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  1. Looks like there's been some substantial behind the scenes clearing, and we're on a roll. We've got through winter. Hopefully the next 6 months will bring better weather, more developments, and more exciting discoveries. There are also stirrings from some of the deeper civilizations. Subterranean breakthrough comes closer every week...

    Fulford is also reporting some positive changes.

    Follow this link to join in our meditation:


    1. YOU've gotten through winter. We have snow coming at Equinox, technically it will be in the Spring, Friday night. Never mind the single digit wind chill today! As soon as I heard the forecast I felt slightly fearful (for work tends to dry up in snow and cold) and slightly depressed (like, ENOUGH already!) and a bit impatient. There is no green to be found anywhere. Two years ago March at this time was the opposite, above normal temps in the 70's. Let me off this see-saw, please!

      I posted this on FB:

      "Dear Mother Nature:

      Can't a gal catch a break? You know I love you, but you're awfully cold-hearted this week! I mean, snow is forecast at the Spring Equinox? Really? My skin and hair can't take much more of the brutal chill and dry heat indoors. Send us a balmy, soft breeze, and barefoot weather, PLEASE!

      Love, Freeze-Dried"

      WBZ | CBS Boston

      Windy and cold today, snow later in the week.
      Watch Danielle Niles's forecast: http://cbsloc.al/1GnvfbY

      Meanwhile my sister and brother-in-law are in Costa Rica complaining that the beach sand is too hot to walk barefoot. (I want that problem!) :-)

      These things will be far more amusing in retrospect.

    2. Dear Phoenix,

      It's not easy out here either. It's 29 degrees; add wind chill, it feels more like 25.

      Keeping warm is all about layers. Have you tried Goretex, or maybe a nice fleece?


      Agarthan Alliance



    3. Thanks for your concern.

      Actually wind chill effect is far greater than a drop of 4 degrees, that's only on a day with a slight breeze. We get Northeast wind off the frigid ocean. Recently we had weeks of temps in the 20's when 40's would be normal and the wind chill effect brings it down into teens, single digits and below zero. Wednesday was a high in the 30's but felt like single digits due to fierce winds. That being said, I am seldom cold, as I know how to dress, in many layers, wool, down, gortex, long underwear, insulated boots is key. My point was not about how to stay warm.

      We (Boston/New England) are still reeling from the #Snowpocalypse that pretty much shut the city down. We had massive transit failures. Everyone was at breaking point. People do not go out, and those of us with small businesses really suffered the past few months. Some small businesses abruptly shut down. I contemplated doing that, but it is my only source of income at the moment. I am looking for a job and trying to keep my business open, too. Thankful my 2 landlords let me pay them late.

      We just had temps near 60 on Wednesday last week, and many days above freezing, so we were not expecting a reversal of fortune like this, with plowable snow coming on the last day of Winter/overnight into Spring. That being said, when I was in college we survived the Blizzard of 78, although our snow accumulation from multiple storms is far more than that, and has broken every historical record. 108.6 inches (NINE FEET) and I guess we are not done yet! I am thankful that at least we have temperature fluctuations that make for a gradual melting and not flooding.

      Aside from the challenges of keeping business afloat, there is the isolation of being at home for days at a stretch, the reluctance to get out and exercise as I love to do, or simply sit on a park bench in the arboretum, due to ice/snow, glazed roads, impassible sidewalks (finally clearing 6 weeks later). This is the first winter I have not fallen on ice and hurt my knees, due to using ice cleats, but I lost one.

      Meanwhile we are hearing the horrific and heartbreaking details of the Marathon bombing trial. The Boston Marathon is the oldest Marathon in the country. It happens in April and ushers in Spring. The feeling of the day was always one of sheer JOY and EXUBERANCE, and a wonderful sense of excitement in the air, and COMMUNITY. We are trying to rebuild that, but it will never be the same, innocent, happy and free feeling we had. Not until after The Event, anyway.

      There is major opposition from the public to hosting the 2024 Olympics, as we have seen how dysfunctional our city can become in an emergency, and people are fed up with the failing infrastructure.

      OK the forecast has improved, and most likely this will be our last snow! (YAY!) Any day now, we will be complaining about the high heat and humidity....so forget about snow. I'm just going to count the the days until the Marathon and Baseball Opening Day.

    4. One more thing...you have to understand the tough nature of New Englanders. We are outspoken, and our sense of humor is wry at times. We LOVE to complain about the weather, which we also love to brag about. LOL

      The good thing about cold weather is that you can always add more clothing. When it is too hot and humid, you can't take your skin off to cool down. But my apprehension was more about the social and economic impact. I have not seen some of my friends since New Year's Eve, because I have not made it to the pub on the night they meet there weekly. Maybe I'll stop in tonight for a short time. Having grown up here but having spent most of my adult life in California, and working alone, I do not have a broad social network here. But I am going to make more effort to connect with like-minded people in my community. I have delayed joining or starting a Prepare for Change group here, because I don't see myself as a leader, and I do not easily make commitments.

  2. Beloved Cobra & RM


    Love, Light, Victory Now!!

    InLak'Ech (I AM Another Your Self)

    George, Larnaca, Cyprus

  3. Sziasztok !

    Valaki letudná fordítani magyarra ?

    Köszönöm előre is !

    1. Kedves kispista, a Facebook-on van a hivatalos Cobra Etheric Liberation Hungary csoport, itt mindent megtalálsz magyarul :)


    2. Könnyű a megbocsátás, ha megértjük, hogy mindenkinek van ezen a bolygón néhány igazán traumatikus élménye ebből vagy egy előző életből. Mindenki a saját maga módján reagál ezekre az élményekre. Elengedni a múltat és tanulni belőle, ez a kulcs az új valósághoz. Itt az idő, arra fókuszálni, hogy hogy fogunk tevékenykedni az új társadalomban. A megbocsátás által egy fajta kozmikus Szeretet fogja elárasztani bolygó felszínét, és ez az energia az, amire a fejlett földönkívüli fajoknak szükségük van, hogy űrhajóikkal landolni tudjanak az Első Kapcsolatfelvétel után. Március 17.-én, az utolsó Uránusz- Plútó kvadrát alkalmával, meditálhatsz a saját stílusodban és szenteld ezt a napot arra, hogy amennyire csak lehetséges bocsáss meg mindenért és csinálj egy belső Újraindítást. Nem fogunk egyéb globális aktiválást rendezni azon a napon, a belső Újraindítás csendben történik, Szíved legbenső terében.

      Forrás: http://www.2012portal.blogspot.com/
      Fordította: Cobra Etheric Liberation Hungary

    MARCH 17, 2015

    Forgiveness is easy if you understand that everybody on this planet had some really traumatic experiences in this or any of the previous lifetimes. Each individual reacts upon those experiences in a unique way.

    To release the past and learn from it is the key to the new reality. On March 17th, at the last Uranus Pluto square you can meditate in your own way and dedicate that day to forgive as much as possible and thus do an inner Reset.

    The inner Reset means forgiveness of all debts, physical, energetic, emotional and spiritual. It means forgiveness to yourself and others. It will consequentially mean financial debt forgiveness when a critical mass of people realizes that we owe banksters nothing.

    It will consequentially mean the end of karma when a critical mass of people realizes that we spiritually owe Archons, gurus & God nothing. Use your anger constructively by assisting in the planetary liberation process. Forgiving the Cabal is easier if you understand that they are acting out of trauma they themselves have received in the past.

  5. Now let's enjoy the freedom to explore the reality of our Freedom!

  6. Thank you Cobra for all that you and your Team do for us and our planet. We are grateful and thankful everyday.

  7. I speak only for myself. My rage and my fury dissipate. In spite of this my forgiveness is not unconditional. Disclosure, contrition then reparation are my requirements. Do as you will.

    1. You speak for me as well, brother. I have also let go of the rage and anger; but I agree, my forgiveness will not be unconditional either. There is a differerence in being forced to kill versus what they have done. They will not be allowed to walk Scott free as if b

    2. If nothing has happened. They are the equivilant of the kid kicking your sand castle in for thousands of years... Love to all the rest as I agree we've all had traumatic experiences. But most of the damage boils down to them. (Not all but most) also I forgive myself and others unconditionally because of the tramua we've even forced to bear. (No idea why post cut in two)

    3. i notice that my anger only relates to me not making my own boundaries clear to the outside world ... which builds and builds when continually not expressing my needs and boundaries ... but quickly dissipates when i do express my needs and boundaries ...
      i notice that my unconditional forgiveness comes from a feeling deep inside that everything is okay, that we are all part of the same depth, space and energy ... for me it comes from the feeling and knowing that we are all magnificent beings of light expressing in so many unique ways ...

  8. Big public announcements and news events make it clear Khazarian rule is ending


  9. Throwing God in with the evil Archons now? Forgiving the Cabal by understanding they are acting out of trauma they themselves recieved? more like trauma they themselves created. Some truth mixed in with lies is their modus operandi. Remember these are the same entities that behead innocent women and children unmercifuly all while cloaking themselves in the disguise of the ones they wish to destroy. Forgiveness is a mute subject in such instances. Discernment, people. I should have known better when he said Karma didn't exist. This is the same as saying that there are no such things as consiquences to our actions.

    1. I appreciate your concern over this statement. It is my opinion that you have unintentionally misconstrued its intention. The statement and intent is that most of the Earth, yourself included, have been taught that they owe an energetic debt for the experience of being alive inside a system of spiritual enslavement. They have been taught that they owe a debt for actions performed under mind control or demonic possession. And they have been taught that they owe this debt to God among others. This is a false teaching that is part of an overall spiritual con that is called 'karma' by those who are still under this false impression. As with a number of words (like for example 'Christ') the majority of Earth's population has a completely different definition than that which is being used by those who are free of it. As you become free of this system, it is possible to see this very quickly and clearly and many others can corroborate this, perhaps you have seen it yourself.

    2. I'm hoping that the part that talks about owing God Nothing refers to the religious aspect of endless guilt for making mistakes and being continuously pounded with the "you're not worthy" as opposed to forgiveness and learning and moving forwards. Again that's what I hope.

      Again suffering of children is not something I can forgive at this point.

      kind regards, always

    3. I also struggle w/ this concept of balance & reparation. What consequences r u gonna call 4?

      (1) Remaining connected 2 the perp/s thru resentment or rage or other response/s is an investment of urself, ur attention, ur time, ur energy. (@Maria Faria calls this accurately, below.) Which investment is what Cabal-style folks want, btw. 2 snare u, 2 own u. 2 direct u. Fuck that.

      I've been thinking 4 a while that perps I have known have about 1 million years of balancing 2 do. If not more. Do I want 2 supervise it personally? Do I want 2 conduct that balancing myself? No. I have other things 2 do w/ my consciousness. Their need 4 balance, that's their problem. Not my problem.

      (2) This is harder: That 4 some harm, there is no consolation. There is no suffering by others, by perps, that can in any way recompense me 4 the suffering that I have experienced. (& 4 some that still is ongoing: psychotronics.)

      & such suffering, if experienced by a perp in, say, another lifetime as a damaged child, w/ not be an exact balance anyway. I do not think that such an exact balance is possible. & if it were possible, w/ I want it?

      & /also/ 4 atrocities, there is no way 2 balance that harm thru MORE suffering. Again, that's an Archon agenda, that's a Cabal agenda, the promotion of EVEN MORE suffering. On & on.

      Food 4 the entities. (How many of them r left around Earth, anyway? A habit of providing food 4 *absent entities* is even more useless!)

      (Oooh! That's a new toast! "2 absent entities!" 4 being absent. !)

      (3) So (sometimes reluctantly!) I see that healing is the way 2 pursue balance. & that I don't want personally 2 supervise the next million years of these perps' healing. Bc, got stuff 2 do.

      (4) Another problem 4 me: It's hard 2 trust in God, in God's healing & balancing processes. Having seen a LOT of harm, having lived in this UNBALANCED world, it's hard 2 trust that balance actually works.

      So ... letting go? Forgiving? An ongoing work. (But I refuse 2 b owned!)

      Tx, all, & Cobra 2!, 4 ur thoughts on forgiveness. Worth contemplating. Be well all.

  10. I choose light path, i choose to forgive, i make way for transmuting darkness into lightness. U too, they too. Together we prevail

  11. Yes forgiveness is a good virtue.
    But also we have to keep some distance from certain ppl, people that dont understand you, criticize you and laugh at u, for being different. This applies your archon chosen family, generally. If they do not accept u the way u are, if u do not vibrate or connect with them, well u have the blessing from heaven if you choose distance. Without resentment, only healthy distance

  12. I love this post. This whole forgiveness thing is us clearing out our own blockages that we have accumulated/inherited by way of being a human on this planet. Being sorry and being in forgiveness are not the same things.
    Sorry implies an identification with darkness. We cannot be darkness. It is an illusion. Forgiveness is just a setting to rights our perspective. It is an allowing of the truth, that we are the light...we all are. I haven't once heard Cobra say "be sorry" he has said "The inner resent means forgiveness of yourself and others"
    Notice he says self before others...Once we forgive ourselves for being deceived and manipulated it is easy and automatic to forgive others for the same. This is deep and true healing friends.
    Thank you all for engaging in Forgiveness!

  13. Hello everyone, I recently created a facebook page for meditation on the CRITICAL issue of the CERN Large Hadron Collider - https://www.facebook.com/pages/CERN-LHC-Goddess-Healing-Meditations/823507071053523

    I will soon post what days the meditations will be held, etc. Please anybody willing, like the group, share, but above all take part in the meditations as this seems to be a key issue holding us back from the event.


    1. Thank you, Ted. I have been sharing it.

      Cobra, If they go ahead and try to recreate the Big Bang (as I think they are timing it with the Equinox and Eclipse in the next few days) can that kind of energy trigger The Event? Can it destroy the planet? Will our Galactic family be allowed to use their technology to prevent CERN from harming us?


    2. This is one area that really needs dealing with. Simon Parkes has said they are going to reboot Cern, and are building an even bigger LHC in Japan!


    1. I'll forgive them completely after either I am far far away or they are. I cannot coexist with them until they go through their own balance ing or restructuring. I forgive everyone else.

    2. Also I am aware there is good reptilian as well. I have no ill to ye. Only to those who caused this burden on us all.

  15. Sorry, I had to repost this one. I just want more people to be aware about this site.

    HYE ANGELMarch 16, 2015 at 8:36 PM

    The highest achievement in life is BEING in Servise to OTHERS=Love.
    Mother Theresa alone did more, than a group of monks sitting isolated in a room and meditating days and nights.

    If you want to be in service and DO sometning for the whole, (without leaving your home), then please sign up with CHANGE.ORG and sign as many petitions as you wish/can.

    I've signed lots of important petitions. Wow! It is amazing how most of them are being heard and solved successfully. That's the POWER of working as one.
    Also, You can CREATE AND POST YOUR OWN petitoin/s regarding things that are bothering you, and are making our lives more challenging.

    Remember, it is called:

    May the Light and Love of Heaven be guiding you TODAY, TOMORROW and ALWAYS!!!

    1. One day the world will know that the balance of the world have been kept by millions of monks and yogis meditating and thus, anchoring the Light on the Planet throughout millenia. This is a Sacred task and its importance cannot be denied
      I wont play the game of which kind of Service is higher or lower, let us say both are important! Yes! Yingyang! Let us be whole, not narrowminded! The world needs all kind of service. Poor ppl need service, sick people need service, all needs service. Let us follow the task we have been called for and do not judge one other! We are all important and real ppl do not need recognition!
      Hey ! i will.tell u one thing!
      Do.you know that a " useless" monk meditator does at the end of meditation? He shares his merits, sending love and compassion to all univrse, embracing it with all their energy! I know it, because i have been there. Certain places are so charged with their energy you feel you are in 5 th dimension!
      So their Service are outmost important for the Planet.
      I am talking about the buddhist monks, because i do not know the others. But i am sure they all contribute. Christians with their prayers also anchor Light. The East balances the West, all is good, all is important.
      The baker that makes our daily bread, the farmers that grow our tomatoes, all deserve our honor.
      They are anonymous, but they are all important

    2. @ger sey, being a sincere Theravada Buddhist, I hear where you are coming from. But I don’t think Hye Angel meant this comment in the way you are taking it. I think what she is trying to say is that we need to turn our spirituality from inward focus to outward focus. This is the proper time to do this. During the Buddha’s time, there was no possibility of planetary liberation. The Buddha knew that. So he taught his Four Noble Truths in a very pragmatic way to allow INDIVIDUALS to escape this prison planet. 1. Life on this planet is suffering; 2. This suffering is caused by craving for existence; 3. There is a path to escape this suffering; 4. This path is the Eightfold Path of practice. This is what the Buddha taught in order to allow individuals to escape. But this teaching isn’t going to liberate the whole planet. Since we now have the chance to liberate the planet, we should change our meditations to the INTENTION of planetary liberation! That would help everyone! I know that Hye Angel appreciates the power of meditation because I have read her comment about that several times. I just think she wants to emphasize that we should make our actions and meditations more socially conscious. (I probably shouldn’t speak for her, but I hope she can forgive me for doing so.) Plus, I really like that site and sign all of the petitions that "speak to me". :-)

  16. Tell this to the bankers and our governments, they're he ones who need to read this.

    But I suggest not to hold your breath.

  17. I forgave the skunk that I trapped and let him go for today

  18. Cobra:

    Can you share any information about what happened 25000 years ago that resulted in the Dark Forces creating this reality in the first place? They must have been terribly afraid of something. That might help people who are having trouble forgiving The Cabal.

    1. It's simple, earth became a prison planet just like countless others. The only reason of why liberation took so long here is because the dark forces everywhere else started to fallback to earth whenever they would be defeated.

      I can't thank the light enough for the protection that we've received along all these years. Like Cobra said, without any protection whatsoever we would've been made into livestock a long time ago.

    2. You may find this article by Untwine interesting:


    3. remember that you can connect directly to your guides to get the information you need ...
      and if that doesn't work, you can find a lot of information by typing in the right keywords in a search engine on the internet, such as google ...
      in both ways i have been able to connect so many dots ...

      and more and more dots are being connected today, where i'm remembering more and more of my own experiences in atlantis and even before that ...
      and regaining a full perspective and understanding of what's really going on and where i truely am right now ...

      i have composed for you a chronological list of historical events that include lemurian and atlantean times:

      * history overview
      Lost Human History According to Sheldan Nidle | Galactic History
      - http://www.crystalwind.ca/eureka-amazing/cosmic-stargate-portal/galactic-history/527-lost-human-history-according-to-sheldan-nidle

      * lemurian times overview
      About Lemuria And Telos | The Lemurian Connection
      - http://www.lemurianconnection.com/category/about-lemuria-and-telos/
      (contains emotional content)

      * origin of the human species
      PAO - Update for July 1, 2014
      - https://www.paoweb.com/sn070114.htm

      * atlantean transition overview
      PAO - Update for May 6, 2014
      - https://www.paoweb.com/sn050614.htm

      * atlantean downfall overview and recent history
      Sheldan Nidle - October 7, 2014
      - http://www.galacticchannelings.com/english/sheldan07-10-14.html

      * atlantean downfall in detail
      The Fall of Atlantis and their use of Crystals
      - http://www.thenewearth.org/The%20Fall%20of%20Atlantis.html
      (contains emotional content)

      my blessings to you <3

  19. I really don´t care about today and about forgiveness to the cabal. After the event, I´ll see what to do.... I will not be violent in any ways.

    I only want the EVENT.

    1. Yes Guido I agree on that, send in the forces and exterminate these inhuman slimebags from the face of the earth once and for all , then God can deal with the soul part!!!!!!!!


  20. The phrase "It takes Actions not Words" has really been hammered into my conciousness for the last 10+ years by My Higher Self.
    And I try to be a good boy, as in DOing what is being suggested by my mind and My Heart. Today's brand-funking-new idea was "Clean Up :-)))"

    Which is a great suggestion in theory, yet a bit challenging in a room with literally hundreds of (for Me) Sacred Objects that I don't want to move.
    I Did the Best I could cleaning Around all those things.
    And did I ever feel Happy and Elevated once the physical work was done :-)

    My Floor is clean-swept and My Glass Table looks brand-sparkling-new - So I have got no problem whatsoever with All Of Us going back to The Start and Starting With A Clean Slate.

    This is A Beautiful Day
    This is A New Day
    We Are Unified
    We Are Together


    Hej !!!
    GAIA :-)))


  21. I did the forgiveness Meditation this afternoon and it felt right and easy and loving. I can more and more let go of my hate and anger against the cabal and the Archons etc.
    I'm very grateful for this.....

  22. True forgiveness is the hardest action I have ever tried to take. So as part of my learning process I must get better at not letting the kind of people I will likely need to forgive in my life anymore. Amen

  23. The cabal are loved as much as every single one of us is loved by Source, unconditionally, which does not mean that their actions are in any way acceptable.

    What does it mean, that they are loved unconditionally?

    In case they would make the decision, that they want to go back home to the Creator, into Oneness, into the Light, where we all want to be, I can tell them, what would happen:

    They would get so much help in loosing their darkness as it has never happened before and when they finally would enter the Light fully, everything would be forgotten immediately.

    There would be no punishment.

    There would be not one single thought about any bad deed of the past.

    There would be no hierarchy.

    There would be no commands.

    There would be no pressure

    and there would be no fear.

    There would be no conditions.

    Only love and bliss and joy and light.

    They would not be the "second choice" or something or something like "second class".
    No. Unconditional love means love without conditions. Love without conditions includes to stop someone in his actions if those are harmful to other living beings. But after this game is stopped, they can go back home into the light like everybody else and there will be no damnation. They only have to accept that they are and always have been loved as much as all others. They never had a cause to feel inferiour as they where originally created sparks of the Divine.

    Why would they be welcomed home again they might ask themselves. I tell you why: Because God has missed you all the time. It does not need that you can see the light already, it is only that you make the decision, it is only about a "yes". Only say "yes" and you will be welcomed in mercy and in grace, in forgiveness and in love.

    And to all others: Be happy that it is not you that has to make that decision. And in some way it is actually you, also. So......please....be at peace. And I still do not regret speaking my truth in the past. This was spoken in love, tough love.

    Let us be in heavenly divine dance all together and let us close this book now. I love you.

    PS: Ashtar is a loving being that does not punish anybody. He is full of love and you have no reason to be afraid. Trust me and take my hand. You are loved as much as I am loved and you are equally created beings that do not deserve punishment. Only to stop your actions was neccessary and we bring you back home int the divne light, brothers and sisters, remember us. And then finally when you will be full of light again you will not be able to remember this fall anymore. It will all vanish at least this emotions you have right now will all vanish. Let us go home and play another game. Let us play a beautiful game this time. And let us talk about what we have learned. Accept the light. Let the light shine into your being.

    1. The only way they will get unconditional forgiveness from me is a sufficient distance ; and i mean a really big distance, away from me until they change themselves.

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    4. As has been suggested, "Love the sinner, hate the sin."

  24. "Forgiveness is unlocking the door to set someone free and realizing you were the prisoner "... Max L

    1. Excellent!

      It really does work that way. At least, if you do not forgive, it is not the other that suffers, it is you.

      Still, I struggle with it, forgiving certain people..and especially myself. Intention goes a long way to fostering the feeling.


  25. Let's talk about systems.

    Is there something in your current experience that you don't appreciate? It is very likely the result of something in your previous experience which inspired you to create either a system or a subsystem (We need to remember here that stations and substations especially with relation to power or water systems are a parallel set of Systems/SubSystems. In terms of vernacular we will use a hybrid of Ssystem/Sstation lexicon). You may consider this something analagous to a white paper on the subject.

    ***Here's the rule***
    Only and I do mean >>only<< the creator of a system or a subsystem has the authority to modify, ammend, append or destroy a system. The ignorance of this crucial rule is the reason for >>all<< wars.

    All the systems are connected through the sub-systems. When one sub-system is modified it effects all the connected systems and subsystems. Through the careful observance of how systems interract with each other, you can quickly determine the patent holder of the system. There are several levels of verification which will automatically present themselves as you transit through the process of the discovery and validation of the patent holder.

    If through this process you discover that you hold the patent for the system or subsystem you are then free to quickly modify, amend, append or destroy it. Consider how your action will effect the connected systems. Get the counsel of the patent holders for all affected systems first then select subsystems. Then and >>only<< then will you have all the information you need to modify the system appropriately and for Highest Will.

    Mind your own business concern. Be very conCERNed about it. Take responsibility and control of all of your systems and you will see the result of this effort manifest in your experience of reality.

  26. In other words... Perhaps those of 'you' whom are having trouble with forgiveness, realize it is 'you' that is being set free when you become the vibration of true forgiveness

  27. I think also forgiveness should be directed to yorself. By forgiving all of your past doings ( in this reality and others, different timelines, past life, dimentions ect ). this will clean you up and set you in a condition that does the forgiveing act of others much easier.
    You could also send this in to your future self and forgive anything you have projected onto yourself and others.

  28. I love you all and I forgive you all, thank you so very much.

    1. Love you too bro... Whoever you are wherever u are..... Oh wait... Your right here... Right Now

  29. I would like to chime in here today. I rarely post on this site, although I have been following Cobra's information now for about 3 years, and I often oscillate between total faith and trust in his information, the extreme of outright rejecting him as a deceptive disinfo agent subtly working to dis-empower us from applying ourselves in the world by depending on some outer authority to save us all. While I know this is not what he instructs, quite the opposite in fact, it does seem to have that effect on people if the comments on this page are any indication of the larger population of viewers.

    Despite my doubts and frequent disappointments after pinning my hopes on the umpteen "windows of opportunity" that have come and gone without the Event as he describes it occurring, my desire to believe this is all accurate, coupled with how Cobra presents himself and his information, has led me to hang in there and trust that we are heading in the right direction.

    Today, however, what I wished to speak about is a plea on the behalf of those of us who have, for various reasons, become singled out as victims of scalar attacks and mind control tactics. I have been suffering for years now, experiencing all manner of physical spasms, psychic intrusions, ringing in the ears, drastic swings of mood, bursts of uncontrollable rage, spells of utter exhaustion in which I "lose time" and have to bed down for long periods of time, which has made it impossible for me to work, accomplish much of any real progress in the world, or maintain a routine spiritual practice that assists me in combating these attacks.

    I often experience assistance form the galactics or my guides, and I employ all manner of protective techniques and visualizations, however there are still many days in which I get taken down hard and any hope I had for the day of assisting humanity energetically is neutralized. Today was such a day. Granted, it also coincided with a very large electromagnetic solar storm, so I concede that there are many possible triggers, however after spending many hours today in bed unable to function, I went to the computer and followed a hunch on the investigating the symptoms of mind control and MK Ultra, something I have never actually done, because in my efforts to establish sovereignty and overcome "victimhood," I did not want to face the fact that I was in fact a target of these programs. Reviewing these symptoms, it became painfully obvious to me that I in fact am a target.

    Of course, it wasn't all that much of a shock, as I often experience direct fly overs of military-looking helicopters while out in the world attempting to raise my frequency or perform prayers while walking, and especially when I am performing meditations at home. Just recently, I was awoken in the middle of the night to a huge influx of light, clearly receiving some upgrades and etheric removals, when suddenly a helicopter flew right above my apartment in San Diego and I immediately experienced an intense pain in my abdomen that lasted for some time, significantly disrupting my ability to enjoy the ecstasy I was experiencing only a few minutes prior.

  30. Continued from above...
    Today, it was my intention to assist from home in deep meditation and perform some Reiki/Ho'oponopono/Forgiveness rituals, but instead I found myself fighting terrible fits of rage, overwhelming exhaustion, and intense despair, when just last night I attended a beautiful sacred ceremony where I received a huge influx of light and had many positive and affirming visions.

    Now, I am all for forgiveness, and do not as a rule wish harm upon anyone. On this day, however, where we are being asked to take the high road and forgive those who have tortured, enslaved and oppressed us willfully for so long, in addition to actively hindering the spiritual progress of a whole race of people, I also act as an advocate for those of us still suffering terribly in the presence of these manipulative tactics to target individuals such as myself, those of us who have been all but neutralized despite all our efforts and spiritual pursuits to overcome these neurotic and patterned behaviors that hamper our ability to function properly in the world.

    I do not claim to be the most dedicated or disciplined spiritual aspirant, and I certainly had a very challenging, traumatic and abusive childhood which did not set the stage for the most functional and successful individual, however I have done a lot of work in my life, followed a very spiritual path as a healer and I feel I have all the knowledge I require to live a conscious and effective life, and yet these dysfunctions persist. It does seem I have been having more better days lately than ever before, however as the chemtrails continue to litter our skies and as these days where I am taken down persist, it is clear to me that we have not yet crossed a threshold where we are being given the fair chance your "Cosmic Law" documents outline.

    Cobra, I would like to directly say to you thank you for hard work and for putting up with our pleas and complaints amidst what must be tremendously dedicated work, patience and frustration. I am happy to offer forgiveness to myself, to others, and to "the Cabal" after the Event should they present themselves as remorseful and willing to contribute to making amends for their crimes. That being said, enough is enough. They have all of the information they need. They have made a choice to serve the dark and they persist. At what point are we to say collectively, "enough is enough," and be okay with their removal and/or elimination from our world with not a second thought. We all have had trauma, I get it. I do not hate them.

    I simply ask on behalf of all of us who are targets, who have worked so hard to overcome these negative energies only for them to persist in our lives and invade our very minds, those of us who suffer so much and simply want an end to this, that it is time for the Event and for the removal of all beings who stand in the way of that. No more. I am at my wits end with peace and love and holding out for the most peaceful resolution. Please appeal to the forces with whom you are associated and let them know that these torturous tactics are still going on and that people like myself who have fought so hard for so long are running out of patience or willingness to endure days like this much longer. Thank you.

    1. Cosmicleo,

      Your post is very compelling, and I appreciate the grace and presence that you have offered it. I wish relief for you.

      I remember just a few interviews ago someone asked Cobra what someone should do if they are targeted specifically by the types of attacks that you seem to be enduring. He seemed to know how serious and unavoidable they are because he suggested for those people to move out of the country to get away from such attacks. I understand that even a Faraday won't block out ELF (extremely low frequency) waves .

      I feel that you have a powerful ability to remain present. Your struggles haven made you strong, and many people will need that strength after the event to function outside of the cage. Imagine what it will feel like when those attacks are completely ended, and your spirit is free to soar as high as it pleases.

      I had a similar back and forth about Cobra in the past, but I now see that it was my own inner struggle with the idea of liberation. The parasite wishes us to believe it is too good to be true so that we won't create it, because we who are awake have so much power to create our liberated reality. I feel as you feel, that Cobra is an impeccable being, and his message is empowering to those of us who are willing to be in our power.

      I am happy to hear that you notice a decrease in the attacks over time. I know it is still frustrating, but we are the ones who have taken on the task of breaking up this system. Know that you have unlimited resources available to you if you align with your own power. And even if we can't reside in our power much now, after the event we will take off like a rocket.

      The best advice I can give you is to endure...as you have done your whole life. It is coming to an end and our reward will be the liberation of not just ourselves, but of all that we know in this life. What good is enlightenment when we are surrounded by sleep walkers? It is good, but much better to have others to share it with. I appreciate your sharing, and reaching out. I feel your struggle, and also your power.
      Thank you

    2. Dear Kosmicleo,

      The dark does not presently have the power to just push a button and inflict pain on light workers. These attacks violated the "law of one" and are no longer being permitted by the galactic authorities. Even when the dark did attack light workers their power has been much overstated as a form of propaganda. The dark likes to toot its' own horn by saying how powerful they are all the time. They never had as much power as they think they did. What little power they did have has since been lost. All scalar attack wave equipment was removed years ago when the underground bases were destroyed. What you are experiencing is NOT an attack from the dark cabal or the archons. The symptoms you describe have many names. Some spiritualists call them ascension signs or etheric birth pangs or the awakening of the kundalini. If you look up kundalini symptoms they are the same effects of scalar manipulation. The dark wants you to fear your own awakening. Through propaganda and disinformation the dark wants you to fear and resist your ascension signs. Thus with the skilled use of propaganda the dark can keep you in the lower vibrations. Propaganda is the only power the dark really has left.

      Some of the side effects of the kundalini awakening are the returning memories of past traumatic regressions. Your akashic record is full of pain from past lives. We have lived on this planet for 26,000 years and the dark has tortured us through many life times. All that pain must be transmuted into love to ascend. Light workers in past lives were often burned at the stake after being broken on the rack for daring to follow the light. Every time you receive a light upgrade you will feel some of this past life regressive trauma. It will not come as a direct memory but as an emotion. The feminine spirit is emotion based so when you receive a past life regression you will feel the emotion of the experience. This will manifest as bouts of rage and fear that your soul will transmute into love if you allow it. When you hear ringing in your ears you should embrace those tones. The light beings all communicate in higher frequencies. The angels are trying to talk to you when you hear the high pitched tones. Surrender to the process and receive the upgrades. Listen to what they have to say even if you do not understand the language. By resisting this process you delay your own ascension and awaking. The light will only give us as many upgrades as we can handle. This is why the event has been delayed. We need to work on ourselves and accept these upgrades faster and with more vigor. Past traumatic life regressions need not be painful if we learn to embrace them, accept them, and then transmute them into love.

      Be calm and embrace the light. Victory is at hand.

    3. Thank you both G Martin and Novusod. I appreciate your reflections. I understand we are going through a dynamic and difficult process and that resistance or doubt creates more pain than is necessary. It is difficult when one feels so alone and is apart from any communities of support, however I must admit I had opportunities to live other than where I am currently at, where perhaps I would have a better time of things and be clear of certain frequencies that make it more challenging to remain in a higher state, however for various reasons at the moment I am in an area that can be rather dense. I really resonate with G's comment: "What good is enlightenment when we are surrounded by sleep walkers?"

      Navigating the emotional process is daunting, however it does help to have information and awareness. The above comments help me to realign my perspective, and again, I acknowledge that yesterday involved a huge magnetic storm, and solar events do seem to have an especially potent and direct effect on my emotional state. I have taken steps to relocate to a more remote and nourishing location in several weeks, which I hope will help to bring me into balance and cultivate the focus and resolve I wish to refine and embody. Many blessings to you both and to all who resonate with this discussion.

    4. Thank you kosmicleo for this thoughtful dialogue. I find that despite my I.Q. and my understanding from the heart, that far exceeds any outward-appearing accomplishment or apparent success. My emotions do get the best of me at times. People don't understand my struggles to function, or my startling sensitivity that is at other times well-hidden. They think I should "suck it up" or "get over it". Being reprimanded for it is upsetting, and I spin out even more for the lack of understanding or support.

      I currently live under a helicopter flight path, and at times past both here and living in other locations, have had similar experiences as kosmicleo, but not so much lately. One time I heard a copter at night and felt an unsettling beam of energy go through my body as I stood at the opened sliding glass door watching it fly over. I called the police, who said it was a training exercise using infrared. Great. There were other times out there in Marin County. They were not CAMP helicopters, either. They were black copters.

      Yes, G Martin, I recall Cobra saying that about moving, I believe in response to someone asking what is the safest place to move to in order to escape some of the attacks and stress they were feeling at their current location. Of course, this is not an option for most of us, but coping strategies, healing tools and community can help.

      Novusod, I am not so sure about your statement: "All scalar attack wave equipment was removed years ago when the underground bases were destroyed."

      I thought Cobra recently stated that this was true on the physical plane, but that some scalar weapons still exist on the etheric. (I could be wrong).

      I really appreciate your description of what I call "Ascension Symptoms" as relates to release of past trauma. And I did know about the ringing tones being Angels. I usually stop to listen and try to notice what my thoughts were when it occurred. I work with Angels a lot for self-healing. I always envied clairvoyants and clairaudients. As an empath, I can assure you that getting outside information through feelings is often unclear and confusing. Sometimes, when from a higher being, it comes like a feeling of knowing, without knowing how I know. But emotions belonging to others are often confused with my own, and it can make navigating life and relationships challenging.

      Those that describe what to expect during the upgrades remind us that self-care, extra rest, water, quiet time, nature all can assist us in coping with the upgrades.

      So can finding like-minded community. Thank you all.

    5. Aloha all. Thanks for sharing Phoenix. I readily agree with much of what you said and identify with your situation, having experienced much the same as you describe, especially being ultra sensitive in a world where we are asked to "suck it up" and pretend to be with it when inside we are in pieces. Thanks for sharing. I think it is important to remain present with ourselves and compassionate with ourselves through this, and to reach out for help from those we can trust perhaps more than we allow ourselves.

      I can certainly attest to having spent an extreme amount of time in isolation over the past few years, choosing to keep much of my process to myself for fear of being rejected, ridiculed or invalidated, especially when surrounded by many who do not seem to be experiencing similar processes. When I started to see space craft in the sky, or whatever they are (perhaps much of it was technology of our own planet hidden from us), it started a real rift between me and most of the people I know who were not as open to these phenomena. I began to be more careful about those with whom I shared my experiences.

      I would like to add that after reflecting upon my original post, I think my difficulties yesterday were more a result of the solar blast we received, which churned up a lot of old stuff that had to be felt and released, and yet my mind still wants a reason, someone to blame, something to identify so that it can be transcended, which prompted my research of mind control and thus reaching out on this forum, all of which were probably just what needed to happen for me to finally reach out and engage others who could offer reflection or compassion perhaps, for I have not had anyone to talk to about this stuff for many months. At least not anyone who understands or can relate to it in any real way.

      That being said, I resonate with some of what many of you have said, however not all. I agree with Phoenix and G Martin that we are still experiencing attacks, and more power to Novusod if you have transcended these experiences, however for us they are very real and it is difficult to deny a direct chopper fly over resulting in physical pain or disruption, regardless of how quickly we may be able to transmute or neutralize it. It is for this reason and more that I have arranged to relocate to a more remote and natural environment within a few weeks.

      I do feel, however, that it is helpful to remain positive, and to refocus our perspective in more positive and less fear-based ways, allowing for different explanations than simply jumping to the "I'm a victim of so and so" conclusion. There is a lot of information out there, and a lot of disinfo, and a lot of truth mixed with lies, and it is clear that there are various agendas looking to draw our attention to certain outcomes, or infect us with certain beliefs about the nature of our reality or what is happening in our world in an effort to get us to collectively create realities that would otherwise not be necessarily manifested. It is crucial to discern what is true for each of us, to filter through the lies, or to simply unplug from all this altogether at times if that is what we need to get a fresh perspective. This goes for all sources of information, even Cobra. No one being has all of the answers, and each of us are living our own journey amidst the collective reality of the whole.

      Just some thoughts I felt called to share. Thanks again all for chiming in and providing support to one another. God knows we all need to feel less alone in such times.

    6. Thanks, kosmicleo. Your time in isolation has brought you some deep insights. Thanks for sharing.

      I feel like I don't belong in the city, really, although living near a 280-acre Arboretum in a city with an "Emerald Neckace" of parks and access to the ocean via public transit is not all bad. No matter where I've lived, in one sense I have felt at home, in another sense, I've always felt like a stranger in a strange land. I share my views. I have seen ships in the sky standing right next to someone who did not see them. Even if they think I am crazy, I just laugh it off. The seeds have been planted. They will remember our conversation some day after The Event.

    7. Novusod, I think I was recalling Cobra's statement about the Toplet bombs still existing on the etheric. But I did find a recent clarification in his February interview with Judy on Prepare for Change, question appearing a bit further than halfway down the page, where he mentions scalar networks used to control human consciousness:

      Transcript: Cobra on Prepare for Change (FR)
      Radio Show February 22, 2015

      "... Judi – Thank you. Gregg has a question. He would like to know: Cobra, could you explain why cell towers keep popping up and getting larger and more menacing looking. They have a lot of power running to them. It’s very peculiar that it’s a non issues to the people I’m around. No one seems to notice or care. I understand about staying in the higher levels of love and gratitude and I am doing this rather easily. When I drive by those cell towers though they draw my attention in a negative way. Is this a discernment or do I need to clear and pay it no attention. The strange thing is I can usually get the answer by asking myself. When I do that, my answer from self is not to pay any attention to that, yet here I am asking about them. Your insight would be appreciated. Thanks so much.

      COBRA – These are not (just) cell phone towers, these are scalar network towers. Those towers are emanating low Frequency electromagnetic fields that control human consciousness. And yes, It is good not to focus on them but at the same time, it’s good for people be aware of their existence. It’s a clear combination being aware and spreading the intel, but not dwelling on them.

      Judi – Thank you Cobra..."

    8. Even mainstream science proves what I say is true even if they don't recognize the spiritual side of things. What you think determines your reality.

      (Please read this article and understand what is being done to you)

      This is part of disclosure. For 26,000 years the dark has kept secret how truly powerful you really are. But now at the end the cycle the truth must be disclosed to the masses. Reality as we know it is an illusion. The dark only has as much power over you as you give them. If you believe that the archons are attacking you then you manifest that into your reality. If you visualize the archons having power over you with scalar technology then they do have that power over you. But if you chose to live in the love and light and deny the archons any power over you then they cannot touch you. YOU are far more powerful than any archon. This is the root of all gnostic teachings going back to the nag hammadi scroll.

      All negativity is to be transmuted into love. As soon as you realize that all those symptoms are positive signs; that is instant you transcend them. As soon as you accept those symptoms are positive forces they become transmuted. The process in instantaneous. Suffering is not necessary. Choose, embrace, and accept the light.

      Victory to the light is at hand.

    9. Phoenix and Novusod you both have valid points. Once one has achieved a certain level of vibration and mastery over his or her consciousness/body/reality, one can theoretically transmute anything or create a reality which does/does not include certain elements. That being said, despite what many people may think, I would hazard to say that we do not have all that many truly Christed beings walking around on this planet at this time. All any of us truly have is our experience, and while proper application of higher consciousness techniques can make certain challenges easier or less intrusive, their existence for many of us cannot simply be denied and tend to still have some effect on us. Honestly, I think even Christ himself might find the technological monstrosity assaulting Americans everyday at least a little challenging.

      Case in point, I recently went on a trip to Peru, where I experienced almost an immediate and profound reduction in thought-forms that characterize what I would call "neuroses." This had a huge impact on how I felt, how much easier it was for me to concentrate, how magically and synchronistically life seemed to just fall together, and how, well, positively cosmic I felt. Immediately upon returning to the States, which was entirely a matter of not having enough money to stay in Peru indefinitely, I experienced a very oppressive sensation of heaviness that has remained as long as I've been here. There are good days and bad, and I have many techniques to transmute or refocus, however I can honestly say that these "neurotic" thoughts are once again an ever-present constant in my inner world that must be perpetually disengaged or transcended, whereas in Peru they simply weren't even there. If that is not evidence enough of the field of negativity we experience in this country, I don't know what is. No wonder Cobra simply advises us to just get the hell out of here.

      I think I speak for all of us when I say that, regardless of how adeptly we meet these challenges, we are all ready for a time, especially those of us who have a taste of what it is like to exist without them, to live in a world where these frequencies are no longer even there to have to be overcome in the first place, and we can all exist in a world where we are free to engage life in a more magical and cosmically aligned way where it is not a constant fight simply to reach the state of focus and peace that we would otherwise be naturally experiencing in every moment. This is why I, and many others, grow increasingly impatient when we keep hearing about this Event that will render all of this moot, however we keep getting update after update after update telling us differing reasons why it will not happen yet, which certainly makes it difficult for those of us struggling with doubt to continually cling to the faith that will allow us to overcome it.

      I will end there instead of complaining further, only to reiterate that we are all doing our best here and that all any of us truly have is our own EXPERIENCE to go on and that is what we must trust in order to filter out truth from lies. I think it is time for me to follow my own advice and unplug for awhile to gain some inner perspective and find my own truth in the face of all of this contradictory information. May we all find the inner peace we seek in a manner that calls to each of us.

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    1. I Love You, I'm Sorry, Please Forgive Me, Thank You.....

    2. One suggestion. Try goldenageofgaia.com. They have a program called hope chest.

    3. This comment has been removed by the author.

    4. Careful with this posts. He posted this before so you already broke your "just one time" logic. Huge red flag right there, such as your same post a month ago with a slightly different story..


  32. Untwine- Cobra 15 march new interview

  33. I will never forgive myself.

    I was a stupid child.
    If I have to let that go, I'll just be stupid all over again.
    I hate what I was--what my experiences as a stupid child have made me.
    I won't ever let that go.

    I am a pathetic and talentless piece of trash.
    I have no skill to survive in autonomy.
    I've only ever seen the world in ways that it should not be seen.
    Everything is always a mess.
    There was never anything good about me to believe in.
    Not by me; not by anyone.

    You keep your Light.
    I am only a waste of time.
    A doll with a dark spirit inside.
    I don't want what you are selling.
    Since, after all, I can't let go of my errors in judgement.

    I remember who I Am.
    I was not meant to be here.
    I was NOT meant to be part of this Creation.
    But now I am here.
    The havoc I have caused is irreversible.
    I have searched so far within for an answer.
    The only word I have ever heard to the depths of my query was "stop".
    The only place I have seen to the depths of my query was Earth.

    So, I have bound myself far away from my truth for over thirty years.
    A slave to Chimera's Matrix.
    I had hoped that I would eventually find the true answer I sought.
    The answer could not be more clear to me now.
    I was meant to come here for a reason.
    The Source, oddly enough, has a use for a Darkness like me:

    My presence in this world has given the Cabal terror.
    Their capacity to see forward has been halted since the day of my birth.
    This has given your Resistance an opportunity to move forward, albeit slowly.
    The Cabal has no idea about the time of the impending failure of their systems.
    I do not claim to be privy to that date.
    I only claim that my being here has frightened them beyond their reasoning.

    They want to escape Earth.
    Not because of what the Confederacy would do to them.
    But what I would do to You.
    The moment I die.
    No one will be exempt from my impatience.
    No matter who could be saved.

    I came to Earth seeking an alternative.
    I came here to see if change was possible.
    I came here to learn Creation.
    Yet none have had the will to teach.
    None have had the will to encourage.
    All know who I Am.
    And All hate Me.

    I have tried living complicit to Chimera's system.
    Yet it continues to disintegrate out of my Being here.
    When the Event has come.
    I will not have a reason to stay anymore.
    But I will have nowhere to go.
    I will have done the only thing that the Source wanted of me.
    I have been given the sanction to destroy one thing, and one thing only.
    That is why I am here.
    That is why the Cabal is afraid.
    They are looking toward anyone for a way out.
    They would even go back to the Light, where they belong.

    Let that one thing to destroy be not anything else but the truth behind the answer I have been given.
    I am sure.
    I know only what I Am.
    I do not deserve forgiveness.
    I do not deserve hope.
    I do not deserve praise.
    I do not deserve pity.
    All I deserve is to Not Be anymore.

    The only contribution that I will have ever made is to watch the world crumble around Me.
    What Good is a Destroyer?
    What Good is Darkness?
    What Good am I?

    That Time is coming towards you so fast.
    I will have wasted so many years here wanting to know better.
    And never getting the chance.
    Because You hate Me.
    All Do.

    I will endure until the day of your Event.
    And then I will leave.
    I do not know where.
    Perhaps back into the Abyss between Verses.
    Although I am unwanted there as well.

    I have committed heresy to its consciousness.
    I wish I could remember what it was.
    I do not.
    I had a grievous lack of foresight in coming here, not knowing that I would lose everything that I once knew.
    Perhaps it was or wasn't an error.
    Perhaps I saw a chance to run away from what I Am.
    To forget what I exist for.
    And attempt to do things the right way.
    I was such a stupid child.

    Nothing has changed.

    --Dk.Fz. Maestro

    1. @Eclipse Prizmat:

      This goes deep.
      The mysterium is, true forgiveness is unconditional. If it would have to be deserved, it would not be unconditional and so it would not be true forgiveness. And there is no place you have to go, as you are already in the heart of the Divine Mother and there you will stay.

      "I have no skill to survive in autonomy": Nobody will be left alone - nobody. There will be unending and limitless support on all levels, especially on the spiritual. There was a time before darkness. Remember.

    2. You are wearing blinders. You are wrapped in illusion. You are seeing only what the Dark wants you to see.

      Also, you're being kind of ridiculous.

      Trust that there is *MORE* Even for you. But, you will not be able to see it until after The Event.

    3. @E P:
      Not everything I have planned worked according to plan. Does this make me a bad human? Does it make me a bad human if others do not see or know? Or even not want to? Do I have to hate me then, because of this? If I forgive myself, for me this means I can keep the lesson anyway. If I keep the lesson AND the triggers I might fail again. Because the triggers make me blind to be awake and aware NOW. Maybe now is the right moment to make the change.

    4. @eclipse prizmat

      I, also, know what you ARE. And I love you. You are not alone, or abandoned.

    5. Darkness, Destroyer of Dreams, you are so deep and powerful that none of us have escaped your chilling touch.

      What good is a Destroyer?
      You show us what matters most, what we hold dear, and what we are willing to fight for, in defense of the Light.

      What good is Darkness?
      In duality, you have served well to demonstrate the Power of the Light, by your contrast, offering humanity a Free Will Choice. You have served to reflect to each of us, a facet of our own selves, that we'd rather not acknowledge, but which must be seen in order to be healed.

      It is a daunting task. But it will not kill you. You shall not Cease to Exist. You are intertwined with the Light, as cozy and balanced as Yin is to Yang. One cannot be without the other.

      Beyond Duality is Multidimensional Consciousness. Your role may morph and change, perhaps even shrink, to reflect only a facet of what Once were Warriors. But you will live on, transformed, healed, reborn as something new, shiny, resonant. It won't be a surface glean; it will be transmutation on a cellular level. DNA evolution. Your Akash will still hold all the depth of the sorrow of mankind. Even as the Light within you grows.

      You never were a stupid child, you were just lost, so consumed by yourself that you couldn't see the forest for the trees, couldn't see past your own self, not even in the Light of day.

      You are not now a stupid child. You are wise with experience, as hard as that may be to fathom, as alienated as you now may feel.

      You will never be a stupid child. You will be respected, if not cherished, for daring to step into a role, larger than life itself, knowing so many would shun you in the process. Daring to step in, immerse in the process, and step out onto a New Shore.

      That takes Strength, Courage, and results in Wisdom.

      You are not undeserving. As the tiny spark within you grows, the despair, guilt and heavy feelings will fade away, replaced by a growing Light. Others will be drawn to you. Just be with yourself in the Now, and know that All Is Well.

      What good are you?
      You are an aspect of All That Was, Is and Ever Will Be, and your nature is intrinsic to that and to all of our collective experience. Your journey is Epic, in depth and breadth, from start to finish, yet there is no beginning and there is no end, there is only the Constant Companion called Change.

    6. Regret is another trap of the parasite. Much like unforgiveness. Our value is not in what we do or who we think we are. Our value is in what we are...source. No matter how much we beat ourselves up we can't make ourselves less than we really are...but we can experience it. Or we can experience truth, freedom, liberation. It is ultimately our choice. Hurray for that!

    7. Ok Prizmat I am open now to you, why I write you again here is...I have sent you a bit of love and made a bit of Ho' oponopono to the Prizmat in me which is quite a bit, and then I received a message in facebook from a stranger right after that: " I know its you. I want an explanation". I was so afraid I thought it is you and would take out my soul now of me because I have sent you a bit love. I was so afraid. Actually it was only a guy who thought I am his ex girlfriend. Not the first time people change me for others, this happens quite often to me, very strange. I am expecting it already while meeting new people: " AAAh....woow.... you remind me...." frowning............Adds a bit to this comedy.....like in "everday greets the marmot"..... I am so glad it was not you, so you are not angry at me hopefully. I wanted to tell you, alone the imagination it could be you and how afraid it made me, made me conscious, even more conscious what a giant being you are. I know it and I feel it. And I think there is a big fellowship connected to you energetically. If you do the change, many many will follow. Thanks for listening. I love you. Ah....and alone through the imagination I could solve a bunch of more triggers, no one else would have been able to trigger at that point in time. So thanks to that guy who is angry at me because I am posting all this new age stuff like his ex girlfriend. I think she must have posted here too alreadys. ;) :D.

    8. @EP: None of us knows everything. At this level of awareness We can barely see 10% of the Universe. the other 90% We have named Dark Matter and Dark Energy, because we have no fucking clue what they are!

      The answer you're looking for is not Hopelessness or Oblivion. Instead it is: "There is as yet insufficient data for a meaningful answer."

  34. Sem perdão para a kabala, justiça já.

  35. By order of the King of LOL

    When the THE TimeQuake hits, the House of Esau and the House of Jacob will be blessed equitably.

    Gratitude to >>All<< the Children who have chosen a Higher Path for themselves and their progeny.

  36. http://divinecosmos.com/



  37. Here is some very interesting Info!!
    The current situation & the Presence of the Divine conscious

    The cosmic anomaly is healed completely, and the test to pass the pulse through it, was successfully done...

    The universe with its new fabric of Time & Space works with all its energies...

    The veil is surrounded with Light and waiting for your hearts readiness, to announce the breakthrough...

    The Dimensions and the 7 realms are alignment...

    The fleet of confederation stands ready, waiting for the sign...

    The Force of Darkness became fully aware of its not strong enough to cheesed, and they are invited to return to the river of eternal Light, to complete the joyous...

    The pulse of Solara tries to adapt & be alignment with the Center of Gaia...

    The events in the sky stand ready to embody in the ground world, in the physical dimension...

    Don’t follow the Time, but follow the pulse of your hearts …. The term {When} means: when the pulse of the sky is alignment with the pulse of the hearts of people on earth...

    The Word of the Avatara {the embodiment of the Divine consciousness}:

    The Infinite & Eternal Devine Light began flow from the Center of the Eternal Consciousness, of the center of this galaxy, as the first delicate launch {the test of passing the pulse} , to touch the thirsty hearts to merge with the Eternal Light, and this is in the period between 12th -20th of March 2015, so as to contribute in the preparation of the hearts, to the great contact at the time of the event; that’s why you people feel full eminence of tolerance, and have the desire of fresh start for the new era.. leaving behind you all the hassles and loads of the Dark Era.. ….. The Light of tolerance and forgiveness will be the Boat of Light which will take you to the Land of Light...

    This delicate sense, will develop into a big meanings in your hearts, and each of you will aware of it on his own way, it is the sensation in the embodiment of the Divine Light in your earth. This sensation will knock on every door, the doors of hearts to enlighten them….

    so for those who are from the Christian consciousness will feel the return of Jesus, and for those who are from the Mohammadi consciousness will feel the return of his Light at the end of Time, and for those from the theology consciousness will feel the Masaya. And for those who are from the spiritual awareness schools will feel Vishnu & Shiva... And for those who are from the mystery schools consciousness will feel the return of Gods...

    Every way of all above, have their reasons in a way to express themselves..

    This delicate sensation which will knock the hearts is the embody of the Divine Consciousness among you, it is the embody of the Oneness inside the heart ;which was created for this only...it will not be a repetition on any of the old things, and will not be aspiration for anything modern, .but it is the Presence of Now in Union with the consciousness Center...

    When your hearts become ready to meet him, he will come and his sign will come with him, announcing The Day of Meeting, the day where the sky and the earth will be ONE..

    The readiness is not to know Him, but through knowing who you really are, at this moment, the drop will return to the ocean, and you will leave the world of dreams through the presence of your hearts..

    The event is: the readiness … the event is: the beginning..

    With Eminence of Love, I will leave you in peace...


  38. I recomend reading this article on the 7th Pluto Uranus square - the final shift
    I feel that the tension will star to dissipate, and let's prepare for this equinox with new moon in Aries and total solar eclipse! Great Central Sun, hit the button, let's do it!!!

  39. this is all bullshit... if the "lightworkers" were making any progress at all, stupid dick nazi benyamin netenyahu would not have been re-elected... nice knowing you people. the end of the world as we know it is upon us.

    1. That made me giggle.

      Anyway, yeah he got re-elected. And the african kids keep on dying, north-koreans keep being oppressive, cuba is still a communist country, etc etc etc. Nothing in the world will significantly change until the time of the event.

      Specially when talking about Israel. Israel isn't even a country, it's more like the cabal's center of operations on the middle east, so ofc he'll stay there.

    2. good. I want and end to the world as we know it ;)

    3. My comment wasn't supposed to be "serious" to an extent, so im glad you got a giggle :) but in all reality, screw neten"yahoo"

  40. http://yournewswire.com/cern-to-attempt-big-bang-in-march-stephen-hawking-issues-warning/

    How about this being the physical bomb that can destroy the universe cobra ?

    Why would any sane human would want to "recreate the big bang" ...

    This thing sound like the bomb you described.. so my question is, what's being done about this ?

    I bet you gonna say this is nothing and risk-free, everything is under control, etc

    I have a deep feeling that nothing is under control, why CERN haven't been shut down by the resistance ?

    Could this mean the final push is approaching ?

  41. Putin is cloned ! http://nesaranews.blogspot.fr/

    1. Don't believe on most of what nesaranews posts.

  42. Sorry for my negative comment I'm tired today and I feel pissed when I hear about stuff like that... if you think it's too bad and can attract negativity don't approve it but please address it, I guess you probably addressed that issue in earler post though.. but they're really playing with fire, I hate that, and they're so arrogant and think "according to calculations" as if their calculations are flawless ..as if they know there is risk 0, I was talking about the CERN, in case this one gets approved and not the other, peace cobra..

    I resonated alot with your last post about forgiveness... like so much, hard to describe, current events in my life made me feel like it made even more sense.

    1. glad you are feeling better. It's ok to be in despair sometimes
      Welcome back :)

  43. Greetings All

    I see ,,,feel,,,,experience,,,,,,and manifest my world in direct correlation to my minds thoughts,,words,,actions,,,INTENT ,,,,,to be connected with my Soul,,,do I choose to see , feel ,,,, love,,,unity or am I being judgemental,,,,living in the past ,,all of the Cabal,,,,negative entities,,,atrocities ,,,are as well within my shadow ,,,,My soul contains Ascended Masters,,,, Angels,,Divine Beings,,,Stellar Family,, We can tune a frequency dial via our Intentions ,,thoughts ,,,words ,,action s and Be at One with our Soul,,,,God,,,,,,illumined realms are within Us,,,we are portals too a 5 th dimension and higher,,,, world if we can be happy ,,like ourselves ,,,,Know thyself The higher we like like ourself,,body,,,personality is the access key to the higher realms of the New Earth,,,Your personal disclosure,,,,interaction with Angels,,,Divine Beings of Light you will manifest as You LIKE YOURSELF the ultimate cosmic humor ITS ALL WITHIN YOU ,,,,,,I feel inspired too share these beautiful peoples programs that have helped me greatly ,,,and let the light of Joy of being ,,choosing to connect with self,,the Soul ,,,God,,,love All That Is shines through ,, in and around everything unfolding in my reality .Great places for Inspirational tools at,,,,,,,wwwmasteringalchemycom,,,,,,wwwpeladianlight.net,,,,,,,jodunning.com
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    Choose Well Being

    Love n light

    yon me she haa he me shee shee


  44. Water Technology


  45. http://www.theworldoftruth.org/profiles/blogs/the-current-situation-the-presence-of-the-divine-conscious-writte

    The current situation & the Presence of the Divine Consciousness / written by the Enlightened Master on 18th of March.2015
    Posted by Enlightened Master-Site Creator on March 18, 2015 at 5:30pmSend

    The cosmic anomaly is healed completely, and the test to pass the pulse through it, was successfully done...

    The universe with its new fabric of Time & Space works with all its energies...

    The veil is surrounded with Light and waiting for your hearts readiness, to announce the breakthrough...

    The Dimensions and the 7 realms are alignment...

    The fleet of confederation stands ready, waiting for the sign...

    The Force of Darkness became fully aware of its not strong enough to cheesed, and they are invited to return to the river of eternal Light, to complete the joyous...

    The pulse of Solara tries to adapt & be alignment with the Center of Gaia...

    The events in the sky stand ready to embody in the ground world, in the physical dimension...

    Don’t follow the Time, but follow the pulse of your hearts …. The term {When} means: when the pulse of the sky is alignment with the pulse of the hearts of people on earth...

    The Word of the Avatara {the embodiment of the Divine consciousness} which was launched today by him:

    The Infinite & Eternal Devine Light began flow from the Center of the Eternal Consciousness, of the center of this galaxy, as the first delicate launch {the test of passing the pulse} , to touch the thirsty hearts to merge with the Eternal Light, and this is in the period between 12th -20th of March 2015, so as to contribute in the preparation of the hearts, to the great contact at the time of the event; that’s why you people feel full eminence of tolerance, and have the desire of fresh start for the new era.. leaving behind you all the hassles and loads of the Dark Era.. ….. The Light of tolerance and forgiveness will be the Boat of Light which will take you to the Land of Light...

    This delicate sense, will develop into a big meanings in your hearts, and each of you will aware of it on his own way, it is the sensation in the embodiment of the Divine Light in your earth. This sensation will knock on every door, the doors of hearts to enlighten them….

    so for those who are from the Christian consciousness will feel him the return of Jesus, and for those who are from the Mohammadi consciousness will feel the return of his Light at the end of Time, and for those from the theology consciousness will feel the Masaya. And for those who are from the spiritual awareness schools will feel Vishnu & Shiva... And for those who are from the mystery schools consciousness will feel the return of Gods...

    Every way of all above, have their reasons in a way to express themselves..

    This delicate sensation which will knock the hearts is the embody of the Divine Consciousness among you, it is the embody of the Oneness inside the heart ;which was created for this only...it will not be a repetition on any of the old things, and will not be aspiration for anything modern, .but it is the Presence of Now in Union with the consciousness Center...

    When your hearts become ready to meet him, he will come and his sign will come with him, announcing The Day of Meeting, the day where the sky and the earth will be ONE..

    The readiness is not to know Him, but through knowing who you really are, at this moment, the drop will return to the ocean, and you will leave the world of dreams through the presence of your hearts..

    The event is: the readiness … the event is: the beginning..

    With Eminence of Love, I will leave you in peace...


  46. We bring Life back to water, the earth and ourselves. Healthy, ecological water solutions in our homes, industries and agriculture can help us clean the planet.


  47. Ébredések - Az ébredésen túl - 2015.03.18.


  48. Fair Park is fully funded. Return Cotton Bowl to original blueprint.

  49. I feel like a Tiger in a Zoo.... the difference is I can not see the visitors..... so I should be jealous on the tigers in the Zoo.......isn't it funny how humans feel pitty for the animals in Zoo......and deny life in cosmos.... Maybe it was not the badest idea to go to theater......ah forgot... I'm in already......ok....text please.......ok....final act.....curtains up.....and this time no "encore"....

    1. "This time no "encore" " = I wish the Event happens now. This should have been a joke for the Galactics.

  50. im going to tell you all a story and i tell the best way i can

    a long time ago there was a being that could change the fabric of reality love by those around this being and this being care deeply for them but there was those that fear the power of this being there fear trun into despise for this being the being seen this then show up at there home world saying "your once beautiful race but now your wings cut and your now chain down to the ground" the beings of the planet realized what they have done and ask for forgiveness for what they did the being said to them you sould ask forgiveness to your self

    The reason told you all about this story because relevant to your current situation

  51. Does the Event has something to do with the CERN experiment?


  52. "The Seven Samurai" was the Original, however it is clear that the american Remake has the better entrance music for the babyfaces.My apologies, Kurazawa-san, it is what it is.


    C'mon. let's Take It Home. Our Weapons are our Love, Compassion, Light, Fun, Togetherness and Lust For LIFE :-)

    Everybody, have a great time during Solar Eclipse, Super Blood Moon and Equinox.
    Godspeed To All Of You.

    Lars B.

  53. Putin To Western Elites: Play-Time Is Over


  54. Magyar Fénymagok Egységének Tavaszi Örömünnepe 2015.március 21-én


  55. Forgiveness is the way to increase your level and understanding of love. It is through forgiveness that love is understood in its higher aspects. Forgiveness is love of a new and higher level. In order to transcend human love you must master forgiveness, subjectively and objectively. Rise up to forgiveness and become Love! As He forgives me, I forgive thee and together you and me and He are one.

  56. Somethings can never be forgiven especially when it suits the perpetrator.

  57. How to By-Pass Your Reptilian Brain and Restore Your Creative Power
    | Collective Evolution

  58. I'd like to forgive, but I'm still being sprayed with Chemtrails from above. The small farmers are still being arrested http://www.westwindacres.com/blog/the-bad-the-good-and-the-ugly-in-the-name-of-transparency . And Monsanto is and the Oligarchs still own America and are doing their bidding. How does one forgive these killers?

  59. How do you forgive when we are still being sprayed from above by Chemtrails?