Thursday, January 1, 2015

STRANGE EGG L4 infection cleared


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  2. I pray that we are making progress and that we will see some kind of breakthrough really soon

    Love and light to all

  3. Yes, my patience, has runned out of fuel, at this moment.

    Its like waiting at a dirty, old station, for a train, that never comes, after 1000,s of announcements, who say, the train is coming, the train is coming, but the train never comes.

    Please mass arrest the whole cabal right now, and the event right now, and the mass landings immeadeately after the event.

    Its now time, for the whole world gets euphored, when the event/mass landings happen right now, and the whole world look up at the sky, to watch, the greatest thing ever happened in the history, of planet earth, and even universe.

    In my opinion, its a real crime, to let people wait for years years and years, for the big event/shift, with endless promises, and intil today...1 1 2015.....STIL NOTHING HAPPENED!

    Me, and many other pople, who wish for the new Earth, have no other option, than go suicide, and find peace, abundance, and joy, in the heaven/afterlive. And working on ourselfes there further.

    The situation is unbeareble now, on this 3D earth. I have restless sleep....heartrateproblems......sometimes with that, difficulties to breath, and much more.

    With all the 100,s of portals opened, and all the meditations, everything gets only worse and worse. I have meditate also, but i see no result.

    Instead of reaching critical mass....will take another couple of decades to reach that....the average joe, will never wake up, without massive intervention...event, mass ET landings.

    So, instead of endless meditations, and endless waiting for the criticall mass.........The event...REAL action/intervention...breakthrough NOW!

    No more months/weeks of waiting.

    Please reply to my message, and give me and other suffering people from all over the world...some serious hope.

    Please mass arrest the whole cabal. Its unbelievable, that they, are still not removed away from earth.

    But love and light to you all, and a happy new world in the 5 th dimension, i hope i can say, very soon. So, happy 2015 to you all here. with no more waiting.


    1. My Friend, suicide is not an option. All of us are waiting for this train to arrive and in the meantime the trainstation is falling apart around us, but the railway is still there. Just imagine a sudden major change for humanity. It will be chaos, riots and insanity. The change must happen slowly and the masses needs to be prepared for it. I share your impatience, but remember, All good things comes with time. It does not happen overnight. We are living in this world and we still must cope with all the challenges facing us every day. Calm down my Friend. Seek for peace in your heart and soul and you will find the patience and courage that will carry you at the times when you cannot walk.
      Light, Love and Peace be with you.

  4. Dearest Remco, I hope you'll hang in there my friend. I know how awful depression can feel, it is really horrible. Try to focus on doing things you enjoy until The Event. As painful as the waiting is, we can't be too attached to when it will happen, or this will only make us feel frustrated & hopeless in the NOW. We don't need to wait until then in order to start working on our meditations & healing ourselves. Love & Light :)

  5. In deep heart we knew the outcome, we have come this long way to here, victory will be ours! Bypass the ego thought with spiritual light, and bless you and me all the way!