Friday, April 13, 2018

Peace Meditation Videos

Nine official Peace Meditation videos have been created. Make them viral and spread them through your networks!








Chinese (traditional):

Chinese (simplified):

In addition to that, guided meditation videos have been created in 19 languages:

A very informative article about our Peace Meditation with many audio, video and interactive assistance tools is available here:

You can join our meditation in real time on COEO here:

A sharable facebook post about the meditation is here:

And the facebook event here:

Victory of the Light!


  1. This meditation will be EXTREMELY IMPORTANT as shown by the most recent missle strikes on Syria. Everyone please try to participate!

  2. Lets Unite❤️ Victory of the Light!

  3. The state of celestial bodies (Holy Geometry) (here the full moon) plays a role for energies coming in from higher dimensions. (Mass) meditations (united fields of consciousness) work over the higher mental level (THE level of creation). That the awareness of this is so low is due to the 'veil of mist' that lies between the fourth and fifth dimension. This one will be swept away at the event. Then one will be able to perceive higher dimensions with chakras of higher bodies.

    Translated with

  4. Gee Facebook is blocking me after one try at sharing the peace meditation....... Thought all that BS would have been finished by now.

  5. Blessings beloved dear brother Cobra ‘ sending you unconditional love in this perfect Now expression, may we stand united together in the oneness of the One infinite creator ❤️

    May we All Co create this expression of love together, as we Create Nova Gaia in all her glory 🌍‘.

    The continuation of the liberation of the planet & All Who dwells on her is in steadfastness now ..... You know my dear brother Israel will be next to initialise..... you know what lies in Jerusalem.... we stand with you brother 🌸 As always united as one ❤️

    Sending Blessings of unconditional love dear brother Cobra, We will be with you on the 15/16th New Moon leading our photonic light and magnetic love .

    Sending love to all who reads this message πŸ’• peace be with you all
    VTTL - VOLT - Salute - Where we go One we go All πŸ™πŸ½

    Ria/ Athena / Ashtar πŸ™πŸ½☀️

  6. English and German, then the thirteen under fifes that follow. As if the terrestrial world were reduced to Anglo Saxons and Germanic. It is to this kind of detail that we see that there is a real malaise in this society. Europe is flooded with American media and moses, and that started with the high-rise buildings that were built in the 1960s. All of this has to collapse and we'll make sure that have more reissue

  7. It s pretty safe to say The War in Syria=no Event(unfortunately)

  8. Peace on EarthπŸ™πŸŒŸπŸ™

  9. Template I have been sharing around the web for others to see.

    @Everyone, do you believe in peoples mind & mass meditation?
    Knowledge is important, but is not magnetic more important?
    Good topic to discuss and research.

    Peace Meditation Videos April 15/16, 2018 - Come Join In English Guided Meditation:

    Time & Date: April 15/16, 2018

    We are doing this meditation to counteract the negative effects of the military escalation that is now taking place in Syria:

    Scientific studies have confirmed positive effects of mass meditations on human society, so each of you that will participate in this meditation can actually help bringing the Event closer to us:

    10s of 1000s together all sync'd on one thought, peace and healing.

  10. Thank you Cobra.
    From those of us who live in the USA who are awake, and have watched the missile strikes in Syria, we are so sad and sick about this.
    I am sorry and please find it in your hearts to forgive us. It is not going to be easy.
    I will spread the peace meditation.
    Thank you.


  12. Thank you for the instuctional videos (^_^)

  13. Thanks for the update!
    Translated to spanish
    Traducido al castellano

  14. Love and Light to All πŸ’™πŸŒŽπŸ’š

  15. Thank you dearest Cobra ✨ victory of the light ✨πŸ™πŸΌ❤️🌈

  16. I'm not meaning to sound negative, and I do plan to participate in this meditation. I am just wondering ... and I understand that statement about the path to The Event is not a straight shot.

    What I don't understand ... and someone help me with this ... Since The Event can't take place until all toplet bombs are removed why in Source name are we not doing a meditation to help clear remaining bombs? Would it not eliminate the need for all the other meditations?

    Could it be the energy isn't right for doing a meditation to remove the bombs? If not ... why not? Just asking.

    1. @spiritoo: I understand the intention of the upcoming meditation to speed up the realization of "World Peace" on earth. That "equates to" removing the toplet bombs which are the hinderance to THE EVENT and world peace, as we understand from Cobra and his intel. So, in my view, it doesn't matter the words we use so much if we are aiming for the same result - liberation and Divine Harmony on earth.

    2. There is a meditation for that on International Golden Age (YouTube)

  17. You got fire on the surface,,,,,,what are you prepared to do ?


  18. Cobra's Conference is unfolding...

    Good Luck!... and also for his energetic work...

  19. While it is of course best when we can meditate together at the same time (and even better, same place!), don't let time or space be a barrier to you, as it is not a barrier to Source.

    If you can't make the exact time, please join the meditation as soon as possible, holding in your heart the intent for your loving, purposeful energy be added to those who are meditating at the time scheduled. Ask others to do so as well, and meditate together if possible.

    As you allow the power of your intent to go into the channel of light to flow where it needs to be, so will you help the Whole of All.

    Thank you so very much!
    We are ONE!
    We are LOVE!


  20. April 15th 9:57 PM EDT Global Meditation for Peace in Syria (English)
    SacredEarth Liberation

  21. The word has been spread and the world and it's people are ready for peace and healing. Hang strong till the liberation. Victory of the light!

  22. The situation is better or worse... ?, Peace for everyone.

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    ***PEACE MEDITATION***: Please join us also here "Where we Infuse Love and Light into any Discord" :) <3 for the PEACE MEDITATION on Sunday April 15/16th at the exact moment of the New Moon on Sunday, April 15th at 9:57 pm Eastern Daylight Time (EDT) this equals to Monday, April 16th at 1:57 am UTC.


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  24. Thank you! So beautiful! Let's do this ♡♡ It is the time of our lives♡♡

  25. Guess who said that...? Important for the PEACE meditation.
    "It is important to understand that the Event is an active interaction between our global consciousness and the Galactic Center and that Galactic energies are coming to us based on our ability to receive them. This is why it is so important for as many people to awaken as soon as possible.
    It is also good for you to have a personal connection with the Galactic Center in your meditations. If the energies flowing through you are too strong, you can communicate to the Galactic Center to tone them down.
    Our active communication with the Pleroma, with the Galactic Center, is creating a feedback loop that will trigger the Event when the time is right.

  26. Posted as comments to a few YouTubers I respect to see...
    This can't be the only way to get booted from the party... France owes Russia for battleships (built but not delivered)... May flowers..? Was tricked into thinking they had Skripals on Russia..?
    There is no decision a president needs to make "any" more complicated "Than a Responsible" "Head of Household"... unless
    You live above the law... backed-by,
    "In God We Trust" (I.O.U.'s to the world)
    And poppy fields are just not chemical enough...
    "for ever"?
    Our Faith in Prayer is Binding Justu.s.

  27. Thank you for your comment !

  28. I'll be joining the meditation but how can the Alliance have a plan & the Resistance not know about it?

    Victory of The Light!

    1. @Anonymous: I think the Resistance and Light Beings know a Heavenly lot and it is God, the Almighty ONE, Everlasting Source, who is aware of EVERYTHING simultaneously. So we can trust in that.

  29. 17 guided mediation videos completed as of this comment, and 18 once Cantonese is completed.

  30. I'm in and I have invited all my fellow colleagues QHHT practitioners , BQH practitioners and healers of all kind of modalities worldwide by posting Cobra's info on Quantum Healing Practitioner Support Forum .

    Victory of the Light !

  31. PEACE SIGN (turn it right-side up)

    I felt guided to share this information and found this to be the most appropriate time.

    The peace sign as most are familiar with is the wrong orientation. The true orientation of the peace sign is right-side up and is meant to represent a tree also known as the tree of life and peace. (the power of symbology)

    “As you may recall Chief Golden Light Eagle had communicated to me that the Peace Symbol had been used in the wrong orientation back in the 1960’s and if they would have used it right side up, it would have changed the world back then, it was meant to be a tree he told me.”
    from Micheal Lee Hill

    Also felt guided to share this Iroquois story of the peacemaker and the tree of peace.

    “This also goes very well into the story of the Peacemaker who united my people the Native American Iroquois into a confederacy, he had them uproot a giant tree and they buried all their weapons of war under this tree and it was re-planted and was forever known from that point forward as the great “Tree Of Peace”.”
    from Micheal Lee Hill

    And I will end with this.  A poem based on the Hopi prophecy...

    The sun rose on a magical new day...
    Over the whole earth they came,
    The people of every colour,
    Sister, Brother, Father, Mother
    Traveling over many a land
    People of the Rainbow
    Children of the Way,
    with a fresh glow
    Finding their way
    Star within...
    More and more joined,
    a song for the soul...
    A new way to live,
    A new way to see,
    It happened this way...
    And a new song,
    It came from within
    If you can find the Star,
    Within then you will find...
    What is... What was...
    And what will be... you see,
    It happened this way...
    from within,
    The people of the Way
    The Rainbow Tribe...

    - Author Unknown

    Peace be on earth, and among all beings!

  32. As the Event is coming in waves weekly or biweekly it seems like.. driving is progressively becoming harder for those who haven’t been good drivers. The Event (an explosion of light and a multidimensional breakthrough for planet earth that is spiritual and physical in nature) happens when people are driving, galactic waves are already changing what it’s like to drive.

    transparency growing then i see bad drivers on their phone.

  33. Thank you for the guided meditation videos.That meditation is going to be so powerful, I already feel it !

  34. Two light meditations in a row! This will be awesome!

  35. What crystal or stones could I use to help ground Mother Earth with, to anchor a angelic vortex.

  36. i translated to hebrew already. where shall I send the hebrew translation?

  37. Thanks Cobra.
    AND SO IT IS...

  38. Dearly beloved folks: No "escalation of war" is occurring. This is the "finger pointing" (which has captured global attention quite effectively) at the Clearing out of some Nasty Blighters and their plots, so that the multi-D purpose of this Goddess vortex meditation--liberating The Mother and all who live in her--may commence apace. I feel a Pleroma Party comin' on....Peace.

  39. why are we doing 2 meditations, Return to the Truth at 8:57 and Cobra at 9:57????

  40. It's D O N E !
    My dream last night when I was starting to meditate at 1h Portugal time
    sending magenta violett light to Syria and thelp for the Isis Goddess Portal
    I was not sure if I will wake up at 3h, so I started at 1h.
    In my dream I was at the top of an high building behind me the golden sun, down was the ocean crystall clear water and the planet earth on the horizon huge planet and I was sending the magenta violet light to Syria.

    Later I waked up, exactly on time 5 minutes before 3 h and started again meditating. I felt imideatly the power of our meditation grid unification a w s o m e.

    Victory of the light