Thursday, May 7, 2015

European Breakthrough Conferences Report

The European series of conferences began with the conference in Konstanz, Germany. You can read the report from that conference here:
And read the fairly accurate notes from the conference here:
The second conference took place near Eastbourne in UK. During that weekend, there was a very important transit of Venus near the Pleiades cluster:

The energy of that transit triggered a strong infusion of Goddess energies from the Galactic Center and a very demanding purification of outdated patriarchal archetypes. Apparently the energies were too much for the organizer of the conference and to a few of with him associated people and they displayed some very disgusting behavior that is still in the process of being purified. Regardless of that, they did not manage to disturb the conference significantly and the event was still very successful.
You can read brief notes from the conference here: 

The third conference took place in Naples in Italy. Naples is located near a triangle of very strong Goddess vortexes and was a strong center of Isiac positive secret societies since the Roman times. 
We had a very balanced and beautiful group of dedicated people and the conference was concluded in balance, love an joy. As a consequence of this conference, the Naples Goddess vortexes triangle was activated and the Naples city energy vortex is being healed,  transforming this key city into a point of Light inside the planetary network of Light.
It is interesting to note that there is a vast network of underground tunnels under Naples:
They even grow food in those tunnels, as you can see on this photo I took:


The tunnel system under Naples is part of a main tunnel »highway« that goes from Malta to the Vatican city. According to a local insider I met in Naples, a jumproom was built inside an underground military base close to Naples. This base was part of the Italian secret space program.
You might have noticed that I have not posted any significant intel in the last few weeks. This is because we are in a very delicate period where any release of significant intel could hinder the operations of the Light forces taking place behind the scenes. Soon I will be able to release more.
Let me just say that Jade Helm military exercise will give the Positive Military much needed real life simulation intel for the time of the Event. The cabal tries to spin that military exercise and disseminates fear based scenarios as part of their psychological warfare. I will calm some fears by stressing that the Light forces have said very clearly that the martial law in the US will NOT be introduced under any circumstances. They have also strongly suggested that everyone remains calm and does not engage in any conflicts the Cabal might try to engineer. 
Before more intel about the planetary and exoplanetary situation is released, you can refresh your memory with this video:
Balance your energy field with this resonant frequencies music:
Or even experience healing benefits of the Tachyon chamber:
French speaking people will be happy to know that the Contact with Agartha book is now available in French:
The Breakthrough is near!


  1. I want to apologize for previous comments. Misguided, inappropriate and unjustified expression to say the least. The harshness of this reality has and continues to take its toll. The etheric contamination alone has become unbearable. Intolerable at times. Many of us are beyond weary and very very homesick. Waking up into this reality is truly both a blessing and curse. IT has NOT been easy and rather unpleasant at times. No excuses for temper tantrums simply the reason for cause. You all deserve better from me. I'm sorry. Please forgive me.

    with much love and gratitude,


    1. <3 <3 <3 wow, beautiful, thank you....much love to you <3 <3 <3

    2. Hello, Matthew!
      My friend, YOU and I are one of but few VIP Cobra followers, who stayed and never gave up the hope for the BETTER future.
      During these times, we had many, many, ups and downs. ALL OF US...

      In the mean time, during these 3+ looong years, WE HAVE SEEN MANY THINGS HAVE BEEN CHANGED FOR THE BETTER.

      You acted like a real GENTLE-MAN. But, PLEASE, don't be harsh on your self. YOU are still a HUE-man, trapped in a dense, tortured 3D body, and living in this prison.... (call it whatever you want).



    3. Well, Matthew, thank you! This post of yours really did come as a complete surprise to me! I am so used to grrrrrr…grrrrrr…grrrrrr from you for more than a year that I never thought there would be this dramatic change! I guess the new goddess energy is making changes (positive and difficult/crazy) in all of us! That is good. But, really, I don’t know why you are apologizing to US. You never insulted and offended the Cobra Family. You were always most pissed off at the Light Forces! If anyone deserves an apology, it is THEM!

      The Goddess Energies are slowly teaching us all that no one is perfect and we all deserve redemption. Humans are not perfect and the Light Forces are not perfect. But playing the “Blame Game” doesn’t help anyone or anything!! Thank you Matthew for your heartfelt post!

  2. EVERYBODY, please, do NOT miss reading this amazing article on the "Hollow Earth Network"!
    Especially, do NOT miss observing the picture, taken by.... NASA?!!!

    I've been following the Hollow Earth for more than 4 years, therefore, I knew that the "New Jerusalem", Ashtar's mothership, was anchored right infront of planet Venus.
    However, recently, i've noticed, that Venus is not the same it used to be.

    Those who live in the Northern America, have probably seen, how big and BRIGHT lately, Venus has become!!! I see it every evening, and admire her beauty, yet the question "What is going on up there?!" was hanging right there ABOVE my head. LOL!!

    Well, I think, this is the answer to my question, (which I was going to ask Cobra).


    New Jerusalem

    Dearly Beloveds,

    We are gathered together to unite ourselves in Holy Matrimony...
    (married: closely or intimately united; joined; united)

    >>For those of you who may be new to Hollow Earth Network (HEN) - the above NASA photograph was unexpectedly found when doing long-time photography into the deepest, most "empty" area of space. This may or may not be The New Jerusalem, but it is the closest we have for now. And I believe it is a good time to acquaint/re-acquaint ourselves with Ashtar's detailed description of our beloved New Jerusalem, the Mothership of The Galactic Federation of Light - headquarters for our Beloved Lord Sananda and Lord Ashtar.
    Click Here.

    This is so informative and not only does Ashtar give detailed descriptions of all twelve decks of The New Jerusalem,
    he also quotes bible verse eye-witness descriptions of the actual appearance ofThe New Jerusalem<<.

    >>As we have been told on numerous occasions, The New Jerusalem is "parked" directly in front of Venus, the Evening Star, which is the brightest star, first to be seen, in our North American southwestern sky. -- However, this bright light that we see, is NOT the planet Venus... we are seeing the brilliant lights of The New Jerusalem! And have you seen how much bigger this light has become? Closer?? Let's keep a close eye on it!

    >>I think it will be wise for each of us to refresh, or get acquainted with this upcoming event. It may be closer than we think!

    We may get acquainted with Lord Ashtar, The New Jerusalem, and First Contact by

    Read the complete article here:

    PS: I had this ready to post, when i saw there's a NEW intel. I will post first, and then read what NEWS Cobra has.

    Enjoy the ride!!!

    1. Sorry the image you speaking of or referencing from the 2013 page of ashtar is a superimposed picture made black and white over the original image of the las vegas ufo of the 40,s. Hence the spotlights. Not from nasa

  3. Stay Lovely my friends :)

    "What future are we voting for by the thoughts and actions we take each moment?" - David Wilcock

    1. Thank you!

  4. China releases moon footage of alien bases

    new David Wilcock secret space program: countdown to exposure

  5. Im seeing my Star Brothers n Sisters from time to time driving by. Like your rides.. Anyway i always wanted to share something with all of u guys. But got conflicted inside each time. So i wrote it in song. Instrumental and a reflection of my emotions, as usual i would say. I hope its ok to post this. I Guess i Will find out. I hope some of you like IT.

    Thanks for everything all of us!

  6. Ibrahim Hassan talks about THE BLUE PULSE ( the pulse that is THE EVENT PULSE ) coming from the galactic central sun and the meaning of BLUE PULSE in the spiritual sence of it.

    He also talkes about what kind of effect it will have on each individual is directly linked to your spiritual conscious growth as how deep you have connected with your inner spiritual truth of the spiritual core of you and what kind of level of consciousness you have.

    Which means that everybody will a different adventure and experience with YJE EVENT's BLUE PULSE and the journey further after THE EVENT. He also talks about the true MEANING of THE EVENT, which has also to do with the end of the illusion, and now everything is becoming the true reality and every will be a direct manifestations of your choices, which means that also the experienced feelings will be felt even more stronger.

    Everything will be by present to present from where the individual are in it's own consciousness level of understanding. He also talks about the effectd of the rememberence of dreamstates we have expereienced, past lifes and how the archons seperated every layer dimensions and to our many HIGHER SELVES and up to the enlightenment of THE HIGHEST SELF.

    This is in complete resonance with my own inner knowing. So you will gain what you have worked with your self, as this is what he explain as your spiritual account.

    He also explains why the reason for THE DELAYs which has to do with the collective consciousness, which has to do with humanity who are not acting like they talking, but use the old ways of the old paradigme to try to manifest the new paradigme, or still being in their comfortzone demanding or hoping that THE EVENT shall save them.

    THE EVENT has much much much more to do with just being released from the cabal and their so called funny money slavery system, because THE EVENT is you and THE EVENT is about YOU really finding home to YOU YOURSELF IN TRUTH., which is to re-connected with the deep spiritual knowing of the ore of how you are, which has to do with merging with you yourself and the illusion of separation / duality which happend within you as an indvidual, which gave the expression of that we as a collective has been seperated.

    The Blue Pulse Part 1 of 4
    The Spiritual meaning of the blue pulse AND the current situation on the inner & outer realm

    The Blue Pulse Part 2
    The influence of the blue pulse on the people of earth at the time of the event

    The Blue Pulse Part 3
    Direct contact with Goddess ISIS

    The Blue Pulse Part 4
    Continued direct contact with Goddess ISIS

  7. cobro y u not rreplying to my emails and avoiding me?!

    1. I think he mentions above the very delicate RM operation currently going on. He was also away in Europe.

      People need to stop taking everything personally, Rob Potter also stated that MANY people submitted questions they didn't get to yet, for which he apologizes. He has to triage the inquiries and try to get Cobra to answer the questions that most people are asking.

  8. Thank you Cobra for this valuable update!! It is very helpful that you told about the important European Conferences; the truth about Jade Helm; and why this blog has been so quiet lately.

    You already told us in April that May was going to be a VERY IMPORTANT month! I am super excited that so many important things are happening this month!!! I look forward to hearing about MOSS II when the time is right and safe and all the wonderful things accomplished.

    Until then, I will continue to meditate on our MAJESTIC and POWERFUL Jupiter and Ganymede!!!

  9. GoodETxSG Update - May 6, 2015...COREY....I do not like to sell fear ever but do like people to be prepared. It is not a bad idea to have a minimum of 2 weeks of food and water just in case of short term or minor disruptions (Though they most likely will not occur IMHO). So the answer is yes, very much a calm before the stormy times ahead.
    I think TPTB will be prevented from doing toooo large of a false flag or tooo many of a series of them as a distraction in the US. This is IMHO, other people think I am wrong and I am one to just be prepared... "Better to have it and not need it, than need it and not have it"... Its a motto that is true of just about anything.

  10. Okay, I am not a salesman, but you guys really need to buy and listen to this music!! It is amazing! The most important thing is to not listen to it with headphones. You have to FEEL the music through your whole body! I was interested in buying this music before, but Untwine only gave short samples then- so I quickly lost interest. But, go to this website now and you will get the WHOLE PICTURE!! It is very beautiful and purifying music if you listen to it OUTLOUD through the air with your whole body.

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  11. Something to think about:
    What colour is your passport?

    There's three possible colours according to International Laws:
    Green - Provisional Passport, valid up to a max. of 12 months
    Blue - Citizen of an independent, souvereign country
    Red - Citizen of an non-independent, non-souvereign country, governed by another country

    Mine is Red, as I live in a US-occupied colony....

    Germany and Japan are still listed as the two only "enemy nations" to the United Nations - never mind that both "countries" (Germany is run as a company, listed in the Brussels Trade Register, so I use that term loosely) are officially members of the UN.
    There is no Peace Treaty for Japan or Germany since WW II, and there are multiple reasons why. The one relating to the passports and the souvereignity of nations is this:

    In 1942 the USA entered WW II after Pearl Harbor and, being the military muscle in the damned thing, had a treaty drafted. Over 60 countries signed the "SHAERF Treaty" of 1942, and thus handed over all government control over their own country "Till there is a peace treaty with The German Reich and Japan."
    There was some truce agreement in the 1950's but there is no peace treaty anywhere in sight - and why would the USA Corporation have any interest in giving up govermental control of over 60 countries?

    Do not hold your breath for any of that being mentioned in the Media for the 70th anniversary of that damn war ending.
    But that's why things like Kissinger, Bush, Cheyney and Rumsfeld are incarnated in the US and not anywhere else.
    No idea why noone ever mentioned *that* elephant in the RooM, but it is what it is.

    So. What Colour IS Your Passport ?
    Mine is red; and it EXPIRED A LONG TIME AGO ;-)

    Lars B.


    1. The "Act Of 1873" legally turned The Republic Of The United States Of America into "The United Stats Of America Corporation", registerd in the Baltimore, MD Trade Register as a "religious, non- profit organization."
      The owner of that corporation? "The District Of Columbia" which was given Maryland land to build a monument of negativity.

      So who owns "The District Of Columbia"? The story is always the same as it traces back to that not-european, tax-excempt, offshore-holding company consisting of one Square Mile. The City Of London.
      Backed, of course, by the "owner" of the land-mass called the United States Of America Corporation, The Vatican.

      Empire City MY ASS!!!



    2. Ich hab Heimweh nach Agartha. Der Weg war so lang.
      Ich möchte bitte nach hause. Dankeschön.

      IZ - DK 1111
      IZ - T 1111, IZ - TT 1111, IZ - T 225
      IT'S T...TT...T...TIME !!!
      WE never asked for any of this


  12. Sheldan Nidle’s Update for the Galactic Federation of Light and Spiritual Hierarchy

    5 May, 2015.

    8 Chicchan, 3 Moan, 11 Ik

  13. Well I can completely agree with what Cobra has said about Jade Helm, it's, (as far as I'm concerned) and complete misinformation or disinformation hype by cabal minions who continue to try and keep people in fear. And to some degree it's working for them, just look at how many people cling to this (non news) item. Militaries have been doing these kinds of things for as long as they've existed and to top it off most of these places where the manuvers are taking place is on private land with permission given by the land owners.
    If people choose not to pay attention to Walmart sales dropping over the past year or so then they've obviously have only themselves to blame for their short sightetness. Do you think that this economic plight is only going to affect Mac Donald's and Target stores?
    People need to gear down take a few deep breaths, step back and see Jade Helm as a positive military operation who are going to do to the cabal what needs to be done and at the same time keep everyone else from wanting to carve out their pound of flesh against them when the cabal and minions start getting arrested.
    That's what's currently happening to bankers involving the historical bond redemption according to Jerzy who does a conference call once a week for and he's no slouch when it comes to knowing his way around those bonds. (I don't know if Jerzy is also the person known as Zap as many suspect, perhaps someone will ask him.)
    But as far as Jade Helm is concerned, it's really a non issue and people are really allowing these idiots who keep banging the war drums to get the better of them.

  14. Dear Cobra,

    In this intel, there are two very important things that got my attention.
    The first one is about the poeple who tried to sabotage one of your conferences, (sorry to hear that, and I'm happy NO big harm was done).
    And the second one is regarding the upcoming Jade Hell-m exercises.

    Almost 2 years ago, without labeling it as THE EVENT, Ashtar gave some tantalizing details about the way WE will see, experience and feel during THE EVENT!!!!

    In this channeling, (not all are to be ignored), Ashtar is talking about the effects of the higher energies on human 3D bodies. (It's the 2nd paragraph/sentence. Readers might need to read this more than 2-3 times to grasp the whole thing.)

    To me, this is EXACTLY what Cobra is saying happened to one of the confenerence organizer and to few others working with him.
    And get ready folks, for what most of us will see and, how we will feel, is just out-worldly!! I just want IT to be exactly as Ashtar said it would be. (Or even better!)

    July 20th 2013
    Channel: Ashtar/Athena

    >>When the divine, right moment occurs, the amount of higher consciousness energy that the local Spiritual Hierarchy has brought in will be much greater than you, heretofore, have experienced. Individuals surrounded by a lot of negative energy will most likely experience five to ten minutes of sickness from these intense energies. It is almost as if somebody placed a storm of high positive energies around Mother Earth. Many who are more aware will see these new energies as extremely brilliant light. Everybody will feel it as a calming energy. It is going to feel like the ultimate form of ecstasy!

    These wonderful energies are to be accompanied by extremely beautiful celestial music played by the local Spiritual Hierarchy. This heavenly music will be a sign to all that a truly divine intervention in the affairs of Earth's humanity is about to transpire. Your local Spiritual Hierarchy will also form some easy-to-detect, 'Angel-like' clouds in the sky. These heavenly portents will be your signal that something miraculous is about to happen.

    And here's what you clarified regarding the Jade Hell-m:

    >>Let me just say that Jade Helm military exercise will give the Positive Military much needed real life simulation intel for the time of the Event. The cabal tries to spin that military exercise and disseminates fear based scenarios as part of their psychological warfare. I will calm some fears by stressing that the Light forces have said very clearly that the martial law in the US will NOT be introduced under any circumstances. They have also strongly suggested that everyone remains calm and does not engage in any conflicts the Cabal might try to engineer<<.

    I'm so glad to see you saying, "sealing" the thoughts I was having. There was NO doubt in my mind, that the Light Forces would take advantage, and turn the same "weapon" against them, and use that "game" for the BETTER porposes. It would be the much waited excuse to push the Event button.
    Because of this thought/wish, despite the fact that the one in California will be pretty close to where I live, I wanted it to happen - with NO fear at all.
    I'll just be ready for the consequences coming after it.

    Thank YOU so much, for sharing your thoughts and your experiences with us.

    May YOU BE PROTECTECTED and safe, at all times!!!


  15. Thank you Cobra for this valuable update!!Much blessings & light!💜

  16. Cobra,... Thanks for the Updates. How does one get a hold of their Cintamani Stones,... ??? Thanks.

  17. Lol, somebody can help me, i think my heart chakra is blocked, i cant feel love i dont know i am very confused.

  18. GAIAPORTAL: Centralized motions of aligned entities collect Higher Cosmics and transmit to Gaia collective
    11 May

    Centralized motions of aligned entities collect Higher Cosmics and transmit to Gaia collective.

    Portals of assistance have opened for all Gaia inhabitants.

    Freshenings are experienced among Hue-manity and hu-manity, although some are not conscious of the changes.

    Congealing of Inner Intents becomes the standard.

  19. There was an interesting timeline shift on 05-05-2015. - Jamye Price

  20. I've yet to visit the Sphere Alliance site despite knowing of it for weeks...a month?

    Disclosure Data from GoodETxSG 5-11-15…
    “All Future Questions & Answers and New Updates Will Be Completed At The Sphere Being Alliance Home Page”
    Posted on 2015/05/11

  21. Hello everyone I've been looking for Event Group. Does anyone know of a website where you can meet up with like minded people in your local area?

    also many fb groups -d o search for names