Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Planetary Situation Update Part 1

As predicted, massive operations of the Light forces have begun as September started.

The Eastern Alliance sprang into action. The Eastern Alliance is a loose group of BRICS government officials, Interpol personnel, members of Chinese and Russian military forces, White Dragons Society and Positive Templars who work under indirect guidance of the Resistance Movement to liberate this planet. 

BRICS group has announced the creation of a new global bank that will become one of the building blocks of the new financial system:
Vladimir Putin, the spokesman of the Eastern Alliance, has made steps to expose the actions of the Cabal to the masses during the current Syria crisis:
Behind the scenes, negotiations for the surrender of the Cabal continue. Large portions of Jesuit and Rothschild factions have already expressed their theoretical willingness to surrender at the Event. 
This is the reason why current Jesuit white Pope Francis puts on a friendly face. He wants to get amnesty for himself and the Catholic Church.
However, the Rockefeller faction (Illuminazi Paperclip Kissinger / Bush / Cheney / Rumsfeld criminal syndicate) does not want to surrender, they want to fight to their bitter end, triggering nuclear World War 3 on their way down. Needless to say, the Light forces will NOT allow that to happen.
Also, their military intervention in Syria may trigger the action of the Positive Military in the United States, exactly in the same way the decision of the Muslim Brotherhood to get involved in Syria conflict has triggered the action of the Positive Military in Egypt.
Cabal's military intervention in Syria will not happen according to my intel sources, but the Cabal will continue to push things to the limit. That will only accelerate their exposure to the masses of humanity and speed up their downfall. 
Silent war in Pentagon between positive and negative factions continues. 
On the positive side, Anonymous is active again:
On the other hand, the negative faction is threatening to use nuclear weapons. Again, that will NOT be allowed to happen. Also, the tension between positive and negative factions within the military has caused military personnel to lose faith in the command structure:
It seems that everybody is against Rockefeller faction now. The Eastern Alliance is gathering global public opinion against them, the Positive Military is preparing to take action. During surrender negotiations, even members of Jesuit and Rothschild factions have expressed willingness to help taking them down. Also, as there is much less negative influence from the etheric plane, they can expect much more disobedience from their mid to low level minions. 
According to the Resistance sources, if the Event would happen now, we could expect about 100,000 casualties worldwide as a result of the last minute destruction efforts of the Cabal and their minions before they are taken down and also as a result of the violent dysfunctional behavior of human masses, especially of Monarch mind control victims with their omega programming being triggered. However, that number is not easy to estimate as there are so many factors involved, it could be much lower or higher. 
This number is still far too high to tolerate and the Resistance will do everything to decrease it, speeding up the process as much as possible at the same time. 
I will post the second part of the planetary situation update next week. 
Total victory of the Light is near!


  1. Some VERY good & exciting news.. and some not so good. But knowing that each of us holds real power to make this transition a little smoother through our meditations, sending love, light & peace, and prayer is uplifting and comforting. We're definitely on the right path but we've still got work to do. Let's keep up the good work, all!

    1. I could not agree more Ascension Girl. Let's keep up the good work. Keep meditating, focus on all things positive and keep on fighting the good fight!

    2. Let thing unfolding naturally, to the highest good-end. Hold truth in heart, make things positively , and live spiritually.

    3. When the Rockefeller faction (Illuminazi Paperclip Kissinger / Bush / Cheney / Rumsfeld criminal syndicate) Get arrested, that's when people will really start understanding

  2. Yes, hold the vision of the outcome we want! Love and Light to all on this planet! Victory is near!

  3. My only problem is this. A friend of mine works for a long time friend, who is a hedge fund manager for a small group of billionaires. About a month and a half ago he was flown by one of his clients to Moscow. Where he met and spent the night talking and drinking with Putin. He has reported that Putin has amassed a fortune approaching 500 Billion. Through kick backs and pay offs from corporations as well as the Russian gangs and cyber criminals. I am not sure if he is the one to lead anyone. He has to pay after The Event for his crimes as well.

    1. And he will, if he has not done so already.

      As far as him leading anyone, he has no one to lead but Russia, and no matter what kind of things he has done in the past, he is willing to call out against the last groups that are still entrenched in their sense of dominance and wrongdoing.

      His fortune was probably already all there long before that report, and where that fortune ends up is a very likely portion of his future sentence. The Resistance will know if he is still a worthy man to lead Russia post-Event, we won't know that call until it comes.

  4. Cobra,

    I have a question. If the Bank of St. Germain is only allowed to open on Easter and at Christmas, are we looking at those dates for possible future EVENT time frames?

  5. Thank you for this great news Hopefully this will soon translate into actual arrests sooner than later. I am one of the faithful but must remain cautiously optimistic. I dare not use the word immanent though I pray this be the actual news. I would be interested to hear the GFL news broadcasts to the other worlds and hear the exact eath words that best translate the descriptions they are sharing to the federation of planets to explain our current state of affairs.
    cobra you mentioned a Solar POLE SHIFT?
    Can you please elaborate on what effects this will have on ou planets geophysical stuation? When was the last time this occurred in our solar system. Is this a normal cycle? If so how often does this occur on healthy worlds?
    Victory to The Light
    Rob Potter

  6. How can the cabal not be allowed to use nuclear weapons,when I thought you said a long while back they didn't have them anymore.Which is it?

    1. He stated they might try last minute measures, but he didnt say nukes specifically. Nukes will be prevented; if they are attempted to be shot, then the ETS will dismantle them before they even leave the ground

    2. Good question. I'm too confused...
      Cobra, could you please explain it?

  7. The 4th dimensional Archon group is being squished out. I've seen their frequency manipulation machines short circuit due to the amount of light on our planet. They can't get through! With more light anchoring and global meditation we'll speed up the works. Lets keep it rolling family

    1. This man speaks the truth!!! Namaste earth humans!!

  8. I am very concerned about this new financial system and who has control and influence over this system. I get the sense that we could be moving out one evil cabal in exchange for another. I do not trust that Putin - a major game player in this Alliance - does not have his own agenda that does not serve the highest and best good of humanity. The other thing that concerns me is that we do not seem to be making strides to change our economics altogether. I feel as though the usurious, fiat money system has been scapegoated for all that is wrong with global economics. To be certain, the way the fiat money system has been managed and the malicious intent with which it has been managed, has been nefarious. But I think we're focusing on low-hanging fruit when investing our beliefs in the fiat system as being the cause of economic suffering. It isn't. Capitalism is. In fact, oligarchic, plutocratic, expansive/growth-based, market driven economic models are the cause of economic suffering. Moving to an asset-backed financial system is limiting the money supply and, thus, doubling down on everything that is bad about capitalism (communism, market-driven socialism, etc...): inequality; competition leading to hatred and division; over-consumption; creating jobs to source the working-eligible population; poor usage of precious, finite, resources. The list goes on and on. I sense we are being led down a very dangerous path. An asset-backed financial system will surely lead us to feudalism which we absolutely do not want.
    What I would propose is that we work on a de-growth economic model. The idea would be to reduce consumption and, thus, pollution and our negative impact on the ecological footprint. The way to do that would be to end economic slavery - forced labor for currency upon which one is dependent for one's livelihood. Get rid of economic slavery and unnecessary jobs and businesses that serve no benefit to humanity and often serve to the detriment of humanity - unnecessary usage and consumption of precious resources (human labor being the most precious resource) and polluting the workforce if not the environment. To me, this needs to be the cornerstone of a new economic system. Not doubling down on capitalism and growth-based models. Just a thought but I just want us to stay vigilant as we awaken to the truth. Let us not believe that those in the Alliance that is trying to free us from the cabal are all good without their own egotistical agendas. I hope I made some kind of sense, here.

    1. i agree with you i dont trust putin either,he knew about 911 also i saw pictures of him and bush with blue robes,so this tells me hes not so innocent,i saw it today on youtube he was with bush several times,also why is he letting syria use chemical weapons,if he had the power to control this,he should have.i dont trust none of them,only trust my heart

    2. Can you imagine what kind of horrible things some people end up putting themselves through just to rise into a position of leadership under the Cabal-controlled world?

      Can you imagine what people have been forced through that style of life without choice even from their childhood?

      If you answered "no" to either of these, then shelf your mistrust. Here is a man who has probably suffered more than can be pictured.

      They all have suffered, and many of them probably still believe at present there is no other way to rule than through misery.

      That is why the Event will come. One part of it is to prove that iron rules and gilded cages are the fad of last universe, not this one.

      The other part? We don't have to be communist or capitalist or anything-ist at all. We have ourselves to rule, and if we are inventive, attentive, adaptive--we will ultimately realize that there is no need to be suspicious of the one next-door or of the one far overseas. We will have no need for prejudice or being petty about past wrongs.

      These wrongs are the grounds on which our present leaders stand charged with their personal torments. Torments that they have reflected unto their people whom they call themselves patriots and protectors toward. Yes, they have crimes committed and trials to undertake for them.

      Can you not see the trial of your own that sits before you? I do. It is the same trial that I myself face/have faced when I see such things as what you have said. I will not discuss what lesson this is--it's yours to discover and grow from.

      If you really trust your heart, you will find the lesson and the answer easily.

  9. Cabal should just perform the ultimate Service-To-Self action, and rejoin the Light. Silly people... I'm over waiting or hoping or being unsure. It's bound to happen sooner or later, and it's weird to me they're engaging in such futility. It's probably understandable, considering it's all they've known for a long time, though. Some compassion is in order.

    Victory :)

  10. so what can we help on Monarch mind control victims ? or it can be remove by Light Force Technology ?

    1. It's the skill level of blocking the PSI electromagnetic "noise" and the ability to know what the"sound" relationship is within... Pretty much, if you're mind can be controlled than expected so that you can " think" thoughts to protect your own, sooner than later this will frustrate them, the electronic harassment will be more intense, that's how you know if you are successful in the PSI world. But be sure you want to go for the long hall, once you learn this there's no turning back.

    2. It's tough to protect the mind especially when isolation is the biggest issue. I have been a viewer since childhood. At age 22 during surgery, I woke up and felt they were doing something new and possibly wrong. Years later I had been asked to see a neurologist. I was experiencing some gaslighting and gangstalking the friends and family wanted me to visit the psych ward. I discovered a new way to protect my own thoughts to a degree. The doctor asked me " who is this eye doctor of yours and why did they put zinc deposit in your pre optical Len's. I have never seen an eye doctor. But honestly I'm going to add to the list here and anonymously tell you all about how I can feel the frequency of electromagnetic noise verses that of the sound of our universe. If you can keep it separate, good luck and have a great experience. I am.

  11. Sounds encouraging ... thanks once again to all the Light Forces


  12. Dear Cobra,

    I completely agree that the projected 100,000 casualties worldwide is too high. I understand that the LRM is doing what they can to speed up the process. In the mean time, I wonder how many people die each day from the effects of poisoned water (fluoride), poisoned air (chemtrails), poisoned food (GMOs), and poisoned earth (pesticides)? Too many people die everyday from poverty; lack of (poisoned) food and no access to clean water, or even basic medical care (the #3 cause of death in Uganda is influenza and pneumonia). In some countries, the ONLY medical care one receives is in the form of poisoned vaccines! How many people die each year from war and murder, and what of those who are falsely imprisoned? Then we have all of the daily deaths from preventable and curable diseases, as well as the deaths of those who struggle with addiction (food, alcohol, and drugs - provided by the CIA).

    As I write this, 75,347 people have died TODAY (Did you know there are currently 897,910,981 undernourished people in the world?) So far this year, 39,987,995 people have died. 55.3 MILLION people died last year.

    I wonder how many of these deaths could have been prevented?

    I am not trying to be negative, paranoid, or even ungrateful. I am being realistic. How many more people will die before the cabal is taken out?

    1. Dear Laurie, i had the same thought as you when i've readen the message. So i join you to ask Cobra how it is possible to manage 100 000 humans while much multiple more others die because of them?

    2. Interesting thought... Why wait any longer?

    3. I have thought about that as well, and i wonder that the logic/reasoning is behind the resistance movement, have they taken this into consideration? if you think about this deeply, you see that more people will die waiting for the event to happen, from starvation/poverty, illness and war etc etc, then a mere 100,000or so people. While that is 100,000 too many, and i don't seem to sound insensitive, but what happened to operation stardust where those who are baddies will be stopped in their tracks from the nanotechnology therefor less deaths? I would love a better explanation than what has been given to us. <3

    4. Dear Cobra, you have so much honor to Laurie, the arguments put forward answer.!?

  13. If GFL group acted in ways on how the cabal would get things done this would had over this a long time ago but not without a huge body count of both sides piling up and so much bedlam for the planet as a necessary statistics.

    I guess this is why these cabal players had the temerity to keep opposing to the last second even when they're so overwhelmed because they knew GFL wouldn't act like cold blooded reptillians that would mutilated their body and soul by now after so much concessions and respite just to end amicably.

  14. Hello, i would like to know if this planet will stop being a place of duality,maybe i cant post here,if so,i'm sorry,i'm glad to know that light forces can help us...thank you all....

  15. Cobra,

    On June 21, 2012, you posted the following information regarding Stardust 2, which was supposed to checkmate any attempts of the Cabal to retaliate, once the Event took place. Now that all other obstacles (i.e. Archons on the etheric plane) have been removed, why wouldn’t Stardust 2 be used to checkmate any potential “last minute destruction efforts by the Cabal?” The Resistance Movement obviously knows exactly who these Cabal are and have already infused them with Stardust 2.

    “It is obvious at this point that the Cabal as a whole does not want to surrender. The plan of the mass arrests continues. This time of negotiations has not been spent in vain. The Cabal has been given its chance. The generous offer has been refused. This protocol has finally allowed the positive ET forces to start taking some action. According to the Galactic Codex, section IV/2, The Galactic Confederation has an unalienable and unconditional right to the implementation of the Galactic Codex and of conquering the areas of Galactic Codex violation with military force if necessary.

    This subsection gives a legal basis for the liberation of the occupied planets with military force. The military forces of the Confederation remove or give assistance to the local Positive Military in removal of the representatives of the Dark Forces and set the hostages free.

    Operation Stardust 2 was carried out by the Pleiadian Fleet from the orbit of Planet Earth. Stardust is the codename of a special advanced nanotechnology. It is a dust made of small nanoparticles that were sprayed into the physical bodies of the members of the Cabal and their minions (think “cosmic chemtrails”). This nanodust cannot be removed by any technology known on Earth. Its activation has two phases. The first phase blocks the central nervous system immediately and a person cannot move. The second phase kills the person. It will be activated at the time of the Event to block members of the Cabal trying to do any harm. In vast majority of cases Phase 1 activation will be sufficient. The purpose of the Operation Stardust is to counteract any negative effects of Doom 33 that the Cabal might want to use at that point. In combination with the Positive Military action, this basically check-mates the power of the Cabal. This technology will NOT be activated before the Event. At the Event, the Positive Military and civilian authority will still need to do their part. The purpose of this operation is to make it easier for them.

    If high-ranking members of the Cabal need to have proof that Operation Stardust 2 is real, this proof can be arranged.”

    1. Can etheric / @$ tral versions of stardust be sprayed onto the dark forces and the game be ended now ?

    2. Natiri,

      Thank You For Your Post. :)

      There is an important matter that requires your attention.
      May I have your email address?

    3. How about spraying a modified version of stardust ( that temporarily paralyses but does not kill ) onto the monarch mind control victims ?

  16. Cobra and others what does this image say to you?

  17. Does anyone know if there is any truth to the 'fact' what I have heard from, for example; Alfred Webber, Vossa, George Kavassilas, David Icke (to mention a few) that the moon is artificial and that this planet's frequency (to keep us dumbed up) is operated from the moon? If this was the truth then why don't the Positive people/beings go up there and redial or shut the thing down? I believe the 'base' is on the dark side of the moon and I don't think it can be that big that we can't take it down. Wouldn't the frequency change release us from the 'stupor' we are forced to be in?

    1. The bases on the dark side of the moon have been taken out sometime ago. Only recently, the archons on the etheric plane were required to move into the light or be recycled back to the source.

    2. Piperon, thank you for your reply. If that's true why don't we feel the difference? Shouldn't we be feeling lighter, more joyous or lighter in the body in general? I have been 'awake' for decades now. I have no stress what so ever in my life, but I feel like I'm in a container with full of 'outside' pressure.

  18. Checkmate. GAME OVER.




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  20. I highly agree with the opinions of other lightworkers on
    this site. Each day, around 25000 people die of starvation.
    900.000.000 or more people are malnourished. 50.000 more die
    because of environmental causes. Add to this the amount of
    people who die of cancer and other, in priniciple curable
    deseases. Waiting just one week longer will easily surpass
    the 100.000 projected deaths.

    I have, and always will be, an advocate for a swift clearing
    of the situation. The GFL has the technical means to do so.
    It is time to use it. If Operation Stardust II provides the
    technical means to shut down all remaining Cabal, by all
    means, use it. If the etheric and astral levels are cleared,
    and only physical cabal remain, then this shouldn't pose a
    too great threat for the GFL.

    Beam them up at night while they are asleep, replace them
    with holograms which will defect in the right moment,
    activate Operation Stardust II, interupt their
    communications, expose their actions to the public, there are
    a lot of things which can be done if one just assumes the GFL
    has Star Trek technology. The GFL has the technological
    advantage in this conflict, it is time that it also musters
    up the moral advantage and takes action.

    1. Lightworker77,

      Excellent points! Well said!


    2. Yes, so clear! How many more people have to die so that 100,000 will not die? I can not stand to see more injustice throughout the world, and it is just that I see in the big cities. Enslaved people, neurotic, sick, not knowing how to get out of this situation. Large corporations despoiling citizens. People thrown in the gutter dying for lack of care. We are running the risk of losing the entire planet to save 100,000 souls. Death is inevitable, but the obstacle to our individual evolution, social and planetary is a crime without a name and intolerable.

  21. Another thing that comes to my mind: Cobra, you said that the
    incarnation cycle on this planet will stop. As far as I
    understand it, this means that we get more or less "eternal
    bodies" which last a 1000 years or longer, while we also
    fully remember our past incarnations. Something as described

    Even if some souls' physical bodies die during the Event, why
    wouldn't the GFL/spiritual hierarchy be generous and
    say:"Congrats, you are amongst the first who get your new
    shiny light bodies?".

    If we humans have free will, I'm wondering why the GFL is not
    exercising more of it's own free will in this matter. At
    least from how I understand, the conditions have been created
    so a fast, peaceful transition can now be made. Some Cabal's
    ass may need to be kicked, but let's remember that they are
    deeply dualistic. Some may surrender, which is good, both for
    humanity and their own soul path. But others may "need" a
    kick in the ass and a defeat as a dualistic experience to
    grow, or at least from a practical standpoint be removed.

    I therefore urge you not become to comfortable playing "the
    waiting game" or too picky about the conditions "when the
    event can be started". People are dying, suffering, forced
    live in low frequencies and inhuman conditions. If I was a
    medical doctor, and a suffering person would come to me
    asking for help, would it be "moral" to wait with it's
    treatment until certain criteria like the arrival of some
    papers would be met? Certainly not. Humanity IS ailing, and
    it requires immedeate help.

    I can only urge all intelligent, lightfilled beings of the
    GFL to take up moral responsibility for the situation of this
    galaxy, and act swiftly and efficiently in removing the cabal
    and allowing this planet and it's inhabitants to rise in

  22. There is a basic problem here: Gradual vs. Sudden. Some Lightworker sites are now saying change will be gradual and point to recent events as proofs. It is difficult to imagine how some things such as peace in Israel or the global economy can be fixed suddenly, as with the sort of "coup" predicted here.

    We are at a crossroads, folks. Nevertheless, Good Things are starting to happen.

  23. Ok, could one of you please enlighten me about what you think the Event is and how it might play out? And how you think this is playing out now? I'm still trying to wrap my arms around this. Right now I sense that it is merely an "ecomomic reset" to some really bad economics. Now I am beginning to think - and hope - that it is so much more. In fact, I saw a version of a "Pleiades" plan but chose to write it off as a libertarian/cabal intentionally placing misleading information on the web. You can email me at I would really like to get some feedback as to where you are with this mentally and visually.

    1. Hi, please check this

      It explains it all.

  24. Freedom now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Its time to make a stand!!!!!

  25. Dont be decieved by the trogan horse

  26. Vladimir Putin - Ascended Master Answers
    Thus, one can say that in a certain way Putin, as any leader, is fulfilling the role that the people have assigned to their leader through their state of consciousness. Yet, let
    it be made clear that Putin does not have a high state of consciousness, is not able to work with, or to be inspired by the ascended masters. Therefore, he is not the kind of leader that can help the people transcend their consciousness through a positive spiral.

  27. Is china a positive country? I know china has its evils like the one child policy and forced abortion and their killings of children and also child labor.. concentration camps and etc..