Thursday, May 12, 2016

Systems security breach at 504


  1. Calm down everyone. Not the first breach at 504, probably won't be the last.

  2. This sounds like great news, if I am understanding it correctly. I'm taking it to mean that the Light forces have accomplished a significant break through and are advancing in their mission of removing the Chermia ant the toplets.

    Thanks Cobra for the update

    Power and Victory to the Light!!

  3. HOPE is a four letter word. It is audacious.
    Plant ET 512 decrypted, and E is for Endure.

    Free Ma SONS! TXI has long lost the Building contract to ARCOS.
    Assets have been reinvested in The Venus Project
    by the Aes Sidhe, Dana (pronounced Ash SHE Duh DON NA).
    Remaining assets are in Riverside Escrow Account.

    Are you infected with the Mundi Mind Virus?
    Be a Noble Contradiction. Return the inheritance to THE heirs!

    Missing Links you have failed Basil III Compliance Certification.
    An escort (Or a paddy wagon as the case may be) shall be provided
    to sequester you to your new address shortly.

    Happy Family is a dish best served warm.
    Wat is Omicron - Grace. What is OMEGA? I leave that to you.

    I AM Earth and GAIA-SOPHIA of The House of Karistus


    Guardians. Your path is lit up thusly by RED and Green Man:

    Key Host Real
    Key Street Euripedes
    Key Magnet HD8D
    Key George Jetson
    Key Mer Akasha
    Key Shite Bar and Shield
    Key TA DA Boom
    Key Clearance Cosmic
    Key Metal Platinum
    Key knee Clue
    Key Slang CB
    Key Corn Pop
    Key Handler DandyLion with LadyBug modifier
    Key Game CombOver Red Rover
    Key Tablecover Chrysotile
    Key Flower Origami
    Key dish Happy Family
    Key cake Red Velvet

    Prime Conundrum 41
    Window Parameter RCM


  4. What does this mean? It is good news?


  5. And instead of the Same Old Shit at 504, here is something completely different.

    "And in the end you realize you just can't beat The Big Guy."

    So Let's Go, Mr. Pop

    Victory Of Love And Light


  6. btw UPS thank you for the Red key. Now about that Cabinet... It's THE Michael's.


  7. "You can fool some of the people all of the time.
    You can fool all of the people some of the time.
    You can NOT fool all of the people all of the time."

    - Abraham Lincoln -

    We Won't Be Fooled Anymore.
    We Won't Get Fooled Again.
    We All See THE LIGHT.
    And We Stand Up For OUR RIGHTS.

    Volle Kanne, Hoschi



      Perhaps some should have heeded the warning which was given, some did. Just relax when that tension of uncertainty mounts.

      TMNB NO
      Jeans eh?
      I Aelectric
      Where the ground grounds
      I walk in there
      As I walk out
      ForGet ForGot
      What ForGive ForGave
      One Love

  8. Sacrifices want to be seen and aknowledged

    instead for what has been suffered

    for what has been conquered

    to understand that

    they must be SEEN and FELT

    (inside you is yours)

    Nobody can help someone else in the way we understand "helping"

    maybe you know
    do you know that I know?

    Maybe it has nothing to do with you

    I yearn for freedom to evolve in my own way

    stay and hide
    act and protect

    I must

    Only one knows the rules in this game
    Maybe this is not my game?


  9. we can only see God when our illusions are removed

  10. Can anyone make an educated guess where is 504?

  11. Calm. Let us all breath. Calm. Control. We cannot loose it when this stuff happens.

  12. Cobra,

    Do you really think that other factions are going to accept this Galactic Codex you put forth? Expect that we accept your laws and ideals?

    Like I have said in response to your original posting, there will be a need for negotiations in the near future. Gaia is protected by those outside of The Barbelo, colonization of her is not an option, by neither you nor your ascended masters.

    - Fates De Whynot

    1. Two things merit to be expanded... the word "Gaia is protected" and "what allegiance are The Barbelo" of the light or the dark? cause if they were benevolent it seems to me The Barbelo missed the colonization done thru the ages on this planet before... or is everyone in the universe claiming ownership of earth now that she is trying to heal up... if that is so.. I also heard thru the grapevine that ORnIO_CO made a declaration of ownership via the OKIES however I can for certain verify that this I have just said is truly sweet disinfo...

      forward and upwards

    2. The ascended masters are helping from their ships to liberate humanity. After that they will do more pleasant things than to colonialize or rule anyone. Doing such things would bore them to death. Who is not able to understand that has lust for power himself. "Power over" is the basic problem here.

    3. This elder dragon must be of the minority left that still seek to "control". The only negotiations will be an ultimatum. We the ppl have had enough of the delays.

    4. Gaia, she wants only her own free will.. as with any being

      She is our shared home, and not a prize to be had..

  13. not that i am rushing anyone but... are we there yet?

    1. @anami: ...its not difficult, you only need to have the right drug dealer ;)

      NO, Jesus is not the same as Horus but they are on the same ship! (My medicine has told me) The lucky ones, hope they come and take me there soon!

      Thanks for triggering automatic laugh, its the best medicine anyway ;)

  14. Cobra,

    Please use below code to add a "read more" option if you do not want such a long post to cover the whole page:

    Victory of the Light!

  15. This has to be the funniest down to earth "crap" ive heard in a long time. I mean so much unrest and uncertainty in ourselves as evolved crystalline spirits. Ascension regardless of how we see it is coming pretty soon. Buddha teaches time theyre is none as do our "galactic guides" also no time. Its about us and being spiritually prepared what you dream of being bliss will be just 1% compared to the joy felt at ascension. Do not be afraid lift up and out like a star shooting into the sky as we take on a form more fitting for the next phase dont fear the inevitable. As "Gaia"resurfaces we will be safe within her and near her on the planes of existense most suitable to our "crystalline structure" at that point. We can do this together if we could all vibrate a similar vision of our own to dance in the perfection of our geometric point in the universe our soul seed.


  16. This may not have anything to do with anything, yet I'd been looking forward to that moment quite a bit.
    I don't watch sports because of the divisive nature of it, the only exceptions are Snooker and Cricket where I can equally support whoever is playing. Just give me a good game to watch and I'm happy no matter who wins it.

    So every day I'm watching the Indian Premier League of T20 Cricket, cheering every good throw and every good shot. What a beauty of a game.
    It's been about 50 games so far this season and just a few minutes ago I finally got to witness Maximum number 504 :-)
    Royal Challengers Bangalore vs Kings Eleven Punjab, and RCB's Chris Gayle scored that Six. His jersey number is, of course, 333.

    So. 504 surpassed. What it means I don't know, but I like it a lot :-)

    Till It Shines

    Lots Of Love And Light - MAXIMUM ♥


  17. Good interview Rob. I was reminded of the time about 30 years ago, when a family from India visited the Yoga Center where I (& about 300 others) lived. At satsang they showed us huge Palm Leaves on which were written, in Sanskrit or Hindi maybe, by way of tiny pinholes the AKASHIC RECORDS. They said their family had been tasked with these recordings, and proceeded to read the future of our organization from them. They were right on. Now I'm motivated to see if I can get a copy of the recording of that satsang to remind me of the details.

  18. What languages are you speaking here... is it English or alpha beta with gamma pronouncing..

    Can someone explain in English