Thursday, April 11, 2013

L1UPLSIP complete, Lobe Overlord in progress, Phoenix APR approved


  1. Cobra will you please explain what this post means? What is Phoenix APR, L1UPLSIP, and Lobe Overlord? I tried doing some research on these things but I was not successful at all!
    Please help me understand, thank you :)

    1. Its not for you to understand... its meant for the resistance movement

  2. Hi All,

    The Elders of Light wanted us to post this message as well as the link to the blog The Akashic Records of The New Paradigm.

    Thank You,

    Our Dearest Light Workers,

    Many of you have found your way to the Emerald Shield of Protection invocation which is wonderful because of the true nature of needing it. It's been spoken of in our blog as well as in the book The Akashic Records of The New Paradigm, that the extent of the archonic infiltration, be it spirit or technological has been brought into the greater consciousness to be of a greater degree than was anticipated. That is why it has been encouraged that the shield be used on a daily basis.
    These archonic forces can almost be thought of as or visualised as little robotic bugs that are coming into your spiritual consciousness, which makes you susceptible to ego and spiritual uncertainty. Meaning that you will believe you are working in the light, that your work is of light and that you are on the timeline of light, however the information you are sharing is full of falsities.
    We The Elders of Light cannot stress enough to do your Emerald Shield of Protection every day, to perform the self check everyday, to check what you are reading, what you are watching. If you yourself are unsure use the new prayer of The Akashic Records of The New Paradigm and ask The Elders of Light for yourself.
    The Elders of Light are providing an invocation that will help to shake the Archonic Energies off. If you think you have been infiltrated use it, even if you feel you haven't been infiltrated you can be on the safe side and still use it, followed by the Emerald Shield of Protection.

    I stand here calling forth the Creator/Creatrix of all there is, all there was, and all there will be. I call forth the wisdom and direction of The Elders of Light of The Akashic Records of The New Paradigm. I call forth my guides and guardians. I also call forth my higher self to be present.
    I command with the guidance and direction of all I have called forth to shake loose any dark archonic forces whether technological or of spirit. I command that these energies be sent away with no possibility of return...AND SO IT IS...

    The Elders of Light
    The Akashic Records of The New Paradigm
    via Brandie and Gail
    ( a channeling)

    1. I am sharing this. It resonates very much with me. I will give all credit to you. Namaste.

  3. Yipeeeeeeee Skipppyyyyyyyyy!!!

  4. Thank you for The Akashic Records of The New Paradigm link. I found it read it and understand better. Why I am/was stuck in 3D because I need money. Need more than greed. I was seduced by the forces working for freedom through financial means. Most are honorable I believe. The competition for which group is "best" to save the world is not right.

    My heart tells me that money is convenient but not what I am searching for. And my good intentions for attaining global 4D-5D transition included money. The dark forces have so completely enfolded us in the life of debt it's hard to imagine life in other ways.

    Good for you for realigning my 3D mind to 4D possibilities. I was wrong. Now I see the LIght better. [This really is hard isn't it?]