Monday, October 31, 2016

Love Signal


  1. someone shared this really beautiful music with me from brazil. please enjoy!

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    1. Check out my new vid of all the crazy stuff that happened in the second half of October

  3. absolutely beautiful music from the plant btw! its been awhile since ive had my entire body covered with goosebumps!

  4. Many other experiments are shown in the movie: "The Secret Lives of Plants" please see it, it's from the 70's.

  5. that hits the spot. is it just me or was there lots of manipulation of the lower torso implant today?

    1. you are not alone...lolllllll

    2. Not sure but today and yesterday felt a very negative energy, also while dreaming, so i had to clean my self with sage to help

    3. I have noticed the same thing.

    4. I have noticed 'all is off' this last week...and a few weeks ago out of blue, 47 yo, i am with stage 2 osteonecrosis of both hips...headed for surgeries. Was 'mysteriously struck with epilepsy at family history i am aware of) Dercum's Disease and top to bottom spine diseases...all the started as soon as I had turned my life around..also do you think could be implants, manipulations? I heard from multiple sources that Rh negs are especially watched...I am A-...thank you for reading


  6. I've made every Keshe device and they all work exactly as advertised.

    They create plasma you can feel. It's free from the Primary Anomaly I believe. Neither of those things I believed in necessarily, but they're absolutely true.

    1. I would like to buy one if there is one that can heal your body. Keep it up.

  7. Very interesting....the fact that Cobra endorses this makes me want to look into it further.

  8. Urgent update:

    "A few US generals have held a secret meeting to discuss defending the American people and the constitution against Capitol Hill.
    42 US states have put their national guard on alert.
    No further info as of yet..."

    Simon Parkes, 10/31/2016

    1. Thanks Azerty.This is almost confirmed info,also by Benjamin Fulford: October 31,2016,
      Shared with all FB & Google Lightgroups
      Thank U Dear Benjamin. Pls.Don`t mind,like always, reading the comments below, there are many disbelievers. We Are the Ones We Have been Waiting For & Yes We Can, Together as ONE & as Free World Thinkers & Influencers, Save this World from the Khazarian Gangsters ! Its Time All this Truth Comes Out & will be Acted Upon by All of the Loyal US & Chinese Military & I do have a lot of Faith in the US Chief , so Lets Yust Spread This Awesome Report Far & Wide. I have & will. Love is All We Need & the rest is yust fear to be left behind . AUM. May God Bless UmeWeAll True Believers.I Am.Namaste

    2. If I can help let me know wny (batavia)

  9. That is amazing...not at all surprising. Thank you.

  10. Cool! They should get another plant and hook up a drum machine to it.

  11. Lovely! A comfort for the heart. Thank you! <3

  12. Some 15 years ago I've had experiences with my plants at home, that they welcomed me, with love in a vibrational way, each night when I came home. Alive and Alove.

  13. Every word
    you Ever saw
    "a meditation"

    Your every proof
    the depth in what you
    Embrace the Fullest
    "Plan of God"
    Contained for Purpose
    "Every Seed"
    Excepting the deceptions
    "plans of man"
    rejecting Store of Power infecting all
    throughout and within
    Your "Plan of God" begins with
    All you "Feel" Kept Stored inside a ocean of

    Added to
    "Crystals of Light"
    Angels Dance On

    As Crystals form
    under my feet
    As Well

  14. <3 It is time for us to come together and tell the universe “We Are Ready!!!” - TODAY offers us a wonderful chance to assert our free will and hasten the Event! Join us TODAY at 3AM GMT/UTC - 11pm New York /Toronto time on for this IMPORTANT special GUIDED Scorpio New Moon Meditation. Check your local time here <3 <3 <3


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    1. I have had 2-way communication with certain comes as a feeling, impression in the chest, that I can translate into words, but they didn't sing to me. It is the same feeling where I felt a warning impression that I could translate into words ("something feline in the road"), when I was hiking too close to a mountain lion at dusk.

      Anyway, some of the trees I spoke to were wise elders (Redwoods). One I visited annually for years up in Willits at a place we camped was a different type of evergreen fur tree. One time as I communed with my special little tree, it wrapped its tendril around my finger as I stared in disbelief, thinking "No way!". So it did it again!

      Conifers and cats, my fuzzy friends. <3

      Amazing that they could tap into this singing and demonstrate it. Gratitude for those who see and treasure other living beings.

    2. I have felt such a connection to trees once a couple of years ago. I was taking care of a big part of a tree that had been cracked off and at the same time I trimmed off the lowest branches of neighbouring trees. I could feel that the surrounding trees liked that I removed their "fallen friend" and when I cut the low branches the trees liked it because the branches were dead. They had an egoistic although not unpleasant way of communicating that they liked being "dressed up" in the right way.
      Since then I have tried many times again but not got any "reply" really (not with the same trees though).


  17. Absolutely beautiful, thank you for this post.

  18. What do they sound like when they are killed or eaten?

  19. I *love* these orchestral, melodic, serenading plants.
    Thank you.

  20. This has to be the most amazing video I have ever seen! I know this opened my perception of life and everything around me.

  21. This is lovely Cobra. Many of us out here in normal, non-RM world are tired and trying hard not to succumb to cynicism. On "those" days when I'm slogging through another stressful day at work, and pessimistic about the light ever being triumphant in myself, let alone the world, such reminders of the love and intelligence in the natural world and the beautiful invitation to partnership with attuned, creative humans help to keep me engaged. A benevolence is revealed that seems threaded throughout life - a counterbalance, perhaps, to tremendous darkness. Thanks for the boost and the work you do.

  22. <3 <3 <3 This is very sweet, thank you Cobra, may you hear Gaia's spirals and plants singing for you and hugging you, everywhere you are <3 <3 <3

  23. Beautiful very serene......Felt as if the entire forest was listening and complete attention on the music.

  24. Mr. Akira Mikami (Hiroshima)
    He was a research to communicate with the plant.


  26. Ok cobra , where did you move the intel blog to now.
    No intel up dates for us .
    No intel for the RM , I know with all that is going on, the RM is not on holiday.

    I can not beleive there is NO intel codes have not been posted
    They are no longer being posted here.

    So where is that link. No true intel here in weeks , just peanut butter fluff to make a post.

    Would be great to jave intel of current status of fuaging where we are at.

    There is a light worker force that has been cobtinuously spreading light .When we find a place like this it turns a shun to us and we ate again rogue.

    Finding this pkace was lije a conbection but as we get closer I feel further away from the light family then I did when I first found this place ...

  27. Gaia is ascending and she has little concern for politics.

  28. Can we get any new intel? I've heard that Spain publicated military documents about UFO and extrateresials?

  29. Nice but I would like to hear a situation update. Two weeks with no info and lots of things are happening.

  30. Heavenly, sweet music & good for the soul! I think I'll have a chat with my ancient oak tree in my backyard.

  31. Hermoso video querido hermano Cobra!!! Te saludo en amor, paz y Luz!!! Namaste.

  32. Cobra, thanks for this lovely „singing plant video“!
    This time your message, this love signal is full of sweet secrets... The following quote of Khalil Gibran responds to this concept of singing plants and bodies, who are like harps:
    May Tulasi Maharani, the Queen of all plants (in the forest of holy Vraja in the kingdom of God/Goddess Radha Govinda) bless you !
    Let´s make sweet music - all lightworkers and lightforces together - for the coming Event! Victory of the light! Victory of the holy sound vibration AUM!!!
    Love Signal from Vienna -
    Sonja, Team Golden Spirit

  33. So lets see, no event GCR no breaking TV news
    no arrests...yup they can keep us here for years cant they ?

    Our hopes for a new earth is our entrapment to keep hoping for one and and thats ALL WE wait, and wait, and hope and meditate and pray...thats our blessing,

  34. Yes, "Love is in the Air!" by Tom Jones:

  35. Thank you Cobra for sharing this interesting video. I am not sure of its purpose on this blog except to make us all more prepared for the Galactic Wave of Love??

    Yes, the plants and trees are all talking to us in the musical language of love. That is why vegetarians/vegans also should respect the life giving them life.

    This might be weird, but this video reminds me of the John Travolta film 'Phenomenon' when he mentally advances to the point where he can hear the trees speaking to each other.

    Great film to watch if you haven’t seen it before:

  36. yoda is an enlightened goblin. polarity duality exist across all the dimensions. ever plutonic solid has a interpenitrating solid except the star tetrahedron which is two tetrahedron together and the sphere which is duality of physical root seed akasha and mental fruit seed akasha. enlightenment probably doesnt mean you lose personality rather u focus on the weaker aspects of ur personality. like meditation brings ur strong muscle to rest and stirs up weak ones. also mountains get steeper closer to the top. exponential growth has always existed and it is doubtful we are on a path of sustainable development


  37. 20 years ago I acquired a Nolina "elephant foot" plant, and except for the time I spent in Australia and New Zealand she's always been with me.

    Ever since it was time to "kick things into high gear" in 2012 she just keeps growing and growing despite me only feeding her water and absolutely zero fertilizers.
    Well, water and all of that Music and Love, of course ;-)

    The trunk has grown by at least 20cm, the older leaves are over one meter long, and there are new leaves constantly growing at the top. Just this year alone, she's easily gained another 33cm in height, and last month's newly-grown leaves are already over half a meter long :-)

    She may be only a plant, but don't tell that to her - she thinks she's a f*cking Rock Star! And I am certainly not gonna argue that 'cause she definitely looks like one! :-)))

    And just right now, there are more fresh green leaves growing, so fast you can see the growth from one day to the next.

    My other oldest friend for 20 years, a "dragon tree", is growing all over the place as well, and the Yucca palms and other plants in there aren't faring too shabby either.
    Looks like a freaking Rock Band of Plants in here!

    On behalf of my friends may I say Thank You for sharing that lovely Love Signal video :-)

    One, Two.
    One, Two, Three, Four!


    Fresh Green Freedom

    Life Is A Flower

    Love, Light, Unity, Freedom and Peace for All and Forever


    And an encore, it would be rude not to play this - especially 'cause I had never heard the song ever before until just now ;-)

    Robert PLANT - Rainbow


  38. This voter-fraud dicovery will 'change the water on the beans':

  39. My son cannot bear to be in the kitchen if I am cutting living herbs. Now I understand why.

  40. Funny, I watched this exact video several years ago after reading 'The Secret Life of Plants' - Enchanting.

  41. One of the most informative videos done by Cindy Kay Curric! Shocking.... awesome infos....

    I was going to post this the day it was posted, but... I just forgot about it.
    So. If you have missed watching THIS ONE, from October 21, please do it now.

    I'm almost sure that the RM and the Light Forces will NOT let the "fake alien invasion" to be staged. So, i am not worried a bit.

    However, if you've never heard about the tech that creates/projects holographic images in the sky, then you should watch this less than 12min. video.

    Oh, at 1:15mark, listen the story of a woman from Indonesia whos bank told her that ALL her debts have been paid off! Yap! These things are happening!!!

    At 4:35 she says that one of the hidden agendas of spraying chemtrails is TO CREATE A SCREEN IN THE SKY TO PROJECT HOLOGRAPHIC IMAGES!!

    At 5:05 she shows the document from the so-called "Benson StrategyGroup" working for Hillary's campaign, and they have a project called "Firesign" which is for projecting a fake alien invasion.

    "Fake Alien Invasion Planned for November 8th? How to protect your family just in case"

    Listen/watch this video's last segments regarding the NATURAL LAW OF THE USA outside, next to the PLANTS, and let the plants learn to sing:

  42. An old school chum of mine recently mentioned that he felt that mosquitoes are among the worst plague on the planet right now. I had to agree with that to a point - we like to call them ankle biters. But here's something he failed to mention which I feel is infinitely worse: Big Pharma. Let's take a case in point shall we? I selected a RANBAXY product at random from the front porch of my house which is being occupied by a squatter. I'm quite certain I saved his life by removing it... but we'll discuss that in a moment. Here's a distillate from the insert of the product:

    What is ABSORICA?

    ABSORICA is a medicine taken by mouth to treat nodular acne.

    What are the possible side effects of ABSORICA?
    1. Birth defects
    2. Serious mental health problems
    3. Serious brain problems including:
    a. bad headaches
    b. blurred vision
    c. dizziness
    d. nausea or vomiting
    e. seizures (convulsions)
    f. stroke
    4. skin problems <<-- this is my LOL moment - really, would you trade acne for the possibility of suffering a serious rash with a fever, blisters on your legs or face and/or sores in your mouth, throat, nose, eyes or peeling skin? <<
    5. abdominal problems including severe stomach, chest or bowel pain, trouble or pain in swallowing, heartburn, diarrhea, rectal bleeding, jaundice, dark urine.
    6. bone and muscle problems including back or joint pain, broken bones
    7. hearing problems including ringing in your ears and permanent hearing loss
    8. vision problems including painful dryness of the eyes
    9. lipid problems including elevation of fats and cholesterol in the blood
    10. serious allergic reactions including hives, swollen face (LOL) or mouth, trouble breathing, fever, rash, red patches or bruises on your legs
    11. blood sugar problems including diabetes
    12. decreased red and white blood cells causing trouble breathing, faintness or weakness
    13. dry skin (lol), chapped lips (LOL), dry eyes, dry nose leading to nose bleeds.

    Really? All that risk because of just a bad case of acne?

    Here's a suggestion for an alternate Rx: smoke a joint of some righteous home-grown cannabis and have a beer or a Cuba Libre with other pizza-faced werewolves who don't give a shit what your face looks like. Or try a silver bullet: Colloidal Silver which is known to rapidly and completely clear up a myriad of unsightly skin issues without the side-effects. Then live long and prosper.

    Here's a rule of thumb: If it's not safe for pregnant women, it is probably not safe period. And if it's not safe period - I mean period. What do you suppose that shit is doing to the water table? Consider it.

    Now about that squatter. I've got your name and number. I suspect you know that already. Your life was spared in August. You're welcome, but not in my house. Please begin to pack up and plan your egress from my property immediately. And thank you for holding it for me.

    I am Gaia-Sophia

  43. That is amazing! But I guess we should really not be surprised of what nature is capable of. It makes me become more mindful of the things around us are actually sentient.

  44. Beautiful i want to go there.Thank you Cobra.

  45. Here we go....This man, Steve Pieczenik, is quite believable. I had not heard of him before this evening. A silent coup in the USA is occurring. Steve Pieczenik is evidently a top US intelligence guy. Dated. 11/1/2016.
    As you watch this, visualize each of us, surrounded in white light and love...

    1. Thanks Megan. It's hotting up. Freedom beckons for us all.

  46. Internal Coup AGAINST Hillary Clinton Has Begun: Red Alert

    Published on Nov 1, 2016

    In this breaking video Steve Pieczenik not only discusses the Clinton takeover of the United States which had occurred, but reveals his face after years of staying off camera for many years.

    I'm interested to see the truth of this intel
    which we should see confirmed one way or the other by
    the outcome of the US presidential election
    on or before November 8, 2016.

    1. Thanks for the exciting video! It's the final countdown....

    2. astral traveler: Why is it you feel to judge me or anyone else for that matter? Do you know the nature of my awareness or my communion with the Divine? If you did, you certainly wouldn't be posting as you did. Do you know if I have moved beyond the left-right paradigm? What do you know for sure, astral traveler? I think you're fine to express your point of view, but when you cast arrogance for who you think you are compared to others, you are mistaken and would do well to be a bit humble.

      Just your "username" titled "astral traveler" may be telling. The astral plane is just one of many planes and is close to the surface physical plane and its etheric bridge separating the two. Not to mention the subtler planes (mental and celestial) which are deeper, more powerful - but still they are within the "relative" expression of duality, and not the Absolute omnipresent reality of God. Have you read my other posts which explain in detail how politics MAY be part of The Event unfolding through God? Do you only believe what Cobra's opinion is and are not open to infinite possibilites how God works? EVERYTHING in every speck of life, in every time and place, is GOD'S divine will. Nothing is outside the totality of events leading to what we talk about as The Event. That includes political activities. Just because the global elite "cabal" has ruled over all political parties in the past does not logically imply that the pattern can't divinely change and transform NOW. I invite you to open your mind, heart and soul to truth and judgment beyond what you feel you must judge in me as truth. You may just find something great. (FYI I have been spiritually deeply open my whole life since childhood, even before incarnating on earth. That doesn't make me any better than any other soul, I'm thankful God would have me.

    3. "All will be revealed," my meditation teacher said way the heck back there, ages ago.

      These interviews with Dr. Steve Pieczenik are a manifestation of the revelations, as are the Wikileaks dumps.

      I find Steve Pieczenik quite believable (he has an interesting biography).

      It doesn't matter if Alex Jones is believable or not. Alex Jones is just one "pipeline." There are many others. talked again to Steve P. on Nov. 2, for 30+ minutes.

      Go to:
      Look for "Delta Force Creator and the Clinton Coup"
      It is a 33 minute interview.

      Below might be the correct link. If this link does not work, go directly to webpage and look for this interview.

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  49. Incredible timing.

    Just as I was uploading our most powerful piano channeling to date... For once, I feel it's appropriate to spread widely.

    Feel free:

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  53. Thank you Cobra.
    Plants can feel and have also feelings with emotion,s.
    When whe have plants in ore home the reackt on ore emotions.
    when a home is ful of joy and peace a plant grow and is happy,but when a plant is in a home where is problems a plant died.Wat i understand is,a plant have no soul but it can feel.

  54. words, just tears...thank you...there's been a truck selling bonzai trees on the side of the road recently, i should have stopped there a long time ago.

  55. So even being a vegan, you are a criminal! Unless you eat only fruits, of course

  56. where all the sentient beings have to destroy other sentient beings (plants and animals) just to "survive" (prolong their miserable existence in this miserable realm). All this planet is a hell, It has always been like this, a chorus of millions of species crying day and night. Fools call it "divine order" or "divine equilibrium".
    What an aberration this creation!!! A bird sings a happy melody , and the next moment,
    a hungry snake has it in his stomach.
    Wow! It really makes me wanna turn a religious man and stay on this planet forever, just praising the "lord" with Saint Francis.!!!





    Published on 13 Oct 2016


    Exclusive Preview of 2017 Space Fence Research

    In this fascinating and riveting episode Dark Journalist Daniel Liszt welcomes back Geoengineering Author Elana Freeland to preview her new research set for release in 2017 on the massive Multi Level Surveillance Project called 'The Space Fence.'

    Early Development of SDI Technology

    The Space Fence was originally the brainchild of the Reagan era during the craze to build the Strategic Defense Initiative (SDI) a space based weapons defense program ostensibly designed to protect the US from incoming Russian nuclear missiles. It has been established that this early version of the Space Fence may have actually been created to keep an eye on unusual UFO developments in space.

    HAARP Ionization of the Atmosphere & Nano Particles

    After abandoning SDI on paper, covert forces inside the National Security State continued to develop various uses for the space deployed technology. Realizing their new efforts of achieving a global domination through space surveillance on Earth could not be totally successful, they undertook to expand the ionization of the atmosphere which gives them the ability to implant tiny nano particles into the human body. These nano sensors can penetrate the blood brain barrier to activate wireless signals that can be remotely monitored and controlled. Human beings in effect would become walking cell towers that microwave signals could be beamed at and penetrated to automatically send back revealing data.

    Planetary Lockdown

    The ultimate purpose behind this decades long project can not be fully known, but according to Elana's research we can deduce that its main goal is a Full Planetary Lockdown intended to centralize and control the full spectrum of activity on planet Earth, including human behavior, geopolitical events, weather conditions, earthquake activity and the creation of a manipulated reality within a gigantic artificial intelligence grid.

    Captivating and packed with groundbreaking information, you don't want to miss this powerful Dark Journalist episode!

  58. For the italian readers we made this ebook in italian to download for free. All the Cobra posts from 2012 until (nearly) today. Epub format. Download it here

  59. I had to Cry,but it is a healing crying .I live surranded by forests listening The song of the birds.That singing of the plants is the reason of my good feeling since we moved from the city to the hills.Now I understood.

    1. I know what you mean…I cried too! when I'm in my "zone" (I live out- as well) I end up playing similar music, (on the organ my husband gave me for a birthday a couple years before he died.. 36 year marriage)… Maybe the trees/plants are telepathing me… :) so glad you got out of the "rat race" too…..took us 30 years… Cheers! :)

  60. Thank you Cobra, I cried with joy at the beauty of the music! Definitely feel healing, love & connection! Thank you again. I did not know this existed! :)