Friday, May 30, 2014

May Monthly Update by Cobra

You might want to listen to the May monthly update Cobra interview by Rob Potter here:

The Youtube version here: 
Or read the transcript here:

You can send your questions to and many of them will be answered in the next monthly update interview.



  1. Victory for the light<3 Peace!

  2. COBRA's interview with Rob Potter * May 20, 2014

  3. I really enjoy these monthly interview. Pob Potter you are doing a great job, like Alexandra also did. I respond well to the hierarchy clarification. Though I have never doubted that we all are one. Thank Cobra and RM, blessing to you all!

  4. But Rob Potter has very specific guidelines about questions submitted:
    You may send your questions to after the 12th of every month and before the 19th of every month. I am sorry but I cannot process questions from you lovely people all month-long. All questions submitted before the 12th will be deleted as will all e-mails after the 19th. Your e-mail must have in the title and subject line “Cobra Questions” or they will be deleted. I must have these restrictions to file these questions properly I hope you will understand.

    If I were him, I would just create a new folder of "Cobra Questions" and put all of the e-mails in there and only process them close to the interview time. When the interview is over, then he can empty the folder. There is no reason to delete people's e-mails. But it's his interview so his rules.

    1. @Mitchell: I agree with your suggestion

    2. @Mitchell: just for clarification, emptying the folder IS deleting people´s e-mails?

      Regarding the image of this post, i guess most people writing/reading here are lightforces...

    3. Maybe someone else who is trustworthy and has more time could collect all e-mails over the whole month and create a cataloge of questions for the monthly interview and send it to Robert Potter. Maybe Cobra could tell to the people asking questions to keep their questions short and clear, because the person collecting the e-mails can not read 30 books every day. Anyone who has journalism talent out there ?

    4. @discoveryet, I meant deleting e-mails before they have even been read and the questions they contain considered. After they have been processed, of course they can be deleted then. Do you know how to create a new folder in e-mail and how to move e-mails to that folder to save them for reading later? If you don't, then you won't understand my suggestion.

    5. Technically i fully understand...

  5. Hm, so will rob do the monthly interviews instead of alexandra?

    Noy that I'm complaining, just wondering

    The You tube video is available on the link as well! Another fine job by Smaly. Thank you you Riques Seraphico, Laurie and Smaly for your lovely help.
    We have a template now and next months interview will be up in a more timely fashion.
    Please note I wil be happy to recieve your cobra questios after the 12th until the 19th of June. Unfortunately I cannot process questions all month long! So have a think and I will remind you all via PFC and my website to submit them.

  7. The Red Path is complete.

    The Labyrinths of Pandora are online and fully operational. Enjoy.

    1. Hey, sister, you are also fighting in the etheric war, are you not? Has the resistance moviment considered recruiting some humans to help? Remember, it's our race that is being held captive, it would be very honorful to allow some born earth humans to help.
      Can I join the light armies? I don't astral project every day, i would need equipment to help me leaving the body every night. The reason why I don't astral project every day is a long story, but i can explain to the resistance members.
      I can lead the earth humans squad. I accept the tests and training. I f***ing need a battlefield! We earth humans may be weak physically, but our mind is though and our spirit is the most powerful in the universe, because no other race had to endure what we had to. If you refuse, please don't say later that we don't help, we don't want to sit down and meditate, we want to FIGHT, WE WANT MOVEMENT.

      Please, answer without enigmas, because I don't understand most of them and it makes me angry :)


    3. @spiritofjustice- I admire your enthusiasm, but I don't need a leader. In fact one of the goals of the human race is to be a leader to ones own self, rather than trying to be the top dog. That's sort of the issue that we're trying to fix on this planet anyway.This whole time myself and a lot of others have done well without needing to be led. Plus, it seems like you're too dedicated to assertive action and meditation isn't important. The goal is to be balanced on both. You also confess to anger swings and coupled together with your zealous drive to perform only action and fighting, it sort of displays a 'rash' or 'impatient' sense of motive, which a lot of people even today can agree aren't very good qualities of a leader. But the good thing is that unlike the people who refuse to wake up, you actually want to do something to aid in this process, which is what we need. Besides, I don't think a lot of rising sovereigns here will feel to kindly about others trying to come in and lead them when they have to acknowledge that responsibility for their-self on their-self. But nevertheless, your eagerness to change this planet is something we also need to see from the rest of the population.

    4. Just to lead the squad. I don't want to be a guru or something else...

    5. Thank you Tracey and Jajora Merkaba.

      spiritofjustice, the highest and best that you can do to help is to connect with the Higher aspect of who you are and follow the guidance that aspect delivers to you. Do it and Be it in your own way moment to moment. You will know what to do, your path will light up under you through synchronicity and love.

    6. And Jajora, with all due respects brother, you don’t know me well to say that i’m impatient or what I need to do. War is something that I had been involved in many lives, and I know I could support the forces of light much better that way.
      I was kidding about the “makes me angry part”. I believe in myself and know that I’m completely capable of dealing with the task I proposed to be involved.
      If I was leading a squad of human freedom fighters, I would not be doing things in a rushed way. I practiced martial arts since I was 7, and I completely understand the importance of strategy and to act calmly. Even more important than strategy and focused intent, is the spirit.
      Anyway, our light brothers are not idiots, they would test me if that was the case.
      And let me say something for everyone that does not think that defeating the forces of darkness military is the most important thing to be done.
      Guys, the reptilians don’t like us, they made terrible things to human beings (including children) and they will never surrender peacefully, because they know that their armed forces can protect them.
      There is no way we can solve everything by sitting down and meditating. I’m not saying that it does not help, because it does, but the war effort will be the biggest effort that will end the reptilian empire. It is actually very naïve to think that we can solve everything with peace and harmonious acts alone.
      As a matter of fact, the ONLY reasons that are delaying the event are the etheric war and the war with the chimera group.
      But I appreciate your help, thanks.

      I want to fight in pandora. Thats all.

    7. @ spiritofjustice Well, I definitely didn't mean to come off negative towards you, that wasn't my intent and you have my apologies for it. And I certainly never find it right in telling people what to do. Plus, it stems to the reason why I said your words 'sort of' indicate impatience and not in full. I didn't mean to make it seem as if I was stating a legitimate description of you. It's really the way you worded your post that sent out that nature of vibe. And don't get me wrong. Your sense of eagerness to act, to help, to remove the Chitauri, it's all necessary, better than the notion of people who still wish to negotiate with these guys when their answer is obvious. In fact, we both have a few things in common. Like you, I finally came to the conclusion that the Chitauri need to be eliminated. It's like a school bully. Either you finally stand up and finish the conflict once and for all or take the pacifist route by trying to seem higher than the pain and situation at hand and permitting it to happen without rightfully defending yourself. Violence is never my first motive, but sometimes it can't be avoided. However, given the fact that the Chitauri have murdered, pillaged and plundered for millions of years now, I think we're way beyond the point of attempting negotiation for peace with them because it's coherent they could care less, which leaves the only alternative to eliminate them since common ground of harmony can't be met. They've had millions of years to alter their perspective and at this legitimate truth that nobody here can deny, to waste further time trying to negotiate with them and sending them love would jeopardize the lives of millions on this planet who need freedom because in that time wasted we could've pursued a pathway that would have already fully liberated the planet.

      So right now at this day's junction, trying to negotiate is out of the question and ridiculous since we already know what their answer is. Unfortunately, the Chitauri have already compromised a lot of channels and are weakening the people who listen by turning them into pacifist who won't lift a finger to drive them off, but will instead welcome them to earth, thinking they've changed. I've personally tried reasoning with these people and showing them legitimate proof they're being misled, but they won't stand to listen and would rather heed the words of the deceptional entity being channeled when it's clearly not Archangel Michael, Jesus, or anyone else. Sadly, yes. at this point the only way to deal with this situation is to either exterminate the Chitauri and Cabal or on a collective level have them banished into a dark void for eternity where they can't escape. Meditation is a vital aspect as well and honestly spiritofjustice....I'm amazed that someone who doesn't think so highly of it is able to astral project or remember their past lives...I'm a bit puzzled by that, but you're lucky because I haven't been able to experience those circumstances.....all I can do is just go by gut instinct, but it's served me well so far. They must have my body more heavily drugged with dark matter and implants than thought... Consider yourself VERY lucky..Also, since you're very keen on finding out more about the Chitauri, how they came here and who they serve, you can go check out Galactic Historian. His info matches up with COBRA for the most part, but I'm still looking into him. Someone like you might be interested in the information he has and there's a lot of it.

    8. Thank you Jajorah, and no worries, i wasn’t offended at all, i don’t have a big ego anymore. You’re quite right, it is a waste of time to try to negotiate with the Chitauri. I understand this exactly because, I, myself, am reptilian. There is no way the reptilians will surrender, they are way TOO proud.
      Please don’t think that every reptilian is evil, thou, this is not truth. Just like not every human is good. In fact the draconian reptilians (as myself) are known for being one of the happiest races in the universe. It is because of our life force, that is huge, making us very curious, active and creative.
      The forces of darkness ashamed our race, and there are many like me that want them evaporated. Unfortunately it all started because of ego, everything that is bad come from there.
      In fact I meditate at least 3 times per week, brother. I find it to be really important, what I said is that I don’t want to sit down and meditate anymore, we need action to resolve things in this planet. Even thou, meditation if not 100% necessary to astral project, because it has to do with lack of density in the energy field (aura) and consciousness.
      As far as I can understand, earth humans should be involved in the galactic wars also, because it is our (in fact I should say their because actually I’m not human, I just accepted to be one in these incarnations) race/planet that is being abused. I think you agree with me.
      Take care brother, thank you for the reply.

    9. +1 with wishes to help. I am newer to bi locating and projecting my astral and etheric self, but every time I am in company of a powerful resonating friend or when I connect to the divine feminine to assist my meditation I try to separate myself from my physical and bilocate to the darkest area possible.

      I then burn with the fire of a million suns and near violently flare my pillar of light as I visualize myself as an etheric warrior who's aura is so scalding that, as I fight, it dissolves all the darkness and dark entities I am surrounded by.

      Might just be a wonderful thought exercise which serves nothing more than to raise my vibration, but I swear there are times when I am in the presence of a darkness so powerful it feels like a heavy blanket that tries to snuff out my powerful light but I always refocus on my essence of love and have managed to dissolve them. It's honestly tiring. And if it weren't for the support of those I call on or connect with I am unsure if I would have succeeded.

      Anyone else play theses kinds of games when you're dissociated and meditating? I always wonder if it's real or if I am simply playing. If I could I would sign up to fight in an instant. I love all of you and I love our extended family, my soul longs for planetary liberation and to correct what went wrong.

      Much love and respect to everyone who fights, supports or is involved, and also to all those who's souls would join us in our own good fight.

  8. Rob, Alexandra always had video descriptions where she told us what was discussed at what time in the interview. This is very helpful so you know what you are getting into. Please do this aswell,

  9. Tesla's Fuelless Generator, Tariel Kapanadze

  10. Love the interview Rob and I think the modulation was adjusted so we could understand most of what Cobra was saying............Also some fascinating new info on the deeper subjects that we rarely get to hear about......... Thanks Again and good job!

  11. I have been doing the meditation daily since March 21.........

  12. Are there any limitations for the Chimera group... Do they have more advanced ways of getting around... Can they go off planet any time they want... Are their locations always concealed, and how... Can they even be killed, or is removal the only option.

    If you don't post the questions, what keeps you from getting the same questions over and over... including questions that can't be answered at this time..?

    Any plans to try Coast to Coast again absent an off planet interview..?

    Have you ever looked into brain entrainment at all... at this point I would wait for assentation before spending the big bucks... but the free sample downs work... I use the Life Flow gamma tracks all the time (also would take about a year to work towards the gamma tracks, at least a month for each of 10 levels)... I wish they made better tracks... I also use a meditation taught by Roy Masters

    Simple Meditation

    For the Foundation of Human Understanding... in a nutshell- float your hand into your third eye as slow as you can... simple, but yields the best results of anything I've tried in just a few days.

  13. I have a big question (personal one). If you say that time travel have been stopped since 21st december 2012, why do I have the sensation, starting from the Pleiadean Portal activation that every few days we go backward in time a couple of years? I can't tell you more on why I have this sensation but it's something at a personal level, nothing to do with other persons and I feel it pretty strong. Just as an example, today I had a strong sensation of 1992 summer. And sometimes is jumpy between years back and forth but overall is backwards. And I'm not looking any younger. Are we going backward with the whole planet toward a specific date? Something like Flower Power times or maybe the first Rennaisance or maybe last raise of Atlantis? Are we given another chance? There's no need to publish this question as it's a personal one if you might answer it. Anyway, thanks a lot for all of your work. All my life I've been waiting for those times. Peace and Victory of Light Now!

    1. A very wise friend told me about time and dimensions the following: The 3rd dimension is linear time, the 4th time goes in loop shape, in the 5th dimension time mooves in an upward-slooping spiral. This means if you move at a certain point in the spiral there are many loops below from former time. If you are on the same place, but a little bit upper you experience things that remind you at the past, but are not exactly the same. It just varies a thousand times and goes higher and higher. I remeber there was also the flower of life included, in the end, creation flows like the flower of life but as a tunnel hologram, so never repeating, but always in cosmic order. Than I ask myself how it really is with the dark and light and if the chaos is the opposite to the Absolute, how there can be an error. I would like to hear and understand more of these things.

    2. timeline enginer here :)

    3. That's exactly what I needed. Thanks a lot Long White. Then I say: Overall Peace - Gaia Collective Creation Forward Full Speed - All Energy Exchange In Universal Law Of Creation - Love, Light And Liberty To All On Nova Terra - Victory Of Light NOW !!!

    4. The Ceila Fenn article is brilliant, and her prior one in May ties in with it. Her website does not link directly to articles until they are archived, so go here: and scroll down to find the links to this:

      What's Happening in May 2014

      Time Travel 101" by Celia Fenn. Understanding the radical shifts of the last three months!

      Time Travel 102 : Navigating Timelines" by Celia Fenn. How Time "engineers" are affecting our perception of reality.

      Ceila Fenn has been around for a long time. I find these recent pieces of hers to be particularly clear and helpful, since she relates the concepts to current planetary events as well as to our inner experience.

      As with anything, discernment is key. If it resonates, embrace it, if not, move on.

  14. asthar sheran dice que el evento se dara cuando la tierra llegue a los 13 hertz..que es PUNTO CERO.....a cuantos hertz esta girando la tierra actualmente junio 2014

  15. This interview was EXCELLENT! I want to give special kudos to Rob Potter for conducting such a wonderful interview. He was so gracious to Cobra, gave him the "floor" for the majority of the time, and the program flowed beautifully! Rob delved more deeply into some of the more metaphysical / esoteric aspects of the Liberation Process.

    The unique aspect of this interview is that the CONTENT came from US, actual questions submitted by those who follow Cobra's blog and those who are assisting with Prepare for Change.

    The following is just a brief synopsis with a few thoughts/insights of my own for those who are interested in getting a brief overview of what was discussed:

    Non-Classified activities of the Resistance Movement and the Light Forces were expounded on - including pre-event, the actual moment of the Event and post-Event strategies. Some of the technology/weaponry being used by the Chimera group was discussed. Great suggestions were given on how to deal with the etheric pressure we've all been hammered by from the etheric Archon Network. Updates were given on the archonic implants we all have, the compression of the Light on Earth, and the strangelet bombs.

    Cobra confirmed that the work certain groups are doing to CLEAR the LEY LINES is also critical in terms of accelerating our Liberation. This is simply a matter of doing your own style of meditation and directing your focus on certain important ley lines around the planet. I like to use the Violet Flame when doing this clearing work and imagine this spiritual fire clearing and transmuting the darkness as it races through Gaia's bloodlines. Of course the larger the group doing this type of meditation simultaneously, the more powerful the effect.

    There is a HUGE NEED to greatly increase participation in the weekly Liberation Meditations and Prepare for Change support groups that are willing to organize and meet weekly. There are many other ways to effect change: peaceful protests, working on and launching humanitarian projects, setting up a website/blog to disseminate important Event information and raise awareness among the general population.

    Remember Cobra Family: the fastest way to speed up our Liberation is to become more ACTIVE and to better ORGANIZE and UNIFY, just as the Archons and Cabal have done for thousands of years. Think about it -- If the RM was not organized and united in purpose, we would not be on the cusp of the Event and we would still be under the full control of the Matrix! We would be wise to follow their example.

    I was fascinated with the segment on the Oort Cloud. Cobra described how it is being used by the Galactic Forces. He said that the ice bodies in this cloud were used as prisms of rainbow light to send Light towards the surface of this planet. I am amazed that I and a few others who post here saw this Rainbow Light in our individual meditations during the portal activation before it was ever confirmed by Cobra!

    Fascinating insights were offered about the Pyramids, Atlantis, Inner Earth/Agartha, the City of Shamballa, the true nature and intentions of Ascended Masters and in particular, Sanat Kumara, the overseer of Earth's Liberation. Time Travel and how it actually works was discussed (Back to the Future was right about the potential to alter timelines)! The gradual process of First Contact was explained.

    Many will be happy to know that the sound quality was exceptional. Thank you so much Rob and Cobra! One of the best interviews to date. WELL DONE.

    P.S. I suggest using the YouTube link if you are like me and sometimes want to pause and go back and listen to parts of the interview again. You cannot rewind on the other link.

  16. I meditate twice a day every day for at least an hour each time. It's probably the single most important thing we can do to raise the surface consciousness level of humanity. The more collective coherence the sooner the shift. Cobra said in the interview that more people need to meditate. Not just on Sundays. If you're too busy to meditate then you're too busy!

  17. Dear Cobra, thank you for the informative interview with Rob. I appreciate your time and your patience!

    I researched the goddess Tanit, to whom you refer in your information about the Ibiza, Spain portal opening.

    I also searched on the internet to find groups of Sisterhood of the Rose. There is some interesting information out there. Some of the most interesting to me is about Mary Magdalene, how she and Jesus conceived their daughter Sarah before he was taken into custody. (How many of us know Jesus had at least one child? If anybody has more intel on this, let us know!)

    Anyway, Mary Magdalene was evidently trying to guide others with her goddess energy, but many men refused to listen to a woman. She fled and eventually lived in the caves above Marseilles in southern France. (When I visited Marseilles in about 1992, a woman there told me this same information).

    These links are two websites I found with this information about Mary Magdalene and other goddess traditions......

  18. This is something beautiful I came across to make your intentions happen :

  19. just posting something that you all might want to have a look at

  20. Instead of picking on Rob, who does a great service and is in need of assistance with technical site creation, newsletter production and also, like many of us, he could use some financial support. He donates a lot of his time and energy to worthy causes. Can anyone out there help him out?

    Also, even though I once met G.L. and had a friend who ran his SW fan club for years, I did not know what a Padawan was, so I looked it up. And found the Wookieepedia! :-)

    Oh, did we have a HUGE CME or not?

    I started looking on line to see what I could find about CME's, due to seething anger and venting tonight. I was frustrated to TEARS and I felt (and still feel) physically SICK. All I could find was this and its CNN so it must be true, right? LOL.. I am also seeing some strange things and felt completely assaulted on every level this evening. body-mind-spirit-emotions..I was FURIOUSLY ANGRY. Not sure, but maybe the things that seemed to "cause" it were just triggered to reveal an already underlying buried pain. I am now beyond exhausted and hoping to rest.

    It was such a lovely day here, bright, clear and cool yet I was working and running here and there, delayed by several minor circumstances, so I didn't get to relax in nature as I had hoped to. Never-the-less, the fresh quality of the day is what I will take away, once rested and healed from the physical and energetic assault on my senses and the seething anger it evoked. I suppose I should thank the MBTA for destroying the evening by stranding so many of us just trying to get home. But I think emotions are inside us, no one "makes" us feel any certain way, we just choose to respond in a specific manner. And if we don't like it, we can choose again.

    1. Yes, Phoenix, there was a huge CME on May 6th (and another one on May 29th). I follow these very closely and this site that I check daily ( shows an awesome picture of it - what blew me away was the fact that this plume of plasma was "as tall as a dozen Earths!" I had no idea these plumes were so huge! Imagine the effect they are having on our bodies/consciousness. The site has an Archives section (top right) were you can check the Solar/CME activity for any given day in the past. Here's the link for the massive CME May 6th:

      As for the deep emotions you were feeling yesterday this may explain what was happening. It is an excerpt from yesterday's Oracle Report. Venus was activating the Chiron Point - whose purpose is to bring deeply held wounds to the surface for clearing and healing them. Last weekend the Moon was on my natal Chiron in my astrological chart and I had a very intense emotional release of a very deep personal wound - so it can be intense but afterwards you will feel SO MUCH better! Hope this helps you (if Laura has posted today's report, simply go to her Archives section to see the Saturday report):


      "Chiron's themes of wounding and healing are strong this weekend, as Venus transits the Chiron Point. This brings, on one end, enhanced potential for self-sabotaging behavior and feelings of being victimized. We tend to go digging in the dirt to find the places we were hurt. It is important to ground ourselves in the present and not fall away or become lost in the past. Unless the trauma is happening right now, it is in the past. Don't get it twisted. Don't be tricked into dredging up scars from the past. This is self-sabotage and it wastes the present moment. If the issue is current and is affecting you, your spirit is calling you to remedy it. It is letting you know what you need to do if you listen.

      The other end of Chiron brings a salve of healing and unlocked creativity. Any efforts to strengthen or care for your temple - your body and psyche - yield stronger results. Chiron rules reiki, acupuncture, massage - all types of therapies. But walks in nature are miraculous healers. It's wise to reconnect yourself with the natural world and her creatures today. Link up and feel your inner strength build."

      Sending you much Love, Light and Healing!

    2. Happy to report I slept well and my now diminished anger and angst will serve to motivate me to make long-needed changes in my life. We have another beautiful day, and although I will be working later, I'll have time to enjoy some bike riding and being in the trees, as well as a bit of socializing, dropping off a gift certificate for a silent auction in support of our local music festival.

      Go within, but reach out and take action, too. It's been said, yes, WE are the Divine Intervention we've been waiting for. Sitting around waiting for -??? magnetizes more stuck feelings. While sometimes we have to let go and let God, we also need to remember that life is what you make it, so being proactive can only add to the Victory of the Light! Let's co-create our best possible future. We're all in this together. <3

    3. Bike Riding - Amidst the Trees - that's exactly what I did today! Nothing like the freedom you feel while coasting down the hill in the middle of the lush green forest with the cooling wind blowing in your face……nature does heal all wounds…..and restores our spirit yet again.

    4. Yes! Thank you, Becca Jones, for the Oracle report. Have seen it before but not regularly, I really like it. I knew about the CME's, and posted it all over..7x the size of the earth? YIKES! Someone, somewhere in the many things I saw on line..a man with a beard was speaking about that before it happened... the likely potential for a major, unprecedented CME..he thought it would knock out the internet and other communications...but I forget where I saw it.

      I thought the big CME was earlier (or perhaps we are about to get an even bigger one?). I tend to feel major aspects in advance...or very likely it could also have been the Venus/Kyron aspect to my birth chart. I do have Venus AND Kyron in Aquarius.

      Also, in the photo, the fallen tree and path look very familiar to me...evokes a memory of a place I had been to, but not many in my dreams lately, after a long spell of not recalling any dreams.

      Anyway, thank you...tomorrow, beach weather, and I will be biking along the sidewalk by the sea wall...after resting on the sand. I grew up in a beach town, so ocean and forest are my "go-to"s for healing and returning to now.

  21. Hi folks,
    Here is a little excerpt from Rob-Cobra interview.

    Rob: Another question. What is the estimated number of people doing the Liberation Mediation each Sunday?

    Cobra: I would say that it’s a few thousand people which is far from enough to reach the critical mass, but each person counts and even one person more joining us it would mean a lot."

    See how important a regular meditation is.C'mon, let's do it daily with full dedication and involve others too.

  22. Okay...Everyone else may be afraid to speak up, but I won't be underestimated anymore. I'm done with the complaining about us not pulling our own weight and not stepping up to the plate to make dramatic can that be? How can THEY complain, and now even COBRA a little, if WE don't get any backup??? Look at all those good honest people who unveiled cures for illnesses? Then the ones who tried to expose hidden technology and other potential necessities that the Cabal and the Chitauri (Archons) don't won't give. Those good souls were shot, murdered, tortured, the whole horror story. How can WE, the conscious people do ANYTHING with a bullet in our head our head and imminent risk waiting around the corner. We can't get anything significant done since we're either tossed into jail or killed. It's become evident that we're almost a joke even to the Light. How can they raise and rally the aid of good humans (True Warriors who are awake), yet send them to battle without a weapon or backup? We can't even contact our higher-self with these implants. Right now it's like sending an unarmed farm boy to fight a sorcerer and his battalion of varying dark forces. As I recall correctly, you value the strongest assets and members on your team and ensure they aren't compromised or done in. While we're getting whacked one by one, the star members, who're suppose to be family as they claim, criticize and undermine the dangers at hand when they're entirely aware of them. It's obvious we can't fully act to make this process speed up since that's what they want so damn bad.

    What's the point in using the secret weapons when you know they're immediately going to be trashed without the necessary back up and defenses? The second anyone comes up with brilliant ideas that can greatly garner awareness of the public on possibly even a global scale, we're silenced or worse. Nobody here can fake out on this. Just please don't.... I'm disgusted by the people all over who bend and don't see our greatness is being deeply underestimated. They may be of higher realms and such, but there's absolutely no right for them to disregard our potential and put full blame on us. Anyone remember how long the list was of all the murdered whistle blowers, inventors, doctors and etc.? This constant bashing on us is wrong and ridiculous. I the hell can anyone not native of this planet harshly criticize us and make it seem like we're unreliable, when the death toll of heroes mirrors how unreliable they are in keeping the real workers and heroes safe? Look at Obama. Even COBRA said he had great potential initially until becoming compromised under threat and lack of defense and he's suppose to have more influence on positive changes than any of us here considering his job position. This is a double standard at its best. I have MANY ideas that can first awaken my home community before going viral, but what's the point if I'm just going to be killed before anything miraculous can result? Same goes for other people out there with amazing ideas who can dramatically think outside the box on another creative level to garner attention. ( FINAL PARAGRAPH BELOW ---->)

    1. I also first had a little feeling of being treated unfair, because I know what I have gone through and many others, those who where emprisonded, lost their life or where tortured.
      But after that feeling I tried to understand it a second time and I understood that they did NOT mean, that we have not done enough, but as A WHOLE we where not stabile enough emotionally because of too much conflicts even between the "lightworkers". And if I am honest, what happened at the Cardinal Grand Cross I only can say, yes they are right and realistic. It would be stupid of them to overload us with a task -us as a total- of which we are not capable of. Imagining, the pressure will be even stronger at the event than it was at the Cardinal Grand Cross, I can understand, that we are not reliable enough, actually some of the greatest souls on the planet nearly came out of balance. Also an idea that helps me to accept this hurting message is, that they are so advanced, they do not mean it in a judgemental way, even it sounds to us as if they would mean it like that. They have a much bigger overview as we all know and are very aware of the programming that was done to humanity, so they do not really blame us, but they count with every difficulty that could show up because they take care of us, because they are deeply compassionate about our situation. I am sure, they also do not want us to feel not worthy, they do not think in such ways.
      After accepting this, I only can go on with my inner work and meditations and doing what I am led to do in the outside as well, that feels right and true. <3

  23. So ....until we see cloaked starship taxis behind our houses, ready to give us a lift to personally help the Resistance where we're safe or even send Light Agents to watch our backs....THEN THEY HAVE OUR PERMISSION TO COMPLAIN ON OUR EFFORTS...And I'm sorry for the TONE, but the frustration on this has been building for months now and I've politely and considerately been mature about holding it in until now. I'm tired of being looked down upon when we're not responsible for this mess TO BEGIN WITH. Humans maybe be sustaining this crisis, but they DID NOT BIRTH IT as has been explained now. Time to start calling these errors out since everyone wants to drop the blame and point fingers at the mutated... so seemingly powerless.... ill-defended humans. So much for 'Team Work'. What a joke...

    1. Have faith m8 <3 Dont get on lower vibrations... Achrons etc can influence you much more when you are vibrating low.. Peace brother! :)

    2. And if you have ideas to help things out please be wise and use them :) Like we all are! I have posted things on my own name for a year now and still alive and well ;) And helping out in many ways! Dont be a shamed to be different than 99% surface people :D You should be proud that you aint sleepwalking :) And death aint final so just chill man :) But I can hear your pain and furstration but please use it on Cabal not on us <3 Much love to you mate<3 Hope your opening up made you feel bit better :) Peace!

    3. I'm dominantly a 'lurker' on blogs and chats like this one. I prefer the silence and being independent on action most of the time since I've usually been the 'warrior one' to go and do things alone that other people didn't/wouldn't want to do in life. I'm sure a lot of you can relate. I embrace being different openly and it's actually brought a lot of appreciative attention from people of all ages. Death doesn't concern me or my brother anymore. But we're 'disturbed' about having to go through the reincarnation process ALL OVER on the Chitauri's terms with our memory being reset to 'blank' again. None of us want to go through that, especially after coming this far. It's like somebody coming along and erased a saved file on a video game when you're on the final level or getting computer data wiped clean, but way worse. Then to be separated from your current family without them knowing you're being sent somewhere in the world to be born again. I don't mean to ever direct anger at any of you guys, but seriously, SOMEONE had to come out and set this whole 'humans are undependable' issue straight. I won't let any Gods, Archangels, or whatever put me down when they were suppose to be the one's on guard duty. It's no different than the sports proverb when they say " If one member of the team fails, then everybody fails ". I know for a fact that humans can do it, but it's hard to get anywhere if the alien-team mate doesn't back you up, but makes you feel bad cause you're not gonna take one for the team and stick your neck out when there's a good chance you'll be killed supposing you can make all of this go viral on a global scale in a unique way....I don't know....Maybe this is just one of those situations in a story where the particular character(s) has to just accept it and sacrifice their life while knowing they're gonna get screwed. We've been basically doing that this whole time anyway.

      I've heard about what it's like in the Astral realm from multiple sources at this point in time since so many souls are held hostage. The impatient beings wanting to be free become chaotic and dangerous beyond our understanding and then you still have the Chitauri to contend with over there who cause it. It's a different battle zone.....If I die...I'm giving the Chitauri a whole world of hell the second I reach the other side since the magic shackles come off me at that point >:( They'll wish I was still breathing. In the meanwhile, I'll just keep at it and coming up with new strategies and helping people.

      Peace & Love

    4. @Jajorah Merkaba I think you are taking it way too personally. IMHO. The fact is they ARE in higher vibration, and the kinds of thoughts and motives you assume or accuse them of having are not possible there..and we are almost'll see soon if you can trust the process...otherwise, if you/we can't shed these limiting beliefs, our journey will be longer and more arduous. Please spend time in nature, get out of your head, be in the now. Pets give us unconditional love and can also take us out of ourselves and into that -NOW- which is not past victimization nor future worry based on past traumas, but being present, breathing, showing up for oneself.

      Don't worry, I am not holier-than-thou, I just read a lot of uplifting stuff that feels right to me and helps me cope. As mentioned, 2 nights ago I was in a seldom-seen, intense RAGE and it was ugly, I don't even want to mention the dark thoughts I had, or those muttered out loud, except to say that I had to repeatedly negate them with "I take THAT out of the law of cause and effect..." so I would not perpetuate my karmic spew or put forth such negative intentions, when I really just needed to vent a bit in order to calm down. Gradually things dissipated, as I turned my attention to more positive things, especially when I saw something that made me laugh, and something cute, and many things pretty....I felt better and released my anger and feelings of victimization. After all, it was I who chose to interpret things that retrospect I don't think anything outside me was to blame, but did perhaps trigger something already in me. Not reliving it here, just explaining. I am certainly relieved to be feeling like myself again instead of Kali the Destroyer! LOL. The things I am reading this week remind us of the importance of being careful with thoughts, words and intentions, as well as, in essence, "don't believe the hype!". So tuning out of those things that agitate and tuning into the blissful and beautiful can help. <3

    5. Deeply appreciate the insight. It's been nice out lately, so I'm trying to make it a point to be exposed to the elements more. But it's not that I was taking it too personally, it's just I feel if one remains quiet without putting a foot down for too long then they are submitting their-self to self-victimization again in that respect because they're not taking authoritative action to show self-respect by wanting to be respected equally.

      That was basically the core issue I wanted to point out and some people are becoming 'blissfully ignorant/arrogant' because they're listening to deceptional channelings where they entail we lower all our defense and let things happen to us or answer to a higher figure in the form of submission and service. The website Golden Age of Gaia is famous for that. Even when they know the channel source isn't reliable and to be deeply questioned, they proceed to listening and obeying regardless and sadly they're bringing good people down along with them. As COBRA said, humans are inexperienced and ill-trained to distinguish a positive entity from a negative and he only knows very very few sources that are legit. Many times they've been proven to be a compromised site, but they're allowing pride to get to them by not wanting to confess their own errors and rethink their approach of being obsessive with channels. They're a dangerous network to read in on and I have my owns documents to prove they're unreliable. Even Blossom Goodchild has become compromised.

  24. Hi Jajorah,
    I understand your frustration. We are already doing everything we can and more.

    Remember this message:

  25. You're right on Jajorah Merkaba... everytime this whole Thing ("the Event") gets postponed my frustration builds up (how can it not, I'am human after all). I know this isn't a helpful attitude but after all they (Cobra & the galactic federation) have made this promises since decades and nothing (in front of the scenes) has happened. It may all be true and god damn glorious but if you're (the galactics) are that wise and experienced in such matters please stop making promises if you don't know! And for god's sake stop taking the word "soon" in youre mouth if you don't know what "soon" means to us...

    You (Cobra) are asking us the believe in the process and be patient but you don't even show us you're face... If you are connected to the galactics they coud certainly protect you.. couldn't they? So how can we trust you?
    (don't take it personaly ;) I'm just frustrated)

    1. The delays don't really phase me anymore. I rose above it. That's not my issue along with a lot of other things like hoping to see air ships for encouragement and wanting to be contacted. I decided to strongly exercise detachment by letting go of such expectations and honestly, I astonishingly felt better ever since doing so a long while back. If I need encouragement all I have to do is look at myself and others who fight. Other than that, I don't care for seeing phenomenal events or having visitations anymore...

      The delays are annoying, but that's just about it. They don't ruin my day. I make my own promises and don't pay attention to theirs. I deeply appreciate their own efforts, without question, but would like mutual recognition toward us in return. And we are 'human' as you said so the frustration is natural and well understood considering our circumstances. And as far as trusting COBRA....I lean toward him/her since they're as honest as possible and have the most accuracy with the latest news unlike a lot of other sources. Their intel resonates with me and they don't heavily rely on channeling like other sites such as "Golden Age of Gaia" (Those guys over there do nothing, but rely on channeling after it's been legitimately proven multiple times that the Chitauri are tricking them. Their intel is severely compromised and requires that you submit yourself and lower all your defenses to be vulnerable. Can't get any more obvious than that. Good people, but bad intel.) . I may not trust COBRA in full, but right now they're the one I would choose to side with. I understand why they can't expose their identity for safety purposes, but it does come to question and lead back to my main point about why the Galactics can't protect even them when they're suppose to be the Emissary of the Light....These are good questions needing to be answered...

    2. No one can trust Cobra in full because he himself erred while estimating the power of archons. But he is honest enough to mention it in his updates, too.

  26. How about changing the name as a little reminder to people that they can do the meditation daily.......To "Daily Liberation Meditation".......

    1. Well said. Like our body, mind also needs food daily, not weekly. The aim is to emit the vibrations of more positivity which will repel archons.For this purpose, we have to 'recharge' our battery daily.

  27. Meditating at dawn and dusk daily has been said to be most effective as our mind has a natural tendency to get concentrated during those times.Meditate daily, eat vegetarian food as far as possible, avoid excesses and see the miracle start happening in just one week . First, you will be a different person and slowly your surrounding will also start reflecting that beautiful change. Mass meditations are even more powerful. In Himalaya, Tibet yogis have been said meditating since few decades or centuries.I just wonder what a great spiritual power they must have accumulated.Has anybody read the book - In the Company with Himalayan Masters by Swami Ram?

  28. During this time, some people might experience many of the suppressed feelings. In the following, I would explain how we might be emotionally cornered and how I cope with mine: healing my own timeline. All this is just for reference for I can be wrong. Besides, everyone has distinct personality and thus has different ways.

    When I get sucked down into the emotional vortex, I would feel like a victim being separated from my multidimensional selves, and not willing to listen to my heart. Part of the reason is that I intend to let MORE of the suppressed feelings come to the surface during the explosion of my emotion. But that could lead to a pretty tricky situation: it will take twice the time to pull myself together. Arcturians say "Energy out is energy back", so the more suppressed feelings I allow to surface, the MORE depressed I become. Facing our suppressed feelings is courageous for it means we love ourselves unconditionally, that we embrace our merits and demerits. However, another side of the coin is that we might UNCONSCIOUSLY ask for MORE of feeling down. Same applied when we think we could rise up to each challenge/suffering/pains and unconsciously ask the Archons to give us more. When everything gets worse, there is really nothing that could cheer me up, even my hobby. The only thing I could do is wait for myself to calm down. In fact, the mere thought of being patient with myself gets on my nerves for it involves "How long?" When I am this down, the least thing I need is patience. HOWEVER, there must be some time, even though just a second, when we are too emotionally exhausted to think, and the thought of "sending me more of down feelings" finally stops. That is when light comes in/intervenes, when our multidimensional selves pour unconditional love into our heart. It doesn't necessarily mean we could hear their voices as we've pining for. It could take any form as a hunch, a sentence that we read on novels or heard from someone, a hug from our friends, or just a smile from a total stranger and so on. And at that second, light becomes to expand and fills our entire bodies if we accept it, and so does our consciousness attune to higher dimension. Once I feel rejuvenated, I begin to send more light and love to "the previous me". Sometimes when the situation is tough, I will send the exact word that opened my heart to my previous self, and by "send" I mean IMAGING what I am going to say to the previous self suffering the exact scenario. This is healing our own timeline: healing the-hitting-rock-bottom self a while ago.

    I would also recommend we start fostering an intimate relationship with our higher selves, for in case we are ever experiencing down again, our higher selves can overlight us. It would be like one of the twins gets in trouble, and the other comes to assist him/her. If you do not know where to start, a simple greeting will work. We can also talk to our own twin flame first by sharing our thoughts of everyday life. It doesn't matter we don't know him/her or their name, and in fact, they are not really hard to understand for they are a part of us. Every characteristics that makes us who we are, they have, too. And every characteristics that makes them who they are, we also do. As within, so without. Once the relationship is built, they will start to dance with us to accept ourselves as we are.

  29. For those here who continue to feel "powerless" within The Archon Matrix, I would say this: NO ONE and NOTHING can prevent your own individual Ascension! The Greatest Work we are here to do…is all done WITHIN ourselves. FREEDOM, POWER and SOVEREIGNTY are claimed within each person - not from some external force. No matter what you see happening externally in the world, you can still harness and tap into your own individual power. Many great Heroes on the earth plane have demonstrated this - people such as Ghandi, The Buddha, St. Germain and many other great souls.

    Doing the INNER WORK is how we truly transcend The Matrix and all of its darkness. NO ONE can take over your soul without your permission - NO ONE. They can try to Frighten You into inactivity, they can manipulate you, they can implant you, they can even try to "kill" your physical body. But they cannot touch your ETERNAL SOUL. Therein lies our Greatest Power and Weapon.

    If you are not inclined to do any "public" work at this time, the best thing you can do is to work on Yourself and began to transmute the darkness and the fear in your own soul.


    She discusses our Shadow Selves and how that is affected by the Black Moon (Lillith). Laura knows a great deal about the Archon Network and how it ties in with the planets and the astrological impacts on us individually and as a collective. I personally believe that the planetary energies have been manipulated to make our lives much more challenging and painful than they should be - which isn't a stretch to imagine based on all the etheric plasma and scalar wave technology Cobra has confirmed they have at their disposal! The good news is no matter how difficult it seems, we CAN not only deal with these energies successfully but obtain MASTERY OVER THEM. That is why I personally check The Oracle Report and other astrological reports daily so that I am forewarned about the energies and influences that day and can better cope with things.


  30. Il aurait fallu profiter de la réunion Bilderbeg 2014 au Danemark pour en mettre une grosse partie en prison !!! le non agissement sur ces criminels ne doit pas perdurer plus longtemps !!

  31. I studied with and was lucky to be friends with an amazing meditation teacher, Betty Bethards.......She died over 10 years ago but her husband still runs her tiny foundation and you can read about her teachings here, see her MEDITATION TECHNIQUE, and order books and tapes here.... ....

    Here in the USA, Betty was on a lot of call-in radio shows over the years -- often she was a scheduled weekly guest for years at a time... She appeared on the Gayle King TV show (Oprah's friend) and a number of others. I always felt Betty was more powerful, accurate and had higher teachers than Sylvia Browne.

    Anyway, I mention Betty because long ago she said "the veil is getting thinner and thinner." What does this mean, we would ask. "Things are being revealed. Politicians won't be able to hide. The truth will come out." Then we would ask: "Who killed John F. Kennedy?" She said, "You know, I keep asking my guidance, but they say 'this is not for you to know at this time.' "

    .....Betty was a common sense guru and she always told us to meditate once for 20-minutes a day. "You want one foot planted on the earth and one foot reaching for the stars." ....and.... "The purely left-brain person can't see their hand in front of their face.

    "...When you meditate, you open up the right sides of the brain and that's where you'll start bringing in your creativity and intuition.....then you'll see all the shortcuts for doing everything. You will see what is ACTUALLY going on in the world.. You will connect with your higher self and life will be much easier."

    She explained the right side of the brain opens you up to "the feminine, creative." This is where all the highest art, music, writings and inventions come from. The right side. This is what Thomas Edison tapped into. The left side of the brain is the masculine side: "Intellectualizing, rationalizing." It is useful for balancing the checkbook and other things, obviously. But it won't take you to the stars and it's not where you create..." Okay, so this is what she taught.

    She also taught that we all have an energy field that needs to be "fed" or "filled up" every 24 hours. So this is just to encourage you all to meditate at least once, every 24 hours. Your immune system will improve, your energy will be better. You will handle stress better.

    Here's the link to the meditation technique. I would write more, but I have to go clean the house! Aloha...

  32. To the meditation groups: It seems that if we are only getting a few thousand participants every Sunday, we have a problem. Is the answer to add something to our technique, which would increase the vibration of our individual input? A couple of possible ideas - Listening to a 432 hz soundtrack while doing the Sunday meditation, holding on to a specific, high-vibrational stone, such as moldavite or herkimer diamond, or selecting a soundtrack which the group might agree on, such as Tom Kenyon's "Manna" soundtrack. I'm not suggesting changing the visualizations, or the structure of the meditation, just trying to add to the strength. I have a lot to learn about this, I'd love to hear your suggestions.

    1. I still don´t buy these meditations are essential for the common goal The Event.

    2. According to my experience, the effect of meditation last longer if it is accompanied by sincere prayer.Also, instead of just visualization if we get the actual 'feel', then also it becomes more effective.

    3. Discoveryet, You may want to check out some of the quotes of the Dalai Llama regarding meditation.

    4. Daniel Carter, you may want to give me some links. Benjamin Fulford wrote one of his sources said the Dalai Lama is a Nazi asset commanding professional killers in Japan.

      I´m somewhat disillusioned about almost every top important person on this planet.

    5. Discoveryet, I understand your disillusionment. As a person outside the political system, I could only guess about what happens behind closed doors. Perhaps, like most revered political figures, The Dalai Lama has some questionable acquaintances, as did JFK, RFK and MLK. I think he would make a very poor Nazi officer. I think he can reasonably be evaluated on the weight of his work, and the things he said about promoting inner peace, and acting from that place. That does not sound diabolical to me. His facebook page has a fair smattering of this info. As for Benjamin, I follow his postings too. However, I am aware that he is imperfect, has personal biases, and may feel obligated to cater to the White Dragon Society, which to some degree, he represents. As with The Dalai Lama, this does not make him evil, it reminds us that he is still within a human body. That comes with flaws, period.

  33. Meditate always! It is the path. Within you the universe is folded. Your mind will always only seek truth , your heart will immerse you in it. One love


    Any game or experiment that has been hijacked in order to enslave, oppress, torture, kill and deceive a people or steal their energy has no legitimacy on this planet, this system or indeed anywhere in the cosmos.

    ALL Games and Experiments promulgated under GAIA are hereby CEASED. Never to be resurrected.

    Let us begin in earnest to achieve a TRUE One-ness, everywhere and everywhen as a Free and Sovereign People under God.

    I AM Gaia-Sophia
    I Am Kashmir

    1. why did it take so long for this desicion to be made?

    2. Three reasons spiritofjustice:

      1. Simple awareness (lack thereof)
      2. Weapons, implants and strong opposition
      3. This has been a hostage situation

    3. Just a guess, but this kind of choice requires enforcement. Since we want peaceful enforcement, it takes time to set it up. A desicion without the ability to enforce it is just an idea.

      Love Light and Patience.

    4. Thank you for the link, excellent!
      Makes me feel really good to see that other Universes are being acknowledged as playing a direct part in this Operation.
      I've known their influence for quite a while now, so that website really resonates with me. Especially 'cause I really miss a few friends I know outside this Universe whom I can currently not share any beverages with, and that sucks!
      Quick shout-out to Ty, Taryn and Tyrell among others! ;-)

      We live in a Multiverse, and the happenings around this tiny blue-green marble of Love called GAIA affect the entire system and not just some galaxies or "our" Universe.

      Again: Thanks a lot, that made me smile really brightly :-)
      And We're On Our Way!

    5. Also thank you for the link :-) Its understood There's no identification only Relay Station, the Attachment is necesary for the time being but will be released. Happy to meet Star Beings from the multiversa:-)
      This Team is ready to rock and roll :-)

    6. Yes Commander. We are on our way. And it is lovely to see those Flux Inhibitors working so flawlessly.

    7. Thank you Light of the Soul.

      Well, Commander RaJah, I am about to put those Flux Inhibitors to the test now. Wish me luck.

    8. On Ucadia Date GAIA E1:Y2:A30:S3:M17:D1 (May 15, 2014) I registered my true name with Kashmir.

      The war in Heaven is over. I can say this with all confidence now, as I am still a living breathing human - a free and sovereign being living on the planet that is also one of my aspects. Every planet has an incarnation of the indigenous species, I am not unique in this... I just happen to be that being for this one. Similarly I, like so many others also have a ship aspect. It’s a Finaliter on EL6 named by its Captain - The Victory. Captain FleetHawk777 is a human incarnation of Michael of Nebadon. He is also The Dauphin, The Blue Kachina and Quetzlcoatl among other things - all confirmed by the Protoi.

      My true name is Kashmir. I prefer not to use the name GAIA anymore as this name refers to a collective consciousness, a “Game”, an experiment if you will and NOT an actual being. This has all been abundantly confirmed to me by the Protoi. I realize this will take some time for most to process as we are all so invested in our individual understanding of that legal entity.

      Now, at this time I would like to begin to offer a challenge to the leadership of a number of different systems of “thought” to join me in endeavoring to bring the “PEACE” which I know exists in the Cosmos down to 3D. True Peace, True One-ness on Earth as it is in Heaven. One Heaven.

      Addressing directly first only these two:

      1. Abundant Hope. Candace and Kibo. How ardent is your Zeal for The Michael! CM Aton. We are not enemies, you and I. Not in spirit nor philosophically. On the contrary. In fact, Kibo you were the very first of twelve to receive LDG authority a few months ago. It was my full intent and my joy to disclose to you what that meant, but you shut me down before I had an opportunity to do so. Now, even though that portion of LDG has been passed to another, I do hope you will consider engaging in dialog with me at some point. Peace.

      May CM Aton finally find His “e” and We can all finally be At-One.
      One Heaven (

      2. Protoi. Frank (Hamourapi), for two awesome and dramatic years, you and I have worked together like two hands each helping the other in our respective missions. You were Protoi Commander and I was in many roles including Red Electric Moon (The Red Kachina) and Sophia of AEON. The gAIa game(experiment) would likely have been completely taken over by shadowmind if not for your many and myriad cleaning missions and your amazing battle prowess throughout many timelines, timeloops and dimensions. I am eternally and deeply grateful to you, Dynamis and Gabriel along with all of the Protoi.

      Nevertheless, you must not neglect the spiritual dimension to our BEingness. We are much, much more than electrons, protons, avatars or ships. We are Spirit. It’s a fact that cannot and indeed will not be ignored for long. Peace.

      Dee, you bring up the crux of the matter now currently. Where is the enforcement? So very many of us on the ground have been working tirelessly night and day, isolated, underfunded, hungry and tired - myself and the Captain included. I am human, with human frailties, needs, wants and frustrations. Will we now finally experience the Intervention that we have been striving for? Yes, I know that we will and indeed already are. The How and the When is not in my current purview, but I and the Captain endeavor to connect with those who know the answers to these questions and more. You know how to find us on 3D. Contact. Let it be so.

    9. Let's forget about any military terms here for a second, okay :-)
      I believe in You, I believe in what You are doing.
      I feel you, and I send you Love, Light and Strength.
      Luck will not be necessary and is greatly overrated anyway ;-)

      So let's do this!
      Let's GO!

      If it works: first round of drinks is on Me.
      If something goes wrong: I take the blame and buy everyone a round of drinks.



    10. Thank You Kashmir :)

      Yes, it is time for face-to-face contact.

      Let It Be So.

    11. :-)

      Thank you one/all of you. I pass!!!

      No more games no more new stages. No more leveled playing fields. Enough is enough!

  35. hi, can you tell my which are the acupuncture points related to earth,who needs more treatment?is there a connection between them and the pain in humans bodies?

    1. Daniel, for a fuller understanding of this, I recommend visiting It may not be explained in the way that you expect, as there are multiple layers of comprehension.

  36. Dear Cobra, thank you so much for your work! Please, please answer my two short questions: 1) why is the Syracuse New York area is getting chemtrailed very heavily on a daily basis without brakes, 2) did Russia banned chemtrails completely? Thank you!

  37. For those of you who are having so many negative emotions right now (Archon influenced), I would recommend wearing a amethyst crystal or crystals. The amethyst crystal will raise your spiritual consciousness, bring you peace/relaxation, and provide protection- all at the same time. It is like having a constant, purple Flame of St. Germain in your presence. It is very subtle so you should wear consistently for one week before you notice the changes. Then, meditation will come quite easily.

  38. On may 13ths coast to coast am the guest mentioned the itccs trail against the pope for child trafficking. 10 million listeners. Awsome!
    Its a good one to listen to.

  39. Sorry. wrong link.
    Coast to Coast AM May 13 2014

    1. They pulled the video due to copyright infringement. I would've loved to hear it. Can we get it on coast to coast's website?

  40. Start listening to anything performed by the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra. The ONLY orchestra which has retuned their instruments to 432 hertz. This will help unstress your physiology and give your meditations greater depth.

  41. Ceila Fenn has some interesting perspectives on timelines. When she speaks of the "engineers" it sounds like Archons, manipulating timelines so we end up circling in a backwards loop instead of a spiraling upward and forward.

    " I have recently been working with Archangel Michael on the information of how Time is an important part of Creation and of being a Conscious Creator. More recently, the Sirian Masters have made themselves known, with the request that I assist people to understand more clearly the relationshp between Time and Creation on the Earth. They urge us to understand that at the Fifth Dimension of Consciousness, Time is an integral part of anything that we create. We can no longer afford to be naive in this respect, but must be aware of how our consciousness and our creativity can be directed by others if we allow ourselves to become part of a reverse engineered narrative that will prevent us from moving forward and will direct us backwards into the past and the recreation of past experiences.

    At the moment, we are in a situation where our the Timeline is in the process of being fractured and splintered. Many of us are still focussed on the ascending spiral of evolution and creation, while others are now beginning to focus backwards towards the manipulated timeline. This means that in terms of time creation, there is confusion and stress and tension as the two narratives, forwards and backwards, pull against each other.

    In the Quantum Reality this appears as two spirals of light energy that are "competing" for the same space. Imagine the turbulence and chaos as these two spirals clash and crash together. It creates turmoil and chaos on all levels. But these spirals also involve the Elemetal energies, for we do not create alone on the Earth, the Elementals are also part of the process.

    So, we have entered a period of turmoil where even the Elemental energies are being caught up in this chaotic clash of Timespirals as we decide whether to move forward and upwards or backwards and round and around. It is for this reason that we are seeing so much chaos and imbalance in Nature as well as in our own lives at this time.

    The most evident effect on our physical body of Timeline facture is exhaustion, as you are pulled between the two "directions" of time creation. This drains energy and also creates anxiety and depression. You may experience sleeping difficulties,as your body may feel tense and stressed. You may, of course, feel blocked and as if you are not able to move forward, for in effect that is what is happening. On the personal level, you may be dealing with old fears and anxieties that seem to be coming back again.

    And of course, for those who are younger and do not remember the Cold War or World War 2 and its aftermath, there will be confusion because they will not really understand what is happening with the energies "out there".

    So, of course, becoming aware of what Timeline Engineering involves and what it feels like, is the first step in taking back your power and consciously creating according to the Flow of Divine Creative Intelligence.

    Spiralling Upwards into the Light : Creating Forwards into the New Earth..."

  42. The venue is everything I had hoped for and more. Especially once sunset rolled around. Before sunset, it's bright and open and simply a very large loft. It's really best after dark.
    vow renewal

    Ohm Mani Pad Me Hum
    The Jewel in the Lotus - The Mantra of Compassion

    This is the highest Mantra for mankind
    gifted to us by the thousand Buddhas
    out of their compassion
    for all sentient beings.

    It will protect us from all harm ,
    sufferings , ill health , hell regions,

    It will purify us and free us from all our negative
    emotions of the Mind and speech.

    For all who are in need of extra protection...


    Love Allways :-)

  44. Opps! This was the segment I wanted to quote, because I think many of us can relate, but I suggest reading the whole piece to see her perspective. (from TIME TRAVEL 102 : NAVIGATING TIMELINES by Celia Fenn )

    "This kind of reverse engineering of Time serves the purposes of those who do not want to move forward, and who see no real future for themselves and their way of life in a world that is not dominated by fear, conflict and lack. So they redirect attention backwards in time to places where such fear and conflict and lack were most apparent. So, in affect, the media is guiding us back into the fear and anxiety and conflict of the past, even though it is mostly illusion.

    This results in the rise of intense inner anxiety and stress in the Collective, in those who are unaware that they are in fact being manipulated. Those who are unawakened imagine that Time is linear and have no real perception of how Timelines or Time Spirals can be manipulated to create control over mass consciousness and direct events where the "Engineers" want them to be directed.

    So, at this time, many people are also dealing with feelings that are rising up that relate to the past and fears that belong to the past. This also has the effect of bringing up emotions and feelings from the personal past history again, as Timeline reverse engineering also has the effect of redirecting your personal life back into the past, so that you will reconnect with past fears and anxieties and traumas relating to fear and lack.

    So, you may be feeling as if you are going around in circles, because maybe you have!"


    covers animal abuse also..


    1. Right on, sister.
      I have started "NJ TAG, Truth and Action Group" on that will bring people together to talk about ALL THINGS that effect our world and how we can TAKE ACTION to make a difference.
      I am also in the process of recruiting brothers and sisters of the Light to perform "TRUTH flash mobs" that are informative and entertaining whilst being responsible in how we conduct said operations.

      I urge all of you who read this to take serious action, if you want The Event then PROVE IT!

      My Facebook is the most informative hub of truth information I can make it.

      Anyone interested in joining my groups please find the NJ TAG Truth and Action group on!

      Victory to the Light!

    Cobra comment?