Sunday, July 14, 2013

MAKE THIS VIRAL! Prepare For Change

It is time now to make the next step in creating the infrastructure for the Event on the surface of this planet.

The main reference site with preparedness instructions for the general population has reached a certain degree of completion  and needs to go viral:
Although the civil authority and the Resistance Movement will provide their own infrastructure at the time of the Event, it is very important to have grassroots infrastructure as well. Our alternative infrastructure will fill in the gaps and will ensure that the transition will be smoother and more harmonious. 

Six task groups were created: planetary leadership group, healers group, media group, new renaissance group, new technologies group and financial group. All these groups will develop practical tools which can help easing the transition at the time of the Event in their specific area.

If you want to actively participate in any of those six groups, click here:

Our website will be translated into many world languages so the message can spread worldwide. We are actively seeking translators and if you wish to join our translation teams, use the same participation form, stating that you wish to volunteer as a translator:

There will be many projects pertaining to the preparedness of the surface population for the Event announced on my blog very soon and our new website will be the main communication hub for those projects.


  1. Hello everybody,

    I have created my own website which is a translation of many of the aspects of prepareforchange website. So it can also serve as an informationhub. It's a translation into dutch (people of northern Belgium, the Netherlands and Suriname) and into french (for the french speaking people of the world). I will maintain and complement the website.
    The website:

    Kind regards

    1. I translate Cobra's messages in french, for my ( small ) blog. Maybe we could work together to spread these messages and coordinate our efforts for the "Prepare for change" website ?

    2. OK. But it's not cobra's messages which I translate. More general background info about the new society.

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    4. I can contact you if you give me you're e-mail. I'm willing to help translate into dutch.

      Kind regards,
      Steven Jeanty



  3. Cobra,will you also post the Ascension Plan soon?

  4. This has been shared on Facebook page Doctors With Reiki, and Twitter. Mahalos and aloha to you from us in beautiful California. : )))

  5. As I was reading about the financial situation I womdered why they are saying we will still be using money after the event. Money is the problem and in the documentary cobra showed us, it even talka about the end of money. Why would we still be using money after the event? That means there rly wont be an end to social class and a cabal will still run things... This doesnt make any sense to me amd I would like clarification if anyone has some.

    1. hello miranda, if i remember right, as i was reading the intel for the event, i thing i seen that eventually we will eliminate the monetary system or at least we will have the opportunity to dissolve it if we chose. i do agree with your thoughts, as long as there is a monetary system, somebody is going to want to be at the top, and in walks ego willing to step on a few others to get there. is that documentary from cobra online or was it just a conference thing, thanks and love, tommy

    2. I am going through some really BAD shit regarding Cancer. I sought out what I thought were the very "best" Drs and got NOTHING! Now I am without a nose and dealing with stage3 Basil Cell Carcinoma. Let me tell ALL of YOU something..including COBRA! It SUCKS! It is extremely hard to stay focussed on one's mission when they are fighting to keep their "Animal Body" alive. I just want to say this:
      It is an inanimate object if there is no SOUL attached! Get the message? Let's all stay focussed on what is important! Like BREATHING! Stop taking it for Granted!

    3. Try the Gerson therapy. Buy their books and start the therapy asap. My father have stage 4 lung cancer with multiple metastasis, but fortunately the tumors are small (the biggest have 6x4 cm), plus he have diabetes. He started the therapy about 4 weeks ago and now he is visible better. The hard part was to convince him to go with this therapy, since his father died 23 years ago by the same lung cancer. Note that he is 71 years old now and he was not operated, and he didn't make chemotherapy and radiotherapy. So, he was somehow "clean" at the beginning of the therapy.

  6. It is written. No beta timelines will be offered.

    Are you ALL caught up? Better Hurry.

    All into now. NOW, now

    Eternity is Here and Now.

  7. We are asking for people who have good links about the reasons for the event; corruption of any kind finacial mafeasence,Vaccinations, chemtrails , arrests of political criminals,flouride, de population agendas any thing about mind control and electronic harassment , ufo videos pictures etc etc. We want all the ditrt on everything you can think of or that you have.
    We want to post links on the site and have references so people can get ducated themselves to understand the WHY of the event on a basic material level. please click participare button on the site and add your links we will add them to our arsenal of evidence if it is not harmful to others.

    We are also looking for positive submissions of a positive and inspirational nature. If any one has any suggestions in regards to positive alternatives for political leadership or music or science of education technologies finance, and media we want those links and evidences as well. We will be grateful for your time and support on this level of our mission. It is hoped this site can be a resource for intelligent introspection and well thought out submisions. Many of these allready exist by others but we need your help to locate it! please feel free to send this to us on the comment and participate sections of the website. You may also take it upon yourself to make some good poins and open discussions amongst others about this site .Your thoughts are important and will e appreciated.

    In the leadership section we re looking for those who can send in the e-mail addresses and contact information of those in positions of influence within their communities on a local level as well as those withn the national level. We would like to have a dataase that we can all use to send to them at the time of the EVENT. This will be the mailing list for the
    "Community Leaders Brief".
    victory to the light
    Rob Potter aka pottsman

    1. I can contribute with a few emails of community leaders in my area. Where should I send the list?

    2. Call me tomorrow! 207.313,7229

    3. I would like to offer for you that my site contains over 450 posts worth of positive and inspirational articles and videos.

    4. Rob: I only see a 'signup form' in the location you specified.
      How can one add a list of links there, rather than here?

      It appears I am also having trouble locating the other areas
      where one can share the appropriate 'submissions' you mentioned.

    5. Hi pottsman can you sent me an e-mail contact of yours. I wanna ask you something about local's leaders e-mali adress. I am already member in the leadership section. Love and Light Vicky Dr

    6. sorry i have been out of touch but send your links via the comment section for now/
      you may also submt articles in the comment section. this site is 100 percent volunteer and we do not have the site completelly functional at 100 percent yet. we are training moderators etc. please be can email me via my website at thank you all for you service towards the victory of the light

  8. Sure there is a shift going on. But the event that is mentioned here seems to me like wishful thinking.
    Money is not evil, but the way it is used today is the root off nearly all evil!
    Money may only contribute to a better society if it is shared as equal as possible between everybody on earth.
    I don't see that the new money system as proposed after the event is equally shared among people.
    One way to a better sharing of money would be an unconditional basic income that is at least enough to provide for the minimum needs of everyone, and a limited capital so that no one can have enough money to corrupt the system and enslave others.
    There is more than enough for everyone on earth if everyone has equal right to the world’s recourses without greed and waste.
    So I think that the best would be a world without money where we assist each other and everything is free for everyone according to her or his needs!
    An example of this is the Venus Project which you can find on:

    I wish all the best to everyone!

  9. I translated the message "The Event", from the website : ... from english to french. To whom can I send it to ? I posted it on my blog ... ( I hope it's ok... is there a copyright ? ... I posted the adress of the original text though ).
    I want so much to help share all this !

    1. Merci pour ta contribution cher ami ; il existe une traduction française du blog de Cobra : Peut-être pourrais-tu commencer par la poster en commentaire sur l'article correspondant ? Namasté ♥

      Thank you for your contribution dear friend ; there's already a french translation of Cobra's blog : Perhaps you could begin by posting this translation in a comment on the corresponding article ? Namasté ♥

    2. Thank you so much for this info ! I've been translating Cobra's messages since ( almost ) the beginning and posted them on my blog, but my blog is so small, very few people read it. So, I'll post a link to yours and if I have some translations done, I'll send them to you ?
      I have already joined the translation team for "Prepare for change" website.
      My blog is :
      And again : THANK YOU !!!
      Michelle ( or Bobby ... that's my nickname )

  10. This kind of has to do with topic if you get where I'm coming from. As an African American I am proud to see the majority of positive protest in due of the Trayvon Martin case. Whether it's for ending racism,or not or just to have equal rights and protect our kids. I admit as a community for black people we have to now start becoming and put this same kind of effort toward our black on black crime rate. But as far as the bigger picture,its all colors involved in these peaceful protest and this is a start. We might as well throw in the though of protesting against the government and it's crooked ways altogether. My point being is yes I do recognize an awakening of the masses and it only gets better.

    Peace and Love to all, We got this!!

  11. I know that the negative thing about the case is that the media kind of fooled people to take only the Trayvon Martin case serious when in reality we honestly have other major problems but I feel this is a small piece to a puzzle. Now while we are out there protesting,lets also add the cause for droning,killing innocent foreign families,getting the elite from behind the curtain(even though their time is over) and all other major situations that will sooner liberate all of life. I'm sure more people will join for those included.

    Peace and Love

  12. 'I saw THE EVENT and all I got was this lousy 100,000 dollars'

    ^ Gotta be a T shirt one day

    1. "Received $1M at the Event.
      Watched Disclosure for free.
      Reached full consciousness: Priceless."

  13. Just my opinion here: On the money issue, I agree with you that greed has become a problem, and we are suspicious of anything that sounds like the same old system, but I have to wonder is money the root of evil, or it it the evil nature of man that has been the problem? The upcoming removal of the darkness from the planet, and the final EVENT is suppose to open all up to a different way of seeing things, no longer will there be division between good and evil. Ego will be wiped and this may change all our outlook. As of now, are we not just reacting with the same old fear and feeding what is left of the old paradigm?

    In a new paradigm, we will love our brothers and sisters and be able to trust each other again. Would this not be part of the healing process. This will also be the same in other issues, like race, and violence against each other no mater our ethnic background.

    I am concerned about the government issue, and wonder do we need a governing body as with the Event and the changes in the paradigm we will become more responsible for each other, kind of like growing up, so why do we need a government at all?

    I guess we all have our concerns and even though we are trying very hard to remove the negativity, ego, and fear, it is still difficult not to fall into the same old thinking.

    Love and Light

  14. am not an expert on this, but this sounds inspiring :

    The fourth pillar of the Pegasus mission codes will be revealed in the next few days, in the form of the conjunction between Wasat and the Sun, prevailing between 7 and 13
    July .
    „… The stellar messengers of Wasat are sent to situations and worlds that are stagnant. Where the life has frozen, lost its creative dynamism and nothing seems to move.
    The participants have taken up total passivity and they are unable to make any moves for the change, for the fulfillment of their destiny. Furthermore, they mainly wrap
    themselves up in the energies of an apathetic and nihilistic self-pity and a depressive resignation, and do not do anything for some change. This is when the Pegasus messenger
    arrives, as a therapeutic consultant or healer and tells them what steps should be taken in order for this spiritual swamp to be dissolved and this dark and dragging inner vortex to
    be loosened.

  15. I have made a discovery in Lightning physics that revealed the very centrpiece
    Of the universe.
    "Relativistic Perturbation "Mantle"

    For billion's of years...When lightning separates hydrogen molecules it allows a Disc of antihydrogen fusion to be created. In the construction process fusion creates rings of Carbon, Liquid oxygen cooling the fusion back to carbon sealing and surrounding a sphere of fused negative energy (anti-hydrogen fusion). This combination traps the energy allowing for the conversion of the first carbon ring to high energy photons or Dark Energy. This is whats considered our Aether. By consuming the first carbon ring it allows the paramagnetic Liquid Oxygen to rush in producing a Sprite above storms.

    Mantle for short produces Gamma rays found by NASA's FERMI satellite during Sprite production. PAMELA satellite found the anti-protons around the Van Allen belt produced by Mantle's energetics discharge that follows the magnetic field lines from Earth.

    Mantle's reproduction will lend efforts to traveling as dark energy exceeding light speed "Warp" travel, wormhole production and dimension technology. The release of charged liquid Oxygen is converting to Air/water for the atmosphere and electrons for the Ionosphere. This will supply us with clean water and energy any place on earth or space.

    These technologies are for advancement of the human race in the areas of Food production, Computer storage using Dark energy, Transportation, Infrastructure, Medical, Space Travel and Dimension Building using high energy particle physics from my discoveries with Mantle.
    Im a great designer of love, fun and excitement and will donate my very best to bring any situation to a perfect end or beginning.I am developing team oriented corporate structures to grab the steep developmental curves of high energy physics for my discoveries.

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    1. Very good...and how to contact you?

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  17. Greetings from Portland, Oregon!

    Exciting times are upon us! We are blessed to be able to participate in one of the greatest Shifts of the Ages. Many gathering here have been consciously preparing for this time for decades, whereas others have been more recently called to awakening. Wherever each individual lies within the spectrum of Light, each is a precious part of the whole: a unique expression of Divine Essence. It is through this that we are weaving a magnificent tapestry of Oneness, to enable humanity and our beautiful planet Earth, to transition together into the Golden Age of Peace.

    What is our mission? At the Prepare for Change website, we are joined in spirit by a common goal: planetary liberation. We recognize that the existing institutions and structures that are sustained by the few for their own benefit, must be peacefully removed. Our hearts and intuition tell us that an equitable system in which all people can thrive, is our birthright to bring forth. We have individually asked ourselves, “What is in my heart to give”?

    From humble beginnings, we are endeavoring to form a grass roots infrastructure which will facilitate a smooth transition during the Event – the physical liberation of our world – and to enable our brothers and sisters worldwide to recognize that these changes which are upon us are a celebration of the continuing evolution of consciousness. We recognize that each human being has an important role to play in the manifestation of the Divine Plan. And we recognize that NOW is the time to release the past, and focus on creating a new paradigm of love, limitlessness and unprecedented grace, for ourselves and all of humanity.

    The Truth shall prevail. Love is the Law. Victory of the Light!

    If you are in the Portland area and would like to participate in any of the six Event support groups: leadership, media, healing, new technology, renaissance or finance, please contact me at Let’s join together, as we begin to create a New Society !

  18. Cobra, congratulations on your work. Thank you.
    My fear is that the event does not solve my problem.
    AM NOT FREE. I am a slave to an examination phony burying my life a fraud.
    Speak examination bogus AIDS, murderous and cruel a scam that takes my freedom for years.
    I was married for six years and my husband is healthy, even after many contacts with me without protection.
    However, I lost my love, my family, my friends and now I'm part of a "record" that prevents me to relate to someone. I live in a small town and everyone knows my diagnosis. In other words, my life is over.
    When I refused to take the "poisons" that they prescribe and was terrified of doctors and nurses.
    I ask UNTIL WHEN?
    Even when people will suffer with a fake diagnosis like this?
    Even when mothers are prohibited from breastfeed?
    Even when governments withdraw children from homes because mothers refuse to poison them?
    Even when honest scientists like Peter Duesberg will be ridiculed because they tell the truth?
    Even when my brothers commit suicide because they can not endure so much pain?
    Until when will this genocide?
    AIDS does exist, but is not transferable and is not caused by viruses.
    There is abundant evidence about the fraud. For Example:
    It is a "science" that evil lends itself only to the purposes of the cabal, or prevent happiness, sexuality divine encounter free soulmates procreation.
    I often think about leaving this world, because loneliness and prejudice really hurt.
    I can only believe that justice will be done and the killers punished.
    Thank you friend

    Cobra, parabéns pelo seu trabalho. Agradeço.
    Meu medo é que o evento não solucione meu problema.
    NÃO SOU LIVRE. Sou escrava de um exame fajuto que sepultou a minha vida numa fraude.
    Falo do exame fajuto de AIDS, uma farsa assassina e cruel que tira minha liberdade há anos.
    Fui casada por seis anos e meu marido é saudável, mesmo após tantos contatos comigo sem proteção.
    Porém, perdi meu amor, minha família, meus amigos e agora faço parte de um "cadastro" que me impede de me relacionar com alguém. Moro numa cidade pequena e todos sabem do meu diagnóstico. Ou seja, minha vida acabou.
    Sempre me neguei a tomar os "venenos" que eles prescrevem e fui aterrorizada por médicos e enfermeiros.
    Eu pergunto: ATÉ QUANDO?
    Até quando as pessoas vão sofrer com um diagnóstico falso como esse?
    Até quando as mães serão proibidas de amamentar os filhos?
    Até quando os governos retirarão filhos dos lares porque as mães se negam a envenená-los?
    Até quando cientistas honestos como Peter Duesberg serão ridicularizados porque dizem a verdade?
    Até quando meus irmãos cometerão suicídio porque não aguentam tanta dor?
    Até quando irá esse genocídio?
    A AIDS existe sim, mas não é transmissível e não é causada por vírus.
    Há provas fartas sobre essa fraude. Por Exemplo:‎
    É uma "ciência" perversa que se presta apenas aos propósitos do cabala, ou seja, impedir a felicidade, a sexualidade divina, o encontro livre de almas gêmeas, a procriação.
    Penso muito em sair desse mundo, porque a solidão e o preconceito doem muito.
    Só me resta acreditar que a justiça será feita e os assassinos punidos.
    Obrigada amigo.

    1. You're never alone, Ingrid.
      I have found many, many, many people like you and me who have experienced the most extreme situations, usually leading to isolation, separation and dissociation.
      It has helped me to know that this place (Earth) is one of the few places, or perhaps the only place in this Galaxy, where this extreme level of separation can be experienced.
      Because I strongly feel that the time has come to reconnect, I can only imagine the exhilaration that emerges when we push our own personal safety limits beyond the threshold and act upon our intuitive need for authentic connections on a larger scale.

    2. Nao desespere. Nao esta sozinha. A justica e a paz vao vencer.

  19. The cynics, critics, skeptics, cheerleaders, spectators and well-wishers posting on this site notwithstanding. It seems we should be able to get 144,000 light workers on the same page for the weekly meditations. A real-time audio file similar to the goddess spiral meditations by cobra, loaded onto an MP3 player and played as an individual, in couples, and in groups. Streaming this audio on the affiliated light worker websites at the precise time we create a unified field.

    To make the meditations more universally acceptable to those who don't have a lot of the background information it might be useful to leave out proper names such as George Bush and the Rothschilds' etc. Calling it something like the Unified Light Workers Financial Freedom Meditation might help get some attention as well.

    1. sounds like a great vision and possibility Vibratarian, if you're guided to do so, take the ball and run with it ! We all get to play now ...


    I have been hosting independent music/spirituality based shows for over 5 years. I recently produced and hosted The Disclosure Show. I am willing to help with the event as a media member. Peace, Jeff "Classic"

  21. Rejoyce!!! :-) <3

  22. Waiting patiently with love <3

  23. ESPALHEM COMO UMA EPIDEMIA! Preparem-se para a Mudança
    Agora é a altura de dar o próximo passo a fim de criar a infra estrutura para o Evento à superfície do planeta.

    O site principal de referência, com instruções de preparação para a população em geral, alcançou um certo grau de desenvolvimento e necessita ser largamente difundido:
    Embora a autoridade civil e o Movimento de Resistência forneçam a sua própria infra estrutura na ocasião do Evento, também é muito importante que haja uma infra estrutura de base. A nossa infraestrutura alternativa irá preencher as lacunas e irá assegurar que a transição seja mais suave e harmoniosa.

    (Preparem-se para a Mudança
    A sociedade nova está ‘quase’ aqui.
    Esta página web foi desenhada para ajudar-vos a compreender as mudanças, belas e holísticas, que vão chegar em breve ao nosso planeta. Iremos passar de uma sociedade baseada no medo, para uma Humanidade baseada no amor e na cooperação mútua.
    Irá haver abundância para todos. Com amor e apreço,

    Foram criados seis grupos de tarefas: grupo da liderança planetária, grupo dos curadores, grupo da comunicação social mediática, grupo da nova renascença, grupo das novas tecnologias e grupo financeiro. Estes grupos irão desenvolver ferramentas práticas que irão facilitar a transição nas suas áreas específicas, na altura do Evento.

    Se desejas participar activamente num destes grupos, clica aqui:
    A nossa página será traduzida em muitas línguas para que a mensagem possa ser divulgada em todo o mundo. Estamos à procura de tradutores e se desejam juntar-se às nossas equipas de tradutores, usem esta mesma forma de participação, informando que desejam voluntariar-se como tradutores.
    Em breve, haverá muitos projectos ligados à preparação da população da superfície para o Evento anunciado no meu blog e a nossa página web recente, será o núcleo principal de comunicação destes projectos.

    Postado por Cobra às 1:34 AM = 01:34 H

    Translator: luisa vsconcellos

  24. Russian Tanslation:

    CДЕЛАЙТЕ ЭТО ОБЩЕДОСТУПНЫМ! Подготовьтесь К Изменению
    Это - время , чтобы сделать следующий шаг в создании инфраструктуры для События на поверхности этой планеты.

    Главный справочный сайт с инструкциями по подготовленности для населения в целом достиг определенной степени завершения и должен стать общеизвестным:

    Хотя гражданская власть и Движение Сопротивления обеспечат их собственную инфраструктуру во время События, очень важно иметь массовую инфраструктуру также. Наша альтернативная инфраструктура гарантирует, что переход будет более гладким и более гармоничным.

    Были созданы шесть исследовательских групп: планетарная группа лидерства, группа целителей, медиа-группа, группа эпохи Возрождения, технологическая группа и финансовая группа. Все эти группы разовьют практические инструменты, которые могут помочь оьлегчить переход во время События в их определенной области. Если Вы хотите активно участвовать в какой-либо из тех шести групп, щелкните здесь:

    Наш веб-сайт будет переведен на многие мировые языки, таким образом, сообщение сможет распространиться во всем мире. Мы активно ищем переводчиков и если Вы хотите присоединиться к нашим командам перевода, используйте ту же самую форму участия, заявляя, что Вы хотите добровольно вызваться как переводчик:

    Будет много проектов, имеющих отношение к подготовленности населения поверхности Земли для События, о котором объявят на моем блоге очень скоро, и наш новый веб-сайт будет главным коммуникационным центром для тех проектов.

    Отправленно Коброй в 1:34
    Translator: Marina

  25. Yeeeehaaa :-) <3

  26. Romanian translation:

    Acum este timpul sa facem urmatorul pas in crearea infrastructurii pentru Eveniment pe suprafata acestei planete.
    Site-ul de referinta cu instructiuni pregatitoare pentru populatia generala a atins un anumit grad de finalizare si are nevoie sa devina viral:

    Desi autoritatile civile si Miscarea de Rezistenta vor oferi propriile lor infrastructuri la momentul Evenimentului, este foarte important sa avem, de asemenea, o baza a acestei infrastructuri. Alternativele noastre vor umple golurile ramase si vor asigura o tranzitie armonioasa.

    Sase grupuri cu sarcini diferite au fost create: grupul de conducere planetar, grupul media, grupul noua renastere, grupul de noi tehnologii si grupul financiar. Toate aceste grupuri vor dezvolta unelte practice care pot ajuta ca tranzitia sa fie usoara la momentul Evenimentului in zona lor specifica.

    Daca doriti sa participati activ in unul din aceste sase grupuri, dati click aici:

    Site-ul nostru va fi tradus in multe limbi pentru ca mesajul sa se raspandeasca pe tot globul. Cautam translatori iar daca doriti sa va alaturati echipelor noastre de traducatori, folositi acelasi formular de participare, mentionand ca doriti sa va oferiti voluntar ca translator:

    Vor exista multe proiecte pertinente pentru pregatirea populatiei de la suprafata in legatura cu Evenimentul anuntate pe blogul meu foarte curand iar noul nostru website va reprezenta punctul central de comunicare pentru aceste proiecte.

  27. Prepare for Change is now on meetup so start forming your local chapters now. You can form your local chapter at

  28. Cobra, please comment on the money situation. Why will there still be a monetary system after the event when it is clear that money is now irrelevant, we have technology to create abundance and all money does is hold us back and put people in power and at the top. we will always have inequality with money.
    there is a different option Cobra, and it is called the Venus Project.
    Please check it out and let me know what you think and answer to why the monetary system will continue.

  29. Chinese Translation:








    1. for Mainland China:

      and for "rest of the world":

      Victory of the Light!