Thursday, July 5, 2012

White Knights - the Cavalry is Coming

There is a soul group that keeps reincarnating with the sole purpose of fighting against the Cabal and setting the planet free. In the middle ages, they were fighting against the Inquisition. In the 17th and 18th centuries they were fighting against the Jesuits. Now, they are mostly against the Rockefellers and Rothschilds. This group is the cavalry that is coming.

You can find them now inside the Positive Military, inside Templar groups, inside Faction 2, among members of the White Dragons Society, infiltrated inside various networks of the Cabal and among many freedom fighters inside the general human population. If you feel a burning desire for freedom of this planet and you are actually doing something about it, you may well be part of this group!

Each one of us is unique and irreplaceable. There is a higher divine plan which strategically positions each of the Light warriors in a mandala that only the Source has a complete overview of. This mandala is functioning with its full power only if each one of us does his mission. So do your part! If you do not know what your part is, keep searching for it, keep asking for it and you will find it. You do not need to fight with a gun. You can also fight for the Light with a clear vision, with a brilliant mind, with the power of the written word and by many other means. 

Attacking and criticizing messengers such as Benjamin Fulford, Cobra, David Wilcock or Drake is not a wise strategy to help the Light forces. What the messengers do is they only relay info. They are NOT responsible for delays or missed deadlines.

After the Cabal was lately cut off from nuclear weapons, they began frantically developing new biological and chemical weapons. The Rothschild faction threatened to use one of these weapons (the so-called Flipper virus) and decimate the Earth’s population if the mass arrests would take place on July 4th. All those exotic biochemical weapons are currently being dealt with.

The plan for the planetary liberation is real and mass arrests play a vital part of this plan. Be aware that Disclosure, First Contact and Golden Age can not happen before the Cabal is removed. That may happen days, weeks or even months from now, but at a certain point it will happen. No action will be taken by the Positive Military that could potentially endanger human masses, therefore they will move only when everything is ready.

P.S. Through the years, top members of the Cabal have created many protective defence mechanisms around them in case anything happens to them. Those mechanisms include, but are not limited to the use of biochemical weapons. There are certain devices that constantly monitor all main bodily functions of the top members of the Cabal, and if anything strange happens, they send alerts to their advanced weapons systems. Then a special computer program decides if any of those weapons is to be used. Those mechanisms would be triggered automatically if Stardust 2 was to be used or if any of the key members of the Cabal would be arrested. This is the reason why they seem to be untouchable and always able to get away with everything that they do.

First these mechanisms need to be removed and then positive action can be taken.


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  2. I love you Cobra.

  3. Makes perfect sense Cobra. Thank you for continuing to weave this tapestry and connect the dots in a meaningful way, until we are all on the other side of it. We are getting stronger by the minute and will not be deterred until it's Mission Accomplished.

  4. Great interview by the way we do love the updates. I hope the next post is Stardust activated! Smiley face. I am loving all the amazing sightings happening all over the world now they are really coming out in an open and bold way very thankful.

    1. cobra's latest interview_July 3

      again here is the link:

    2. Wowsers! another great interview <3

  5. didn't Cobra already say there is no divine plan due to all of us having free will? So many contradicting statements from all of these intel sources... I try to stay positive but it's tough with conflicting statements. Someone correct me If I'm wrong, I'm not 100% sure.

    1. I guess it's all a divine plan, if you watch our situation from the divine prospective. But I'm not refering actually to a being that control all us, rather, I could say that the free will is just another illusion of this game called "Life".
      So it's just a matter of where you look this game.

      From the mind viewpoint it's probably a senseless game, at least from the vaste majority of the human minds, simply because it cannot see a purpose.
      From the so-called higher self we are here with the purpose to evolve, and all the life situations have a sense.
      Above all, when we reach a really high evolution point we just feel that all is one, and so the "free will" is nothing more than a distortion.

      I can't give you proofs of what I just wrote of course. Take or leave.

    2. This is one explanation of our graduation into 4th Density that seems to be a natural order that nothing can stop.

      Questioner: How does a third-density planet become a fourth density planet?

      Ra: I am Ra. This will be the last full question.

      The fourth density is, as we have said, as regularized in its approach as the striking of a clock upon the hour. The space/time of your solar system has enabled this planetary sphere to spiral into space/time of a different vibrational configuration. This causes the planetary sphere to be able to be molded by these new distortions. However, the thought-forms of your people during this transition period are such that the mind/body/spirit complexes of both individual and societies are scattered throughout the spectrum instead of becoming able to grasp the needle, shall we say, and point the compass in one direction.

      Thus, the entry into the vibration of love, sometimes called by your people the vibration of understanding, is not effective with the present societal complex. Thus, the harvest shall be such that many will repeat the third-density cycle. The energies of your Wanderers, your teachers, and your adepts at this time are all bent upon increasing the harvest. However, there are few to harvest.

  6. Appreciate the hard work Cobra :) I hope it won't be months until we throw out the cabal! Listening to Drake's radio show last night makes me think that there is a lot that we don't know. I reckon we will see some changes within a few weeks. Love and Light

  7. It is getting very confusing. We have messengers telling us that the arrests are actually occurring as of this week or even last week. You indicate that arrests have not yet started. Some messengers are saying that the Galactics should do all the arresting while others are saying it must be conducted by Humans. There seems to be no agreement on the status of things. I wonder if this is intentional, for why would you inform the Cabal on what is actually occurring. I guess we really won't know until the names of the arrested are given, whether this occurs on internet news channels or TV news stations.

    1. I think you may have hit upon something there, bob12east. If we are confused, then perhaps anybody else, members of the opposite team, that will be reading these various messages will also be confused. And, if that were a 'game plan' then it's a good one. I don't know. And I think it doesn't matter. All that matters is in YOU. Which side do you give your ENERGY to? That's your FOCUS. Hold fast to your FOCUS and go along with what comes. If you are for the LIGHT, hold on to it, share it, live in it, and don't waver. :)

    2. Namaste,

      It's always darkest before dawn, and you maybe cannot see the light on the horizon but it's there and it's coming.

      Abha Kama.

    3. just using plain text reading, i read that Cobra states that just the key members of the cabal are 'wired' to self-destructible technology, which i imagine makes the process much less complex; allowing the 'mass'-arrests of non-key members to take place over a longer period of time (more than 72 hours) before the big one ('the event') takes place.

      i read in other alternate stream as well as main stream "news" sources that multiple people have already been arrested (and even 'relocated'), and i see that it's not stopping, but rather, speeding up.

      i see that these events (the arrests, messages on this blog) are in sync with the 'tone' of many news outlets.

  8. Thanks for the update Cobra. Keep up the great work. Cheers.

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  10. Cobra, a million thanks for this update and for giving us all so much inspiration and hope. As part of my Lightwork, I surround you and this mandala of White Knghts with the legions of Archangel Michael on a daily basis for your protection and intercession by this holy and very powerful band of freedom fighters. The Light of God never fails. How grateful we all are to have such staunch defenders of freedom in embodiment, who will not give up until Gaia and her people are finally free. Sending you greatest love, dear brother.

  11. So the Cabal still has the power to threaten us. This means to me we are still not ready for the removal. I'm looking forward to learn other lessons meanwhile, and give my light to all those who are sincerely searching the peace for themselves and all humanity.

    Keep on guys, we're almost arrived!

  12. Libor scandal "Goodbye to the Banking Cabal" now in the msm, enjoy:!


  13. Anonymous collaboration with Hollywood celebrities calling for the end of the tyranny of the cabal:


  14. Someone correct me if I'm wrong operation Sturdust 2 was complete on Tuesday, June 12, 2012 and ready to use.

    "Stardust is the codename of a special advanced nanotechnology. It is a dust made of small nanoparticles that were sprayed into the physical bodies of the members of the Cabal and their minions.This nanodust can not be removed by any technology known on Earth. Its activation has two phases. The first phase blocks the central nervous system immediately and a person can not move. The second phase kills the person. It will be activated at the time of the Event to block members of the Cabal trying to do any harm. In vast majority of cases Phase 1 activation will be sufficient."

    I really want to know why they don't use this tecnology right now? Accordingly to Cobra the Cabal is developing new biowepons, where is the problem? Use sturdust tecnology and no one will be armed.

    The ET people/brother have the tecnology they can use it for free the people that were keep in this state of slavery against the Galactic Codex.

    Cobra this is a simple question: Why don't you use the Sturdust?


    1. You beat me to posting something similar to this. I indeed agree with you, why was Stardust 2 not put into effect?

    2. @Flamey: I'm loosing hope about this "world change" because sometimes the posts go against each other and actually nothing meaningful is happening, everything is moving slowly. I wanted to write a note when Cobra asked money. But I didn't. I was very surpriced when he asked a donation.

      Many people on the internet expressed their will of freedom, what the Cabal did was against the Galactic Codex. The ET and a Galactic Federation (if exist) have the right to proceed. The 21st of June is passed already, that was the time limit for the Cabal to surrender.

      The mass arrests on the 4th were blocked beacuse of the chemical weapons could be used. But Sturdust was put in place against this kind of scenario.

      So what is going on? People who wrote the messages before saying "I love you Cobra, Thanks for the update ecc." Don't you think that something is wrong?

      I just want to hear your opinions/answers without polemics.


    3. I would think that more people would be putting 2 and 2 together as we are but they are not. Either way I believe that we are safe to go about our path of ascension without interference from the cabal, this I truly believe and I am never afraid of any of the crap. But the hole scenario of the arrests/containment or whatever it is supposed to be is resonating with me less and less as its vibration weakens and thats fine. Something is gpoing to happen and its good, thats all I truly know.

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    6. Dear Miki,

      I say this with the hope that it is in some way helpful to you.

      No, I do not see anything wrong. I see everything as being Perfect and in Divine Right order. All is well and as it should be in God's world.

      Yes, what is presented by different sources can be confusing. We, as the lightworking community do not/ cannot /will not ever be aware of all the details of this massive paradigm shift. It is well beyond the capacity of our finite minds, and I respect that.

      The solution that I have found is that I go about my day, while keeping an ear to the ground as far as what might be occuring. I limit my time on the internet and instead find more time to be in Nature or other creative adventures. I detach from the drama of timelines, soap operas, he said/she said, and the minutia of mental gymnastics as it can be distracting and fatiguing.

      This allows me to do what is MOST important to me: Detoxing on all levels, clearing old mental, emotional and ancestral patterns, and whatever else might be involved with raising one's frequency.

      Someone once said that we humans are in a constant search for the new ...(whatever) instead of finding someting that works and focusing on that. In a sense, many of us are acting as voracious spiritual consumers. I have been there. For now, I have found a few sites that resonate with my inner truth, and stick with them.

      I trust my intuition & judgement and believe that every moment is unfolding in perfection and keep the flames of the Golden Age well tended in my heart.

      Keywords I live by:

      inner peace
      positive vision

      And that's what works for me :)

      Love and Light to you fellow traveller.

    7. ~I AM Love~*,

      You 100% summed it up for me. I think that this is the key and keeping in our mind what you wrote is so important.

      It's really easy to get into a kind of "co-dependence" and want to explain to people what we see and *know* on an inner level that defies logic. But also it does not mean throwing logic out the window! (I just wrote a post about the Colorado fires on my blog about this.)

      I, too, am trusting my intuition and judgement and believe that every moment is unfolding in perfection. I love your keywords, and they are mine, too.

      I have this to respond to, too:

      Miki in a comment above wrote the following: "I really want to know why they don't use this tecnology [sic] right now?" in reference to Stardust 2 and the nano-tech that could work in two phases against the cabal.

      Just because one has a gun for self-defense, does that mean that he or she should just go out and start shooting it?

      One thing I am grateful for in the US system is the idea of "just cause." In order to be arrested there is supposed to be "just cause." I'm not saying this system has worked perfectly, but I am saying it is a really good thing in principle and should be in our actions.

      While we know that the cabal is responsible for horrible things, and there is definitely "just cause" against them, I have seen a horrible pattern emerge in the study of revolution (French, US, Russian, Chinese, Vietnamese, etc.). Whenever the ones who overthrow finally get into power, they become JUST like their predecessors against whom they were revolting. They became just as oppressive as the oppressors because they were living and dying "by the sword."

      I personally do not want a Resistance that is going to resort to the same mentality and tactics that the cabal has. I think that the *cabal* would just go ahead and use the nanotech to stop whomever and whatever was in their way.

      I think wisdom calls for a careful approach, a measured one, and I don't care how long it takes or when it happens as long as utmost wisdom and patience are being used. I do feel in my heart from the rumblings that are happening that everything is going to be all right, eventually. The cabal and any "ankle-biter" control of the planet WILL end. If it is not seen to by the Resistance, then Mother Earth and all the beings that are even above the Resistance WILL.

      There are powers even greater than we living on this planet can even comprehend, and they are much greater than even the Resistance.

      They will see to it that the cycle is accomplished this time. I am certain it is so.

      With great love to everyone,
      Calliope the Muse

      (P.S. I really liked this part of the post, Cobra: "You do not need to fight with a gun. You can also fight for the Light with a clear vision, with a brilliant mind, with the power of the written word and by many other means."

      That is exactly one reason I chose the name "Calliope" to use online! She is a great one to have around with me. Bon courage to you and everyone with whom you work. I still believe. Can't explain why -- I just do. If I am being set up for a disappointment, ah bon. Well, it won't be the first time! LOL! But I will go on for the seeds of the fire I feel here are enduring and way beyond even the puny -- by comparison to that which is All -- things going on here on this planet. Thank you, and godspeed. CtM)

    8. ctm iam
      very nice and positive thanks

    9. @ I AM LOVE
      U just nailed my thoughts on the wall could not agree more.

      Love and light to U in abundance.

    10. I AM Love & Calliope wow great stuff . Your words reflect a sound mind and heart. Thank you for sharing and keeping it real. Lotta love to you all.

  15. Something is not right here. If you guys recall the Operation Stardust 2 Post which can be found here

    Cobra says that op stardust 2 "...will be activated at the time of the Event to block members of the Cabal trying to do any harm."

    What made it so that Operation Stardust 2 couldn't be put into effect to stop Rothschild faction from infecting us with the flipper virus so the military could make the arrests?

    1. Bingo and now you see the lie gj man it was obvious to me as well.

    2. Key words: "at the time of the Event."

      Stardust 2 would and should never be used *before* the Event, and not one, not anyone but the Source knows exactly the time that this Event will occur. In all of eternity, it is NOW already, and the timelines (plural) are being worked out in this dimension also.

      The Event is NOT just the arrests, peeps! Pay attention to what Cobra is saying in all the interviews and so on. The Event is something much larger than just the puny crap that is going on with the stupid ankle-biters who really are of no consequence in the bigger, eternal picture of things!

      There is really so much more going on here than a lot of people are willing to look at, and y'all gotta WAKE UP to it. Stop looking for 3D solutions to 5, 6, 7D problems!

      I think really what is called for here is less nitpicking and more focus on what each person can do to get his or her inner self right with the events that are going to happen and are going to require people to be a pure soul!

      Anyway, your logic is also faulty because you are not paying attention to what the Event is in its totality. And unfortunately, when trying to figure out the timeline part of this, it gets tricky. YOU try unweaving a spider web! You try unknotting convoluted multiple pieces of spaghetti in the space/time fabric!!

      It ain't easy, folks.

      Start putting on your thinking caps and start looking inside to what you know is coming and need to be ready for.

      Over and out.

    3. The Event, is NOT the mass arrests, the containment, nor any other option, such as Stardust. This is where you are missing the link you claim to seek. Cobra very clearly explained to us what 'the Event' is, and that it has NOT happened yet. Please take the time to read the transcript of Cobra's interview here:

      If you do NOT take the time to read this, to pay attention and absorb the information given, then do please at least stop with the negative comments and snide remarks, because those are adding to the distractions that we are all struggling with. Otherwise we must assume you are deliberately attempting to cause distractions and wish to be ignored. Thank you. :)

    4. Oh, CalliopetheMuse! Are we in sync, or what! Just 6 seconds of time between our posts above...2+2+2=6. ;)

    5. @Caliope and @ourspiritualwealth - Exactly. Everything is happening all at once. It's impossible for us to truly grasp the magnitude of the situation using our 3D level of understanding.

    6. LOL!! I just saw this later today. Too funny. I love it when stuff like that happens!!

      Those crazy synchronicities, lol.


  16. Thanks Cobra,
    Can you give some proposals or tips how to take small/big but effective legitime and peaceful actions/steps that can help this whole process (additional to the meditations). Something like here: but more dynamic or even precise.
    Do you think such thing make sense in the current moment?
    I do believe in the power of meditations but for me it is hard to see any direct result of them (I guess it's more a mind requirement :) and that makes me feel not so satisfied and I'm sure I'm not alone with this feeling. I'd feel better if I can assure myself I really contribute to the process. I think wast majority of the people are locked in their very restrictive live and got no idea what is going on and don't believe in any alternative solution while other people (I think I'm here) know some information but are not enough educated or very limited how to react. Then other people pretending intentionally or unintentionally they know a lot and some of them are aware of that and other not. Then we have other pretending to know little of what they really know and again some are aware of that some not. What I'm looking for is a some solution to this felling of helpless waiting spread around some people. Of course good people are at any level: from persons just keeping alive simply to survive to top decision makers responsible for the live of millions. And I'm sure the more people get clear what they can do the faster we'll get out of this situation. And guess where is the majority :99%
    Take care and have a nice day.

    1. unleash your personal weapons of mass creation.
      for example:
      ( scroll down to conscious games )

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  18. This same "cabal threatening to wipe out 2/3 of the population of earth was already used in this blog as an excuse about 3 weeks ago when things where put off. I can understand delays on any level but using the exact same reason kinda gets me. What about every single source of channeled information saying that the cabal will not be permitted to do this? What about stardust that literally renders them paralyzed? What about the "Containment that AAM spoke of? This is just getting to be a bit much to swallow. I love Cobras info and the interviews are great but this is so repetative with the exact same reason? and when so many have stated over and over that the cabal can do no more harm, and I feel this in my heart to be honest...

    1. very well said, i too am conflicted about this. what AAM was talking about with containment i think would be the best option. mass arrests have the potential to backfire with people running around in mobs lynching cabalists over their anger at what they've done. at this point if we truly want a peaceful society starting at the end of this year, containment may be the only way to do it.

    2. hang in there brando the cabal have been here for thousands of years things are always changing it wont happen overniight but it will happen
      have a liitle faith to keep you warm as it is only your soul fire that will see you through the storm

    3. Hear, hear, Rob! I heart you (and your words) so much, buddy. :)

      I commented about this above, too.

      TAKE HEART, folks!

      All is going to be well. I know it.

    4. brando9000
      Cobra has just posted a new "P.S."...

  19. I started posting about the Libor scandal on the ACC, the day the first news broke on 7/1/2012

    Stardust is hardly needed as the banking cabal is imploding on itself, as expected. It was implemented as a safety measure only:)
    yesterday, Mr Diamond sang like a canary pointing his finger at Bank of England (Rothchilds), and more to follow...

    1. Yes, everyone, pay attn to the LIBOR story. This is where it is all going to happen. Love and light!

  20. If this weren't sadly exploitative, it would be funny. Please try to wake up people.

  21. Thank You!!! This is where mt heart is. This is what my guide's tslk to me about. My computer is down so I am only able to use a friends 3 times a week. I continue to do my work in meditation and visualizing. Blessings of Love and Light to ALL!!!!!

  22. Cobra, My blog, which I just posted before I read your update, calls for support of each of you in much the same way. We are most certainly connected, all of us are!
    Here is the link to the blog:

    Thank you for all that you are doing!


  24. Do most people understand ,? the arrest are not about revenge , hate, anger, is is about clearing the path in a definitive way. This type of move is full of love and compassion.. it safely guides the Cabal to their new enlightenment for growth and will be the Largest catalyst for MASS AWAKENING of the remainder of the population who are still deeply asleep .. Ready ...Set ..........

  25. LC#5 implanted. Operation Duped Max Exposure underway. Radial 3.14 ratio spiral 1.6 activated. Firing synapse for effect. Stand by for updates.

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  26. After a certain point is reached vibrationally, mass arrests or presence of dark energies will be a moot point as the beings vibrating at a lower frequency will not be able to live in the higher vibrations we are moving into. That is why we have been seeing so many people leave the planet through various means - mass leavings - like with earth quakes and other natural or man made disasters. The key is to focus on these changes, and see our world living in peace, love, joy, harmony with abundance for all. I think this will bring on the changes faster than focusing on all the delays as this only causes frustration which feeds into the negative energies that need to be released at this time. Blessings,
    Betty L. Robinson

  27. This may shock some of u but I'm with Drake 100% until he is proven to be fake and here's why. When Drake gave us the Green Light last week everyone was so excited. We ran out and purchased any remaining items, filled our cars with gas and got cash out of the banks. The other bloggers like Wilcox, Woods and/or Fulford said they didn't get the Green Light from their sources. But that didn't matter to us because Drake did get it from his source. Then we waited day after day and nothing happened. Dispair started to set in. People started to turn on Drake. Then that terribly strong storm hit Washington DC. Drake went missing and wasn't on the Sunday show. Still nothing happened. You all know how many people's mood went down hill after that. I'm with Drake 100% and here's my reason. I believe Drake got the go ahead to announce the Green Light from the pentagon source as he said.
    I also believe IT WAS A TEST to see what the CABAL might do if the Green Light was given. Now the pentagon knows that the CABAL is capable of and willing to use WEATHER as a WEAPON against the American people. Those dirty bastards. This is the information I received from my guides. I'm not forcing anyone to believe me. Ask your own guides and determine for yourself. Donnie

  28. Here is my suggestion:
    (In other words, this is what I would really like to see happen.)

    1. Get an arrest warrant signed for someone on this planet who is MAJOR, who is known as a "powerful" person, and who we have a very good case against.

    2. Yell and shout about this. Send out press releases, until SOME fairly mainstream media outlet picks it up. Don't use ANY generalities in the press releases. They are terrible PR. State just the name of the one person and what he is wanted for.

    3. Then just monitor the situation for maybe 24 hours and see what reactions you get. ANY kind of negative reactions from anyone - shout loudly about that. Accuse them of being involved, etc. Very noisy, but all about the one person, and now their supporters.

    4. Try to arrest the guy and see what happens. If the person doesn't surrender, back off. We don't want a real fire fight if we can help it.
    Yell again, very loudly. The guy won't cooperate with the arrest warrant! Criminal!

    5. Then whoever is responsible for making the arrest can try again if they want. But we drop it and go on to somebody else.
    Same procedure. Big, noisy exposee. And just keep it up.
    Wear them out trying to defend themselves. Get the mainstream media talking about it because it's just too juicy to stay quiet about.
    And just keep it up. Wear them out with PR. Get people talking about it.
    That's what I'd like to see happen.

    I don't care if anyone ever gets arrested. These people secretly want to be stopped anyway. But the magnitude of the noise needed to stop them needs to be similar to the magnitude of noise they created by the last great false flag they helped engineer. It has to be as big as the London subway bombings, or 911 or any of those other horrific actions that we damn well know they were responsible for. If we can make the media that noisy about this, then we can essentially de-power those people.

    Our ET backers say they've already done this anyway. So our job is to make it public, loudly, one target at a time.

    That's what I'd like to see happen.

  29. A soul group consists of 144 souls, the critical meditation number was 144000 .. The intention of 1000 soul groups for change, how much difference we are making I don't know, who do I trust entirely 100% AK and Cameron (anklebiters) and my own eyes!!!! Be patient guys the world is changing it is happening now I've never seen such constant news of government and banking upheaval. Spread the word and be as happy and positive as you can be... We're going to need some fan cleaner!

    1. "We're going to need some fan cleaner!"

      I literally burst out loud laughing at this Safeneth!! Thank you for that. :D

      Be patient, indeed. :) I see and feel it, and I know so many others do, too.

      Gosh, what excellent comments from many of you so far. I was really encouraged by what people have been writing about persevering and hanging on.

      We're not duped, just holy. :) Hee hee!!
      xoxo to all

    2. Yes. I agree. Fan Clean-Up On Planet Earth, please! The rate of exposure of crimes/corruptions, the enormous numbers of resignations within high level banking circles, the suicides (or not) withing banking circles, the political reverbs because of the banking crises, government and nation bankruptcies, is literally ASTONISHING! Unknown in my lifetime, and in the history of this planet, I'm willing to bet! Seriously, if anybody looks at the MSM and thinks it's biz as usual they must be on drugs that make them deaf and blind simultaneously. In the 1960's there was a MASSIVE POLITICAL SCANDAL that brought down the Tory/Conservative government of England at that time, and what was the scandal? The Profumo case. Look it up if you are interested. See how times have changed? In 1960's Britain all it took to bring down the gov't was a tiny little blip of a scandal. Now, look again out your world news, your world economy, and see the shed-load of tiny and massive events/scandals/exposures that together would be enough to not only bring down 1 gov't but the whole flipping lot, all over the globe. Money is the root of it today, and money is at the root of all the controls and power that have kept us enslaved. Stop the money, stop the control. FREEDOM. The money-benders and money-lenders have bent and lent themselves into a such a downward spiral that even they cannot keep a grip (control) over this slippery shitty mess they have created. :) It's like that old saying, 'Give them enough rope and they will hang themselves!'.

  30. I had a dream maybe related to what's going on...

    I found myself flying in a commercial airplane at very low altitude and flying towards me were hundreds of other airplanes one behind the other(tailing)The colors of these airplanes were red/silver and blue/silver they just kept coming and they were trying to block the airplane I was in from going higher altitude, finally an opening space and the airplane managed to get through and go higher.The sky was clear and I felt a big relief once the airplane went above the other airplanes and I was out of their control.The feeling I got from these airplanes was they were bad and cold,once I got above them I looked back to see what was going on..I saw a dark vacant city that had burned and one of taller buildings stood out,thinking at the same moment I got out.

    My interpretation..

    Red-something sudden

    Going into higher consciousness,freedom and darkness behind us.Cabal was blocking us from rising above them but we succeed

    Yeah! :)

  31. Lets make one thing very very clear. There is no such thing as "Positive Military" That has to be the ultimate oxymoron..

    Thank you for the update, Cobra.

    1. @Rule303. That's an amusing statement from someone sporting the name "Rule303"!

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. @Rule303. I understand the reference to Breaker Morant and that issue with the .303 rifles/shootings/court martial which references the Rule303 statement.

      Speak your truth. That's your right. :)

    4. So no real need for your cheap shot at me then?

      Should it not be about the message and not the messenger.

      There will NEVER be anything positive that comes from a military., When people stop signing up for military service or private military service then wars will not be able to be fought.

      Terrorist cells are created by the Pentagon to convince us we are in imminent danger. FACT.

      Everyone is a victim of the military industrial complex, and it needs to die. And it will due to the fact that future generations will see it as the most barbaric thing any person could ever do.

      This means that Hollywood needs to stop the propaganda movies and stop endearing us to hired killers who claim to be for god when the governments are really controlling both sides in order to make money or plunder other nations wealth and more access to so called precious energy such as oil, when there is free sustainable energy at our fingertips as proven by Nikola Tesla.

      No more armies and no more weapons of any kind military and domestic. It's inhumane. PERIOD. No exceptions.

      Americans do NOT have the right to bear arms. They are unevolved cave men to think so.

      We are shifting form a planet of global factions with borders to a global consciousness of humane-beings.

      Everything that is of a detriment to this soon to be future needs to go, it's really that simple.

      We become the currency of our new Golden Age and the planet is a living work of art that is the only church needed.

      We have quite a bit of work to do if you've travelled in the last few years to anywhere other than a comfort zone you'll see this simple fact.

      I would estimate about 20% of this planet is benefiting from the new Earth energies at the moment and this is a conservative estimate.

      The "Cabal" is a tired old dinosaur that cannot operate it's patriarchal male dominated system of abuse and control.

      But it's far from extinct yet. don't believe then dust off the passport and stick your head out of a window in Damascus or Kabul or pretty much anywhere in the middle east.

      Not the comfy chair of love&lightsville.

      Mass arrests will come. But not because of ET's. They will come as the vibrations lift and we become more humane.

      This is the dark part before the dawn of our new Golden Age.

      I am not being negative. I am being realistic.

    5. Thank you Rule303. Well thought and well said.

    6. REF:

      Rule303July 6, 2012 4:43 AM
      "So no real need for your cheap shot at me then?"

      Hello Rule303,

      At the time of writing, I had no knowledge of your military background. Had I had known that I might have better understood why you would choose to sport Rule303, maybe. Maybe I still wouldn't understand exactly, but it would have given me enough of a clue that I wouldn't have made my wry comment. I apologise if you feel I was making a cheap shot at you. I wasn't. I was just remarking on the strange idea of rule303 (to shoot on site because you can kind of thing)in light of this blog, and why we are all here.

      I realise now that you may have chosen your 'name' more for the reference to the injustice of what happened to Breaker Morant? But as you are not calling yourself 'Breaker Morant', the subtle irony wasn't an easy thing to figure out.

      I appreciate your frustration, in that many of us have not seen active service, the horrors of war, and many of us have no idea of what that must do to people, on both sides.

      Thanks for your understanding. :)

    7. "There will NEVER be anything positive that comes from a military., When people stop signing up for military service or private military service then wars will not be able to be fought.", Rule303.

      This is a simple and profound truth....I have remarked upon this many times lately.

      Thanks, Rule303, for bringing it up here.

      I suppose, because of the economics and the brain-washing patriotism, many young people feel they have few options other than to join-up into a branch of the military. My own father and first husband were military, and I know both did so because finding a job was too difficult, plus some other members of their families were in the service already. It's a no-brainer in those cases. We need to give people abundance in which case they would never even consider the military as an option.

    8. We are waking up to the fact that we are a collective consciousness of our Mother Earth.

      So war being the worse thing that humans can do to each other and our Mother.

      Collectively it leaves deep rifts in the collective psyche.

      Collectively as a global consciousness we are all suffering from PTSD, just at lesser and greater extents.

      The so called "illuminated ones" know how this works, and just as some sections of society lift from this low vibrational knock on effect, they go and create more war.

      It's also the number one money spinner too..

      When you think about it there has always been violent conflict to lesser or greater extents in our so called version of history.

      And always the same shadow government has the strings of the puppets at hand.

      So the idea of a World War is stupid when the globe has no borders and the consciousness of Mother Earth has no borders.

      The shift of ages will raise the vibration so that this cannot happen to us. It's happening right now and it's the darkest period just before the dawn. Hence all the uprisings, civil insurrections, financial instability. It's atrophy all at once. We are so use to it that it seems normal to us.

      But it's far from normal. And the shift of ages will not allow it to exist. They are fully aware of this. That's why I don't focus on them at all.

      The game is up as they are running out of time, they have literally months left now and not years, before we see novelty and not atrophy. Ancient texts called them "miracles" Events we have never witnessed in this current cycle of events we are told is our history..

      Sychronicity will become more and more visible to us, no such thing as coincidence, it's just a lack of sychronicity. A lack of harmony which is evident in a dark age.

      The last days of that dark age is right now.

      That should fill people with supreme optimism as we lift out of a very dense period and move in to a time of abundance and balance.

      This will manifest in the ending of war because future generations will see it as the most deplorable act to commit.

      The redistribution of wealth and not the blind acceptance that some are just entitled to more.

      The end of such manifestations of cancer because cancer is the physical manifestation of density and dark energy in our bodies. Most illness is dense energy. So we can expect extended life due to good health.

      No more consumption of carcinogenic substances and no more industry built around this. And a medial/pharma industry that cshes in on the detrimental effects of this.

      They literally feed us full of poison then cash in when we get ill. not the work of a humane society, no at all.

      But we accept it as the norm. Not for much longer.

      Alchohol is the acceptable drug of choice when it is nothing but poison.

      Marijuana is a gift medicine plant from our Mother and is banned and you can go to prison for cultivating it in most parts of the globe still. Total insanity!

      It helps with the neurons in the brain and detoxifies the pineal gland, this is why they keep it banned. And it heals so many different ailments which are mostly environmental to begin with. Mother gives us the solution and we accept that it's a DRUG and evil because they control system dictates this..

      Of course it can be overused by those who wish to escape from their reality but that's because their reality is a true fucking nightmare in the first place.

      Nobody would need any drugs if their reality was paradise.

      Which is where we are heading, or returning to if you like.

      War effects all of us, poverty effects all of us.

      Time to say goodbye to both and the old wrinkly nasties that create it.

      The mass arrests are coming, but they are a result of global collective consciousness and the shift of ages.

  32. Thank you Cobra for your work,I would like to remind us all that we create our reality and by believing I am sure we gave a great big push to this scenario.apart from that ,nothing happening????????are these people following the news,never so much has happened in such a short time.
    I believe it is more important TO BE UNITED THAN TO BE RIGHT .Much love to all.

  33. The Pentagon have just announced a 40 million fibre optic cable connection to Gauntanamo bay. If anyone with a working memory can recall back just a few years. One of Obama's biggest selling points on his election campaign was to close the place.

    Obama s pockets are lined with money from the likes of Jamie Dimon at JP Morgan.

    This makes Obama a war criminal, so please stop being fooled in to thinking otherwise.

    AL-Queada "militia" are pouring in to Syria right now to cause murder and mayhem. They are funded by Washington and Kilary Clinton used them to overthrow Libya.

    Sarkozy is now being investigated because in 2007 he took 50 million Euro's from Gaddafi to fund his election campaign.

    Kilary and Sarkozy were all over the MSM celebrating when there was pictures of him with gunshot wounds to the head were publicised.

    All our governments are complicit for funding both sides of this bullshit "War on Terrorism"

    Osama Bin Laden died between 2003 and 2005 and was either buried alive in the Hindu-Kush mountain range when the US changed the topography while testing out new munitions or he died of a long term illness as claimed by his closest aides.

    Either way he was working for the US and was ultimately held up as the new "bogey-man" because communism simply did not have that threat of impending doom over the mass populace.

    The British have NOT been fighting the Taliban in Afghanistan, they have been thinning out the drug warlords so they can carry on farming all the opium for the pharma corporations. British soldiers have been killed by being caught up in the whole entire mess. It's been a lie on the British public since around the 1830's and is called the "Great Game"

    I have spent 8 years out of the last 10 in Afghanistan amongst other places And I have lost 3 very close friends and was finally injured myself. So I know what the real agenda has always been out there.

    The ever growing private military corps have used draconian bullshit laws such as "order 17" in Iraq to commit wholesale murder without any comebacks.

    Private military corps in 2007 outnumbered actual military by 10 to 1. I should think it's more like a thousand to one by now but you'll never get real solid figures. But it's huge.

    Those private military corps work for the likes of the Rockefeller foundation.

    Highly trained psychopaths all suffering from combat shock and who love nothing more than to get involved.

    If you think they will all hand in their weapons because Drake and his "positive military" Sorry I mean "cavalry" are coming then I can see a remake of the Charge of the light brigade.

    A lot of people on here clearly have no real clue as to the bigger picture and think ET is going to turn up and save us all.

    And Obama is really an "esteemed lightworker"

    If he is then he is an Angel with both wings dipped in the blood of women and children and those wings are getting dipped on a daily basis.

    We are going to have to finish this inhumane draconian way of treating our planet and all it's occupants on our own. And global consciousness will see to this.

    People are waking up and becoming more "Humane"

    When enough people wake up then the bloodshed will cease because humane-beings don't kill each other.

    Only then will we have full contact from our galactic family.

    It's all down to us, switch to receive by cleaning the pineal gland and endocrine system and connect. Only then can you manifest your own future and it will be a true paradise or the return to Eden.

    Stop waiting to be saved because it's futile and weak.

    1. Tx, well said. Quasi 'new age' types don't feature disagreement because, well, that's negative, lol.

    2. The truth can really hurt, but the only way past hurt is to face it head on. Not bury your head in the sand and quote "namaste" and other buzz-words you've picked up off the internet like a mynah bird.

      The largest portion of the globe is currently in turmoil, be it war or global financial terrorism that feeds off war because it creates it in the first place..

      We are collectively waking up to this but not all together. once the tipping point from overbearing negativity to overbearing positivity is here then you'll see "mass arressts"

      Humane-beings will put an end to the "Cabal" not ET's

      Then they will turn up and say "WELCOME, YOU MADE IT"

      They turn up now and some megalomaniac will fire off several hundred nukes at them. We can't even get along on this planet at the moment. They know this and they are urging us to do so as proof..

      This is down to us, people. We need to prove we are humane-beings before graduating to the omniverse of love and light as a true galactic civilisation.

      They want us to save ourselves, not give us a get out of jail free card. That's a weakness in you that thinks that way.. Similar to the weakness that made people believe that some eejit in a cave in the hindu-kush mountains orchestrated 911, and the US and that nice Mr Bush would save us all.

      So the masses went back to sleep while genocide on a scale we've never witnessed carried on for another decade..

      It's still being perpetrated way more than any media, including so called "alternative media" would have us believe.

      And it's up to us an ever growing global consciousness of humane-beings to finally put a stop to it..

    3. This comment has been removed by the author.

    4. I admire you, JOKO. And your energy is very much needed and will be the future currency of all as we go through this shift of ages. Some still speak the words of propaganda and hypnosis though. So it's not their words, just the impression they are given due to ignorance. And ignorance is not bliss once you wake up and realise this. Mass awakening is indeed getting in to full swing but it's still a process that can seem painfully slow at times.

      All the best to you, and thanks.

  34. brilliant explanation. i certainly resonate with this. let's keep going.

  35. This comment has been removed by the author.

  36. Cobra, I truly believe that the Mass Arrests will happen whenever that is and really hope it is not months off. As you know humans are in the 3d reality and are still tied to time which I know in the higher realms time where most of the ET's exist is not a factor. When dates and time past people here following the events get discouraged. I told my friends, family, co-workers, and neighbors and did some preparation for the event as Drake suggested. I have stopped talking about things now until the Mass Arrests truly happens. I am staying positive and will wait patiently however I can't say that about everyone following the events.
    To a degree it almost seems that this is a big head game you are all playing with the Cabal to see what their next move to protect against it but does this mean they still have power?
    I thought that their was a defined time table on the amount of time there was to complete everything that was must take place and the Mass Arrests was to happen very soon?
    If the ET's truly know where all the Cabal are on this planet and monitoring their movements and can even read there thoughts then why not start "The Event" soon and enable Project Stardust 2 level 1 and freeze all the Cabal so they can't move then arrest them all - game over?
    Would the Flipper virus really be a concern if level 1 could be invoked on the Cabal right now?
    Or is the limitation that we are still waiting for the galactic pulse of light from our creator to start the Mass Arrests?
    I am one voice in the mist and of course cannot grasp all that is going on behind the scenes.
    I will be patient as I know if the Higher Dimension ET's are on our side and our creator is directing this Event. Being so, who can really be against us?
    Thank you Cobra, Drake, Benjamin, David, and all the many, many, countless others that our helping us that are nameless at this time!

  37. Ah, poor Benny, Drake et al, are nasty people attacking them? Even worse, criticizing? Say it ain't so!! lol
    Having an opinion of whatever sort needn't be characterized as attacking etc. Are you five years old?
    You're referring to the same B.Fulford who suggested there was no abnormal radiation in Japan? The same one that removes comments from his site that sound disagreeable?
    Benny, please dispatch the ninjas posthaste!!
    Do not despair, (I'm certain you never would) you have plenty of 'supporters', as in scientology, who will come to your defense.
    It's up to the individual to stop dealing with this corrupt system, not wait for the 'cavalry'.
    Yeah, and the Positive Military? Are they the ones who go about reversing the effects of depleted uranium? How about not joining the military (lower case m)? The positive military didn't have much of an effect in Iraq; people are still being murdered there.
    I'll give you this, at least you allow comments, unlike some.

    1. Iraq has never been so lawless. Even under Saddam, who was allowed to be in place due to him being a Washington puppet. it was far safer under his regime. But Saddam just like Gaddafi stopped being of use to the evil corporation USA.

      Fallujah was a mass testing ground for depleted uranium munitions, everyone is effected. Those left in fallujah that are now manifesting cancer and babies being born with all kinds of tumours and deformities and even those pig shit ignorant grunts who you see screaming "get some" when they see the explosions from a distance.

      Well guess what, they are applauding their future cancer and their yet to be born babies deformities.

      Soldiers at home are starting to get ill due to depleted uranium. Nobody is safe from Corporate America and their cronies in the UN.

      Global consciousness is waking people up, unfortunately too late for many. But it has NOTHING to do with our galactic families who are watching us and hoping that we make it this time and not like civilizations such as Lemuria and Atlantis.

      WHEN we make it and not if. When we do then we can expect contact. Until then it's our process of evolution from homo-sapiens to humane-beings.

      Mother Earth is purging herself right now due to aeons of systemic abuse by homo-sapiens. We treat her as a dustbin and a financial commodity. She allows so much then she has to cleanse herself. We are all Earth consciousness. So we are going along for the ride. it's our choice to wake up and cleanse ourself or remain in the dark and perish.

      Stop waiting to be saved and learn how to connect to our galactic family through meditation and telepathy and telempathy. That's as far as they wish to get involved util we clean our act up.

      As the vibration of Mother Earth raises then so will everyone, this will make everyone more "Humane" it's the mass awakening that is our Mothers cure for the ill treatment we have put her through.

      This is our home, the Sun is our Father and the planet is our Mother. And we are all connected by Earth consciousness.

      ET's are watching this process as they had to go through it to become a galactic civilization.

      They urge us to make it and they truly love us. But it's still OUR process of evolution.

      Some of the channellings are really starting to contradict each other.

      This is OUR time to practise true discernment.

      And this is OUR time to witness evolution in one lifetime and not countless of past life experiences.

      They want to congratulate us for making it, not by giving us a free pass. They can assist but only to a certain point.

      Stop waiting for the cavalry and BE the cavalry and raise your vibration as the Earth raises her vibration. This will have a profound effect on all those around you and when it's finally moving in the direction it should and the MSM can't hypnotise us with corrupt media bullshit then others will wake up en mass.

      Then we become a civilisation of "humane-beings" and we gain access to the galactic never ending universe of possibilities. The 5th dimension being the first destination.

      It's always the darkest right before the dawn and this is the dawn of OUR new Golden Age.

      The veil is still in place for many of this beautiful planets occupants. As the vibration raises then the veil will disappear form more and more people.

      There is no veil in place for an infant, we have it due to years of hypnosis and chemical interaction to pollute our endocrine system. If you want to see true genius then keep an eye on the next few generations of children who make it through the net of corporations that have an agenda to dumb them down in vaccines and GMO's etc etc.

      We are witness to this and it is wonderful being the ones we have been waiting for.

      It's weak minded and that's what the mind is compared to heart, but it's weak minded to think we need saving. When we have all the abilities within ourselves and as a true collective of humane-beings to save ourselves from destruction.

  38. I understand 1 of the purpose of the blog is about our reaction.
    Also I accept Cabal right to fight till his full disappearing and self destroying - their own right and decision.
    But want to ask ours ET friends : Why We with reducing our GREAT TIMES we must pay for all this agony?
    Let's STOP the agony! Let's make possible for more normal people to take the opportunity of this time.
    How many time all we will be "stupid idiots" in the eyes of friends and family, that no making money to survive but staying involved with fight "Don Quixote"!!!
    I am fully agree with lecox -11:22 PM
    So I give my permission to ALL Positive FORCES to act: Quickly! Cleverly! WITH FULL FORCE!

  39. Please read this from Cobra very carefully:
    "If you feel a burning desire for freedom of this planet and you are actually doing something about it, you may well be part of this group!"

    Do you get something? I told you now for days, that very many of the readers here are incarnations of 5D and 7D entities. And i told you, wake up! When do you get it? Do you realy need the big hammer? People, you are the Cavalry, that you are all waiting for! Can you even imagine, what you will be able to do after waking up?

    But i'm tired now of trying to wake you up, get or not, it's on you all.

    1. :)) Full "Roger that" all the time!
      Thank You Hamourapi!

      To All: Lets Up the vibrations! with INGRID KUP - FEEL ME:

    2. Ham
      why do you insist we need waking up? Again you are making assuptions about people. I was speaking truths about these type of things 30 years ago and people would look at me and ask questions after the talk and say What do we do? I would say "I will tell you who has the answer"They would ask "Who" I would say go look in the mirror. If you look at many people here they already understand this.Salvation lies within. If you are tired of saying it we are tired of hearing it so why repeat yourself? Every single soul including cabal members are spirit sparks actual living embodiments reflections of The Great IAM eternal living flame of God. I feel your delivery is constantly demeaning of others. We know we are responsible for our own feelings additudes and state of being. You seem to know this too you say "It's on you all" . Since this is the truth why dont you really just let us be? Because if you really believed it why would you try to take responsibility for our awakening? I respect you brother . I am certainly not trying to censor you or wanting to be the grand poohbah but you sound like my dad and i guess i have daddy issues can anyone suggest a good therapist I seem to lash out at self proclaimed authority figures including "The Government"
      with love Rob

    3. This comment has been removed by the author.

    4. Hello Rob,
      there is an easy answer. Do you know and feel, that you are a 7D entity? You are one. Do you feel it? Do you know it? Do you accept it? Do you know, what you would be able to do? I think not. You are awoken in the kind of human awekening, not in the kind of 7D awakening.

      You want to know, why i try to wake you and the others up?
      Also easy answer. I don't like doing all the job alone.

      You know, people asking about mass arrests and all this 3D things. Nothing of this would ever happen, if there had not benn someone, who fought for it. The positive ETs could not realy help. They did, they died, i will never forget this (espacially thx for help in january 24th battle, you saved my ass) and love them foreever. But the main battles happend on higher levels. It have been battles between 7D entities! The light side won, so all the positive things can happen now. If we would have lost the battles, earth would now be on the road to the NWO plan, cataclypse in december/january. Most people would die. That's the truth.

      Wherfrom i now it? I was on the battlefields. And i have been there almost alone. A 17 years old boy on one side, a very heavy wounded old man on the other side both filling the gaps i could not handle (if you two read this, i will never forget this, and love you forever, and don't waste a single thought about, what happend after the final battle. It was all part of the plans). But most time i was alone, forced into the battles from the dark side, again and again. Some GF 5D forces tried to help, but their forces were limited. And on earth? More than 15.000 7D entities had been sleeping all the time, an left us alone on the battlefields fighting for their freedom! That's the real facts Rob. You are still very deep sleeping, as all the others do. Wake up!

      If not, i will do my duty till the job is done. If i have to do it with the very small number of awoken, i will do it with them.... The job will be done, with you all, or without you all. Without you, maybe take a bit longer, but you are the impatient.....

    5. Ah yes impatient Iam more than i would like. Am I 7th D? I dont claim to be anybody special or on any plane other than here in the physical. I know on an intellectual level and in brief realizations on an actual level that I am a reflection of The all. I do not know what 7thD is its just a word that you use and has meaning for you. I have been blessed with visions and probaly IAM all dimensions and all realities on a super cosmic transcedental level. but what difference does it make. i do not see the point? I have had memories and even dreams. I once woke up with a very vivd memory of being in an underground base (back in 88 or so). I was with another secret agent and we had pulled off some infiltration and were very scared and when we got on the high speed tube shuttle we were very relieved and happy we escaped unharmed and completed our mission. we exited some emergency hatch and got away! For me that was a dream and only a dream. It may have some basis in reality but until my waking self is truly integrated and I am not just confused and postulating it is in the realm of an astral dream. Een so why worry or live in hurt and fret in past battles or feeling sorry for myself. It is just not me i respect your need to process these memories and go ahead waking people up but if you are an alarm clock I have been pushing the "Iam awake" button for some time but the clock keeps ringing. ;-) hugs and love Ham et out the gong lets wake up the world for the time is nigh yea and lo unto theee and all that sort of stuff.. you're a good guy I know you mean well. Das ist richtig ya!
      Schmooz geshenk fur alles

    6. Hamourapi2012 when you say 7D (dimension) is that 5th or 6th density of consciousness?

    7. @Rob:
      Yes you are 6th or 7th D entity (depends on the counting, look below). And it makes very big differece, if you are living your life at a up powered human, or as a full conscious 6/7D entity. You can do many things, you can not do atm. You are healer? After connecting to your entity, becomming him (and no, you don't lose the rob, cause rob is the entity all of his life, just did not know it), you would be able to heal 100 thousands of people same time, with much stronger and efficiant healing. Is this not important? Is it not reason enoght to wake up?

      After ascension is finished, mankind will need very very much healing. And the problems for mankind will depend on the number of awoken entity incarnations. There will be only 90 days left after finishing of ascension (i will not publish this date, so don't ask pls).

      original 6th. Don't know how you count. Actually 1D and and 2D are splitted, but originally one. But they will be 1D after ascension. So right now, we have 7D, after ascension 6D. In my definition of energy levels, it's 34 lvl entity.

    8. It is not your job to wake anyone up Hamourapi2012, anyone who is going to wakeup will do so in their own time at their own pace and in their own way.......this is free will!


    9. Oh yes, it's everyones free will, you are right!

      But there is an other point. It is called RESPONSIBILITY!

      And it is the responsibility of the 7D entities to do their job and not to sleep

      So CoN, are you willing to take the responsibility for millions of dead humans, because entities are sleeping, instead of doing their jobs? I don't take this. If you want, sleep well, invoice comes later from creator...

      And in one point you are very wrong, my friend. After the battles are over, it is exactly my (another not wanted) job, to wake up the incarnations of the entities. And i'm tired of this, i don't want it. But it is my job and my responsibility. But hey, sleep well, i will take your part of the healing on my shoulders.... and i do not give up the hope, that some will awake.

    10. Its matters not Ham because we live in an illusion and if you were as enlightened as you claim you would know this.

      A 7th density entity would not come here, because they are in a state of oneness and have nothing more to learn from the lower plains, a majority of earths entities are 5th and 6th density much much more than the 15,000 you claim......more like billions.

      Wake up Ham you are only dreaming and reality awaits you.

      Love and light


    11. CoN,
      there is no need to talk about this any more. I will not try to wake you up any more, because there is no way, you could wake up in time. So please feel free to ignore all my postings.

      And no, there are not more than the 15.000+ 7D prime entities incarnated on earth. And no 6D entities are incarnated on earth. And you are right there are more than billions of 5D entity parts incarnated on earth. Full 104 5D entity groups have incarnated on earth this february. I know every detail of this, cause i made the deal with creator for them. But i don't tell a word, because you would not understand it. In fact, you know nothing about the real nature of entities. And i think, it's better so...

    12. Wow Ham the hand of the creator.........I would continue but do not feel the need to add any more, you have said more than enough to confirm my thoughts.

      Love and light


    13. You realy did not know, that everyone is able to make deals with creator? Big LOOOL.....

    14. And the real fun is, that beside your 7D prime entity part is a creator part incarnated in you. CoN, you realy know nothing about it all, and nothing about yourself. And you are so deep in the dark trap....

      Normaly i would say double Lol, but it's too sad...

    15. We are all co-creators Ham, we just need to blossom by balancing Love, Wisdom and Compassion so that we may reach full maturity.

      Love and Light


    16. A large emphasis on "Maturity" here.

      Love and Light


    17. So few awake - so much to do still. Yet more light streaming in and more and more - many choosing to help with the heavy lifting. May it be so @Hamourapi - I have hope in this! And I see it.

      Those who are battle weary are receiving help now, hang in there brother. And much gratitude for your service - you have lightened the load of many.

    18. @CoN
      I'm very sorry to talk to you in the kind i did it. I did not realize the depth of the dark traps, and how far the dark brainwashing goes. You are a victim of a dark crime, and i had no right for this cynical kind of talking.

      It's a pitty, i don't know how to help you. The only advice i can give you, try to connect with your own soul parts. Especially with your prime and your creator part. They know all the facts. Maybe it will help you hearing it from them. All the truth is and has ever been all the time in you, not in some damn black books. Try it telepathic, try writing, maybe try to use tools like pendulum or dowsinf rod. But please try to connect with your own soul parts. It' all not your fault, you are victim in this, and no invoice will follow.

      It's my fault, not to know, how to help you atm. Sorry for that. I will work on it.

    19. Ok Ham enough of this dross. First of all I do not need your help. secondly I think its you who needs some serious help, you seem to think the whole world is on your shoulders but I can assure it is not.

      One thing I have learnt from these conversations is that you do not have a clue what reality is, I am not being cynical, negative, or even abusive here but you and a couple of your followers seem to be the only ones who even slightly believe what you are saying.

      Once and for all I am not some dark soul hijacked by the darkness of your fictional sadanna (or whatever her name may be), through the pages of some dark ones books, I am guessing that you are quite young and impressionable.....have you ever thought that it may be YOU that has been tricked by the "Dark Side" (right away I am thinking star wars here.

      You dwell far to much on the dark and light (more on the dark) instead of working on your own interior turmoil. This is the last I will say to you as I feel like I am on a merry go round listening to a broken record.

      I leave you in the Love and the Light of our one infinite creator.

      Adonai Vasu Boragus

    20. Excuse me while I go and listen to some devils music while I read the black bible and plot against the forces of Light : )

      Yours forever in Hate and darkness


  40. @Cobra
    I have a problem with "Drake". He comes across as an archontic human clone. His "thing" was beginning to crash until you came along and saved his arss. First he subtly asked to be anointed the "George Washington" of the second American Revolution in his now infamous June 16, 2012 "Open Letter to the Military". The day after I exposed him on his own Facebook webpage (I was trolling after having been blocked) he confirmed my thesis by hinting his anointing as "Commander-in-Chief". That is a frightening prospect. I would hope that the Positive Military is not so naive or stupid as to do so. His Facebook webpage GlobalVoice2012 betrays the same sort of megalomania. What I see is a personality cult consisting of ethnocentric and racist nativist Anglo-Saxon Americans pretending to be leading some sort of world revolution proclaiming "FREEDOM" while banning and blocking whoever dares to question or to express any reservation about what he is saying or doing. RSVP. ~Luis Magno

    1. There is an overgrowing private military who are paid ten times the amount the normal military pay them and the NCO's in this nasty little empire are carefully selected as being the most psychotic. They swamp the normal military now, they are owned by the same corporations like Monsanto who if you trace the money it all pretty much goes back to the same elite global money printers.

      The Brits have just announced they are disbanding another 5 regiments of the regular army. This does not mean the military is shrinking in size. It means they are moving en-mass to the private sector.

      Recruitment is rife in theatre and has been for quite some time.

      I have said al along that Mr Drake et al are either the savours of humanity or poor sods with PTSD suffering from a schizophrenic episode. And youtube is the right place for anyone with a voice, be it good or bad or lost..

      But so far, it really has been all talk and no action , and they cannot claim to have any real impetus as to what is going on with any arrests. Sarkozy tried to murder Gaddafi and he succeeded but he did not destroy the evidence. that's all that is happening there.

      It's very positive of course because if we see the imprisonment of a former prime minister then it sets a very very good legal precedent. And maybe this could be the domino effect that is needed.

      But was it Drake and his so called "white knights"

      Or just the cycle of ages catching up on the dinosaurs about to become extinct?

      I guess we will see..

    2. The cycle of belief. Here's to more of that cycle getting momentum.

  41. **** Unprecedented: Class Action Lawsuit against Church, State and Big Pharma given Green Light

    Toronto, Canada – History was made yesterday when a legal team headed by Jason Bowman of the ACP was granted the right to proceed with its filing of a criminal conspiracy lawsuit against the Vatican, Crown of England and other parties.

  42. Cobra, I posted earlier and I would really like your explanation as to try and explain this post in context to what I said. Here it is again. This same "cabal threatening to wipe out 2/3 of the population of earth was already used in this blog as an excuse about 3 weeks ago when things where put off. I can understand delays on any level but using the exact same reason kinda gets me. What about every single source of channeled information saying that the cabal will not be permitted to do this? What about stardust that literally renders them paralyzed? What about the "Containment that AAM spoke of?

    1. If any of the things I mentioned are real, including your stardust, then how the hell can the cabal do anything that the ET's dont want them to do? just makes no sense at all.

    2. Don't hold your breath brando9000. The delay excuses will go on into perpetuity. If anything ever finally "happens," it will be independent of Cobra et al. but they will probably try to claim it. I don't object to great fiction, but it is objectionable to play people who hope to love and share light, through self-appointed authority that can never be verified and which makes assertions that contradict and duplicate like so many mirrors in a room.

    3. It is happening right now as we shift, nobodies experience will be quite the same because nobody is quite the same, we are all experience of the great oneness. So nothing is identical.

      We are shifting from overbearing negativity to overbearing positivity. I predict a more positive experience for everyone eventually. Nobody is "high born" or has any more expectancy than anyone else. Which is simply not the case when viewed from these pathetic two things in front of us called eyes. We all have an "all seeing eye" it's not the domain of the so called "illuminati" despite their best attempts to hypnotise us.

      When more people learn to connect and gain access to the Akashic Records then the better our humanity will be.

      Organised mainstream religion and governments have had an agenda for aeons of keeping this a very closely guarded secret. But they cannot hold this back any longer because of the energy levels that are rising in our reality on a daily basis.

      Emancipation from mental and spiritual slavery is all our birthrights. And we are witness to this.

      You can ultimately only save yourself so no real need for any heroes. Just compassion and sharing of an ancient knowledge that has been plundered by the like of the Vatican for a very very long time.

      Despite this there has always been Guardians throughout. Those are the shamen or whatever term a civilization has given them.

      They have kept it alive so one day we can all share it.

      That's the mass awakening, and it cannot be stopped or bought off or bargained with by a very small group of tired old men who call themselves the illuminated ones.

      They have murdered, raped and plundered many many different cultures throughout or "His-story" and they keep evidence in the vaults at the Vatican, so they know what is coming.

      And now for them it's the end of time.

      It's the dawn of a new age for the rest of us..

      It has nothing to do with Drake or any other self imposed "White Knight"

      We are all born equal and we should all live equal, and that time is looming ever closer..

    4. Rule,
      I have been reading and practicing on gaining access to my Akashic Records, do you have any suggestions on books or websites? Many thanks!

    5. Have you gone through a detox? No meat, clean water. No GMO foods. Again, clean water. Headaches in the back of the nape of the neck are signs of a polluted pineal gland, detox will manifest many pains in this area. I truly believed I had a tumour and went to get checked.

      also a real intense pain on the crown of the head.

      Have you tried meditation in the small hours? between 2am and 4am is the most potent for Earth energy. Have you been getting up before dawn and watching the sunrise and stared openly in to? It's fertile and in no way harmful at this time. The Sun hits the pineal and lesser extent the pituitary gland. try this and then try meditation.

      Download the pure loving energy from our father Sun while standing barefoot grounded in our Mother Earth. The akashic records will manifest with more increased understanding.

      Have you actually acknowledged your higher self yet? And asked for connection within? I do this every AM at my local forest, have you tried holding both palms against the biggest tree you can find and telling yourself that you are aware and wish to be shown what you need to see and told what you need to hear?

      Crystals help because they are used in radio sets to tune in, well the brain and pineal gland is a stargate. Try amethyst crystal for starters. And I suggest finding a good outlet for the purchase of them. They are going to be used in our future medicinal purposes much more than big pharma and everyone should be wearing crystal on them.

      When you start to connect you WILL know, I promise you as it is so profound to you and deeply personal, and it's all about YOU. The I Am. So different for everyone on many levels, but I assume the feeling of comfort and being around family members is the same for everyone, and it feels like a huge family reunion..

      Go out in to the Mother Earth and the father Sun at the most fertile time and connect in a very profound way, Early morning is best due to the average wage salve thinking you've lost the plot, but then they are still asleep at this time.

      it was so profound for me that within weeks I had quit my job and now the countryside where I now live is my church.

      I've connected with past life, so I know where severe depression comes from when it is past life regression, this is why some people simply do not know why they feel so low.

      We all experience this in our dream state but you can control and gain access in a waking state or meditation. Sleep is too random for this until you become more aware.

      I actually died and flatlined in 2009 and the place I went to I can now go to in a waking or meditative state, there is no such thing as death. I was given the option to let go or go back and at the time when I chose to go back, it confused me initially, then the awakening process started for me on the 21st of October 2011.

      Diet is imperative but you begin to become more aware of this..

      Just my experience of course but I am happy to share.

      healing frequencies, that also help you to re-remember, you can listen and download for free, some also on youtube
      just 10mins a day for 6 weeks recommended, but effects noticeable way sooner than that


    7. This comment has been removed by the author.

    8. Brando
      I decided today to read every post by cobra and every known interview at one sitting. A refresher course if you will. I got a better holistic view of the entire efforts of this site. It certainly helped me get clearer. I think many times we make assumptions on what Cobra says or means but I think Cobra is pretty consistent. I do not think cobra contradicts himself if we read closely!
      In answer to your question about 2/3rds Perhaps the delay IS the time needed SO THEY WONT BE ALLOWED TO DO THAT? The RM can only react to intelligence and surveillance as it is revealed in the moment. Loss of life and non violent victory is a must have and priority so if it takes another 6 months to do it right that’s how long it will take.
      Cobra rightly explains that the astral plane is the plane of desire, feelings and emotions. A collective group mind field. Most channeler's are not channeling anybody but they are tapping into the group mind/emotions feelings.
      These are being manipulated big time but this aspect of our selves must be understood and dealt with and this astral world does have influence in our reality. For instance The real and actual life of the being we know as Jesus is one thing. The 2000 plus years of thoughts beliefs reports manipulations writings edits myths lies misunderstandings understandings are themselves all as different as the many viewpoints and people and who have had these thoughts and are something different altogether!
      These long standing thoughts/focuses of energy by millions of people actually have forms. These forms give feedback to individuals/groups who contemplate on this being and his life. This thought form or idea is a "False god". It needs people attention to stay alive and reciprocally feeds everyone differently depending on their perspective of what the sum total of their awareness interprets this being to be. In many cases the idea or form (as all thoughts eventually coalesce into form that we do not presently perceive in its germinating state) is completely erroneous and has nothing to do with the reality of this great soul or the life he lived.
      In other cases the intention is pure and the reflected idea or 'thought form" has positive effects and does contribute to a greater light or expansion of truth on the individual reflecting on this being. Jesus did give to earth through his ministry a new and expanded revelation of the source of all. I would venture to say that even in the bible are revealed universal truths and accurately reported truths about Jesus's life.
      Many of the stories though obscured and hidden and incomplete still radiate the positive powerful messages. " Love thy neighbor as thyself" would be a good example.
      So for an inspired person seeking the truth "Channeler's" can go into the astral and convey in thoughts all the good uplifting ideas and revelations that our collective group emotions are seeking to manifest. These are very positive messages and in many cases reflect high ideals and progressive understandings of the spirit of truth. There is no harm in these positive efforts tapping into the astral in my experience.

    9. The error lies in the individual thinking they are directly channeling ET's. It does create ego issues and creates a separation in the individual and can wreak havoc on their identity create doubts within themselves even. (blossom goodchild and the other guy who promised mothership rides are just a few of a long list of deluded "channelers")
      .Many people do receive telepathic impressions however the message is almost always skewed and limited by the individual. Any inteligent sincere person with proper reflection can reveal aspects of what is "coming down" so in that sense they are near the mark!
      I respect their intent which is many times honest and this leaves lots of room for error and forgiveness in my opinion. My feeling after watching the explosion of the number of channelers is it is best to learn from physical contactees.
      It is a can of worms as many of these channels and even alleged contactees are not sincere but liars and maliciously false.
      There are clearly many who are for real. Cobra has repeated several times that channelers are unreliable. I personally feel the same way. Ham and Rule and others are right we must not give our power away or expect big brothers and sisters to do it all for us. Asking Cobra about AAM or assuming Cobra agrees with some channeling you heard might be part of the confusion.
      The cabal also still has minions and mind controlled slaves who will take certain actions on certain cues so even if the cabal is stardusted doom33 programs can still be activated. The real green light when it happens will be an unmistakable event. So positive and powerful there will be no doubt.
      I hope cobra can elucidate on the astral and how form is really only thoughts slowed down in vibration. If you study the contact notes of Billy meir/ or books printed by george green these metaphysical explanations by the space family are the real nuggets of gold from our space family.
      We make the realizations based on their teachings and we responsibly grow our own awareness light quotient and the result is actualized truth!
      I find the speculation on 'The plan of Redemption" or the nuts and bolts of the wake up call to earth populace interesting but intellectually laborious.
      The teachings of science and spirit and how these are actually one and the same search for truth are more vital and relevant in my opinion. All of our thoughts wishes feelings and desires create sooner or later based on the intensity and focus. My path has been to watch and listen more than worry and doubt.
      I do become impatient and frustrated but I never waver in my knowledge of the eventual outcome my faith in this regard is unshakable.
      By being clear in your desire and intent to manifest and abide in truth you will surely create the reality of the truth abiding in you. Hope I dont sound bossy or like I claim to have the answer only answer as I was trying to get ham to understand that the tone of his posts are pedantic. So we are clear, this is just my own limited personal understanding offered with


    1. love
      from my opinion for what it is worth these are real ships and the sightings are going to continue to be world wide and more and more regular with ever greater and more spectacular displays. Some of us have been waiting for these displays for along time

    2. they look very real.people needs to share these videos more on the internet.Share with unaware people who needs evidence.

    3. Well... even if they are real, GFoL and Ashtar Command are fakes (=dark side, nothing to do with GF and the light side). Besides of this GFoL has no more ships at all, as most the of them has been destroyed in the battles and the few ships left surrundered a few weeks ago.

    4. This comment has been removed by the author.

    5. primeBarakiel......And you know this how????

      Maybe you would be better off concentrating on reality than dwelling in the fantasy, because lets face it you may not know what you are talking about, were you there when they lost this meteoric battle???? I think not!

      Everyone seems lost in the belief that ET's are going to come and save us when the reality is that they are not allowed to as this is an infringement upon our free will.
      It matters not to them if we live or die because to them this 3D experience is merely an illusion with a sole purpose of us learning the lessons we set out to is all up to us !!!

    6. Google the Gallactic Codex.

    7. @CoN you seem to mix me up with just a human like the billions around us.
      I am NOT waiting for anybody to come and save me/us. I am one of the so called "ET's" and I am not here to save any of you (sorry for being that honest). I am here for our own people/entities that need some support to find themselves.
      It has been my free will to come here and do whatever possible to change some things. It is the free will of our people/entities to do what they think it is right for them. We are only support. We can only show the way, we never force anyone to follow.

      You will definately continue learning your lessons, no doubt about that! What happens nowadays has nothing to do with your development/ascencion. The effect of the happenings will just smooth your way, nothing more. It isn't about humans... the Cabal isn't human and can't be beaten by a human. Good will helps though.

      I don't mind you calling me insane or similar. It is up to you to believe whatever you want. I know exaclty what I am talking about and I don't need your confirmation on that. But thanks for trying! :-)

    8. I did read the so called "Galactic Codex" and found that it goes against everything and have learned and believe. This may as well have been written for the Star Wars movies, it may be time for some to be more discerning about what they believe as fact and question within themselves that this may indeed be just another deception placed in our path to redirect us from the truth.
      Negative entities will stop at nothing to point a positive soul in the wrong direction and when i see words such as "military" "intervention" "armed conflict" "conquering" "Wars" etc, I immediately find cause to place this into the area of disinformation..........if you wish to believe these things that is your free will at work, maybe you should question some things more to avoid manipulation from negatively polarized entities.


    9. Prime ....nowhere did I insinuate that you are insane.

      When it comes down to it you are not alone because most of the planets population are ET's, I myself believe that before I incarnated for the first time here, a very long time ago, i was a late 5th density entity. This makes me no different to anyone else and I do not profess to knowing "what I am talking about" it does not change me or make me better than any other entity on this planet.

      By your first statement I can tell you you have a slight ego problem "you seem to mix me up with just a human like the billions around us" this is unfortunate as any ascended ET would have graduated past the ego.
      To me this says that you have dreams that you believe to be true, some of them may well be memories from past lives, but also remember that our higher self gives us cryptic clues in our dreams as to internal work that still needs to be done....this is the difference between reality and fantasy.

      Love and light


    10. @CoN you keep mixing things up.
      Being selfconfident and know what someone is talking about doesn't mean this person has an ego problem (not even a slight one).

    11. e·go
         [ee-goh, eg-oh] Show IPA
      noun, plural e·gos.
      the “I” or self of any person; a person as thinking, feeling, and willing, and distinguishing itself from the selves of others and from objects of its thought.
      Psychoanalysis . the part of the psychic apparatus that experiences and reacts to the outside world and thus mediates between the primitive drives of the id and the demands of the social and physical environment.
      egotism; conceit; self-importance: Her ego becomes more unbearable each day.
      self-esteem or self-image; feelings: Your criticism wounded his ego.
      ( often initial capital letter ) Philosophy .
      the enduring and conscious element that knows experience.
      Scholasticism . the complete person comprising both body and soul.

    12. This person incarnatedsirian7 who created this site is a member of federation of light just like Alaje.So all the videos and information are real.

    13. And of course you should know!!

      Love and Light


    14. All I am trying to say here people is do not blindly believe anything you are told, shown or dream because it could well be complete dross, be discerning, use your wisdom and your free will to decide for yourself if it may or may not be worthy of further investigation.
      Spend time in contemplation. So many people are just believing anything that is placed in front of them, there is a word used quite often these days and that is "sheeple".

      Be yourself for yourself and make your own informed and wise decisions to reach your true beliefs and not that of others.

      Love and light

      Adonai Vasu Boragus

    15. Wow, that's bizarre.

      GFoL is / has been on the dark side.

      incarnatedsirian7 is on the light side.

      In fact he/she is member of GF (light side), and do not know the differece. Bizarre......

      Btw. in this video in one scene, you can very good see the shape of one of our crystal ships. But atm, you can only see the shape. The details will be visible after finishing the ascension...

    16. Again you speak with such finality, this may impress some impressionable people but they will be a minority.

      Love and Light


    17. Oh and by the way Ham, I dont care if the GFol is dark or pink or if the Gf is white or orange because to me these are merely distractions from the real work, ive read hundreds of different channelling transcripts and around 5% are probably worthy of consideration, as soon as one negative word is uttered then alarm bells should ring, this includes war, battle, commander, die, understanding is the collective is known as "The Federation of Planets in the service of the one Creator" that is my belief and I most definitely will be sticking with it so thats TFoPitsotoC : )

      Love and light


  44. As far as I am concerned, I certainly will not be waiting for ET's to "do it for me" I plan to chop off/excise the cabal's timeline to their future dreams of further world domination. The degradation of Humanity will cease NOW!

    People, I urge you to stop feeding their hunger for your fear and energy, and take YOUR POWER BACK!

    You now have the power to change the future. If you do not know what your future will look like, it's time to create some dreams. Write down 10 of them...and visualise daily for 10-30 minutes. Just pretend you are a scriptwriter and this is your show. Make it the absolute best for all Humanity, and remember - Do as thou wilt, with harm to none.

    Your True power rests with your Love and your Will. With Hope, these are the same ingredients that create Universes. Whatever you read, in most places, is only drawing the energy of your attention away from what you need to do. They feed on that energy - so starve them! I assure you, I will not be waiting around to be "harvested"

    May You All WAKE UP to who and what you truly are!, in the name of God-Goddess-All That Is, so mote it be.

    1. I almost never remember my dreams so if i'm battling, getting information or dancing amongst the stars i couldn't tell you. I can tell you that i have been resisting for many years and attempting to wake up people about banking and the cabal before people knew it was fashionable.
      All of you reading this.... do yourself and the rest of us a favour.... stop waiting for the feckin cavalry and get off your asses and do it yourself, learn how to conditionally accept, ask questions of authority, question bills, return tickets and bung up the court system, take your money from the banks, cash in your stocks, they will be worthless soon anyway, use private contracts and stop being an employee...the list goes on and on. If you have no clue what relevance any of that has you better get reading and find out...!!!!
      P.S every movie you ever watched showed the cavalry always arriving too late... the heroes did it without them or ended up like Custer, what makes you think today or tomorrow will be any different...????

  45. I just dont like hearing this shit about another threat from the cabal to wipe out 2/3 of the population being used as an excuse as to why nothing happened on July 4. This has been used already. Not to mention numerous sources say this cannot happen and I believe myself that this cannot happen. So why are people saying this? I want Cobras explanation not anyone elses. No offense but Cobra is the one stating it even after saying that stardust was implemented to keep them from doing harm. I think it is reasonable to be given an explanation from someone who is contradicting themselves in almost every new post they put up, Not to mention using the exact same story as a reason for delays which I dont believe is even possible..

    1. brando9000, I feel your disappointment but actually the disappointment was the ones that We put outselves into and not Cobra, he had yet to give the 3D greenlight when others took the chance, he DID NOT. I for one fell into the 3D vision AND was excited and uplifted and actually told others to look out and prepare for it during this period. Yes, I felt really foolish during and afterward as I enjoyed the hype also. I am not angry about it and neither blamming anyone else but myself, I thought that I had a feeling that it would be in a couple of days, Oh, I wanted it to happen desparately!!!! but, I had not weighed all of the reprecussions and really DO NOT LIKE GUNS, KILLING, VIOLENCE, RIOTS ETC. I know that the Event is coming soon, no man knows the date and time because of Free Will, momentum and the Prime sources design. I imagine how many delays that the supreme creator has had to endure while we were trying to awake and many are still asleep. Those still asleep are using the same story and arguments as to why they do not want to wake up. Yesterday I fell into a funk about all of this and had to really work on myself, we know that it is going to happen but the "WHEN" is killing us slowly. I also thought that Stardust 2 was a sure thing but never realized that paralyzing and killing is a game of "War" on their level, we will only win with peace, Love, light and forgiveness...another chance to come into the light, that is the only way. Not hard hearteness doing to them what they have done to us, it is not for us to do it that way, another lesson learned my friend, another lesson learned.

    2. Brando.....there is so much information being given to us at the moment because of the desperation of negative entities to take control of us. The worst thing you can do is react to it, this only creates negative energy from anger, frustration, denial, etc.
      This is the goal of these negative entities as it feeds their cause to shift the balance. The truth is that earth will enter into 4th density positive and they are just trying to get as many entities as they can to not make the choice, to follow a path of peace and joy without infringing upon others free will. If a choice is not made then 3rd density will be repeated which then gives the negative entities another chance at corrupting and harvesting more negative entities.

      My advice is to read what is written and put aside anything that does not feel right to you, dismiss it treat it as not worthy of your attention.

      Love and light


  46. This fits in nicely with an ancient vedic prophecy regarding the coming of the Kalki avatar on a white horse brandishing a sword of light that will rid this planet of all evil and usher in the golden age.

    1. Have you ever given it any thought that they may have been speaking metaphorically?

      Love and Light


  47. There always seems to be a good reason why the delay continues, but when you look at the plans of the Cabal, there are no delays in those. Guess i will continue with my lonely resistence to their onslaught and if the cavalry arrive, great, if not it's no loss, because i wasn't relying on them anyway.

  48. @JOKO

    Sounds like the worm has turned for you too then my friend :-)

    BTW I never see white light in my visions, just a rainbow bridge and the path leading over it.

    I can stare directly into the Sun for up to 45 minutes at a time at sunrise and I use to suffer from migraines all my life, not had one since the last side effects of detox. and I don't remember a week in the past without one. Been 5 months since my last one..

    It's quite addictive wanting to download the Sun and I feel energised for days at a time, my constant sciatica has now gone. PTSD is nearly gone or certainly the black dog don't come barking as much anymore but there is work still to be done there. But it's all deeply personal to every individual as we have all been through many many past life experiences. The heart needs to lighten up for ascension so we all need to focus on ourselves much more and then share that energy with others. Shine from within to reflect outwards. Love yourself and unconditional love becomes you. Understanding then manifesting it in this reality is a process that we are all at different stages of. No arguments just discussion that can be a bit heated at times.

    if it's abusive then I always remember that abuse is the last stand of ignorance.

    Ignorance will always ridicule what it is unable to comprehend but it's trying to catch up regardless of what EGO tells the person who is trapped only in the EGO mind.

    Humane-beings can only live from the heart.

    And our collective path is to become humane-beings at this sped up process of evolution in one lifetime. It's a bit of a roller-coaster ride so that's why I know to expect a few more dips and lows to come yet.

    We are all at the mercy of our own emotions.

    The only way to move past them is to face them head on.

    That's how I see it at least.

    1. Hey there Rule303, if you don't mind my asking, what is meant by the "black dog don't come barking?" I've heard this mentioned in relation to PTSD, I've seen him a few times in dreams, I freaked at his owner who didn't seem to care. I was Canadian army reserve, 10 years, did some training but am fortunate not to have experienced war in this lifetime. Thank you and Namaste.

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. Bless you Rule301 and I know you can heal because you are honest with self. Responsibility...acceptance...forgive self....heal.

    4. I agree with your comment that:
      "It's been common knowledge amongst the upper echelons that Israel will create a false flag event that is the green flag to make an attempt at Iran",
      but disagree that it would ever happen.

      The msm still fuels this now "historic mummy dust" belief in order to create fear but the truth is, there will never be another WW3, or worse, another nuclear explosion. The ETs put a stop to that already and it will never happen again, neither will underground/water nuclear testing! Just think how long the half life of URanium is, if it would have been "allowed to be used" as arsenal of the cabal! What happens to the radioactive pollution? It would somehow, magically be contained within our stratosphere, or even within our solar system?
      We are all made of the same stardust (sorry, no pun intended in reference to RM's technology, I just always liked to think I was made of pretty stardust, crushed crystal), the whole galaxy and beyond, and there's nothing more toxic known in this universe as nuclear waste!
      All history of wars was created under false alarms, but WW3 won't happen again, no matter how long the war mongers get their say. WW3, the end of the world, has been predicted and prophesied to begin "in the middle east" by all fundamentalist religious freaks , in pursuit to see their religious prophesies fulfilled, in the name of their "god", by sacrilegious blood-letting and warcrimes against other human beings. Why would all three major religions fight over a tiny plot of land in Jerusalem in order to build and destroy and rebuild their respective church/temple/mosque on this same foundation? Think! Does this make ANY sense to any free thinking human!
      In regards to Iran and Iraq and Israel, these countries didn't even exist until after WW2, thanks to the tyrannical colonialist crown of england!
      However, why this area called Middle East (and Egypt) is such a hot spot, is not over "sacred" land nor oil,even though that has made a good story and enslaved the planet to believe we are dependent on fossil fuels, as we will find out, once the full Disclosure of the history of humans is told!

      I find wars senseless, money making machines for the corporations, but have full respect for the men and women in military who enlisted for the only honorary reason, to defend their freedom and country


    5. I know it's not going to happen, we passed our time for destruction in the cold war with very close calls on pre-emptive strikes by Russia and the USA.

      The sick fucks are still playing it out as if they have won though. I expect this to change and manifest in all our realities as we approach and move past the tipping point of 21st December 2012.

      The Eschaton is very close and I prefer to use the I-Ching or Terrence McKenna's novelty theory to make my predictions.

      The end of days is coming to the male dominated patriarchal system of control.

      The apocalypse scenario is truly for them as they have lost their game of an evil empire.

      We get an upgrade to our operating system from life 3.0 to life 5.0.

      And the Cabal get a reformat and sold for spare parts.

  49. Have faith in the Source, have faith in yourself, and have faith in Love. With unconditional Love and Faith, there will be no doubts, there will be no worries. All will happen as it is supposed to happen, there is a Devine plan at hand and with faith you will see the "delays" are needed to ensure the safety and ascension for all mankind. With undying Love and Faith, your brother,

  50. you are )))(another)((( FEAR-MONGER-ER, dear DRAKE.,

  51. The end game - Shift & Ascension

    I have noticed that source loves to work with irony.

    If I were source I would enjoy watching the cabal loose all of their financial wealth... nice and slow and agonizing with arrests and lawsuits being the catalyst. I would enjoy watching 'the people empower themselves by winning in a court of law.
    This would officially uncover truth where their are so many lies.

    It would be so ironic to watch the people use the very draconian laws the cabal put in place to control them with.
    Maybe the humans will think to turn the Fema camps into healing centers... wouldn't that be nice.
    All the while I would be sending in an obscene amount of love and light from the central sun, which of course does not support the dark ones on an energetic level. LOL - so humorous will it be to watch them try all their old tricks with out energetic success. "when will they ever learn"
    I would enjoy watching them collapse 'their' Dollar and loose 100% of their financial power.
    After all with out this illusionary piece of paper their POWER over those who do not understand & are still brainwashed will be removed.
    Where by forcing these private assassins to pick the winning side. Love :)
    Once the money stops and the truth comes out, the shills will realize they are on the wrong side and it will be even more enjoyable to watch how many jump ship and join saving the planet in hopes of saving their own skin.

    Do keep in mind that even though their intent was to save them selves.. the process of saving the planet and helping the less fortunate will 'feel' so good to them they will burst open with love and I will forgive them... better late than never.

    The only choice at this point will be love...because remember
    'Love is all we need' :)

    Then I would have to get serious & give the word for the Event to begin..
    At this time Stardust would only be used against the 'die hards' because 'I WILL' protect and honor the ones who want to come home.

    It IS their divine right.

    Thy will be done
    I love you all

    1. Funny! That's my thinking! :) 100% same :))

      Love and Light!

    2. I see no joy in watching this. We are all connected. Let them be stopped from harming but no more. No more is needed.

  52. "If you feel a burning desire for freedom of this planet and you are actually doing something about it, you may well be part of this group!" I am sure that every single person on this site, with good intensions is part of THE GROUP.
    I know I am one. And I am doing my part my way (not physically). However, I think if there will be more delays, it's very possible, I will have a spontaneous body combustion!!... LOL
    We all know THE POWER OF MASS meditations. Yet we also, know the POWER OF OUR FEELINGS is what makes US HUMANS. We are considered by the Cosmics to be "THE ROYALS" because; #1-we
    represent the genes of 22 cosmic races, and #2-we have the most "complex" emotions among all other cosmic races (Alex Collier). This makes me so proud to be an EARTHLING!! The most advanced and brave souls in the Universe came here to free this glorious planet and her children.
    What I am trying to say is this; our help for freedom would be more effective, if from time to time we
    could hear words/news which could make us excited, uplifted and joyous... then the power of our feelings would create better "light fields" to carry on with the Divine Plan.

    The best wishes to ALL Light Warriors on Earth, above Earth and below Earth!

    1. I join! Thank You HyeAngel! :))

    2. thank you for reminding me of the honor of being so royally enriched with so many intergalactic flavors.

      i know of 2 (secondary) ways that i like, to remain excited, uplifted and joyous, constantly expanding the personal and planetary "light field".
      1) connecting with your inner self every day, every hour, every minute, or even every moment, to get the latest updates from 'the grid', and what best suits yourself at this time to best suit the whole.
      2) connecting with parts of the 'outer self' (outer world: nature, people, etc) that reflect excitement, upliftment, joy and expansion; such as people whom with we share this path of awake and aware 'ascension'.

      one of the primary ways i like most of all is 'the shortcut': realizing that, in truth, we are excitement, we are upliftment, we are joy, we are expansion.
      this instantly puts me in the 'mode of unlimited flavors', allowing me to more easily and gracefully flow with the changes, giving and receiving everything that is truely needed in every moment.

  53. Greetings from soggy England. How accepting humans are of their enslavement. When one sees it for what it is, the restraints and terrible control exerted upon us all, it is almost unbearable, it is suffocating and freedom becomes all that truly counts. perhaps it has to feel this way to keep delivering the push to just carry on with it.
    Thank you Cobra. I am assured of your light, be assured of my commitment.
    Compassion to those that have apparently lost their way back.

  54. Battered and torn

    Still I can see the light

    Tattered and worn

    But I must kneel to fight

    Friend of mine

    What can't you spare

    I know sometimes

    It gets cold in there

    When my legs no longer carry

    And the warm wind chills my bones

    I reach for mother mary

    And I shall not walk alone


    While we're apart

    Only tears

    Speak for my heart


    That hold us down

    And we shall be

    Forever bound

    When I'm tired and weary

    And a long way from home

    I reach for mother mary

    And I shall not walk alone

    I shall not walk alone

    Beauty that

    We left behind

    How shall we

    Tomorrow find

    Set aside

    Our weight in sin

    So that we

    Can live again :)

    When my legs no longer carry

    And the warm wind chills my bones

    I reach for mother mary

    And I shall not walk alone

    I shall not walk alone

    Ben Harper

  55. Can I make a funny joke here about something that made me laugh to myself as I read Cobra's P.S.?

    (And it's just a joke, people -- trying to find the funny is one thing I *have* to do with this, else I'd lose it, right?)

    About this part:
    "P.S. Through the years, top members of the Cabal have created many protective defence mechanisms around them in case anything happens to them. Those mechanisms include, but are not limited to the use of biochemical weapons. There are certain devices that constantly monitor all main bodily functions of the top members of the Cabal, and if anything strange happens, they send alerts to their advanced weapons systems..."

    When I read this part, I thought, "Oh shit. I really hope none of them eats some bad Mexican food and accidentally sets off a bioweapon."

    Hee hee hee hee!

    I really hope the special computer is savvy to run-of-the-mill food poisoning! :D

    P.S. I absolutely meant nothing racist in referencing Mexican food. Fill in the blank with any fast food that you can think of. I was actually kind of thinking of Taco Bell, but since we have an international audience, I was not sure if everyone would know what that was (it's not in the EU country where I live).

    And maaaaaan, I seriously think that the cabal is personally responsible for the "having-to-say-absolutely-everything-in-a-politically-correct-way" all the time thing. It pains me that I even need to qualify this humor in this way. But there you go. I just did, lol.

    "First these mechanisms need to be removed and then positive action can be taken."

    So, I'm already envisioning in this moment that these mechanisms are GONE, how 'bout you?


    P.S. (again) Does anyone know or have heard of an estimate of the number/population of what we have been labeling in Western culture "the cabal"? I'm assuming they are also in Africa, Asia and S America as well as the Middle East -- all the continents and nations, basically, right? So, is it a million people? Less than that? More? I'd like to think of how many devices need to be removed.

    1. I'm so sorry, but I am sitting here laughing out loud at my own joke -- egotistical, right? LOL. But I can't get the image out of my head of the entire cabal having the shits from bad Mexican food, lol.

      Cabal taken down by ordinary food poisoning, lol. Bad tacos. LMAO!!!!

      I crack myself up. :D

    2. LOL! Calliope, I love your humor!

    3. PMSL....if you will. : )

      Love and Light


    4. omg I realized where you were going with this and started to get the giggles. gosh now I cant stop! With all this seriousness lately it's a relief to see we haven't lost our wacky sense of humor :D Thanks Calliope.

    5. Nice joke CtM, i very like it.
      And best, i understood it..... ;))

    6. Just trying to be of service. :D
      Love, light, and laughter to everyone!

    7. great joke :)
      your message reminded me of, that 'they' plan so much in their life, that even every 'microbe' in their food, gets scanned multiple times before ingestion.
      i wish that the now (new) 'darkest ones' (as the former darkest ones were removed recently :P) get some serious love vibes, to let go of the old fears that cause the need for such extreme types of inner and outer control.

      i've read that there are (or rather, used to be) about 2,000 hard-core 'cabal people'; some of which (formerly) 'answering' directly to physical ETs with negative intent.
      and i've noticed many minions who are loyal to them (the hard-core), which used to be, indeed, a few million, which is now rapidly receding i have noticed; my projection is similar to what I've heard from Drake a while back, stating that around a million people need to be arrested worldwide, who would otherwise be continuously of a significant destructive force towards Earth.

      (p.s. i live in a EU country, and (some!) Mexican food is way too hot for me! :P)

    8. BAD TACOS.

      It's my new nickname for Stardust 2, haha!!

      Yeah, I can't imagine that life is really enjoyable with having to scan everything one eats. I mean, I have to watch out for gluten and all, but that would suck to have to be under that level of control.

      Thanks for your number estimates. I just pulled a million out of my head, but it's interesting that it lines up with other alleged reports.

      I just had a little brain baby born about this.

      Is anyone good at math?

      If 144,000 is the number needed to turn these events, and 144,000 is a Golden ratio, then what would the total be if 144,000 represents that Golden ratio?

      I should have paid more attention in algebra.

      Anyway, I bet that's the total number (the number for which 144,000 is the Golden ratio) of the you-know-whos.

      Just a thought.

  56. Are the Mass Arrests are about to commence? Drake recently uploaded this

  57. 17:00
    Drunvalo Melchizedek says the nuclear stockpiles were dismantled by ET allies.

  58. People wonder why all our information outlets are fighting..I think Cobra, Drake, Wilcock and Fuldord are all still on the same page.. some of this disagreement is purposeful. Keep in mind this is my brain taking in all the info and using my own discernment on it, not saying it is true.

    I think Drake issued a 'Green Light' (our somehow the announcement was attributed to him) as to scare the Cabal and have them make the first move to see what would happen. (Fake Out). And then Wilcock deliberately gave it a day or two before putting out his "Wouldnt it be nice?" article to quell the excited crowds. The positive forces wanted that day or two of time after the fake green light to see what the Cabal would do, maybe corner them even more.

    Now after we see what the Cabal have done, it is time for the real measures to take place. I have a good feeling the arrests will still take place, and soon. We all just must focus on our own lives and look at everything with proper distance and discernment. Once the proper evidence and actions start taking place, then we can all start jumping for joy. Let's all just focus on ourselves and our own paths to Ascension for now.

    P.S...anyone think that Pleiadian message about the flyovers on July 9th from 11pm to 1 am are legit? We will just wait and see...

  59. Has anyone read the two recent posts by Drake? If so - thots?

  60. Since Cobra mentioned the chemical/biological weapons again, I would like to mention that when it was mentioned previously, I decided that one good way to aid in confronting this problem is to appeal to the Archangels for help. So I prayed to Archangel Michael and his Forces of Light to aid all those involved in this battle by either neutralizing or blocking the effects of all chemical/biological weapons, at the same time revealing their presence and locations to those who are working for the Light in order to protect humanity. It was a "hastily constructed" prayer, maybe not all-inclusive and as descriptive as it could be, but totally sincere. I ask that all who are truly concerned to join together and add this or something similar to your prayers. Being very specific helps. I have read about the Archangels from the Doreen Virtue website.

    And THANK YOU Cobra, for all you are doing.

    1. "I decided that one good way to aid in confronting this problem is to appeal to the Archangels for help."

      I think, this is the reason, why Cobra wrote it.

  61. A question to Cobra and friends regarding this statement -

    "Through the years, top members of the Cabal have created many protective defence mechanisms around them in case anything happens to them. Those mechanisms include, but are not limited to the use of biochemical weapons. There are certain devices that constantly monitor all main bodily functions of the top members of the Cabal, and if anything strange happens, they send alerts to their advanced weapons systems. Then a special computer program decides if any of those weapons is to be used. Those mechanisms would be triggered automatically if Stardust 2 was to be used or if any of the key members of the Cabal would be arrested. This is the reason why they seem to be untouchable and always able to get away with everything that they do.

    First these mechanisms need to be removed and then positive action can be taken."

    Why was this not disclosed when we were first made aware of Stardust?

    If I remember correctly, Stardust was disclosed to us with the message that it would be implemented if any member of the cabal attempted to use weapons. Is this info regarding the computer which monitors their systems and acts at the first sign of distress NEW INTEL? Also, why did it not detect Stardust upon it's entrance into their systems?

    Thanks and Love,

  62. PS - apologies if this has already been addressed! I can't bring myself to go through hundreds of comments :) xo

  63. Cobra Interview 7-3-12 by Alexandra Meadors

    Posted kauilapele on 2012/07/05

    “The link to this transcript was sent to me by Suzan. Many thanks. I started writing a highlight or two, and got so engrossed that it became a whole LOAD of Highlights. It’s a long interview, but some of you might connect with this information.

    …I felt this was somehow an important message contained in here. And that is not via any kind of intellectual analysis, rather, it is my “sense”. Hopefully that makes sense.

    I’m picking out just a few (tonnes of) highlights that hit me right away.


    -…5 to 10 years ago, there were about 70 million [of the Resistance] but then it was realized that not so much people are needed down here so most of them went already… because the situation on this planet has improved so much in the last few years so such a strong force is not necessary anymore.
    -The actual number right now is about 20 million.
    -…what David Icke said, that this was all a bunch of poppycock as far as the potential for any kind of mass arrests to occur? C: OK, what is interesting here is to know that those type of comments are always coming from people that don’t have inside information.
    -A: …Ben Fulford… he was supposedly jabbed with a needle when he was shaking hands?… C: …actually what happened… the last few days, after Drake announced his Green Light, certain factions inside the Cabal got very nervous… they are trying to discredit or stop or attack some of the messengers but of course, it doesn’t work.
    -There were some protective measures taken in the last few days so that nobody would get hurt and nobody got harmed…”

    [Lots of interesting new information in this latest interview with Cobra]

    1. Here's the audio :

      Cobra Interview 7-3-12 by Alexandra Meadors… MP3s (Woo Hoo!!!)
      Posted on 2012/07/06 by kauilapele
      Well, fans, thanks to ahm101 and Bettie, who sent me links to the mp3s and their locations, we can now download and play these MP3s from Alexandra’s interview with Cobra, at our own convenience (however, I could not actually right-click-save-as-and-download from the page they were on (may be my own Firefox configuration), but figured it out eventually).

      These MP3s have been saved at a lower bit rate and therefore much smaller size so anyone around the world even with dial-up speeds should be able to get them without too much trouble. Also created a “Complete” version, if you would rather download that, instead of parts. I did essentially no processing. So if that is done later, I’ll list an “UPDATE” on this post.

      This is well worth the listen, in my mind. Recall the transcript was just blogged here (read along, if you wish). I personally liked the voice modulation more than others. Cobra sounds more like a lovable chipmunk or other adorable small, talking animal. (and this is a grand compliment to Cobra, since it’s often the smaller, quieter creatures that do the grandest of works (beavers, squirrels, chipmunks, geckos (ate a whole stalk of our bananas!), ants, termites, Lightworkers). Also the short Intro is interesting story about how this interview came about, and how Alexandra was guided to Cobra.

      Read more about this here at her website.

      MP3s are already configured for upload to iPod, iPhone, MP3 player.

      Listening: if you use Windows Media Player, right-click anywhere on the player, select “Enhancements”, then “Graphic Equalizer”. I found it easier to listen to when I lowered the 4, 8, and 16 kHz bars (to zero). You can play with this.


      MP3s (each part, ~20 min., ~3.5 MB)
      Intro (4 min., 0.7 MB)
      Part 1
      Part 2
      Part 3
      Complete show (61 min., 10 MB)
      Transcript (at Alexandra’s site) (or at this blog, here)

    2. OK, gotta go to KPs site for the files :

  64. Interesting...So do we need to worry if one of the cabal experiences an upset stomach from eating too much for lunch? Simple indigestion might set off a world-wide response? Just wondering...

  65. This comment has been removed by the author.



  68. When the time is right, so it shall be. Be safe, nothing before its time! I trust that all is happening in its time, we must all trust that our highest good is highly considered, with an operation of this magnitude, timing is of the essence. Be patient, hold the Light for all involved, pray for the Love and Light, one day we will all be free!
    Blessings to all...

  69. Cabal chemical weapons = the dog ate my homework. LOL!!!

  70. I think we'd be much more likely to get this show on the road if we quit sitting around on our hands, waiting and watching for some "savior" to fix the mess we've made, whether that savior is Jesus, or the "positive military" or benevolent aliens, or whatever. We have this mess because we've valued our own (excessive) stuff and selfish interest in keeping what we have and getting more over human life, kindness, ethics, honesty, etc. We can change that, one little corner at a time, ALL BY OUR LITTLE SELVES. Don't want the bankers to profit? Stop doing business with them. Don't want big biz to win everything? Buy local (even if you pay 9 cents more for your paper towels). Don't want big pharma? Take care of yourself and quit fixing every hangnail, foot fungus, and cholesterol point with a lifetime prescription. Want the world to be nicer and more peaceful? Be nicer and more peaceful. Then, if there happen to be benevolent aliens, or Jesus, or whoever, GREAT, but we're already well down the road.

    1. Excellent points, Leslie. This is the simple truth. I've already managed to stop with the Big Pharma game quite a few years ago. And boycott some big corp. products, but not quite at the level that would be possible if truly dedicated.