Wednesday, March 8, 2023

SD security breach at 504


  1. Più colpite e Più Saremo Vivi, Pulsanti di Vita e Combattenti!!! Vittoria della Luce!!!
    Fiori, Fiori, Fiori per Lei e per la Sua Energia + per il Suo Cuore Gommoso & Elastico!!! 8 Marzo ∞ L’Infinito!!! ꙳꙳꙳Auguri a Tutte le Donne!!! 💖🎈🌞💫♾🦋🌷💜

  2. 😂 You make me laugh because it can actually be true in a way

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  4. Got hit pretty hard last night. Small chimera seem to go after my eyes, nostrils, and genitals. A few demonics last couple nights. Feel them try to latch on to me (mostly my feet). See them as red or black orbs scurrying away. A few dark witch/warlock spells repelled too. Damn evil, just give it up already! Y'all got a one way ticket to the Great Central Sun (no refunds). Did have another dream about highschool. It was the last regular day, 2 days of finals left. People were already preparing celebrations! Dear, sweet, 7lb 8oz baby Jesus I hope that dream is prophetic and we really are that close! 🙏🤞😍

  5. Replies
    1. Forget...

      "Also, some people have absolutely no idea what they are talking about when they rant about the Resistance Movement coded messages, distributing nonsense over the internet in obscure youtube videos. It is so beyond their level of understanding as quantum mechanics is above the level of understanding of an average Rhesus monkey."

    2. Comparing the two letter-message to quantum mechanics knowledge that is beyond our level of understanding? Damn, this message must be so packed with information then!

  6. @Sherman, as always, I hear you. I won’t be pleased till I’m on my spaceship too. You sure quote Star Wars an awful lot for someone who doesn’t like 😉 I’m a huge Star Wars buff. But eff the disney trilogy and that Kenobi spin-off. Well funded and terrible fan fiction. Anyway, based on how much weight you said you were lifting before the ascension symptoms kicked in for you, I know picture you like a badass Luisa from the movie Encanto

    1. @Ezra
      I only liked the original 1977 Star Wars and the old novels, like the Lando Calrissian trilogy of books from the early 1980's. I'm more of a Star Trek (mostly TOS, TNG, Lower Decks person....only liked Beyond from the new stuff and the aforementioned Lower Decks. I really related to Mariners in many ways), and classic Dr. Who.

      *looks up Luisa*, that's not what I was in a past (not to mention HAPPY life), nor what I was before symptoms.

      In my past, actually happy life, I was more like Samus Aran or something, though with curlier hair like Farrah Faucet had in the 1970's. As for what I was before the symptoms hit me, was more like just a skrawny, balding person who just happened to be able to lift fairly heavy as I trained in the gym....which was WEIRD....everyone around me looked like Arnold Schwarzenegger, Brock Lesner, or Carl Weathers, yet I was more like Mr. Bean in sweat pants. Only my chest and abs were noticeable. Seems the Archons made sure I'd not be able to change much of my body.

      OH, I hope the light forces pick me, asap. I can't tell you what's it's like being in the wrong body.....all I can say, to best describe it, is like the worst of prisons....a prison without walls.

      Hope there's SOMETHING for me in this damned life, Ezra.

    2. I’m sorry to hear my friend. Original Star Wars was so good. I liked the original Star Trek, the original films and Next Generation. Still don’t know if I’m a Kirk or Picard guy— though I love Data I’m definitely a bigger Spock fan. The movie with the whales in the aquarium is my favorite.

      About Luisa I meant internally. I was obsessed with the Metroid Prime trilogy— wish they’d make more. Samus is definitely a ripped warrior on the inside, wouldn’t you say?

      Funny you mention it, I was always stronger than I looked too. So strange how our energy still shines through even if our physical bodies can’t demonstrate who we really are on the inside. I needed this. I’ve been pretty down about my physique lately. Definitely can only imagine how terrible that kind of prison would be that you’re experiencing.

      I’m sure there’s something for us, Sherman. We’ll get our ships first.

    3. Also, @Sherman, saw your other comment just now, the weight gain is for those of us that have to filter the energies of the normies. Exactly what you said, we’re like Atlas for them. Synchronicity: I was wondering yesterday what reward there would be for me at the end of all this suffering too. It’s gotta be damn good if there’s any kind of balance to be had in the universe

    4. @Ezra
      Also shows me that the human body is NOT a good thing....hence why I refer to human as 'genetically raped'. I've not seen ONE thing that being human has over being alien. And those darkies are going to know the TRUE MEANING OF PAIN once I get my chance to go after them.

      We need the damned ships to GET here first, whilst we're still ALIVE and YOUNG enough to actually enjoy it.

      SO, this weight gain, is, once AGAIN, for the 'benefit' of the mother fucking SHEEPLE, the SAME SHEEPLE that laughed, ridiculed and beat me up over the decades?

      OH, JOOOOOOOYYYYYYY!, said no one ever.

      The reward BETTER be good, otherwise I might go and take my angry out on the light forces, and I'd have every right to do so, that goes DOUBLE for the light forces ALLOWING what the darkies DID to me in the first place.
      Like in Rambo 2, when Rambo found out the US govt KNEW p.o.w.s. were STILL being held prisoner, over a decade AFTER the war ended.
      Like this: ------>
      Rambo: I want what they want,and every other guy who came over here,and split his guts and gave everything we had,what....for our country to love us as much as we ,love it,that's what I want.

      I never volunteered for any of this, Ezra. Which makes me twice as angry than the ones that did volunteer.

      And for me, definitely Kirk. Lost a lot of respect for Picard due to episodes like "Pen Pals", "First Contact", and the infamous "Homeward", Picard's got a mega hard on for the prime directive. Kirk, on the other hand, just did the right things.

      And yea, Samus is pretty much what the alien woman trapped in this body is like, and she's SCREAMING for help.

    5. Yea, genetically raped, now I fully get what you mean. Although I’m guessing they will be better once we’ve ascended— not to mention we’ll be able to heal and modify them as we see fit with the two types of med beds— I know you said you want to remove all traces of human DNA, but I want to customize my fully healed human body, as I am proud of having made it this far, and will be very proud to have come out of this alive. Hey, if we can do this as humans, maybe they’re kinda cool after all, even if the run of the mill humans are kind of wimps right now.

      Yea, we’ve had to slug it out for them. That’s why I think that while they are slowly being brought up to speed on wtf has been happening the whole time they’d been sleeping, we will get out ships and get to enjoy a vacation. I’m going to explore everything Earth has to offer before Gaia resets herself in the pole flip. Once the flip happens I’m going to go and explore far and wide. Probably visit my home system of Sirius first. I’m going to start a tribe, create a fleet for us. And then, once Earth is ready to be re-inhabited, I’m going to help found Earth’s space forces and show the humans how it’s done.

      That’s right! You’ve convinced me, Kirk and Spock fan all the way. I forgot about Picard and his prime directive fetish.

      I hope our talks can glean you even the tiniest shred of help, Sherman. I hope I get to meet you when this is over and we can share some champagne and laugh at the sheeple crying at how difficult it is for them to come to terms with reality. I salute you.

    6. @Ezrz
      Considering how many of the folks on this blog alone are talking how worn out, tired and desperate they are, doing all this 'holding the light' malarkey, I don't find humans being 'kinda cool', kinda cool does not involve, as some said, only a few fingers from falling off the cliff side. And, as I said...short lives, aging, prone to disease and thank you.

      My question is WHEN do we go on the ships to enjoy said vacation? I'm 43 now, I've been waiting 32 years, and I am NOT willing to wait another 32, not willing to wait half that long, either.

      Oh, I'll visit my home system, but I am NOT ever going to revisit earth. I left Detroit, which was a dank, urine soaked hell hole (it made Mos Eisley look like a paradise), and I'm never go back there, despite that I was born in that shithole of a city.

      Myself, once I'm fully restored, apart from getting a refresher course in combat, weapons, tech, and so on, I'll probably organize the interstellar equivalent of a militia. Why? Because Cobra said that even source itself did not create that anomaly that begun all this misery, and spent eons trying to figure it out. What I mean is IF it happened before, it MIGHT happen again, some day. And I want to be prepared for it. My motto: Live in Peace, but prepare for war.

      Let's hope WE get more than a sympathetic pat on the back from the light forces.

      And I feel Riker would have done well alongside Kirk and Spock.

    7. @Sherman,

      These are extenuating circumstances— the human psyche can only take so much abuse, and can only weather so much gaslighting. But here we are juggling all of that and rising above it to see beyond the matrix. And we did it all with our 3D bodies— which are weak, as you rightly say, yet still we persist. Imagine now a 5 or 6D human mind and body, we would be unstoppable. I would imagine compared to a 5 or 6D ET it would be essentially like changing a video game skin. So long as it’s one of the humanoid ones. Unless each humanoid ET has their own skill set I guess. I heard somewhere humans have a high creative skill compared to other species.

      Shit man, I’m not even willing to wait a year at this point. We better fuggin get them as soon as the Event happens. And it better be no further than a couple months away, judging by how close we are to the system collapsing. I’m hoping and guessing that our star families have tabs on us and they will bring us our ships as soon as it’s safe, shortly after the Event.

      You wouldn’t even care to explore the nature that this planet has to offer? That’s mostly what I’ll be checking out.

      I’m all for what you’re saying; I also want my tribe to be warriors. Live in peace but prepare for war is something I can get behind. It’s the only way we can assure we are never oppressed again. I feel that Cobra was given faulty intel— or gave us something he thought we would like to hear when he said that. I think putting any kind of limit on the Source is folly. Living in pure infinite bliss would get boring, and would also make any kind of suffering in any experience in a created universe like ours irrelevant once it’s all said and done. But I also think that believing that Earth is the final stronghold of the dark is something we’re told so we feel good about ourselves. I don’t think you and I would resonate so strongly with military ideologies if we weren’t meant for it after this is done— seeing as neither one of us is military here— and we wouldn’t need to be militaristic if the whole universe was fully sunshine and rainbows after the darkies were beat here.

      Yes, let us hope we get more than a pat, my friend.

      I never thought of that, I think you’re right, Riker would be good with them— he sort of needed a good leveling person who could relate to his emotions. Picard and Data were too stone cold where Kirk and Spock were very human.

  7. Eu entendo você LIBRA, a luz está conosco, vamos fazer isso juntos como uma família

  8. Is it DARPA or the Karma Stooges cleaning? As Ronaldinho Gaúcho would say: "they are letting us dream"

  9. Vero! Inoltre io oggi sto male ed ogni volta che sto male avverto che non sono io ma che è un attacco brutale da parte degli oscuri. Oggi è stata una giornata durissima. Ed ogni volta che provo questo , poco dopo ho la conferma che i lightworker sono stati attaccati!

  10. Great Invocation

    From the point of Light within the mind of God,
    let light stream forth into the minds of men.
    Let Light descend on Earth.
    From the point of Love within the Heart of God,
    let love stream forth into the hearts of men.
    May World Teacher return to Earth.
    From the Centre where the Will of God is known,
    let purpose guide the little wills of men –
    The purpose which the Masters know and serve.
    From the Centre which we call the race of men,
    let the Plan of Love and Light workout,
    and may it seal the door where evil dwells.
    Let Light and Love and Power restore the Plan on Earth.
    Master Djwhal Khul

    Victory of the Light!

  11. Zombi virus in coming ? 👻🎃

  12. You gotta admit, though, Libra, that this feels like some sorta messed up yo-yo up there.

  13. @Lightpower
    You and me both, Lightpower. Felt pretty rattled today as well.

    And the sun's bloody X flares don't help, either. Each time the X flares begin, I FEEL 'EM.

  14. Negotiating with bad guys often never works.

    I prefer what Scotty from Star Trek said:
    "Diplomats! The best diplomat I know is a fully activated phaser bank!"

    I say sod the negotiations and lock on target, and fire when ready.

  15. Virgin Galactic Federation of Light v.s. Chad Reptilians? They actually counterattacked successfully again?