thats how we treated, i hope the light forces will change this soon..

  27. Is possible event occurs on 21st June 2023? Summer Solstice

    1. Is that possible, sure. Is it possible it's some other time, also sure.

    2. Given that it took over a year to clear the mental plane, I would say 6 months minimum to clear the etheric plane.

  28. I feel good now, I was weird these days ago and feeling bad, it was noticeable in my comments, now I feel good, I love you Libra💝💞 together we are strong, we are together until the end
    PS: I always wanted to tell someone here on the blog kkkkk kisses of light

  29. I experienced those effects these past 2 weeks. I am normally a very robust and active person. Slept constantly and could not explain to others why I am so exhausted, but intuitively felt it was an attack. . It came right after may 1 meditation, after experiencing great joy and bliss with a clarity of mind not experienced for a long time.

    1. Same here. And how are you doing these last 5 days?

    2. The heavy sleep mode is fading away, but only because my clarity, hopes, joy, confidence are downgraded back to slave status. I clearly see the correlation now.

  30. I see, I think. We just have to sit tight and wait. Keep on waiting. Thank you Cobra for this information!!

    Well I just got my download from the library. Did anyone else turn off windows updating? I did 7 years ago or something when I bought this computer. I'm on the first windows 8, before they put out windows 8a or something... they started to put evil shit in the updates. All I get downloaded is virus updates... yet my computer works perfectly. Imagine. I turned off all updates.

    Well all those who can talk to ET's psychically, they don't stop us. Those channellers and psychics. I just talk to my guides and angels, not so much any Pleiadians. Although the number of emails I got from Alaje attacking me smugly were phenomenal. He is so smug. I ended up sending him a shot of what I see in my paypal account to show him I use my protonmail. I don't know where he gets his info, saying I use a yahoo account. I did 7 years ago. But anyway once I sent the screenshot showing my real email address in my paypal... eh got rid of him... And I got what I paid for (the music) at the library in a few minutes.

    So anyway, yeah it isn't so fun anymore having to wait... I see what you mean. We probably have years of waiting in store...
    It's a little annoying...

    1. Yea, I remember how so many folks met aliens during the 1950's and 1960's, why did those contactess not drop dead suddenly?

      Channeling is VERY suspect to me, NO way to guarantee the sincerity of the channl-ey, and most channelers spew the same old crap all the time.

    2. Won't be anything left to save, years from now. Just a cesspit of a world, with any survivors living like what was depicted in the road warrior movies.

  31. Oh, also, Judy Byington went OFF on Trump, he is bad, he is evil, lalala. So all the white hats have shut her up now. If you want to look real stupid, just try going off on Trump, you'll ruin your reputation forever. But I still have to use because this is where the white hat info comes out. Go figure.

    1. Does this mean you are swearing off Byington now? Do you have a link to the report? I could not find anything. The only reputation I know of that she has was reporting bad information. Can't say nothing bad about Donny ... the wwg1wga goes right out the window. Sounds a bit hypocritical to me.

    2. I suppose it was 4 or 5 days ago, last part of report. She had information of what Trump was supposedly doing, all this wrong doing. I don't know if they removed it or left it. Next day she never mentioned it, so I imagine there were lots of emails complaining... I'm sure they will go on with Judy in the future. I've heard bad Trump news before and they just ignore... Remember Shariray? I don't listen to her but I always check out the reports and read the white hat parts... usually only takes a minute. She was going off about nuclear weapons don't exist... half the animals don't exist... so much bull was posted... The cabal must have been laughing... Then after several months they worked out she was providing info from the Cabal. Obviously they never watched her lol. So now apparently she gets several different emails, they stepped up the security, etc... but I don't listen to her anymore. She is such a low level intelligence!! Didn't even notice...

  32. Actually an attempt on my life was made last night with heart issues in the dreamstate. When this happens, the fear of death disappears because I thought for a moment I had actually died. It's not so bad actually to die because there are states that are worse than death. I'm not saying people should die, but death is 'overblown.'

    My perspective is it was other entities attacking not mentioned here, such as the Jinn. There are also adepts who have bypassed the frequency controls mentioned in this update. I find it very disempowering to entertain the idea that beings like the chimera have such a high level of control when very powerful positive occultists have proven this not to be the case.

    I will not be taking this update seriously.

    1. I also feel is not good not to raise the vibration. I believe we have to raise it at the maximum and that's all. Expand and also please stop to be influenced from what you read, just manifest what you wan. You are a creator so you create the timeline. And you are much more in charge then what you think. This blog makes you often go back and forward. Just raise! Trust the ability call your ability with love and light, whihc is what you are.

  33. Plus, if there are no more toplet bombs, the Light Forces could clear the darpa pit extremely fast. smh

  34. Refuse any liar!Trigger the Event now!

  35. thank you Cobra, very informative update and hope it can bring more understanding for people

  36. Saw 2 nymphs the other day, for a couple of hours

  37. Thank you cobra !!!
    may- stick
    July- carrot or stick or Event? ?? Let's see.. 😂😂😂😂
    Just kidding. Victory of light. Good details on evacuation. Let's Prepare folks 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

    1. Let's hope that carrot does not get shoved up our asses.

  38. Translation into Czech language - překlad do češtiny


  40. What time does the starting points of curves 1 and 2 represent?

    Or does this image indicate that the event will occur when the entropy of the Dark Tech cleanup and the entropy of the social disruption reach the intersection point, and does not indicate an estimate of the time of the event.

  41. From the post: Immediate action would be taken to decrease the vibrational frequency of the contacted individual, either by removing that individual through DEW electroplasma induced heart attack, by orchestrating a car accident, by removing the loved ones of that particular individual, or by any similar means.

    Staying level and grounded but slightly positive seems to be best. Its easier to handle changes as well. Highs feel good and there isnt a crash after and lows arent quite as bad. Heavy targeting can change this but it still served me well in the past.

    If anyone can find the cobra interview where they get into the various stones and crystals and also the tachyonis products please leave the link. I looked for it and cannot find it.

  42. Most of us, or a lot of us, are 4D now. Some of us may even be 5D, 6D or 7D. What do they do then? I think there are ways around this. There are some people, especially in meditation, who go very high. We hear about all this. I think their monitoring is a bit off... maybe...

    1. If you go 7d you might just get your solar plexus rip off out of yourself, i really know what i'm talking about unfortunatly

    2. Yes let's raise. Please don't fear..just manifest the time line you want. We have more stenght in manifestation. We always had it. Come on!!! 5D

  43. Wonder how long it will take to get these chips out.

    Getting tired of feeling HELPLESS and LESS than USELESS.

  44. Thanks for the update!
    Translated to spanish
    Traducido al castellano

  45. Sunday, December 20, 2015

    Here we need to understand that biochips were massively developed during WW2 in German concentration camps and distributed among the vast majority of human population inside vaccines by WHO since late 1940s. One huge technology upgrade of those biochips was between 1979 and 1984 and another one between 1996 and 1999. The purpose of those chips was tracking of the general population, mind control and prevention of positive ET contact. All those biochips were completely removed from the surface population by the Resistance which was utilizing advanced distance removal technologies.

    1. Yes exactly that's something i was aware of, cobra can you please clarify what are the physical biochips we have today because you just posted without explaining where they come from. The old light workers where aware that physical biochips where destroyed.

      Please clarify!


      " What has not been known previously to the Resistance is the fact that the physical biochips have not been cleared completely. There is a certain part of the biochips that has escaped all advanced detection and removal technologies of the Resistance and unfortunately every human being still has at least three of those biochips. These three biochips are the physical anchor point for the three main plasma implants, located in the frontal lobe and above the navel"

      Ahh i find it now i understand better!

    3. Germans were given energy and magnetic technology. USA was the pioneer in mind control and computing tech. German concentration camps were 'summer camps', not the propaganda you and I were fed into. The real enemy is the one that has been torturing babies for thousands of years... Abraham / Isaac / Scapegoat trio.

    4. Click on the "biochips" label.


    6. Galactiquewarrior17, thank you. I typed a search for "biochip" but not "biochips," so this article did not show up in the search. On this one, I admit, I was wrong. I will be more thorough in the future, thanks again.

  46. Thank you Cobra and Light Forces for diligently working away to remove the "layers of crud."

    When I read spiritual information on the internet, or listen to certain types of information (including reading Cobra's blog) I often get nauseous.

    But this information about the biochips makes sense to me -- the navel biochip perhaps is sending out electroshocks (which make me nauseous and have an upset stomach). And I sometimes get sleepy and tired and unmotivated, too.


    Meanwhile -- that Ashtar information in the link is great. When the mothership swoops in and I see the beam, I will be ready to go. Beam me up!

  47. If the dark forces have such tools/weapons, why don't they remove all the Light Workers precisely any times before the Light Workers perform the global mediation, that threaten the dark existence? There is no reason for them to wait until the first contact, right?

    1. Because they have agreements with the light forces. The light forces are stronger, of course, but they take into account the hostage situation, but in such a case they would intervene.

      Besides, the dark ones do not want to attract unnecessary attention so that people do not notice anything of their machinations.

    2. Yes I think there are agreements between the dark and light. Which we don't ever know about, or not really anyway.

  48. Too bad not everyone have sufficient resources to wait any longer!

  49. Does the biochip located just above the navel has to do with the fetishism called alvinophilia?

    Like those who are into the fetish are subconsciously trying to remove it?

  50. Speaking of Ionospheric Heaters, ex-NSA turned freelance journalist 'JS' ( full pseudonym in link ) talked about it and included an image taken by NASA as an overload of energy happened. Clouds don't make perfect symmetry that high.

  51. These 'genuine and reliable instructions for the evacuation at the moment of the polar shift' raises red flags.

    First all these requirements to have a cult-like trust when the Light Forces should know better how the people will be feeling when it happens.

    Also the only times in history when children are separated from parents is when something bad is about to happen.

    1. Yeah, agreed. I do believe the galactic confederation is benevolent, but to me, this doesn't seem like a genuine channeling by them:

      - As you say, separating children from their parents sounds highly suspicious. At the very least, that would cause a lot of needless stress and fear in both.

      - It sounds suspicious to me that Ashtar command doesn't have the technology to beam up a lower vibrational being without their soul departing their body, or beam up someone who is moving around. Also, what happens to children who are moving around, or who were abused and thus are currently lower vibration? Do their souls leave their bodies too?

      - The whole idea of saying "REMAIN CALM! RELAX!" in underlined, bold letters is a bit absurd. If you want people to remain calm, don't use underlined, bold capital letters.

      - And if everything in this message is genuinely true, is it really the best plan to just wait until the event comes, and then people have to immediately step into the beam or they probably die? If you're asleep, you're dead I guess. If you move around, you're dead I guess. If you hesitate, you're dead I guess. If you feel fear or grief at your family members possibly dying, you're dead I guess. If your loved ones are too low vibration, they're dead I guess. Yeah, great plan. These beings are so smart and wise and have such amazing technology, and this is their strategy?

      To me, this looks much more like some evil being trying to spread and harvest fear via a message of "if you get beamed up, you might die, your family might die, and your children may get separated from you. Or you might mess up the being-beamed-up process by moving about, and then you'll die."

    2. Those supposed genuine instructions seem really strange. Like 99.9% of the human population hasn't read them. Okay, so let's say the event happens. Everyone sees a beam, and probably hears something like "we're rescuing you, step into the beam please."

      The vast majority of people I know wouldn't immediately and without hesitation or fear step into an unknown beam. If that's what's required to get saved, then everyone I know except maybe 1-2 people are going to die. ("ANY HESITA­TION ON YOUR PART WOULD MEAN THE END OF YOUR THIRD DIMENSIONAL EXISTENCE YOU CALL THE PHYSICAL BODY.")

      Which doesn't make this a great plan. Which in turn makes me question the authenticity of that message.


    I recommend you read the above, posted by Cobra. We will not be taking anything with us from Earth, no time to pack, you will just stand in the beam and go. So we have time to think about this and be ready - we are the lucky ones. But it really will be an evacuation.

  53. Thank you brother 🤗 , this update was more than necessary, I can understand the impatience to regain our freedom but not at the expense of suffering or death of more people, I really admire the patience of the Dragons in the face of G7 pressures.
    But I will continue my Light work , I will try to do some healing sessions but I promise nothing, they are aligned on the same schedule as a very important and more than necessary meditation today, I had made the choice to prioritize meditation.🧘
    Kisses beautiful souls .
    The Source and the Goddess is watching over me I am not afraid of anything, so I can continue my mission in all serenity.
    And my team of Love 1221 .
    I AM


  55. A new understanding of the graph came to my mind.

    I think that as time goes on the surface world will become more chaotic (war, financial, policy, or other life level) while the chaos caused by the trigger the Event will decrease. When the level of chaos in the surface world exceeds the level of chaos caused by the trigger the Event, the Event will occur.

    1. So, it's gonna be Road Warrior way of life before anything happens?

  56. German translation of this article / deutsche Übersetzung dieses Artikels:

  57. more we close to the Event.
    more need to connecting I AM.

    thanks for the reports

    1. Yes, but at the same time you can´t raise your vibration too much, because the computer in DARPA would detect it and
      we´ve read what can happen then in this article. If you connect with I AM you really raise your vibration.. I wonder where can be the threshold, how far people could try to go..

    2. yes ,here is a Balance I can feel.
      both holding light love wisdom willing.
      it will pressure to the Matrix but not too much.

      light flowing drop by drop till the last major 3D/4D matrix cannot withstand (TheEvent happen )

      ( acturelly this drop by drop break the hardly stone already progressing since 2012,, 2017/18 it becomes obviously)

      but everyone's Balance point is unique,.
      we need tacit agreement more than words.

      suitable balancing is best.
      everyone needs to feeling the best way for itself and also we gathering as a light Crystalline grid as 144000

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  59. So it seems like the only way to trigger The Event is collapse of financial system, i don't see other way to cause more chaos than that, the other thing I'm confused about is beaming up in the UFO, how can we know that those UFOs are actually from positive ETs??? and if they only got 15 minutes to evacuate us all, i bet people will be in fear from all of that confusion and not to mention fear from catastrophic earth disasters, there is no way you could be calm in all of that confusion, we must be prepared in advance for that, that's why The Event needs to happen sooner so we can prepare ourselves. I'm confused about one more thing, Cobra stated that all the good things that we are expecting to happen will happen in first few years when Pluto goes direct on November 14 2024 for next 20 years, so why are we now talking about evacuation if that's not going to happen soon???

  60. It is useless to wait for the Event. Let's live our lives!

    1. WHAT 'lives'? Some of us have NOTHING, absolutely NOTHING. And what good is life on planet gulag?

      To merely exist is not enough, to merely survive is not enough.

  61. Dear Cobra, thank you very much for this very important update. This one gave me this understanding of the situation, although I hope I'm wrong: our brothers of light may not be able to get us out of this prison in time, and you have been ordered not to tell us this bad news brutally. This is why you talk about it in veiled terms and insist more now on the planetary evacuation. Only the divine light, which intensifies on earth, will free it from this darkness. For us, there remains the evacuation, if we are ready for that. So thank you very much to the brothers of light who are doing their best to avoid this disaster scenario, after all, more and more likely. You are marvelous beings who try to
    maximum to save their brothers imprisoned here for millennia, gratitude and eternal blessings on you. And thanks again to you Cobra, for this difficult missionary work, another brother of light. The situation being what it is, it is up to everyone to show discernment, courage, and above all love and forgiveness. Life is eternal, no matter what happens, we will live, in this form or another. We signed to live this, let's be worthy of our contract, let's be veterans too. I am in no way bitter, I am calm, I let go and continue my work of meditations and prayers. I love us fellow travelers

    1. If that source is accurate there´s 100% probability it´ll be that way. This means no Event, we´ll just be rescued while the dark ones take care of themselves in the middle of the polar shift chaos. And Cobra says the information is genuine and reliable..Though now we have no beans, we´ll have to practice for the evacuation..8 billion in minutes

    2. Maybe I was wrong and the event could have happened months or years prior to the evacuation, but then, why to wait until the last minutes, if it´s possible to do it safely in advance? Many people would perish in this way. It only makes sense to me if the planet had not been liberated yet. Wouldn´t it be better to trigger the event a bit prematurely? It seems that the losses of such last minute evacuation could be much more than in that case. The LF may know better, but couldn´t it be explained a little bit for us?

    3. cobra said the chimera would kill many lightworkers if the light forces would communicate with us. My problem with this is if that technique works so well at stopping contact why doesnt the chimera tell the light forces that if they continue to remove them and bring them to the central sun to be eradicated they will kill many people on the surface of the planet. maybe cobra can explain this.

  62. Thanks Cobra for the update.
    French translation of the post / L'article en français :
    Victory of the Light! Victoire de la Lumière !

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  64. This comment has been removed by the author.

  65. I have many questions, within a few years humanity will be evacuated from the Planet on to the motherships and “transported to the planet in the Pleiades star system which already inhabits about 70 billion humans which were evacuated from the astral plane of planet Earth in 1999.”
    My questions
    1-what is life like for the typical human on the new planet?
    2-what is the lifespan of the humans who live on the planet?
    3-what kind of advanced technologies do they have?
    4-do they have cars? Or jobs? Or money?
    5-and does the society have a government? And laws?
    6-is it a peaceful society?

  66. Here is Finnish translation of this article / Tässä on suomenkielinen käännös tästä artikkelista:

    Here is the link to Finnish article in Finnish Telegram group:

  67. Hello, friends. I have been following this blogspot for years and years already and was also interested in what is going on here on our planet. Actually, what I understood that Cobra or whoever they only get the information but that information does not define anything in some way, which means in this case that Event might happen fast in one year or it also can happen in thirty years, since cobra himself not even once said ohh I was expecting this I was expecting that which means that we get some kind of information but at the same time it does not show anything. Like this drawing now, we are here and there is X. So what that means, guys, think deeper? It means that we are somewhere there and nowhere at the same time, so the left distance might be a hundreds of years, that does not show and say totally anything. We just use our imagination for ourselves, to calm down ourselves and believe that oh yeee we are close. We have been close in 2012 as well when cobra was making different kinds of questionaries about the Event and that soon it will happen, so again it shows that we dont know nothing at all. And when connecting all the given dots it becomes even more strange because when you read Sebastian's thoughts about the Event he does not say anything but there is a smell that he does not think that Event might happen so soon, he said that the source prognosis of 2024 summer when most of chimera will be eliminated is accurate and only then little by little we might head into the Event but when you understand a bit more, it is again clearly obvious it is hard to believe that light forces can be so stupid by not understanding that humanity will not wake up for hundreds of years from now, it is impossible, humanity needs a shock, if there is no any nuclear event staged to wake up the people then nothing is gonna happen, and for the lightworkers like me it is unbearable here, i clearly feel that because of my position in this jail, I cant achieve nothing, I am like frozen any step I take I have problems, soon I will not be even able to take that step because of unclear diseases so it is so freakin strange when awake people must die because of like Sebastian said parasitized tree which branches are those sleeping people so I dont understand anything. This is the very worst jail ever I wont come back here never ever in the future. And yes, many many contradictions when you read cobras articles when he often says, there is not much time left there is not much time left for humanity to wake up, so the time goes by and with every day bigger and bigger suspicions arise about all these type of blogspots. Same way with all those boiling points and those drawings what they mean? Nothing, take a drawing turn on your imagination and start believing in what you think is gonna happen. Again, cobra, you made this drawing, so how cant you describe any timeframe about your given X. For example, /this X mean that we are 10 - 100 years from the Event/ and people will start living their lifes is it so hard to you to make such edit now? Text once and for all, X mean this and that if you dont give any timeframes then it means nothing, empty info, looks like there are many lighworkers but at the same time everybody pours the water from empty to empty. So we have only hope and the hope is a mother of fools. Thank you.

    1. Consapevolezza è meglio della speranza. Se sei consapevole allora capisci il tuo scopo, non ti illudi, vai avanti a lavorare per la causa e non molli fino all'ultimo. Non arrenderti, potresti farlo un minuto prima del miracolo.

    2. That X means from 1day-20years, The Event can happen anytime in that timeframe and that is a Big problem, because we don't know exactly when will it happen so it's hard to wake other people up and speak some truth to them when we don't even know when things will get better, i spoke to some of my friends few years ago that society will transform into something better when financial reset happens and we get advanced technology from positive ETs and i said that it will happen soon, now I'm looking like a fool because nothing of that happened and I'm discouraged to talk to other people about ETs, advance technology, higher dimensions, transformation of planet earth etc...not to mention evacuation from this planet and beaming into UFO, they would think i went totally nuts... society in global will not wake up until some drastic things happen and even when drastic things happen i don't think they will wake up, they will be just in fear, anxiety, confusion etc ...if you want to wake up you must work for years and years on yourself and study a lot of different topics, that will not happen overnight, i don't know what light forces have in mind but things are delayed so much that we don't have time to wake people up, i don't know how this will end and i don't blame light forces for anything, people are mostly to blame because they become materialists, conformists and totally obsessed with social media, likes and fame. There is a big possibility of Carrington type of event in the next two years, that would definitely shake the things up...🤯

    3. The purpose of the graphic, I would say, is to address the Higher Self.

    4. It's all about manifestation. Please shift timeline, don't wait cobra info. They are innacurate because they can't release all info and also because the universe is formed and informed from the source spirit of everyone. Everyone can manifest. Manifest the best scenario ever each day in your daily practice by yourself. With love. And light. We are powerful. Let's raise awareness light and powers now.

    5. Time is left out of the drawing. . I personally am also very skeptical but there are some bits of information I have personally experienced. I mean weird things that defy logic and have nothing to do with wishful thinking. I always approach things with great skepticism. There are several possibilities to consider. This site has been operational for a decade. I've concluded it is either black magic from the Chimera, or it is telling the truth. The gray area could be that it is both. In the end, the information presented here has to do with the soul. Are we free to leave at the time of death or is there a veil keeping us prisoner? And is that veil constructed from our beliefs or is it technological? ...may be both. I have certain conclusions about the subject. Time seems to be clarifying which possibilities are more likely.

    6. I thought the same, that mspaint graph is useless without a time scale. If it's supposed to be a scale of the story of human race, could take hundreds or thousands of years for "x" to reach the crossover. In a more optimistic assumption, if point 1 is the 1996 Congo portal invasion, then the Event is at least 5 or 6 years away.

    7. Paralysed and Preyed up ($nakes & vulture$), like how Caduceus experienced during the atlantis invasion. Where was the prevention forces at? smoking dope behind the shed...

  68. The logic in this update has some flaws:

    1. Some people (including the ones who I know personally, for example or Putin like Cobra have said himself before) got contacted by ETs and they are fine. Of course they weren't taken away, but still they got contacted.

    2. Some people (including the ones who I know personally) more than happy to die via heart attack and go away finally. So, I think this update is a carrot & stick stuff where readers are donkeys who have a carrot tied in front of their noses.

    3. LF still could send lightworkers anonymous donations and that will not trigger anything otherwise it's just meaningless: you could have said that "if lightworker gets career promotion they'll be dead, or if a lightworker starts meditate and really helps the planet they'll be dead".

    So some positive measures to help lightworkers can always be taken via those who really want to help. I seriously doubt that these lightforces are such beings(

  69. Wow! It's the first time I ever heard anybody talk about the "electoshocks". Used to think they were for a different, more positive intention. I thought of them as "painless electric JOLTS". I say jolts versus shocks because my whole body would jump, which was strangely accompanied by an inactive electonic device (TV) "crackling static".

    These only occurred in neverland (the time between awake and asleep). While they were relatively painless jolts, they sure as hell had me awake for a while afterwards. Their occurrence was sporadic, usually 1-3 during the night, but once endured around 10. Could have them several nights a week, or nothing for months. Been going on so long that it is hard to remember the start, but guessing around 12-15 years ago. For the past 9-12 months there were none, until about a week ago - just 1.

    The fatigue, brain fog, nerve issues, leg muscles issues, abnormal dehydration, double vision started slowly in the late 90s, increasing until about 2010, and has been steady since - no diagnosis. These closely resemble ascension symptoms. They also parallel the increased cell phone usage. Not sure which it is.

  70. The energy of dragon brings courage and confidence to people. I hope this energy can make those key persons won't be so fragile anymore.

  71. House Gets Cleared In Dream

    I just had a dream of uninvited guests being thrown out of a house I was living in. This directly coincides with E'Asha Ashayana's timeline of a "Chevron" (as they are called) activating today, May 22, to dissolve the 7th and final Jehovian seal or 'trumpet of death' that came through November of last year.

    E'Asha also stated that there are imposters pretending to be 'good guys.' This makes sense because there are so many Et groups who are not what they claim to be at all.

    The negative forces are probably aware of the Chevron, but no one can stop it. Good riddance.

  72. Saw 2 nymphs the other day, for a few hours outside my kitchen window 精灵

  73. Here is the Italian translation of the update! Italian Cobra Telegram channel: and the Romanian translation: Romanian Cobra Telegram channel: We are holding the Light!

  74. Whatever. There is only one fundamental question. Is 2025 the deadline for the event? Please answer directly.

  75. This comment has been removed by the author.

  76. Here is Indonesian translation for this blog post:


  77. As mentioned by Galactiquewarrior above:

    "The purpose of those chips was tracking of the general population, mind control and prevention of positive ET contact. All those biochips were completely removed from the surface population by the Resistance which was utilizing advanced distance removal technologies."

    That was December 2015.
    Please elaborate how 8 billion humans have been given new microchips since then.
    And maybe also how these miniscule undetectable microchips can use ultrasound and infrasound to communicate with a supercomputer that is thousands of miles away and deep inside an underground base.


  78. this is the primary reason I don't trust you guys anymore. More absurd clearing especially for a not so high tech issue. The fact the physical implants were not cleared at the same time as the toplet bombs is quite concerning and that they are also some magical factor that needs to be dealt with. Also upsetting is the fact that at the moment the event is triggered humans must leave the planet no questions asked.

  79. It's Crazy Beyond How Much The Dark-Forces Have Done To Humanity To Keep Them Mind Controlled, Asleep & Unaware Of Thier Reality...This Literally Is A Matrix & People Say We Crazy When We Say We Live In A Controlled System As The Matrix...I'm Glad To See This False System Be Taken Down... We Have Worked So Hard & Finally All That Hard Work Is About To Pay Off... 26,000 Years & We Finally Going To Be Free...Can't Wait 4 The Event...The Liberation Of Humanity To Live In The Age Of Aquarius & Golden Age... The New Atlantis...The Future Is Now... VOTL!!!

  80. @Sherman, @Libra, @N'Golo Flamel,
    I guess we got our answer as to why First Contact isn't possible at this time, much less any options for a beta test. None of us here wants to put the others in any harms way regardless of how any of us might feel about our own personal safety. I guess it's very much like the movie The Matrix in which we're all tied to the mainframe and any hint of awakening and unplugging sends constant alerts to shut it down.🤔
    One thing is for certain, if they have to go to such great lengths to suppress our full awakening and Contact with the Lightforces using death threats to us and our loved ones, WE must be a MAJOR threat to them and their system.👊😎👍
    So it's back to the waiting game.
    My fiancé and I own our own business here in the states... she runs a thrift store right next to my music store. Business has been VERY slow the last few years and our savings is diminishing rapidly in order to keep us going. I don't know how long we can last at this pace but so far God has blessed us time and time again when things were getting tight and scary. I'm not sure how long we can hold out at this pace if things don't change for the better... meaning holding on for The Event and/or Dreamland funds until 2024 or 2025 is really pushing it. I'm about to take our camper to the lake so we can at least enjoy it for the summer in case we have to liquidate our assets in order to pay the bills. This isn't me complaining or giving a sob story... this is the truth of it and it is what it is. So far we've been very lucky but if things do turn around soon and our businesses don't start turning a profit, things are going to become stressful. I was hoping to take a break from all of this hustle and bustle via First Contact, but it just isn't the safest time for that to happen for any of us which is a bummer.😕
    However, I know the LF and RM are on the case and this hostage stand-off will end soon once DARPA is finally taken out... hopefully soon.🤞😏
    So hold on friends, we're not out of the woods yet but we're damn close.
    Thank you for everything you've done and continue to do on our behalf COBRA, Sananda, Ashtar, Semjase, and the rest of the Lightforces and Resistance Movement! VOTL


  81. I have another question, the light forces have advanced technology that can heal a person’s physical body 
My question is can the technology also give me a new appearance? Like for example if I wanted to be taller can they increase my height? And if I wanted to have a good looking face , can their technology give me that too?
    I have an ugly face, and I have low self esteem and I desperately want a good looking face and also want to be taller so I can feel good about myself and look in the mirror and be proud of myself

  82. Dear Cobra,
    thank you very much for the last two updates.
    I also congratulate the light forces for their great progress and the great victories.
    Big thanks also to the light souls who participated in the May 1st meditation.

    May the light and love always be by your side.


  83. "With genuine and reliable instructions for the evacuation at the moment of the polar shift available in alternative media"
    I wonder why humans would be panicked about evacuation if the Event takes place first 🤔🤔.
    Until what age do the Pleaidians consider a human child?
    When you say then children, even newborns?
    My questions may seem silly to some but I am a mother and as such I wonder, and I do not question the benevolence of the Pleaidians but it seemed to me in the past plan that the children were not separated from their mother.
    Moreover, there is absolutely no mention of animals here?

  84. Command 1221, Command 1221,
    Command 1221

    To my team,

    Changes need to be made.

    Based on the information provided, elimination of the biochips must take priority over establishing a direct line of communication for negotiating extraction.

    At this point, I do not expect to accomplish the original objective before the event/disclosure. However, I will make efforts to clear my implants and biochips. Assist me with this, if possible.

    On a side note, watching the sisterhood of the rose video caused me a great deal of physical pain and fear. It seems my adverse reaction to 'goddess energy' is more severe than ever before. I am doing what I can to stabilize myself, but it is clear that I need assistance with this issue.

    I am Me.

    (Comment approval is not a prerequisite for the communication of this message to my team.)

  85. NCSWIC! WWG1WGA! VOTL! I'm curious on what our current window is for the event.

  86. Most of the people have few weeks of supply at home. Many would panic and loot but that is their choice. Even who can't eat for 3 weeks they can survive (even if not pleasure experience after 1-2 days). So the event not worth this but worth many more months and years of suffery? I would be curious how the light forces calculate.

  87. You want tangible proof of dark actors, here is a real world situation that happened last night; State of IL lost net through a certain ISP [buddy during a League game with voice] and this afternoon my steam account was semi-hacked. Somehow changed from my email to theirs. I'm pretty good about security, since I've been around on the net since Ultima Online......

    TLDR is that the darkies are PISSED and DESPERATE. I personally see this as a poor attack on me directly, and aside from being a great annoyance, nothing lost but some LP and a few days of no steam. SMH.

  88. Not only can they see through your eyes, they can also read your thoughts, although Cobra said in an interview that they couldn't. Mind reading is known as remote neural monitoring (RNM). They can also monitor and control your dreams, talk to you remotely and only you can hear it (Voice to skull - V2K). Among many other things. That's what Targeted Individuals (TI) have been saying online for over a decade. Research.

  89. Can not the Chimera mega computer itself be attacked, destroyed?

  90. Hola COBRA espero me puedas responder... SI ESTÁ PREVISTO UNA DESTRUCCION TOTAL (cambio de polos) yUNA EVACUACION DE LAS PERSONAS DE SUPERFICIE: pregunto ¿para qué tanto esfuerzo físico y material en crear Islas de Luz, camaras de taquiones, y otros esfuerzos materiales para cambiar las condiciones de la vida en la tierra? Gracias.

  91. The dark forces still have considerable possibilities to intervene.

    They want to make starseeds quit "voluntarily" or make them turn their focus away from their mission, for example on themselves, to feel sorry for themselves or to become proud.

    Ultimately, however, they cannot force this.

  92. V slovenščini:

    Vabljeni v našo skupino Sestrstva Vrtnice in Podpore Dogodka na Facebooku:
    Vabljeni na našo stran na Facebooku:
    Toplo vabljeni na Facebook stran Tahionske komore v Ljubljani:

    Thank you for the post Cobra.

    Victory of the Light!

  93. Yikes. Here is a video about Chocolate. Very good to know.

  94. I remember an event from my early years. Despite the veil of forgetfulness, I never forgot it because I told myself at age 4-5 never to forget it. But it did lose clarity and certain parts are very difficult to remember.. I can see the scenes with about 20-35% clarity. It is not until recently, say yesterday, I changed my view on Chimera implants. The description from Cobra makes absolute sense and explains a lot.
    Lastly, I believe breaches into this planet's veil of control were possible up to the late 60's and the Chimera already had technology to track it. It also appears their response time was much slower than it is today.

  95. I have a question about this March 2021 article about physical biochips on the surface:
    'It could also connect with the already existing main Siemens biochip in the frontal lobe of the brain, which most of humanity have received with vaccination campaigns from late 1940s to early 2000s and through soft drinks. The purpose would be to control and monitor brain activity and emotions'
    Now my question is, if someone who has not been vaccinated or has never had soda or is not in the habit, i.e. there is a possibility that this person does not have a biochip, may they not be part of this specific retaliation situation? Or rather how to know if the person has the biochip as well? The last vaccine of mine that I took was in 2009 when I was 9 years old(forced by my parents) and it has been 6 years that I don't drink soda thank Goddess, who can maybe explain I will be grateful

  96. How To Get Out Of The Most Awkward And Insane Position Of All Time

  97. This is related comment for the previous article but I wrote down here because I didn't know if this could be reflected on the previous article.

    This is not a criticism of anyone, just my opinion. I think all the people here are trying to achieve some sort of righteousness, and I always really feel you all are beautiful heart.
    I feel some people who say "That is not what they said before", and some who say we should be tolerant of other people who have never thought about soul growth are also right.

    I only believe that something dramatic right comes true if it who called God or Source is serious. And I trust it and appreciate. I'm okay with not even that big than my expected, just would like to see it happen.

    And the below is my spiritual story in my life, really happened. I don't know English very well but I had an arge to write and barely did. Thanks Weblio. So please read if you're interested.

    Actually I joined in the group meditation of on 1 or 2 this May for the first time in 5 years.
    Previously I had a Cintamani stone, I had joined in some group meditations, acted rather actively. Of course I had read all the articles in this blog and now.

    I believe anyone who has walked a spiritual way know, there is a so-called personal spiritual experience. I have gotten some but the one five years ago was the strongest I have ever had.

    That thing was when my cat who lived with me like family, died. When he breathed his last I catched someone else's voice in my head. Some readers would think that's a channeling. But as for me the one usually talk with me without some methods or particuraly meditation. It's like be with me. But always! It's fu*king for five years! Currently that becomes my usual life...
    Fortunately or unfortunately probably what I did meditations everyday and sometimes mostly a whole day came the result.

    And we back to my cat story, at that time I was mostly one of totally spiritual believers. So I had the epiphany taking him to a nearby park. Because I felt it would be comfortable more to be in nature for my little living cat.
    On the grass in a slight night my cat breathed deeper and deeper. Seeing him I cried the hardest I have ever. Because he was my important existance who gives me learning what love is, what affection is more than my family. Such him was passing away. I imagined the pink orb and hugged him with it. And I said to him "thank you". "If you rebirth as human soul you should birth another better place than this planet". He already started to breath like having hiccup. That was same crying me too.
    About 20 minutes later his breath started to do one time by about 20 seconds. As time goes by that was one time by 30 seconds. I thought he was about to pass away. I was as my heart was going to stop with him too.
    And I felt a scary sense of elation. Actually I had felt that before about two days but it was intensified at that time. On the other hand I felt the deppression what he's going to pass away. I was like wandered in two oppesite feelings. So I was no word, just tremor.

  98. [The continuation of my comment]

    That was then.
    "Leave it to me." one voice talked to me in my head.
    That was my first to hear another existance's voice in my head.

    "(...Huh?)", I said in my mind. I didn't look out around. Because I understand that was definitely what happening in my mind.
    "I am the earth." the one said so. That had female atmosphere.
    I saw down the grass and talked to the deep place with my mind, "The earth, beneath me?".
    "Exactly, and I'm the earth".
    "What in the world...?!" I was like that. She didn't go so far as to say "How are you?" but she was mostly like that.
    And the owner of the voice just moved the conversation forward.
    "Leave it to me. I'm going to help you with sending your cat soul comfortably."
    "Oh, can you do that?"
    "Of course. first you connect me, you know, with an energy and..."
    That's like it we started to speak naturally.

    Then finally my cat breathed his last.
    Amazingly I saw like a assemblag of black butterflies flying off from him. That was not the beautiful view but was kind of cute looking back on now. I understand to be actual that's not "saw", "felt" is right. I must have been under the illusion that I saw it because my feeling was the peak high in the extraordinary situation. That means already at that time I had felt butterflies for days.
    Those were gone soon and I looked to him. His face began to become like a skeleton already and I felt his soul is not here more.

    That was 2018/05/05, the holiday children's day in Japan. you know, that made me feel somthing meaning as spirituality. However later I saw the article of here "entry protocols" and I was scared, decided to keep a little distance from.

    Because I really dislike horror all. As for anime I only watch a rom-com and slice of life. Last year Amazon video insistently recommended JuJutsu kaisen to me, I was like "Ok, you crazy bot recommend that many I'm gonna watch now so never recommend it again". "However when I wasn't satisfied, how will you pay back to me?" thinking and I watched until episode13. And the final episode made me kind of light PTSD for two days. You suck Amazon! But I appreciate you from now on too!
    Oh It's becomng a small talk. I have to go. But at the end, let me say this. At the moment my recommend anime of 2023 is "My clueless first friend". Thank you for reading. Bye.

    1. "My clueless first friend"
      I'm watching it, too

  99. All smiles
    I know what it takes to fool this town
    I'll do it till the sun goes down and all through the night time
    Ohh yeah, ohh yeah
    I'll tell you what you wanna hear
    Leave my sunglasses on while I shed a tear
    It's never the right time (yeah, yeah...)
    I put my armor on
    Show you how strong how I am
    I put my armor on
    I'll show you that I am
    I'm unstoppable
    I'm a Porsche with no brakes
    I'm invincible

    Yeah, I win every single game
    I'm so powerful
    I don't need batteries to play
    I'm so confident, yeah (I'm unstoppable today)

    Unstoppable today, unstoppable today
    Unstoppable today, I'm unstoppable today
    I will not give in to threats
    I AM

  100. Probably everyone really would appreciate a post about fleet strength. Obviously why the lightside wont move in and remove the implants is because the ds fleet is still to strong. I want to know roughly what we are looking at.

  101. Good update cobra thanks it makes perfect sense, it's funny you mention the naval implant because I've only just started working on my solar plexus the chimera are reading this right now right well I have this to say you are so fucking dead it's been you messing up my sex life everytime it's like being kicked in nuts ,I've tried fighting through it cobra and my head starts thumping like it's going to explode and what's up with that invisible hell hound thingy scaring that girl that time you are finished .ok cobra this needs to end now where are they so I can decimate them into non existence (you are so fucking dead chimera time's up.) thanks cobra I need a point of focus thanks victory of light ✨...

  102. This comment has been removed by the author.

  103. The nukes were all disabled by 1998.
    This is why we haven't seen even 1 nuke detonation by any maniac in play eg. ISIS could have nuked a city.
    So please, there won't be any nukes exploding anywhere.
    Sounds like excuses for a failed breakout of the control system, yet again.
    Dark beings just too damn powerful for the light forces, no shame in admitting it. It's how you bounce back after defeat.

  104. Thank you for this detailed update. I’m feeling 2025/26 will be significant. With the challenges the light forces still face I think within 3 years we will see and feel changes…just guessing based on my feelings and the graph. So much has already been accomplished that seemed monumental to me. I can totally relate to much you have written about, feeling tired and sleepy often. I did my first energy healing in 1998 and felt so amazing that I sought out healers that helped me to achieve a higher frequency and yeah things started happening in my life to bring me down. I saw these patterns and saw patterns before I went on my spiritual path. There is that big invisible hand pushing us down 24/7.

    What I learned from my husband (not an old soul) is to be fearless and just get up get things done, no matter how you feel. Some of my accomplishments have happened by not thinking so much and “Just Do It”.

    We are disadvantaged for sure but must remain strong. Our souls are more powerful, that’s why they need powerful technologies to take us out. What an incredible mission we all took on. No regrets, I believe we are doing our part and believe in the light forces who are working through a complicated web to get this massive job done. Can hardly wait for my powers to come online. I experienced some of my gifts in a dream. I was able to remove negative energy effortlessly and I could see through walls. I was also shown things that had come true a week later.

    Just having this knowledge of what we have been up against living on Earth helps make sense to many of our experiences.

    Stay strong everyone, the graph shows we are almost there! Hooray, VOTL!!! Much love to you COBRA!

  105. A Sad Dream - What Do You Feel Is Right?

  106. COBRA,
    I have some questions concerning this Situation Update post. Perhaps you can answer a few of them either responding now or in a future interview.🤔

    1. I can only assume that while it's very evident that the dark monitor us through these physical biochips, the Lightforces must be able to monitor us as well through other means. The question is if the dark ones want to keep our vibration and frequency low, why strive to raise it if they're just going to shut us down anyway?

    2. If they can see and hear everything we do, why do they allow us to participate in mass meditations using our will and intent to disrupt their plans of complete domination.?

    3. It's my understanding that there is a treaty between the dark and the Lightforces that supposedly protects both sides until this is fully resolved. If this is the case then why are the dark ones continually allowed to do everything short of killing us?

    4. Are the Cabal subject to the same biochip implants?

    5. If we're continually monitored 24/7 and they KNOW each of the Lightworkers, Lightwarriors, and Starseeds, why are they allowing us to live if our primary mission is to bring them down and rid all darkness from this universe?

    6. How is "The Portal" site even allowed to exist if they monitor all of us and know our intention is to bring about The Event which essentially is their total defeat?

    That's just a few questions I have COBRA, I'm sure I'll think of more as soon as I post this... 😅
    Obviously, in my own opinion the dark are absolutely terrified of the Lightworkers, Lightwarriors, and Starseeds in order to go to such extremes and lengths to suppress our Contact and Ascension. I'm also VERY GRATEFUL that the Lightforces and Resistance Movement have our backs and are doing everything they can to protect all of humanity and ALL of 144,000+ that are continually standing up for and fighting on behalf of humanity... even if they never know it. That is truly honorable and spiritually HEROIC! I hope that Sananda, Ashtar, Semjase, and all of the Lightforces and Resistance Movement can appreciate what the ground crew is having to go through and endure until our final liberation. These HEROES deserve all the benefits of health, abundance, and freedom they are due... rightfully so! 👏

    Anyway, thanks for reading COBRA, and as I said, perhaps you can answer some of these in whatever format you choose.☝️😉👍

    Love and Light my friend,

    1. I have the same questions as you stated and probably others feel the same. Are the control mechanisms of the dark side that absolute and far reaching? Or is it a potential that isn't always effective?

  107. Why is the circle and the X not at the same spot?

    1. The entropy of surface society need to surpass the Event entropy

  108. I share this on behalf of our fantastic Vietnamese team, for whose cooperation we are very grateful.

    Vietnamese translation of this article:

    Vietnamese translation of the Taiwan conference notes:

    Day 1:

    Day 2:

  109. Welcome, energies of M87

  110. You: Lower Self | I: Higher Self
    End: Marriage between Personality and Higher Self.

  111. Rolf Harris is dead!!! Hooray!!! Narcissistic pedophile!!
    Yeah as a child, my father was a pedophile and narcissist. He was friends with Rolf Harris. When I was about 8 yo or so, my father came home and said we were to meet Rolf Harris, it was all set up, and somehow we knew, even at that age. We dreaded this Rolf Harris meeting. After a few weeks of waiting and dreading, it luckily fell through. My God I even feel protected back then. There were lots of pedophiles and narcissists and we escaped each time. Rolf Harris died two weeks ago and we just found out. Thank God he is gone, after molesting many children and young women. Thank God!

    There were many people trying to molest me. I even remember in University, they were mostly narcissistic. They were evil and I discovered at the end of University they were Cabal. In the early nineties I learned about the Cabal, from Nexus magazine. I remember going to meet the Instructor right at the end, and I was aware they were Cabal. I was like just stay mostly quiet and don't let them know who you are. Well this Cabal member it turned out had no idea who I was. Evil! Even back then we would worry. I can't remember how many times I had to dodge the pedophiles. It was awful.

    Even last week, someone spray painted on the neighbours garage "Pedo". Yep, he's a narcissist. I haven't spoken to him in 10 years, big narcissist. There are heaps of pedos around and you are always dodging them! So yeah, we feel deep sympathy for those who Rolf Harris got to. He lived in disgrace at the end until he was 93. Thank God he is gone.

  112. If anyone wants to know, in Melbourne that is where they would recruit young kids, 18-22. RMIT University, just called RMIT back then. They were all rich private school kids. It was Bachelor of Business is Real Estate. It was evil and run by the Cabal. They were seriously rich kids, but I wasn't. We lived in the rich suburb of Brighton, but we weren't rich. Used to get the train home with them. It was very eye opening. And we knew about the Cabal even back then, 1993. I used to read Nexus magazine and we knew about them. In 1993! That was when I became Buddhist. Just try buying me off with money. Not interested.

  113. Nigeria has been trying to roll out CBDCs.

    A very interesting article from Martin Armstrong of Armstrong Economics:

  114. Soul Mate and Twin Soul

  115. Quantum Fluctuations

    The Subquantum Situation

    The Lurker ( "AI=God" )

    The Biochip, Etheric Matrix Cabal & Media (updated) :

  116. This doesn't seem solvable till 2025 or 3025. But since we were led to believe for 10 years that the toplet bombs were the biggest problem, even if the Event is not possible, it should make things a bit easier for us down here, no? I mean that's the least we can have considering that the Light Forces are pampering the sleepers protecting them from traumatic awakening while most of us were forced to awakening through traumatic events that led us here. Don't get me wrong I have loved ones that are sleepers, I don't want them traumatized either but they had it easier than us up till now, and they still don't suffer in comparison to many of us. They still have more resources than us who threw ourselves into lightworking and were tormented as a result by the dark as a punishment. Cobra said before that no real big positive change is expected in lightworkers' finances till the Event, and that soul families or twin flames won't be reuniting till the Event, and also that our missions will be hard to do. So I am asking what are we to do if we're prevented from our missions, not allowed to be together with soul families, and we are slaving away for survival? Does the personal timeline manifestation improve this situation? Are we left with that till the Event? I saw the St. Germain meditation too for abundance but what about lightworkers who don't have physical silver and gold? You have to have some affluence at least to have that, many of us don't. Are the weakest then to be forgotten again? If neither mission is possible, nor soul family reunion, not even the ease of the financial situation, then I guess I got on the wrong train with this blog 10 years ago. I read Sebastian saying no manifestations are possible, but it's a lie. I have manifested just fine before I began to believe that the dark forces are preventing me. I have many spiritually evolved beautiful soul friends who manifest with ease because they don't believe the light force-dark force "BS" as they call it and they believe they're worthy and boom..they receive. So what gives, are we digging our own grave living in hope and getting nothing just flowery words that hide more complications every time we fulfil the light forces' wishes about succesful meditations?

  117. Dear Cobra!
    Will there ever be an ascension-conference in germany?
    Greetings and hope for all!

  118. Meditation to Stabilize the Financial System / Daily at 3:00 pm UTC

    "Visualize the meltdown of the old system and implementation of the positive new financial system being done in the best possible way."

    Active Meditations:

  119. I am going into a very high amount of adversity. My job is going to be full time in the Summer, and I'm moving up to a permanent full time position afterward. There is an increasingly aggressive energy in the public (my job deals primarily with the public.) More and more, people are on a short fuse. Most of my attention will be on getting through the storm. I've actually never had a job that is this tough before.

    Reality is reality. I have to deal with it. When things get really crazy (every time I go to work things get really crazy), and I start feeling like a victim, I'll say to myself, "Tough shit." I'll simply have to "man up."

    I don't care that people say the dollar is worthless and is collapsing and so forth. All I know from my experience - which, experience is all anyone can ever have to know anything - is that without money, there are no options in life. So, for the first time ever, I'm not trying to get easy money from the stock market, which backfired on me every time anyway. This time, I'm going all in, making money the only way that has ever worked for me - to work hard.

    I will not be giving my energy and attention to false promises of "Operation Dreamland" and so forth. I won't be complaining that the Light Forces won't give me money, for whatever current excuse or set of excuses that are currently being promoted, and blah, blah, blah. No. I will work hard to make money, and if anyone else complains about wanting to be free and not getting results, my reply will be, "Tough shit."

    It should be obvious that nothing does itself. So, I'm not going to put up with any more moping, from myself, or others. If you want to mope, get a room. I have work to do.

    If you want results, work hard. This doesn't just apply to money. This also applies to having a better 'astral space' and so forth. You want to stop being messed with? Do the work to get some serious shields. Research where you have to research to get this information, or use your intuition to make your own techniques, and make it happen. Be tough in order to deal with shit.

    As for people who want a sex change, and other things that cannot get done without physical intervention from the Light Forces, sorry, but this is not my problem. You'll just have to deal with this the best that you can, or not.

    I don't get free money from the government. Druggies who live on food stamps, and countless other people who live off the government go through the checkout lanes. I guess the free money is for them. I guess I'll be financially supporting them as well. Whatever. I have work to do.

    I still have a heart. I've been told that my heart chakra is the strongest, but I need other areas to be powerful as well. Again, I need to be tough as well, to deal with shit that keeps getting thicker.

    Wealthy people can live in their castles in the sky, but I'll work so fucking hard no one will be able to deny me my own castle. I've lived in poverty for nearly two decades, and I'm done with that. And, when my cup runneth over, I can be charitable, but I won't be giving homeless people money just so they can go buy drugs and booze. Charity needs to be done intelligently.

    All the best.

  120. Deutsche Übersetzung der Konferenznotizen von Taiwan - Tag 2 / German translation of the Taiwan conference notes - Day 2:

  121. Makes sense with the biochips. Sometimes when i saw a light ignition from the light forces in the sky, i would go home and sleep. Some stupid stuff they have done with my close family inwhich i barely cared.

  122. Grazie Cobra! La traduzione in italiano è qui:

  123. How can we get this biochips out asap. I have 1 or many, I get bombarded with nightmares and for my whole live -free only a few years angels helped me- in a kill you mode.

    is it diet, driking just water?
    I have as most no money left to buy medicine, got blocked for over 10 yrs to get into a postiion etc..
    Every night squats of ai bots or demons attack my documents and applications,
    real demons in my appartment
    I heard here in MUC 1 person had greater 360 demons etc around
    MUC, Germany is a hell area

    I also check for the answer
    emz MUC

    This is the queston of a reader....
    HOW the hell did those physical biochips get into our bodies?
    I see only the following possibilities, whether they make sense or not:

  124. Part of the sun of the Golden Age

  125. Hello! Here's a Cobra update to shed some light on some of your burning questions about the Event:

    Cobra Update ~ Pleiadians ~ March 22, 2018

    So I don't understand how some people can believe that this blog is some elaborate scam and that I'm manipulating people. These people have serious trust issues and would benefit from therapy. Also, people who post spam comments on this blog will be permanently banned from posting anything again. And if you don't know what a spam comment is, think twice before you post and plan for the consequences.

    This is no joke, this is a serious war that I have fought in far more than most people and lost far more than most people. That's why I deserve to be respected.

    The surface of this planet is much darker than the Resistance, the Pleiadians, or I ever imagined. Clearing up this complex situation inevitably leads to delays. I do not like them. You don't like them. Nobody likes them. So stop being a beta, stop whining and complaining and do something to make the surface of the planet more bearable.


    “So the key is to think about it in a multi-dimensional way...there is no linear step-by-step path to the Event. There are many different time shifts in the probabilities and other ways this could happen. By revealing these projects, they are co-created in the field created by MR and all of us. This stabilization of the timeline increases the overall vibration and quantum field which then supports all positive timelines. Including the one where the Event takes place.

    What should we expect now? I can promise you blood, sweat and tears:,_du_labeur,_des_larmes_et_de_la_sueur

    And then I can promise you the Victory of Light.

  126. I got a feeling that we wouldn't get evacuated right away... we have time. Well it felt like at least a year at least. Talking to guides. So my feeling is that we will be okay for a year... As to anything else happening I'm not sure.