Saturday, September 6, 2014

BlueShield 4 L3 locked


  1. for me it's a positive message (11:51 am / 1:51 pm)

  2. This may very well be the stupidest idea ever, and you can make all the fun out of me for trying. But I'm gonna try something to send some Energies to Block Da Lock.


    Our Time Is Here, Our Time Is NOW!

    SO THERE!!


    1. If you think you can risk it....what an opportunity to be free of it!

      Every cell is transforming, and we turn into original concepts to construct....

      Here with ya, trying to send it some medicine;)

    2. Cheers :-)

      Take the marbles out of Lars' proverbial mouth and this is almost what He wnated to say :-)
      "Can't Sstop The Rock!"
      Good little boy.

      And indeed no-one can, you little wise-ass know-it-all.
      Talkin' to You here, Dini, not Lars! :-)

      Whatever, happy 6.9

      BTW, whenever I hear The Rock, all I can think of is ULURU

    3. I always enjoy your music-video links Rajah, thank you!

      What are you going to do once the Event comes?

    4. Your guess is as good as mine, mate :-)
      Being blissfully surprised and overwhelmed by Love and Joy is about as far as I would like to venture at this Point In Time.
      And of course taking part in the Greatest Group Hug in History when We All Celebrate Together :-)))

      Till then, We're all together in this wonderful chain reaction reaching its Ultimate Climax.

    5. All it takes is One, aren't we just that? :-)
      Awesome, never heard most of the songs you've linked so thanks!

      I hear you brother, all I can do is go about my day with this little part of me ready to be swept up by that sudden wave of Love and Joy. Ahhh ::kicks feet up:: yea, it's our time to shine.

      Looking forward to being 1-link in that Loving chain-reaction hug!

    6. Timing, baby.
      It's ALL About The TIMING !!!
      Only been saying this like a mantra for ten years now.
      Along with "it takes Actions not Words" that must have been my most-spoken sentence since My Higher Self kicked Me into another Gear way back when . . the Dead Sea was just sick (feels like it.)
      And both are True as can be.


      performs a Little Dance for The Rock - Surfboards ready.

      This is just so beautiful, close your eyes, lean back and catch The Wave :-)

      "Raining On The Rock"

      Rainbow Crystal lit with Blue Light - literally.

  3. Could someone help me in these questions:
    1) What is the Galactic Central Sun? Is it really a sun or star? Is it a portal or field? Or is it a superconsciousness?
    2) Is the Galactic Central Sun in the geometric center of the Milky Way or in the Great Attractor?


    1. Well, the galactic central sun is a being. you see, as evolved the being is, the bigger it is. i assume the sun, is a logos, or sub logos. they are very evolved beings. you may think is a god. well, you can put it that way, but you have to understand that there is no "god".. there is just a group of beings helping each other with evolving. it doesnt mean that there are more evolve beings than others..

    2. I think it is in or around Sagittarius A

  4. As the image appears to become even MORE pixelated.....

    1. Pixelated image is due to re-exporting JPG image to JPG at lower quality, this kind of thing may happen if web tools are used incorrectly.

    2. @Aleksey, or Cobra is just brightening the image in a photo editing software, every time we get closer to the Event, and then re-uploading. Each time the image is brightened it will become more and more pixelated. This can be like a type of code. Cobra likes to use images as a means of sending messages.

  5. Its work in progress...Belief is the marriage of thoughts and emotion.... Feeling and belief happens in our heart. I look forward to our meditation Sunday...

  6. I feel like big things are happening. I am practically in a constant state of anxiety because I think we are getting closer and closer to the end. The pressure keeps building. I hope the Event happens soon because I just can't continue to put up with this anxiety!

    1. The equinox periods are the ideal weather window of opportunity. No extremes all over the planet.

    2. @Time Missionary, I definitely agree with this! It would be very difficult to try and pull off the Event in winter when transportation is bad and the general population is more vulnerable to freezing. People will really be freaking out if they think they might freeze to death because there is no money and no government at that moment.

    3. It's funny you say this, a few weeks ago while laying down for bed I got, what I can only describe as, a "flash" of a download that explained to me WHY the Event would take place in warmer/neutral climate, soon.
      I don't know where it came from but for a couple seconds, I understood.

      Then, in another "flash" it was gone. I was left with the knowing of what but the why suddenly became elusive.


    by Lawrence Spencer

    Overview : Army Air Force Nurse, Matilda MacElroy interviewed the pilot of
    the UFO that crashed at Roswell, NM in 1947, who revealed that
    3,000 members of "The Domain" were attacked and captured by
    forces of the Old Empire in 5,965 BCE. They were given amnesia
    and sent to Earth to live as humans. The Domain Force deployed
    a mission to contact and recover these lost personnel from Earth.
    Amnesia / thought control mechanisms are installed around Earth
    to ensure that it remains a secret prison planet under the control
    of the Brothers of The Serpent.

    The Domain desires that all IS-BEs of Earth will eventually be
    recovered to their natural spiritual state of independence, power
    and immortality, as embodied in the Eternally Benevolent
    Domain, by the principle of "All-Mother, and in the entity of "The
    Omniscient and Omnipotent Matriarch". The content of this book
    is a mission debrief received from Matilda MacElroy, who is now
    a member of the DEF Rescue Mission, stationed in the asteroid
    belt surrounding Earth.

  8. I keep having trouble sleeping some nights lately. Also a very low frequency humming and whining above the house. I feel massive changes ahead :)

    1. tenho ficado 30 horas sem dormir em dias alternados.

  9. Just got word US is under major cyber attack on banks-told to get cash out now! FYI

    1. Where is from this information?

    2. That's what I heard, a state-sponsored cyber attack. However, not sure if it's some other country gathering intel on US banks, or, a US agency posing as some other country attacking our own. How could you really determine who is doing the attack. I mean, if we have isis terrorists rollin around in what looks like SF trucks, who knows...China's cyber intelligence is so advanced they redirected and probably collected all the web traffic for a short period of time in recent past...why would they do that?.. testing their capabilities?
      This is starting to seem a little like the politicians back in the 1940's-50's being approached by E.T.s and not knowing which ones they could trust. If the banks are being attacked, the US economy can't take anymore hits. Maybe the BRICS are making their move...who knows...just some of my thoughts


  11. Ant today the word of the Sunday.....
    In my near there is a shop with asian couple does inhabit it and they are so diligent.......since 2 years I keep walking past that the beginning I saw him and his wife fighting with each other and they where unpleased and sad......and when the 11th gate of Solara was anchored I went into the shop and bought some white flowers.......he was so happy....... I dont know how many words we have exchanged all summed up.... maybe 10? ......and every time I walk by I see this man happier and happier and when we see each other from a very far distance, I can feel it and have to be very careful not to smile too much...... so the mystery would be destroyed.....and today I was not aware and he actually smiled very broad at me....a day meeting that person is a saved day......feels like an old friend.....
    So have good meditations today everybody;)

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    1. Very interesting.....Wish the site had an English version!

    2. Dear Cynthia,

      Thanks a lot for your link. To explain the graph I have to say something to correct you.
      First of all you see a chart of Earth Magnetic Field Frequency over the Time. The Color is the Intensity over Time and Frequency. Now you have to take the median Schumann Resonance Frequency and this is around 8.7 Hz ; the tendency is to shift higher ..
      BUT I would say something went wrong... During this time the main middle Frequency is lower and I personally would say that many people have not the right intention but a lot of energy!! :-]
      And the last question.. when something went wrong, how is cleaning up ???!!!

      Ciao, Momo !!!

    3. This comment has been removed by the author.


  13. Admiral Richard E Byrd - Hollow Earth Video Interview

  14. Does anyone know what Bla-Bla and Bla-Bla-Bla means?

    So much Bla Bla

  15. I always wondered why all those purple real estate signs went up!?!
    7. Geo Group incarcerates vast numbers of illegal aliens, charging the USFederal taxpayer for the "service". This makes money for Wells Capital / Fargo,which makes money for Berkshire Hathaway, which makes money for Buffet.Warren Buffet makes money flagrantly loaning money to illegals to buy homeshere and then he makes money when they get sent to live in the privately-owned 'Big House' known as Prison!

    Sick people and even sicker is people worshipping sick people because they have money?and fame?
    Warren Buffett is exposed as being part of this satanic cabal in Omaha. John Decamp himself refers to this man as a child-molesting and cannibalizing satanist, after years of investigating and exposing this.

  16. I can believe this number...when I was many girls had these stories to tell and many shared them with me, same with many adults..
    120 million girls - one in 10 - are raped or sexually attacked by age of 20
    Boys also report experiences of sexual violence, but to a lesser extent than girls
    The most common form of sexual violence for both genders is cyber-victimisation
    95,000 children and teenagers were murdered in 2012
    Slightly over one in three students aged 13-15 experience regular bullying in school
    Six out of 10 children aged between two and 14 are physically punished by carers

  17. We have not found ENGLISH!

    (GOOGLE WITH Try to translate!)

  18. The minnesota jokers or as some try to call them isis terrorists.....Not to be mistaken by the Beautiful goddess...why would they pick a girls name?...Anyway this guy put all the isis videos together in a nice package, don't worry pg rated...don't miss this!!!

  19. 麻煩請十四萬四千已覺醒的靈魂,於每週日世界標準時間(UTC)的下午三點,一起加入全球冥想的行列! 歡迎大家共襄盛舉! 請點選臉書上的「邀請」來邀請您更多的朋友一起加入我們! :)

    1. I hope chinese is correct, it should mean: " 144.000 awakened ones joining together for Planetary Meditation every Sunday at 3 pm UTC, please USE the INVITE BUTTON to invite your friends!"

    2. To people from asia: I am sorry if it was to firm expressed.....!

      I have a better translation now:

      我們於每週日世界標準時間(UTC)的下午三點開始全球冥想,歡迎大家加入全球冥想的行列,一起達到144000臨界值! 歡迎大家共襄盛舉! 請點選臉書上的「邀請」來邀請您更多的朋友一起加入我們! "


    3. We set all our hope in people of Asia, as the spirtual leaders in western world seem to have better things to do than uniting.......
      So please dont feel insulted by another try to gather some people for meditation with the tiny little facebook event, we are all family.

    4. Beloved Eliana, the problem of Asian is that we are not united in this Divine course. And being attacked by religion groups now and then, and also attacked by our own kind too. So, to gather people together for this Divine course, it is still a long way to go. But thanks you for your efforts in putting this up. I am from Singapore.

      May the LOVE be with you always!



    A "Are you kidding me! moment" XD

    AWESOME Cobra, thank you very much

  21. dear Cobra & RM, is there really anything else we can do besides just Meditation only ?
    any other *ways* perhaps ?

    if you/we all really *real serious* about saving humanity & this 'cursed' world,..then we have to do it real quick/fast, urgently/ASAP .. !
    there are too much unnecessary pains, sufferings, & unfairness already across the planet .. !

    1. Niki, I'm not Cobra or the RM, so I hope you don't mind if I reply to you :)

      Thank you for your positive intention to do something besides the meditation. My suggestion is that you can unplug yourself from the Matrix and start to empower yourself. There are so very many ways to become self-empowered ~ but essentially it's simply taking back your own Sovereignty, disengaging your energy from the Matrix and stepping away from fear.

      In the worst-case scenario where "nothing" happens, you are still an individual Soul responsible for your own journey. So might as well do the best that you can in whatever manner you are able. And btw, there won't be a worst-case scenario because too many people are now awake and saying NO to being controlled by the Dark.


  22. Replies
    1. You're not alone, because I'm tired already. I'm starting to give up hope. :(

    2. What is tired?
      What is hope?
      What is giving up?

      All are choices, to voice those choices is asking for assistance.

      Hope is the only energy inside us, that you do not have to sweat, work or search for.

      Hope is a reflection of how far into the future you see yourself.

      The average life span of a human is 74-81 years of age. Are you 74 years old?

      If you are younger than 74, you certainly have more hope and energy. If you are 174 you certainly have more hope and energy. You are infinite! Think, believe, and live so you may feel this way.

      Try not depending on this one random blog, spitting out coded messages that not many or even nobody understands.....

      Kevin and Vik I fucking love you with all of my heart and soul. Please keep your head above water. Some only meditate, some take every step to try and bring back love and peace for all. It does not have to be created just re-instated.

      ONE LOVE

    3. you are not alone..
      people like us are *honestly* tired, because as far as I can see, there is still not BIG & hard, solid, physical proof(s) of all these "imaginative/fantasy-ish/movie-like" stuff being talked constantly in this blog & comments..
      I'm seriously starting to feel like this is probably either not true, and/or just a wishful thinking ?..

      dear Cobra & RM, if you read this (& the comments above mine), again, please...please show us some *TANGIBLE* proof(s), also the *PRACTICAL* things that we can relate (in our daily-lives here in this mundane & harsh planet/Reality everyday) and also DO (of course other than *Meditations*... there must be OTHER *ways* than just meditation, right?.. because I'm *honestly* again starting to get bored also of meditation with -again- NO tangible, hard, physical proof(s) of BIG CHANGES that I've expected for god knows how long...).

      please reply urgently ..!

      - from Indonesia-

  23. An interesting article circa 1957, read the "Text of the Scrolls" part. It's interesting to note that these ETs are afraid to contact humans mentally/telepathically - it's dangerous as I myself assumed before. This article confirmed my speculation. The reason for this is how our brains are "wired" and controlled by virus-like mind programs.,England,FSR58V4N6.pdf

  24. My friend, the way I see it is that the ONLY EVENT that will happen, is the event when the NWO execute their final plan for world dominance. They are in the their final stage and is geared up and full speed on course with it. Look at what is happening all around the world. There are wars, people with superhuman strength running around naked and attacking innocent people, FEMA camps, weird weather patterns and lot more ufo activity and the list carry on. Every night I surf the web and I see all these things going on and I even though I do not call myself a christian I can see that the book of revelations in the christian bible is playing out right now. We are in the end of days and if Cobra and this resistance group really exists, they better step it up because we the people are bound by the laws of our countries and THERE IS NO WAY THAT WE CAN STAND UP AGAINST OUR GOVERNMENTS. THE GOVERNMENTS OWNS THE MILITARY FORCES AND MOST OF THE GOVERNMENTS OF THE WORLD ARE OWNED BY THE ILLUMINATI. On our own we will need a miracle to win such a war.

  25. Everyone...please hear....we all have to remember why we are here....for just this purpose....TO BE HERE...holding place...BEing who we are...everything looks like we are so beaten...with no way to get out of this without losing our totalities...but...please try to go down your very Knower...and know there is the Plan...this big picture is very easy to lose sight of amidst all that is going on...there is within us all a phenomenal BEing that is about to come back....about to return to who we were before coming here....we let this 3rd dimension take us over...bowl us over....not remembering we were chosen to be here...we volunteered to be takes a very long time to unravel so many thousands of years of web...very intricate web....but it is coming down....and the coded messages are for us to see that things are happening...keep holding on to that inner YOU...that person who can and will finish this deal....

  26. Thanks David (welsh) for your info. Very interesting! I hope the event occurs soon. So tired and lethargic all the time.

    Let's get as many people to do atleast one of the two weekly meditations!