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Untersberg is a mountain on German-Austrian border which is one of the key vortex points for the planetary liberation.
For many millennia, many caves on the mountain served as entry points into vast underground tunnel system which led into the Agartha network:

Then in 1220, Goddess Isais (who is an aspect of Isis) appeared in front of a certain Templar knight named Hubertus Koch when he was traveling near Nineveh in Iraq, which is very close to the center of Hassuna-Samarra Goddess vortex. The Goddess has instructed him to build a Goddess temple near Untersberg and to move the Goddess vortex there, because Mongol invasion was approaching the Samarra vortex. She also gave him a piece of Cintamani, a stone from Sirius star system, to bring it to Untersberg. He then formed a Templar group called Lords of the black stone to become the guardians of the stone and keepers of the Goddess vortex. 

That stone was then given to Cathars, then to Templars in France, was briefly in possession of Adam Weishaupt, the founder of the Illuminati, was later in the hands of Edwar Bulwer-Lytton who wrote his famous novel The Coming Race, and then his son took it back to the Lords of the black stone in Vienna. 
Cintamani stone, the stone of the Holy Grail, is sometimes erroneously called the black stone, because it has a distinct violet-black color. Its purpose is to dissolve the network of implants and help disintegrate the Veil.
Karl Haushofer, a black magician, the man who introduced the Chimera group to humanity, has manipulated a group of Pleiadian contactees, called the Vril Women (die Vrilerinnen) and a representative of the Lords of the black stone to form the Vril society near Berchtesgaden, which immediately began to develop its space program under the guidance of Winfried Otto Schumann. This was the first beginning of the space program on the surface of this planet. Schumann, who was later paperclipped into the United States, was working there for military-industrial complex at Wright-Patterson base and is well known for his often misunderstood Schumann resonance:
The Aldeabarans (a former faction of the Pleiadians) have yielded into cooperation with the Vril society in exchange for a promise that there will be no mass extermination of Jews by the Nazi regime. When the Nazis began the persecution of Jews, the Pleiadians have cut all ties with the Nazi regime somewhere around 1938. 
The Nazis made one of their main strongholds in the Berchtesgaden area near Untersberg because they wanted to take occult advantage of the Goddess vortex present there. 
After World War II, that area became one of the main strongholds of the Chimera group. Berchtesgaden sits is a dish shaped valley, surrounded by mountains and is an ideal place for experiments with scalar wave technology:

Very recently, the presence of the Chimera group has been removed from the area. Now it is one of the most powerful Light spots on the planet, with many hidden entrances into the Resistance Movement and further portals into the Pleiadian star system.
The whole area is a very strong interdimensional portal, which is indicated by a strong magnetic anomaly in the same area:


The Goddess vortex has been reactivated by the Light forces very recently in the pond of Goddess Isais near Untersberg:

A piece of Cintamani stone has been returned to Untersberg. Goddess Isis is now harmonizing the energy of whole Europe through the Untersberg vortex. 

An update about the Chimera situation will be posted when the time is right, which may or may not be very soon


  1. greeat intel ! thank you cobra and the RM !

  2. Awesome.

    Wonderful update.

    Thank you Cobra and the RM for all that you have done so far.
    We as Humanity are Grateful.

    Victory to the Light

  3. I knew that the mystery Central Europe stronghold was in Germany and had something to do with WWII. !
    Glad to know this Intel and that the Light is winning.

    I would like to know if there were strongholds in South America or any possible intel about this continent I live in.

    Thank you Cobra,

  4. That was a great read. Cobra, now the Chimera has been removed from Untersberg, will the Agarthans move around more freely and share technology? The Reunion must be one step closer...

    Also, your readers need to be clear that removing the Chimera is a big step, but there are more obstacles before breakthrough.

    Maybe we could redouble efforts on Long island, everyone...!


  5. This information is definitely helpful I have been waiting for thisl. I feel so blessed to be here with all the light workers together on this amazing exciting journey!

    Best wishes to Cobra the RM and all light workers.

  6. Very interesting update. But I still don't understand what a goddess is. An angel? An archangel? A thoughtform? A collective consciousness? But, hey, if a goddess will help to get this planet liberated than I am all for the goddess!

    1. Research Orion and have in mind that who liberate you, he, in our occasion she controls you. I'd like to hear Cobra what he thinks about the Goddes of Orion and her role in this events, because shenisnfar far far from what we think we perceive as liberation

    2. No Sir. It is the feminine aspect of Source which has been supressed for millenia


    4. I would recommend exploring Almines work. I think its the book "Opening The Doors of Heaven" that pertains to Isis, uplifting.

    5. Mitchell , Glad you asked the question...
      You see, a Goddess is a feminine energy that runs the universes everywhere. She is the creative force of everything living. She is the Creative energy. The Higher order of all energies. She is also known as Shakti in hinduism, the better half, a consort of Lord Shiva. Both are the masculine and the feminine energies, who balance the energies of all the universes. Because she is the all prevading energy, she is the highest form who can manifest into any form she wishes to! The lesser goddess are a part of her manifestation. She, who is Pure Consciousness.
      The Mother Goddess. When the feminine energy is supressed, there is anarchy and imbalance observed in the society and the planet. This is why the chimeras and other dark forces shunned feminine energy/goddess by labelling them witches and something to loath upon. And when the society came to believe in the falsified myth, creative forces started to diminish.

      The mother goddess is the most supreme energy. She who annihilates the demons with her ferocity, and is equally loving to creations that mean good. I hope my simplified explanation must have shed some light.

      PS. this is a time of goddess portal opening, up untill midway October. You may meditate and help the RM and goddess too !

      Thank you for the wonderful Q again !

  7. RM-

    Keep on! Victory to the Light!

    Thank You.

  8. I've been listening to the song 'Counting Stars' by One Republic and the message it conveys could be considered the 'song of the resistance'.

    "Lately I been, I been losing sleep (hey!)
    Dreaming about the things that we could be
    But baby, I been, I been prayin' hard (hey!)
    Said no more counting dollars
    We'll be, we'll be counting stars"

    Thanks for the update!

  9. Wow.....Very Beautiful and Wondrous...........Great Info!

  10. thanks so much Cobra and all the Resistance and Galactics helping Mother Earth and her children!
    Someone asked about hot spots in South America, and when you mentioned the magnetic anomaly, it made me very curious, because I live in the central part of Brasil and recently some researchers here set up a Nikola Tesla Institute here, and they mentioned that this central part is one of the best places on the planet to build the Tower of Power becaus there is a strong eletro-magnetic anomaly right over our heads!
    Anybody heard of Chapada dos Veadeiros? A beautiful place, with a national park full of waterfalls, a lot of crystals on the ground and very mystical! Check out the images:
    Maybe we should do a Cobra conference there? Youcan count on me to help set it up!
    Anyway, we've been sending a lot of loving energy to help heal Long Island, let us know what else we can do to bring in the final Victory of the Light! May the Force be with us, peace and Love!

    1. Chapada dos Veadeiros is breathtaking. Thank you!!!!

    2. your welcome! Mother Earth is incredible!

  11. I'm curious if anyone has more info on "The Aldeabarans (a former faction of the Pleiadians)". Why does Cobra say "former"? I feel some connection to that name, Aldebaran, but I don't really know much about them. I've heard they're the more military faction of the Pleiadians, and are more in favor of taking action than others of the race.

  12. Thank You Cobra and every one else working hard again ...<3 ....I also wanted to ask who all watched the Live UN speech with Obama and other GOV people today ....I had few people tell me Obama was pretty much saying NWO by next year and few other bad stuff to go along with it for us here in USA ...Just wanted to ask what is your thinking on his speech today if you watched it ....? Thank you

    1. O is on puppet strings and being told what to say for nothing more than fear mongering as that is the only tool the dark have left. The light IS winning! It will be a planet of original order and NOT a nwo. In fact, we have been living in a nwo - and its now on the EXIT status rather than 'full throttle'! Peace now and forever more....

  13. "I am no master I know nothing. I am a servant and I know something. Awaken your water within, the time is now."
    -Nahko Bear, Guardian of Gate Number 7

    We are a danger to darkness, you better run quickly.

  14. Thank you Cobra for the update. Ah, so Untersberg was the European secret location of the Chimera! I pray the Long Island stronghold is the last one!!

    Some info I remembered reading about Goddess Isis is here:

    "What I am being told is that Isis is pure energy of love and femininity. She is a representation of everything that is feminine, tranquil and yet powerful. Immensely Powerful. She is not simply a being, she is a gregarious being of light. Pure energy is what she truly is, and yet as an energy being she is able to transform and take form of various people in order to get the job done. She is the representation of our feminine side, regardless of weather you are a man or a woman. A part of her is in you and a part of you is in her. Every single being on earth and beyond has a particle of her in them, and she has a particle of them in her. She is the MOTHER GOD, the MOTHER SOURCE so to speak of ALL that there is. She is the feminine representation of the SOURCE."

  15. Great read! Thanks Cobra! Also, Interesting interview about false light paradigm with Cameron Day...

  16. Thanks Cobra RM Thank you VICTORY OF THE LIGHT!!!

  17. Thank you Cobra for the update and you continued commitment to the liberation of humanity. We all owe you, the RM and all the light workers a debt of gratitude.
    I realize that there are those who are impatient and who aren't seeing any improvements in their lives. However, I believe that the rewards of complete liberation and regaining full conscious again are well worth the continued wait and all the positive energy that we can send to the RM and light workers as they continue with their dangerous mission in New Your.

    Power and Victory to the Light

  18. Such Beauty ! Thank You Cobra and Light Forces !

    Victory Now ♥

  19. Dear brother, It is so rare to get intel about the goddess in these difficult times. Thank you, thank you, thank you and please continue posting more about her.


    It seems that whatever you focus on will gain power over your mind. If you are not spiritually strong enough, it may be better to focus on places like Untersberg. The rare few who can deal effectively with negativity may feel inclined to focus on Long island. Anyway it is a personal decision. Go with what you feel is right in every session (which may change from session to session). If Untersberg is fully purified (as Cobra as reported) then make good use of it's powerful healing goddess energies of love to purify the negativity within you and leave Long Island and the negative-enough-to-spoil-your-mood Chimera group to the Light forces.

    Newcomers to this blog ... the dynamics of the world situation is not easily grasped by a single reading. Some of the subjects metioned in today's post may be better understood by referring to the older posts. e.g.: The Vril Society is briefly explained in

    1. Thank you @time missionary. You are always so good to find the posts where we need to look again:)

    2. Hola Great Spirit Bear !

      @device challenged

      Mobiles don't have the archive sidebar, so use this trick to jump to older Cobra posts : displays a month's worth of posts from 20th April, 2012. displays a month's worth of posts from 7th November, 2012.

      ... and so on ...

      Type any date you want while maintaining the syntax of the rest of the address and you can see a month's worth of posts from that date.

      Enjoy !

    3. Simpler syntax for the non power user : for all posts in September, 2013. for all posts in December, 2012.

      ... and so on ...

  20. Dear Cobra:

    Thank you for this excellent update, and I want to check the time sequence about Vril Society .

    If I am right,such time sequence should be:

    the Light forces found Thule Society in Germany→ Adolf Hitler, as its member hijacked it and turned it into Vril Society (also Nazi Party on the surface)→Karl Haushofer conducted secret space program with the help of Schumann→
    Mr. Karl got contact and then compromised by the Chimera group when he was in Tibet→Agent Karl then brainwashed Hitler the Führer into WWII (to maintain people quarantined )

    You are so welcomed to correct my viewpoint if anything is missed.

    Victory is NOW! Liberation is NOW!

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  22. Victory of the light! Thank you. Amazing progress so far. I hope the final stages of clearing and the Event can go so well! I'm sure that Cobra and the rest of the ground crew are ready for it

  23. Thank you Cobra & The Resistance. This is great positive news. We are one step closer to the victory of the light. Let's keep spreading the love and light. ♥

  24. So there are TWO "black stones", the bad-guy's one on Long Island that's a top-quark condensate from Rigel and the good-guy's one that is a Cintamani from Sirius?

    1. There's a black stone built into the Kaaba @ Mecca as well ...

  25. Very positive information. I cannot wait to hear the next update on the Chimera situation and the status of their last base at Montauk.

    Montauk is interesting because there has been A LOT of detailed information published about it. There are multiple interviews about it on youtube. Google Duncan Cameron, Al Bielik and Preston Nichols.

    1. Very cool…thanks Marcus

      Here's a link to The Dulce Book, 34 independent chapters, which was published back in 1996, when things were very different about a subject that is supposed to be "the secret history"…well..

      The WW2 never really ended, it went underground, a break-away-civilization relocated to Antarctica, South America and North America, to be ruled by the Secret Shadow Government (SSG), they set laws for us too but themselves follow a different set of rules, they realized that human minds cannot be controlled any longer through religions and wars...the Internet was going to change everything, nothing would remain a secret! They needed more advanced technologies that the invaders had…so they traded humans and cattle for psychotronic weapons… to be used against humans, the cattle. The NWO of the Fourth Reich that never came to be…they tried, and went too far.


  26. can we have news about the changes noticed there?

  27. I always heard that the black stone originally came from the goddess Cybele. Alternatively she is called the Kubeleyan Mother. From the this name we get the word cube and from cube comes the word cabal.

    There is a depiction of the stone that can be seen on a 7000 year old ceramic plate from the Halaf region on boarder of Iraq and Syria. Some people may have seen this image before when they meditate. This plate has magical properties and even just looking at it can change your world view.

    This plate predates all written language but it pictorially tells the history of the entire planet. On the outermost rim of the plate exists a ring of light colored energy swirls and squiggles ~~~ followed by a ring of darkness. This represents the first age of Earth the time of Lemuria and its' subsequent destruction by the darkness. Concentrically inward there is second ring of energy swirls followed by another ring of darkness. This represents the second age of Earth the time of Atlantis and its' destruction as well by the darkness. The basin of the dish represents the current time of chaos. The previous two ages were in harmony with light and dark separated in their distinct rings. In the basin of the plate the light and dark lines bend and struggle against each other. This is because light and darkness are in conflict with each other.

    Notice at the center of the plate is an Iron Cross separating 4 vortexes. This represents the future and a golden time that has not yet come to pass. When the 4 vortexes meet together they form a singularity and that is when the event occurs. When there is no more darkness between the 4 vortexes the light wins. The story on the Halaf plate is a the story of light conquering the dark. If you see this image in a meditation or while dreaming try to focus on making the 4 vortexes come together. If they come together we win. That is the end game. That IS the event.

  28. Their goin down. I,m yellin Timber. As my little entourage of other siders pleadian (Edward) and dark Nordic (Adam) would say You are the winner. Positive reinforcement is a wonderful thing. You all are going to love telepathy. Better than a new I bs phone. Can't wait to go to next level full conscouisness.. Sitting on n pins and needles till then. Meditate everyone it helps the RM. love you RM and Cobra. Stay safe.... Victory to the light.

  29. Thank you for this fascinating update. I enjoyed learning of the history, and especially appreciate the photos, especially at the first link. At times, part of me wants to go back to taking life at face value, believing that life is simply as it seems, as most people do. But I know, and have always felt, there is much more to life than meets the eye, even if no one around me agrees. Thus, I have always felt like a stranger in a strange land, and as much as I love this beautiful planet, I have always felt a longing when looking at the stars.

    Thank you, Cobra, RM, Lightworkers and Galactic Family. <3
    Victory of the Light is near!

    1. Me too PB. I always felt like a stranger here and always feeling there was more that we couldn't see hear and feel.

      Why don't people wake up!!!

      Anyway, great work Cobra, and info ref the Central European outpost. I really hope Long Island falls soon. I want to go and help !!!

  30. Pleiadian Agenda - Time For Truth

  31. Gracias COBRA.. por informar...solo queda el grupo quimera..en long island....o estan en otros lugares.....????

  32. Cobra & RM,

    with all due respect,
    how would you convince the Majority/90% of humans/people on the planet about the *real* existence of such things like Agartha, etc etc ?

    (PS: for those who do want to respond, please don't resort to quick-emotional irresponsible & immature name-calling or ad-hominem attack. I expect some very serious, credible, sensible, & good responses here. thank you)

    1. You'd show the actual place to them.

      What is that you are going after for? What is the purpose to convince this 90% for the existence of something? I've noticed it's nearly imbossible (without few exceptions, and even with them it takes years) even if you show real tangible evidence (and I'm talking about 1+1=2 facts here). They just merge back with their old lives almost instantly.

      That's why I'm pretty sure we have to wait to the point they can see the actual Agartha itself so no need to try something that's futile in the first place. The Orion-programming is just ridiculously strong. Gotta love them for that.

    2. Beloved Niki,

      There is no point to convince the majority about Agarthian, Aliens, etc if they wish to ignore all these and do not believe all these so called "Sci-fiction" stuff. Even, the Agarthian or Alien will to stand infront of them, they would probably said something silly like :-

      "Oh, I think these are all costums!".
      "Where do you get these deformed humans?"
      "I bet these must be part of a movie play?!"

      Just like the comments over youtube with the mass ufo fleet on the sky :-

      "Oh, these are Balloons!"
      "No, they are the Chinese Lanterns!"
      "Silly people, these are my mother pancakes!"

      And even with the Agarthian appearing on Peru's hill, comments like these will amaze your 3D mind too :-

      Check out the video here :

      "That does not look like aliens they look like humans..."
      "Ok this is what your watching : a guy getting on and off of some circus sticks."
      "This could be either a basketball player or some guy on skills"

      And on and on and on, their ignorance is way beyond words already. The reason why there is no first contact - is us the human and not the star beings - we are the hostile kind. We tends to kill or remove any unknown - coz we fear the unknown. Like the Brazil incidence some years ago, it was proven so. So, the first thing we have to do is to try to bring them some articles and movies (Hollywood done a good job to create more fear with the Alien) to ease their fears.

      May the LOVE be with you always!

    3. When the time comes, the argathans will just show up and introduce themselves. We'll also be able to go down there to visit.

      Don't ever try to talk to the average person about stuff like et races or the cabal (unless you feel they might be open to it) some people are way too deeply programmed.
      Stick to the financial system and the poisons in the water/food/vaccines.

    4. Do you know Billy Meier? All I can say is that in my opinion he's an honest person.

    5. Niki, I say this with love: The definition of Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again expecting a different result. That's what I see you doing every time you post the same question here over and over again.

      There's no easy answer. We're not going to be able to prove the existence of ET's and Agartha and the like to the general population until after The Event.

      Yes, I know how powerless it makes you feel. I feel the same way. It's driving me crazy. (There's a joke in there somewhere.) I want to do more than just meditate too, but my intuition is telling me that's where I need to start. I'd suggest finding time to meditate with the intent of contacting your higher self/spirit guides/ET's/Whoever or whatever you feel comfortable with. Keep at it and insight will come. By the way, I'm telling myself to do this at the same time I'm telling you.

      That's the most concrete answer any of us are going to get until The Event happens or we're lucky enough to be contacted directly by a member of the Resistance Movement.

    6. The most powerful tool the cabal has is the mainstream media. Most people believe whatever the TV tells them.

    7. It is irrational and not logical to believe that life on this planet is the only life in the universe. My advice to you is that you are awakening dear one. You are sensing the call and you were drawn here by spirit. Seek those answers and you shall find. When the student is ready the teacher will come.

    8. Hi Niki, it isn't the job of Cobra to convince anyone of anything. He is just giving information in order to help us humans make sense of this crazy world. Don't we deserve some true information??
      Now, how others handle this information isn't his problem. If they can't cope, go to another website! He is just trying to inform and help people. Because of the controversial nature of the information, some may think he is a disinfo agent. But, personally, I have never seen any evidence of that nor felt any evidence of that. To me, he is 100% legit. Disinfo agents are SO obvious and SO stupid! You can always tell a disinfo agent because they always try to cause trouble. Anyone working for human and world harmony is not a disinfo agent.

      But, Niki, really, these posts are starting to become like a broken record. You bore me already unless you have something new to say.

  33. An interesting information about the Untersberg Mountain & surrounding area:

    1. Excellent! The comments on here are so useful , always some good info added to expand on the good stuff Cobra gives. Thank you Cobra, and Ayelet, and all!

  34. Thank you very much Cobra and RM <3
    Greetings from Bavaria

  35. The Galactic Federation and the Spiritual Hierarchy Message 2014 September 23rd

  36. Anyone know more about this: "The Aldeabarans (a former faction of the Pleiadians)". What does Cobra mean by "former faction"? Are they no longer Pleiadians?

    1. Beloved Jenessa, I answered your question but it was not posted (no verification catcha code was shown). The Aldebarans was a rogue faction of the Pleiadian, aided the German 3rd Reich during the 2nd world war, giving them technologies and information. The Foo fighter and U-Boat are one of them. But didn't expected to be betrayed by the German when they were promised there will be no mass Jew murders (But it did). And the Pleiadian do not want to have anything to do with this rogue group. So, they cut the tied with them (unfortunately they are the same decendant from the Lyra system - just like us - all human too). In the past ancient history, there are always human who do not align with their own kind and joined the Anchara Alliance (Reptilian Alliance or Empire). It is vice-versa for some Reptilian to join the Galactic Federation of Light too. And there is no winner till now, all just playing this Divine game (view from higher perspective). And The Aldebaran has their own galaxies at Taurus now.

      Check out THE STAR RACES at :-

      Remember this - we are also from many star system too but many forgot with this Earth's veil.

      May the LOVE be with you always!
      Piperon - The Spiritual Flute Composer.
      Official Website :
      Animation Website :
      Music Website :

  37. Köszönöm !

    Thank You !

    Danke Schön !

  38. Untersberg

  39. Can you shed any truth to global warming ? Or is it more of a political tool than a reality?

    1. The earth is actually cooling down, not warming up.

      Actually, anything that the cabal tries to push down people's throat's is BS, it needs little discernment.

    2. This is just my view on the matter. Global Warming is just another fear and money tactic. "Reducing your carbon footprint" is being sold as the magical cure-all for pollution when in fact it does nothing and there are many, many other *real* kinds of pollution that are being completely ignored.

      Yes, the planet is heating up at this time, but it's because the planet goes through cycles, and it's currently recovering from a Mini Ice Age. Google "The Year without a Summer" and look for information about what Greenland's climate was like 400 years ago and you'll get the picture.

    3. Thanks for the quick responses, this is along the lines of my beliefs, but I have been standing alone against everyone it feels like in this debate. But I will never give up, thanks for the support.

  40. The Great Global Warming Spoof

  41. news today about US attorney General Eric Holder resign ? hello that's a clear sign to me that someone or somebody is clearing the house .note to Maria Faria sabes si Cobra habla espanol ,thanks .

  42. Niki Wonoto
    You Have To Do Your Work On Your Self
    Before You Can Experience ...The Stuff That
    Many Spiritual People Are Talking About
    Work On Self...Begin To Use..More Than Just Logic
    You Have To Feel And Experience Things..
    Its The Difference Between The Machine..
    And The Human Being
    Tara Grace

  43. FINALLY….someone telling the truth of it. This particular phase of the story is so pivotal to everything that has gone on. Karl H. supposedly met the alleged Chimera group, thru people like Blavatsky, Gurdjieff, Bailey etc, and the "great white brotherhood" (not white) who were all corded into an area of Tibet on the border on India. A very particular area there, with a huge underground complex. I'll leave it at that. I read the group who came to him were referred to back then as "The little green men" due to their skin tone and appearance. He met them once in the body and from then on they astrally controlled thru him. ( it is also alleged he ghost wrote Mein Kampf, not Hitler)
    The Aldeabarans got mixed up with all this. Even Hitler himself was devoted to the two medium women, one for the Vril, one for the Thule Societies. Both extraordinary clairvoyants. So this is why you see positive symbols and beliefs, confused and used for darkness. This explains so much of the dynamic of the movement in Germany. Very Good Cobra…well done.

  44. Victory of the LIGHT!

    This post came close to 'home', as an ARMY brat I/we took a vacation in Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Germany back in the late 60's.

    I became separated from my mother while I was ice skating here:,11.09604,3a,75y,12.98h,90t/data=!3m5!1e1!3m3!1sgbqnc_dC9UEAAAAGOroWuA!2e0!3e2!6m1!1e1?hl=en-US

    I had to find my way back to the hotel on foot, which I did for the first time ever being on the streets of Garmisch-Partenkirchen.

    I did a Google Map comparison to the first jpeg posted on this blog post.

    It was an easy find for myself. The topo lines on the tan map do shadow the Google Earth map. In fact, I found a house that appears to have a tunnel going up the mountain: 47°44'40.11"N 13°00'25.81"E

    This checks out:

    I stumbled upon some underground tunnels in the city where we lived in Bad Nauheim under a sanatorium that was condemned except the basement and the ground and first floor of a 9 or 10 story building used for army brats. I asked later where those tunnels went, since there was a heavy bar gate that closed the tunnel off pretty far back, and the tunnel kept going past a bend. And there was a light coming from somewhere?
    The director of the youth association was shocked that I was down there and told me "NOBODY goes down there!!" "You stay out of there...!!!"

    The city of Bad Nauheim had natural hot springs all under it and there was even an under ground tour from the bahnnhoff under the streets and out in the middle of town coming out under fountains of the natural hot springs.

    Victory of the LIGHT!

  45. This Just In: Russian Intelligence Makes HUGE 9/11 Data Dump, Key Perpetrators Named.

  46. Dear Cobra,

    Thank you for such interesting information and thank you to the RM for this major breakthrough!! WOW.

    @pleabe thanks for the interesting post.. you sound like you actually know Pleiadians? Wow..Okay! Thank you.

    @freia, thanks for the Dulce book, which I read a few chapters of, got fairly nauseated, and had to put is truly shocking... but ummm thanks... :)

    @Kate, thank you for the very nice further explanation of Goddess Isis.

    I think I have been looking my whole life to find confirmation that goddess energy is a good thing. One doesn't get much support for goddess energy, love energy, or the creative-intuitive mind ("right-brained thinking" it could be called) in our culture.

    Luckily, I had a wonderful meditation teacher for years who taught how to tune into one's intuitive mind.... and so I was able to access my goddess side and reclaim it a number of years ago.... I wish only the same for everyone, to reconnect with goddess energy. The creative-intuitive side is a huge relief and balancing agent against left-brain rationalizing and intellectualizing....

    This Untersberg vortex sounds very important. I *love* reading that what was so
    negative for so long has now turned into wonderful love energy!

    I wonder if all the new love energy on the Austria-German border recently steered
    both Germany and France away from participating in this latest US bombing raid on Syria?

    Also, note today's arrest of over 1,000 members of organized crime in Europe--a big
    sweep that also freed 30+ children from child traffickers....Wow...

    And then there is the resignation today of Eric Holder, the US attorney general... which is "quite interesting."

    A commenter above asked about the Aldeabarans... I searched and discovered that
    Olympia Aldobrandini married David Rothschild in 1974, and have offspring. Seems
    like the Aldobrandini Italian black nobility bloodline might be descendants of the
    Aldeabarans which 'used to be' part of the Pleiadians?

    Sending more love energy to the planet, which I do every day at the end of
    meditation.......These days, especially to Long Island....I blanket all the globe and especially Long Island in pink love energy.... Love is the strongest force in the universe.... Mahalo and Aloha.

    1. Yes, Aldobrandini family originates from Aldebaran

    2. Cobra. I believe you mentioned there was something about one of the black nobility families that everyone would find shocking and would be revealed after the event. Is this it?

    3. You're very welcome Megan. :)

    4. Thanks WestCoastUSMegan for your recognition…It's a very important subject that no one is supposed to know about, never mind talk about but, many would like to if they could, because this happened, It's our history now, how could it be denied? Just look around, there's a clear pattern that equals looney-bin.
      I came across this particular book only couple of weeks ago, it's not an easy-read but everyone who wants to know should be able to, problems this astronomically massive can't be held a secret from the public forever, we can correct everything by knowing the truth, and not repeat history, it concerns 'everyone' on some fundamental level. I still haven't read it all, only here and there. But, if I had read this just about a year ago I might be on permanent trip to Mars (lol a joke).
      If it starts causing a head-trip…stop, get up, walk around, go outside and be grateful for living nature around, listen to non-aggressive music, dance, talk to someone about nothing that brings you back, think about a specific time when you were very happy with your loved one, remember you are loved, REMEMEBER this, and snap out of it, stay in the now…too much focus on the past can cause depression, and too much focus in the future can cause anxiety. The balance is in the now.
      Dharma is 'living in the now', you create your future in the now,
      it's in your every breathe, in every thought of how to make it right, imagination is a tool for expansion of consciousness. Learning is not about suffering and dying, that's what the lords of karma said and lied "if you don't go back all your loved ones are going to perish forever. Now what's it gonna be?" Laugh at them, now you know it was a lie, we don't need no "book of the dead", you know inside - yell I AM FREE!
      Dharma can protect you, it is true, use it, it's within you, we possess strong kundalini force, they know - only humans have an internal god particle, it can't be replicated, it's in our hearts, a spark, like a star - we can create organic intelligent life, they can't so…Say step-off, a firm "no" works wonders, they can only leach off of fear frequencies, close your eyes and use the Light, it does protect you. Don't feel sorry for anyone, pity doesn't benefit anyone, what matters is that we recognize it and rectify it, we are all responsible for our own soul evolution -
      We are infinite energy, immortal badasses! Share LOVE but only the PURE kind, from your HEART.

      I loved the new interview, thanks Cobra and Robert Potter!
      PEACE OUT GUYS! Have a wonderful Day in the Sun!

  47. The name "white Dragon" - which "cobra" keeps referring to, is also
    a cause for concern.
    White Dragons are known to exist, and in fact are known to be the higher class (or Cast) in the Reptilians stiff hirarchy & Society.
    May I remind you that we are still under the last vestiges and slavery days under Reptilian occupation - which lasted 25,000 years.
    So it is a bit of a concern - I think - when someone who is claiming to fight the Dark Forces, which have enslaved humanity - is calling themselves a "White Dragon" - and is regarded by "Cobra" as a friend, who is on the side of goodness, wisdom, mercy and love, not to mention - the side which fights evil.

  48. Untersberg - Marmor

  49. Untersberg - The Mystery Mountain

  50. untersberg schamanen

  51. Ancient Aliens S06 E17 The Shamans

  52. GREAT!
    Finally Powerplaces from Europe too - not always from the East (Tibet, etc.)

    Good to know, that the western people, seekers don't need to run to the East to be awaken!

    Here in the "West" are the Endless Source of the timeless Gnostic-Hermetic tradition;
    including the Grail with the Cathar Pure Ones ("Bonhommes", "Good People") and other inner-christian tradition.


    1. Dharma Dogma, used in Hungary, ancient legends speak of shamans, who always helped our ancestors. The very fact gave their opinions. Since knowledge is possessed.

  53. A comparison of Untersberg and Uluru

  54. This is a nice song :) de Burgh - A Spaceman Came Travelling


    We can see the story line, now let's change the ending.

  56. Cobra-

    May you give us an update in the financial arena soon...

  57. Chimera-controlled Haushofer was the main occult force behind Nazi Germany. Karl Haushofer became Hitler's mentor. Haushofer had made several trips to India and was well versed in eastern occultism. He also lived in Japan for a time where he was initiated into an esoteric Buddhist sect called the "Green Dragon." Through these contacts a colony of Tibetan lamas settled in Berlin, and when the Russians took the city in 1945, they found a thousand Tibetan corpses in German uniforms. Haushofer, more than any other, challenged Hitler with the vision of world conquest.

    The newer contacts of the Dalai Lama with Neo-Nazis are equally troubling. On several occasions he has met with Chilean diplomat Miguel Serrano, the leader of the National Socialist Party of Chile who is the "ideologist of esoteric Hitlerism." Serrano was a student of 'Julius Evola (1898-1974) WWII Italian Fascist dictator Benito Mussolini's chief ideologist, who was heavily influenced by Tibetan Tantricism.'

    In 'The Shadow of the Dalai Lama: Sexuality, Magic and Politics', 1999,Victor and Victoria Trimondi, two radical German Buddhists who were instrumental in inviting the Dalai Lama to Germany wrote, "Only the worst villain could disagree with what he has said and written." After responding to his encouragement to convert to Tibetan Buddhism, they uncovered an extreme "metaphysical exploitation of women," a vile connection between magic and politics, and "the foundation for an absolutistic system in which spiritual and worldly power are united in one person, the Dalai Lama." Their findings were released in February 1999 in 'The Shadow of the Dalai Lama: Sexuality, Magic and Politics', an expose of 800 pages of carefully researched and reasoned arguments. The Trimondi's take you on a painful spiritual journey that dismantles the West's idealized image of Tibet and takes off the pacifist mask of the Dalai Lama, revealing a pantheon of warring deities and a skillful God-King who still acknowledges the guidance of the Nechung Oracle in all his important State decisions. A deity war is being waged today against the 20,000 followers of Shugden Dorje, whose worship was outlawed by the Dalai Lama and is being enforced by house-to-house searches in India. They warn that the 'Kalachakra Initiation is consciously devoted to the manipulation of believers and introduces "an aggressive military ethos" aiming at "the establishment of a global Buddhocracy" following a Buddhist war in 2327 waged against the followers of Mohammed, Abraham, and Jesus.'

    In 1997, Peter Moon wrote 'The Black Sun: Montauk's Nazi-Tibetan Connection' in which he refers to the 'Signet of the Black Sun' (a secret order in Germany, also referred to as the 'Order of the Black Sun') and that it is "the symbol of the innermost secret society of Nazi Germany: the Black Sun. It is illegal to print or display this symbol in Germany today." This image and information was, according to Moon, originally provided to him by van Helsing around 1996, along with additional information on Nazi flying discs. Moon alleges that Helsing allegedly got it from Templar groups who emerged from East Germany after the Berlin Wall fell and Germany reunited. Van Helsing mentioned the Black Sun just in a few phrases. But, from what Moon states, van Helsing could be talking about Ralf Ettl and his Tempelhofgesellschaft (Temple Society) in Vienna, identified as a secret successor to the historic Templars.

    1. That is too bad about the Dalai Lama. I hadn't heard that about him.

    2. About the Chintamani Stone:

  58. Hi Cobra,
    is it true that to help disintegrate the Veil are two stones needed?
    One for female (Cintamani / violet) and one for male (looking like a berg crystal)?

    1. hello cobra...y donde esta la piedra para los hombres..?????....hay mas grupos quimera....aparte de long island...gracias

    2. Who are the female and the male, Karin?

    3. So we have the (female) Cintamani stone. Do we have the male stone?

    4. Hi Ananda,
      here are two links with infos, unfortunately in german. I can't find a good one in english

    5. I remember an older update from Cobra - or was it an interview ? - where he said that the stone of the Holy Grail is in the hand of the Galactic Confederation, kept safe in an unknown location. Perhaps this one is the " male counterpart " of the Cintamani ? With so much gratitude Cobra ♥

    6. if the female is the Holy Grail, than the male would be Excalibur?

    7. is Garil, the white stone of the Holy Grail the other stone needed?

  59. Hello Cobra! Now I work in Austria. 2 weeks later I go to work Tyrol. From there, there is no lacking far Untersberg. When it is possible, look at the place. What do you offer, what to look for, who wants to go there? Thank you for your response. (Google translation)

  60. My Mom just told me today on the phone that when they say on the tv we have peace and other then that is when everything is going to go down hill for us all bad! Then she told me my kids along with every one else will not be saved ..that she and rest of the Jehovah's Witness are the ones and they have nothing to worry about there backs are covered from anything bad that going to happen to us .....Why is is that what Cobra says about peace is good n all but runs into same saying of what the GOV is talking about of peace plus what the Jehovah's Witness are saying :| I am kinda confused ....Cause we know the peace our gov wants is not peace its NWO Some inlighten me please ???

    1. Divine Creator's love extends to everyone, he/her kingdom is always open to everyone, not just one religion group but everyone. This is what truth Divine's love is all about.

    2. Judith, The Prime Creator does not discriminate depending on what religion someone follows, as Religion is an archon based belief system. Divine Love is for ALL.

  61. Judith after reading your comment I feel there is a correlation to Cobra's update about the Thule, Vril and the Natzi organizations and your mother's statements. (Not saying they are the same just a correlation to this type of thinking). The only difference is substituting religion for the occult. In my opinion any institution that teaches one race, group or organization is better or chosen to be saved and others are not if they dont believe their doctrine is based on fear not love. Cobra has said many times the Event did not happen earlier because there would have been more destruction and loss of life. Most of what is said on TV is filtered and only a small fraction of the truth is being spoon fed to us. The same thing with the government. We have been a great melting pot from the beginning with different star nations adding to that pot. This is what is unique about our planet, What a glorious place to be!


  63. "Tap me out, and tap me into you. Heal my brain and my body too. Balance my chemistry, hydrate these cells. Cause' the body talks, and meditation helps."
    -Nahko Bear

  64. I have had a blue orb/energy expierence , very real in the physical that literally transformed "me". The color of the blue "energy field" above the hand holding the stone in the picture in your post brought me right back there. The color is spot on. Is it possible to put to words what that particular color and form of manifestation is?

  65. There is a lot I could say about much of this topic, unfortunately some of it could possibly get my 3D Lars into legal trouble in the US-occupied Germany.
    So I'll just stay quiet and wish Everybody lots of Love, Light, Unity, Peace and Freedom ;-)

  66. Hey guys,

    Cobra is obviously hinting something by saying "which may or may not be very soon". Chimera can also see this message, if cobra said it's very soon, they will know their death is coming soon and do bad things. Cobra could have been just saying "when the time is right'. All this means the Event will be a total surprise since Chimera is the last obstacle.

  67. Something huge just fell out the sky north west of england. Saw it burn up in split seconds. Around 5am GMT.

  68. Hi Cobra, will the date and timing of the event be declared officially on this website before it will actually be triggered?

  69. Untersberg: Missing People, Time, Hollow Earth and the End Times

  70. There are also info here!

  71. The Celtic connection and the Untersberg from Scott Lund

  72. Cobra interview and transcript for September 23rd 2014 now up:

    1. Thank you Kate, :) Your timely posts help us slowpokes keep on top of the situation.

      Shout to @Rob Potter : Great job on the interview but putting all the transcripts on one single page is going to cause a severe memory overflow for many users soon. Please split them up.


      We really need to know more about Source ... a series of blogs preferably ... This subject cannot be answered briefly in a monthly interview.

      ET technology, millions ... even billions of years older than current Earth technology ... has hit the limit when it comes to dealing with top quarks. They supposedly know what they are doing and should eventually deal with it but the clock is ticking and the ground crew is expecting a Bruce Willis type cut-the-wire solution.

      The main question is what exactly is Source's problem here, specifically It's limitations in personally dealing with something as insignificant as top quarks and why It has outSourced ( pun not intended ) this task to the GFL. You said that Source's power is limited in this sector of creation. But aeons have passed and Source should be on top of the anomaly situation by now instead of relying on the GFL & AMs.

    2. You're welcome Time Missionary. I subscribe to Prepare for Change's newsletter and it always lets you know when the interviews are up. Here's the link. Just scroll down a little way and on the right hand side there is a box for "E-mail signup". :)

  73. Thanks Cobra for our world history update...It's intriguing and stranger than a Sci-Fi movie but I look forward to learning more & more of our true history to try to understand why we are where we are today...The most important factor is the Light wins in the end with a lot of effort from many parts: We earthlings, Star Fleets, RM, & Galactic Federation of Light & yourself who are supporting our path to Victory....Thanks with love & kindness & lots of sunshine!

    We now have an active "Sunday Planetary Weekly Meditation for Global Peace" page: It's in 6 languages & we welcome more translations & comments.....Eliana has been a leader & force with Facebook and linking this page up to the Smaly7 video and translations...Thanks Eliana!

    We march strongly toward the Victory of Light!

  74. So The Da Vinci Code and Angels & Demons movie starring the Holy Grail, is nothing more than the Black Stone ?

  75. Georgia Guidestones "2014 Cube" Has Been REMOVED AND DESTROYED by Authorities! -vid

    Update: The cube has been removed and broken into pieces..

    There were letters and numbers on all six sides.

    Top: MM

    Bottom JAM

    The four sides: 20, 14, 8, 16

    Verified: Georgia Guidestone '2014' Insert Has Been Removed

    There are two videos showing the removal of the cube. Second video is longer showing the whole thing. Videos at:

    Won't it be great when the Georgia Guidestones are removed too? Victory of the light!

    1. Good news....had to raise an eyebrow when "2014" cornerstone was placed. Thank you for the update!

    2. It included too a reference to the exact month the Genocide has begun: August 2014 (Isis?)

    3. Here is one guy's assessment of what the letters and numerals of the cube all mean here:

      (Video is 16:58 mins long.)

      The comments are interesting too.

  76. Dear Cobra,

    Special thanks to our goddess energy friends, who are on planet asteroid Chariklo; Pluto's moon Charon; and Eris, who are all relaying goddess energy toward the planet (I revisited your May 21, 2014 post to remind myself where they are and what they are doing...)

    They must have been doing a great job to clear the Untersberg area and restore the light and love there.

    Next time I am at the beach, I will write in the wet sand, in huge letters, so they can see it from up there: THANK YOU GODDESSES and GENTLEMEN.

  77. On a not quite unrelated topic
    I hate having to repeat myself, Kal-L M
    Cut The Crap, enough is enough is enough

    "Don't use your army . . . to fight a losing battle"

    C'Mon Kid, just let it go.
    You're gonna have to one way or the other anyway.
    Please choose the Path Of Love And Unity.

    "For those who love us, may God bless
    For those who don't, may God turn their hearts
    If He can't turn their hearts, may He turn their ankles
    So We can recognize them by their limp"

    And YES! I realize the irony as sometimes I have to limp myself 'cause I've got a small piece of glass stuck in my foot that I can't get out. It is what it is.
    Limpin' AIn't Easy ;-)


    1. Dang typo. Don't know who Kal-L is,and sorry for bugging you.
      My bad.
      I mean Kal-El M of course, that no-good little rascal of a destroyer.

  78. first sorry for my poor english
    I'm from Hong Kong
    Some of you may know that hong kong is organizing a peaceful democratic activities
    they hope hong kong can get real democracy and freedom
    but tonight, police are started to arrest these peoples
    many people hurt because of violence the police
    i'm very upset
    the only thing i can do is watch them hurt on the TV and keep crying
    many of them are just student
    I don't know how can I help them
    PLEASE everybody pray for the people who get hurt
    pray for hong kong
    this is the only thing i can do
    Please PLEASE

    1. Hello Kan, I've just seen the protests on television here. My prayers go out to all people around the world inc Hong Kong who are sick of this way of life. Light and love to all.

    2. Hello Kan- perhaps you could go and stand shoulder to shoulder with with your fellow humans?

    3. thank you very much
      these two days the activity are still continuing
      because of the violence on 28 Sep
      many of the people were awake and come out to support us

      I also go out and support them everyday

  79. Ayelet,
    You Are Talking About White Dragons..And The Name Cobra..?
    You Are Looking At This Black And White...You Are Looking At This Too
    Superficially...(This Is A Divine Plan...Many Of Us.. Must Be Part Of The Light
    Forces...) If You Where To Feel More ,And Think Less
    You Might Begin to Get This...(It Certainly Involves Many People)
    Tara Grace