Saturday, May 12, 2012

Open Letter to Drake, David Wilcock, Benjamin Fulford, Bill Brockbrader and Kerry Cassidy

I am writing this letter in the name of all humanity. Humanity cries for freedom. Each day that passes, around 25,000 people die of hunger. Each day that the Cabal is allowed to exist, is a day of untold suffering for many. It is time for action.

It is time to forget our apparent differences and join forces in our fight for freedom. It is time to admit that nobody among us has total understanding and absolutely correct view of reality. If somebody has a different point of view, it does not mean he is automatically a disinfo agent. So it is time for each one of us to allow others to be who they are. We are all human beings. We all make mistakes. It is time now to forgive. And then join forces. United we stand, divided we fall.

This is a call from my heart to all key positive players in this cosmic drama of liberation of the last planet in the grip of the dark forces - planet Earth. We need to join forces, share resources and support each other. We need to create a coherent field of intent that will manifest through the masses of humanity. We need to show them with our example how the world can be set free.

I invite all five of you to a meeting in a location you can choose, where we can settle the differences, forgive, heal and then create a unified field of light, love and support. If such powerful and dedicated people meet in one place, many synchronicities can happen. United, we can design a strategy how we can best assist the liberation of the planet.

I know there are friends of all five above mentioned people reading my blog. Please pass this to them as they might be too busy to notice and read this on their own.

You can contact me if you are so guided at and we can coordinate things.

Victory of the Light! 

As I have already stated in the comments section, meeting in person is not necessary. It can be done via skype or any other similar way. Meeting in person allows for more synchronicity, but some might feel it also poses a certain risk or might deem it impractical. It is for the individuals involved to decide and choose the best approach to this.

Some of the addressed people have already responded. It is my purpose only to get them talk to each other in a more harmonious, productive and constructive way.


  1. Well said. Thank you for voicing what many of us are feeling.

  2. Ahaaaa Yes !! That's it ! Thank you !!

  3. Yes Cobra this is vital We need unification. There's been enough division and now we must all release the old ways of differences. Please please please all sit together in forgiveness and light and lead by example. Let's allow the freedom to flow!

  4. Beautifully said Cobra! Thank you.

  5. This whole episode between them reminds of the new Avengers movie... great movie btw...and I sounded insane when I told my friends that a lot of that stuff was based on reality not fiction.

  6. We can circulate it to make sure they hear it and show our support, show this is what we want !!

  7. Happy to read, good vibes!

  8. I think it's wonderful to create Unity Consciousness among these many parties working for the same purpose. The discord didn't bother me... but it would expedite things and create a frequency of harmony that can be carried forward into our coming tasks.

    However, I do have to question why meeting in person is necessary? It seems a great risk to me to have all of these wonderful souls who are working so diligently toward Liberation to be gathered in one place. Seems a great opportunity for negative forces. Just sayin'.

  9. Meeting in person is not necessary. It can be done via skype or any other similar way.

    1. Awesome!!! Thank you for this... just had a little bell ringing in my head and you silenced it so swiftly and gently. Aaahh... such peaceful silence.

      You are doing a beautiful job of juggling the various responses and questions and doubts that surface in the comments... high five!!

      Did I tell you that I love you today? Well there you go... Blessings and Love to you, Dear One. Bring on the Unity Consciousness...

  10. Meeting in person allows for more synchronicity, but some might feel it also poses a certain risk. It is for the individuals involved to decide and choose the best approach to this.

  11. That's a great idea, Cobra! We must unite and leave the separateness behind.

  12. Well done Cobra I would love to see this happen - Perhaps a round table discussion is in order.

    I have to say I'm feeling much love for you too at the moment :)

  13. We all should concentrate our effort to involve organizations like Occupy, Indignados, Move On, Anti-Chemtrails to join our MASS MEDITATION EFFORT. I am already posting on their facebook pages invitation to join forces and to hold an EVENT with all the organizations in the world. Some of these organizations have thousands and thousands of members therefore if they embrace the IDEA we will be shedding a lot of LIGHT together on this PLANET after thousands of years. Please help spreading the word on a daily basis. We have to use the means of the Matrix to defeat it! Let's do it INVOLVE ALL THE WORLD ORGANIZATION.

    1. Move On is controlled, largely, by George Soros. Why would yo want a one-percenter involved with this?

  14. Wonderful idea Dear CObra... We are ready to start practicing true Unity simply not being afraid any more of old 'differences' or previous 'mistakes'.... Where I see every single 'mistake' or 'conflict' as great opportunity to learn more about Oneness...

    With ALl my Love, PSG

  15. Seriously though, thanks for reaching out and including us by posting on your Blog. I've felt the heart energy coming through strong this month, it's a perfect window for some really wonderful happenings including this meeting! Good luck! Much Love :)

  16. Well said Cobra !

    So be it !!!

    The Wiz

  17. ciao cobra. i am sensitive and i work with the enrgy of AA M but i dont use him to make link and websites like a cocacola or aplle store brand ; ) and i am sure that you understood the spirit of this words.
    sometime i am in presence of his energy and in this post of you i felt high high high vibrations of myslef and also of AA M around. thanks beacuse finally my radard felt this deep connection with realms that in the first your post was not ofr MINDS but SOULS. and i am specialized about SOULS. helped with this being around me too. so again grazie merci thanks etc

    i have an importan and ALCHEMIC IDEA to rise the awarenes not only for light workers but for alls
    common people too. because like you said it is time that i told it:
    yes now it is the time to create to go to the action with ACHEMY WHITE PROGRAM OF RISING UP COMMEON PEOPLE TO GO TO THE 50% + 1 OF LIGHT






  18. great great idea lets spread this everyone!

  19. Thank you, Cobra!! This was music to my ears. I also support Drake, David Wilcock, Benjamin Fulford, Bill Brockbrader/Wood and Kerry in their selfish and brave efforts to disclose the truth and bring down the cabal. You are all working tirelessly behind the scenes, and risking your lives every day to win this fight for freedom.

    This is a crucial time to unite in changing the face of history. Everyone plays an important role here, and despite any trivial differences (be it spiritual, historical, political, or scientifically), we ALL share the same objectives/goals/visions -- Removing the cabal, bringing full disclosure, freedom & prosperity for all, releasing free energy, technology and resources that will heal/liberate the entire planet, and to attain collective cosmic harmony. Let us dispel any fear, division, or weakness. Now is the time to take an absolute stand and join as one massive force for the sake of humanity. If we recognize this opportunity and act, we WILL be unstoppable!

    Freedom and Victory!
    United we stand, my brothers and Heart, Soul, and Spirit!

  20. Agreement is not required, granted, but infighting is certainly a counterproductive waste of energy. As always, cooperate where there is common cause, and remain true to the divine self above all. Don't forget the unified meditation booster shot on the 13th!!!

  21. ThankYouThankYouThankYou

    There is too much at stake for the insiders to squabble like children. This "I'm right and if you don't like it I'll take all my toys and go home" mentality just won't get it done. It could actually cost lives. There is not any single source that has all of the details yet and everybody MUST get together on this. This doesn't mean that all parties have to agree,

  22. A United Humanity

    The more you take
    The more we grow
    As proof that your scheme
    Will never sow
    You’re afraid of us so you create an illusion
    To bind us with fear and limit us with confusion.
    Be warned… be gone...
    For good this time
    You are no longer welcome
    In our new paradigm
    We’ve got you’re number so expect a call
    For A United Humanity will not fall!

  23. Well said Cobra, sometimes ego gets in the way people and not let them see the light .... then comes the pride, envy, fear and bring out the worst of human beings.
    What is at stake now for humanity is more important than our individual fights, so we MUST live up to the occasion and put aside our personal interests and ambitions.
    Only then we will achieve the goal ..... WE ARE ONE, do not forget this.

  24. Thank You Cobra for bringing the light!

    "It is all of us together that make perfection" Yanni

    Love Is All -Yanni

  25. Hello My Brothers and Sisters here on our Mother Earth and in Our Beloved Universe,

    Before reading your blog Cobra, I read Eileen Caddy's daily inspiration and I like to share it with you ALL:

    'Cease modeling yourself on anyone else and take time to seek within to find how I have need of you and how you fit perfectly into the whole picture. Never be like a square peg in a round hole, or out of tune and out of rhythm. When you can be yourself, all stress and strain disappear because you are no longer trying to be something you are not. In fact you are no longer trying; you just are. Therefore you are at perfect peace within, and it is reflected without. Peace, tranquility and serenity emanate from you. You create the right atmosphere where ever you go. You are a blessing, a help and an uplift to all those souls who cross your path, and you create peace and harmony in the world around you. Now let my peace and love infill and enfold you. Lift up your heart and give eternal thanks that I AM revealing the way to you.' Eileen.

    Eileen is co-founder of the Findhorm Community in Scotland (

    May the Light of I AM touch us in every partical.


  26. Can I make a suggestion? Could you go into the blogspot layout menu and add a "HOME" button on the top of the page? Would save searching for it at the bottom when on an older posting.

    1. If you click on Portal 2012 it takes you to Home

  27. I AM the sum total of all, thus equating into one!
    One Love, One Spirit, One Energy of Harmony & Gratitude!
    Helping others = Helps myself
    Loving myself = Loving all
    Healing others = Healing myself
    Being a Positive influence & owning a Positive Outlook on a Universal Level Raises Our Vibrations above the mundane trials of the murky waters day to day and brings us to the Place of Peace & Love that we as one are triumphant over any energy that would attempt to keep or bring us down!
    Like the Lotus Rise Above and Rejoice in our Harmony that is in our Heart Of Hearts!
    Much Love & Blessings to US Always...

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  29. Dear Cobra, Love you, love you, love you!
    I have an unusual request: Could you please, shed a little light about the 144,000 volunteers? I've been told I'm one of them. I did some research and became more confused, since NO info was alike. I trust YOU very much, and hoping to learn something new. I'd like also, to hear, or to get in touch with others
    from this group.

    Sending YOU 144,000 blessings and 144,000 protecting angel wings!

    PS; I heard you on the Cosmic Vision News on InLight Radio, from May 4th. Nice voice...

    1. this link will take you to a video that explains the experiments conducted with meditation and the equation they formulated to have meditation affect an area.

    2. I don't know about the 144,000, but here's a facebook group created after WLD where we're still sharing

    3. woops
      here it is

  30. I will explan about 144,000 when I find time to do that

    By the way, I was not on Cosmic Vision News on May 4th. Whoever that person was, it was not me...

  31. I think simply because he is not directly involved with the arrests. He may know about them and secretly may be involved behind the scenes, but from what I understand his main purpose is to put forth UFO information without all the acension stuff attached. That way new people who are awakening wont have too much info to take in at once. Just my opinion haha..but I wondered about this myself too. Namatse!

  32. Es bewegen sich nach all den Jahren nun entscheidende Dinge und hier auf www. kann man den Zeitgeist wieder mal perfekt erspüren. Danke für diesen Brief mit so kraftvollen Worten. Das Feld der Einigung ist aufgebaut, jetzt müssen es nur noch so viele wie´s geht mit ihrem Bewusstsein betreten. Seit Jahren biete ich mit meinem Unterstützung für diese Bewusstseinsarbeit an. Wer Bedarf hat, oder jemanden kennt, der noch nicht ganz so weit ist, dass er sein Bewusstsein steuern kann, kann sich jederzeit mit mir in Verbindung setzen. Ich freu mich immer, wenn ich Unterstützen kann! Von Herz zu Herz Biggi

  33. I am so sorry to hear and read about all the squabbles between Drake, Deatra, Freedom Reigns, and Kerry Cassidy on one side, and Bill Brockbrader aka Bill Woods, Wolf Spirit Radio, and Lisa Harrison on the other side.

    To me it is all only about matters of personal opinions concerning what role president Obama plays in these challenging times.

    What I believe really counts here is that we cannot afford to let separation define our connections, when we all believe in a common ground:
    - The common ground of waking up together from a long dark dream.
    - The common ground of believing that a world based on freedom, mutual support and truth is possible.
    - The common ground of stepping into our personal and collective power to stand up against the Dark Team.

    Separation is THE weapon for the Dark Team. Only ego lets itself feel convinced that there is no common ground to stand on amongst members of the Light Team. That is no peace to be found amongst the Light Team.

    Let us always keep looking for the common ground instead of what divides us, if we truly want to live in a new world. On a new earth. On Nova Earth.

  34. a voice of clarity and reason in an unstable time

    amazing words, hope it works out

  35. @ Slider

    Are you aware of the documentary Dr Greer is raising money for about Disclosure? You will want to contribute I am sure- I did!

  36. And now Nothing occured... I didn't heard about any change officially, and I wanted it. So sad. Doubting of a lot of things then.

  37. To: David Wilcock, Bill Wood, Ben Fulford, and Drake: I LOVE YOU EACH AND EVERY ONE AND AM SO THANKFUL YOU HAVE THE GUTS TO BE ON THE FRONT LINES!! Keep up the great work!! Suzie

  38. OOPS I forgot to mention (((((Kerry Cassidy)))) you too, girly, you're the greatest!!

  39. AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!


  41. I watch as many videos as possible by these wonderful White Hats and so as I was listening to Bill's most recent one, I felt an upset vibration when he talked of Drake, even though his words were positive. Then I read what you wrote here Cobra about there being some disharmony between them. My first thought was that to Bill, by risking his life working for the Light and disclosing crucial information to us, he is able to offset some of what must be a terrible burden to bear as a result of carrying out Military orders to bomb and kill whole villages of innocent people, even though he came to a point of refusing to continue, for which he got severly tortured. If Drake is also giving out vital information, Bill may feel his contributions are being overshadowed and his opportunity to make amends in a very real and unique way, evaporating. Whatever is going on, I want you all to know that I (we) hugely appreciate what you are all doing and listen to you all.

  42. Cobra, I've read the past 2 years of posts on this website. Though having been laid off in late march and cooped up at home I decided to go back to the beginning in april 2012 to catch up on the 6 years of postings i haven't seen. I don't know how united the Ascension community was in 2012 but telling from your open letter in this post I guess it was fragmenting already. Though I can't help but notice how much worse the fragmentation seems now in april 2020. I certainly hope unity becomes easier soon.