Saturday, July 30, 2016

Terms of Surrender Update

There are some clarifications that need to be made about the terms of surrender.

First, the mass arrest plan is still valid and in full force. The Light forces will not wait for any dark individual or Cabal faction to surrender, they will arrest them as soon as they can do that in a way that is safe for humanity to go through the transition. Those members of the Cabal that surrender before the mass arrests will have more favorable conditions. It is very unlikely that many individual members of the Cabal will surrender before the Event because they fear the revenge from other Cabal members, as they will be perceived as „traitors“.

There is a certain possibility that the Rothschild faction as a whole will surrender and start cooperating before the Event. The Rothschilds are fallen angels from the Rigel star system in the Orion constellation. In the past, many members of the Cabal originating from Rigel have surrendered to the Light when they were shown that Light is stronger than darkness. The Rigelians have a tendency to side with the one that is stronger and many of them, when arrested or faced with strong enough opposition, will actually show signs of relief that finally someone was powerful enough to stop their negative actions. This will be a proof to them that Light is stronger that darkness and will begin to cooperate. The Rigelian race descended from spirit into mater by implantation process, their connection with spirit is still there to a certain extent and many of them will be able to ascend when this duality nightmare is over. 


The Jesuits, the Archons and the Chimera all come from negative races from Andromeda Galaxy. They are all fallen angels, meaning that they have descended from spirit into matter by implantation process, and quite many will be able to ascend when the duality is over.

The Chimera group is not involved in the surrender negotiations because no surface positive faction is strong enough to be able to deal with them. The Resistance is dealing with them directly.

The Rockefeller faction is Draconian by its origin and will never surrender, they will fight back with their false flags until they are removed into the Galactic Central Sun. The Draconian race has evolved from dense matter and the more negative members of that race do not have sufficient contact with the spirit to be redeemed.

Second, the Cabal members that surrender willingly will go through a psychological transition to become part of the Light forces and will be treated fairly. They will all be stardusted so if any of them tries something funny before they fully accept the Light, they will be paralyzed immediately and then removed from the planet. During the reconciliation process they will need to fully disclose their past actions and come face to face with people's anger, but will not be allowed to be treated violently and will not be punished. The biggest punishment for them will be their conscience after they wake up and fully realize what they have done. They will go through a psychological healing process and will live the rest of their lives in service to humanity and Light.

Third, the bounty for the capture of the Cabal members will most likely not work because the other side has put even bigger bounty on some Lightwarriors on the surface of the planet. This reflects a centuries old treaty with the Chimera that says „we will not touch your leaders and you will not touch ours.“ It is expected that this deadlock will continue until the Event when finally the breakthrough will happen and the Chimera will be check-mated.

Victory of the Light!


  1. Thank you Cobra for this update!, but... the planet's poles are changing... ?, sorry for the question...

  2. How long until the event?

    1. In many interviews, Cobra has clarified that he never answers that question - for many reasons.

    2. NO matter that Cobra does never answer,... But it's still OUR RIGHT TO ASK!

    3. Bashar said before or around fall 2016. (Sept 22) October 2nd is theend date of the Super Shemitah Jubilee Year. I expect at least a financial collapse by then.

    4. @starprintshop
      Event countdown timer: 8 years, 3 months, 5 days.

  3. Anyone has sneezing powder? A Central Sun size.

    1. You'll need to venture outside to find Cubchoo Pokémon.

    2. Yes I have a bit,... the rest shall come together from the entire Galaxy...


  4. Alright, kids, they're giving Me the "Go Home" cue to finish up this match and Go Ride Off Into The SUNRISE.
    And that means ALL OF US.

    Going Home - Come With Me

    Chariots Of Fire

    'Cause Tonight GOD IS A DJ !!!

    Victory Of Love And Light And Peace Forever
    Right Here, Right Now - on God's Green Earth

    I AM RaJah

  5. Let's stay positive Victory to the light

    1. In the end, only one thing matter:
      How much you loved.

  6. I am curious how the resistance thinks they will stop seven and a half billion people from exacting revenge on these groups? Cobra says they will not be punished but remember, we will be dealing with billions of unawakened souls. They will be pissed and will not have the capacity to forgive and forget. They will know nothing about light and dark, duality, etc.

    My takeaway from this is that we are stuck with things the way they are until the event, which could still be years or decades away. That saddens me a great deal. Let's all hope we do not find ourselves being gassed to death in FEMA camps before the event decides to happen. There may not be much left to save at this rate.

    1. Although no date is ever given, The Event is amenable to two things - the general consciousness of humanity, the ability of 144,000 to meditate in a synchronised way or necessity.
      At recent conferences the window of opportunity is up until 2025 I believe (so NOT decades).
      My own takeaway from all that is now happening is that we are very close. And it is somewhat up to all of us - thought by thought and act by act.
      Victory to the Light

    2. I begin to think so to, its all taken to long,and every time all those excuses.,i dont believe anymore it something change or happen begins to look like a very bad fairy taile.maybe its all a lie, to keep us quiet.Just like the churches do..

    3. "I am curious how the resistance thinks they will stop seven and a half billion people from exacting revenge on these groups?"
      -They will be held accountable off from Earth somewhere in space.

    4. Everything you believe creates your own reality my friend, never forget that

    5. This only means we fight harder for the light and never give the negative one second of breathing room to gain strength of any kind... We can and will do this now !!!! We want this we choose to have this and by the Grace of God we will get this done !!!!

    6. And if we are being told this we must be making some kind of impact and being manipulated with reasons to back off now is the time to keep digging in and get stronger. We are making a difference the arrest will work I don't care what he says we are the ones who have to make this change how many times have we been told that??? Please join me and refuse I do mean refuse to back down , slow down , stop helping rid the negative off this planet. We are multi dimensional we are Godlike and we are very powerful energy beings when awakened being made to feel hopeless or we can't do it is bullshit plan and simple. I wonder if this post is really put out by Cobra....

    7. Eric, you have this partially correct. Forgive but *never* forget so these atrocities never happen again.

    8. How can The Event be decades away when it has to be over and done with at the end of 2025? How did you come up with decades? Have you even been paying attention?


    9. I could imagine that, if the cabal members actually are going to be arrested and prosecuted in publicly, they will after that, subsequently disappear completely out of the public eye and get a new identity and be positioned in very very remote places, in acceptable appropriate environment, there will fits their lifestyle, to a certain degree.

      The worst of the worst bad nut cases, will be removed from planet, if they can't accept the new conditions.

      Those who accept, the deal and being prosecuted and placed out on earth after, will however surely be monitored, to some extent, and well guarded.
      They will on the other hand, need to be able to ascend, together with the rest of the planet, or they will quite simply disappear, from this reallity .. This I Imagine will be very very difficult and agonizingly for most of them.

      None, or very few of the surface human will know where they are and no one , other then very few, will be able to find them ..

      And about when the arrest actually will happen physically, it seem to me, in this moment, there are good signs in some other alternative media that this is slowly imminent. But we can never be sure, before its over. I'm for my part really done and deadly exhausted with this sick game, so let's hope for the best and do our part ..

    10. Abby girl 1, I thought the same thing about a potential imposter. All trusted positive entities always give the same advice when discerning any message. To analyze how the message makes you feel. If it makes you feel bad, it is probably from a negative source. If it makes you feel good, it is probably from a positive source.

      Well, this message made me feel bad. What does that say about its author? Maybe it is me. Maybe I am allowing the small self too much input here.

      spirritto, sorry to trigger your insecurities. Was not my intent.

    11. @ Eric ... my "insecurities"... and what might those be? Also if the message(s) make you feel bad then you shouldn't read them anymore. Find a blog that makes you feel good.

    12. Eric Thompson, as far as I'm informed about the conditions for ascension, the event, the big wave, or whatever you like to call it, the confirmation of all human souls seems to be the determining factor for the moment of "take off" or "ignition". That is, the personalities of human beings don't seem to be in need to be in sync with the knowledge and insight of their souls, which are in resonance with an unavoidable shift, due to being on the same level with it and therefore in agreement to surrender. I can get that, more with my intuition or inner sensor, than with my mind. For that's part of my personality, usually. Know what I mean?

    13. @?.!Are you doing the weekly meditation every Sunday to speed up The Event?


    1. Hi Maria ... how is the situation in Venezuela? Are you hanging in there?

    2. Venezuel only survive... no food, or people or animals... people eat only once a day 1..... animals starve.... government does not accept international aid... nobody knows what will happen here... Venezuelan imigrar other countries... any country is much better than Venezuela... I speak Spanish and Portuguese ... English translator google...MARIJOFA@HOTMAIL.COM

    3. Maria ... is this happening in just the major cities or all over the country. I sure hope your suffering will be ending soon. Hang it there.

  8. Thank You ~Koberek~ ...It Is good...~china girl~

  9. Victory to the Light,


  10. wow, thanks Cobes, but could we possibly get more frequent intel reports, like we used to, since we are speeding up towards the event. Just the fact that more stuff is happening more often, shouldn't we be privvy (us, your loyal troops on the ground here on Gaia?) We are all just craving more info/intel, for the sake of our own guidance, and the less we get it seems like the more we are forced to dote on every word, therefore rendering you to Pariah status. Lil help Bro? Cheers Cobra, thank you for everything you do! I've talked with the Missus and we are naming our firstborn, girl or boy, Cobra, to honour your altruistic efforts for man/womankind.

    1. Yes, more intel please mate.

    2. Cobra is releasing as much as he is allowed to release. Yes, things are speeding up... but releasing details of certain operations invites the negative forces for retaliatory measures.

      Yes, it would be nice to know EXACTLY what is going on. But we're dealing with beings who are extremely powerful technologically and recklessly insane when it comes to their willingness to destroy large sections of the solar system and not just Earth itself.

      We are so close to complete liberation... let the positive forces do their thing in secrecy so their operations are successful.

  11. interesting...thanks for the clarification and expounding on the process. The Rothschild info is very similar in a sense to what Fulford has been revealing. It is too bad about the larger bounty on the Light force leaders and the "treaty" that may prevent the arrests of the Cabal. The one ton gold bounty on each Cabal member seems like one of the few tangible plans of action towards the freeing of the planet that i have heard of. I know that there are probably many behind the scenes actions that are taking place for our liberation that we are not privy to knowing, but please keep the intell trickling in, as we would very much like to know the various current status's of what is going on. As much as we all know "Victory of the Light" is a "done deal", i think a lot of us or most if us need reinforcing intell to back that phrase up. thank you Cobra

    1. Yes, I agree with you, peterpan. I've just send word to a moderator of the Event Hub, inquiring about the creation of a link on the PFC website, so that updates are published on the day they come out. As much LIVE as can be. It definitely helps people to get their head around issues more, or feel assured about the progress in the making, even with secret moves on the global chessboard that are in need of secrecy for a good reason.

    2. Some have been removed by the Galactics and are on Earth 2. Others are intergalactic criminals, and are answering more serious charges elsewhere.

  12. What is the point that is not fixed yet? Chimera? , how much time left ? the months and the years keep passing, and more and more people, more and more nature dead animals dead on the planet ... many humans also kill animals, people and the planet ... too many problems already.few months or years for terms of surrender?

  13. Sometimes I wonder how this ties in with my own various contacts with the dark side, "by accident" initially. In my various experiences many of the dark forces have been eliminated, and I have been told that my mission is to transform darkness to light. See my youtube videos Satan is Dead and Exorcism of US Senate and others. I have been told four times that I am a volunteer from Andromeda. I don't remember but no longer doubt it.

  14. most appreciative of this update and clarification - may the final checkmate be very very soon

  15. a treaty that says 'we will not touch your leaders and you will not touch ours''..
    That is cute. The cabal/chimera have been murdering and ruining our light leaders, our heros, our captains, our shepherds, our whistleblowers, our revolutionists for eons.
    These cabalists should fear themselves as they have literally lock stock and barrel blown holes in their own boats. Every action they take to destroy the light and further their agenda, destroys themselves.

    1. I wonder what the murder of JFK counted as?

    2. Steveshap, have you ever watched Star Trek and the Borg episodes? These robohumans with bodyparts made of metal? Those are implantations. Also, minuscule objects, like chips, are implantations. They were present in the vaccinations of the last decades and now made useless by lightforces in support of humanity. There seem to be various types of implantations nowadays. But in essence, they're physical objects, present in the body. A wellknown sort of implant is a pace maker. There might be more info on internet, if you want to know more about it.

  16. The Rothschilds are fallen angels from the Rigel star system in the Orion constellation. In the past, many members of the Cabal originating from Rigel have surrendered to the Light when they were shown that Light is stronger than darkness.

    more like this proves that psychopaths will do anything to continue their existence and wait for their next opportunity to strike.

    1. Existing as a psychopath is to be disconnected from light/your higher self and your emotions.. "surrendering to the Light" involves reconnecting with these lost aspects of yourself and those that do will regain an intrinsic desire to help others and right their wrongs.

      It's not a cop-out!


    2. I see it like this, the Rothschilds have been on the dark side because they say the dark side has cookies, right? we just gotta show em that the Light side has cookies too (and ours are way better cause they're made with Love) ;)

    3. Unfortunately the lightside never learn to cook those cookies fast enough. The cookies might be better or the very best but damn... Their infinite patience/tolerance makes the whole process very unappealing... It leaves very little room for magic. It makes a fool of us all. This whole game we are all playing is very disheartnening lengthwise... Imho

    4. As logical as it may seem, your trail of thinking, unknown, there's one thing that determines the choice for light or dark and that's the moment they literally step into the light. For all of their conscience will be awakened and they will feel awfully guilty and ashamed, for what they've done. From than on, they can't return to where they came from, see?
      Living in truth, which is part of entering the light, doesn't allow the presence of cold calculations of a mind in order to do wrong.
      That's where love proves to be stronger than hate. For hate is the byproduct of disappointed and abused love. That will be made very clear to them, in due time. It's why a lost soul, returning to God is welcomed with a huge celebration. They will become the shining ones, with knowingness of what polarity is and its function.

  17. Oh mei, again a new created narrative adjusted to the mood and to the immense changes, you are not longer able to abnegate.
    This attempts would be so incredible ridiculous, if they not were an ruthless action (but actually friutless henceforth) which lengthen the suffer for humantiy and the whole earth.

    PS: Ah and .......snoopy snoopy snoopy ;) ;) ;)

  18. This is so much garbage. They are criminals and need to be dealt with as such. Kumbaya is getting old. Even Enki and Lord Anu say these below rank criminals who did not do as they were told will be punished.

  19. Please dear goddess and all other, help my gf.

    The situation is going very bad.

    She needs light and help.

  20. Yeah It became pretty obvious that the bounty was not working,,,,,,Interesting Info.....Thanks.....Basically were back to the only thing we have always been waiting for "The Event".

  21. There must still be details that are not beeing told, otherwise these extremely kind conditions would not make sense.

    1. Cobra, it is quite helpful to get this acknowledgment of Slasher's insight. Thanks for this.

      After thinking a lot more about the "terms of surrender," I believe we all need to simply let the shallow, greedy Cabal'ers keep their kitschy castles.

      Because: we need to get the show on the road. We need to liberate the planet with as little upset as possible. We need to move on and each of us needs to move to a higher plane of love and forgiveness.

      We can't move to the higher planes of existence quickly if we want to extract revenge.

      Extracting revenge keeps us in that negative energy and I *know* we will be grateful we have left it behind -- once we do leave it behind.

      Meditate, visualize, do everything you can to make the Event happen soon.

      Do it for yourself and do it for humanity.

    2. Wow one of the few people that get a response from Cobra himself. So much for the update not being from Cobra. And thanks for the added info that we are not getting all the details yet.

  22. Rage simulations and dark thoughts have picked up again. Randomly popping up and they are being forced.

    Someone recently mentioned this,vinicus S? Trying to keep our focus off the light,stay strong. We try our best but we are not all equip for this,not yet. Were fighting rifles with sticks, we need help,we need the event.

    Let this nightmare end. Love and light x

  23. Are the Rockefeller's Draconians or Mintakans? The Draconians seemed to be brown/olive skinned with brown hair and Middle Eastern looking during the war that occurred in 2001. I suspect this has been an intentional mis-dentification that the "whites" have chosen to be called Draconians, when in reality they are a different race and also that they have vilified that same race, the Draconians. The potential entry point appears to be the spring of 162 AD during the time of Marcus Aurelius when a "superior" alien race may have entered using weather modification technology and caused the collapse of a fairly peaceful society as was found in the writings of Epictetus. Epictetus was from an area now part of Turkey. I ask you to consider the misnomer of the Draconian race, and if it is true, please take action to change the perception. Even the world "Draconian" has been framed. Please look at this with 100% focus. If they are indeed a race with olive/brown skin and the Rockefellers are indeed a white race, please consider calling the Reockefellers by their appropriate name, potentially Mintakan. Again I ask that you examine this, as it could be significant, and be a huge part of how we have been mislead as humanity. There has been a strategy here that cannot be ignored.

  24. Is there anyone here who could possibly briefly tell me where I originated from/which star system/which density by reading my soul..?

    I'm just curious..... Thanks!

    1. Tricia McCannon gives 'readings' to people with this type of info. She's in Atlanta, GA, but travels a lot.

    2. Also, if you will, you can request for a soul reading done by Jhadten Jewall.

      This is his take on the 2016 energies:

    3. I live in the UK, so... I was hoping someone could read my soul over the internets ~___^

  25. when ? simple question. no timelines are provided, no direct links to "ground" level events that link the spiritual evolution to an everyday socio-politics. its just "shit" happens and it will be resolved at some point in the future. its disorienting in an spiritual and mental ways, i am disoriented by all of this. and in the end; what is exact point of the cobra blog. real agenda, either positive or negative i dunno because its not presented. its just "im telling u what will someday happen".

    i am the man that lives (tries to) in the moment, and to expand that moment into infinity to encompass as much of my being as posible. i can not afford to project my expectations and hope into some future event. that i can not sense has any kind of path for me to take. its just "it will happen" and in some perverted ways it can justify the lack of my own (and that of others) responsibility and sensibility for where my own blockades are. i can go in circles saying, oh its not in my control im being blocked, and all i have to do is wait for the prince in shining armor.

    I am experiencing visions and senses that are not of this world, so to say. i can see rainbow color waves on the sky, and i have no idea what it is, i wake up in other worlds immediate to this one, and its only one of the things that came to me by me diving into my own center. i can not explain those things to my self by saying. oh it will be explained once someone else removes someone else. its dislocation. it is spiritually unhealthy.
    This whole blog has started to look like fantasy, like something that is not followed by the sense of "real".
    I am not disputing the message its self, if there is one that im blind to. its simply that "i can not possibly draw anything that i can be guided by from this"

    and i see people gathering around this blog with "cult" mentality.its just sooo wrong on so many levels.

    1. Nicely said. I've been feeling similar experiences for as long as I can remember.
      Never gave it any analytical thought because I had no ability to interpret them internally or even know how to express them externally.
      Then I slipped into the fog of disillusionment and fruitless pursuits.
      Thank the Almighty that I was able to regain my awareness about 6 year's ago. Though I still didn't have the necessary tools, I had better recognition of what it was.

      Now, I'm much more refined and equipped with steadily growing skills to see beyond that which is presented to us.
      As it applies to this message and others like it. I have to remove that which doesn't belong and extract what is really being 'projected'.
      The most glaring thing is all this talk of the "future" and "things to come". Before I would've never given it proper attention. Today, I immediately overstand the intention and it's purpose which is truly admirable to be clear.
      But everyone should realize by now that time does not exist in the sense of past and future.
      There is only now and that is what is all there ever will be.
      To speak of future events means it has already and therefore could be no other way.
      So it begs the question, why was all this allowed to happen in the first place? Was it unavoidable? Was it "meant to be" so to speak? Perhaps, humans are not meant to know such things.

      What I am aware of, is the power in thought/mental and emotional projection and resonance.
      That is what the Cabal has mastered and uses unabated. The ability to focus the collective thought and subsequently emotional energy of the multitude is why they are able to manifest-create the world in which they desire. Aside from how they received this ability and why they are using in such a way is a conversation for another time.

      You are right to question not so much the validity of these messages, but the instinctual feeling of an underlying intention that is being skillfully danced around.

      If it's 100% legitimate, wonderful. The time has come, but something tells me that this is more of a counter to the cult of death and hatred using the same power of thought.

      I see it this way. If we examine the records of events gone by. We see evidence that this is not the first or even second time it has come to this climax.
      There are ancient underground bunkers carved masterfully into the rock and distant memories of that time along with stories of the 'deluge' and other cataclysmic events.
      So the fact that the world is shifting conscience again, we start seeing the pattern.
      Massive bunkers being built, strategic build up of "global warming" and the coming disaster of floods, destructive weather and dangers from "space".
      It's quite obvious that the cult of black magick and alchemical sorcery have to "reset the matrix" or risk losing the control they've had for thousands of years.

      Are they aliens or fallen entities that have been imprisoned here? Maybe.
      Does it really matter? No.
      The only thing that does matter is their removal once and for all. That will not come from some "thing" that has not and will not identify itself.
      Holding on to that form of hope is what theists call "faith".

      Like you, my dreams, visions, indescribable sense of what is, tells me that being prepared to fight has become paramount.
      They are locked and loaded, not sure why we shouldn't be too.

      Better to die on your feet fighting, than live on your knees begging.

      Take care. Only you have the answers to what you are receiving. Stay focused and it will become clearer.

    2. removing is not an option , this evil must be healed

    3. Perhaps remove them to their own prison planet while they heal? It would make it more difficult for them, as they would only be among themselves (Escape From New York scenario)...this would protect humanity while these evil creatures "heal"...sounds like a plan...

    4. "i can not possibly draw anything that i can be guided by from this" I can relate to this,11thboris.
      It seems we're thrown out of all comfort chairs we've created in our lives, ever. Untrodden territory, new horizons, new vistas, like the unfolding of a flower. It's heart will be revealed during that unfolding, it can't be forced. You've got to bring experiences in your life coming from trust and joy, play with it as a curious child. Love, love... and see what happens.

  26. Thank you so much Cobra. This sentence...

    " The Rigelians have a tendency to side with the one that is stronger and many of them, when arrested or faced with strong enough opposition, will actually show signs of relief that finally someone was powerful enough to stop their negative actions."

    The fall... the deep cry of the entrapped soul ... " save me from what i've become, from the madness that took possession of me ", litterally. For the people who think they cannot have compassion for such Beings, i recommand to become familiar with this material as soon as possible. Let's avoid witch hunts and bloody revenges at all cost. The complete removal of the dark forces ( on earth and beyond ) can now be felt if you're sensitive enough, it is really imminent and our reaction will either accelerate or delay the transition process :

    I think we should let the faith of the unredeemable ones into the expert hands of those who's sight and wisdom are greater than ours. For my part, the relief of being freed from this mess will be strong enough to keep me buzy for the next millenia. I'll trade revenge by understanding after the legal trials, and will keep my focus on the wonders ahead. You know, this kind of things that really matters in life - drinking higher dimensional mango juice ( banana for you ? Ok cool, let's replicate some ♫ ), founding a self sustained healthy VEGAN community, organizing a global referendum for Earth's membership into the Galactic Confederation...

    I won't have time to even CONSIDER expressing rancor and revenge - 'cause this take time you know and oh boy, i won't have a second left ! So many projects to give life to !

    What about you sweety ? ♥ Where your focus will be after the event ? ( sounds great for commercial slogan yah ? :) If you're in bad condition know that everything will be put in place to refresh you 100 % ! You're not so solid & independant that you might think you know : when the planetary grid system will change, believe me, YOU will change ! So don't worry if you don't feel like forgiving the cabal/chimeria/Yalda-B now. This blocage will naturally unlock in due time. For now just plant the seed in your heart.

    Special dedication to the violet mustaches of freedoms - and the company of heaven as a whole, for their influences are ABSOLUTELY overwhelming now ( Saint-G, love you buddy ) !

    1. I kind of love-like the vibes in your comment, Arbre-Solaire. Specially this: ..."You know, this kind of things that really matters in life - drinking higher dimensional mango juice (banana for you ? Ok cool, let's replicate some ♫") makes Heaven on Earth deliciously come closer ;)

  27. i have a question and am in need of "Help" so if anyone here has real experiences in the matters "outside" of this world, it would be appreciated if they would be willing to communicate;
    i've started experiencing senses that i did not have before. i am unable to explain them or to expand upon them, mainly i think because i do not understand them. sparkling overlay that my vision has, waves of rainbow color that are spiraling. sense of spacetime that is coming from "somewhere else". sense of electricity in my head. being able to sense light not only from my eyes but with the entire forehead and top. these are seriously big things for me, because they are so real and impactful.

    if u can offer explanations on the level that is greater than that of mine, or at least same as mine. pls contact me (i am willingly handing out my email address) on


      Please read this love, it seems your in ascension process!!! These are extremely positive signs for you!!

    2. Talking with others that aren't in ascension will get tagged like a mad

    3. thank u Mary, but, that does not really help. Says absolutely nothin' . the site u linked just listed the broadest terms and conceptions possible.

      and bndoe i dont care what anyone thinks bout me, i actualy can prove what i see since the energy is emanating from my hands and any human can sense that if i chose them to sense it. it can at least put me in position where i force someone to take me seriously. but i only communicate if i see purpose too, and benefit for either side. i can help, but help only those that are ready to move.

      i have lots of things to understand yet, lots of road to walk. just need few things put in actual context.
      lately i almost exclusively first wake up in (i dont know how to better define it) reality immediate to this one. then like that in half wake state i say "crap i woke up in "wrong " one" then wake up again. seen some negativity there. showed the middle finger to that negativity (literally).
      am yet to see someone from the other side taking the hand i reach....

    4. what i find most interesting and mind blowing is that there are humans that are taking same walk, i dont know any. but walking together could be amazing...

  28. @COBRA: As I'm sure you're aware.. to unify the lightworkers/truthseekers on this planet; the insiders we look to as sources of information all need to be on the same page - or there will always be conflict between us.

    If one insider (like COBRA) says there will be mass arrests and ET intervention, and another insider says "there will be no mass arrests - this is a planet of free will and we must do the hard work to dig ourselves out" conflict between the people will continue with calls of "he's a disinfo agent.." "No, COBRA's working for the Cabal to stop people fighting back by eternally telling us that 'the Light is coming to save us'"

    I know you've made some progress by teaming up with Corey Goode and doing a joint radio show.. but I don't think it's enough, man.. We have Simon Parkes, Tolec & Alex Collier semi-regularly doing a show together - but they're still bringing up the possibility of Nibiru for God's sake!! I listened to their latest joint radio show today, and there's no progress towards alerting us listeners to plan you recently shared involving surrender, arrests, stardust.

    I feel like you, COBRA - and Simon, Alex & Tolec are on two different planet Earths, that's how different the intel. being shared is!

    May I suggest getting in contact with them and teaming up for a regular joint interview. I know you like your voice to be masked.. and their radio show goes out live.. but some sacrifice must be made to bring people together in unity.. don't you think mate??

    One interview is not enough either.. because within that interview, you'll only get a short amount of time to speak as the others like to ramble on and on often covering the same subjects from older shows.

    In their next radio show, they'll probably continue to espouse their version of events with little consideration for what you'd said last time... THAT is why you need to have a recurring spot!

    I look forward to a day where all the insiders/contactees are reading from the same page when educating the listeners on all aspects of the planetary situation.. and the people united in understanding.


    1. The challenging aspect of our ascending, entering higher dimensional levels, divinasion, is that although there may be ONE reality, an all encompassing inter-relationship too, there will always be as much interpretations of it as there are human beings with a voice outspoken. I myself learn to choose a path that's resonating with me, inspires me and uplifts me. As I see it, we don't need to be on the same page and we can live in agreement to that, though it may take a while. We're in the middle of a global workshop, called "How to make choices and not feel restricted in making new ones, each moment" Play, sing, laugh, cry, experiment and be curious. You will find out what it is that you need, I'm sure.

  29. In the meantime, who roots for Humanity? Innocent Humans are still needlessly and miserably dying here on a daily basis.Hunger, diseases, bills, debt, false flags, wars, to name just a few, continue unabated. If most of the Cabal is truly cornered, what prevents the RM from releasing all the tech and cures many of us have heard about for years now? Gee, when all this said and done,who will be Humanity's heroes?

    1. You, I and every one else who cares. Thru love come understanding and wisdom is it's heart.

    2. What prevents the RM from releasing Tech... Part is the quarantine... The matrix... The hostage situation is not over.

      The bad guys still have the weapons keeping the hostage status running. All the groups have not been contained fully... The chimera to name a few...

      Who will be humanity's heroed?
      Tbh. I have a very negative view when criticizing this 26K yrs running game... So i will not comment on your last inquiry. All i wish for humanity and Gaia is prompt release from bondage...

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  33. "the mass arrest plan is still valid and in full force."
    Later in the article;
    "It is expected that this deadlock will continue until the Event when finally the breakthrough will happen and the Chimera will be check-mated."
    This is typical. We are told light forces are here and more powerful except for 'the chimera group' in this case. Hurry up and wait.

    1. Please bear in mind the hostage situation on this planet. The Chimera aren't more powerful; it's their threat to detonate their Toplet and Strangelet bombs that is keeping the Light Forces from intervening.

      I agree though - it is frustrating.


    2. remember the wizard of oz? is just a mirage, some smoke some lights and a lot of mirrors, and behind them an old powerless guy, same situation on earth, open your eyes people, if you really want to see

    3. @ Jim ... do you do the meditation to speed up The Event every Sunday?

  34. Cobra, can those quantum potential chambers housing the toplet bombs be instantly deactivated? Does any of these groups who are surrendering know how to deactivate them?

  35. Thanks Cobra.
    You are giving us more reasons to each participate in the Weekly Event Meditation. As I write this, we are about 4 hours away from today's (Sunday) meditation.

    By meditating we are each speeding up the Event and we each reap health benefits from the meditation process.

    My meditation teacher, for years, stated: "One positive person can change the energy of 1,000 people." We owe it to humanity to try to change the energy of the planet.

    Work quietly, invisibly, transformatively.


  36. A team of people globally is working on creating a cintamani network of light and to energize that network to anchor the instreaming energies from the Galactic Central Sun:

    We are in need of donations, however, to assist in paying for missions (international shipping, transportation, lodging, etc.). Please support us - click on the "Donate with PayPal" button in the top-right corner of this website:

    Also, if you are traveling any time soon to Africa, Central or South America, or other potential remote locations, please email me at with the subject heading "Cintamani Network of Light". We do need to vet people regarding reliability & integrity, so any volunteers will be discussed with the global team.

    If you wish to reach out to me with additional questions about how you can assist, feel free to reach out to me via email or Facebook Messenger under "Nova Biscotti".

    Victory of the Light!

    1. do you think that some rocks will help you?, you can help yourself and others, no rock is more powerful than human spirit

  37. Thanks for clearing up what Fulford told us about the bounty. At least we know that part of his intel is correct. Too bad it won't work though.

    Looking forward to hearing the next interview which should be out in a couple of days or so.

    Still would like to hear some clarification on the coup in Turkey and why the alternative media is saying the US was behind it.

    1. they are saying the negative faction defeated the coup... are you saying some sources believe they were behind the coup to begin with?

    2. Didn't you read Cobra's update about the coup in Turkey?

  38. When will it be safe enough for humanity? US has military bases all over the planet ready to fight back.

  39. Let's all have a good laugh shall we? This video is too funny ... and the statement are in beat with the music ... very creative. :) I lost it when she barked. :D

    Hillary Clinton is Evil! (REMIX)

  40. I am trying to understand. Why is it Ok for some evil force mercenary to murder, torture, dismember, or painfully punish an innocent civilian as the result of some war scenario in Syria, for example, but as far as the Cabal is concerned,... "will not be allowed to be treated violently and will not be punished. The biggest punishment for them will be their conscience after they wake up and fully realize what they have done." I disagree w/ that. Are these people above humanity? Are they better than any one of us? If not,... then why the special treatment. I'd say permanet incarceration should be their punishment.

    1. Forgiveness, compassion, unconditional love and mercy are the remedy required to move a planet and her occupants to a high way of being/doing.

    2. I don't think we should stoop to their level. I think to take away someone's free will is just as bad as injuring/killing them. Forgiveness is a very beautiful thing.

    3. Shhh... they are just being promised that - but they are really going to life in prison!

    4. Sometimes if you have to let the terrorist escape to save so so many from being killed, its worth it. ALL that matters is saving people from suffering and death, NOT revenge, or justice. But preventing more horror and agony. FAR more important. Karma will get everyone eventually, for what it is worth. Good question though i must admit.

    5. This alarms me.
      This is where we pick up our swords and do right the millions killed slowly by these creatures.
      They are not human, they have no spark of God.
      All talk of letting them keep their castles sends shivers down my spine, they and their progency must suffer the full consequence of their actions, otherwise it is a matter of time before they regroup.

    6. Put them on their own planet, sort of like Escape From New York, they can all live together but there will be no one to rule. They cannot leave, but they are free to be evil. They cannot hurt anyone but each other.

    7. The issue is multidimensional. If you kill their 3D physical body the entity that is controlling that body is free to go some place else and take over new bodies. We are dealing with etheric parasites here that can't actually be killed until they are taken to the central sun. Killing their body is counter productive to the long term goals of the light here and will only extend the dark one's ability to escape the real justice.

      Matthew 10:28 "Do not fear those who kill the body but are unable to kill the soul; but rather fear Him who is able to destroy both soul and body."

  41. Bloomessence:

    Peter Joseph
    July 27 at 6:16pm

    Pragmatic. But UBI will not be as effective if we still keep most sectors private rather than public. The true merit of this approach needs to simultaneously "socialize" any and all industry sectors we can, pushing ephemeralization ("zero marginal cost") to the max. Once things like food and energy are made free due to the increased efficiency facilitated, the debate of "how can we afford UBI" becomes even more moot. People need to stop thinking in terms of exchange value and move to consider efficiency value and its trends. Efficiency value is the true economic measure of progress.

  42. Introducing Aug Tellez - Former Secret Military Operative Whistleblowing to Help Assist With Removing The Veil Over Humanities Eyes

  43. Cobra, we remember from your March interview with PFC an answer which prevails among many others:

    “We are not forced to go forward… You have a natural tendency and desire to want to feel more happy”.

    Beside of the common sense of this answer we ask allowance for some more questions.

    WE are RESPECTFULLY submitting to you to acknowledge that many of those who fight alongside with you for Planetary LIBERATION fight for what they understand the meaning of ‘to want to feel more happy’.
    In fact it is the right to ‘not do’. To chose ‘not to do’ and ‘no longer to experience anything’. No better, no worse. To remain in a spiritual stagnation.

    Q: How may these come true for those who chose it? How will Light forces come in help for those who ask for it?

    Cobra, to help you a bit to give a proper answer, and more specific:
    You claimed many times there will be ‘much healing’ in post Event era, OK?

    But do accept that after 25000 Y of being forced to do and to experience something in all planes, physical, etherical, astral, so on, and forced to come again and repeat it on earth, are we not legitimate now to ask for our right (as a natural one) to say: ‘NO!

    1. After 25000 Y of being forced to do and to experience something in all planes, physical, etherical, astral, so on, and forced to come again and repeat, are we not legitimate now to ask for our right (as a natural one) to say: ‘NO! I DO NOT want to do and to experience anything anymore! Notning in no planes! Nor in physical, etherical, astral, and so on!”

      May this be also part of the ‘much healing’ you speak about?

      How may this come true?

  44. Attention everyone!

    You have to watch the Farsight Institute Remote viewing Time Cross video. They are are attempting to remote view the biggest news story of next month (August 2016). What they drew out was very scary!

    Last month they did one of these future viewings and Dick Algire drew an exact aerial picture of Nice France, a month before that tragedy! This one looks much worse.

    Maybe we can stop this from happening somehow! Meditation or something.

    Cobra please can you have the RM or Light force intervene to prevent this from happening?

    Everyone get yourselves outside any major city in August because they could not identify which city it is. But the third girl did say the people were speaking English.

    This sounds like either a missle attack strike or a meteor strike! Either way its bad.

    Maybe we can do a Lightwork meditation to try to stop it. I don't know. I'm upset.

    1. I watched it. The third girl for sure made it sound like a war, missile. However with Dick I felt more so asteroid or astronomical. Maybe the event, maaaaaybe thats why they can't pinpoint it.

  45. Thank you for this clarification of the terms of surrender. Please be as detailed as possible in the future, as humanity actually has a conscious vote in the way things proceed from here. I do not consent to further delays. Humanity is suffering greatly and we must rip the bandaid off. It's way past time.

  46. Hello Cobra

    Thank you for the information.

    There were lots people telling us about the Rockefellers in the past.

    An example of this was Aaron Russo.

    If you listen to Aaron he explains how women's liberation was funded by the Rockefellers ...

    Children values were targeted as both parents now worked and they were being cared for by the state or caregiver. There was no one there to really teach the child true values.

    Aaron also talks about the chipping of humans with micro chips just for control and enslavement because they could{the Rockefellers}

    I think because of the crimes that Rothchilds and Rockefellers have done for the last 200 years... starting and funding wars on both sides and profiting.

    They should taken out of this planet and moved to a star system that has such a high frequencies.
    Should they wish to exist they would have to raise their own frequencies of love, mercy , compassion or perish...

    All access to stargates and space travel of any kind be cut of from them till the Creator sees changes of love and compassion in them.

    My thoughts and prayers go to the Resistance , all the children of the world who are at the moment being used in satanic rituals and to all the other freedom fighters who lost their lives bringing us the truth.


    Douglas,Dietrich,Illuminati, Super Soldiers, Sacrifice's, Satanism, Ritual Abuse, Global Grid

    Check out 59:30 mark. Douglas mentions what we call the strangelet and toplet bombs! Confirmation that Cobra's intel is spot on!!

    He's a very interesting guy with a lot of information covering a wide range of subjects. A light warrior that I have just come across. If you have time please listen to the whole interview, or just listen in bite size chunks. Very informative.

  48. Ben Fulford News Flash July 31, 2016

    "Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak indicted in multi-billion dollar embezzlement scandal, is seeking immunity in exchange for testimony against the Rothschilds"

  49. Turkey Surrounds, Blocks Access To NATO's Incirlik Airbase Amid Speculation Of Second Coup

    "....Which brings us to today, and the news that NATO's critical Incirlik Air Base was hours ago completely blocked off by Turkey, with all inputs and outputs to the Adana base having been closed according to Turkey's Hurriyet among rumors of yet another coup."

  50. Yes!!! Love the Intel SWEET!!! Cobra thanks as always..

    Hopefully EVENT soon..

  51. does anyone else ever get the sensation of having your chakras in a vice? like they're being crushed or just seriously messed with? i've been getting that feeling a lot lately and it's really making me feel terrible. anyone have any ideas to ease the sensation?

    1. I have the feeling too in my throat when i get stressed and overload. And my head gets dizzy.

  52. This reflects a centuries old treaty with the Chimera that says „we will not touch your leaders and you will not touch ours.“

    treaty between whom? the chimera and who????????

  53. Welcome to the new world religion : COBRAAAAAAAA :) continuously working the hope of the dear sheeps. 2025 ? answer : too less people who beleives, something occures, we are working on. Keep meditate, keep buying you stones fellowers ! the victory of the ligth is near ! nearer than ever

    Dare to let this comment appear on you blog cobra ... as everyone is free to comment " you are not on the good vibes, that's why " and bla bla stuff :)

    1. If you think this is all BS what are you doing here with us "sheeps" ... To save us from ourselves? We all know YOU aren't doing the meditations to speed up The Event ... you just like to bitch how it's not going to happen. You are the one that is "not on the good vibes".
      Victory of the Light!

  54. Warrrip...!!! The sound of a record needle ripped across a record.
    Gather your thoughts dont scatter and scurry about. Earth time , earth reality is the tip of the iceburg we can see. But it is not the realm of where the action is in the battle of the matrix , that is being played out. You just look every where , there is change , positive change is fruitful and abounds every where. These ARE. The End Times ( boy arent they ever) here is a test ask someone you dont know at a coffee shop school library lunchenette any where you go even a co worker . subjects you have been awaken to for years. , but you feel the general public is asleep on.

    You will be totaly surprised , how many people are awake truely are .that is a tremendous change that has happened that most here are not aware of because they havent put the effort to simply ask , mention a subject of the occult world you will be very surprized the number of people you assimed were asleep are really awake.

    There are things beyond or point of reference that go on day after day night and day we dont have a clue about all the light tbat is and has brought us this far!

    Calm your selves from a, chicken little ,mentality . every one came to have the experience , its not the negative your human sences are computing in your human mind , Its way broader in scope then the pin head our human sences compute it as.
    Stop sounding ,the sky is falling alarm , be calm ,face the world boldly , do what you can in the immediate world you live in , that strengthens the patch quilt that makes up this planet . the news from around the world pipes in fear and drama not meant for you where you live .Resist taking ir all in and adding to the fear and drama.These ARE. The end times
    Whats happening has never been seen before ever .Stop looking for a date ,thats earth time ,not matrix time .Can you understand why there is an occult side of life ? Look at all the pushing pulling, in fighting thru the diffetent perspectives of the modern occult representatives you want to believe their every word ,one day ,then. You want to tar and feather them the next .
    Hold the coarse steady as she goes , resist jumping ship to ship . we are all going the same speed to the same end. It is happening ,it is ending, the New Beginning is here already, use your inner self to steadily walk to the exit of the old reality ,into the new ,use your force thats in you, everyday .Do what you can ,where you can ,where you can not ,dont feed it ,pain ,sorrow and suffering .Acknowledge it ,as a witness ,and be unattached .
    We are here, at the razors edge of change " let it be"

  55. When cabals the Psychopath were told that they will not be punished, how did they feel ? They might feel they were very lucky. They don't worry about punishment, so they go on mass murder. we have to say against cabals that,
    ,from just now, doing murder in the future will be punished sternly.

  56. For all of us...Don't forget...we are one...I get emotional at times waiting and meditating for the event to sure everyone of us were born for a purpose to sought out or own reason...and yet we found it...we have to do this together...We must have faith in each other as well as those of the light...tears can only answer how i feel right now...all i can say is that this is our only home...we share mother Gaia together... We are a human race with much more opportunity soon to be blessed upon us at any given moment as we speak...All one can do as well as all is to put our hearts in a single synchronized spot on earth to spread love not just here but also in the universe.... All we can do is have hope've been a big help on this Journey... And i promise from the bottom of my heart...i will never give up on you..The human Race...Nor the light forces..

  57. Lights up...

  58. These Terms of Surrender are absolute nonsense. Let me get this straight- A Cabal member can be arrested, then surrender, then be released, then get all of the stolen riches returned, and no one on Earth is supposed to be angry about this or confront the person?? Geez, they might as well get an all-expense paid trip to Hawaii to sweeten the deal even more!

    Now, I am all for the Cabal surrendering and being forgiven and reformed. However, they need a deadline to do this. If they do not surrender by the deadline (and I don’t care if they come from angels or not) they should be arrested. After a being is arrested, it is too late to surrender! Do the Light Forces not understand the difference between “arrested” and “surrendered”??

    Anyway, this whole plan is a contradiction of what Cobra has been saying from the beginning. Cobra said that the negative starseeds (again, doesn’t matter if they were angels or not) will be taken from the planet and face galactic justice in a galactic court. The human Cabal members will be arrested and face justice in a human court. If they were “forced” into doing the crime then they could get a lighter sentence. But to just let them go scott free, and tell humanity they have to deal with it, is not only unfair but I am sure against the Galactic Codex.

    1. James, I agree. This doesn't seem much like justice. Especially when the deaths of so many have been attributed to the cabal. They show no mercy and kill, then get a light tap on the wrist as punishment. They will not learn any lesson from this.

    2. Where do you draw the line for "cabal"..?

      Respective of Perspective

      To the person made to suffer a life in a shack
      dirt floor, no water, and a fire to look at...

      So you (out of fear or not) can surf the web, drive-through cappuccino, "I can get anything from any place in the world... supermarket"

      Is "Panem" as guilty as Snow..?

      Were all the humans "Panem" pays to lock-away
      set-up so you will "keep" doing what you do
      or don't do..?

  59. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    1. ~JustBe~"I'm allowed to say that - because I'm NOT Jewish." :P

      "I'm allowed to say that because I'm..... [insert label here]."

      Gaia. Hm.

      Ain't no one outworks This "Bitch". :)

      Peace In. Lol

      Okay. :|

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  60. Again, too much emphazis on those Cabal, showing concern about the safety of that bunch of idiots, its been already two weeks we are still talking about that. While millions upon millions agonizing and dying daily like flies! What is Humanity after all...flies??


  61. Quote: "This reflects a centuries old treaty with the Chimera that says „we will not touch your leaders and you will not touch ours.“ "

    Quote from the September 13, 2015 Solar System Situation Update:
    "The Chimera still has a very small number of key Pleiadians, Sirians, Andromedans and representatives of other Light star races held as hostages deep inside their strongholds at implant stations throughout the Solar System. This hostage mechanism is a very effective tool to hold back the aforementioned star races in their progress towards the liberation of this planet."

    Which begs the question which of the above statements is true. Either one or none of them, it can't be both.
    Just one of many inconsistencies in the story being told here, but this one is really glaring.
    They say "never let the truth stand in the way of a good story," but the logic holes in the plot just keep getting bigger as time goes by.
    Just saying . . .

    The Truth will set you Free

    I AM RaJah

    1. Hello !
      In my opinion, chimera is psychopath. Psychopath asks to obey the contract of you. But he never obey the contract of himself. We can't suppose his actions with common sense.

    2. Yes, I see what you mean, RaJah. There's definitely a need to explain the difference between "touching leaders" and "holding leaders hostage". By the way, I never ever agree with "never let the truth stand in the way of a good story" for that's utter nonsense, in these sort of revelations and updates, with a high voltage of tranformative quality. The truth is equal to the truth told, in all other cases it's all lies. Hopefully, Cobra pays attention to this hole in the logic. Have you asked him a question about this?

    3. It's strange, I can't always comment as Marian Baghor, it seems. At times I can only comment as "unknown Google" I hope I'll work it out and post soon as Marian Baghor and not as an "unknown".

    4. COBRA?? RaJah makes a good point in his comment, don't you think..??

    5. Both can be true. It just means Chimera broke its' side of the treaty but for some reason the RM and light forces continue to play nice.

    6. Yeah, some inconsistencies.

      I'm starting to think this isn't the original Cobra who started this blog OR Cobra is maybe getting his information from a different energy who is disguised and the one he trust. I *feel* and others have noticed as well as something is off. Seems to be way too worried about what happens to the Cabal.


    7. As I get told again and again and know to be true in this Universe: It's The Little Things That Matter.

      Which is why I am a stifler for details, you can call me anal-retentive or obsessive-compulsory if you want to.
      And whoever they are that tell Coby what to write, they just lack that all-so-important dedication to detail. They think they can just make up their story as they go along and adjust it "on the fly" or "by the seat of their pants" and change the narrative if we don't like what they first said.
      "Ah, don't worry, they're humans, they'll have forgotten what we said last month, let's just tell them something similar with a twist that sounds better."
      Much like this "clarification" of the terms of surrender which all of a sudden sounds nothing like the first draft we were offered. "Oh crap, they didn't like that, we'll just re-write the narrative."

      The FUCK you WON'T!!! Nice try, though.

      It just doesn't work like that anymore.
      WE as Humanity aren't just sheep anymore who will blindly and happily follow anybody who tells us a nice story about liberation.

      And this is not meant as a knock against Coby - he's just the poor messenger who has to deliiver this crap, doing his best to make sense of thinigs that make little sense. Because he wants to believe and he wants nothing but Peace and Love and Freedom.

      But, man, Cobster, you've really got your work cut out for you trying to make those messages make sense.
      From one Messenger to another: My Heart goes out to you.

      Be that as it may: WE WON'T GET FOOLED AGAIN

      There is Nothing Funny about Peace, Love And Understanding - it's the Only Way Forward as a matter of FACT

      So We'll spread our wings and fly Higher and HIGHER

      And if you don't like what I have to say:
      Have at it and give me shit. I'm just a Messenger myself, and I have not been incarnated on Gaia to earn popularity points or win beauty contests :-)

      The Truth will set you Free
      Lots of Love and Light. And Peace Forever.

      I AM RaJah

    8. From what i notice this game has mostly been a one way game... What seems to be Contradictions are not a surprise.


    9. To the false light forces:
      Humanity does not fall for your tricks.
      You have already been read your rights last weekend.
      You are hereby officially indicted for treachery and treason of the future of the Human Race, and you will be included in the mass arrests.

      Get To Work.
      Thank You.

      I AM RaJah

    10. I still dont know why lightworkers were sent with sticks and stones here. At the end all our mediocracy did not mount to enough to bring the event soon enough... Only 9 more years before the deadline... If the event happens b4 the deadline We arr supposed to feel proud about this . Not to mention there are claims that the rest of the universe are looking down some with admiration... For what i wonder?...

      They might be impress of our remedial performance however the feeling is not mutual.

      With my humblest respect.... We all Suck!

      Now we find out that whatever those earthly groups are doing to bring some sort of changes from those negotiations is just for show because their endless meeting as well are short of being a success unless the event is here. Do they know that? Or is part of the show to give us the illusion of hope.

      What else can we conclude...

      Allocation of resources to bring the technology down thus the matrix is not enough... Never was.

      Of course supposedly we didnt have the know how to do so... Finally after 26k yrs it is allowed to be known what some technology that kept us boundremedial and how to remove it.

      The complain list is endless... I am worn out which i am sure many others of this incompetence we have been holding on to.

      Is there anything in our history present or past ever done right for a change that didnt entail following the same foolish game rules.

      Someone please remove those damn bombs asap.

      This game at this point is only serving to de-evolve us. What some call increase in progress so is our increase in anger.


    11. I AM RaJah? Enough? What the fuck is going on with you guys?

      Becoming more "Service To Others", "Loving" and learn to "Forgive", that's our part right here!
      BRING IT!
      Just DO IT!
      Now is the time!

    12. Actually.. I reckon the plan was always the same in both drafts COBRA posted... I think it was actually _COBRA_ - in his usual short manner - that forgot to include details of the plan when writing the initial post (details he has always spoken of!)
      I don't think there's a covert organisation that's been feeding COBRA false information they make up as they go along with the goal of misleading us.

      Those that have always followed COBRA's radio interviews *COUGH* *ahem* will have been aware that there was more to the 'arrests plan' than just the information provided by COBRA in his initial post...

      It was only *after* the outcry in the comments that COBRA then realised details had been left out - but of course in hid usual short fashion did not state that it was he who was at fault.


  62. Just get something on TV, enough of this covert stuff.Dont
    get the broadcast signal, you got nothing.Cant tell the "sleeple" your lying.

    1. Do you do the meditation to speed up The Event every Sunday?

  63. Gaia Portal - July 31st 2016:
    Stasis Beings arise.
    -This is another "right place, right time" example for us.

    from COBRA INTERVIEW 3/21/16:
    Richard – What was their actual function? What is these beings …. what is the function to wake up in this time period to do within this time of the planetary liberation process?

    COBRA – They wanted to participate in the shift. They have various agendas. Some of them were quite positive and some of them not so positive. But they were not expecting that the amount of control and suppression on this planet would go that far. All of them were captured and are now actually hostages in the various militarily bases around the world.

    And Cobra can't tell us that maybe some of the beings are now cooperating with The Resistance Movement...(I hope so.)

    1. Cobra, but as long as you claim the giants were already raptured (maybe in milab bases), then was their awakening not premature? What was calling them to wake up now, and why no after the Event? What was wrong with their awakening?

    2. from COBRA INTERVIEW 3/21/16:
      Richard – Thank you. There are many reports of dormant giants being discovered and awakening in caverns around the world. Are these claims accurate?

      COBRA – Yes, some of those claims are accurate. Those giants are put into stasis in special chambers which are triggered by a certain vibrational frequency. I would say certain intensity form of sub-atomic particles and energies from the galactic center which is the earth, those chambers get triggered and those beings then are then awakened from hibernation and many such cases have been taking place lately around the world. Militaries of most countries or shall we say of the major countries have been suppressing that from the mass population. And whenever that happens the military went there and just suppress the whole thing. And yes it was happening quite much lately.

  64. Replies
    1. Soon, ehm only few years, another year is ending soon...
      Stay tuned brother.

  65. cobra has ...much, much, much ... patience and tolerance.

  66. Neil Keenan with hope:

  67. Cobra, I have heard that a mother ship is slowly approaching and that the cabal is trying to cover up a lot of what it has been doing (ex: chemtrails)...can you tell me what species is approaching in this mother ship? Evidently, the cabal is terrified of it. Please answer. Thank you

  68. Here is a NEVER ANSWERED QUESTION among many others on PFC Cobra Questions:

    "Cobra, look it us, long awaiting for who knows what, a new subject comes out!
    It is the ‘giants in stasis chambers’!

    But the item of interest are not as much the giants. But rather the stasis chambers. Or the fact itself: giants in stasis chambers.

    The question is: To whom belong these stasis chambers, who is maintaining them in stasis, who calls the giants to wake up now, and who allows all of this?

    How were the giants not trapped inside the veil in order to be forced to reincarnate to generate ‘the loosh’ for the darks?
    Why only giants, and why not humans as well? Which is the stage of spiritual evolution of the giants during this stasis time? Is it a spiritual stagnation, a cessation of their evolution, or what?"

  69. It sounds like horror that after the Event 'there is much work to be done'.

    For many many of us 'to work' is a huge statute-labour.
    But not the 9...17 nowadays job, but anything else.

    We are not fighting for LIBERATION for an 4h/day jobs.

    We fight alongside with you for nothing more to do after the Event.
    Not much work to be done! But, idly leisure only!. Not creativity, but laziness only! Not to do anything anymore!
    Not labour and labour-day! But instead an everlasting Saturday or Sunday!

  70. How can any believe still this false hype nonsense!? You really think these people are going to surrender to the same system that they control? Who would even arrest them to begin with, THEY OWN THIS SYSTEM! Where is the discernment? Where is the cynicism? I would think that people after 2012 would have learn from this, but people are still this gullible to believe that some magical event is going to save humanity not understanding that humanity can only save itself, by stepping into their sovereign power!

    I mean if it where to happen, why didn't it happen too long ago? Why now? What is the hold up and wait? Oh, you know why? BECAUSE NOTHING IS GOING TO HAPPEN! This is nothing but a distraction! Only humanity can make something happen if they can break free of their mind control which is proving to be damn near impossible!

    It amazes me how this still entrances people like it's nothing!

    Things like this is the reasons why I'm so world weary and disappointed in people. Where is the message of personal power and sovereignty which means to get off your ass and do your part instead of waiting for someone to do it for you? Huh?

    This whole giving your power away to someone else or something else with this whole we will do this work for you! As long as you keep doing it, then expect business as usual! Deal with it!

    They are just getting started, they hadn't even played all of their cards yet? Why would they surrender, especially now? To whom anyway? They know they have hell to pay, and nothing can erase what they have done, the children that they raped and ritually murdered, the list goes on!

    1. Apparently you DON'T do the weekly meditations every Sunday to help speed up The Event ... you are one of those people that like to bitch and tell everyone what isn't going to happen.
      I suggest you stay away from this blog less you give away your power and distract yourself.
      Those of us that don't see this as a distraction will get off our ass and do the meditations every Sunday to help speed up The Event.

      Victory of the Light

    2. He believes The Event isn't a real thing though, spirittoo. Multiple insiders have talked about a document dump and "Wave X". It will be these two things in combination that propel us in to the new age.


    3. I agree with you apprenticeof777 that there won't be any mass arrest of the cabal.
      - Number one humanity is not strong enough to defeat them on the physical plane
      - Number two mass arrests is not consistent with the principles of love and light. It sounds like a scheme cooked up by a dark entity. That is what the cabal planned for humanity; mass arrests, FEMA camps, and depopulation. You don't fight evil with more evil.

      Look at the picture Cobra just posted of the Earth moving from 3D into 5D space. The transitional portal is like a cullender. When the Earth passes through this cullender it will be a kin to rinsing freshly picked vegetables. Only the goodness remains and all the dirt goes down the drain. Only love and light will be permitted to pass through portal. The darkness will be left behind.

      The cabal everyone is so worried about will simply be erased from existence. Google the "Mandela effect." It is absolutely real and is undeniably happening. Look at the pyramid on the back of the US Dollar. The words are not even spelled right anymore.
      Their spell over humanity is breaking down and soon a whole new reality will emerge.

      For those lucky enough to make it through the 5D space portal there will still be a compression breakthrough when financial tyranny ends and the government is forced to disclose all the ET technology they have been hiding. All disease will go away and human lifespans will increase by 100s of years. But mass arrests? That will never happen. Don't look for it and don't expect it. That is just some old fear based programing that is trying to keep you in the old 3D reality.

  71. In last two days I had some interesting experiences with the meridian system.

    I had a visitor, a friend of mine.
    He is physiotherapist and works also with acupuncture and acupressure.
    He tried the acupressure on me, and we found, that indeed there is (as expected) no reaction to it.

    While we were doing this, I found out the original function of the meridian system.
    This was installed by the taurus group based on an incarnation deal everyone of us had to agree before coming here.
    The only original function of the meridian system was to give the taurus a tool to have direct (illegal) influence on our health from higher levels.

    We found, that about 37% of all diseases had their origin in the dark taurus manipulations through the meridian system.

    Most ( but not all) known therapies like acupuncture and acupressure and TCM which are working on the meridian system are positive, and their purpose is to "fight" against the taurus manipulations.

    Pls remember, we took the meridian systems out of 4.3 billion people at 17. Jul 2016.
    If you are one of them and you go to a therapy based on meridian system, it will not work.
    But don't be afraid, the harming instrument is gone too.

    If you know some of the acupressure and have experience with it, it should be very easy for you to realize, if you belong to the 4.3 billion or not.

    And I am also sure, that meanwhile a lot of the therapists who work on the meridian system should have realized this too.

    1. "Pls remember, we took the meridian systems out of 4.3 billion people at 17. Jul 2016.

      Who is "we"? Your older posts on this website have contained misinformation.. how can I believe what you are telling me now?


  72. My message to the dark ones comes in the form of a Kirsty Cotton quote:

    "You weren't always this way, you were human once. You were all human! Remember your fear, your confusion."

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    1. ~JustBe~So on my walk up to transmute the energy at the Hampstead church and school, a demand was made, by a woman we passed by. She said "Push the nuclear button."

      Now that depends on which "nuclear" we're talking about missy. :)

      My answer to "nuclear" and killing, is "NO."
      HOWEVER.... My answer to New Clear...... is...... :))) ...... Bahahaha!

      This Crazy Bitch is a Walking, High Vibing, Light crystal! We can't kill her! FK! We're screwed!

      Ha...ha...hahahahaha! :D

      "So look I came here to run it
      Just 'cause nobody's done it
      Y'all don't think I can run it
      But look, I've been here, I've done it
      Impossible? Please
      Watch I do it with ease
      You just gotta believe
      Come on, come on with me"

      Of *course* "she's gonna be ok". Nice try Bunnies. :P

      Um Okay? :|

  75. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    1. ~JustBe~A slight revision has been made to the "ending". ;)

      Peace In. :)

      Um ... sure ... :|

  76. Why do you care about the old guard keeping their primitive and crude castles? Would it really matter when you are set free? Not to worry, soon enough their castles will crumble from neglect. You have any idea how much the annual upkeep of even a small mansion is? Astronomical figures, annually..and then what, what are they gonna do without endless money supply? Play lotto? lmao, oops sorry that's obsolete now. Or actually make an honest living? "Down-size" perhaps? Let the help go?
    Idk…try putting yourselves in their shoes for a sec and imagine what that moment of awareness, for what they have done is spoon-fed to them, for the first time they must come to terms with themselves and admit accountability in what each has 'individually' done, and being honest with yourself for the first time, realize the harm they have caused to others (and even the planet) and….the self-realization of the damage they did to their own soul evolution in the grand-scheme.
    Imagine the shame and embarrassment at that moment when everyone you considered below you knows what you've done, imagine how that feels like. Mortifying, times thousands..right? An understatement times million.. That first bite of humble-pie of habitual fraudster who's life is a lie…the mentally less-handicapped in regards to morals and ethics, may even begin to feel the first senses of remorse..and begin to heal.
    You think you could handle it when everything starts slipping through your fingers and there's absolutely nothing you can do to stop it? All their power IS money-based, even love equals money, while spiritually and/or mentally at midget-level are unable to understand what is happening to them and their surroundings or to their botched and mutilated plastic bodies fueled with gmo nano-food and starbucks fluoride coffee laced with mouse-droppings. Yum! Oh they love needles and knives, and freezing their brain with botox is fun-fun-fun! Oh, no more?…no more looking like a corporate whore dressed in labels, the higher the price tag, the more impressive and successful in life right?..O.M.G what are you gonna do now?
    Got any real skillz? Then you good. Like, creative, productive skill-sets are super hot ;) And anything that doesn't 'depend' on AI…eg. so that you can find your way home without the GPS (AI). If you can't, you've gotta take your power back, make AI "work for you" and help you, that's what it's there for, not control something that was human-created first, the AI itself, with human energy, mind you.

  77. The thing is..the more you have, the more you have to lose, thus the more you are afraid because the harder you will fall. They are solidly attached to (stolen) money and wealth, it's foundation is on sand, illusory digits, that's all, that's their ultimate power, in a world where you can name a price, for anything, it's a free will zone right? and then, the illusion is gone and without it, well…Idk…attachments to 3D objects that you really don't need at all or, living your life hoarding wealth beyond what you could ever spend in your lifetime is "dark karma", it creates the recycle in the matrix of attachments to what money "gets you". Yet the Nazi studied Alchemy and already back in the 20's figured out how to make gold from "red mercury"!
    "Karma" is so badly misunderstood in spiritual circles, Cobra explains it very well imo… some are so damaged beyond any hope for repair and check out but for the rest, it does not mean anyone gets off scot-free with out being accountable for their own actions because you can not fool the creator or the truth, it's all recorded, everything, what you, me and everyone else has done in our lifetimes, aka akashic records, and that's why I think it's now the time to check yourself, make sure you're at peace with your past and your convictions so you know where you are going, align with God and goodness.

    Before I woke up, I dreamt of having multiple homes around the world but…now? Eh, too much trouble...I travel light, I get there quicker and rather 3D-replicate my own domains as I go.
    Will I forgive? You bet, as soon as I go home. Forget? NEVER. I will never forget what happened here.
    Thanks for listening, other life events and side thingies keep me occupied enough I didn't think I was gonna rant here again but here it goes, something special here for me ;)
    And thank you Cobra, thank you for setting the record straight about Fulford's ludicrous "open season" bounty-hunt, did it serve any true purpose but sensationalism? enough said

  78. I was of the "Understanding that the Chimera group would be destroyed at the moment the "Break-through" was achieved...NEVER to exist after the Event...Is this so, or has been changed???

    1. I've never heard Cobra state anything about the Chimera being destroyed at "Breakthrough" ... were did you get that info from?

    2. I did not hear that either

  79. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    1. ~JustBe~Something going on right now. I can feel death..... Some bunnies up to no good right now..... Bunnies?...... What you doing?.....

      Yeah .... right ... :|

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  80. Cobra, it't time for you to take action again in a manliness form.
    Corey is 'threatening' again with the inefficiency of our collective consciousness, and a narrow window of opportunity as well.

    He says so: "We, at this moment, are at a pivotal point in our temporal reality to where our mass consciousness has a small window to push our shared reality onto the optimal time line. The energetic changes are triggering people all around us to make them ineffective and unmotivated during this important period."

    You have to make some consistent updated to keep people informed in a proper and efficient way, no matter you have to repeat some phrases, it's part of the update.

    Otherways the lack of intel coming from you will vainly increase an unnecessary confusion among all of us.

    Take please again your responsibility and action which since 2012 kept us together.
    You was the only one who kept a community together in a long term. You have to prove again your efficiency.

    With kindest regards.


    Dear Sir,
    We are respectfully submitting to you the request by which we consider that must be taken into consideration the necessity of a parallel blog or forum moderated by the RM (in fact a platform in which we ask and RM answers) with the scope to prepare questions for Cobra after some discussions between the bloggers, which may be answered online. Discussions from which may result a prevalent question and the answer from RM concerning a certain issue.

    In order to spread the truth, we must at first have the confirmation of the truth we spread, and this kind of blog or forum moderated by RM may be a good source of truth.

    And, for being proper informed, in order to spread the proper truth, we also claim the Galactic Codex concerning our individual right to be good informed:
    [quote]"This subsection is a guarantee that all beings receive all pieces of information they need to understand their role in the universe, greater perspective of evolution and all other pieces they need for their decisions, growth and well being"

    By only spreading a supposed truth (as each of us consider to be the true, due to lack of proper intel) which may be based in fact on many disinfo, may increase the nowadays confusion.

    In respect of good results the blog/forum may provide access for anonymous posts followed by moderation of an administrator who deletes contents which are inappropriate.

    We consider that this is at utmost necessity now, as long as (sadly to say it, but however necessary to consider)the quality of your monthly interviews decreased in consistency and the 'Cobra Question page' in PFC web-site is reaching a huge amount of valuable but never asked questions.

    With kindest regards.


  82. Turn The Lights On
    This One's For The Ladies In The House Tonite
    On Gaia, In Gaia, and All Around Gaia
    And GAIA ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

    EASY like a Sunday Morning

    Angel Dust, My Love, ANGEL DUST

    I Have Always Loved You, I Love You Now, and I Love You Forever.

    I AM RaJah

  83. On the previous post I just made was a lot of heavy ideas. There are many more ideas that clarify, elaborate and alleviate emotional stress. I highly recommend that people go to and read more about it. There are 9 pages of conversation. Page 8 contains nearly all of what I prevously posted.

    It is important to note that he said many of the followers of light are genuinely positive beings. Some of them would even be our allies. I do not wish to demonize those beings. They just are deceived. They do not know that their master is a masterful deceiver and imposter.

    I strongly resonate with the narrative. I've suspected it before I even read all 9 pages of what GE typed. It makes sense. The light in this region of space and time has a blind spot. It doesn't look at the darkness enough. It ends up being controlled due to its unwillingness to consider something dark pretending to be something light. GE suggested that the revelation of this imposter is not just for Earth, but for other civilizations in the galaxy. They might not prefer to follow a being that also commands the reptillians and greys. They generally do not approve of such methods.

    Furthermore, from the psychic harassment I've received over the last 8 years, the narrative fits. I was Roman Catholic, then militant atheist, then agnostic, then beliver in one infinite consciousness. The bulk of my harassment was from a fear based influence imposing itself as a nameless spiritual guide toward discipline. I thought it was from benevolent beings at first. Yet, it was just a cover. I knew it by its frequency of emotion. It almost universally pushed me toward emotions based on fear, using religious or spiritual themes. How reminiscent of religion. It played on my failures of willpower to do what I know is right. It would say things to the effect that I failed on my spiritual path, that I'll be taken as a dark being, that these beings are going to abandon me and our world to the dark forces for inadequate performance, etc.

    After I figured it out and called it out, it changed into a more direct harassment toward fomenting emotional states of fear, by distracting my mind with violent or inappropriate imagery, voices (shrill, asexual?, nasally, anxious, alien) and sensations in my head and chest. They'd say things like "you hate me," "we HATE you." They said it so often I started calling them "the haychoo." I got a strong response for insulting the Draco.

    I have since realized that this influence in my mind is pretty close to what Don Juan Matis said was the foreign installation. Google that, this link explains it well enough.

    It is a foreign mind that affects ALL of us.. (QUOTES..)

    We have a predator that came from the depths of the cosmos and took over the rule of our lives. Human beings are its prisoners. The predator is our lord and master. It has rendered us docile, helpless. If we want to protest, it suppresses our protest. If we want to act independently, it demands that we don't do so...

    Sorcerers believe that the predators have given us our systems of beliefs, our ideas of good and evil, our social mores.

    They are the ones who set up our hopes and expectations and dreams of success or failure. They have given us covetousness, greed and cowardice. It is the predators who make us complacent, routinary and egomaniacal.

    the predators give us their mind, which becomes our mind.

    the predator's mind is, "a cheap model: economy strength, one size fits all."

    "the foreign installation, which exists in you and in every other human being."

    "the flyers' (operatives of FI) mind has no concentration whatsoever."

    He also said meditation reveals this foreign mind.

    These influences have somewhat abated recently, but not completely, as we approach August 2016. What an odd coincidence. I wonder what else August has in store.

    1. 1st:

      I recommend people keep an open mind, listen to all, more strongly consider that which fits what you know and that which predicted what has occurred, but believe only what you can prove.

      There's an interesting narrative I've read at (GE p8). It came from a being that called itself a Guardian/Executioner of the League of One. This GE said that the some of the League of One have come to Earth and this galaxy, because there is a possibility of destruction of the universe. The Earth is a focal point of this. It is a place where an experiment to gain control over the process of direct creation and destruction in the universe is occurring. It's a power that civilizations within the League of One already possess.

      There is a being ultimately behind the experiment, referred to as Demiurge by GE. It poses as One, as Source, as any name for God, and also as its opposition, Lucifer, Satan, etc. "The secret 2 names for this being are jewish "Yod - Ha - Veh - Hah" - "I exist, I am" and reptilian name "Shem - Ham - Pho - Rash" - literally "you are my servants, I am your master"

      Quotes from GE..

      We thought that this being was only the ruler of archons, but when we were told that they are together with Followers of Light the whole picture was completed, this being is the father of Humanity...
      as he ordered it's light beings to make this civilization and imposter of real Creator of the Universe - One.

      It is using the power of those prayers around the World to feed it's self-appointment as the ruler of the Universe, it only wishes Humanity to serve it and so it is the mastermind behind the apocalypse - "salvation through destruction" plan where only loyal to it beings will be "saved".

      This being had also created the artificial heaven for Humanity and for other beings across this Galaxy. The device on the Moon collects only those souls from this planet that are loyal to this being, being a christian, muslim, jews, buddhists or from any other religion. Sends it to artificial Heaven and then after time of rest and recalibration, this being sends it back to Earth and not on any other World, which real Creator is doing.

      In real Heaven - Nexus of Conduits souls are being sent on other worlds across the Universe and they have a choice of where to go, but in artificial heaven souls are programmed into thinking that "Earth is the only choice". Many many souls were a victims of this scheme and that why they are stuck here.

      What is important to point here is that if You do not wish to serve to this being, which is Humanity's father this being will set You free to real Heaven. For example our loyalty of GEs is completely only to One. When You know about this whole situation, You can choose to reincarnate here or on other World this being don't dare to force You into submission.

      This being is not committing big crime against Creation, that is why it can continue doing it, but once was found out about secret plan to control Creation, this is where Forces of One arrived and now this being can no longer impose illusion on Humanity.

      This being can take Human souls only if they are choosing this being, because of huge illusion and programming through religion this being is having constant influx of souls into artificial heaven. Demiurge enjoys servitude of Humanity and constant hails in it's honor, making this being "happy".

      By now You understood that all civilizations within Galactic Federation of Light serve it and most even don't know that they in fact serve to imposter. You heard not one time that they need an approval for intervention on this planet from "heaven" or from "source".

      This being is a master of illusions and it is very hard to make You believe that this being is an imposter.

      The end of experiment will happen until august 2016, this is the deadline Forces of One gave to Galactic Federation of Light.

      ¡If the end occurs near that time, it supports this narrative!