Thursday, July 11, 2013

A Short Update About the Situation in Egypt

The liberation efforts in Egypt continue as the Cabal tries to interfere with the process, exerting pressure upon the forces of Light in Egypt and spreading disinfo and confusion through the mass media. 

But the Goddess is protecting Egypt and will continue guiding the process until the people are really free.  

It is vitally important to continue with our daily meditations for Egypt every day at 5 pm Cairo time until July 26th, which is the moment of heliacal rising of Sirius and was the New Year for ancient Egyptians, a beginning of a new cycle, the moment when the old is completed.

Instructions for the meditation are here:

You can find the countdown clock for our daily meditation in the upper right side of the blog. 


  1. Thank you

    I had a vision that something Ground breaking will haPPEN 12-21 THIS YEar
    very strong Can't wait LOVE

  2. I don't think/feel you have to wait that long John... :-)

    Something ground breaking happens every day, every are simply not Aware of it...Yet!

    Have a Blessed day every One and BE Joyious <3



    1. Lol Yes, Marthe I'm aware But I saw a major something happen 12-21 of this year this could be THE event maybe maybe not no times table but It was positive and world wide so it was neat only seen it for about 30 seconds like a timer very cool :) LOve you too Add me on FB John jptg Goldmoney Hugs

    Very real movie about the cabal.

  4. Can Rob Potter (or other "friends of Cobra") do a podcast or something on YouTube or wherever- Maybe get involved with David Icke (He has a TV station/channel?) starting in August.

    I enjoy these updates and surely there's other uplifting things (Teachings, Mediatations, storys) that could be shared while we wait for Bigger Victories and such.

    I'd join the Facebook stuff (groups?) but I don't trust FB with anything.

  5. My Goodness Alcyone. These Mansions are so Spacious!

    So many new Pillars.

    TRUTH is a Cornerstone.

  6. Cobra, how many percent that the event will happen in next 2 week? Thank you if you answer this question.

  7. Really Cobra? LOL

    Cloaks R.I.P. :)

  8. I'm sure you've all heard that the George Zimmerman case finally reached a verdict tonight. He was found not guilty. I don't really care if the jury's decision was correct or not. The Black Community has a right to be angry, as long as it doesn't degenerate into rioting and violence.

    I suggest we all meditate and/or pray for peace in understanding in the matter, especially in Florida!

  9. Okay, now who penciled in the bikini top?