Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Short Planetary Situation Update

Behind the scenes, clearing of the Chimera group continues. We have now reached the stage when only the core of the Chimera group remains, and clearing that core group is now the main challenge.

Global plasma scalar mind control network is tied to strangelet bombs and this is why its removal takes so much time. 

The etheric Archon grid is the final stage of dissolution and the power of the Archons diminishing rapidly, leaving the Chimera group as the main controllers of quarantine Earth and their plasma scalar network as the main tool of psychological programming. 

The Cabal is now engineering events (plane crashes, Ebola scare) and hyping them through the mass media to keep human masses in the state of fear. They will NOT be able to use Ebola as an excuse to install martial law. They know the breakthrough of Light is near and they still want to do whatever they can to postpone it. 

The Chimera (the force behind the technologically advanced negative military, focused on maintaining the quarantine Earth status) and the Archons (black nobility families behind the Jesuits, focused on keeping humanity as religion-programmed slaves in reincarnation cycle) are still at the top of the food chain. The Rothschild faction (Zionist controllers of the mass media and accountants of the global financial system) and the Illuminazi faction (Paperclip-imported crime syndicate) are their subordinates. 

All this structure will fall apart when the exotic weapons of the Chimera group are removed and therefore their mechanisms of planetary control dissolved.

This is the main condition for the Event to happen. 

Despite all appearances, victory of the Light is near. 


  1. Cobra, has the RM successfully removed any of the strangelets since commencing this latest and last operation?

    Will the Event be triggered immediately upon clearing of the last strangelet?

    I thank you for this update, it's been a while!
    We love you.

    I came from a place of knowing
    into the veil of secret's past.
    Now I lift my eyes to meet the sun
    and see the Light, at last.
    The stars and sky let out a sigh,
    the moon is ripe with wax,
    to sail beyond the winds of time,
    I shape my hearted mast.

  2. Well the news is like it has felt, dragging along.........But getting closer!

  3. Thank you for the update and all the work you are doing. What is that triangular thing of the picture?

    1. It is a symbolic picture of TR-3B triangular craft

    2. Thanks Cobra for the update, but the "symbolic" of the triangular ship photo is not credible because of shadows allogees to humans and very short for the machine, on the other hand, a real Rare B - 2 stealth bombers land in Europe video

    3. It is a photoshop of this picture

    4. A triangle toy made by squared silly minds with the purpose of killing their own children, espouses, parents, friends, etc.
      Can we conceive something more SILLY?

    5. To me it looks like a pyramid....

    6. (Another try)

      To me it looks more like a pyramid...

    7. I just watched the video that you have recommended. Can you please explain why it is considered rare and if there is any importance or significance to the video besides the awe factor. I am just trying to provide myself with information in case I am missing the picture here. Thank you for your insight.

  4. Victory of the LIGHT!
    Well, things need to move along. Kick em in the knee and get it over with.
    Victory of the LIGHT!

  5. Sounds good.

    My Mind still can't wrap its Mind around the idea of why creation-destroying weapons should be created within The Creators Creation.
    It just doesn't make any sense, sorry.

    It's like creating a board game for some children to play with, and then you give one of the kids a frickin' handgranade so he/she/whatever can destroy the entire house.
    All the while being the one who holds the granade in your hand just waiting for the command to blow yourself and the kids to smithereens. Really? Who does That?

    Just doesn't resonate with me


    1. Very good point Rajah 225 ever get the feeling we are just one big sick board game, and they whoever they are, are playing with us all..........:(

    2. Trouble is that some of those children are handicapped ones, idiots who make stupid things and ruin the game.

    3. Well, we're not exactly in a board game, it's a bit more physical than that. We're in the middle of a pro-wrestling match: The promoter (Source) has told everyone how the match ends and when it ends - how We all get there is up to Us, but "winner" and "loser" were determined from the get-go.
      Predetermined ending or not, there is quite a bit of challenges along the way. And all of it appears "real" in our little holographic Universe.
      Under NO circumstances, however, can any one of the "performers" in tthe "match" decide that he'll just destroy the promoter's ring and/or arena 'cause they're sore losers and all of a sudden don't want to do their "job" anymore.

      My Higher Self actually has a fun time laughing about the "strangelet bomb" concept as it is just another instrument of fear. Activating stuff like that just doesn't work AT ALL within this Creation. Nice little story though ;-)
      So: No need to worry.

    4. And, by the way, This promoter sitting at Gorilla Position tells the Cats in the Ring to GO HOME NOW.

      Three referees have passed out already, and the timekeeper is fricking *chewing* on the pencil that he is only supposed to hold up as the secret code message to end the match :-)

      We've got the Five Stars we wanted, now let's not overbook it, okay?
      Entering The End Stretch -> HOME


  6. Thank you, Cobra and GF forces, we are combining our light for your (the worlds) success. There is a video from YellowRose of Texas that shows the cabal machinery on the sun, aka the papal key, being dismantled and obliterated by the light forces.
    Spectacular to say the least!

    1. Just out of curiosity, who is yellowrose? where did she come from? she is everywhere all of a sudden. Her intel is intriguingly interesting, but very confusing at times. Where does she get her info from? The galactic space war topics make a lot of sense, but the historical intel is very confusing, but interesting and somewhat truthful.

    2. I can no longer access Yellow Rose for Texas' website. When I do a Google search, she no longer comes up. Same thing when I do a YouTube search. Does anyone know if she's being censored, and how I can access said video?

  7. Thank you so much for the intel, but that picture..is photoshopped.

    1. HE SAID...(It is a symbolic picture.)
      CobraAugust 5, 2014 at 10:59 PM
      It is a symbolic picture of TR-3B triangular craft

  8. Dear Cobra and RM, thank you very much for all you do. This post feels very positive.

  9. Thank you Cobra for the update. It's getting really exciting now! No matter what they try they will not get their third world war. They can't get the fear going through the Ebola stories so they are trying new tactics in England to get us frightened of eating chicken, lol. Next week it will be a follow up to the story of rats as big as cats, that can eat through cement and cannot be poisoned. Yes, that really was a story in the papers. You just can't make it up!!

    1. You should be frightened of eating chicken. The chickens suffer so much, their deceased and decomposing flesh is poisonous to the human system, and worst of all, the chicken is killed for your unnecessary meal, for that, the killer has to diminish greatly the natural human aspect of compassion, as you will have to diminish yours to be able to eat the dead flesh. Humans key problem is that we are too ready to kill to solve our problems, and that is how the cabal has fooled you.

    2. You do make valid points Dean. I do wrestle with my conscience. Having been vegetarian for a few years and now eating meat again it's very difficult. My diet is so bland and quite limited due to health reasons. Not an excuse I know, but hopefully when things start to change and we all can have access to organic food my diet will change. There are food replicators that can replicate meat without an animal losing its life. That would be really something that can help us transition from meat.

  10. is that a space ship

  11. gracias cobra....creo en lo que dices....gracias por la información....calma y mirar las estrellas...la victoria de la luz sera reallidad

  12. Is the Global plasma scalar mind control network the same thing as the Veil? ... or are they separate things ...the mind control network operating within the veiled area ?

  13. To see a World in a Grain of Sand
    And a Heaven in a Wild Flower,
    Hold Infinity in the palm of your hand
    And Eternity in an hour.

    William Blake

  14. All power and blessings to Ashtar and the Command, The Boys in Blue :) For never giving up.
    All Galactic Assistance, and Earth Resistance….
    The White Hats within and without the four corners of our sacred world. Terra...
    I dreamed the event happened a few days ago (never have before)….
    I was standing in my home and a tremendous surge of love, light, bliss and power permeated me from all directions….
    I recognized what was happening and became overwhelmed with tremendous gratitude, that we had finally reached the zenith point...….
    Thank you Cobra for holding strong against the winds of controversy.
    Blessings to you and to yours…

  15. I love this update!.Please Creator let Victory of the Light manifest for Earth.

  16. Thank you Cobra and the RM!! It sure seems like it's almost all NWOver. I can feel the cabal's hold on the reigns slacking more and more each day. The wars are non-starters. Same with the false flags and threats of disease. The blanket of fear that was draped of the US in 2001 is now sloughing off like so much dead skin.

    The unbidden fears and worries that plagued my mind for years now, have in the last few months begun to ease. Gradually at first, but now accelerating exponentially, when I am flooded with emotions they are mostly hope, compassion, love, and joy.

    When one experiences this, consider sharing it with others while it is fresh in your heart, especially to those most in need and those still deeply asleep. I started small. I learned again to say hello to strangers. Empathy is the centered state for humanity, but like a muscle, it weakens from disuse. The more you work it, the stronger it will become.

    To do our part, as ground crew, we must spread the light to others. A few embers of love and light from all of us are all it would take to set the world ablaze. We are many, they are few. I hope to hear a new audio interview with you soon, Cobra. Safety and protection to you, my friend, and to all of us as we dance around the the edges of this dying darkness. Victory of the Light!!

    1. I love it! Thanks Kryten

      ps. full size triangular craft (600 feet) was operational already back in the 1990's, they are real…
      I saw a triangular craft in the beginning of March 2014 on a clear sunny afternoon when it flew waaaay up above, across the wide open sky. It wasn't black though, but milky-grey with some kind of reflective surface and the lights (3 on the bottom + thruster in the back) were very, very bright with amethyst-aquamarine hues. I was sitting in a parking lot in a car, people were walking by, yet no one else bothered looking up…

    2. Kryten, I love the way you write. Your comment picked me up!
      Thank you Cobra for your update! My love to you both and to all the light forces working to free this planet. A BIG BIG kiss for you all! XO, robin

  17. thanks so much cobra for this update. most of all in this blog know that the victory of the light is very near. and any new comment from you makes us feel way much better and secure

  18. Cobra. Thanks for the update. Can you tell us about that photo? Is that a real black ops UFO? Is it from a movie?

  19. WOW!! I am grateful for so very much that is being done on our behalf.
    We love you Cobra and your message

  20. Thanks Cobra for the update. It appears much progress has been made, but still more required to complete the mission of freeing humanity and planet Earth. It's obvious that the dark forces are doing everything they can to continue installing fear in the people for they feed off of this fear energy and also are more able to keep the people under their control. Their latest tactic is the Ebola virus. They have been using similar tactics in the Ukraine, Iraq, and Palestine. Their efforts are becoming more and more futile as more people are awaking, becoming aware and are enlightened (connecting with their inner Light). The continued increase of this light is powerful enough to overcome the dark completely and once and for all.


  21. Thank you Cobra again for this update. It's been a long and challenging process for many of us. But thanks to you're information, updates and conferences we're inspired to continue. Focused on the final and complete planetary liberation.

    May the force be with all of us.

  22. thank you cobra.misses you!so happy you all coming!

  23. http://2012portal.blogspot.com/2014/04/end-of-petrodollar-overunity-and-event.html

    The Chimera group has put physical strangelet bombs inside most of US military bases and some military bases of other nations and these bombs form the main line of defense against the advance of Galactic Confederation and Resistance Movement forces towards the surface of this planet.
    They have also created a planetary network of plasma scalar devices. This network is being operated from the military bases and encompasses the whole planet. Plasma is the fourth aggregate state of matter after solid, liquid and gaseous and is in fact the connecting link between physical and etheric matter. Plasma scalar devices can thus influence our physical bodies and the Chimera Group uses these devices to attack
    Lightwarriors and Lightworkers by influencing their body functions, disturbing breathing and heart pulse.
    They also use plasma scalar lasers to project thoughtforms into minds of Lightworkers, plasma infrasound to lower the frequency of auric membrane of Lightworkers and plasma ultrasound devices as ultimate spying and surveillance machine. The Resistance is already removing these plasma scalar devices with full speed.

    1. Yes, i did go to the hospital yesterday because of the difficulty to breathing and j started a month ago to feel strange pulsations from my heart... Hope everythings coming to an end for the new beginning!!!
      From a devoted Lightworkers!

  24. Dear Cobra, some of your readers found that the photo you posted might be processed by Photoshop. Please watch the shadow of the triangle UFO ,especially the shadow of the bottom left which seems not to be accordance with the people's shadow. Do you think is it a fake photo ?

    1. I wouldn't have thought that a UFO but instead a Skunkworks project- after all it has landing gear (wheels)

    2. It definitely looks Photoshopped to me...It was a good update, but this photo is a bummer.

    3. It is a fake photo definitely!

    4. Yes it is faked , see the original photo : http://www.realistnews.net/Thread-black-triangle-on-the-ground-being-serviced
      (See the response from Cobra above: "it is a symbolic representation of a TR-3B")

    5. Amazing How many times this same thing is complained about........I guess people do not read all the comments. Cobra near the top of this subject already answered this.....Cobra Said: It is a symbolic picture of TR-3B triangular craft........

  25. Cobra,

    you keep saying "Victory is near" , but even some people here said that you've been saying that since 1-2 even more years ago! please stop using that remarks, as it's deceiving (unless if you really want to be seen as a really real, honest figure/person).

    I am saying this as honest & serious as possible.
    because this is talking about many people/human's HOPE , in this dark Reality (no sugar-coating and fake-positivism & ignorance here..)

    1. Would "Victory of the Light is far" be better?

    2. Thanks for your comment NikiWonoto. I think it is important to voice our concerns, and to do it in a grounded way which I feel you have done. I feel that it is time for Cobra or the RM to have a shift in strategy with their sharing of information. Cobra has a very high degree of integrity, but he seems to be too busy to devote a fair amount of time to iterating with us (the people) I honor and understand that he is busy assisting the liberation in other ways, but I feel a lot of frustration from people that could mostly be discharged with some attention, and ideally a real face/voice to relate to. In fact, if there is no one else I volunteer to be that voice to the best of my ability....To be open about my identity, and spend a significant amount of time most days interacting with people, and preparing information to be posted.

      I don't intend to be ungrateful for what Cobra does, but I question the effectiveness of the methods is all. If the RM really wants to reach the people then please step it up a notch. A Photoshopped image that doesn't clearly apply to the article and with no description was a poor decision IMO.

      Cobra, please let me know if I can do anything to assist with the process of connecting with the people who are hungry for information and interaction.

    3. Actually its only been a few months that he has said that. He would always say "Victory of the light" at the end of posts, but only recently he started to say that victory is near.


    5. @Tracey: ironically/sadly, you are the one who are being judgmental (again & again, I have unfortunately keep witnessing all these 'Ego & judgmental-based' comments here, of all place ironically, in the so-called "truth-seekers & 'SPIRITUAL' groups/people...!).

      Nobody is "complaining",
      it's just that some people (including me, and @G Martin 's comment above) are being REAL, HONEST, OBJECTIVE, and REALISTIC (or "grounded", if you prefer the 'oh-so-fancy spiritualism' jargons..!).

      We all DO want to HELP Cobra (& RM),
      but IF and only IF we are truly really also shown the *REAL*, & practical, realistic proofs/evidence & step-by-step on Things-To-DO! (other than the "Weekly Liberation Meditations", of course...that's IMHO already way too 'easy' perhaps for many/most of us here.. we need MORE *real* works, ie: the 'PHYSICAL', realistic, & practical 'earthly/worldly' works.. since in reality, we all are STILL living in this 3D "reality / real world / real life" planet (or even Society),.. right?)

      So, before you *quickly* and again *quickly* (also irresponsibly & irrationally) judging people like me (& @G Martin), at least please try to sometimes put yourself in OUR shoes, and see from our POV (point of view/perspective) .. !

      Yes, sure, as the often quoted: "We are All in This TOGETHER",
      but sadly/unfortunately, sometimes (even often!) I see sooo many quick-judgmental, self-importance, selfish, egoistical, & even ignorant comments here...!

      you *really* want ALL of us to work together?
      then start also DO / PRACTICE a MUTUAL-understanding, not just what you *like/want* to hear, but also from other more *realistic, practical & honest* POV/perspective/opinions/comments (even no matter how 'negative' it may sounds, as Gandhi said: "the truth is STILL the truth" ! ).


  26. Great.
    Thank you for the update Cobra.

    It is our intention to continue to hold Light and to visualize the cabal and the chimera group defeated for the better of Humanity and so it is.

    In Love and Light

  27. Thank you for this new update. It's been almost three weeks since the last update and I was wondering what was going on. I am glad that progress is being made. It seems like all hell is breaking loose and I try to assure myself that things are actually better than they seem. It is nice that you verified this. Victory of the Light!!

  28. so glad this is coming i relli can't stand doing all the "normal" things in life paying bills, making sure to kept shopping keeping a active life social life yader yarder at least with the event happens we can all get on no need for a social life no bills to pay shopping maybe be in 24 supermarkets all organic of course

  29. Cobra: "They will NOT be able to use Ebola as an excuse to install martial law."

    And here, from American Kabuki, you have another confirmation of this in toda's (August 6th) article:


    This seems to contradict Ben Fulford hypothesis advanced at the end of his last update, which is however a concise but very informative article/synopsis on the events from WWII to today (with David Wilcock's comments):


    Shine your Light! Do not get depressed at the news, do not waste your time in waiting and waiting, WE are co-creating The Event, moment by moment, our energy is enormous and HAS to be channelled properly, otherwise we will feed them and this is exactly what they want from us!!!!! So, let's stay united, we have ALREADY won and the (immediate) future is ours and it is incredibly bright!!!!!

    Victory of the Light, paeca and love to all!


  31. Cobra, Thanks very much for the update....you are so treasured as our Communicator! I'm inspired as I feel the Victory of the Light is weaving its way out of the cocoon and soon we as the butterflies will take flight!

  32. enjoy last years of darkness on this planet <3

    1. As if they're fondly remembered already, while on the safe side?

  33. @Cobra

    When the Event happens, let Source deal with the Cabal. All that retribution is something we can do without. Let us forget them and get on. Just teleport them all wherever.

  34. What about the Israel vs Gaza conflict?

  35. WOOHOO Onward and upward THANK YOU COBRA!!! LOVELIGHT!!! <3 RM PM

  36. About these scalar weapons, there a good article (don't know everything is accurate in it) about how they work, what the can do, scalar mind control,...
    Here's the link: http://www.angelfire.com/oz/cv/scalarweapons.html

  37. great to hear everyone please do your personal part and STOP supporting the cabal through the use of the NAME and $ that you pay to them. support the global currency reset and the 504 TRUST at www.sovcpr.com and let's our people go......send also to your state representatives to #Letourpeoplego the jubilee is long past

  38. Parasite (ankle biter) grid is nearly down - congratulations!

    Cabal getting desperate is another good sign. People see through their ridiculous media script. Who is laughing now dark ones?

  39. That image is not an authentic photo.

  40. Many thanks for this update Cobra. It gives us a bit more input about the current state and I'm gateful for this. It seem that some progress is beeing made. Don't take the image too serious folks. I think it is just a made up image to make us think. Maybe it is just a simultation what it will be loke when the first triangle craft from another world is landing on mother earth.

    I rather hope that all theses massive threads of war, Ebola and other insane acts of the dark will soon belong to the past.

    I read that Germany becomes ready to join the BRICS. How serious is this and are papers already singned or is it just a rumour? I think that would be fantastic! When this is true it would mean a lot and Germany would be a forerunnner for other countries and in a short while the whole system would collapse. I would be keen to hear your comment on this.

  41. The Event occurs when Compression Breakthrough occurs, defined as follows:

    This planet is in a sandwich. There are light forces above the surface of the planet in the sky—positive ETs—sending light toward the surface of the planet from above. Then there is a resistance movement underground. All of these forces are holding the light below the surface and sending the light toward the surface. So the surface of the planet is in this compression. All of the darkness that was compressed on the surface needs to come out, because the light is constantly pressuring it to come out, so that it is processed and healed and removed. When the light from below meets the light from above at the surface, that’s the moment of compression breakthrough and that’s the moment of the Event.

    1. http://2012felemelkedes.blog.hu/

    2. TR-3B


  42. 50, 000 Dogs Beaten, Including Pets..Next the village cadre ordered ALL DOGS to be put down – including licensed pet dogs!
    China’s animal activists are dramatically outnumbered; however, they find the strength to keep fighting for animals, even though Chinese governments and most Chinese people wish they would simply shut up and go away.

    100 Dogs and Puppies Buried Alive
    In April, 2014 animal rescuers from the Yinchuan Pets Home group were notified “there were some dogs in a hole” said spokesperson Li Yeh, 28 years old. The number of animals was actually over one hundred live-dogs and live-puppieswhich been thrown in the bottom of a twenty foot deep pit which had been dug with heavy machinery, suggesting government officials were behind the excavation.

    Animal rescuers dig to uncover the sounds of whimpering coming from under the soil.

    The location was near a garbage dump in Alxa League, near China’s border with Mongolia, where dogs are regarded as vermin. Translating from Chinese to English, animal rescuers were notified of “some dogs in a hole” but due to circumstances, were unable to attend until the next morning.

    Animal rescuers uncover the whimpering dogs and were left in dismay with what they found. Dog owners are left sobbing on the ground, in pools of their pet dog’s blood as official Dog
    Beaters laugh in their face. Dog owners do not even have the dignity of burying their pet, which is thrown onto a lorry of beaten, broken and bloodied dog corpses. Beaten dogs are often not destroyed outright. Pleading and begging owners are met with violence.
    read more


    1. Tracey, that is unimaginably horrible! I will not be watching that video b/c I know my own limits, not something I could handle watching ( I don't watch war movies either). I request that those involved in making those decisions be among those taken to source , along with the Cabal. To me, dogs are Divine Love. We had 8 at one time,and they were the BEST family! To me, the ONLY thing better in this world than a dog, and that is a puppy. People need to start observing and learning love and dogs are a great mentor for those immature souls in human bodies. I will consider things to be right in this world when there are no more stray dogs and dogs are never harmed or left chained in a yard. And dog owners would be more responsible so that happy, sweet, loving dogs would be allowed in more public places.

    2. http://www.thepetitionsite.com/


    3. WHY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! See, this is why I don't want to be here anymore, on this planet. This is more than I can bare. Why would they do that???!!!! Goddess...please stop this insanity!

    4. Please refrain from posting this kind of thing. Those meant to work on the places of low-frequency are in place. All others should keep their vibrations up, avoiding such "news" if necessary.. Remember all the stuff online 6 months back about whale killings, getting all the lightworkers upset? It was old news, promoted as "just happened" and drove many to just this kind of despair. Just another Cabal trick; ignore it!

  43. Thanks Cobra.

    I want to point something out that the sum of the previous information has led me to. If these plasma scalar weapons can directly attack the minds of specific people and the NSA can track anybody's habits and content, then pretty much everyone who has ever read Cobra's, David Wilcock's, Benjamin Fulford, among others, are going to be put on a list and messed with.

    Ever since I've found this kind of information and kept looking I have developed terrible habits and have felt less like myself and more like a distracted, spineless victim. I keep going through this cycle of getting better then relapsing into self-destruction.

    I have no doubt that I and anyone else who have looked for this information are under attack to varying degrees. I don't have the kind of tech or awareness to stop these weapons, but I do have meditation, exercise, culinary skills, music, and hobbies that make me happy enough to keep going.

    We are being attacked collectively for a reason - they're scared of us. The Event is tied to not only the operations of the light forces but the breakthrough of humanity out of their cells, and I am going to make sure to meditate at least 15 minutes a day.

    I have to admit being obnoxiously stupid about meditation in the past. I didn't do the weekly meditations, didn't make time for it, and certainly didn't do any daily meditations. That was irresponsible, and has kept me stuck in this fear loop that the Cabal wants me in.

    I'm going to set that straight, just like I'm setting my health straight with running a mile every day. I'm tired of accepting life as a victim, I am going to make peace happen.

    I hope you guys think about doing the same,

    1. A little support to keep you going, JMA, if I may. By taking one step at a time, small is okay, you build up courage and confidence. That's what helps you through the next steps. Including going through a range of emotions that are part of the process of release and healing. Let them be the clouds that pass through your sky, leaving your sun in good and bright shining armor! They're supposed to be embraced within too, as much as the achievements. In that way they're acknowledged and become at peace with themselves. No fight, just shining your light ;)

  44. This comment has been removed by the author.

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  46. See 'Babylon is Fallen' by Kate of Gaia to discover how to free yourself from the matrix.

  47. Cobra the Beautiful Light Bringer is saving the world!

  48. https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=1442675939353621&substory_index=0&id=100008336853440&refid=17&_ft_&__tn__=%2As

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  50. Now that light forces have reached near the core, every new update is going to be very important and interesting. High time to continue with meditations with utmost zeal and anticipation now. My best luck for Pandora, blueshield, PB breach etc and all that strange stuff :-)

  51. Hear, hear!

  52. Thanks indeed to the Resistance, our fellow LightWorkers, and Cobra himself, for providing an on-going example of patience and dedication – I know I’ve lost mine, time and time and time again... ; ) Peace to All.

  53. Tells us about Agartha, past and present.

  54. http://www.stankovuniversallaw.com/2014/08/energy-update-august-3-2014/

    My personal experiences confirm all said in there, except I wouldn't be that sure about Ascension (whatever it means in practice) happening this month. But last night, I was in a state, where the Event (sky full of ships, beings, energy, love) had already happened and I was same time fully conscious in that timeline/dimension and in this timeline/dimension, and swapped them back and forth. It wasn't like a dream or anything. I have felt the Event happening numerous times before, but this time the difference was that it was in the same NOW moment as I'm writing this. This stuff is really hard to explain with words, but the Event kinda has already happened like many have said before. It's just that in this timeline it has been pushed as far back as possible, and thanks to 3D linear time, it feels like forever. Seems like we are in the most demanding timeline branch there is but I think the results will be forth the wait, albeit this all being incredible torment.

  55. (google translation)

    It's time to believe. We are not alone.

    Asthar messages - August 4 to 6.

    Maybe I just had something happen? To be sure, I also feel that approaching the nearby big turn in my life. Surely mightily strengthened the Light of the Earth, which has caused irreversible changes ..

    Monday 4 August 2014,
    Asthar message was 2014.08.04.
    This morning, the message was received.


    Let the relationship to rise about the light!
    Interconnections ACCEPT THE FOLLOWING CODES:
    (enrolled in a row, but I write under a different order of separation.)
    2 7 0 (ie zero)
    L (this is a runic symbol resembling the letter O - line shown, but otherwise I could not type)
      H is a runic characters, the square format described

      Zidan Zidan
      1 to 2 (alpha) -
    Ozean Dolfin CET ORELADO MANTA!
    Selamat GAJUN! Selamat Ja!
    OLA, OLA, OLA!


    I sent the siblings involved.

    After that - about 2 hours later - called D, and said:

    Over West Pannon about a castle - H.. Boat appeared Asthar 500 m in diameter, and it millions matrix codes as radiating light flood flows down to the Inner Earth brothers!

    Asthar said, this has never been in the history of the Earth!
    Worlds come together because now we go to the Word !!!

    I sent to stakeholders and is now asking - me share with you because the message can go for the rest of us, whom he starts talking to me!

    Doors began to open up!

    Waiting for Mother Earth, from the moment of birth!

    Wednesday, 6 August 2014

    Asthar message on the evening of August 5

    Relayed by Marika P.:

    08/05/2014 21:15
    The light is come upon you now! What we have long waited for and óhajtottatok!
    Many have suffered oppression béklyójától, but today a new era begins. With the advent of the era! Rejoice!
    Prayer was heard!
    Open your heart to the Universe and life will be so, as that desire. All up to you now. Which is above the bottom.

    You will love the integrity to represent the Earth.

    The task given your SEED PEOPLE!
    Lift RFE (feeder) into the ground!
    Cleanse the wounds of the past karmákat the power of love. Minősítsétek with light through the negative things. Flood upon the energy of love.
    We constantly do it to letisztuljon soon.
    Each meditation imagine the Earth as it pushes itself to the negative (black smoke like) things do not belong there. Minősítsétek love through the power of light. They collected what we provide, you can escape to somewhere else.
    Clean the atmosphere and the water. The soil will undergo regeneration.
    Deliver it to any object that Mother Earth is harmful and destructive.
    All this takes time, but gradually and continuously purified
    the land.
    Will you meet with us, but only those who have a clear enough sense to understand what is happening here on Earth.
    The payments industry has been to oversee the Federation of days, ready to intervene. Close the accounts, and approx. 2 weeks until changes to the new system. Pensions Keep up the people, not scare them.
    The new funds will be allocated. Everyone will be at the disposal of the required amount of money.
    Hang in there!
    Whatever will they say in the media, do not buy into.
    I will try to stir up fear and hostility.
    But you know, everything is just slander.
    PURE AND DETERMINED TO ASSIST arriving !!!!!!!
    We love you !!!!!!!
    Csillagtestvéreim, see you soon!
    Blessings be with you!

    I Ashtar Command.


    Posted by Catherine dombi Milly date: 23:00


  56. óhajtottatok .............would have loved

    béklyójától ...............chain of

    karmákat .................more karma

    Minősítsétek ............classify

    letisztuljon ...............purify your

  57. Csillagtestvéreim............................Brothers and Sisters Stars

  58. Yay! This is all so exciting. Thank you so much. Let's carry on the good work all of us! <3.


  60. This comment has been removed by the author.

  61. When is there a monthly update again. Looking forward to it!

  62. after the event are we going to be guaranteed that there will not be anything and I mean anything that resembles religion,gods,goddesses or temples on our planet?We don't want any gods etc... on our planet whether they were created by us on our planet or created by some other species on another planet.The new world should be about us practicing our free will unfettered without any distractions from gods or goddesses or any form of religion

    1. You can only speak for yourself. As far as I am concerned, every aspect or energy in the entire creation is a person. The sun, the moon, the earth, they are all persons and they take care of us. It is not necessary to surrender your free will to them, but they deserve appropriate respect and gratitude. They are very welcome here. Imagine a world without sun light...

  63. August Interview 2014


  64. August interview with Cobra by Rob Potter is available:

    1. Thank you Clark and Mitchell for the links. I've been waiting for this to come out.

  65. Has anyone seen the new captain America?

    Sure seems to be a lot of similarities between the film and what's being said here

    Chimera = Hydra
    Shield = Pentagon ( or alphabet agencies)

    They even mention paper clip in the film!


  66. Cobra, please tell the ETs to start the EVENT now. Even now, hundreds of thousands of Iraqis are being chased away from their homes by the evil ISIS monsters. We want the EVENT now!!!

  67. Cardiologist ,gone Alternative, Dr . Steven Sinatra ( you can google him) has several book written for laypersons. He is a proponent of Co enzymeQ10, aka CoQ10, hawthorneberry, D-Ribose ( a 5 sided sugar that feeds the mitochondria of the cell) and Magnesium. Additionally , he co-authored a book called "Earthing" about how, in modern society, we are not getting enough GROUNDING ENERGIES into our bodies. That is we are not laying on the grass and starring up at the clouds enough. I think this has been true for myself and probably a lot of those who are the type to focus on higher energies, may not necessarily be grounded , unless they have intentionally focused on doing so. Check out www.Earthing.com for info and mats you can plug into the grounding portion of the electrical outlets. There are testimonials of health benefits. Also, having worked in cardiology across the US for over 30 years, I can tell you that ALL cardiologist would recommend removing ALL caffeine and stimulants. In alternative medicine they are known as cytotoxins. May this info be helpful to you and others. May the Blessings Be


    (google translator, - above right - answer at language)


    jóléteteket> good margins,

    felhasználjátok> to use it,

    megérkezésünkre> at our arrival,

    mentoraitokat> your mentor,

    újjáélesztőiként> rebuilt as an alarm,

    Fénykamráitokra> you light chamber,

    státuszotokba> you of your status,

    érettekké> matures,

    metamorfózisotokat> your metamorphosis,

    fedeznetek> to cover you,

    őrzőitekkel> more Guardian

    jólétetekről> about being good,

    szárazföldjét> dry land,

    (I hope so too is understandable!)

  69. COBRA..vi el vídeo que pasaron en la tv de rusia....increíble como la cabala tiene tanto poder...ahora entiendo porque ha sido tan difícil acabar con la cabala....como puede haber gente tan mala.....cuídate mucho cobra

  70. Cobra,

    Can you tell us if this is true?

    It's about ancient Greek history, Greek language, the 12 Olympians, Great Emperor and Holy Light Lord Zeus, Apollon(it said that Jesus is incarnation of Apollon), master geneticist and manufacturer of super guns and super devices of the entire Galactic Confederation Hephaestus and many other interesting things..



  71. The "ambassador" speaking about Cobra:

  72. I trust those who have been given the overview, the wisdom, and the 360 degree higher perspective and have their sleeves rolled up doing the work to make the choices for the highest good of all concerned. Cobra and the RM were not picked out of a cracker box. They were selected to be the very best for this. Unless we hold the same, training, perspective, wisdom, experience, communication abilities, education and awareness, we really do not come from valid place to tell them what to do. I believe each of them has a position that they had much training for. The rest of us probably have no idea what they have been thru and how very long it took each of these individuals to get to this point of individual and collective service. I look fwd to the opportunity to meet any of them one day

  73. sit for 3 minutes and take deep breaths do this as often as you can. it sounds like your energy flow is off balance or out of tune, remember there is time for action in our daily lives..but there must be time given to the body so it can keep up with the mind.sit and relax just make every taught a loving taught and you will be better in know time

  74. Arkhon invasion, or the return of the Nephilim


    1. when i click the link it says blocked to my country any else getting this plus could some tell me were i can see this

  75. Aloha, Cobra and friends:

    Thanks very much for returning to cyberspace, Cobra and telling us the latest ...... Regarding Cobra's August 5 post and the image posted there, I believe we are looking at secret technology, but the cool stuff is not the big black triangle thing. It's the Winnebago camper! My guess is that this camper-buggy goes to the stars. The black triangle craft is just there to lead us off the trail.......:^).........

    Okay, anyway, thanks for the Rob Potter interview and the Elizabeth Whitney interview too. Elizabeth lost some of the recording capability in the middle of it, evidently, but she pieced together what you said in the interview and it's pretty good information........

    Regarding Cobra's Aug. 1 post regarding the Sigma and Tau eggs, I will guess that the good guys have eliminated about 18 or 19 out of perhaps 24 total strange-bombs. Sigma and Tau are the 18th and 19th letters of the 24-letter Greek alphabet. Just my hypothesis, of course, and I could be dead wrong, but hey, I'm trying and they are doing God's work and thank you, good guys!

    People: Time to resume our daily meditation and also do the Sunday meditation!! ..... You will find your aura will fill up after about 18 or 19 minutes of sitting. Sit with your spine erect, feet flat on the floor. You can have your palms together for the first 10 minutes and then each palm open and up for the second 10 minutes (20 minutes + total, at least, daily).

    During your whole meditation, you can visualize a column of light that goes from the center of the earth to the top of the universe and you are in the middle of it, grounded on the earth. It will increase your energy, protect your energy field. At the end of your meditation, Wrap yourself in a pink egg of divine protection, for about 10 or 20 seconds, about one mile around you, above you and beneath you with you in the center. This will keep the bad guys at bay and give you an enormous energy boost......Stay positive, ignore the fear porn, imagine yourself with perfect health and perfect knowledge, in perfect balance.... Love to all and aloha...

  76. how near (close) ? here. now. why not ?

  77. from my fb post:

    Phoenix Boulay shared a link.
    8 minutes ago
    Well I was trying to post Cobra's interview by Rob Potter which is on the Promise Revealed website, with full transcript, and suddenly that website went down. I was only going to post it in about 6 places, LOL. Go to bed, NSA! You are not going to stop us! Victory to the Light! For now part of it is on Kualepele's site. http://kauilapele.wordpress.com/2014/08/09/cobra-interview-with-rob-potter-8-1-14-transcript-and-audio/

    Phoenix Boulay ERROR 500 - INTERNAL SERVER ERROR
    Why am I seeing this page?

    "500 errors usually mean that the server has encountered an unexpected condition that prevented it from fulfilling the request made by the client. This is a general error class returned by a web server when it encounters a problem in which the server itself can not be more specific about the error condition in its response to the client.

    In many cases this is not an indication of an actual problem with the server itself but rather a problem with the information the server has been instructed to access or return as a result of the request. This error is often caused by an issue on your site which may require additional review by our support teams."

    Phoenix Boulay Perhaps, but we, the Away Teams will disseminate this information regardless, and we do have Divine Intervention at our disposal. (Actually I think the text section was far too large for even a FB post).
    6 minutes ago · Like

    Phoenix Boulay Ok the site came back up but Cobra's interview pages are still down. I think they were discussing how things are now being removed from the internet (censorship). I am sure it is a temporary situation. I mean, it may not be resolved overnight, but the fall of the cabal is imminent, and we will have a great influx of information as well as a great influx of light -which is information..which will help us with discernment of what exactly is going on. Have no fear.
    about a minute ago · Like



  79. Cobra not to be disrespectful, but can you address what Neil keenan said about you only knowing a lowly dragon family associate and no one with any important intel? What is your response to this?

  80. Cobra, I have been following the theme of our alternative history and current shadow power struggle over the future of humanity for some time, with nothing but my intuition, logic and discernment for guidance. While there is much truth in what I see there is also a fair share of disinformation and innocent misconception to sift through. I have a genuine and i think important question for you, please don't misjudge this for trolling or debunking...... In this article you single out the Rothschild family from all other Cabal and service to self families, individuals and organizations, siting a Zionist control of the mass media. While I have no doubt whatsoever of the Rothchilds being one of the main perpetrators, if this is truly a Zionist control, why am i seeing the mass media and the UN globally singing from an obvious premeditated chorus, vilifying Zionism as the root of all the evils of humanity?....even as they are actually favouring a fundamentalist and extreme terrorist organization which doesn't just want to destroy Israel, but every Moderate Muslim (hundreds of thousands being murdered or displaced by ISIS which is being ignored by the same media), Jew and Christian on the planet in their "holy Jihad". Am I to understand from your point of view, that the so called Zionist shadow controllers of humanity, made up of the Royals, the Vatican and the banking families (of whom only a small few are Jews) want to destroy Israel as part of their so called "Zionist" agenda? Do you realize that many are picking up on these ideas and using them to vent a completely different agenda of pure antisemitism? Innocent Jews are now being attacked around the western world as antisemitism is rising under the guise of anti-Zionism as a direct result of the media frenzy which is focusing very carefully on one side of the Gaza conflict.

    If i may briefly add to that, it is my view that there is a distinct possibility that ISIS, Hamas, and the takeover of the Ukrainian government has been insidiously engineered by the Cabal to destabilize any chance of spiritual harmony in the masses and bring on the next phase of their agenda which is depopulation. Zionism has nothing to do with it.

    1. @Mike

      Someday, Cobra will write a book about that and then everything will become clear. Cobra's brief posts require extensive clarification otherwise you won't be able to understand much. Have you read spy thrillers like The Bourne Identity ... layers of deception ... deception within deception within deception ... enough to drive you crazy ! Inevitably, a chaotic situation is created and everybody tries to kill each other, each accusing the other of treachery ( Jason Bourne was nearly killed in the graveyard because they thought that he had turned traitor. Nobody knew that the poor sap had a bullet scrape his skull and that he was walking around with amnesia. ) The Zionist question you outlined above is similarly chaotic. It will take time to sort out the true situation and get a clear picture. Unfortunately nothing can be done about the antisemitism. ( Even if Cobra manages to write that book, how many people are going to listen to him anyway. Maybe after the Event they will, but not now.) The Jews will continue to be in the line of fire until things get sorted out.

  81. @Karl von Osterreich and Mike:
    Pure intellect has a fracturing characteristic. True wisdom of the soul is something very different than cold intellect only. So it is very important to connect mind and heart. There are very effective exercises to activate the third eye and connect it with the "tiny little space of the heart" which is the "brain" inside of the heart and so also the brain gets activated, but very positive. Some scienticists have found out, that this tiny little space inside of the physical heart really has a similar structure like the brain.
    You can have a very high intelligence quotient (generally spoken) and very low heart vibration, so your soul-frequency or wisdom is not very high. A good heart is the most important thing and also you gain goodness inside of your heart through art, beauty, love, compassion and happiness. It is also important to have intelligence, but we have to put it in service to and harmony with the heart.
    Also for creating our reality we need to develop our heart-abilitys. And our reality should always include the highest good for all, in highest service to the whole. We always have to start within ourselves. If we see something bad outside, first we must solve the frequency inside of us. The more we work with this, the more we get to know which information is valuable and which not, because we come nearer to the divine truth ~ and the divine truth and love and all that is named by it, is the only thing that will last, when we ascend.



    1. This is new age garbage at its worst. Who are you to tell me I have a low heart vibration quotient? For asking a question? Neel Keenan said cobra is not who he says he is, I have followed and resonated with cobras material so I would like to clear this up. I am a heart centered being spreading light through my DNA codes to all I interact with. Your perspective is a bit condescending and therefor lowers your vibrations actually.

    2. Karl Von Osterreich, if you felt put down by my words I am sorry. I meant this in general (if you read again you see this) because this is the way, I do it and I thught, maybe it could help someone else too. Obviously this is not the case.

    3. No prob Eliana! Sorry I am passionate. hehe

    4. Karl von Osterreich: --->Ok.
      I listened to Neil Keenans video 30 minutes and afterwards I was asking myself what exactly he is talking about. Ok, SOMETHING will happen and all this stuff with the dollar and so on.....but I have got no single additional understanding of anything through listening to him and no single AHA-effect.
      He seems to be a bit confused and I am missing the spiritual aspect. In MY case he does not help me developing my abilities and understanding.

  82. TR-3B