Tuesday, May 26, 2015

May Monthly Update by Cobra

You might want to listen to the May monthly update Cobra interview by Rob Potter here:


Or read the transcript here:

The Youtube version will be posted here as soon as it is ready.

You can send your questions to rob@thepromiserevealed.com and many of them will be answered in the next monthly update interview. 

The videos for the Free the Colonies! activation have already been translated from English into German, French, Italian, Spanish, Hungarian, Japanese and Chinese (simplified and traditional) and will be posted on my blog shortly. Translation into as many additional languages as possible is needed so more videos can be made. Please send your translations of the Free the Colonies! text to parlagisas777@gmail.com


  1. Here is a breakdown of subjects discussed in the recent Cobra interview here in bullet form:


    1. Hungary ~ secret positive groups with strong Templar influence working for new financial system;

      Magyarországon ~ titkos pozitív csoportok erős templomos befolyás dolgozik az új pénzügyi rendszer; nagyon erős ezoterikus szimbólumok közé tartozik, valamint az ősi istennő örvények

      Pontosabban, mert ez a google néha furákat fordít.

    2. Van egy bizonyos titkos pozitív csoport magyarországon amelynek erős Templar kapcsolatai vannak, és e csoport dolgozik az új pénzügyi rendszer fele, és ennek láthatjuk már a hatásat. Az utóbbi időben Magyarország elég hatékonyan ellenállt a Rothschild központi bank befolyásainak. Ez a csoport még mindig alacsony profilt tart es így nem lehet közvetlenül kapcsolatba lepni veluk. De ők (már mint a magyarok) kutathasák a történelmüket. Vannak bizonyos nagyon erős ezoterikus pozitív szimbolumok magyarorszagon. Én csak megemlítenem a Szent Koronát, de néhány más is van. Vannak örvények, valami ősi istennő örvények, Magyarországon is. És néhány közülük elég fontos szerepet for jatszani az esemény idején.

    3. "Tenkju",

      akarom mondani,

      köszönöm !

  2. Cobra,... Because of our binary system w/ the star Sirius, & the corresponding Ages & Yugas of this system, Golden (Satya), Silver (Treta), Bronze (Dwapara), Iron (Kali), we are now leaving the Iron Age & ascending back into the Bronze Age, not the Golden Age. Is this correct? Please explain why is everyone saying that we are just going into the Golden Age, when in fact it is going to take many thousands of years to get there. Please also explain how during this "ascension" (back into the Golden Age) will our Densities change from 3D, 5D & upwards (?D) into the Golden Age. Thank you.

    1. As far as I know, the upward change of our density happens gradually as we "expand" our consciousness. This expansion is achieved when we make deeper and deeper connections with our higher selves, who will later reveal "the truth on multidimensional levels" according to our current understanding/consciousness. However, as we connect more to our higher selves, there are chances that we may be compromised by our inflated ego, so we need to combine our inner higher intuition with mental/the correct knowledge as it has always been highly suggested by Cobra. We can't just rely on inner intuition alone. Our consciousness must be raised first, along with the cleaning of our mental, emotional, and etheric body, before our physical body can be actually brought back to a higher and lighter (as opposed to denser) dimension. There is no such simple thing as waving a magical wand, and bibbidi-bobbidi-boo, we become higher dimensional beings. The expansion of our consciousness is a very long process, and it requires much of a person's determination and dedication, and there is no room for compromises.

    2. Ok,... so according to "Sri Yukteswar" (author of "The Holy Science") we are in the ascending Dwapara Yuga ("Bronze Age"). Due to some (4) past mistakes in the almanacs, the present Yuga is recorded as Kali Yuga. In fact, Dwapara Yuga started in 1699 AD. The present year 2010 is 310 years into Ascending Dwapara Yuga. Reference: The Holy Science - Swami Sri Yukteswar
      www.minsobooks.com/read-extracts-from-the-holy-science.html. Thanks to Robert Potter for pointing me in the right direction.

    3. The golden age is based on the Fibonacci sequence where in sacred geometry cyclical patterns condense to a golden ratio or golden mean.
      1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34

  3. Greetings Family of Light

    Strong psychic attacks on Me today and those I where to interact with . Holding , building on intent and vision for the 30 th ,,,Colonies Being Free,,,,spreading the word,,,Am more focused Now ,then earlier today ,,,really tough,,,,sending Pink Diamond Light for All swirling White light from Soul Star .

    Asking for a Positive Prayer ,Please

    love n light


    1. @Eugine.

      You got it, my friend.

      However, here are 2 very simple but powerful ways to protect yourself, and to CLEANSE your psychy from negative thoughts.
      #1 - get a CHUNK, (or a long, cigar shaped pieace), OF BLACK TURMALINE and carry it with you at all times. To recharge it, put it into a bowl of sea salt and cover it. Let it stay there for 3 days. Take it out, leave it under the sun for a while, and you're done.

      #2 -Get a bottle of the best natural PEPPERMINT OIL, and use a couple of drops (no more than 3 drops), of it in a glass of water and drink it.
      Take a small GLASS bowl, pour the half of it with water, and add 4-5 drops of the oil. Put that next to your bed, or on the desk where you work.

      You'll find more in the LINK:


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      Improves hormones and ovarian health

      Fights infection

      Inhibits growth of cancer

      -The Alternative Daily

      PS: Please, let me know about the results. I would really appreciate that.


  4. Thanks for the Update ...<3...Also wanted to share another dream of mine happen early in the morning today 5 A.M....I was in this beat up looking place kinda like what you see in IRAQ or other places...I was around people i did not know got up started to cry told the man i felt sick ...Then he took me to lay down i looked up saw clouds told him no no i see a ship i there is a ship...Then i was thinking to myself in my dream ummm wait i have seen this ship before but not in any of my dreams..So this man rapped a cover around me took cloth covered his face ...Some how we ended up in the ship holding me by the arm leading me through hall i seen few Alien beings skinny tall some small i can't explain what there faces looked like was not that clear but they stared at me the guy led me to a huge room...And in there was people and small kids some babies like toddlers ...I went strait to lil girl picked her up in my gut and my mind told me every child baby there was very special they all were half human and something else ....Then as i held her i could feel my heart beat picking up then strange feeling in the chest then i heard mans voice say to me Miss Judith Ring ..The Light Forces are tipping the planet Please Ascend ....Any ways my dreams have picked up more very strange dreams i wake feeling sick and strange some times and like my body is vibing including my bottom jaw ...Ringing in ears more n more including in my kids ears ...It seems me and my 2 daughters are taking turns with out of this world dreams ......Peace Light Love

  5. Great interview as always. Much love to everyone involved in our liberation. I am very grateful. I highly suggest the new interview with david wilcock on fade to black. Just happened today. Www.jimmychurchradio.com

  6. Why should i bother asking my questions when they'll be ignored or skipped by rob entirely; been trying to ask a few specifics for a few months now; gonna chalk it up to "NWMT".

  7. The Arcturian Group Message for 5/24/15 by Marilyn Raffaele

  8. This was a very good interview! I really enjoyed it. Rob asked a lot of new and interesting questions and Cobra gave excellent answers, as usual. Like Kate, I would also recommend this wonderful summary of the interview to help remember important points:


  9. Yes , we are not living on Mars, luckily!
    Being slaves of those nasty creatures...
    Yes, we complain too much about Earth, but:
    If we use our heart, our brain, in a positive manner, we can live in a relative " paradise" on earth at least until the Event.
    Living in a crack in the Matrix, in a bubble...like my teacher said, be an island in the ocean of suffering...
    But being a slave of those nasty creatures up there...
    I wish a succesful mission for the lightforces!

  10. Great interview - as always.

    Cobra, I've just heard that Tony Blair has resigned as Middle East envoy. Has this anything to do with the increased light and energy that is entering this planet now?

  11. Whats the reason we cannot remember ANYTHING from the last night dream?

    1. Yeah, I can´t remeber any dreams recently....totally blank. .... could it be that we are being "recruited" to fight against the dark forces in the astral plane at nights?.. dammit duality, I dont want more fights, I just want to wake up.

    2. Me too. I Can't remember any of my dreams now. I usy could remember in detail the last dream I had before awakening - not any more though.

    3. To clarify, i mean the past weeks or months. Not just the last night. Nothing specificly i mean, just curious about this notice.

    4. I remember Cobra has answered this in one of his interviews. While you are dreaming, your soul is out of your physical body. And the memory is stored in physical brain or something similar, so you can't remember what your dream is.

    5. Robert Bruce has a YouTube page with great info on the mechanics of the various energy bodies and how to work with them. I like it because it's one of the few that don't involve visualizing. Get that direct contact, not have someone in headphones whisper what it LOOKS like. But I digress... : )

  12. I believe that one zombie cure is reflecting on and seeking understanding of what some may call "personal karma".

    I believe it's not only a part of who we are, but can work in our favor to better understand our priorities, refine, protect /maintain ourselves, our lives, and our ground game. Probably a crucial step that many are overlooking in attempting to raise their vibrations.

    It ain't over til the fat lady sings. Please cue the fat lady soon RM.

  13. About Agartha...


  14. When I was 6 years old I woke up in the night and went to get a knife I would kill my father as he slept, went to his room more I felt I should not kill, it always happens I want to hurt people, but when I'm in a state of peace I have no desire to do those things, that's a problem with my soul, karma or my brain?

    1. If anyone says they HAVEN'T thought about killing someone, they're lying. There are people out there ACTUALLY hurting people. You're doing great. Just say "thanks for that little movie, brain. Now I'll go... read a book."

  15. These also can be found RAINBOW CITY!


  16. MT SHASTA's also supposed to be in here?



    1. Kisp, is the first link missing something at the end? Maybe is my mobile but I get a blank screen.

    2. Dragon Heart, all good for me.

  17. Blessings to you Cobra.15 years you have been waiting for this all to happen and I am soooo happy for you...I will definitely buy you a drink at the end of the universe when this is all done.
    To you and all Light Force beings...
    Thank you





  19. A heartworm longtime friend of me who had a complete enlightenment moment once told me that when we are enlightened we enter the 13th sign, the snake (buddhism, 12 animals+13th=Buddha) or Christ consciousness (12 apostels + Christ). He as well said there are 2 main types of snakes (enlightened) - and it has nothing to do with gender: water and fire snake. So this means enlightened one watersnake has the perfect soulmate or twinflame firesnake. He said to me he is water=answering and I am fire=asking. How shall fire change into water? How shall water change into fire?
    So what happens with 2 firesnakes? I don't know..... I think there has just to be balance and harmony in the universe. I want peace. Please peace. Peace please. Please peace. Peace please. I love the ocean, what shall I do? Galactic confederation land your ships right on and save me. Yes I am whining now. Did anyone actually think about why we all come to this place for whining?

    1. OOPS! I didn't get the memo, or I got it wrong. I have been WINE-ing. Slurrrp! YUM! Love those bold reds!

  20. Thank you Cobra for a great interview, got a lot of answers this month! Thanks for all your hard work!

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