Sunday, October 2, 2016

Cobra Interview with the Eurasian Team

You might want to listen to the new Cobra interview with Patrick from Prepare For Change Taiwan with and Untwine here:

The transcript is located at the same link.


The Asian Lightworker teams are very active, as you can see in this beautiful video:

Victory of the Light! 


  1. Great, Cobra, thanks for the new interview !
    I will listen and read the transcript.

    I posted this earlier, but then Cobra's newest posts piled up and most likely few people saw this.

    Below: A poem by the Afghan poet Rumi, from the 1200's, but it could have been written in 2016.

    We are all trying to find our own magnificence, aren't we?

    * * * *

    “You were born with potential.
    You were born with goodness and trust.
    You were born with ideals and dreams.
    You were born with greatness.
    You were born with wings.
    You are not meant for crawling, so don’t.
    You have wings,
    Learn to use them, and fly.”
    ”What in your life is calling you,
    When all the noise is silenced,
    The meetings adjourned…
    The lists laid aside,
    And the Wild Iris blooms
    By itself in the dark forest…
    What still pulls on your soul?”

    - Rumi (1207 – 1273)

    1. I came across below today from Rumi:

      "Your task is not to seek for Love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it."

    2. Summer Sun, that is GREAT. thanks for posting.

    3. Thank you foe posting this. It is more than awe inspiring, it is soul inspiring. Namaste my brothers and sisters. *LOVE*

  2. That was amazing. Wow. So inspiring

  3. This was an awesome interview too. So much great information. Wonderful

  4. Here is a summary of the final battle of the Cabal and the Alliance here on Earth. As always I try to use MSM sources to back up what I share and research. Check it out if you feel guided! Much love everyone! Victory of the Light!

    1. Hi Jonathan, That was a really good read. It is what I would call "a good overview" of what's going on right now. Thank you for writing and sharing.

  5. Wonderful, thank you. This gives us true hope.

  6. Was part of the global meditation today for the first time, within an hour of it my household was hit with a possible scalar attack. This will not dissuade me but it did shake me up a bit. Victory of the Light!

  7. How about something current, COBRA? The present is where we are living, we've had oodles of acnient history!

    1. Tell me about it... everytime i get a bit disappointed with the questions asked in the interview. Ok, it is interesting to know more about Atlantis and pyramids but come on, there is so much going on! What about the US election ? The RV and GCR? Nesara? The coup in Brazil? Who really attacked the trucks of humanitarian aid in Syria ? Why didn't US respect the ceasefire ? I mean, so many things... but well, that's just me humble opinion. Have a great week light friends !

    2. I second that... We really want to know what's going on.

    3. Приветствую воинов Света! Могу немного проинформировать Вас. Американское правительство не хочет лишиться звания мирового жандарма и всеми силами стремится сохранить мировое господство. Российский президент, при безоговорочной поддержке народа, желает вывести нашу страну из положения сырьевого придатка Запада. 30 лет назад нашу страну ограбили и разрушили, от голода и болезней русские потеряли больше людей, чем во Вторую Мировую войну, теперь мы окрепли и не хотим быть страной - бензоколонкой, мы свободолюбивая и мирная цивилизация не желаем жить в мировом концентрационном лагере, которое готовит для народов Мира рептилоидное закулисье. Никогда русские не станут бомбить гуманитарный конвой, абсурдно думать, что российские летчики уничтожают гуманитарные грузы для страдающих от войны людей, т. к. пришли в Сирию по просьбе о помощи законного президента Сирии Ассада. Все мировые СМИ пытаются выставить Россию агрессором, а ее президента, живущим в параллельной реальности, но это не так, мы желаем мира и процветания всех народов, живущих на Земле. Знайте, что настоящие Воины Света сейчас сражаются на многострадальной сирийской земле против объединенного зла - НАТО, практически в одиночку, проявляя невиданную стойкость и героизм, так что, поддержите своими медитациями истинных борцов за справедливость. С уважением.
      Победа Правды!!!!

  8. Such a beautiful video.. It brought me to tears, and finally given me the inspiration to put out MY clarion call!! I am a light warrior from Australia who has been relentlessly attacked throughout my ascension process, and only now becoming stronger in cleansing their impact, but here's where I would like to enrol all my fellow lightworkers and warriors and all ground crew in my plan to get this liberation happening!!
    So here goes.. Clearly meditation works... And clearly most of us are trying to give it our best shot, yet our numbers fall so short. Here's my plan.. Let's get a global meditation wave happening by turning it into a global party!!!
    No one can resist a party right?! Let's take it to social media with the hashtag #worldpartyforworldpeace and say on 11:11:16 everybody in the world has a party wherever they are. At home, work, schools, street party's with your neighbours, convalescing or incarcerated.. Along with big stadium concerts and events.
    At said concerts, every band/ artist can release a single about peace they have penned for the event, and compilation album profits along with worldwide telethons can go into humanitarian projects to benefit our planet. Artists can paint pictures for the day to auction, kids at schools can too, anything that anyone can contribute to show love, compassion and unity towards a peaceful liberation. Which brings me to the meditation side of things.. On the 11/11 @ 1:11, 11:11 am and pm, every party everywhere, sits for say 11mins and meditates on achieving world peace... This would in effect create a wave encircling the globe, on such a public level that you would feel left out if you didn't oarticipate!!!
    So is there anyone with me?? Who can help me make this a reality??!! We can start a facebook group, and full scale Twitter movement..
    #world partyforworldpeace
    I know there's at least 143,999 others who should be on board??!!! ��

    1. You are crying to easy! More courage please! :-)

    2. GTF16: A great idea.

      11/11/2016 at 11:11 universal time clock (sort of Greenwich mean time?) It would be like 4 in the morning west coast us time but.....i would do it.

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    1. There is no a holographic universe,... but it is a miserable one for sure... (with primary, secondary, or who, the hell, knows how many numbers of anomalies...)
      May it be also due to the way of interpretation...

      Hopely this Universe did not joint all the Universes, but rather there are a huge number of Universes like Alfred Webre claims in his work 'The Omniverse'.

    2. No it would not cease to exist. There is an underlying reality, and it is as underlying says: Under Lying. We have an organic creation that exist no matter if you do or don't focus on it, this is an organic existence. Then there are layers upon layers of false realities upon this, influenced from for example the mind and brain.

      Earth is a creation that reflects the whole universe but with the purpose of bringing back the organic reality, so all layers of deceit cease to exist.

    3. On the money front
      The petrol dollar died friday oct 1.
      Daturday the yuan became part of the basket.

      Things are changing behind the scenes fast and quiet.

      The world is repositioning itself and when the event spanks us in to a new workd like a bew birn we will see all the changes get ready to be a big baby and take baby steps to learn everything .

      Victorious is the light

  10. Cobra, as usual, you came with something new in your interviews.
    In the last one (august, with PFC) you told us about something like 'sending to the Galactic Central Sun by volunteer'. More exactly by the person's own request, but not as a punishment due to not be able to accept the light.

    But Cobra, will all the requests 'by volunteer' be granted, for all those who ask for it?

  11. All is so filthy... and so disgusting...

    May you know Cobra, for many of us... it is only to escape. Not to hard work anymore in post-Event era!

    No longer creativity or co-creativity after the Event.
    But, idly leisure instead. Nothing to do! No joy, no sadness. No love, no hate! Nothing of any kind!

    Technological Ascension only!
    Shall you prepare the Ascension technology needed for all requests!

    We are filthfully enough about experiencing or being experienced by or for allegedly higher (and higher, and again higher) purposes or selves, or soul groups and so on.

    'Enough is enough' is a phrase which will work in post-Event era as well.

    Thanks for understanding!

  12. Yes, the Asian Lightworkers are amazing and have worked very hard to liberate this planet. Can the same be said for the Light Forces?? Probably NOT! We just keep getting urges/demands to meditate and meditate some more. Where is the video of the Light Forces efforts?? You can only squeeze a stone for blood for so long and then it will break apart!! Show us some genuine efforts of the Light Forces! Light Forces,stop pushing us to do more until you have shown an equal amount of effort on your part!!

    We need more than an inspirational video, we need freedom!! (And BTW, this interview was awful! There were no serious questions asked, just nonsense as usual…like the alignment of stars in this galaxy!! Are you kidding me!!??)

    I am staring to think that the Light Forces cannot complete this job because they bit off more than they can chew. Just tell us the TRUTH! We who are dedicated to the Light deserve more than this nonsense. Tell us REAL news for a change!!

    1. BTW, the interview IS NONSENSE, yes. The new month came in, the anxious public awaits "some new material about the upcoming liberation", and what is there to say... that things got worse than ever and that we are never going to get "liberated, but in fact just going to keep rotting here till we miserable die?

      So, he needs to invent smth, to write about smth. And when there is nothing good to write about, the nonsense is the only choice

  13. I have the interview open... and for the past few weeks I've had Church TV on at 6 AM
    Joyce Meyers... Hmm, "Facing Fear"
    (might be on-line .org)
    (and 3 or 4 mornings have been just like this)


    Cool Feng Shui

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  15. Well, it’s October. What will the latest excuse be this month?

  16. Kudos to all, thank you for such interesting questions and fascinating answers!

  17. Is this true?

  18. Dr. Paul Hertz, Director of the Astrophysics Division at NASA allegedly made made a long, very strange, shocking and potentially disturbing tangent statement about Disclosure. It happend during a casual conversation about Europa (Jupiter's Moon) and the water spouts found there, then he goes on to make this bizarre and unsettling remark. (unless it is disinfo). My gut feeling is he did say it, but he has drawn a distorted conclusion due to his knowledge of SSP, and lack of knowledge of positive galactic ET races.

    Leaked NASA Email About Aliens? Strange Lights Over NC & More! 10/1/16


  19. WikiLeaks ‏@wikileaks 3h3 hours ago
    WikiLeaks ten year anniversiary starts tomorrow, 10am, #Berlin time #wikileaks10

  20. Wikileaks / Assange October Surprise Press Conference

    #WikiLeaks #Assange #Truth #Disclosure #WhistleblowerProtection

  21. Cobra, Is there a easy way of raising your vibrations using the earth as a generator?

  22. The more aligned you are with your true nature, the more powerful you become.

    Book: The Truth of All that Is: The Angel book to enlightenment and personal transformation

  23. Bringing "water" to "Life"
    Labor of Love

    Twittering the feed of Prophets
    That you might see
    "political correctness"
    is only a
    to hide
    "Who the hell do you think you are..?"

    and a valid reason for a
    trump (royal flush)

    Once your mind has gone
    and your thoughts are
    Who you ever-were
    is only
    the thoughts of any
    still at your side
    (or not)

    Why would you pay taxes
    to collectors that claim
    are just... missing..?

    (I voted for Lester BTW)

    Are You
    "Ready for a Miracle"

  24. The United States has picked a fight with Russia and we all know why..........are we helpless? COBRA is the Galactic Federation going to stop them from detonating their nukes?

    1. Honestly i dont understand why there is still so much nuke detonation fears around...

      Already there has been stated that a nuclear war will not be allowed or the start of wwiii. However there are still some threats of small nuke attacks being done from time to time like China experienced and probably other places unfortunately... At least that is my understanding.

      Last but not least... If those idiots are that dumb to press toward that extreme goal maybe finally the event will be usher to happen once and for all and the truth be spell out without any measuring tape. Finally no more tip toeing around humanity's back.

      It would be incomprehensible that humanity would still be kept on the dark if we were truly at the brink of such scenario.

      Then again this game is so sickening i would not be surprise anymore.

    2. Good one Dragon Heart. Nuclear war is hardly possible even on the normal level of things. I've heard people fear Donald Trump with the nuke button. Really? You think that's how it works? He can just get a phone call from Kim Jong Un who insults him and it's bombs away! It would have happened a thousand times over. EVERY president is a drunk, murdering psycho but there are limits.

  25. GoldFish Report No. 63, ExoPolitics RoundTable 4 "EVERYTHING IS ENERGY- PART 1"

    Published on Sep 27, 2016

    On GoldFish Report No. 63, ExoPolitics RoundTable 4 'EVERYTHING IS ENERGY PART 1". In this Part 1 of 'Everything is Energy", the Ambassador welcomes guests Capt. Randy Cramer, USMC,s.s., CIA Augmented Asset Duncan O'Finioan and A'drieiuious from New Lyra, and in Part 2, COBRA will be joining us so please watch for this. This discussion focused on energy, free energy, photo-radionics, psionics, cymatics, Chi Energy, Time Travel, electromagnetics, humans as energy, schumann frequency and much more. Please share this on facebook and youtube and spread far and wide.

  26. Corey Goode Update - Facebook and YouTube - October 3, 2016


  27. The New SDR is here! (FREEPOM)

    By JC Collins

    The historic moment which we have long discussed has arrived. As of October 1, 2016, the Chinese renminbi is a part of the weighting composition of the Special Drawing Right (SDR) of the International Monetary Fund (IMF).


  29. Cobra must be very busy...

    WikiLeaks press conference:
    How journalists work with WikiLeaks 10 Years Later

    (Its not the October Surprise that is coming in the cable releases over the next 10 weeks, it is an overview of the inner workings of Wikileaks and how and why they serve the public by bringing Truth and Transparency to Light.)

    WikiLeaks Verified account ‏@wikileaks

    WikiLeaks press conference: How journalists work with WikiLeaks



    Oh, and regarding Hillary's comment,
    “Can’t we just drone this guy?” Clinton openly inquired...

    Under Intense Pressure to Silence Wikileaks, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton Proposed Drone Strike on Julian Assange

    ...the United Nations had this response:

    United Nations: Targeting Wikileaks Founder With Drone Strike Criminal Violation of Human Rights

    Sorry, Madame Secretary. Wikileaks has won many court cases brought against them because, in fact, no one has actually been harmed by the cable releases, and many people have been helped.



    May #Truth come to Light!


  30. I am not sure it belongs here but I feel it is not coincidence being here and reading this. In Slovakia we are legally engaging Rothschild faction (HAB Privee JPR, they tell by themselves they represent Salomon Werner Rothschild faction). We might need specific legal support in Luxembourg and UK as well as they seem to establish fraudulent structures to steal assets from regular people here and also with high probability to infiltrate the banking system in SK through bonds and SWIFT system messages. Every response would be highly appreciated. Thank you very much. If there would no useful responses, no problem. I want the RM to know at least.

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  32. Sorry. The wrong unedited paragraph got sent earlier.

    Hopefully this idea will serve someone well.

    There are areas in the usa (unknown of the geographical business potential) but for sure i know in one state it is of great need.

    Demand options:

    language interpreters between doctors and patients (not as a caregiver... Just translator during doctors visit)

    1: An individual (Self employed) that could become the liason between local/regional/national doctors offices and patients (obviously there are limitations if wprkforce is 1 person :)

    2:An organization/group could function as a liason between local/national doctors office and patients.

    Sort of like headhunter agencies do. They Seek out interpreters to be assigned for the different projects, in this case doctors visit. 24/7 Oncall translators.

    What is best is that the service could be provided over the phone. The interpreter does not need to be on site.

    This is very doable for the person(s) with the right interpersonal skills... They could start small i am sure and once they get their feet wet they could redefine their policies and procedures to meet demand but most important customer service expectations.

    Guys there are many people bilingual out there... That would not mind an extra income... Not to mention it might need desperately that extra buck. In addition this may benefit doctors from any field (from modern or alternative medicine) not to mention the patients

    Mozart perhaps you could use those advertising skills of yours and turn them around to benefit not only you but many others... That is of course if you then dont turn out to be a greedy sob... or a scam artist...

    Anyways enough of Mozart. I think someone from the medical field (current or retired) would be a great candidate to start this venture... I am sure there ismuch to consider but i still believe this is very much doable

  33. The cabal members like Hillary Clinton, etc just need to get arrested.

    then the ets need to say to us hey we are here lets get to work and transform this planet together.

    I really hope that this isnt just all bs and that this is another bandwagon.. And Cobra why would you choose a draco term for your alias? I suppose for other reasons and transforming spiritually..

    Ive always been annoyed with the disclosure stuff because its so slow...really just painfully slow...

    when are there going to be reao results?

    when will the economy crash.?

    bla..I swear if this ends up being a bust.. I dont know and please talk about RELEVANT CURRENT TIMES NOT PAST STUFF

    1. I hear you about the slowness. Just give up like I did because the aliens on both sides of the battle live thousands of years. They're playing the long game and we're like squirrels popping in and out of existence.

  34. Keshe technology work. I know because I built several devices including the power units and they all work exactly as described. So buy a magrav. Sure it's $900 but it will power your whole house after several months, especially if you have two which is highly recommended. It will also create a plasma storm in the room that will change and heal you on a deep level. I DID NOT believe that would happen, but it's true. The Keshe Foundation is legit, you'll get your device and it will work, the health units too. $900 is nothing, it's priceless. It's so powerful even a skeptic gets blasted from a foot away. Trust me, I've shown them. You can feel and see the plasma, it scares the hell out of me sometimes, like seeing a ghost. Same thing basically. For the past year I've done nothing but listen to Keshe and now I'm a real wizard along with many others. Wait till you find out who I've been sending my devices to...

    Buy one, you know it's real.


  35. Cobra doesn't need voice modulation when using such low bandwidth audio. ;)

  36. Awww! would love to have a few days respite in that place with the pure water spilling over!!! Thank you so much for that beautiful photo Cobra. How serene!

  37. It would have been nice if the interviewers had asked Cobra whether or not Hitlery Clinton died Sept 11.

    The part about the crop circles and sink holes were interesting. I was pretty sure it was ET that were doing it, but it would have been nice to know what kind of message they were sending.