Monday, September 2, 2013


L2 attempt delay, Pandora approaching final completion. Minor Isidic security breaches, deflected. HVBN about stable. M=2.


  1. .....Thats allot closer than I expected. I can't wait. So excited.

  2. I never understood those messages, care to explain? :-)

  3. Mean either shim. Lol

  4. Indeed Alan - way ahead of schedule - M=2 was 22nd september.

  5. It means if you are of the dark then you better hide under your covers and hope the light beings dont put you into time out for toooooooo long :)


  6. Not, that I know, it's all guessing...

    @Alan V
    I think, it is not the slope of modulo at the graph, like former messages have been using no capital m and the value does not indicate a downslope according to the given graph. ;-)
    That intel was always m=x, not M=x.

    @Shim'ON (Your name is also a little cryptic, lol)

    What can Isidic mean?
    -Is IDIC, Infinite Diversity in Infinite Combinations? translation from Vulcans. Would be my favorite guess. There is another hint in the context of health care and treatment - ISI means International Sensitivity Index, DIC is a patient selection alternative. But that does not fit too well into the context.

    Check a pdf having HVBN 767 Global Citizenship in the header.
    „think global, act local‟.
    This might be close.

    Some other som reports and a little google research
    2013 09 02 : L2 attempt delay, Pandora approaching final completion. Minor Isidic security breaches, deflected. HVBN about stable. M=2.

    2013 03 01 : Underlord complete, L1DNLSIP in progress, Overlord 2 in progress. Fatal Isidic security breach, HVBN failure. M=4.

    2013 02 01 : Pandora in modulation. Isidic security breach deflected, HVBN stabilized. M=3.

    2013 01 01 : 12:21 complete, R10 to R12 duality triangulation activated. HVBN unstable until Isidic security breach deflection, then stable. M decrease to 3, Midas options in modulation.

    2012 12 06 : Compression grid complete, 11:11 complete. HVBN substable, major Isidic security breach in progress. M increase to 10.

    2012 01 : Operation Arcadia* in progress. Operation Aurora** in modulation, Midas Endgame protocol in modulation. Systems/Isidic security breach, in defl...

    2011 08 : Pandora Endgame*** operational, N sections clearing in progress, Pandora modulation upgrade. Moderate Isidic/systems security breach, successf...

    2011 04 : Pandora vectoring L01S3 operational, Pandora Endgame idle. Systems/Isidic security breach, successfuly deflected immediately. HVBN substable...

    2011 03 : Pandora vectoring modulated and operational, Pandora Endgame modulated, Phoenix Timegate**** modulated, Event Horizon modulated. L1 boundary dec...

    * JSOC - By the spring of 2006, using the expanded bandwidth and constant surveillance by unmanned aircraft, JSOC executed a series of raids, known as Operation Arcadia...


    *** What’s Pandora’s end game? EXTINCTION!

    **** I distinctly remember reading some account of an ex military scientist who was writing about Project Phoenix, which evolved into Phoenix 2 and 3. Phoenix 3 supposedly became a time-travel experiment, born from the aftermath of The Philadelphia Experiment and the Montauk Project.


    1. Oh, everything seems to be cryptic. We are just decoding all those messages, I guess ;-)