Monday, April 22, 2013

Short Situation Update

Many people are wondering what is the situation regarding the Event and what is the reason for all delays.

As I have said many times, the Event can not happen until the non-physical negative forces are dealt with. Removing them requires a lot of hard work without immediate spectacular results that many are expecting. The Light forces had a plan to trigger the Event in 2012 inside one of the Windows of Opportunity. That would require conscious cooperation and a degree of unity inside the Liberation movement on the surface of the planet. As you all know, that unity did not manifest and in addition to that, certain key individuals made wrong decisions in crucial moments, as it often happens within the surface population.

The Light forces beyond the surface of the planet have thus chosen a more waterproof approach that does not rely so much on the surface population.  They are removing obstacles one after the other until the situation in ripe for the Event to occur. This approach takes longer, but it is much more certain to be successful.

Until the breakthrough, the non-physical Archons are still manipulating the Liberation movement on the surface of this planet. Current Keenan/OPPT soap opera is a very good example of that. None of these two groups has any real geopolitical power so you can disregard their conflict entirely and rather focus more on what you yourself can do to assist in the planetary liberation.

Many people are also expecting the RV to happen any day now. This is not how the transformation of the financial system will happen. The Reset will happen only at the Event and the exchange rate between currencies will not change drastically. To refresh your memory, you can read this article about the new financial system:


  1. Thanks Cobra - you and the light forces are doing an outstanding job. Also I understand how difficult it might be to deal with such impatient people that do more harm to themselves than to the liberation cause. It is crystal clear for any conscious light-worker that the way dark entities (physical and non-ones) work is by manipulations and chaffing/taunting when we are at disarray. And impatience put us also in disarray. It is my personal experience based on so many years dealing with them. I would warn to all impatient ones that they do much harm to themselves - because what is all about is to use this opportunity to work with ourselves to become a more loving being - and patience is a quality of compassion and wisdom.
    The ego also uses impatience to manipulate and derail the true path of the light. We have been here for so many thousands of years of mutual conflicts due to among other reasons to our impatience and to the ego desire for who is wrong, who is right, who is left.... Dear ones, dont you see this wonderful opportunity to be stronger to be better and to overcome all, ALL polarities within ourselves? take few minutes, touch our sacred mother earth with your heart and you will understand how much love and light we are getting today, now!, so much help! it si here!! there is no event , no ascension that will help if we don't overcome ourselves. Otherwise you will realize your impatience will have lead you to where you dont wanted to be - and you REALLY really will miss these moments when we are tested and we have the opportunity to be a better Human Being. Let the light forces do its works as much as it takes, we have been fighting for so many thousands of years and few months and/or even years will make us just STRONGER!!!

  2. Thank you. Much needed clarification.

  3. I must say . . . your timing seems to be right compared to all others. If May 25 is the soonest timing for the EVENT, when is the latest timing? Some messengers are saying that September 20 is the final 5D Ascension date. I remember you also saying that Ascension will take more time than expected. What is one to make of all of this?

    1. I saw the same information about September 20

    2. The Ascension process will take much longer than September 20th. I will post intel about Ascension when I receive clearance to do so.

    3. What are the odds of the Event happening this year?

    4. I had once believed Ascension would happen pretty much spontaneously, sometime around 2012. Obviously, that wasn't the case. It appears to be process, and a much longer one than I had hoped it was going to be, but it makes sense that it would. It all has to do with mechanics. We human beings are carbon based and need to become crystalline to hold the higher frequencies.

      We also have four bodies that need to transform (mental, emotional, physical and spiritual). That is a lot of transformation! lol. Time will be required to adjust to this change and acclimate to a new climate; 4D first, then 5D. This is not to say that certain individuals on the Path can not jump ahead. There are 180,000 documented cases of Rainbow Bodied people that are experiencing 5D and beyond on Gaia at the moment.

      Be that as it may, most of us will be proceeding at a much slower pace. The word I am hearing as I write this post is INTEGRATION ... The process of Ascension is an integration of higher frequencies and depending on your state of being, the process will happen faster or slower. I'm sure there is much more involved that Cobra will shed more light on when the time comes.

      I had read something once that for this coming shift we will all need to learn how to manage energy. I suspect it will take some time for all of this to happen. After I got over my disappointment at not seeing our Galactic Fleet arrive at my doorstep, I decided to just go with the flow and let go of any expectations.

      White Fire

    5. " After I got over my disappointment at not seeing our Galactic Fleet arrive at my doorstep..."
      Bashar says that they will meet us on halfway, but we must first go our halfway...
      If the mountain doesn't go to Mohamed, Mohamed goes to mountain...

  4. Sigh, considering the non stop high intensity messages provided by so many ascended masters last year till now, it can quite be disappointing to hear more delays and more magical dates we need to rely on. I was expecting that with their enormous abilities they had the foresight to see the higher percentage of failure in relying on surface population for success which is why we were controlled for 26,000 years........I guess
    Even ascended beings as powerful as they are do still fail.

  5. But then Cobra the event will never happen especially on how things are right now, Boston bombing and Texas,shootings here and there, etc., we are just a few people awake who wants change, no money or prosperity pkgs BUT CHANGE! even if we try so hard to inform the people who surrounds you they don't want to know the truth, and can't obligate them, so we have to wait forever!, even if we do meditations, execise, being in peace etc, we are hungry of change, why if we are open to change we can't see chnge to mnifest? I wonder what else do we need to do I wonder if we are doing the right thing, as individuals and groups, I just want abetter world free of hate, manipulation, poverty, suffering etc, and I feel exhausted already.....Thank you Cobra much love to you...

    1. It is my understanding that after all is safely cleared, and those who have been manipulating things are unable to do so, the we will all start remembering, and those who are asleep now will start awakening. Already those who are still asleep are awakening at a more rapid pace than before - confused but awake.

      We just need to do our part, hold the light, spread the love and the message. Help them get past their duality and egos. We all have things that we do, some may meditate, some may write and spread the word, some are expressing through art and music, some will speak openly at special events, while some like Cobra will work the resistance. We all have jobs and talents to be utilized. Love and Light

  6. Hi Cobra,
    I resonate with your intel! I had certain prophectic dreams that did not come to pass (one that was eerily similar to David Wilcock), and had wondered why? I suspected that the Archon ankle biters and their off world/on world twilight masters had manipulated situations in their (temporary) favor once again. And with the recent negative events that have taken place in the world, I realized that the Galactic Federation of Light Forces would have to intervene much more than previously expected. You have confirmed that for me.

    Also, I had felt that the current Keenan/OPPT soap opera was just another distraction, and didn't have any real 'teeth'. This weekend I started working exclusively on my own plan/light activities to assist our Liberation. Trusting my Self for guidance seems to be the only sensible way to prevent fear-based thought forms from clouding my mind and heart.

    I also agree with you about the RV, and pray that the light forces intervene quickly to stop any further dark acts.

    Thank you for everything Cobra :-)

    God Victorious • Spiritualized Matter • Cosmic Christ Consciousness

    Love, Peace & Joy,
    White Fire

  7. OPPT was only a tool to awaken some surface folks and bring awareness and knowledge about who We BE as a bridge to the Event. OPPT has evolved into I Universal Value- Eternal Essence embodied absent limits we know about the surface human being as the absolute Value and We know about the "Event".

  8. Duh! We need to individually start changing.
    My wife and I are in the process of getting land in Colorado. We will build a few earthbag homes (solar,generator,compost toilet, cistern) and offer them to_anyone who helps us build more homes. Free homes. Grow your own food.. just chill and live.

    1. Thanks, Alan V, for your post. Yes, each of us is responsible for living our highest and best NOW.

      My son and his wife are very qualified and skilled in sustainable technologies, where in CO will you build? :-) YouMa

    2. About 45 miles NW of Colorado Springs. I want to do this NOW but have no money at all. Im thinking of camping out and paying no more bills, so I can pocket all the money I make. I have to do this. All I need is just land.

  9. Thank you Cobra for the clarification.
    Maybe I am even a little glad that the Event wont happen right now.
    I have a small amount of money that I have spent hard for many years and they are for helping my child in studying. I don't want that the reset blows them away, because they must fulfill their purpose.

    1. I read your post and was in tears... Deep Breath!

      I am a father of two and am struggling in this world as many are. Please truly believe that the 'reset' will not be a loss. Instead it will be a major gain for all and will allow all the full opportunity to fulfill their purpose. It is not stuff, possessions or money... It is being free...

    2. Dear Zed, I know this. That's why i want the Event, the reset and the good extraterrestrials on earth.
      But if they don't happen right now, this still has his good sides.
      So not to happen right now is good, to happen right now is better.

  10. hi,cobra! we come from china ,here we want to ask if there anything we can do to help the light process? we are in china now, we are a group of cosmic tramps and lightworkers. you can give out information here or send to us by email. address:

    thank you very much!

  11. Cobra,

    I do have a question. It's obvious to me that the cabal is pushing hard on all fronts to complete their agenda(s). Lately, I've been seeing posts about a nuclear attack or the start of WWIII. I never believed it would happen, but with the recent Boston and Texas events, I'm not as confident as I used to be that the positive ET or surface Light Teams were in control of the situation.

    Can you share some intel on this?

    Thank you,
    White Fire

    1. No WW3 or nuclear attack will be ever allowed to happen.

    2. Thank you!!! That's what I had thought, but I got rattled by recent events lol

      I can go back to being in a much more peaceful state now :-)

      Blessings and Love to you :-)
      White Fire

  12. THank you Cobra for the interesting conference in Zurich.
    We will continue with our work for the liberation of the planet.

    Kind regards,
    steven Jeanty

  13. I just want this to be over. The truth of what has been happening to be released and everyone on the planet allowed to be on the same page and start from there. There will be of course a portion that will refuse to believe, stuck in their religions. But perhaps, when they see the many races of beings and their craft, they will be released from thinking they and we are demons. And real advances can be made to relieve all the unneeded suffering on the planet. I am looking forward to the day when I hear on the news: Today it was reported that there is no more hunger on earth. !00 million volunteers have accomplished what was thought to be impossible, there are no more homeless or slums on earth. Everyone now has access to clean water and sanitation. Today, was the last day any carbon based energy was used to fuel our homes, transport or factories. Today a large group of ambassadors selected by the allied planets and Terran governments are on their way to represent us to the galaxy.

    And I hope that I am one of those diplomats.

  14. Do you have any knowledge about the solar flare killshot happening which I and other remote viewers have seen? What about comet ISON?

  15. It's a synchronicity but today I listened to Bashar and he said that it's good to find a book "A.D. After Disclosure: When the Government Finally Reveals the Truth About Alien Contact" by Richard Dolan.
    I searched for hours and find good resume in French, can translate by google.

    And you can find a video in youtube - A. D. (After Disclosure) by Richard Dolan

    People, things may be very rude after the first contact.
    I think the humans must be better prepared. So many things may or will be crashed, can come chaos everywhere. Till today I haven't realized how stormy will the events be...

  16. Dear Cobra,
    I keep reading that the stock market will close as part of the new financial system. What will happen then to all the money that we have invested there and that we have honestly earned? Are going to lose it? Please advise.
    Thank you!

  17. Hi Alan V and all;
    I too want to roll up my sleeves and start co-creating the new paradigm.
    I too believe earth bag domes are the easiest, cheapest, and fastest to build.
    I'm looking for my four co-creators.
    Please check out my section Dome Village Katrina at
    Victory to the Light!
    Karin Lacy

  18. cobra,

    Why is that the galactic federation could not just capture key cabal leaders by now after foreseeing and in fact had shown to break all deadlines given? surely it would hasten their defeat when the organization is headless and with their technology it is simple yet they wait and wait for a divine timing which had the propensity to delay for so many years as it already did making all those channeled messages from multiple sources about our imminent liberation sound unrealistically Pollyanna.

  19. we have to measure the progres of the ligth by the way the cabala is behaving.. the cabal is acting desperetly.. and seeing their plans beeing sabotaged.. read fulford updates.. he is always giving good information and forming a pretty good idea of waths really happening on the planet... the bigger the progress of the ligth gets ... the soonest the cabala try to manifest they'r evil plans.. and i say try cuz they will not succeed... but enough of consentrating our self in geopolitical situations we can not influence directly exept in our meditations.. in stead we shoul try to figured out how to help people thats closer to us.. help them fisicaly if we can.. and spiritually if they ask for it and need it.. lets stop giving our atention on negative situations.. excuse my english but im not an american.. but i live in Tijuana, Mexico.. in the frontier with Sandiego, California.. here in Tijuana we got exelent Ligth Warriors Giving love to mother earth every sunday... healing her.. and asking for forgivness for our mistakes.. if there is people near Tijuana beach that read this blog.. i invite you to come and participate.. they dont ask for money... all we need is your presence, your love and ligth and your intentions.. check the facebook page if you are interested... !!!Madre Tierra, Madre Gaia.. tu manto de mi no apartas.. voy en ti a todas partes.. y solo nunca me dejas!!!! Love and ligth to you brothers....

  20. I love you, Cobra. Best of luck and all the Light and Love in the world to you.


    Citizen Hearing On Disclosure – April 29 To May 3, 2013 – Washington, DC
    The entire CHD will be live streamed worldwide in English and Spanish and archived in Arabic, Hindi, Japanese and Mandarin.

    1. I'm looking forward to this one...already got my subscription

  22. I am one of those crushed by the spectacular non-event that was 2012, the year I believed with all my heart was going to be the start of the wondrous changes that would bring Earth and her people back to the Light of galactic civilisation. In 2013 I find I no longer know what to believe in. I am distrustful of any outside agency that professes to be telling us "the truth". I've given up on Salusa, the Pleidians, 'Archangel Michael' (Ron Head) and many others, all of whom sound more hollow, more robotic with every utterance.

    I find my suspension of disbelief is ruined by too many promises that failed to materialise, and delays for the remaining promises being endlessly continued for reasons we are vaguely told about but can never verify. Meanwhile, despite the many gateways we've passed through and extra light support we're supposed to have been granted, Earth is still EXACTLY as horrible as it has ever been, with the people in charge seemingly as in charge as ever, with people still starving in their tens of thousands, with wars and atrocities still happening, with ordinary people still forced to toil in economic servitude for their very survival, scraping a punishing, bruising living from the slave existence they are forced to lead.

    I cant actually tell if my heart is broken, or still in the process of breaking. I feel that nearly 20 years of belief have come to nothing. That whoever is running the show up there is doing a shit-awful job of it, that we are being asked to endure and endure and endure with only a few pretty words and utterly illusory promises to keep us going.

    The reservoir of hope I once had is running dry.

    This "Event" had better be good. And it had better be soon.

  23. I am very grateful to the ET light forces for their tremendous work. WW3/NWO never happened and never will. No cataclismic disasters in 2012. The air is still breathable, the water is still drinkable, the food is still edible (if you choose carefully), we still have a lot of freedom (unless you voluntarily surrender it).

    Why did the ET light forces not foresee and anticipate the sabotage of the parasites with all their super advanced technology? They have been studying us for many years after all. The only reason I can think of is that they respect our own choice. If one chooses to stay in darkness then the parasites are there to make it so.

    True strength comes in numbers. It's naive to expect a few million light workers to do the work for 7 billion people. The Event will certainly happen but I am not waiting for it. I am moving on.

  24. Replies
    1. This is my Higher Self Always with you since 2012 or ever since you have started your blog.

      Until this precious times I am always with you..
      Although I've changed my nickname on this blog my HS and your HS know each other because up there we are "One".

      Love and Light~

  25. I am so glad that the Galactics, FINALLY, got it:
    DO NOT relay on the brain washed, brain controlled humans!!!

    They are in fear. They are scared. They are confused. Some of them have no other choice. Most of them have lost their touch/connection with the Source.
    But above all, they are still hu-mans with huge egos - jealousy, competition, and betraying are the ways they treat each other.

    So, YES, please. Take this messy situation into YOUR own hands. WE need Your Help. (And I've been asking for this for a long time now).
    Who cares if it will take a little longer?
    As long as YOU'll BE in charge - it will give US hope and WE will become stronger. Then We can start working TOGETHER, and cooperating.
    WE can wait....


    And thank You, Cobra for these wonderful infos!
    Stay safe and strong!


  26. "The unexpected is bound to happen, the anticipated may never come. All is because you are. Grasp this point firmly and dwell on it is absolutely true...(it)is liberation." ~Nisargadatta Maharaj

    I can appreciate that this world could use a major consciousness transformation toward the relieving of people's suffering. We can all work to alleviate that for ourselves and others right now by finding out who we are...not just past incarnations, what planet or realm we might be from or our personal metaphor and the conceptual appendages. That's not ultimately important. The inquiry of who one really is goes much deeper than that. It is a finding out of what we are not. This has a tremendous impact of releasing ego created negative emotions and the false within one's self. In this directing our attention and inquiry on the ultimate truth we do wonders for helping awaken this planet just by being and sharing our light, wisdom and love with others in a simple way. By all means do your activism, live sustainably, support positive, conscious living but know even that can be done to get social status or because of attachment to a personal utopia that may alienate others instead of bringing us together, hence, self-inquiry is needed to let that go.

    "All is because you are."

  27. Hi All,

    The Elders of Light have asked us again to share this post..
    Thank You..

    The Illusion of Currency

    As it has been said and stressed by The Elders of Light through the Akashic Records of the New Paradigm - the idea of abundance and prosperity is going to be different once timeline 4 is secure. It is true that the socio-economic system is coming down to zero, meaning anybody who has an outstanding debt, that debt will be brought down to zero, as the socio-economic system as we know it today will not exist. You have to realize this also means that the transactions of money in hand is also going to change. There is going to be no flood waters of money in the new paradigm, that is a 3D thought and any actions related to it are going to be 3D in nature.

    People need to get their heads out of the clouds in relation to financial matters. If debts have presented themselves in your life recently, say in the last few weeks or months. Do your best, clear them up as best you can or to the best of your ability. This is a Karmic responsibility in the present until the "Zero Debt Policy" comes into action, when the financial system shifts.

    Do not allow fear of money to overwhelm you. Continue to do your job, pay your bills, buy your groceries and live your life. Know that yes, something better is on the horizon.

    It has been spoken about in the book The Akashic Records of The New Paradigm and what this will look like.

    Take a deep breath, relax, you'll be okay. Money in reality is a figment of our imagination, a tool used to turn a society of independent light beings into slaves. We will continue to live under this umbrella until the splitting off of timeline 4 and timeline 3D.

    If you are lending your support, your energy and your strength to people promoting themselves as your financial saviors you need to ask yourself "AM I FREE OR AM I A SLAVE?"

    Stand in your own power, own who you are and stay clear of such misleading propaganda.

    A heart felt warning with Blessings of Wisdom,

    The Elders of Light

    The Akashic Records of The new Paradigm

    via Brandie and Gail

    (a channeling)

  28. Dear Cobra, after reading your post'Pleidians, our Sister Race', I begin to read Billy Meier's contact report with Pleidians. Some of them are interesting, but I cannot accept some others. Do you think it is worth taking time on reading those?

  29. i dont know what is happening last days, but its horrible. im strucked with depression, very hardly, ive found out ive got quite large debt to pay out of nowhere in few days and everything seems falling on me. somethings wrong :( i cant bear it.

  30. Same here. I'm done with it. I wont work I wont pay bills. Im going into nature and relaxing. No electronics, car, tv, nothing. No bills. Im gonna truely stop participating. Tomorrow morning is the perfect time. Its finally warm enough. Im gonna live how I want and do what I want whenever I want.

  31. Can you please explain me what exactly is "the Event"? Thank you.

  32. TY for the update Cobra. You said "Current Keenan/OPPT soap opera is a very good example of that. None of these two groups has any real geopolitical power". The OPPT was dissolved 18 of March and has never claimed to have any power. Please check your facts. The OPPT has done it's purpose and that due to the unrebutted filings.

    OPPT scope has always been to restore and free the people. The legal filings however are still holding water. The trustees have been transparent from their first announcment and still are.

    Concerning the Keenan issue he most likely has a handler which can be seen in his retoric. He throughs accusations around with no facts etc.

    The OPPT has and never had any issues with Keenan and company. He is pissed cause Swissindo has reached out to OPPT and not him. Nothing is signed between Swisssindo and OPPT. OPPT says if they one play what stopps them? How their military order will pan out we don't know.

    Since OPPT is dissolved it's now only "the One People" DOING a lot's stuff. FB is censoring more and more but there will come a new social network system transparent. The beta testing are almost done and hopefully we will see it in 2-3 weeks.

    In closing I thank each and every one holding the contrast i.e. Drake, Keenan, Jean etc..

    TY for everything your are DO'ing Cobra it feels like you don't belong to the contrast holders.

    With abundance and love we are bound to win

    Oliver aka McCroft

  33. Cobra, I thank you for the work you are doing on our behalf. I send love your way. Change is in the air. Victory of Light.