Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Planet X

There has been a lot of talk recently in the mainstream media about the potential discovery of Planet X, or Planet Nine, as they call it now:

Although this is NOT yet the official discovery of Planet X, it is a step in the right direction. This is part of the soft disclosure process currently taking place. The Cabal has been suppressing their knowledge about the existence of Planet X for decades. You might want to know that Chimera-controlled Maui High Performance Computing Center (MHPCC) intercepts all data gathered by all major astronomical observatories around the world and erases all data that might lead to direct discovery of Planet X:

Eight years ago, Japanese scientist Patryk Lykawka has published a scientific paper which predicted the existence of a hypothetical planet that is very close to the real Planet X in its orbital characteristics:

Of course, his paper did not receive international press coverage as the current Mike Brown's announcement did, because it was far too close to the truth. 


Just to refresh your memory, here are the characteristics of the real Planet X, given to me by the Pleiadians:

Radius: 7,500 km
Mass: 0.76 Earth masses
Semimajor axis: 70 AU
Inclination: 40 degrees
Eccentricity: 0.25

Planet X has a rocky core, a mantle of water ice and thin surface layer of frozen methane. If a space probe would visit Planet X from a distance, it would find a silvery bluish surface with large sections of smooth terrain and patches of geologically dynamic surface with signs of cryovolcanism. If that probe would come close enough for the resolution of its cameras to exceed 10 meters per pixel, it would discover curious rectangular highly reflective features on some parts of the surface. These are the glass ceilings of the subsurface bases of the Resistance Movement and the Galactic Confederation fleet.

And, if you haven't guessed already, Planet X is NOT Nibiru.


  1. Victory of the LIGHT!
    I'm in.
    Victory of the LIGHT!

    1. I bet this has something to do with "The Event" we are expecting very soon...YES!...Victory of the LIGHT

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    1. as far as i can tell, its just a myth. disinformation like flat earth theory.

    2. Exactly, Nibiru is disinformation. I hoped at this point that would be obvious for everyone

    3. Ok but Why would they want to keep this planet a secret? (planet X)

    4. Anyone who reads a blog, has also a responsibility to inform themselves. It is tiring when repeatedly be asked the same questions. This counteracts the meaning of blogs and it sucks energy from. You can read all posts. You can use the search function. You can use Google. And if this is still too difficult, then you can let it be shown by friends.

    5. Cobra explained it very long time ago,planet X is the origin and stronghold of Resistance movement, the Cabal would like to destroy it if they can.

    6. ::::From Interviews::::

      ::::From His blog::::

      "Planet X is a planet in the outskirts of our solar system. Its surface is not suitable for physical life, but underground there is a vast system of tunnels and bases that was under Illuminati control until 1999 and is in the hands of the Light forces thereon."

    7. Nibiru Interview Info: Races - Beings/71 general.htm
      (Nibiru @ menu)

    8. Dear Dragon heart, is it possible to have a search function on your blog? I enjoy it very much, thank you!

    9. Starship, thanks for your great suggestion. I totally forgot about that when i switched away from Databases. My programming skills are limited but I will see what I find. However if anyone knows of a script or can create one to search thru different html files (diff directories)... we would be greatly in debt for your contribution. Thanks again Star.

    10. I have created a forum for anyone that would like to present their suggestion/s on the Matrix-faq Project

      Please login first using these credentials
      username: visitor
      password: visitor

      login link at:

      Forum Location:

      Right now I don't have the "registering for an account" active at this time. That option will be available later.


  3. right, but what is the real importance of Planet X for this moment we are going through ? is a sanitizer star (planet) said in spiritism ?

    1. I second that - what is the importance? so the RM is there??? Noting proved, just speculation once again.

  4. What are they seeing then next to the sun. Is globaly. Is Nibiru also passing by, together with planet 9.Trying to figure it out for some weeks now.Possitive....VICTORY OF LIGHT...

    1. There is a mini constellation/system merging with ours. Nemesis, Nibiru, and some moons etc. It IS Nibiru. That iis now seen

  5. interesting material

  6. I recently heard that Nibiru does indeed exist, but would never cause any harm to the Earth as it resoanates in a different dimention from us (cant remember the source of the info) any thoughts/comments ?

  7. I know the Presbeia Protoi forum has been mentioned various times already in the comments section of this blog and has caused some controversy. I used to think I was “fully awake” too, but after reading some of the information presented on the Protoi site, I realized that the dark trap goes a lot deeper than many of you realize, or are willing to realize.
    They know what they are doing, and if you want the real truth, it's all on their site. Sure, most of you know about the New Age deception, but it goes further than that. Just look around you--spirituality and some of its basic concepts of "oneness” and “love and light," and its belief of an all-encompassing, all-loving, omniscient "Source,” "Creator," or "God" have become more and more popular over the years. Why is that? Would the dark forces really make it so easy for people to “wake up to their true selves” and therefore "bust out of the matrix"? Any belief system that diminishes your power and makes you think that you are tiny and a part of something "larger" and more "powerful" is BS. YOU are who YOU are, and that is amazing. YOU are more magnificent than you realize. Step up to it! You only need yourself. No extraterrestrial or ascended master is going to save you...they're playing on the OPPOSITE SIDE of the playing field. They are darks wearing light masks. By praying and trying to establish communication with those beings you're only giving your energy away to the very enemy you're trying to fight.
    Also, in these types of communities there seems to be a misconception about how this world/universe even works. Down here in 3D there are fractal energies. When you guys do "energy work," you're using a different type of energy to try to heal, clear, or cleanse us humans, who are made up of FRACTAL energies. This actually does more damage than it helps! Anyway, I don't want to ramble on and on. If any of you guys really want to find out what's going on, I suggest you start by reading this section of the forum:
    For those who have already visited this site and were turned off by the information because it was too "uncomfortable," please...give it another chance. When I first visited the site I could not believe what I was reading. Like many of you, I thought it was crazy and had wished that I had never read any of it. However, something in me KNEW that they were telling nothing but the truth, no matter how harsh it seemed to me at the time. I registered there recently, and have really enjoyed the little community that's growing over there. So please, visit the forum and if the information resonates with you, spread the word. The fate of humanity is truly in our hands.

    1. @whatistruth thx, even if I don't know who you are...

      Be aware that you may not reach many people here. 93% of C's followers belong to the 142 million, so you are addressing only 7% anyway.

      I just wrote/write here once in a while so that people can not blame me later "why didn't you tell us?". I told. They didn't listen. They have to face their decisions in future... Topic done for me...

    2. My dear ONE, Where has your intuision gone, listen to your heart didn't your heart resonate to you that you were way out in left field? NAMETE!

    3. Hi Scott,

      Thank you for answering in a respectful way and for providing details as to why you’re skeptical instead of simply dismissing their ideas. :) Let me see if I can help to clarify some things here. I'm not an expert and I'm still learning, so I'll try my best. The Protoi are of the angel species, but there is a general misconception as to what “angel” even means. It doesn’t mean that they are “divine” or “perfect” beings, or are above the rest of us. In fact, a majority of the people on this planet are of the angel species—they just don’t know it. Besides, we are always evolving. No one being is better than another because we all have our own paths. What makes the Protoi different is their job. They were given the responsibility in the beginning of creation to help others evolve and grow, which involved creating the space for new kinds of evolution to take place and ensuring that no one being would ever lack any energy necessary for their survival (unlike in this creation, which grew dark).

      What they do in different layers and levels takes a while to manifest in the visible realm. This is why they always say that the world cannot change in an instant, in one event. It takes a veeery long time to clean up and fix the mess that the darks have created on this planet.

      I definitely understand what you mean about how the information is presented, but it’s for a purpose. They can’t write down the information they are receiving from their higher parts using common spiritual terms that you may be familiar with because those words mean different things than what they are trying to convey. Words like “soul,” “higher self” and “dimension” have certain meanings and connotations in the spiritual world, so they wouldn’t be accurate in describing things in the “Protoi world” that may be similar, but certainly NOT identical. They also aren’t native English speakers.

      And of course we should improve ourselves, love each other, and oppose corruption! :) It’s just extremely important to remember that we should never send loving energy to darks to “heal them” because we won’t. They’ll only absorb our energy and use it against us. I also agree that we look too much on the outside for answers. However, we’ve become so polluted by all the horrible, oppressive, and harmful things in this world that we could use a little help. That’s what the Protoi are for. They are not here to save you, but to simply open the door. It’s up to you to walk through and find your true self.

    4. Looking forward to that journey... also "Life Model" of base under solid methane.

      Here, for now with so much to do (All of Us).
      Who's Dreams are made of being ready to act on this "Good News"

      Remember a time when there was
      No Money..?

      "Battle of Evermore"

      Lyric Click

      The magic runes are writ in gold to bring the balance back.

      The Mark Stamped into Crystals of Light
      (Breath of Prophets Gathered to Reflect)

      When you choose to "colonies"...
      That is where the Matrix is formed Here.

      In That...

      You have "Slave" and "public servant"
      Twisted- 180
      (like ass-back-words)
      (spell checker... backwards)
      "Slave" (Your Most Powerful "Tool")
      "Life of the Hive"
      "Your Truest Team"
      "Best of the Best"

      "public servant"
      "Orchestrators of the Greed to "defile" the Power of this "Tool"
      Free the brick makers
      So that they
      make bricks
      Your Truest Team
      Rewards Stolen
      At the hand of the orchestrators

      The horse that "taxes" you to ride the "Cart"

    5. Also, about the creator--
      They don't know how we got here; nobody really knows. It's a mystery, but we certainly weren't created by some god. The idea of God was a dark invention with the purpose of harvesting energy from people. If you're opposed to religion but believe in some "Source" or "Creator," you're still freely giving away your energy to dark being(s) by making contact with or receiving healing from this "higher power."
      There is some source that certain beings from the angel species draw energy from to create, but it's not the same "Source" that many of you think of.

    6. Reminds me of Stankow, who is also German btw. They both have grandiose views of them self and their importance. True? I dont know...

    7. Is it unreasonable to believe that there are many beings of a higher spiritual dimension that, out of love, have turned their services towards those of us that are seeking to ascend spiritually?

    8. The thing is that "good" higher beings can't really understand or help us because we are in a fractal environment and they aren't. Read the bottom half of the first post here for more info:

    9. If I had the time, I could sell you a bridge.

    10. @Hamourapi How can i distinguish OIC reality in contrast to current reality and not be confused? I think i have some innate skills but im one of those ppl that double checks and makes sure for any errors. The dark is really playing dirty, i feel when ever i try to break free they will possess me and make me thing of negative behavior. I dont even know why im here but i feel an urge to help light some way.
      @whatistruth sorry for opening up a can of worm lol, just felt guided to do it. Dont know whats going to happen in the future but some recent developments came up from the silver legion that explaind what darkness REALLY is:
      check that out if you want real truth but basically darkness is actually a fractal virus inserted to this creation before its inception by a powerful group called alternative. Their goal is universal domination. Before you say its conspiracy, i thoroughly read "RETURN Of the light" and if you carefully analyze the relevent data you will begin to understand how deep the rabbit hole is.

    11. I dont know if cobra is in OIC as youve said in the past frank because he backs his statements with evidence and links and is much more scientific oriented than many bloggers who make claims.

    12. "just to be clear", but Really
      Out of Respect...
      I spell-checked colonize to exclude "Tribes" (of the Matrix part of this comment).

    13. The way to know truth is to feel it intuitively in your heart, instead of mind-bending it in your head and second-guessing. IMHO. That's why we often can feel B.S. even if something sounds plausible and logical. It feels "off". Similarly, there is a knowing that transcends thought.

      "Le coeur a ses raisons que la raison ne connaît point."

      "The heart has its reasons of which reason knows nothing."

      ~ Blaise Pascal (1623-1662) French mathematician, physicist and religious philosopher

    14. @Muhibster! That website has some truth to it, but the only truth it contains was stolen from the Protoi and was tainted with a bunch of OIC junk, so I would not trust that site. When the Protoi first came online, their ideas were completely unique, and there was no one who wrote or posted information that even remotely resembled anything they published. However, over the years, dark groups started popping up such as the “Protoi Command” and the group on that website, The Silver Legion, all of which took public information the Protoi put out and twisted it with dark influence as a part of the information war. As a result, it’s now harder and harder for one to discern the truth because there are a growing amount of websites spewing perverted versions of it, versions that are getting closer and closer to the real thing, but still absolutely filled with dark crap. Also-- there can’t be a fractal virus because the fractals here heal, not damage! Many of us would have fallen to absolute darkness here on Earth had it not been for the fractals.

  8. Visuals & Sounds for Ascension

  9. Sweet!! I was hoping you'd post something about this "discovery" thanks C! I will mention this in my next light news update on YouTube. I've been singing your praises to everyone about how you've always said Planet X was real and was not nibiru. It does seem as though things are speeding up! I would, however, love to hear your thoughts on this new X-Files episode that basically explained what the Event will reveal to us, minus the postive and negative ET factions (so far). Any word on if this is the beginning of Disclosure to prep the masses with this super popular tv show

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  11. This is so funny....

    Just today, I wanted to post the characteristics of Planet X from the intel Cobra posted on April 6, 2012.

    Since the very beginning, I have kept the important parts of all Cobra intels and interviews in a special "COBRA" file. (Like DRAGON HEART is doing a great job of keeping them as a well ORGANIZED LIBRARY of KNOWLEDGE).

    Here, i want to THANK "DRAGON HEART" for doing a wondeful job!!.

    Well, after reading today's intel, i realized that there's more to it... There are more DETAILS in the old intel, that many of you will find intriguing, (like i do).
    Therefore, i'm posting what i was going to post. It will help the newcomers, and will refresh the memory of the "veterans".

    >>Planet X

    Planet X is a planet in the outskirts of our solar system. Its surface is not suitable for physical life, but underground there is a vast system of tunnels and bases that was under Illuminati control until 1999 and is in the hands of the Light forces thereon.

    In 2002, the Pleiadians have given me exact data about characteristics and orbital elements of that planet. It has a rock interior and surface covered with frozen methane ice, which gives it a bluish hue. Its diameter is 9400 miles and its mass is 0.76 Earth masses. Semimajor axis of the orbit is 70 AU, and the inclination is 40 degrees.

    Imagine my delight and surprise when I found an article by Japanese astronomer Patryk Lykawka, who stated in 2008 that »hypothetical« planet X should be composed of rock and ice, its diameter would be between 6200 and 9300 miles and its mass between 0.3 and 0.7 Earth masses. Semimajor axis of the orbit should be between 100 and 170 AU and inclination up to 40 degrees :

    1. Thanks Hye Angel for posting this!

      I do remember this post -- when Cobra talked about "Madame X" .... But I had forgotten the part about how it had been under Illuminati Control until the Light Forces moved in.

      "She" remains shrouded in mystery, on this very unusual orbit.

      This is so interesting !

      (By the way, the movie "Madame X" is from 1966, and is about a woman who is forced to assume another identity and travel the world...).

    2. I think is grand we all contribute in our own ways Hye Angel as you are doing with reminding people about significant postings etc.... We all add to the puzzle collectively :)

  12. Cobra has already provided information about Planet X in the below post:

    I belive this redundancy is due to the fact that he has not posted anything while he promised releasing mass intel.

    For friends that experience ringing in the ears, stabbing pain that come and go, I can tell you that they are caused by the increased energies around us. In addition to those, I feel pressure and even pain sometimes around 3rd chakra area.

    3 days ago something major happenned. Whenever something big happens I dream about whales and dolphins. Also today, I have felt more light around me.

    We are truely living the last days of this illusion. As our awareness of our 5th Dimension become more appearent with these new energies, it is becoming harder to breath and continue living this heavyness. It is like you try to run in the water while you know running is much easier outside. The only problem is I don't know how to stay there, at that frequency.

    I see that there have been a lot of events happenning behind the scenes in the financial world. I hope that Cabal will not be able to use their divide and conquer strategy to their advantage this time. Dr. Salla's and Goode's posts/articles are concerning. However, I have to say, I feel this is it, they can't change our destiny and they can't delay any longer.

    Since my dreams tends to give a lot of signs, I want to mention my last dream. Wilcock and I were working in a farm together in a STO setting and then went to a meeting where many nations were meeting to end this system.

    Cobra, I am looking forward to the mass intel you promised.

    Love and Light!

  13. Why would they want to keep this planet a secret?

  14. As many of you may know David Wilcock and Corey Goode will be at the Conscious Life Expo February 19th-21st. There are some interesting plans being coordinated behind the scenes and I encourage any of you who can make it to join!
    If you have plans to attend please email me:

    1. I wish this was being streamed. I'd LOVE to go, but I'm all the way up in Canada.

  15. So the question i have is this is there 2 nibiru & planet X heading our way or does one not exist & if we only have one how close is it going to come to earth ? There is all kinds of bs on line fear porn march 16_20 i saw last night is dooms day . I mis the updates we got in the past but with a 2 or 3 week delay its old news by the time it comes out it seams like things are about to bust loose any day now so lets hope for the best thanks cobra keep up the good work. victory to the light

  16. Very interesting. Thank you Cobra.

    Okay, so the good guys have bases on Planet X, but why all the secrecy about the existence of this planet?

    I guess I wouldn't make a very good "bad guy." Because...I would just tell everybody everything if I were them.

  17. so the diameter of planet X is 15,000 km ?

  18. This the 2012 article I provide at the end of this comment you include a photo saved as Planet-X1.jpg ; is this a real photo of Planet X, if not can you please reupload a real photo of the planet?



    1. Cobra has a tendency to include pictures but not be very precise about the source of those pictures. In this case it is a cropped version of a larger picture which seems to be used for illustration of Patryks research.

  19. Just a small correction, Cobra. Patrick S. Lykawka is a Brazilian scientist. He did his master, doctor, and post-doc degree in Japan. He was in Kobe at this time.

  20. I guess today wasn't 96.1! No worries apparently the buckets of blood and tears haven't reached their required amount for the Galactics and their associates yet. We will of course try harder again today and of course tomorrow and maybe then just maybe the universe will finally show us it's capable of something other than the universal joke this entire planetary liberation proceeding has turned into. Clowns!

    1. Nice positive comment. Namaste and I hope things get better for you.

    2. It's the whole laize fare country club attitude and pace we've been subjected to from all sides in all matters over the past 20 years plus that upsets me most and it's not like things were "fine" down here the entire time either.

      Just as long as the glass didn't overflow mattered not how long it was full or how full.

    3. *laissez faire

      ...and you can NOT and never will make any omelettes w/o cracking a few eggs and The bigger the omelette there's more eggs that need to be cracked.

  21. VICTORY OF THE LIGHT! Thankyou Cobra.<3

  22. Thank you Cobra for the information

  23. and looking back if anyone wants to attempt to put lipstick on a pig be my guest

    1. You won't delete..?

      "great cost there is to consider always"

      "The Gifts" of the New Animals
      are the most sought after.
      Know Yours
      are counted among them.
      Could there be "dark matter" to cast shadow on "your path"... "the way" that tips the balance.

      What brings Light is yours forever. Managed for the "Grins of Angles", but "They" got'a have those "Gifts" to work with.

      So give that "pig" a hug... and get busy.

    2. One animal caretaker showed another a picture of the pot-bellied pig saved on her cell phone from a couple of days ago, when the house-trained wriggler got loose, was picked up as a stray and delivered to the Fairbanks North Star Borough animal shelter.

      Alaska..? Maybe when pigs fly.

      Escape Pig... In Alaska..?

      The link is to a news paper to show the date.
      (I saw this story on the morning news before reading your post).

      Truth be told... if you have enough of the right shade lipstick, most pigs will roll in it all day, and love it... you could try printing that, and see if in fact it would pay-off (one for every month of the year).

      I can't wait 'till you see the "Newest Animals".

      The virus... If you could remember living, for what seems like forever, the drama of what you were tricked into thinking was "the end" is not so much a factor.
      (yes, I still question "the end"... Would I take the bullet for you..? no question if it tipped the balance)
      The path they walk... So much steeper than yours or mine... the Reward being also many times more as well.
      Might just be a fallen leaders that failed so bad, who's last chance to get back in the game is to Grow their parents Soul. Not all will make it, but the "Gifts" are never lost.

      That night in the garden, witness to so much shadow, the Matrix, just plow all the "Gifts" aside for then.

      No choice but to bake a plate of cookies, grab a smoke, and wait for the agent Smiths to smash it on the wall, then do what he came to do.

      But the "Gifts" were never lost.

      and looking way back...

      remember how much it sucked when all we had was "finger shadow puppets" on a cave wall... not even that 'till we got fire.

    3. Sometimes I get pissed and upset and angry that we're all still being forced to experience as slaves and victims and it comes in waves. Some days I can deal with it sometimes it comes up and gets expressed as so. Please understand that We are enduring and have been forced to endure very very much. I AM certain once the pressure is released my attitude and expression of being and my reflection of our shared collective external reality will change along with our collective state of being and existence. I'll be eternally grateful and thankful and happy upon complete completion. it's impossible for me to heal and get well while so many are under attack, under duress and still sporting fresh and open wounds myself included and looking around, taking it all in just walking down the street it's hard for me not to still get pissed and upset seeing all the pain and suffering that surrounds us all. I know it could have been much much worse but I doesn't make what I AM feeling and seeing hurt any less. Looking back over the past 13000 plus years including yesterday I see the tragic forceful suffering of divine beings. Deliberate, methodical, malicious, planned, well known, widely accepted and tolerated inflicted pain and suffering for the joys and benefit of the dark. This makes my heart hurt and it's still happening right now. Again I do understand that It could have been much much worse and I AM grateful and thankful for that but it doesn't make what we are experiencing hurt any less.

      I have and do speak and express myself from a position of much pain and intolerance for what we are and have been forced to experience please forgive me. At a certain point some of us were wired to go nuts and bezerk and start to fell extremely uncomfortable if things didnt change and that's exactly what is being expressed. As things change I will change.

      Please forgive me for acting like shit while being fully immeresed in the shit.

    4. Thank You for being a True Jedi
      with much Hope that "Gift" (can only Ever be deleted by Your Hand) is heaped onto many others.

      Portal Make-Over..?

  24. Victory of the light..this means the gallactic federation is physically present in our solar system.This ninth planet is their base the dark forces are aware of this now hence the intel.Check mate and endgame proceeds!Victory of the light now!

  25. The Baltic Dry Index is at an all time low...337 as of today January 27. I know we aren't supposed to panic, but I'm nervous and excited thinking this is the crash coming, the straw that will finally break the camel's back. I keep reading that this is a greater indicator of the state of the global economy, much more than the stock market. So I wonder, just what will happen when global trade grinds to a halt? How soon will the Event follow?

    1. This will be the start of the Event once the global markets crash. Cobra did mention that the collapse of the global market will form part of the beginning of the Event...happy Love and Light

  26. Bingo! This is real news Cobra, thanks and the beat goes on.... :)

    1. That was going to be my comment
      (so much for "open note pad before web browser")
      no time for games..?

      If Cobra commented on his own Blog
      in disguise, er... another disguise...
      Could we spot him..?
      (for another time I guess)

      And the Beat Goes On

      Sunny and Sharing... the words

      And with the rain
      (Almost February... remember -40 F.
      most of the time meaning...
      "this time of year" here, AK.)
      Crystals of Light
      Breath of Prophets
      Gathered for a short space-time
      Power to bring the next
      "New Life"
      from the roots (plants..?)
      that return their blessings
      No thought to Question
      As The Wind.

  27. so since they stope considering Pluto the ninth planet, for them Planet X is Planet IX?

  28. Thanks cobra,
    Mr. Tadashi Mukai had bring out Planet X.
    I could know it that he book of planet X at 2008.

    We have to know Planet X investigation of Mr. Patryk too.

    We will find out P-X soon.

  29. I'm a Scorpio. Pluto is a Planet.

  30. Very interesting and this blows everything wide open again. Do use discernment. Personally I would have given the DS every opportunity to get their arse out of here! but with a non return valve present ie a one way flow system, should be an easy task for the LS then again would this be shifting our problem elsewhere onto some other peaceful planet? Namaste.

  31. So, "X marks the spot"....Our spiritual friends are close to their target in the Kuiper Belt to clean up the Chimera bases there. They were able to "clean up" Planet X in 1999 from the "bad guys" & I have faith they can clean up the Kuiper Belt of the Chimera Bases. Thanks so much Cobra for the intel update! So it's settled Nibiru is a "made up disinfo story" and Planet X is real & of utmost importance to our end game!

  32. Since I was a little, I had times when I went through what I call 'vibrating and resonating' states. I would be 'normal' for a period of time and then suddenly my body would start to vibrate and resonate and I would loose the feeling of the contour's of my physical body. The closest I can compare it to would be when the waves of the ocean curl up and fold back into themselves and you are the wave itself or when someone stands very close or on the top of an industrial sized loudspeaker at a concert and you would feel the power of the rhythm of the song that moving through your entire body reaching every cell that you are.
    Since I have received my Cintamani, these episodes are more frequent and more obvious. Two days ago I fell down on the floor because the resonance was so powerful the vibrations turned my body into an ocean of jelly and I could not feel where was the edge of my physical body.
    It happened in front of a friend and she did not know what to make of it apart from thinking I lost consciousness.
    I had it yesterday and last night. I thought someone put some loud music on underneath of my room because I resonated and vibrated so fast I thought I would loose my mind.
    Well, I do not know if someone else experiencing similar resonances and vibrations. My Cintamani also started to have pink coloured patches on it. What is up with that Cobra? She was cosmos black when I got her. Now she is turning pinkish.

    1. I'm certainly not an expert to advise you on what to do but to me your body sounds like a energized machine often times on overload that needs to be in harmony with itself. In searching on the web, I found this great article titled "The Science of Sound...Sounds amazing power to heal & transform"... Quoting it: "Sound and music have profound effects on our physiology - awakening the memory of wholeness and entraining the body toward greater harmony and balance. All matter vibrates at a personal frequency - is your body vibrating at it’s optimal level?" Here's the link to this article:

      Here's hoping you can find your inner & outer balance!

    2. One of our Cintamais also started to have small light coloured patches on it and a straight brownish cut appeared on another one. Interesting...

    3. My one and only Cintamani stone now has some dark forest greenish hue around it. I even asked my kids to look at it thinking that maybe my eyes are playing a trick on me. When I got it it was also totally black and sort of gray translucent when lifted to the light (similar to the moldavite).

  33. Thanks Cobra for this information. Of course this isn’t the earth-shattering disclosure everyone is waiting for, but it is good to start thinking about our own solar system and what has been hidden from everyone. When we start to expand our mind beyond this little blue planet, we prepare the ground for FULL disclosure. Victory of the Light!!

  34. Planet X

    CIA confess - extraterrestrial life exists

    The most active in manipulations channel Fox makes new X-files and confess 9/11 is an inside jobs.

    Wolf moon

    And everything above within 5 days period.
    Something is happening.

  35. Where is the massive intel? There is so many important things worthy of a report..until disclosure is 100% a thing I don't care at all about what planet x is or is not.

  36. You had me at "...These are the glass ceilings of the subsurface bases of the Resistance Movement and the Galactic Confederation fleet."


    Thank you Cobra, RM, Galactic Family, Lightwarriors, Lightworkers and all those working to anchor Love, Light, Knowledge, Peace and Abundance on our fragile planet. I love you all! <3


  38. Thank you for the info Cobra. Interesting! Can't wait for the big intel.

    Ok, sorry I haven't been keeping the Keshe foundation links up to date. Please go here for previous announcements of workshops:

    And today's workshop, no 98!


  39. With the many thousands of ships, some planet sized, stationed in the Oort Cloud, what significance will Planet x make with respect to our dilemma?

    1. World leaders will be invited to tour the base. To Know
      just how bad they... you know, goofed.

      What they cost us... and exactly who cost us the most.

      Then sent back to Earth to try to explain.
      is what I vote for.

      Dumpsters of tar and feathers.
      "no light for you..!"

  40. Cobra, I have never really delved in the flat earth ipothesis, but I have sitting on the fences since I heard about it as the arguments are strong on both sides in my view. Only the recent news about the tragic death of explorer Henry Worsley has activated so many triggers in my little brain that I cannot stop thinking about foul play.
    Would you have any info at all on this. Thank you for this maintaining this website, it is instrumental in maintaining me positive regardless the garbage and the half truths/lies spewing out from everything else. Lots of love, Luisa

  41. Signs are needed....

  42. Where do you get this information from?

  43. anami...May I ask where you get your information from?

  44. I remember having seen a Solar System map made by the Venusians back in 2009-10. Soon after, it was deleted from the web, but I still remember at least 4-5 supplementary astral bodies beyond Pluto. Is there anyone else remembering?

    Does anyone know how many "moons" does Planet X have, or if any one possess a breathable atmosphere ?

    finally, wasn't the movie "Interstellar" a good Disclosure about not only of the SSP, but also describing Planet X as a colony ?

    By the way, I find my Cintamani stone priceless in healing my body, guiding my soul and maintain the so hardly achieved frequency of Sovereign Integral. I bear it on my body during the day but it is also great under the pillow at night.

    Also, if you've been hardly working out your karma so far, please consider to have your own invisible implants removed in order to have your Multidimensional Self (the Magic Personality in the Ra Material)activated.

    Some light workers work wonders !! I just can't believe the differenc,e after just the 1st step of removal out of 3.

    Indeed, the Victory of the Light is near since the most shocking truths already came out last year, such as this :

    Thank you all dear brothers and sisters !

    Love Truth Peace Unity

  45. VICTOR GARAY WROTE:Once you've found yourself, regained your true mind and awareness, you'll be severed from the grasp of the power establishment. The power establishment knows this and fears this. Once you've regained your true mind and awareness, no one would be able to manipulate the way in which you apply your energy and there are all sorts of corruption ranging from nightmares, corrupt, power-hungry religious leaders, political institutions, peer pressure, and the media that will try to manipulate you. No power establishment will want this to happen, because the real self is dangerous for the established church, dangerous for the state, dangerous for the crowd, dangerous for the tradition, because once a man knows his real self, he becomes an individual. Independent from everything else, he'll be conscience informed and capable of critical thinking. He no longer belongs to the mob psychology. He will not be superstitious. He cannot be exploited and he cannot be led like cattle. He cannot be ordered and commanded. He will live according to his light or energy. He will live from his own inwardness. His life will have tremendous beauty, integrity. That is the fear of the power establishment.
    Integrated persons become individuals, and the society wants you to be non-individuals. Instead of individuality, the society teaches you to be a personality. The word "personality" has to be understood. It comes from the root, persona, which means a mask. The society gives you a false idea of who you are, it gives you just a toy, and you go on clinging to the toy your whole life.

  46. VICTOR GARAY WROTE:Question everything, that's what set us free. It's not a question of loyalty or faith, but of individuality. The power establishment and the church are working together to suppress you from finding yourselves. The idea of duality that there's a "god" and a "devil" is the greatest scam on this planet and that's how they manipulate the way in which you apply your energy. The last thing the power establishment and the church want is a conscience informed public capable of critical thinking. That's why they try to persuade you that "god" controls everything so you can't. Give a man a fish and feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and feed him for a life time. Give a man religion and he'll die praying for fish. They teach you that "god" controls everything so that you are afraid to question the intentions of this superiority and so that you are even afraid of even expressing your own individuality in many cases. Christians and others are taught that they have virtually no power to do anything except pray, worship and do "good deeds." They are taught to practice self denial and are told that their own will is totally irrelevant. Religious followers believe that they are yielding their will over to a benevolent cosmic individual who has single-handedly created the whole universe and has their best interests at heart when in fact they are handing over their will and freedoms to hidden groups of religious and political elites for the elites own personal gains. It appears that religion must constantly degrade and humiliate its followers in order to glorify and elevate its god. Unfortunately many people appear eager to give away their power to authority and seem to have a need and even a desire to be ruled and disciplined by it. That's why they ask for your faith or blind submission. They want you to believe that you're not capable of helping yourselves. There are no single masters in all creation, there is only creation as one, united as one and everyone in it. The real monsters are only flesh and blood. Duality creates a illusory system of superiority that makes a separation between the unified creation which is us. This illusion of an enemy image is how they control you. This keeps the followers in a continuing state of fear and compliance. The war of terrorism will never be won because they are your masters. Regain your true mind and regain your awareness. We shouldn't separate ourselves in a universe that unites us just because we're a little unsure of who we are. We are spheres of energetic probes created by the universe and it's because we are possessors of energy that has an awareness that we are the means by which the universe becomes aware of itself. So, what makes you, you? Who are we? Our brains? Our brains are a body part like our fingernails and our hearts. Why is that the part that's makes us? It doesn't, because we have a sort of voice that's in our heads, the part of us that thinks, that feels, that is aware that we exist at all. If you're aware you exist, then you do. That's why when we die we're still here, as energy. That's our awareness. That's how you escape death. The only thing that can escape death is energy because energy cannot be created nor destroyed. What's true in our minds and in our awareness, is true, whether some people know it or not. Find yourself and your true mind. This is how the universe tests us.

  47. VICTOR GARAY WROTE:We don't truly die. Our legacy carries on. It's all about energy and how you apply it. The only thing that can escape death, is energy. We are spheres of energetic probes created by the universe and it's because we're possessors of energy that has an awareness that we are the means by which the universe becomes aware of itself. You have to find yourself and your place in this world. To show your connection to the universe. Life is about the ride, that's all. Don't ever let anyone or anything make you feel guilty for living life the way you want to. When you look in the mirror, don't look at yourself look at how people see you. Look at your friends, your family, your hobby or the things that make you happy. So, you can awaken your awareness. When this happens you become an individual and not a personality. This is how the universe tests us.
    Our purpose on this planet is to show our connection to the universe. To awaken. Life isn't about the prize at the end, it's all about the ride. When we were born, our energy was as bright as the sun, fully aware of everything around us. Have you ever looked into a baby's eyes when it's born? It's always watching, aware of everything, it looks in awe of everything around it and when it reaches adulthood and dies, the universe wants it just the same. If we don't awaken, our energy will remain here to be born into a new capsule to live another cycle of corruption by our own choice of representation. When you're awakened and you die, your energy is sent to a better world with less corruption, living a better life in a better capsule. This is how the universe tests us. Our lives and everything in the universe is a cycle of massive amounts of energy that has always existed being transferred and spread out in cycles called Aeons. An Aeon is when the universe blinks from far away. It expands, then it contracts on itself, then it has another big bang continuously blinking. Our purpose is to show our connection to the universe, not separate ourselves from it. We shouldn't separate ourselves from a universe that unites us, just because we are a little unsure of who we are. We are all special beings and we all deserve to be happy and no human nor animal should have to suffer. The day we stop caring about each other will be the day we lose all humanity.
    You are all "gods". Because every experience is a learning experience, there is no source of good or evil. You decide the way in which you apply your own energy. God is consciousness... not a creator. God is the source of creation, energy. It (not he or she), It is not independent of you. It is the totality of everything. So when I call you all Gods, I am not talking about your personal self. I am talking about the expression of the god self that rests inside of you. The verb.... the energy, not the noun. Once, you think god is a noun, person, place or thing, you've separate yourself from it and immediately you become a limited being. That's what separates the believers (religious) from the know-ers (spiritual).

  48. VICTOR GARAY WROTE:When we are born, the universe sends our energy into existence into a capsule or body. When we are infants, our "souls" or our luminous ball of energy is covered from top to bottom with a glowing coat, something like a plastic cover that is tightly adjusted over, like a cocoon of energy. That glowing coat is our "soul's" awareness. That glowing coat of awareness is what the accessories for power or the power establishment consumes. The accessories for power reside in infinity. Infinity is everything. It is all that surrounds us, it is the dark sea of awareness. Inside infinity, includes all sorts of corruption ranging from nightmares, corrupt, power-hungry religious leaders, political institutions, peer pressure, and the media and they will try to manipulate the way in which you apply your energy. When humans reach adulthood, all that is left of that glowing coat of awareness is a narrow fringe that went from the ground to the top of the toes. That fringe is the result of our awareness being eaten from the power establishment or the "powers that be". That fringe permitted mankind to continue living, but only barely. Man is the only species that has the glowing coat of awareness outside that luminous cocoon.
    This life is a test to show our connection to the universe, that we are all equal components of creation in the universe. That every experience is a learning experience. For after all, we are all connected by energy. So, everything depends on everything else. The one contains the many and the many contains the one. A leaf contains the sun, the sky and the earth. So, you can't understand anything in isolation from your environment, so denying yourself would be the equivalent of closing yourself off from the universe. Find yourself, not a system of superiority. If you don't stand up for yourself, then you'll fall for anything.

  49. Kde si moja milovaná druhá polovička? Ja ta nájdem! Spolu uzdravíme svet!

    1. Hreje ma pri srdci že si sa ozvala Angel.
      Pochádzaš z Čiech teda?
      Neverím v náhodu, mohla by si mi niečo ešte napísať?
      Tu je môj email:
      Prosím ťa napíš mi niečo :)

  50. man cobra release some real information this was ok but were wanting to hear about the real stuff the stuff we really need to see

  51. The guide who may come as a Blue Star? Do you have any more information you can share about that.

  52. It is absolutely amazing how many mainstream musicians know the real truth and are willing to share it in their songs. Please take a look at this playlist of songs with disclosure/truth in the mainstream music industry for your benefit. (recently completed with nearly every single song with disclosure):

  53. last Fulford up date was a bomb ,Pope agreed to transfer vatican assets and then retire and khazarian rule will end within a month.I will say yes make it happen.freedom freedom freedom


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  55. All my love and light to you Cobra, and namaste family. If you wouldn't mind i would like to bring attention to another battle front we perhaps may include in our meditations. Its what the dark forces are doing to our youth (so please include them as they are our future) for example spend just five minutes on a site called Omegle and you will see what i mean. Anyway peace love and victory to the light i love you all and thank you all for your unified good work.

  56. A few weeks ago i had a visit before falling asleep, this Blue intense light came in for but a second & i felt my body react like a jolt of energy "intense" for but a second & that's all i remember.


    Those who have been following Cobra's site for a long time know that i am very cautious when it comes to saying, posting things which might give the impression of me being a show off.

    Yes, it feels good and nice to be modest. Yet, it seems that SOMETIMES, being CAUTIOUS means being a 'CHICKEN". (Which i'm not).

    I have decided to take THE RISK and post this here. I wanted to post this on PFC site, but because of some computer issues, it didn't work. Just yesterday, I asked them to contact me. Haven't heard yet.
    This is the perfect time, and THE PERFECT PLACE, THE MOST WATCHED PLACE to post it. Especially - under this last intel's title.

    BELIEVE ME, I have had this READY for more than 2 and a half years. But the thoughts of "what ifs" kept me away to let you know about the research i've done, and the conclusion, theories I ended up with, which.... well, as it's always the case with any new ideas, theories and hypothesis - they might be right, and they might be wrong.

    After all, I won't be the first one to be wrong. And I AM NOT a scientist, a historian, a writer. Nor have any DIRECT contacts with the Angels, Ascended Masters and the RM, to get any help from them. ;)))

    Before Cobra posting a new intel, THIS COULD BE the best time EVER to let this go out of my head and chest!!
    At least, it will give ideas to some better "brains" to take it from here...

    However - MORE THAN ANYTHING ELSE - I'm just dying to hear a "YES" or "NO" from COBRA himself!

    So, here is it THE WAY I HAD IT, (including my notes), in my essays file since early August of 2013.
    Though I'd like to make some cuts and changes here and there - I have NOT changed anything!!!



    This is the final, #2 version which on October 29th, (2013), I sent to Jacky to "polish", edit it.

    (Today is November 1st, 2013. Since August 2nd, I had this article ready to post on "Prepare For Change" site. But I had to wait and wait for the day when the site would be completely operational.
    During this 3 months period, I run into more articles, videos regarding this subject. Also..... I've changed my mind. I don't think i should post this. NOT YET......

    (PS: Back then, my good friend Jacky Tirado used to be with PFC).


    PLANET "X"


    Since my early childhood, I've always been fascinated by the histories mysteries - ancient lost civilizations, lost teachings, mysterious places... etc.

    Not only that, I loved doing my own research, and trying to solve "something more", finding a hidden piece of a puzzle and putting it to the whole picture.

    Therefore, I never stopped being in search of this or that.

    In 2003, I "discovered" a book - one of the most amazing books I have ever read. "The 12th Planet" by Zecharia Sitchin, published in 1977. So, I was reading a book that was published over 25 years ago.

    It was a brilliant work. Based on the intensive research and decoding lots of Shumerian cuniform tablets, Sitchin's theory, conclusion was this:
    Sitchin, actually the Shumerian tablets left behind, was telling the story of the astronauts who came to Earth about 450,000 years ago, from a mysterious planet in our Solar system called Nibiru or Niburu.
    Going even deeper, Sitchin concluded that Nibiru and Planet "X" were the same body in our SOLAR SYSTEM.


  58. (PART 2)

    After years of reading, re-reading every single book by Sitchin, I was so happy and delighted that finally, I knew the truth". I even declared "The Book of Enki" to be the true Bible of all. (I still love and adore Enki and Nanar-Sin).

    Then one day, I stumbled into another book; "The Forbidden Archaeology" by Michael Cremo, who had many TANGIBLE, archaeological evidences which suggested, (I'd say Cremo proves), that we were here on Earth for a long, long time, before the Anunnaki came to Earth appx. 45,000+ years ago.

    I questioned the story of the Annunaki being the only truth REGARDING THE ORIGINS OF THE EARTHLINGS. The theory that we the humans were created by the Annunaki from an existing APE in the jungles of Africa, (Abzu by the Shumerian tablets), did not make sense anymore.

    I believe that the Anunnaki did "play" with our genomes, and DNA strands, though. Also, it's quite possible, that the African/black race is the one they created.

    However, that theory does not explain the range of the races existing on the same small and, not a very old planet such is the Earth. The NATURAL evolution of the species does not "run" that fast.
    Therefore, It seems that the idea of different races can be explained, if we admit the idea of being the descendants of different ET races.
    Also, there are tones of evidences and facts that the Earth had her ORIGINAL inhabitants, sentient humanoids, (not just primitive monkeys), before the Anunnaki landed on Earth.

    Anyway. I stopped following Sitchin's theories. It no longer resonated with me.

    Cremo's book triggered my curiosity, and I started another quest.
    I wanted to find more on that subject, during which I came across with many more theories and hypothesis regarding the so-called Planet "X".

    But non of them was satisfying. Still, most authors were presenting Planet "X" and planet Nibiru as being the same terrifying "destroyer". Yet many contactees and channelers were saying that Planet "X" is NOT destroyer. In fact, some of them were saying that it's a planet of peace.

    And then, about three years ago, I found Susan Leleand; a very good channeler, who's contacting Asthar, Sananda and Mother Sekhmet. During each channelings, Mother Sekhmet is asking people to join her and go for a ride on her Crystalline LIVING mothership NIBURU, (not Nibiru). Hummm.... The way Nibiru/Planet X is "behaving" for the last years, it gives me a reason to think about it.

    Finally, I gave up, and decided to wait until we would be free and then, the modern humanity would hear the WHOLE TRUTH from the Ascended Masters themselves. (I just can't wait!)


  59. (PART 3)

    But, allow me to go back. This is where I should have started.

    In September of 2011, in his very first interview with Alfred Webre, Tolec said that the Earth was going to get help from our Galactic Family, including from people of Procyon, who had recently liberated their planet from the cabal.

    This is from Tolec's site, on "The Real Back Story" page, (which is from early 2012), Tolec states. (I made some parts in bold RED).

    Here is the link.

    ^^This proxy war to free Earth, from thousands of years of negative energy bombardment, manipulation and control, was fought on behalf of Earth - by star system & planetary council member races of the:
    Andromeda Council. Those members that bore the brunt of the burden, did the greatest amount of fighting included: Arcturus, Tau Ceti, and Procyon.

    The contributions of the Procyon people were especially valuable because they learned the weaknesses of these malevolent menaces - they learned how to 'sniff ' them out & beat them.

    The people of Procyon just recently liberated themselves within the past 12 years of Earth time^^.

    From thereon, I always remembered Tolec's statement, that people of Procyon have asked the Federation, to give them a permission to go ahead and free the Earthlings from the last physical dark ones remaining on Earth, by using the technology they created and used for their own liberation on their planet.

    That was back in 2011.

    And this is what Cobra informed us in his intel "Resistance Movement", on April 6, 2012.



  60. (PART 4)

    Well. That was in April of 2012.

    On July 9, 2013, I arranged an interview on "Project Next" radio show with Eben Rey and Cobra.
    (The original show needed some "touchings". Because of that, Cobra was able to post it only on July 31st).

    But I listened to the show live, and....
    I couldn't believe my ears!
    On that day, I heard Cobra saying something so profound, so revolutionary, and sooo shocking!
    Just a few words helped me TO SOLVE the puzzle which I was trying to solve with no success and for so long.

    During the Eben-Cobra interview, Eben asked Cobra this question. (Part 1, at 36:00 min.)

    "Eben - You were saying in your text that the Resistance Movement originated from Planet X?

    Cobra - Yes!

    Eben - What does it mean, sir?

    Cobra - It means that in 1999 when the mass body of resistance came to this planet Earth, they came from Planet X.

    They have LIBERATED FROM THE CABAL IN 1999, and after that liberation, part of their forces came to this planet in the underground locations in order to assist this planet for its final liberation".

    As soon as I heard it, I felt like being electrocuted. My jaw was wide open.... and so were my eyes!!


    I, immediately went back to check one of Tolec's interviews, where back in 2012, he was mentioning about this:

    "The people of Procyon just recently liberated themselves within the past 12 years of Earth time".

    Cobra and Tolec have the same date (1999) for a planet in our galaxy which freed itself from the "menaces". Yet, there's still one thing that bothers me. According to Cobra, it's in the outer skirts of our Solar system. And according to Tolec, it's from the solar system of Procyon.

    According to Cobra, the RESISTANCE MOVEMENT forces came from the PLANET "X".

    Let us seeee.... I'm terrible in mathematics, but this is something that even a first grader can solve.

    2011 - 12 = 1999!!!!

    So, I knew that Cobra and Tolec both were definitely, talking about the same planet. Tolec said it's from the solar system of Procyon. But what was its real name?

    Just a few weeks ago, I was listening to the latest video news by Tolec, after which I wanted to check out his site for something else and ACCIDENTLY, (hmmm..), I openned up another page!
    I was shocked to see the list (which I'd seen many times before), of the members of the Andromeda Council.
    My answer was right there! Yet I've been missing it all the time.


  61. (PART 5 --conclusion)

    Now. Let us take a look to the list of the Andromeda Council memebers given by Tolec.

    Members of the Andromeda Council are from the star systems & planets listed below:

    1. Star System: Arcturus Planet: Pitolla
    2. Star System: Antares Planet: Nikotae
    3. Star System: M103 Planet: Legola
    4. Star System: Procyon Planet: Kaena
    5. Star System: Vega Planet: Percula
    6. Star System: Capella Planet: Pershea
    7. Star System: Polaris Planet: Ventra
    8. Star System: Sirius A Planet: Toleka
    9. Star System: Deneb Planet: Ritol
    10. Star System: Tau Ceti Planet: Xeta
    11. Star System: Alhena Planet: Degaroth
    12. Star System: Betelgeuse Planet: Etorth

    note: for people who would like to find the location of these above star systems, I recommend you go to - It is a free, easy to download & use software package so that you can visually look out at your night sky from your computer, and see locations & names of constellations, galaxies, nebulae, star systems and many 3D planets with


    PLANET KAENA from the solar system PROCYON is the same one known as PLANET X.

    Unfortunately, there's still one thing that bothers me, and I'd like to find the answer.
    According to Cobra, Planet "X" is in the "outer skirts of our Solar system". And according to Tolec, it's from the solar system of Procyon.
    Somehow, I think it's not that important anymore.

    WE are so lucky to be ON EARTH at these amazing times in our history, and be a part of the "builders" of the coming NEW era.
    Of course, we chose to be back and be the Light Warriors, the Light Workers and the Way showers during the LAST BATTLE between the dark and the LIGHT in our galaxy.


    Suzan - HYE ANGEL


  62. I just remembered about this one. Sorry, i forgot to post it, becaue it was in another file.



    After reading the article, you saw that THIS part was the part that i could NOT solve back then.

    >>Unfortunately, there's still one thing that bothers me, and I'd like to find the answer.
    According to Cobra, Planet "X" is in the "outer skirts of our Solar system". And according to Tolec, it's from the solar system of Procyon<<.

    But i think, i have solved that one too.

    AS WE KNOW, MOST OF OUR SCIENTIST HAVE RECENTLY BEEN TALKING ABOUT our sol/ar system BEING A BINARY SISTEM. That means instead of one sun, WE ARE somwhere in between the 2 SUNS!!! And today, the second sun is known as the LITTLE BROWN DWARF.

    So; if that IS the case, then everything makes a TOTAL sense.

    Yes, Planet X, or Planet 9, IS THE PLANET KAENA, which is located in the outerskirst of our solar system. But because of the binary (2) suns, it IS ALSO in the solar system called PROCYON!!!

    So when i said this, i was right.

    >>PLANET KAENA from the solar system PROCYON is the same one known as PLANET X<<.




    1. Thank you Hye Angel for this very informative research. Does this implies that Cobra comes from there as well?

    2. Very interesting, thanks! Looking forward to checking out especially.


  63. Less than an hour of walking got Me five times 111, four times 2222, four times 3333, three times 7777 and four times 888.
    Back home I then received a very derogatory email from whoever poses as "my dad" and responded accordingly. Fifteen hours before "he" wrote that email, I was told what "he" would say and what I should answer, so getting that mail was very unsurprising to say the least ;-)
    "You are not My father, you are not a member of My Family, you are nothing but a scam artist. I will See You In Court, Herr Bredehöft."

    Took a shower to clean Myself off his filth, then went on another short walk which prominently featured the Fifth 888 of the afternoon: IZ - LB 888
    Lars B. abides ;-)

    "The repeating number sequence of 888 is telling you that your life purpose is fully supported by the Universe. The Universe is abundant and generous and wishes to reward you. Great financial prosperity is yours, now and in the future. Angel Number 888 means that a phase in your life is about to end and is a sign of forewarning to enable you to prepare yourself and your life accordingly. This number sequence may also indicate that you are winding up an emotional, career or relationship phase in your life."

    El Fin Del Mundo.

    Thank You, Beloved Universe. Thank You, God. Thank You, Source.

    I believe everything We dream can come to pass through Our Union
    We can turn The World around, We can change The Earth's Revolution
    We have The Power
    People have The Power
    The Power to Dream, to Rule
    To Wrestle The Earth from fools
    We have The Power!!!

    Oh, look: The song features Leonard Bernstein, Leonid Bresznev Lenny Bruce and Lester Bangs, how about that? ;-)
    IZ - LB 888 indeed

    Love, Light, Unity, Peace, Freedom and Abundance for All, No Matter what your initials are :-)

    RaJah / Lars B.


    1. This comment has been removed by the author.


    2. There's more today :-)
      I was advised to watch the World Seniors Snooker Championship which I currently am thanks to The reason being that the tournament is sponsored by, of all companies, 888sport!

      Every player has 888 on their vest, and there's 888 all over the walls of the playing room. The standard camera angle shows 888 six times at once! Colour Me very impressed :-)

      So let's DO THIS and make Abundance our Reality.

      Lots Of Love And Light



    3. RaJah... you're scaring me with the dad thing.
      I understand, if you got it under control.

      (I don't want to insult you) It's just...
      You never expect him to see your point of view... and we're moving on- I get that... I have a mother in-law that just declared the title (I bet all caps is a lot like her). If we put them both in a room they might even cancel each other out.

      here's the insult part (just making sure)... the super-positive Pops... but you're gon'a use a big patch for a big awey.

      Moving-on is good
      Busting stuff-up is gon'a hold you back at some point. No reply is the same as
      "I got this"

      'member when we butted heads over the "We are one" thing... this is the part I never get... us and them.

      Just ordered my beans... what if I got to drop some off soon (4 months seed to dry-rack) Auto Flower fem
      Blue Berry, Skunk, and White Widow.

      Bring Down the Wall.

      roger RaJah


    4. Yeah, I remember our conversation vividly when I told you I had completely quit The System and wasn't paing any taxes and somesuch.
      Well, guess what? To I re-entered The System as I had no other choice but apply for unemployment money. Oh well, what can you do? At least now the darkies are gonna pay Me for battling them :-)

      The System's got a virus in it now, and His name is RaJah. 11512BG9374
      So yeah, let's bring The Walls down, oh what a wonderful sound.

      Lots Of Love And Light



  64. HEY COBRA WE ARE TIRED OF HEARING IT NOW, !THE BREAKTHROUGH IS NEAR! WHEN I die, I will never forget all the broken promises, and dates, and actions and all the B.S. from all of these entities, I am sure I will be much happier on the other side!!!!!

    1. But the hardest is to take your own responsibility in life isn't it? Because that's everywhere, also on the other side.
      And what promise do you mean? I only saw the advice to do your own research and that no one knows about how this turns out because it is the very first time in human history. Easy to blame others.

    2. I should've got more beans...

      Well, what didn't happen, and are you sure you didn't miss it..?

      Talking for all of us makes you look scared (not name calling, just saying)... So, the world did something to you didn't like.
      Everybody but Cabra is getting it put to them, and you expected a little more assistance because of all the work "you" put into this.

      You do know the Sun could take us out with just a fart in this direction, right (I bet you would like that fixed too, just file under "thins to do").

      Solar Space Quake 7.2

      hmm... mine was only 7.1, I wonder who did that (to the Sun and Back, Baby).

      Sorry, the hey Cobra "all caps" is almost enough to make me go dark... but then she would win, not gon'a happen, but I do have some lipstick for you.

      Portal Meltdown (it happens)

    3. Make the best of this life instead of looking forward to what happens afterwards.

  65. breaking news ,Global reset officially announce ,Cobra are we on for real ?,this is it .just got it on email from sheldan nidle

    1. Zap has been saying the global reset is next week for many years. Sheldan has been saying the same thing each week since early 2000. Mike Quinsey is now channeling his "higher self" instead of Salusa but it sounds very similar to what everyone else is saying. Susanne Lie (funny coincidence about her last name) pumps out a lot of channelings even though she stopped a year ago because you thought she was being fooled by "dark" entities. I enjoy reading some of them but it is nothing to put any physical significance to.

    2. I respect all of them, and appreciate their messages, but I have no expectation of rigid timelines, since that is always in flux depending on the mass consciousness and Archonic interference, etc.

  66. "An invisible gas cloud of spectacular proportions, moving at some 700,000 mph, is believed to be heading for a collision with our galaxy, releasing enough energy to form over two million new stars."- Excerpt from article

    Seems like the light is returning and getting more powerful.

    Read more at:

  67. golden dragon... anyone knows the meaning.?

  68. I saw a star descend out of the sky close by to me. I was just wondering what it was and if their is a connection to the guide you mentioned.

  69. Planet X, Our Prison Break Peggy Kane. | Truth Control › forum. Cobra, is planet x going to be what breaks the matrix when it comes close next time?


  71. Is this the real deal : Scientific confirmation of Archons

    Discovery of Invisible Entities by Thunder Energies

    Thunder Energies has recently released an announcement that it has discovered the existence of what they call “Invisible Terrestrial Entities.” The findings have been published in The American Journal of Modern Physics, and explain that in an attempt to observe antimatter, Thunder Energies developed the Santilli Telescope. The telescope uses concave lenses (as opposed to the traditional use of convex lenses), which captures the light emitted from antimatter. While searching the skies, scientists discovered these entities, and noticed a heavy presence over military, government, and sensitive facilities. In addition, Thunder Energies claims it has also discovered anti-matter galaxies and asteroids.

    As a researcher and author on the subject of “invisible energy parasites,” this finding could be a “smoking gun” for me. However, I would like to obtain some other sources to verify this finding. If true, I am reminded of the discovery of micro-organisms through the use of the microscope. Researchers did not initially correlate these “germs” with disease. It wasn’t until almost 100 years later that the connection was made. Could these invisible entities be the parasitic “germs,” often referred to as Archons, that have remained hidden for so long? If we can see them, we can study them. If we can study them, we can find a way to protect ourselves from them.

    More to follow on this story! Subscribe toThe Seiker Newsletter and don’t miss a thing!


      This is real deal for sure. Figure 7 looks like your typical archon and Figure 10 is that tapeworm entity I mentioned in one of my comments. Goes along nicely with these CIA Ufo, X-Files, Planet X etc. mini-disclosures.

  72. COBRA stands for compression breakthrough!, from gallactic space we have the gallactic federation pushing in towards earth mantle from within the earth mantle we have the agartans council pressing outward.Sandwiched in between is the matrix of mind contol of the cabal.Both the GF and AC have done the best and will continue to do so till the inevitable VICTORY OF THE LIGHT!But there's another factor that has to come to the fore as its in the root of the problem.It is US the collective humanity or the minimum required of 144 thousands.We are the one that we have been waiting for.That's why the weekly world peace meditation is of the ultimate importance.The matrix works through the brain of humanity collective fragmentation contra.Break free of all conditioning that hold others from race,colour,nationality,beliefs system as not belonging to us humans!VICTORY OF THE LIGHT!NOW!

    1. Wow! Sounds good to me! (Of course, the majority of word getting out about the weekly world peace meditation is mostly on the internet/social media and not every Lightworker has access to the internet and/or the time to go surfing around until stumbling over the right sites to learn about the meditation.

      Where would be the most effective targets for print/radio ads, how much would it cost, and could we cobble together a crowdsource campaign to pay for that? Would that be effective at all, or just throwing time/energy/money down a rabbit hole?

      I've been posting on all the Lightworker-inhabited fb groups I'm part of, and even some that are just for "crunchy" or natural lifestyle folks, even the vaccine-safety folks groups occasionally.

      Is there an official or semi-official guesstimation of how high up we are in numbers towards the 144k goal?

    2. Also there is a new online app: Amplifield for group meditations, they also started scheduling a calendar of mass meditation events for every Wednesday at 7pm PST and Saturday at 10am PST - maybe they would be good to contact to see if a "Disclosure Event" mediation could be placed on their schedule?

  73. Global Peace Meditation for Syria- Feb 1 for 10 min.

  74. Re. Hye Angel's post above, which she says she had just now remembered to post...

    I think her information, if true, explains why the bad guys have kept the existence of Planet X a secret.

    Planet X is on a really big orbit around our Sol (sun) but also around a second sun, a brown dwarf. Maybe we are in a binary star system, with this brown dwarf as the second sun. Somebody near to me thinks the brown dwarf might be the black sun that these bad guys worship.

    If the good guys have taken over Planet X and they have hopped on board and are coming in toward us, using X as a base, it is quite exciting !

    Is the cavalry coming? Should we all go out to the beach and write in the sand in giant letters: "Land here!! Cool drinks and our husbands will do your laundry!"

    1. @WestCoastUSMegan.

      My dear, please read it again, or listen to the original interview.
      NO need to go to the beach and wait for THEM....

      Here is that part, and the link of the interview.

      During the Eben-Cobra interview, Eben asked Cobra this question. (Part 1, at 36:00 min.)

      "Eben - You were saying in your text that the Resistance Movement originated from Planet X?

      Cobra - Yes!

      Eben - What does it mean, sir?

      Cobra - It means that in 1999 when the mass body of resistance came to this planet Earth, they came from Planet X.

      They have LIBERATED FROM THE CABAL IN 1999, and after that liberation, part of their forces came to this planet in the underground locations in order to assist this planet for its final liberation".

      Well, i hope that by now, most of them have ADJUSTED their bodies with the Earth's vibrations, (Schuman resonance), and came out from the underground bases, and are staying on the surface. Mingling with us. Walking amongst us.

      WHAT IF......????


    2. Okay - cool -- Well, "going out to the beach" etc... was my version of a joke... :^).... Sometimes it helps me if I laugh, but I don't mean to be turning all this into a joke. Forgive me.

      Yes -- What if we have already met some of them??!! Yes, I get it that they are already walking among us. How cool is that? Thank you...


  76. Mickey Mouse Mafia descends The Mount to Jacob's Ladder. Will they ascend or descend on it? I leave it to them.

    Targetted. Be afraid... be very afraid - or nOT. Grandma Moses is making lye soap again.

  77. TY Family. Soccer moms drive Teslas. I drive an Indigo one North, a White one South and a black one East(earth-centric). What color is my helio-centric one? I am so excited to find out!

    1. you are the best and only reason I read the comments anymore, how fun! -thank you

    2. You are so very welcome Steven. If we can play through it we can get through it.

    3. That's going in the "New Book" of "Life"... Right..?

      Oh yeah...

      What is a book in 5D..?

      Etheric Disc..?

      First rule of Solo Snow-Shoe-Tether-Ball anyway.

      The Wonders of Portals Abound

      Many Thanks

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  79. This comment has been removed by the author.

  80. Don't take Cobras posts as absolute truth... instead learn how to free yourSELF.. If you don't choose to do so then you will never find out how stuck most of people on this blog really are! May your heart be illuminated

  81. This comment section is more like a forum. Perhaps Cobra could create one.

    1. It has been suggested several times but he probably dont want that because it will cause a lot of infiltration.

    2. Remember?

    3. There is a facebook group called Cobra Etheric Liberation

  82. gILLiad along with ALL its properties starting with Laser Grips shall immediately align and report to the authority of MIKE The Great. Yes. We Will. we shall.

  83. For dem dat can read, Jah, let em read.

    Fuck it.

    The grand catalyst cometh. Analysts anticipate the instigation. Patiently, prepare for the age of optimization. Cooperative creating. Even if it seems all we see is SPIRIT DEGRADATION, PLANTATIONS OF STARVATION amongst DEFORESTATION, Motherfuckin FUKUSHIMA radiation! Nations deteriorate while devastating super quakes shake suddenly, seismic impact be crackin pavement on the daily.
    I can hear the fearful wailing, their faith failing, they falter. Forgotten that our thoughts can stop their audacious plots. Awareness aiming to alter the path we walk.
    Designate meditations to the palaces and bases, eliminate all traces of the elite rulers of this rot, humanity's rapists!
    Turn the page, the day approaches, when the story told displays the cruel ways of old, when lies paved our roads and eyes were blinded by the shine of glistening gold, hearts so cold in their mission of corruption inconceivably bold.
    From their strongholds long have they held strong to our souls. Cleverly did they convince that all is limited, while all empowering truths were prohibited. Separated from the infinite like orphaned kids, no gifts were given. Stuck living conscious of life, but the rush of divinity was the motherfuckin price.
    No longer satisfied, cut from the precious found within, taking no pleasure, foolishly digging for treasure searched for on the outside, where moth and rust destroy. Employed to toil for empty goods, we stood enslaved, too late to save ourselves, to BE free like we dreamt we could.
    I have watched for the signs like we should, Wizened to the crimes not understood by mass mind, the class of the harassed currently trampled underfoot.
    Alas peoplez, now we all make the climb out of the grime. Lets wipe the shit from our eyes! Soon you mothafuckaz shall ascend, soon my friends we rise. Soon our true family will descend, surprise reunion, when star races blend, and the millenia of damage is mended.

    The manipulation of the ages finally ended.

    Comprehend the complexity of this web in which we are tangled! Our boys on high done studied every strand and every angle. Currently they standby with plans to extend their hands and lift swiftly, suddenly when the sudden shift signals the


    Move! Move! Move! Eager they are for us to get with the groove. To write our part in the supreme story most glorious we gotta prove, that we choose love over fear and make it clear we rep the ONE crew, universally notorious, the force of the foremost forever I and I

  84. January term... cobra did not intel...

  85. I wonder if Cobra is Lieutenant Colonel Gonzales whom Corey Goode speaks so much about.....

  86. Wellsir … I’ve been feeling angry this past week because of an incident that happened in Day Oregon on the 26th. LoVoy Finicum was murdered by fbi bootjacks in an ambush. They were on their way to town for a meeting with the sheriff and local ranchers. Finicum planned to empower them his knowledge of their rights.

    Now I know the cabal is behind this and I was cool with what was going on at the wildlife refuse, until they murdered this man in cold blood, and the corporate media painted them as terrorists/militants.

    I was following this man’s videos and when the corporate news claimed he tried to charge at the bootjacks I knew it was not true base on the man I saw in the videos.

    The release fbi video proved I was right. They made sure there was no sound so people would know he was shot with his hands up. The eyewitness stated they just kept shooting … the vehicles they were in are riddle with bullets. They stayed down close to the floorboard.

    They wanted to kill all of them. I would like to see those filthy bootjacks suffer as much as they have made other suffer with impunity. This has hit me hard and I don’t know how to let go.

    Finicum died for all of us. He was a brave man. I hope his Soul will be freed before he is forced back into the matrix.

  87. Is this guide et related? I was shown the three triangle dots marking in the form of a craft and there were beings emitting a indigo/violet light.. all in the astral realm, is this connected? It just happened and I 1. Have never taught myself to do this 2.was not trying to areal travel, only meditate.. would this blue star guide have a violet hue to it as well? I would love to know who/what that energy was

  88. Spectacular Celestial Show - Moon & 5 Visible Planets in a Rare Astronomical Alignment

  89. To Light Wielding Knights of Conscience:

    Post this occult event schedule ( so we can watch and predict/prevent any manufactured events aka false flags that are planned and orchestrated in advanced. [The info when first seen is dark and perverse - do something to relax and cleanse yourself after reading.]

    Action: forward, post - comment sections always good, print, tweet, blog or whatever gets the job done to make the peeps AWARE, VIGILANT and EMPOWERED, and co-post these links:

    along with the aforementioned link for balancing energies.


    Tuesday 02.02.2016
    Tuesday 02.02.2016
    Moonday 22.02.2016 (full moon)
    Thursday 25.02.2016
    Monday 02.29.2016 (leap day


    1. Cognitive Dissonance Script Pattern>s< to Break

      ~ recognize & dissolve distraction ~

      1 ) Manufactured Terror Events:
      including financial, suicide/explosions, beheadings etc.

      2 ) Sex/Rape Manufactured Events:
      including German migrant rape, Cosby et al

      3 ) Manufactured Epidemics/Pandemics:
      including Zika, Ebola, H1N1 etc.

      Not necessarily in this order but repeating ad nauseam.


  90. 21 days and no updates about any progress the RM is making- why the silence? There is a great deal of tension in the energy flow- so what's up???

    1. Really.....It would be nice to know...Especially since we don't seem to be getting any interviews any more and yes a lot of tension in the atmosphere!

  91. I hope in the next update that Cobra mentions the recent sonic booms in New Jersey. Rumor's been going around that it had something to do with some genetic-experimentation lab underground somewhere near there getting overthrown or something.

    1. The loud noise was also heard in the Long Island area...Perhaps, the Chimera base was being cleaned out by the Resistance & GFL.

  92. Game of Thrones... all disinfected and ready for another week.
    break time... catch my breath here.

    How can You sleep with that much pain in your head... Use any Gift I manage to bring to "my" Well if it tips the balance to end the Pain, and forgive me if my Tally ought want

    :)he.. he. said tally... no, I said ought as long as I could to bust the 3rd chem-trail- even further away than the last- and they didn't even bother to finish the mark as it fell apart.

    Imagine Dragons "Demons"..?
    he's singing to who..?

    Portal Reverberation
    roger roger

    1. I like that song...

      sounds like progress... u got me vote :)

  93. Someone should tell Elton musk we already have this technology

  94. Thank you Cobra. I wonder if you could comment on whether we live on a planet(spinning globe) or a planate (non-moving flat earth under a dome). The flat earth science science makes the spinning globe postulated by NASA absolute rubbish and add to that the Moon Landing Apollo Hoaxes also well documented everywhere and it seems pretty obvious to me that for the last 500 years the cabal has been very busy cooking up a whole lot of distraction rubbish fear porn. Would be interested to hear your view on all this. At the moment I think every one should discern thoroughly and stay out of fear at all costs. We need more facts and Eric Dubay's 200 reasons why this earth is flat is a good place to start. Thank you.
    Noeline Clayfield
    Ascension Corner

  95. Petition to disclose the truth of The secret space program & extra terrestrials signed by Corey Goode & Michael Salla & others. Please participate at link below...

  96. This comment has been removed by the author.

  97. Robotic beings of Artificial Intelligence who came to invade some bases within our Solar System in late 2014.

    -Source :

    You can say somenthing about this matter?

  98. no news is good news? Silence in the last and most delicate final moments of this war?

  99. font color just changed on this site, or my vision is improving? :)

  100. Crystals of Light
    We gather Here
    "too add too"
    ("Create" the same Breath-Tone, In as Out)
    (start low, ee> to ah> and back)
    ("One Breath") (no one Word)
    )Stones if you got 'em(
    (I stand on mine/ours)
    (((hands at your sides, palms, to show the "Lines-Up")))
    (Your Wings Free)
    (Now Be Your Breath)

    The DNA Breath spiral
    To Share Reflection of "Sun"
    In Cloud
    (((:Water from Air, Breath, Before there was:)))

    Your Turn... "Tear" too

    It's Simple..?

    even as simple as...
    Amber (plants..?)
    of Cherubs
    Ever Pressing to Pierce
    "The Vale"

  101. no way I am reading 200 posts lol... i wish there was a highlights section :)

  102. Simulation similarities are noted in hu-beings
    7 Feb by ÉirePort

    gaia_energy1Simulation similarities are noted in hu-beings.

    Energetic lamp postings are conveyed in confidence.

    Stargate potentials are expanded.

    Forefronts of discovery are transcended.

  103. A lovely, brief description and how-to go deeper in meditation by bringing in the light, and how it transforms us like a phoenix.

    Alchemical Light
    a message from Tony Samara

  104. "We are those pesky souls who actually have power and are remembering our power!"

    Chaos and Power | Dana Mrkich
    February 3, 2016!Chaos-and-Power/c12zx/56b2c20d0cf2062bd416aebd

  105. Good post
    I really Like it You can also see my post

  106. i had trusting you'd post something about this "disclosure" expresses gratitude toward. I've been praising you enthusiastically to everybody about how you've generally said Planet X was genuine and was not.

    <a href="> cick for smfclyrics </a>

    Any word on if this is the start of Disclosure to prepare the majority with this overly famous network program