Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Signs in the Sky

The first sign that appeared was the lightning that stroke the dome of St. Peter's basilica in Rome within hours after the Pope resigned:

The second sign was the meteorite that fell near Chelyabinsk in Russia:

Although the Galactic Confederation is usually protecting the surface of the planet from any extraterrestrial bodies hitting us, they let this one through to awaken the humanity a little bit more to the fact that there is universe out there beyond planet Earth and to refocus the human population a little bit from daily slavery to the Cabal. 

This meteorite was a natural body, was not a UFO and there was no involvement of the Cabal in this event.

Few hours later on the same day, another completely unrelated cosmic body made a very close approach to Earth:

The next sign in the sky is the comet Panstarrs, visible in March:

And another comet Lemmon, also visible in March:

And towards the end of the year, another spectacular comet will be visible:

All these events are natural cosmic occurences and are part of the plan for the planetary liberation that is coming directly from the Source. The purpose of all these signs in the sky is to lift the cosciousness of the human population beyond the third dimension in order to prepare it for the Event and the coming planetary changes.


  1. From the prophecy of St. Malichy,

    112 Peter the Roman, who will nourish the sheep in many tribulations; when they are finished, the city of seven hills will be destroyed , and the dreadful judge will judge his people.

    Thanks Cobra


    1. I live in Rome, together with other millions of people, and it is our will NOT TO DIE, so Rome won't be destroyed.

      Sorry, change attitude by bringing to the forefront milder propehcy, very much appreciated!

      Victory, yes, but of The Light!

    2. My interpretation was that Vatican City was the city of seven hills, not the entirely of Rome's good people, and that only the darkness would be destroyed...

      Sorry if that was not clear.

  2. Soo according to this the Event won't be until next year? Dang... :(

  3. Anonymous - Operation Vatican - engaged


    Victory ♥

  4. I have spoken to a friend about participating in the weekly meditations. I just want this to happen as quickly and safely as possible. I am working against the clock here with the health of my mother lasting till after The Event, bringing her the medical treatments to give her back her mobility and stamina. I do want to inherit and enjoy what that would mean for me. But I am not in a rush. I am in a rush for the house I inherit to be refurbished by June or July so I can make the final move of this life. Except when I find a place to pursue a PhD, and perhaps teach in Japan for a year or to at University level. Perhaps even get my degree at the UN University in Japan. That would be nice.

  5. People, I think you don't realize what the Event is - THE EVENT WILL HAPPEN WHEN YOU ARE READY!
    But you don't work with yourselves in order it to happen. You must work hard!
    Instead you are staying and looking in the sky waiting for the miracle.

    The Event happens to whom is ready and not before! So to speak - it will happen to one person and not happen to another person. It depends on the grade of readiness....

    Did you understand? Not Cobra happens THE EVENT! YOU HAPPEN IT!
    So if the Event doesn't want to happen, don't blame Cobra, blame yourselves!

    1. U are mistaken. It has been stated many times that the event Cobra speaks of is a global event visible in the physical world for all to see. Its not a personal awakening.

    2. Thanks Brando. That's what I thought. A single, monumental happening. Just trying to determine the approximate timeline (mid-year, end-of-year), and whether the new financial system is linked to it, or a separate occurrence.

  6. I'm agree Ananda ,we create the date , we create our future, instead of expect an event use meditation to change the world , send love in order to hack the matrix.

  7. Hi everyone,
    I would like to share a link to The Akashic Records of the New Paradigm...the Elders of Light wanted humanity to have a simple self check list to make sure we are creating from our hearts...this chesk list should be used when listening to, reading, researching, or watching anything or anyone. This is because there is so much dark portraying themselves as light...


    in service of Pure Love,Light and Unity,

  8. Hello Cobrasssss,
    I have been very busy following my dreams and my mission. I am now in thailand working with my egyptian brother from another mother. It is not sayed the guide to the Egypt cobra portal but another wonderful kind heart and laser master! He is a white Dragon brother and we are uniting east and west in healing vortex technologies to heal the body mind and soul. We are having a blast and we are developing some very exciting new sound light and color healing technologies in Chiang Mai Thailand.
    We are also soon to help Cobra to create the worlds first Tachyon chamber! I am processing inquiries!

    I recently took an evening off to drink in the amazing culture of thailand and I went to the Soi Suthep Temple a Vipassana Buddist Temple. I was virtually alone in this magnificent temple except for one other devotee 5 monks and a single meditator. I made a video which I would like to share with you all
    as it was such a beautiful feeling and a magical portal and vortex.

    I went at night and was crying with joy during my invocations of the light with these monks who chanted for over an hour. After making this video I sat with them and practised my Kriya technique to the wonderful sounds you will hewar in this video below

    please See my website thepromiserevealed.com i have a few more things up there now and I will be doing a radio show again on thursday with freedom slips radio host andrew bartiz. see the magnificant temple video on my youtube channel at this link! : http://youtu.be/DqjxxL7Uc_0
    dont forget I am doing another Egypt portal activation trip with a group to Egypt in may from 10-15th before the new society conference in irvine/laguna may 24th-26th.
    victory to the light
    sent with love from
    your brother and friend
    Rob Potter

    1. Hellooooo Rob!!
      Nice to hear from you, my brother!!
      Let's keep our unseen Cobrasssss family - A SUPPORTING family for RM and Cobra - alive and stronger than ever before.
      I mean -Please, OLD COBRASSSSS, don't stop posting. Our House needs our GOOD energies and positive vibes to stay the TEMPLE for the Warriors of Light.

      There is an amazing message from Zorra of Telos from the Hollow Earth, regarding the asteroid that hit Siberia and a few other parts of the earth.
      Zorra is saying that he was on his ship in space, when this happened, and he was told by the CREATOR to destroy/bombard it.

      Those who have seen the video, know that there were at least 5 ships working around the asteroid. So, according to Zorra, his ship was inside of the asteroid's tail.

      Dear Cobrasssss, let US show how much we appreciate THEIR help. Let US tell THEM - to our Cosmic Family members and the Inner/Hollow Earth family members - THANK YOU VERY MUCH FOR YOUR HELP!!!!


      One more thing. I think the time has come that people who call themselves AWAKENED ones, should stop calling these beautiful ships as being UN-identified objects, i.e. UFOs. (I did it about 2 years ago).
      We are out from the zombie state, and we know what THEY are. Especially now, that there are NO more cabal ships roaming in our skies.
      It is also time to RE-MEMEBER that people inside of these ships are NOT ALIENS. Some of them are NOT even ET's=not from the Terra, because they are from the SUB-terra.
      And ALL of them are our ORIGINAL, the TRUE family members. We've known THEM long, long before we came down to Earth.
      Well, I'm not concerned about my ascension. Honestly.
      All I want is... to BE BACK with my Family ASAP.

      Day by day, VICTORY IS COMING closer and closer...
      So very soon, it will exactly BE like this:
      AS ABOVE, SO BELOW!!!!

      So, Hold on to your WHITE hats!!!

    2. your link on Youtube does not work...

  9. Slowly,
    but surely,
    our eyes are being lifted to the sky.

    Thank you Cobra

  10. It is working !

    I received an email from someone at a distance wanting to check in to find out what the heck is going on ...

    Thanks Cobra, thanks RM, thanks Pleiadians and GC !

    Victory !

  11. Cobra,
    When are you planning to come to Miami?
    Do we have a group here? I would like to join.
    So looking forward to The EVENT! Victory of the Light!