Sunday, August 17, 2014

An Open Letter to All Meditation Groups on the Planet

Time has come for us on the surface of the planet to reach a new degree of unity and cooperation, regardless of our personal differences, to assist the planet in its transformation. Therefore the Light forces are issuing a call to all meditation groups on the planet to join together and create a powerful field of positive energy.

The idea is to have a worldwide meditation once a week at the same moment, where all groups and individuals can do their own meditation in their own way. If we are all meditating at the same moment, a very powerful coherent resonance field is created that can really start transforming our collective reality. Scientific studies have confirmed positive effects of mass meditations on human society, so each of you that will participate in this meditation can actually help transforming human lives worldwide:

There have been many meditation initiatives lately:
Imagine the power of all those meditation initiatives combined together, regularly, once a week! 
The only thing we need to do is to set the right time and start inviting meditation groups to join the initiative!
You can start sending this to all meditation groups that you know!
I would suggest Saturday or Sunday around 8 pm GMT for the timing, as this time frame is the most suitable for most time zones on the planet. Weekly planetary meditations need to happen at the same moment in time every week for all participants to gain cyclic momentum and to reach the critical mass for the planetary transformation. If you have any suggestions for the right timing, send them to .
If your meditation group would like to join the initiative, send your suggestion for the timing and the estimated number of weekly participants to .
Updates about the Weekly Planetary Meditation:

Victory of the Light,


P.S.  Timing for the Planetary Meditation has been determined at 3 pm GMT each Sunday. More details are coming soon.


  1. How to meditate

  2. 8 pm GMT every Saturday or Sunday would be fine for me. What ever the general consensus is.

  3. Méditation for preparing the event --> 144.000 !

  4. Great initiative !! we are many to have been wanting this. forwarding..

  5. My reply must have been approved the same time as this was being posted.

    Click to view a short conversation about meditations on the post just before this one.

    Reply to Comment on last up-date

    As far as how, and when... You would think pressing your face to the ground, all facing one direction, many times a day... Where you can't say it doesn't do anything... it just seems like we should expect much more for that level of commitment.

  6. Yes, Saint Germain also said mass meditation is a very powerful process and it can turn a tide.
    What about operation Chimera? Any update ?

  7. My suggestion is 8 pm GMT on Saturday. We live at different time zones, I understand that there have to be someone to get up at midnight or early morning to do meditation after all. But for those live in eastern countries, people go to work or school on Monday, it is a bit difficult for them to get up at round 2:00~5:00 am. So I think Saturday will be better.

    1. @BBB, I agree 100%. I can rarely particpate in the weekly meditation because I live in Taiwan and the weekly meditation takes place here at about 3:00 am on Monday morning! Since I have to teach at 8:00 am, that isn't very convenient. If it was on Saturday night that could be more doable. And since Cobra did the Taiwan Conference, where he activated the Taiwan Vortex, he recognizes how important Asia is to the planetary liberation process. There are more people in Asia than anywhere else. Also, I would hope that the Asian Dragon Societies would get involved in this weekly meditation.

    2. Saturday night would be better regarding Eastern Asia but I wonder why does Cobra suggest the 'around 8 pm GMT' timing if this means the late night/early morning hours in the most populated area of the planet. It is the convinient timing for the western hemisphere (and the rest of Europe plus the Middle East) and I guess there's a reason for it...
      (No offence, I'm just curious. Oh, and I live in Europe so I am not "complaining" for myself.)

      So if the focus of this project is on the whole planet, a timing around 4 pm GMT would be more suitable for Eastern Asia and would be still acceptabale in the Americas.
      For instance in Beijing at 11 pm (instead of 3 am) and in New York at 11 am (instead of 3 pm), in L.A. at 8 am etc.

      Or maybe just make separate timings for the hemispheres if two occasions a week with much more meditators is better than one with less participants. I don't know... Really.

    3. I second this notion.
      10 am CST (4 pm GMT) Saturday would work best for me in StL

  8. I have meditation group at my home every Tuesday Morning at 10am eastern daylight time. these meditations are spoken in Light language, we would love to be part of your global vibration meditation

  9. LOVE IT !!!! My email list has been notified!

  10. Yes! It's about time. I had the most powerful meditation today I've had since starting meditative practice in 1974. I learned the Trancendental Meditation Technique and attended Maharishi International University in 1979. My wife and I recieved the advanced sidah training. Levitation is a fact. Group meditation is imperative for sucsessful flying for initiatiates. Fact. Let's MEDITATE TOGETHER!!!!! Let's melt our 3rd dimensional bonds!! This is extremely important!!! I was a builder of the first Golden Dome. Built for levitation in the advanced siddha program in Fairfield Iowa. Check out the video. This is real!!!!
    I'm the guy with the rainbow beanie cap. We need to wake up and at least do something constructive!! For all of you who don't know what to do..... Meditation collectively is EXTREAMLY POWERFUL. JUST DO IT!!

    1. Hello
      Where is the video?
      Explane better please

  11. Great idea! Power in numbers. "Thank You" always sounds so small in relation to the tireless work and imminent achievements of the RM. But Thank You, Cobra and all Resistance Movement participants and Lightworkers. <3

    I often am working during some of the meditation events. I felt quite thrashed this past week, exhausted. I think a lot of Lightworkers were under attack last week. I had a tough time sleeping or staying asleep most nights. I had no energy during the day. I felt my life force energy run low. I lost my sparkle~!

    Tonight is the 4th night in a week where I am up all night...but this time it's just because I feel GOOD, and I enjoy the quiet at night. Stillness. Sunday, I rested and did meditations and self-healings... I was doing a MAPS meditation and fell asleep, or into a deep state of needed rest. I could feel the strong influx of the light energies moving through my body, like waves, and in my arms and hands it felt like gentle massage.

    Overall, it feels like Divine if a great burden has been lifted, and the clouds have parted after an intense storm. Soon comes the dawn (after the Jupiter-Venus conjunction) and a bright, new day...there is such a shift...despite the dark energies still being released on the planet in the form of violence...there is a sense that even this is due to shift soon. A sense that there is a great awakening occurring...not because I read it in so many places, but because I feel it and know it to be true..there is a heart opening..forgiveness...and a sense of anticipation...of joy and celebration. Something's up.... ! (?)

  12. @Cobra

    This suggestion has been posted previously : As long as we are struggling to attain critical mass, we might as well have two time zone mass meditations so that more people will be able to participate without the risk of sleeping through. If Taiwan is the geographic center of the most populous area of this planet, then we can meditate at a particular time with respect to Taiwan Mean Time ( TMT ).

  13. Great Cobra,
    Peruvian Inka Qero shamans always work with meditations and ceremonies to restablish our mother earth pure connection to her sons and daughters throught the universal unification force that unifies in oneness our father sun, our divine feminine Moon, our brothers and sisters of the stars. We are doing that for centuries if no millenia even during times when our people were subjected to extermination. Don Alejandro, Santusa and myself are here to continue with our commitement: our sacred duty. Always.
    We are going through difficult times at the personal level as the forces of manipulation, deception and above all Separation are as never resistive and resiliant to the new paradigm and the new energetics that already established on Earth. Liberation is at hand and our mother earth as never requires of our stength our help and support. Lets work together brothers and sisters for the final push; it might take days, months, years - it doesnt matter - we are infinite and powerful beings made of the force that unifies in oneness and equality. Love. Amor Vincit Omnia!

  14. Also check out this Deepak Chopra vids

  15. The national guard is taking to the streets to bring "peace" to Ferguson, MO.

    If we're all one then why are we all divided? Wankan Tanka when will we be united?

    1. Cant believe i just talked about my hometown not standing up for themselves and a week later all hell is breaking loose here. I wonder if my meditations have any influance on this shift.

    2. Bless be to you.

      Every thought, word and emotion has an influence. I pray deeply that we find the way back to nature and days go on, it is harder to see any phoenix rising from the ashes......

      Reality is in front of what do we do? LOL! Life is in the moment, enjoy it!

    3. Bless be my friend!

      It seems as though doesn't it?
      Not only in Ferguson, but it seems that the flood gates are cracking here in Central America in general.
      I've noticed that a lot of the 2012Portal meditations lead to major uproars shortly after.
      -Recent Isis portal - ISIS regime
      -Pleiadian Portal activation(or somewhere around this time frame)- Ukraine situation
      Sometimes, it has to get worse before it can get better I suppose.

      Strap in tight, for reality is a bumpy ride! :D

      Cause its the new Mother Nature taking over
      Its the new Splendid lady come to call
      Its the new Mother Nature taking over
      Shes gettin us all, shes gettin us all

      -The Guess Who

    4. A smoke filled room in a corner basement,
      The situation must be right,
      A pocket full of goodies, and a bottle of wine,(though i don't drink)
      we're gonnna get it on right tonight.
      -The Guess Who

      I am right there with ya! Whether good or bad, we create, we live, we learn, we create, we live, we learn.......and so on.

    5. For me, Ferguson is John Ferguson from "Thirteenth floor" "cyberpunk" movie, with all those movie connotations. A wake-up from "simulation" or something like that. Sometimes, synchronicity works that way.

      An unjustified death is a trigger for manifestation of all accumulated disgust and internal crisis. Hopefully, it opens a way towards greater peace and better society.

  16. Is this weekly planetary meditation in addition to the weekly liberation meditation?

  17. The Heart's Intuitive Intelligence: A path to personal, social and global coherence

  18. Thank you Cobra. Good idea!! .........................Here is the simplest meditation technique I've ever found, brought to you by can poke around her website........... She was a mystic and very unusual. I think she was way more powerful than any channel I have ever come across since....................She used it say this meditation method was ancient Egyptian and I used to wonder why it wasn't Hindu or Buddhist because those were the traditions I "heard about" ................. but now I think this is perhaps Pleiadian, because it is so simple......................In the steps shown in this link below, do remember to do step 5, where you close your hands into gentle fists to 'close down' in order to protect your chakras............. Some methods don't teach this closing down, but closing down is important, because in meditation, you open everything you need to give yourself this bubble of protection at the end by doing the closing down...........................................If you are trying to manifest something (health? prosperity? happiness? recollection of dreams? a big pink blanket of love around the planet? ) you can do affirmations with this method too............................. okay... link below...

  19. Long time reader first time caller.. Cobra you are awesome! thank you so much for what you and all our allies do for us everyday. Thank you and peace and love to you...
    Would it be best to do both planetary meditation and then this new mediation one after another? Since we are already together? Prepare for change LA meets on Sundays at 11:00am so we can do the meditation at 12:00pm

  20. We need to get these numbers up on awareness...not enough people are sharing not worry if people around you do not believe the truths, eventually they blogs, post on videos, open facebook, etc pages posting truths, whatever to get the truth to the people...these are the numbers so far...not good enough!!!The following percentages are expressed in relation to 100 per cent being the point when everyone on the planet realizes the truth. As you will see, we have a long way to go—but the shift is expanding fairly rapidly. We need that Hundredth Monkey effect to kick in, though. ;0)

    For this first analysis, Humanity is viewed as a whole.
    As of Dec 18, 2012… our Light quotient (LQ) was 12%, while on the 21st it was 14%. (amazing what the beginning of a new cycle will do)
    on March 28th, 2013 it was 15%
    on Dec 21, 2013 it was 18%
    on June 1, 2014 it was 21%
    as of Aug 9, 2014 we’re at 22%.
    researchers noted that more than 50% of this realization came from Asian, or non-English-speaking countries.

    For the next breakdown, they isolated the population by English-speaking/European countries.
    Europe is now homogeneously at 12% whereas on Dec 18, 2012 they registered at 6 – 7%.
    Canada and Australia together are currently at 17.5%, up from 11% on Dec 18, 2012.
    Next, they broke down the USA into coastal areas and the interior.
    Dec 18, 2012 the coastal states’ LQ was 12%, and both coasts together are now at 18 1/2 %.
    Dec. 18, 2012 the interior states were at 4%, and now they are at 7 1/3%.One observation was that the people of USA use less free will than those in Canada/Australia/Europe, which stands to reason, because the cabal is focused in America and has been for a long time.


    1. Here are just a few...Important pages to check out...
      this page will let you now what foods to stay away from
      this page will educate you on the truths about vaccines.

      these pages will educate you about chemtrails...

      this page will show you criminals with badges out of control...

      this page will show you what the people are doing that the news is not showing..

      these pages are keeping up with the RESET, RV/ The Event and truth about the cabal....And enlighten

      Channeled messages....

      Cruelty to animals...

      Church and state crimes



      These are just a few links...that will take you to other good links... Why these...they are quick lessons and need to know now!!

    2. forgot to add this page to the list...thought I did

    3. And these are just a few sites...capturing ALMOST daily UFO activity...

    4. Thanks. All very interesting. Let us also not forget the necessity to ACT where we can. Perhaps we should set the intention of the global meditation to act with love and courage at whatever level we can. Check this website - great movie to watch to keep perspective is Love, Reality and the Time of Transition / Bernhard Guenther (Oct 2011)

  21. Tsunami of Love Meditation
    Linda Dillon

  22. whats going on
    last year i stood in my room and put and end to all my soul contracts i read list out load. thing were going great then a few days later i was walking with my mams dog around were i live when suddenly a big dog dragged my mams dog under a gate and nearly bit the dog in half i had to struggle 5 minutes to get the dog out. it was a miracle the dog survived 1000 for the vet bill.and just yesterday my own dog got up from his bed and just collapse he died an hour and a half later. he was only 3 years old i,m heart broken the vet cant under stand it. since i have finished my soul contracts iv had a very bad time i never really believed in this kinda thing but i am getting attacked big time every time my life is back on track some thing horrible happens there is some thing very wrong here. plus my right shoulder s killing me it feels like there,s a dagger in it.the doctor say he can,t find any wrong with it.i really have a feeling there,s some energetic being attached to me. i really need some help. i,m a good person and since i finished my soul contracts weird stuff has been happening to me. please help me if you can

    1. @john, there are two things I WON'T do: 1. Renounce my soul contracts; 2. Psychic removal of etheric implants. Sometimes these things work really well for people, but for other people they are a huge mistake. The problem with renouncing your soul contracts is that you don't know what is in your soul contracts. There might be some negatives, but there could also be positives. For example, if you are a starseed your soul contract might contain a connection and protection from your mother race of beings. If you renounce that soul contract, the connection and protection you were afforded before goes away. You then become an open target for the dark forces.
      I am not sure what ritual you did to cancel your soul contract, but you might want to do it again in an opposite fashion. Declare aloud that all previous soul contracts are reactivated (this is obviously more complicated than cancelling so you might have to do it several times). You might also do some research on starseeds to discover what alien race you come from. Then you can petition that race (aloud) for a new soul contract with connection and protection.

    2. If you receive unwanted attention from negative non-physical beings, you can protect yourself with this simple technique, which has been given to humanity directly from the spiritual groups within the White Dragon Society:

      1. Visualize a pillar of brilliant white Light, coming from the Galactic Central Sun, descending and encompassing your body and continuing down to the center of the Earth.

      2. Visualize a mirror at the outer edge of the pillar of Light, circularly embracing you and reflecting all negativity outwards away from you, back to where it came from, and it gets annihilated there.

    3. ...real divine love is real divine freedom......if you imagine being a free inhabitant of the universe you are sooo free sooo free you could never imagine in this matrix.... a thought of any contract does not even exist there.... and you express your love out of the greatest joy that makes you feel like you where about to explode...... and again you feel really free....... God/Goddess never expected us to serve anything or to save anybody........ it was our wish...... WE are here because WE wanted to spread the love here on earth..... because WE love the creation of our creating Source so much we could not see it damaged because it hurted US to see this beautiful work damaged.... we dont have a mission we "have to" fullfill, we follow OUR yawning for a wonderful dont mind about the positive soulcontracts ;) :D

    4. For better understanding of what I mean: You can also say:" I revoke those soulcontracts that are hindering me from my full expression of my divine being and that are blocking me from the task I have chosen to fulfill".
      Imagine: We are full of joy, because we are so fulfilled with love to the Source. This love gives us also a feeling of freedom and joy. Out of this joy we connect to the spiritual realms. If we connect out of joy instead of out of lack, they can send their energy much better, because we then are in the right frequency to transmit this energy. I think a soulcontract with the higher realms can not be broken if we express our true being; the more we lift up our energy, the more we attract those realms, it is a natural thing. And it would be very unnatural, to be in divine love and to say to an angel, you do not want to work with him any longer. Because all this is so multidimensional and not easy to explain. They are not stupid. They are intelligent and loving. I know you all know that, just saying. <3 Let us break free !!! <3

    5. Knife in Shoulder. Take magnisium citrate. Epsom salt baths. Cut down on milk products. Go for long walks.

    6. Higher dimensional beings are not going to interfere or deny a person's wish to cancel his/her soul contract. Higher dimensional beings place a high value on free will. Soul contracts may name certain individuals, groups of beings, or situations, but it is actually a contract with Source. If you declare a wish to end all soul contracts, then you will get your wish- even if it is a very bad decision for yourself. Source won't stop you and higher dimensional beings won't stop you. It will be your free will decision.
      I think you can cancel certain clauses of your contract but you would need to be able to connect to your Higher Self for assistance or ask for the assistance of guardian angels or guides. A blanket statement to end just the "bad parts" of the contract isn't going to do anything. The declaration needs to be focused and made with intention. My advice is to just leave your contract alone until we get out of this spiritual prison. Then you will be better able to know your soul contract and work with it.

    7. Yes Source respects our free will. But I am sure, Source is intelligent enough to know, that we are here since several thousand years imrisoned and have forgotten, how real freedom feels like. Free will inside of this matrix sounds like mockery.
      So I think Source includes all our being with coherent intelligenz alligning with all we have done and wished before. Supposed, you have helped also other planets in their liberation and now in this time you are just tired in a short moment, or revoke the working license with the lightforces by accident, they would never say: " Wait little son, you revoked, we will not help you now." This would be stupidity. Darkness would act like this, but not the beings of the upper dimensions that are connected to Source. They also KNOW our true intent and are helping often if we do not even know it.

      You can also say: "I revoke all soulcontracts with the dark forces from all times and all dimensions. I revoke all swores, oaths, vows (and so on)." Also to revoke the swores of loyalty (marriage, brotherhoods or lodges, kingdoms, cloister, knighthood) can be helpful to free from an unhealthy relationship, also to revoke swores from this life. I personally think, old swores of as well positive brotherhoods (etc.) should be revoked, because they could bound us to certain people and we do not have to be bound to something old from this matrix, even if it was a positive secret order. They where also sometimes intrigued, also in earlier times and I want only to be connected to Source and the TRUE source-connected lightbeings of the higher realms, finally reaching a state of eternal bliss.

      The term "free will" we seem to relate to something, that is all about making a decision. This is also wrong. Free will is not about "making the "right" decisions", but it is about EXPRESSING who we truly ARE in the most beautiful and loving way. Free choice is, that we can do THIS in the way we love to. This is free will and choice. Real true free will and real true free choice is directly connected to SOURCE, it IS actually the highest expression of Source itself.
      So you can never have free will if you are connected to darkness. If you are totally free, you are automatically deeply connected with Source and the lightbeings, you are dancing, singing, laughing and playing together.
      This may sound, as if we "are forced" to be connected to Source, but this is not true, we just have forgotten, how it really feels like to be free. If we would remember, we would never be afraid.

  23. Chemtrails have stopped here.
    Sky is bright blue.
    Sunset is orange, sometimes pink.
    Clouds are beautifully shaped.
    Magic is in the air...

    1. Sorry, chemtrails have started again and so has weather tampering.

    2. I just started getting chemtrails also for the last three days...after I complained last time on here they stopped...and now they started again

  24. I usually meditate for half an hour right before bed time which means around 22:00 to 23:00. Doing a time conversion that is 8:00 GMT since we have CEST time right now (summer time). The daylight saving times is something to look out for if you really want people to meditate at the exact same time.

  25. Children of the Sun does a meditation every Sunday evening 8:00p.m. in all time zones.

  26. Separation of phase levels appears in all media of energy

    gaia_energy1Separation of phase levels appears in all media of energy.

    Prescience of Light Beings enhances velocity of awakenings.

    Transitions to appropriate-for-each levels of BEingness occurs rapidly at this moment.

    Resolutions of long standings occurs rapidly at this moment.

    Penetrations of Cosmics occurs rapidly at this moment.

  27. To each that reads this....invite one person to the mass meditation that was previously unaware....a simple way to grow

  28. fish acts like a dog.... too cute

  29. Here’s some harmful ingredients that are commonly found in beer:
    GMO Corn Syrup, GMO Corn, High Fructose Corn Syrup, Fish Bladder
    Propylene Glycol, Monosodium Glutamate (MSG), Natural Flavors, GMO Sugars
    Caramel Coloring, Insect-Based Dyes, Carrageenan, BPA, & lots more!
    Here are the 8 beers that are commonly found in bars in United States that you should stop drinking immediately.

    1. Thanks for blasting all this info Tracey!

      Alcohol is also Alchemy for the dark...suggest to stay away from it, just from common sense alone.

      Take a breath, eat fruit, eat veggie, everything else is extra. One love!

  30. That is an absolutely wonderful Next Step in the Right Direction, I love it !!!
    The More of us doing Our Thing Together despite having "different" individual rituals The Merrier.
    I consider that One Giant Leap Forward.

    Please allow me to make a suggestion concerning the Timing.
    When you reported about the Taiwan conference you posted this wonderful photo with the Cricle around Asia, saying "more people live in this area than outside of it."
    Can We please set a weekly date and time so that all of THOSE people over there have it easy to meditate and participate?

    I'm sure the minority of us outside that highly-populated are will be able to adjust just fine.
    But please let's make this easy for all of the spiritual powerhouses and juggernauts over in the East. Please.
    Let's focus on Asia and the Tiger States and do this during a good time for the MAJORITY of our population please.

    Just a suggestion, thank you for your consideration.
    Domo Arigato


  31. See how much this message resonates with your mind/heart:

  32. Way to go. Yes to a collective consciousness for Peace, Light, Love, and Oneness. Blessings...Gary Eby, MSW

    Please add us to the list and let me know when the time is set. I'll spread the word. This is why his page was created! <3 <3 <3 Peace to All!

  34. Hello, I am speaking on behalf of the Lightworkers Web, an FB group forum for healers who do weekly healing work for our group and the Earth. Please add us to the list.
    Also any specific details or links we may require. Thank you for taking this initiative.
    One in Love

  35. There's this website that I subscribe to that sends out daily/weekly visions for all of the subscribers to envision in sync for that day/week.
    It's called the Intenders Vision Alignment Project:

    For instance, yesterday I received an intention written by a subscriber was to vision for a healthy work place.
    "We see our corporate executives finding new and generous ways to give to their employees showing they value those who so diligently carry out their daily duties. We see raises and bonuses given to all workers in larger percentages and dollar amounts to recognize their efforts. We see all corporations improving their interest and care of their workers with more extensive benefits and perks than ever before."
    Just an idea if for another mass meditation that has daily intentions .

  36. Cobra,
    In the picture of your post, I can't help but notice the golden line in the middle of Earth. It seems to resemble the chakras in human body. Are they chakras of Earth in the picture?

    1. Looks so awesome. Ley lines criss-crossing. I wonder if this is how the higher eyes see earth when we are all meditating and flooding the ley lines and our atmosphere with our energies.

      Also the symbols, is it writing or saying anything in particular. I also really enjoy this image.

      All the best

  37. I started hearing a hissing sound starting around Jun'2012. My hearing is generally not impaired: medics did various tests, including frequency hearing test, everything is OK, they prescribed some meds, but they do not do anything. The hissing is not pulsing meaning it is not related to blood flow. So, basically I hear hissing AND I hear outside noises at the same frequency. This hissing is like coming from another information channel attached to the brain. The positive thing is that this hissing is tolerable, even pleasant.

    One thing I've noticed is that I can focus on this hissing. It is very fluid and focusing on it does not give fatigue, it's like watching a fire. Focusing on hissing quickly brings a meditative state, without much preparation. Hissing is usually heard on the left side, but if I focus on it, it kind of balances out and I can also hear it on the right side.

    When meditating I like to fill my heart with a positive feeling and to envision positive ETs descending from the skies.

    1. They couldnt find anything wrong and they prescribed you meds anyways. Whats even worse is you took them.

    2. Well, I hear that hissing in my left ear too; I have attributed it to "tinnitus", which is its medical name. My ears are OK too. Well...I am 72 years old in any case, however it is the same as you described it, no pulsing at all, but you should know that SCHUMANN´s vibration goes as high as more than 30 cycle per second some days:

  38. When contacting potential new meditation participants, would it be a good idea to offer them no more than let's say, three potential time-slots, to avoid confusion. They could then vote by getting on this blog, and simply offering their choice. If we are to follow this model, we would have to come to some consensus about what three time-slots to offer to possible newbies. Since Cobra already offered two time slots, it would only be a matter of finding one more time slot. What are your thoughts on this? I just think that when approaching new groups, we don't want to give the impression that we are too aimless and "wishywashy" to use a technical term.

  39. Finally, something we can DO.

    If people are sincere about this then we could actually make a huge change by just BEING (Like woah man).
    People always complain that the Earth isn't being liberated fast enough, that all these "new agers" are wasting our time, and that
    there is no hope for humanity. Then what exactly are YOU doing to help uplift humanity?

    Now is our opportunity to actually transcend this game through higher consciousness.

    Basically, once we all set a good time we need to contact all the spiritual leaders and get them on board with this! I know
    Wilcock has mass meditations from time to time, we can get Deepak Chopra, Ram Dass, Eckhart Tolle, Oprah (why the hell not?)
    Gregg Braden, and anyone you can think of to just post a little message about it on their website. Then of course contact your local
    meditation groups and tell them to post a little message about it on their websites. That's really all we need to do, we live in the age
    of the internet.

    We then coordinate and make this thing into a meme online. Post on all the forums you go to. Reddit has /r/meditation, you can post
    on facebook, twitter, and anything else you can think of.

    Let's make this thing happen.

    1. You make perfect sense. Keep blogging.

    2. Bumping up:

      P.S. Timing for the Planetary Meditation has been determined at 3 pm GMT each Sunday. More details are coming soon.

      Thank you for this!

  40. meditation, again? sorry but I'm now becoming very critical & skeptical, if meditation could *really* helps, or it's just basically another our human's man-made fantasy/imagination/delusion ?

    and even if it's truly *real*,
    my next question is: will all these stuff even could ever beat all those "out-of-this-real-world" IMAGINATION / Creativity / Artworks such as in those 'fantasy / sci-fi' movies, novels, comics, books, video games etc (ie: Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, Narnia, Avatar, TRON, Final Fantasy) ??

    or , is "Reality" still FAR more boring, mundane, dry, dull, lifeless, & LIMITED than (some) humans' Imaginations/creativity/artworks ??...

    please answer honestly & I need a very detailed, intelligent, & serious answer/comments.

    1. Niki's posts have the same effect as a Zen koan. Frustrating to tackle but triggers enlightenment when solved. So meditation does not *really* help. Let us meditate on this and come up with a better solution, one that *really* helps. Or maybe outsource this *koan* to a Zen group.

    2. Sadly It's very hard to explain things to you because you'll just dismiss it.

      I could tell you the wonders of meditation, the wonderful feeling of getting out of your body and connecting to your higher self and the amazing energies being bombarded at us now. It is far beyond something that you can just imagine or describe.

      But you'll tell me that it's wishful thinking or my imagination, which couldn't be further away from what it truly is.
      It's like if I told you that metal airplanes can't fly because they're too heavy: At first look it may seem the case but once you study about it and master the concept of flight, you will understand how its very possible.

      And its the same thing with meditation. Not only it's very good for you as a way to end stress/pain etc, it also gives you peace of mind and amazing out of body related things.
      If you study about it, and --really-- try it, put your heart on it and not just lay in bed thinking about how stupid it is, you'll learn all about it ;)

    3. Niki,
      If you can't see the changes that have already been implemented, then you're truly not participating.
      Live in the now and keep your eyes opened.
      Watch that video I posted by Alcyon Pleiades down below that I posted.
      You will see the changes taking place, and realize that the darkness is losing their grip while trying every last move they have left to retain their power.
      If you're still not able to see it, isn't it uplifting to have a new vision of hope?
      Meditation alone and connecting to the energies that surround you is truly magical.
      Regardless of the skepticism, I feel that victory is near my friend.

    4. You shouldn't feel alone... something isn't right about this.

      "Ships of the Galactic Confederation have assumed their final position inside the Low Earth orbit"... "Their first operation will annihilate all plasma scalar weapons, belonging to the Chimera group and to other negative forces within the military-industrial complex"... StratoProbe 2 launch was to receive certain intel from those Confederation ships.

      Hold hands and sing kum ba yuh..? To, "start transforming our collective reality"... Is that in any way how reality was disrupted..?

      Tell us how the Galactic Confederation keeps it's leaders from telling lies... tell us how we can do the same... and see what that does to reality (even without the Event).

    5. Meditation is REAL. But best combined with ACTION. Just do it. And action will follow.

    6. "Meditation , again"... YES... And again and again and again!!! If u can access that cosmic conciousness your perception will shift drastically Niki... We are not nuking a TV dinner here... We are literally Liberating an entire plant of darkness ... And you are a part of the soup of this situation so u may as well be a positive ingredient! Peace and love.

    7. @Niki, as I have always posted, I really like your posts! And this one I think I like the most! You make people question what is important and what is real (not just fluffy imagination). So, Cobra is asking us to meditate! How crazy is that!!?? :-) At this time when there is needless killing going on in several countries...Ukraine, Palestine, Syria, Iraq, USA....just so the cabal can hang on to power a little bit longer. It isn't even stupid, human free will, it is calculated genocide. What the hell good is meditation going to do?? Actually, quite a bit of good.
      The Buddha said that every inch of this planet has had needless, horrible death occur on it. So, think about it, even the spot you are sitting on right now is a bloody memorial to death. What can we do to fix that situation? Cause even more death? Causing more death isn't going to solve anything. We need to purify this planet with peaceful intention. We need to turn this graveyard we are all living on into a peaceful paradise! The only way to do that is through meditation.
      When we meditate we connect to the wisdom, light, and peace inherent in all of us. It is through peaceful, quiet meditation that we can change the world. Niki, give it a try. I bet you will be surprised at the results.

    8. Cobra mentioned "reach a new degree of unity and cooperation" and "assist the planet in its transformation", so they are tweaking the circumstances to make them more conducive for change. Please look up "the maharishi effect" on duckduckgo.

    9. The Gurus and masters in the Himalayas that "sit in caves" for their entire lives appear to be doing nothing but on the inside they are creating way more benefit than the average person based on the energy they are creating. :)

    10. I had a dream about the Himalayas 2 weeks ago.
      Totally random...had no thoughts of the Himalayas prior to that dream.
      and I rarely remember my dreams.
      Another synchronicity

  41. And so it is, all beings of light within their skin suits, drop the lingering remnants of their egos and unite. IT IS why we are here...And from the ashes of a disentigration illusion the primal chant sounds and love takes hold. We are Love pure and infinite..

  42. Ariel hereby claims that money is illegal as of December 21, 2013... Article 37 of Covenant of One Heaven

    excerpt from Section 37.9 Forbiddance for use of Gold as Money

    "Therefore, let it be known throughout Heaven and across the Earth that the great stockpiles of gold and precious metals of the Pirates and Parasites, their great stores of precious gems are hereby rendered worthless and may never again be used to corrupt the currencies and systems of money of the world."

    excerpt from Section 37.10 Unlawful currency and money

    "The use of gold, silver or any form of precious gems as currency, medium of exchange of a form of money is hereby forbidden, reprobate and not permitted to be revived after the end of the Year of Redemption beginning UCA E1:Y2:A1:S1:M30:D1, also known as [Sat, 21 Dec 2013]."

  43. Amazing synchronicities among the messages:

  44. Besides meditation the best strategy for solving conflicts and disharmony, in personal life and worldwide is the shamanic-hawaiian technique called Ho'oponopono. (The Hawaiians had to stay in harmony on an island, so this method came to their minds).

    Focuse on the situation, feel and accept it as it is right now, say


    Focuse on the part you have, that the situation could emerge, feel it and say


    Focuse on Source, your higher self or just any overriding perspective, see and feel how eternal golden light floods you and say


    Stay connected to that overarching Source and feel how it feels when the divine solution is there. Observe the golden light as it creates the new situation, which is harmonious and joyous and say


    1. I had a dream I was wearing a black shirt with white lettering in all caps last night!! NO JOKE! It said this

      I LOVE YOU
      I AM SORRY

      Holy shit! Things are synching up! Like a stone skipping across the ocean we are about to become one!

      ONE LOVE!

    2. haha JOKO311 woooohoooow!!!........ the synchronicities ARE increasing! I love the energy of your posts by the way ;)

      and here some fitting music to Ho'oponopono

    3. Thank you LOVE!!

      "Heavy lifting for Pele's children! Hand of the Goddess soaking cliffs keep building!"-Nahko

    4. Right now his site is down but Howard Wills has some wonderful Forgiveness Prayers based on Ho'oponopono. You can download different versions in many languages.

      I had trouble with his site being down but was able to access it here:

    5. Right now I was reading something about Pele ;)

      So my search how to connect with Goddess-Energy went out quite unexpected, only through a sight on a picture of the new King of Hawaii... ;) haha....
      ah....and Joko: the way YOU saw the words is actually how it is correct originally ! I just expanded it a little...thanks Phoenix I will check your links out :)
      I know this technique since many years..I just found it somewhere and used it without reading much more of it, it just felt so natural......once upon a time someone told me a very long story about Hawaii and only now I am understanding, why I met that person at that party many years ago......puh......
      I feel a powerful energy about Pele, much fire....(of course if it is a Goddess with a vulcano)

      The fitting energy for me hehe....

      <3 Now I also say Aloha <3

  45. @Cobra thank you for the update about the chosen time for the world meditation,
    "Timing for the Planetary Meditation has been determined at 3 pm GMT each Sunday. More details are coming soon."
    I took me a bit of figuring out to determine that "GMT" means the meditation will occur at 11:00 pm, Sunday in Taiwan. I am glad to know that I can easily participate this time.

    I used this website to figure out GMT time converted to my local time. It isn't easy, but if people make the effort they can do it:

  46. I've always found this user, Alcyon Pleiades, mysteriously intriguing -
    With the recent solar activity and electromagnetic fluctuation, this makes sense to me:

  47. Why has my post that was approved last night suddenly get deleted? It was a tongue-in-cheek response to Niki to lighten the mood. I didn't see anything in it to warrant a deletion.

    1. @Kate

      Had posted my response right under yours. Nothing to warrant deletion. Maybe Cobra was working in a hurry and deleted it by mistake ?

    2. Thank you for your response Time Missionary. I thought that maybe Cobra didn't realise that it was meant to be humerous, lol. Funny thing is I had only just read an article saying that Pleiadians do not see things the way we do and take things seriously so I can see why Cobra might have thought it wasn't funny.

      On a lighter note, thank you Time Missionary for two links that you put up and I found most interesting. One was a link to the book A Tibetan Lama's Extraordinary Journey to a Land of Immortality by Thomas K. Shor and there was another link to a health article I think? I'm just going by memory!

      I managed to find the author Thomas Shor on a Youtube interview and managed to download the book which I've yet to read but sounds absolutely fascinating. Thank you!

    3. @Kate

      That book is simply mind boggling ! It is an actual eyewitness account of a Tibetan lama opening a portal to Paradise. Ancient Tibetan prophecies had predicted this event. People from all over the region were selling off their land and belongings to join the lama's expedition. The king of the land and the military forces of at least 2 or 3 nations were properly alarmed over the expedition because all the citizens seemed ready to walk away with the lama and leave behind an empty kingdom ! As a result the lama had to travel in secret to make it to the portal with a small following. And then it was time to battle the Archons who didn't quite like the idea of a mass escape from their matrix. Thomas Shor takes his time to finish this true story but what will strike you is the similarity between this book and our own quest for ascension. Enjoy !

  48. Has anyone else heard of the QuWave..............It helps defend against Scaler Waves by using Scaler Waves...................

  49. Some serious food for thought.. about moon!

    If moon is now in safe hands.. why nothing hasn't changed in it's cycles? I mean, people are still going crazy (statistical fact, you can ask from any policemen or ER stuff about it) at the time right before & after full moon, and what's well known, it's because parasites inside us are mating & moving everywhere and YES, I have gone through that about +50 times. If one has heavy parasitic load, it feels like dying - you freeze and shiver all over, can't think, heart races like crazy... isn't it sweet that there's even name for that - panic attack? Duh.. There's just no limit how twisted medical world is.

    In fact, it doesn't matter how healthy one is, he/she will be affected in any case. It's so easy to notice upcoming full moon from peoples behaviour, they are not just themselves.

    So. Let's do some math. 1) We know from hundreds of authors, that moon is complete fake. Nothing is correct there. 2) We know that in this whole conspiracy against us, many planets are involved. 3) We know - and especially, feel, if we are honest to ourselves, that we're badly affected in every way. Our free will is broken very nasty way, and so our lifes are vacuumed empty from everything that makes it worth living.

    That is = our thinking is blurred. It's so hard to know what's real. Evil is playing other side of the game for sure. Everything is done to keep us dump, unconscious and trapped. So physical (they're etheric at the same time) parasites are the best weapon against us.

    Now.. rare people know exactly what happens in moon but, this is some serious stuff. Most people, like 99,9%, have no idea how badly they are manipulated. The only thing they know is that you have to play money game - eat or be eaten. Most people are cold, empty shells, not to mention their rottening bodies. Love, courage, difference etc, all that is needed, is completely unknown for them. Their soul is not much here anymore, but carcass with parasites instead.

    Again: this madness should be stopped. Going to work (legal slavery, energy harvesting), using oil and buying things from supermarkets feeds the evil and never stops this. Invest your energy wisely.

  50. Hi,

    I just lightly browsed these comments. So, is the unified time for meditation indeed set for 3pm GMT, Sundays?


  51. Re: Timing for Planetary Meditation

    If 3:00 PM UTC/GMT is correct, than the clock at the right is wrong.

  52. Dear friends,

    "meditation" is only a word and does not mean anything concrete or clearly defined. Some are dancing and call this "meditation", some are focussing on a candle light and call this "meditation", others do a prayer and call this "meditation" and others are trying to empty their mind and call this "meditation".

    Do you really believe that all these tottally different procedures have the same positive effect? I do not.

    From the pont of view of a practitioner of the Maharishi’s Transcendental Meditaiton technique only ONE thing is important when we want to change world’s consciousness: that the meditator really TRANSCENDS. This term, in contradiction to "meditation", is clearly defined—and transcending really has proven effects on the surrounding.

    What does "transcending" mean? It means that the mind of the meditator becomes during meditation completely still, thinking process comes to its end, the meditator is experiencing consciousness alone, pure consciousness, without any thought or something second. THAT only IS. Or the Self (not the ego) is experiencing the Self. Pure, clear experience of Samadhi.

    In this experience the Unified Field, the basis of all creation, gets enlivened—and by THIS the mind of mankind get transformed in the direction of more hapiness, orderliness, life supporting values.

    Therefore: A wordwide meditation time is fine and surely nothing bad. BUT: A transformation can be brought about by this ONLY if the meditators have learnt to transcend and to touch this allpowerful field of all possibilities deep within themselves, in the state of complete silcence, pure consciousness without any thought.

    Without this systematic experience of pure consciousness (Samadhi, 4th state of consciousness) a change of world’s consciousness is more or less wishful thinking.

    So, dear frineds: start to transcend really! That’s the key of the whole story.


    1. During meditation (when you sit or lay awake and calm), envisioning a ray of light or something otherworldly puts your consciousness into the "transcendence" mode where you are transcending your current state of consciousness. Moreover, the things you think about tend to materialize. It is a multi-layered process: on one hand what you think about you'll do yourself or purchase; on the other hand, the idea you think about gets planted in the Noosphere ("mental plane") and others may tune in to it which also helps in its manifestation. This includes the animal world and even extraterrestrials which will also do something necessary for idea's manifestation. This is not about material possessions only, the same principle applies to immaterial things like world order, society's structure.

      What you concentrate on during meditation is important. If you concentrate on nothing and try to clean your mind from thoughts, you'll get no movement in reality around you. It's possible that some meditation techniques are deliberately designed to cause a minimal effect on the surroundings: this is good for passive communities. But this is not as good for western style of life where change is always necessary.

      Reality is a complex construct, and for sure it operates under the laws of "minimal action", so it won't reveal you anything or transform into anything until you ask for it. What we know about reality now was a result of meditation of some people in the past: this includes "good" and "bad" things. Such things as discovered physical laws won't change in the future, but what's more important, your current meditation can open a way to understanding new physical laws simply as a mean towards another reality around you. No, it may not be you who will discover these newer laws, but through the Noosphere some other smart guy will catch an idea that will help unleash another, hopefully "better", reality.

      "Be realistic and demand the impossible".

      ( posted on my blog )

    2. Love this. Thank you for the great comment.

  53. Beware of many spiritual sayings & other teachings. Most of them try to suppress real emotions / thoughts and make person accept anything without questioning / own thinking. And if it happens that you let them come to surface, then.. you are just bitter, full of hate etc. Right. Immediately call Arch(on)-Angel Michael and beg him to cut those wrong thoughts out of you with his big sword! WHAM!

    Try to hold the lid on kettle full of boiling water.. at some point it will explode.

    I think the worst thing anyone can do, is to suppress real emotions back. That will for sure, give some really deep inhibitions and even aggressions.

    But that's the idea of this whole system because it is not based on healthy values. You are as succesful in money game as you can lie to yourself - even most spiritual people don't often want to burst their bubble. And everyone knows what happens if you don't want to play it - you are parasite for someone or in someone's life, although system is the ultimate and only parasite itself.

    The point here is: do not accept anything negative that comes to your way. Every day I wonder, how people buy the idea of "aging", "death" and life's "teachings" etc. These three, for example, are the greatest deceptions ever. You live as long as you want and care for your cells (please look back in history), aging is just skin's expression of liquefied, hardened and mostly rotten tissue (glands and organs) and what comes to life's teachings - who's actually teaching you - the devil itself? Well.. I prefer to teach myself as I should have free will here.

    SEIN FEIN PUT FORWARD A PLAN THAT WOULD NOT LET AUSTERITY HIT ANY ONE IN IRELAND JUST WATCH THIS AND SEE THESE SICKOS HIDING BEHIND THE BANKERS IT MAKES ME sister has a disabled child and all her benefits have been stopped plus hundreds of good people have lost there jobs
    please share this kinda stuff goes on in every country it makes me very mad.

  55. Planetary Meditation FB group was just created. Please join & share!

  56. WOOW Anybody making Connections watching the new movie Guardians of the galaxy... sounds like what Cobra is talking about ... anybody see it?

  57. Concerning Syria: When you talk about the VORTEX there - please be informed about the engineering part of it:

  58. The Galactic Federation and the Spiritual Hierarchy Message 2014 August 19th

  59. Ervin Laszlo - Humanity's Historic Mission
    Interview with Professor Ervin Laszlo of the Y-generation and the current state of humanity and hope.

  60. Sunday World meditaion with the support of our Galactics!!! I couldn't ask for a better gift on my Birthday! It's a high vibration heart party!!!

    1. hehe the same was at the pleiadian portal at my birthday ! :D

  61. My friends have jsut received email invitations to celebrate my birthday by joining me in the planetary meditations and participate in their own way to benefit the planet and humanity. Party of the Heart

  62. These comments make Da-da's brain hurt. This was a simple call for meditation. Surely we can come together on that.

  63. Japaneese princess claims to have met Ashtar commander, talks about 25 million people living in inner earth and is in telepathic communication with a member of astar command and talks about abunch of other stuff.

    1. Sorry but we knew that lady, before 2012, forecasting those "three days of darkness" which never happened.....It is a case a pitiful case of "self" disinformation, self deceiving.


    3. Maybe the 3days of darkness was a metaphore?

  64. Dear Cobra, tell us what do you think of this? I think it represents the feelings of many people about the liberation of humanity:

  65. The Benjamin Fulford X files

  66. Why meditations are important....

  67. s e c u r i n g . t h e . g l o b a l . a c c o u n t s
    Sticks & Stones
    August 22, 2014 / Keenan Team | GroupK

  68. It seems as if we are getting closer every day to the EVENT. Of course no one knows when it will happen, but pre-events are taking place which we are becoming aware of that are required to happen before the EVENT does take place. Two of the major pre-event undertakings are the GCR being triggered and the removal of the core that Cobra spoke about recently .

    We are expecting the possibility of the GCR taking place next week. Recent reports indicate that the formation of the new Iraqi government needed to be completed before the CGR could take place. The new government is expected to be announced early next week. This would be the last obstacle to be removed in clearing the way for the GCR. Cobra mention in one of his interviews that the Event would take place after the GCR.

    We are also awaiting another update on the progress being made in the removal of the core. Our worldwide meditations are extremely important in supporting this vital mission coming to completion.


    1. "Currency Reset" of any kind is an awful disinformation, causing a lot of unfriendly laughter. Currency cannot be "reset", there is no such term in our hard reality exists. Currency can inflate and deflate. Currency's offer can be increased and decreased. Then as a last resort currency can be replaced with a newer one, or reformed, which boils down to reducing the number of zeros on accounts all at once. In a free market, currency cannot be revalued instantly, instead its value is set during trading sessions.

      I would stick with discussing meditation, a thing which is vague and uncertain, just for fun. At least it won't cause an unfriendly laughter. Don't discuss technical things and science if you know nothing about it.

      I would buy the global currency reset if it meant the removal of money economy, but before that a non-money economy should take reign first. Then I do not think you can sell that "no money economy" to any public, it's a scary idea, because it's uncertain how a person can live in a society with no money, it's poverty or what? Even the communists could not implement the idea, and so this idea is labeled utopian.

  69. "The idea is to have a worldwide meditation once a week at the same moment, where all groups and individuals can do their own meditation in their own way. If we are all meditating at the same moment, a very powerful coherent resonance field is created that can really start transforming our collective reality and help transforming human lives worldwide."

    That's such a beautiful initiative, effects of which are scientifically proven many times over. What could possibly be wrong about silencing the chatter in your head for a moment or just maintaining positive thoughts?

    I don't mean to dampen the mood on this thread with this garbage but thought it might be good to post anyways because of the US MSM ISIS craze, or is it ISIL now…or morphed into just IS today? To get clarity, maybe they could contact this company I've heard no one talk about:

    Off the company website:

    "For the last decade, ISIS has been a proven performer and provider of government trained professionals to the Military Intelligence (MI) Community worldwide, including Iraq and Afghanistan. We provide expert support and services to multiple governmental agencies, including the Intelligence and Security Command (INSCOM), US Northern Command (NORTHCOM), Special Operations Command (SOCOM), Central Command (CENTCOM), Training Doctrine (TRADOC), the United States Army Intelligence Center (USAIC), Program Executive Office for Simulation, Training, and Instrumentation (PEO-STRI) and Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA).
    In addition to our government customers, we work with multiple defense contractors including General Dynamics Information Technology (GDIT), Lockheed Martin, Northrop Grumman, CACI, ManTech, Advancia and Access, to name a few. Our staff includes seasoned experts in the fields of Intel Systems Maintenance, Unmanned Aircraft Systems Maintenance, Human Intelligence, Counterintelligence, All Source Intelligence Analysis, Joint Intelligence Training, Military Intelligence Doctrine, Training Development and Instruction.
    With security force services that augment the Government’s security capabilities, ISIS is regarded as an “extension of the Government” in the performance of security operations. Our daily missions have involved hundreds of security personnel at remote-hostile sites worldwide."

    Crazy, huh?

  70. From Lord Metatron :
    What you as the awakening presence on the Earth bring is a new frequency of hope and love. When you are meditating, you bring into your life a sense of calm awareness and peaceful intent. You have no idea how much this benefits the Earth and all of humanity.
    Your radiation of the deep knowing you carry in your spirit, the beauty of the love in your heart, and the power of your clear intention blesses the world and affects hundreds of thousands of people. Each person radiating the Light of pure spirit has the capacity to reach 800,000 people and spark their spiritual awakening.
    Imagine your calm spirit radiating a rainbow of Divine Light. Rainbow colors carry all the frequencies of Light and thus can affect many layers of consciousness. Your imagination is a tool for higher consciousness.
    Allowing your being to radiate rainbows of Light changes the Earth’s vibration. People feel this change in their hearts and have an immediate sense of calm and lightness.
    You can radiate this rainbow light to any area that seems in need. You can send this light to the collective consciousness of humanity with the intention that their hearts receive and awaken to their Souls’ imperative.
    You can surround the entire Earth in rainbow light, and the depth of this powerful light presence will bring untold blessings to all beings. It is important to remember that Divine Light carries the spiritual qualities of Intelligence and Love. These qualities empower the Light to go where it needs to go and do what it needs to do.

    1. Is there a way to hold these frequency for a longer time i my body?. I can only hold them for a split second. They all feel diffrent but very.. I just cant describe it

      But thanks for your explaination about the colors of the rainbow..

    2. Thank you Chetan. Thank you Lord Metatron. Greetings from Brazil

    3. Hi John!
      What a beautiful question. The only answer is by constant practice. It's like learning a bicycle. Within 15 days you will find accomplishing great strides as the times are very much FAVOURABLE now. Eating food conducive to mind helps a great deal. Heavy and artificial food is a great disturbance.

  71. Greetings from the Northern Hills of Israel, by The sea of Galilee,
    We have shared this notice with quite a few groups - in Israel and around the globe.
    Looking forward for the first meditation - in approx. 15 minutes.
    Beloved Mother Gaia - here we come !!
    Sharing - Unity, Peace, Love, Charitable actions, Courage, Will Power, and Wisdom.
    May we all succeed in our endeavour - for a more harmonious & spiritual future for humanity on Earth mother.


    WE ARE!!!


  73. Dear Cobra
    something happened with all of us that are in our meditation group, we stopped meditating together before nearly a year, each one of us is facing troubles in everyday life, but I still have faith that we are all connected
    Also, the time as we understand it as 3D humans is an illusion and everything is in NOW really
    I know that each effort anytime is worthy and our LIGHT is always active and of help for the Planet, we can connect anytime in meditation if we want to and the energy we Create will multiply and will send our message for Ascension into the Universe

  74. This comment has been removed by the author.