Monday, March 2, 2015


Pandora in progres, MOSS in progress, TUNNELS in final completion. PB breach continuation, drastic systems/PPN/Isidic security breach, deflected. HVBN substable to stable. M=10.


  1. OH MY GOD...... , MOSS in progress,…….
    Since early last year, the Light forces are dealing with the Chimera directly. Since late January this year, as the physical strangelet and toplet bombs have been cleared, they have started operations to clear this Solar System from the last vestiges of darkness. This operation is codenamed MOSS (Multidimensional Operations Solar System). This operation is still ongoing. Important breakthroughs have happened in the last few days. After the successful completion of MOSS and around the time of the Event, Disclosure and First Contact will happen and this will be the end of the quarantine status for planet Earth……………….

  2. Does anyone have an idea what MOSS is?

    Thanks again Cobra and all the Lightforces!!

    1. MOSS = multidimensional operations solar system

    2. Multidimensional Operations Solar System

  3. ok this code language is for resistance team .for us common people we have to wait until announcement are made on tv or any other media ,so we can jump and dance in the meantime keep working and paying bills until you brake in half .just saying

  4. @Ian Rimmer

    Go back and read this blog from the beginning. There is a lot of info explaining the acronyms and operation names =] Plus there are exciting updates along the way.

  5. Blessings and Protection to Cobra, RM and Light Forces <3
    It's still winter (inches from an all-time record accumulation, with more snow coming..." ...but now we all can ~feel~ that SPRING is on the way!

    I really needed to work on Sunday during the meditation...
    (although my work is like meditation in many ways..).

    I had a client from Idaho Falls, ID. He marveled at our massive amounts of snow , saying that was what they normally have back home this time of year, but now it is 58 degrees in Idaho Falls, with NO snow this winter except in the mountains! Warm in the West and frigid in the East and South..Seems like the axis has tilted, not just the magnetic poles shifting. I first noticed it about 4 years ago when the house I lived in for 3 years started to have late afternoon sunshine in the front yard during the 3rd year, which I had never seen before. I looked it up and found a lot of Native elders and Innuit people had also observed the sun rises and sets in a different place than it used to.

    "Their Sky Has Changed!" Inuit elders sharing information with NASA regarding Earth's "WOBBLE"

  6. There are plenty of reasons we should permanently abandon doom and gloom. We humans are capable of creating incredible solutions to any challenge. Here's an example:

    Paul Stamets has always been ahead of his time, but perhaps at last, the time has come for his solutions to be acted on.

    US Patents Signal End of Pesticides and GMO


    "Paul Stamets, the world’s leading mycologist, filed a patent in 2001 that was purposely given little attention. In the words of pesticide industry executives, this patent represents “The most disruptive technology that we have ever witnessed.” The biopesticides described in the patent reveals a near permanent, safe solution for over 200,000 species of insects and it all comes from a mushroom. After what is called ‘sporulation’ of a select entomopathogenic fungi (fungi that kill insects) the area becomes no longer suitable for any insect(s) the fungi are coded for. In addition, extracts of the entomopathogenic fungi can also steer insects in different directions.

    This literally is a paradigm shift away from the entire idea of pesticides. Instead of having an aim to kill all problematic insect, a farmer could simply disperse a solution of pre-sporulation fungi amongst the crops. The insects would then simply live their lives around the crops paying no attention to them. This simple idea flies in the face of the current, poorly thought-out, practice of spraying ever increasing amounts of pesticides on resistant bugs. Going further, this biopesticide would also eliminate the need for round-up ready GMO seeds and BT seeds that grow the pesticides in the crop needlessly endangering us, the consumer. Perhaps the most enticing element of this biopesticide fungi is that it’s essentially free. According to the patent, it can be “cultivated on agricultural waste.” We are looking at a 100% safe, natural technology that literally can end all GMO and pesticide manufacturers overnight with a new class of SMART Pesticides."

    “The matrix of pre-sporulating fungi can optionally be dried, freeze-dried, cooled and/or pelletized and packaged and reactivated for use as an effective insect attractant and/or biopesticide.” –Paul Stamets Patent for Mycoattractants and mycopesticides

  7. when is this video game coming out?