Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Remove LL3-LL1 and LL0-, sublunar CHIF/DF/DF detected


  1. Wow

    Jay Kay coming back in 2 months


  2. One to the Power of One


    *Lachan ai Oshev*

  3. Are the unstable points L1 and L3, L0 clean? Wonderful news.

    Victory of light 💕

  4. Namaste. Change is coming, full-bore, whether you are comfortable with it or not! So you might as well stop with the negativity, anger and bitter comments and look within for peace and resolution.

    1. I'm in severe physical pain from spine degeneration, barely keeping a roof over my head with no running water, one solar panel for electric, and faced with unfair and unexpected expenses every day that threaten to take away what little I have left. One more week of this feels unbearable, but there is nothing in these updates that gives me confidence there will be much improvement this year of 2017. Are your circumstances comparable to this?

  5. Okay ... to continue from the comments in the last update ... this is the pro action column with Trump ...
    Russia, Ukraine - Neocon Ceasefire Sabotage Fails To Change Trump's Mind
    There are serious signs that the Trump administration will continue to seek better relations with Russia. It declines to get involved in the hustling in Ukraine. It is ready to give up on the catastrophic regime-change agenda the neocons implemented in Kiev with the help of Ukrainian Nazi organizations.


    In surprise move, Trump warns Israel against settlements


    Could be a pro ... see how it goes ...
    Vice President Pence will head voter fraud investigation: Trump

    This will go in the con column ...
    Democrats back Trump administration’s new sanctions against Iran

    Israel pounds Gaza, vows rocket fire won’t be tolerated

    Ron Paul: Business As Usual - Is Trump's Foreign Policy Just More Bush And Obama? -

    See more at: http://libertyfight.com/2017/Feb/Trump-foreign-policy-Ron-Paul.html#sthash.DfjhMcOf.dpuf

    FBI Director James Comey Warned Of ISIS In Denver Prior To Radicalized Muslim Army Vet's Assassination of Denver Officer -

    See more at: http://libertyfight.com/2017/Feb/FBI-Comey-warned-of-ISIS-in-Denver.html#sthash.Iciy0Mng.dpuf

    We all know the cabal controls daesh.

    Feel free to update.

    1. I don't understand why Trump is so obsessed with voter fraud. If there was any, it's what put him in office!

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    3. Oh no Evolution ... to be fair it was the DNC that committed the election fraud this time. Not that the RNC hasn't done it's fair share of election rigging in the past.

      The DNC stole the election from Sanders, and tried to but did not succeed in stealing it from Trump.

      A lot of evidence is on line that the DNC Rockefeller faction of the cabal rigged the election. Russia has nothing to do with rigging the election in the US.

      Those leaked DNC emails also shows the evidence of election fraud.

      So if Trump does a real investigation the evidence is out there. But since both parties utilizes election fraud neither would want it exposed to the general public ... or at least the ones that still believe they have a choice.

    4. In the con column

      U.S. could grant final permit for Dakota pipeline as soon as Friday: government lawyer.

      Trilateral Commission Member Appointed To National Security Council

      As Tensions with Iran Escalate, US Launches Major War Game Just 50 Miles off the Iranian Coast

      US Tanks, Troops Arrive In Estonia As Part Of NATO Anti-Russia Build Up

    5. Evolution: You have a backward. Trump most likely received 70% of the vote, as evidenced by thousands and thousands at EVERY city he attended, whereas Hillary Clinton barely got a few hundred attendees on average at her infrequent campaign stops, lacking any enthusiasm.

      The cabal thought Hillary would be installed as president through their intentional voter fraud. See Bev Harris 20 year voter expert at www.blackboxvoting.org.

      There was MASSIVE voter fraud from illegals voting, people voting in more than one state, voting numerous times, busloads of people voting in various counties, and mostly through Diebold voting machines. See www.infowars.com with Alex Jones and staff, who researched and found millions and millions of votes that were fraud for Hillary. The voting system needs to be corrected so that the cabal can never win again by fraudulent voting. That simply means a physical ballot that can be tracked, rather than machines that can be hacked.

      Hopefully, the Event and New Age will come before another major election will occur.

      I invite you to read alternative news sources, rather than receiving your information (apparently) from "mainstream media" that is controlled by the cabal, and consequently, reports intentional lies every day. Peace.

    6. Truth revealed from President Donald Trump's OWN words:

      I invite anyone who really wants to know who President Trump is, to view what he says on
      www.YouTube.com. There are talks, interviews, and
      documentaries spanning his whole life which accurately show his ACTUAL words, unedited, not slandered by the controlled mainstream press.

      It's very clear that what's reported in the news is totally opposite of who Trump is and what he actually says and does in truth. Compare for yourself. For example, view his talk today with the sheriffs across the United States.

      I almost think it's just as exciting to see how the Almighty Divine Will, Source, "God," is working through President Trump and events unfolding in the US and World, as it is to read a post from Cobra and other spiritual spokespeople communicating about the transformation taking place now, from a dark age to an age of LIGHT. In other words, all points of view are valuable coming from sincere spiritual aspirants (and others), and those awakened to the deeper values of life founded in the ONE everlasting truth.

      To me, it's much more exciting to hear about current events in REAL TIME, than to hear about all the intricate details of "history" that Cobra often posts. That's just my personal preference.

      All glory to the "Most High."

    7. I'm reposting this from the last update:

      I don't understand how anyone can think Trump is a good guy. He's.. a poor example of humanity. (I wanted to say something much worse.)

      He was installed as president because he's an easy to manipulate Idiot. He's filled his cabinet with the most corrupt self-serving people he can find. Everything he's done is to make himself and his rich cronies even richer.

      I will admit good things are happening because of what he's doing. He's made the corruption of the system so obvious that a Five Year Old with Down's Syndrome could see it, and people are waking up because of it!

      Beyond that however, I dare you to name a single action he's taken that actually benefits the people as a whole! Most of his Exec Orders don't actually do anything, either they don't grant any powers the government doesn't already have or they need Congressional approval to actually go anywhere. He's just playing to the crowd, "Look at me fulfilling my campaign promises!"

      The first one that did actually do something, the Travel Ban, has caused chaos, confusion, racial tension and hate crimes. Explain to me why a lightworker president would do something like that!?

    8. No, it was Hillary's campaign that tried to rig the machines to vote for her, and they were caught doing this. Also, some 10 million illegal immigrants who are not legally allowed to vote cast their votes for Hitlery Clinton, who stole the primary from Bernie to begin with. You have a little homework to do before you can understand this site.

    9. Sssshhhhh, Evolution, though shall not blaspheme Trump ! A virtual church is being set up for Trump in this comment section and all blasphemers will not get their replicators when the Event takes place ....

    10. time :)... i couldnt say it any better. i hear one more comment of how closely connected God and Trump is in this blog and i will need to get an exorcism.

      is nothing personal against those who wishes to view it that way nor personal against trump...

      honest to goodness... it feels just down right erroneous. Yes we all are One... but to assign any political figure (in todays age) the sought after Messiah or prophet like role. it just sends chills thru the system.

      with such approach.. seems as if a religious cult mentality is brewing in the horizon. ... to the point where we blindly are to accept what the almighty human do and says (right or wrong) because it was inspired by a god.

      i am mad at me God... u certainly aint going to see me kneeling to this one.

  6. Replies
    1. ...tssss... it's secret!... :-)

    2. They mean that the Light Forces are STILL not done yet.


  8. Thank you RM & Cobra & Ashtar Command & ALL Benevolent Light Beings assisting with planetary liberation!!!

    Love, Love, Love you all...

  9. Step by step we are doing progress

  10. In full disrespect for 'Ascended Masters' and 'spiritual guides' who were unable to prevent the invasion 25000y ago.

    Friends in need are the friends indeed.

    And, in the greatest needs of humanity, when the darkness came (25000 ago), and now, on the verge of liberation, they were and they are demonstrating their uselessness, their lack of understanding of situation on earth.

    After the war many heroes present themselves.
    We do not need so a kind of advisers.

    After liberation will we take our fate by our own.

    And we have to know who they were (these ascendends and spirituals) to avoid them and to go in touch with others, as case may be.

    In the 'much healing' process we need a kind of spiritual lustration against the unworthies, let' say it so...

    1. Message for Ascended Masters concerning the period from 1996 to nowadays:...

      Fack all,... everything,... all that is,... and all that exists!!... :-)

    2. Ascendent Masters and 'spiritual guides' should have been calling for help throughout the galaxy at the time when darkness was coming and Atlantis was in danger of fall.

      Galactic Codex - "Section IV: The Law of Intervention
      The Galactic Confederation has an unalienable and unconditional right to the intervention in all situations where the Galactic Codex is violated, regardless of the local laws".

      We don't need their 'mourning' and excuses concerning their alleged lack of understanding (now and then). We do not need so a self-styled 'mastery'!!... Nor do we need advices and 'guidance' from them...

    3. I see cabal trolls...

      How often?

      All the time...

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    5. A life spent complaining = an afterlife spent complaining.

      How thoroughly boring.

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    7. spiritofjustice@

      what you see trolling all around you is... due to too much vodka!... stalintkaya,... or st-petersburgh!...

      P.S. good drink!... :-)

    8. ... yes, we are liberating our selves ... from both darks and useless 'spirituals' as well!...

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    10. lol that was smooth, Just lol

    11. @~JustBe~

      Must suck for you to be stuck in your flesh suit for eternity. Funny thing about you darks, you sick, demented, disgusting, goblins...is you give yourselves away so easily! LOL!

  11. Business as usual...thats all.


  13. Attempt at translation of this post:

    Something happened and then two (2!) Diane Feinsteins have been detected. ....: > )....

    1. Cobra's post - Tues Feb. 7.

      Mine is a "West Coast US" joke.

      Referring to the DF in Cobra's post: Diane Feinstein is a US senator from California.

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  15. For those who feel guided to check it out I have just finished an article about some personal shifts in my life and how they tie into the whole global liberation process and Ascension. Thank you and much love! <333


    1. Yes! If you are an educated person in the dreaming process, you can pick some precognitions, more or less accurate, due to the same more or less interference. And you know it, of course!

      On the other hand, the undesired one, in case you are not proper mastering the dream precognition,... all may also came due to a compulsory obsession concerning the planetary liberation process. Hopely this is not your the case.

      For more details about educated dream mastery google 'Stephen LaBerge - The world of lucid dreaming'.

  16. Hi brother, I have 2 questions for you i need your opinion ! 1 they say the reptilians create one system ; Like a prison, we reincarnate over and over again you know if this is true and we can dismantle that technology ?? 2 Micca tell CG in one generation they put his planet free ... you know what kind of system they use on these free planets, in particular the economic system !! Your opinion is very important to me thank you ... kind regards Raankar

  17. Sublunar stabil
    LL3 - surf V/A and LL0 checked tvst

  18. Cobra, I'll tell you what, look here!

    We do not wait (in fact need) the Event to have abundance in our life. NOT this is what we are fighting for!

    We do it in order to claim some rights,... the most important, to claim to be no longer involved in any kind of experience anymore. To claim spiritual stagnation.

    And we claim this very seriously, and hopely you will take it in consideration in the same way, seriously.

    1. when you say 'we', please be more specific.


  19. I've come here to chew bubblegum and kick the dark's ass.

    Chain Reaction



    1. And just in case somebody missed it:
      There's an 8 8 8 in the time stamp, and also a 2 1 3 - and none of that is by accident


      Hold On, I'm Comin'!
      I'm a Soul Man


      Damn Right I AM
      And make NO MISTAKE about it!!!



  20. Speaking of Luna:
    Gaia's moon is the only object in the Universe which does not spi around its axis.
    Meaning it has got no accelerating energy force of its own, and it should move closer to Earth due to the gravitational pull - however, Earth's gravity has seemingly no effect on it.
    As a matter of fact, scientists claim it is moving further away from Earth instead of being pulled in by gravity.

    So what is it?
    a) The dark stopped the moon's rotation and use it for their ugly deeds, or
    b) it is indeed an artificial object

    Soon we will find out ;-)



  21. KANI The Silver Army from PLEIADES-1 Update The Kani have now a base on the Earth Surface. Find Google Earth Map and Pictures of the place at the bottom of this post. Discernement advised.

    YALDABAOTH still removing Tentacles 3&4 @12%