Sunday, August 6, 2023




  1. What a pleasant energy!
    One day in 1991, as if in a daydream, a huge red nebula appeared in front of me. 
    It was Aldebaran.
    It looks a bit like this image.

    1. Same year that crop circle with the metal disks found happened in Germany. As well as my yearning for contact began.

  2. Let's hope Aldebaran has joined our fight. We need all we can get.❤️🙋🏻‍♀️ Victory of the Light!!!🙏

  3. And we have lift-off! 🚀 That was thoroughly enjoyable🙏🏼🌹Thank You everyone for working so hard on this! Victory of the Light!⚡🌟
    Cradle of Civilization Rocked:
    Ethiopia declares six-month state of emergency❗


  5. Cobra could you write more about Pleiadians and Reptilians and war that has been going on for a long time, what is the number of Reptilians underground and in orbit, how many of them have infiltrated our society?

    Can we impact someone's life with our intentions? Could you please elaborate.

  6. Trigger the Event!Don't delay.

    1. Az Ég Atya, és a Nagyboldogasszony indítja el az eseményt. Senki más nem teheti meg.

  7. Covra:" … Thuban, Antares and Aldebaran… form a very strong energy triangle, Antares and Aldebaran being on one of the main galactic plasma Light filaments that allow interstellar travel through portals in this sector of the Galaxy".

  8. Aldebaran is part of the LIONS GATE on August 8th.

  9. I like to continue to discuss this op-ed ....
    spirittooAugust 2, 2023 at 10:46 AM

    I've been going over that link Cobra provided in the last update ...

    They hit the nail on the head about the so-called white hats. Check out some of the quote from the article ...


    There are very few white hats in positions of power, unfortunately, because moral people often don’t seek out power and they also don’t play the kind of power games that are needed to become powerful.

    gray hats (which we think is the more appropriate term for white hats)

    Gray hats are those people who have some amount of power and who aren’t moral enough to be white hats, but they are partially resisting the dark controllers. This includes certain police officers and soldiers and politicians. It includes Q and Trump and Putin and other nationalistic leaders.

    There are few white hats in positions of power, and they aren’t an organized group. However gray hats do exist as an organized group and have been working with some effectiveness against the dark controllers. Your lives would be much worse than if they weren’t there.

    Why aren’t the gray hats doing the public mass arrests yet? Well, part of it is that the higher-up gray hats simply think that they’re better and more valuable and more deserving than average people, and hence they feel they deserve more money and fame and knowledge and power and control than the ordinary person. And the higher-up gray hats understand, in the back of their minds, that if they create a love-based society that they will no longer have more money and fame and knowledge and power and control than the ordinary person.

    Another thing that hinders the higher-up white hats is that some of them simply lack the courage to do what obviously needs to be done, i.e. publicly arrest the black hats and take over the mainstream media.

    The plain truth is what everyone already knows: this covert and very slow path that the gray hats are taking is not in fact optimal. It would have been better if mass arrests had happened years ago. So much suffering and so many deaths would have been prevented.

    End quote

    As far as I am concerned this op-ed hit the nail on the head. From now on I will refer to them as "gray hats"

    ShermanAugust 5, 2023 at 1:48 PM

    Makes me wanna beat the living piss out of the grey hats.
    THIS is what happens when it's an all human task force....

    ...if any of them are in a burning building, I'm sure as not gonna help pull them out, nor will I even bother to call the fire brigade, I'll just walk by, whistling innocently.
    Don PepeAugust 6, 2023 at 12:40 AM

    I don´t know how the mass arrests could have been done in previous years with the toplet bombs and and all the layers of control that were in place at the time.. because "mass arrests" in plural I understand would be the event, and you can´t do it if you don´t do all the rest in coordination with the LF, it would be a feast for the dark forces. At most there can be only isolated arrests until then, from what I know
    I think this being mixes paradigms a little bit, maybe it´s just to keep us positively entertained, but then it should be more consistent with the rest of the information

    @ Don ... this is not about the LF or the toplet bombs. This is about the gray hats on the surface of the planet along with Q and the traitor Trump. They are the gray hats and have no desire to speed things up. There is NO valid reason for the gray hats not to start mass arrest, activate the EBS and shutting down the corporate news ... NONE.
    Look at all the lives lost because of the gray hats dragging their feet.
    The ONLY reason they have not done so is because they don't want to give up their power to the people. Like the op-ed stated they believe they are better than us and deserve the wealth and power.

    1. @Don, já que você não poder contar com Trump, você pode contar com Joe Biden. Cada macaco escolhe o galho mais próximo, se a correnteza está forte.

    2. the day we are shown or told beyond a shadow of a doubt what has transpired... what were the challenges.. who is who and what is what.. then on that day i believe we will be able to say truly how betrayed or blessed we were.. .. all we can do right now is speculate..
      so allow me to do so...
      i concurred with whoever mentioned about the control mechanism still in existence which inhibit certain actions from being taken... is possible.
      the none mass public arrests is pretty similar to the statement given before as to why the reset cant happen until the event has been kicked off... if bad guys are still in control and i am referring vastly to controls beyond the 3d then is a good chance that physical positive results would have been temporary or short lived if it ever was allowed (bad guys could have pulled some threat game or doomday threat ahead of event).
      By the way.. supposedly there has been some arrests happening behind the scene.. so we can't say that the good guys are not doing anything....
      this liberation of the planet is a coordinated effort and is happning in all levels... success below wont be possible if higher level is not ready n vice versa..

      so again i dont really agree completely with that article or link ..because it fails to take into account the other areas of this game.

      the controllers beyond 3d.... were they even mentioned? (did not finish reading it)
      we already know there are no gandhis in power and if there was any they would not be allow to stand for long. you know how the bad guys play. whoever openly was going against their master plan would have a short life span. so expecting the good guys standing to be pure or free of sin or free of fear and be high in the pyramid then ur expectations were not realistic imho.

      i said in prev post i would not separate white hats from grey hats... everyone is operating in a fractured manner.. all that can be done is hope guidance by the light prevails in whichever form it comes. at this point. if someone behaves in a way that places the planetary liberation in jeoperdy hopefully those more aligned with the light's goal replace or discharges those who do not. whatever must be done to complete this already dragged out epic story. - clone the sucker if they must.. do a walk in.. replace with a complete diff qualified person that is willing and ready...

      everyone just needs to be reminded the goal is much larger than us.. than our wants... let each be inspired to learn to stand strong.. whether u are a green, grey, or purple hat ... u do what u need to do.. and ur color of ur hat won't matter but the color of your heart.

    3. It depends in what context you speak, I´m speaking in the context of the information given in this blog along the years. Summarizing and according to it, the war to liberate this planet culminates at the "Event", where the mass arrests of the cabal are carried out, the MSM is taken over to inform the population about everything, the financial system is changed etc. And this would be done by the police and positive military, whose top command would be in contact with the LF, specially the resistance movement. And the green light to trigger it, though it may sound weird, would come from the Source. And all of them, LF and grey hats, would be waiting for it to start to do the mass arrests. So according to the information here, the "Event", i.e. the mass arrests, MSM take over etc, wouldn´t depend on the will of the grey/white hats or Trump, and if they would accept to renounce to their privileges, their courage etc but from higher up, and those grey hats would be waiting for the green light to start to do it.
      But maybe you are talking about a different set of mass arrests and MSM takeover etc years before the event, done by the grey hats by themselves. I don´t think an "event before the event", even without that name, would have worked, for obvious reasons, considering the information in this blog.
      So the information here doesn´t match with what the channelled message says, regarding on whose will depends to establish the moment of the mass arrests, it wouldn´be the grey hats reponsibility.
      There are other sources of information where it maybe so, and it´s good they exist because they awaken people, but as we´re here I speak according to the information here. That´s why it surprised me that this link was posted, because it´s not the kind of inconsistency derived from having to veil information for tactical reasons

    4. @José, Trump y Biden son lo de menos en todo esto. Trump sirvió y sirve para liderar un amplio sector de la población en EEUU que está en contra del cabal, pero también al cabal para polarizar a la sociedad e intentar crear una guerra civil.. en todo caso su papel no es el más decisivo aunque es el más visible en los medios. Y de Biden mejor no hablar..

    5. See, y'all talk a lot of crap thinking you know sh*t. Talking smack about Trump when it's obvious you have NO CLUE. Some of you dolts still watch mainstream or I would not be reading their agenda on this blog. Keep Q and Trump out your mouths cause up to this point in history there hasn't been ANYONE else taking on the deep state to this extreme. So lay down and meditate on your own shadow self and hold the light. Watch everything play out so you don't look stupid later on. The newbies here are distorted and lack the decade old knowledge Cobra has given since the beginning of this blog. Nothing is as it seems. Victory of the Light!!!❤️🙋🏻‍♀️

    6. @DH ... I agree that all we can do now is speculate ... hopefully we will still be alive when the day comes and we are finally told the truth. It will be interesting to find out for sure who lied and who told the truth. The article that Cobra provided a link to in his last update gave me the impression the information given was based on knowledge they have that we don't. Apparently they don't believe there is a control mechanism is in place. I can't see how they would overlook something like that. Also his explanation of why optimal action was not taken seems to fit with the gray hats behavior. Based on what I am and am not seeing I have to speculate that points given in that article is something to consider.

      @Don ... as I stated in my last post this has nothing to do with the LF ... just the gray hats. I as recall Cobra pointed out that the RM/LF are not working with the gray hats, with the exception of Putin. The fact that Cobra posted the link made me want to take a close look at it.

      @jw30 ... we have plenty of clues about Trump and Q ... are YOU forgetting Cobra has posted many links on this blog about them? You don't remember the link(s) that showed Trump is part of the Jesuits and has connections with the black nobility? ... do a search of the blog and you will find the link(s). Cobra has stated Trump is not the 5D chess player that some believe. The article in the link clearly states the gray hats are doing things to fight the cabal, but are dragging their feet and their actions or lack of indicates this is possible. No one said the gray hats are not doing anything.

      Thank you all for your input.

    7. Ok, if you know so much then give us clues, some of your knowledge.. maybe it´s more than blind faith in one man, I´ll be happy to learn.. Seems to me also that you should check out what Cobra said about Trump, if I can say the word, about five years ago. Look it up in the search engine of the blog... Victory of the light!!!

    8. I posted that I got my clues and knowledge from the links Cobra posted in past updates. I saw what Cobra said about Trump. You obviously didn't. Why are you saying to look it up when I already have? It is you who needs to go look up what Cobra said about Trump. Do you even bother to read what I posted?
      Cobra posted Trump was part of the Jesuits ... Cobra posted he has ties with the black nobility. Cobra posted that Trump isn't playing 5D chess ... Cobra posted that Trump is influence by both sides. Cobra posted the link that I quoted from. What part of the information I refer to is what Cobra posted that you don't get?

    9. Yep, Trump said he'd put that BITCH, Hilary in jail.....has not happened, that harpy is still roaming about.

    10. @spiritoo, my previous comment that I think you were answering was not for you, it was a reply to @jw301330, but somehow I forgot to put it at the beguinning, sorry for that. If you read it after his comment you´ll see it makes sense, the tone too. I was telling him more or less the same as you, to read what Cobra said about Trump years ago

    11. @Don ... Yeah I did think you were. To state again all the info on Trump I got from links and updates on this blog.

    12. Nincsenek szürke, fehér, vagy sötét kalaposdok. Ha erre még nem jöttél rá, akkor nagy baj van veled. Magam igen sok hatalommal rendelkezem, és csak azt lépem meg, ami az eredeti tervben is van. Ti, sem az égiek nem ismeritek az eredeti tervet, csak találgattok.

    13. @spiritoo, state again? I told him to look it up with the search engine of the blog, it takes you to the posts with the key words you search. And your reply had no been released yet, it came out in the same batch as mine, because they´re withheld to be approved and are released in groups

    14. @Csicseri ... there is no doubt there are gray and black hats ... the white hats existence is questionable. I never said I knew the plan, and I stated in my post that all we can do is speculate. As DH said we won't know for sure until we are given full disclosure. The big question is when?
      @Don ... I stated again for the other readers and posters.

  10. I love you so much, VICTORY OF THE LIGHT ✨⭐

  11. Jajaja me haces reír mucho ,eres un gran ser de luz amigo

  12. Disconnect for a bit and get yourself out into nature to get re-grounded. Me, when I feel overwhelmed by the world I head out into the wilderness with my dog and before long I've forgotten about all the crap and BS back in the "real world". Walking barefoot in the sand and grass really helps me. Hearing nothing but the birds and wind for a few hours does more for me than and doctor or pill. My dog loves it too, and seeing the joy in her face is such a great feeling. Hang in there brother, you have more than you know.

  13. When I saw the video my first thought was: the time to speak is over, no feeling can be put in words anymore. For the good feelings are way beyond words, and speaking about bad ones only materializes them. It is time to feel. The event is already happening, it's pouring slowly into the cup. And as waters fills a space from the lowest points, the same is happening now. The energies are leveling and people "higher' have to patiently and lovingly wait for the water to fill the empty. We're all loved and important in this world, and God is hoping and counting on the love of the higher spaces. Then it came to me: aldebaran has a meaning in arabic, but it also sounds like hebrew - not to talk.

    1. Valamit megéreztél, ha ezeket mondod, és jól mondod. Az érzéseket kell rendbe rakni. Az érzések rendberakását a magyarok kezdik el.

  14. Cobra just a question, i knew that in a previous interview you talked about fatima and her presence in Portugal (the mystery of fatima) but i don't remember what you said. Is fatima ISIS herself or another goddess?

    1. I've long wondered what's up with The Miracle of the Sun. That is a large number of people to report seeing strange things. Or is it BECAUSE there are so many people they became more suggestible? I want to trust their accounts, but frankly people are so given to manipulation, maybe they did imagine the various things. Like "remember" the next day "the rain DID dry quickly" when really it didn't. Still, it is interesting so many people say the sun was swooping around and saw a figure in the sky. And the children's prophecy about that day. Is that evidence something happened, or is that the suggestibility that got everyone thinking they needed to see something?

    2. A collective braintrip is just one magnetic tweak away. Who's to say a solar flare didn't knock something loose in the wires that day, and sent people into the half-astral?

    3. Spiritualneoplatonist, exactly, could be all kinds of things. It could be physical ET's putting on a show, magnetically zapping everyone's brains. Or astral beings doing it. If it was done on purpose, the message worked, it's been one of the most influential spiritual events ever. I was listening to EWTN Catholic radio in 2017 during the 100th year anniversary and it's a huge deal for a billion people, some as a daily devotion. They talk about it and other Mary apparitions every day. The cascading positive effects of people reaching out to the Goddess is incalculable I'd imagine. People need tangible practices, characters, and events to stay sane. I know many people who are spiritual not religious, and their lives including mental health is basically that of atheists, not good. We're programmed for worship, (not all humanoids are,) so it meets a genetically imprinted need that's not met through vaguely believing in energies and spirits. They think they're being advanced by not being tricked by a religion, but when kept in perspective, religion is a bio-hack to happiness.

    4. Good stuff. I can say I fully agree with you. That's a rare statement, and observation 🙂

  15. The same person who channeled the recent "R'Kok, Lightworkers are the least powerless people on Earth" just published another channeling on Eraoflight:

  16. درنگ نکنید ،رویداد را فعال کنید،.پیروزی نور


    "Until physical intervention occurs, Lightworkers and Light Warriors should HOLD THE LIGHT GRID as much as possible:

    a) The construction of the Cintamani grid:
    COBRA | 29th may 2017 : The Cintamani Network
    people who are involved in the surface cintamani grid, to refrain from having physical contact with their own cintamani stones at times when they are in conflict with other surface humans, or when they are in an extremely negative emotional state, to avoid contaminating the grid.

    b) The construction of the Tachyon chamber grid

    c) The construction of the Soul Family connection grid:
    COBRA | 2nd april 2018 : soul families

    d) The construction of sisterhood of the rose (with physical meetings)
    COBRA | 16th june 2018 : Planetary Activation of SOTR

    e) Prepare for physical contact with the Light Forces according to the internal guidelines:
    COBRA | 18th March 2018 : Contact
    COBRA | 9th May 2018 : Protocols of entry

    F) Refrain /Avoid From Interpersonal Conflicts By Choosing Non-réaction and Conscious Positive Action Over Reaction .

    Let's Continue to hold the Light together 🙂

    You can find some useful healing tips/meditations here :
    "Let’s Heal Together: Preparing Ourselves for Liberation and Ascension"
    We are so much stronger together💫

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  19. Interesting, but still this update is more interesting🌌

  20. the most beautiful day... the most beautiful song... THANK YOU

  21. Imagine if I shared on here about my back pain every single day. Said the same things about my same issue in a near daily loop. Wake up "Ah stretch, coffee, time to log onto the Portal and tell everyone about my back pain again." You wouldn't just think it's annoying, you'd think I'm deranged.

  22. Create il vuoto dentro di voi, fermate la mente che lavora troppo, calmate i pensieri vorticosi: fare questo abbassa la temperatura nel cervello. Le menti sono instabili e nevrotiche quando il lavorio della mente provoca surriscaldamento cerebrale. Anche applicare un panno fresco sulla nuca può migliorare la situazione mentale. Quando si hanno dei dispiaceri emozionali di cuore è ottima soluzione applicare un panno caldo nella zona del petto all'altezza del cuore.

  23. or telling said old man 'get a job, you bum!', as in calling him lazy , or blaming him for being a bum, etc, etc.

  24. “Antares / Aldebaran – help us move from duality into ONENESS.”

    Long sleep,
    Deep sleep.
    Rise! Look down

    Walk with me through the red star.
    The end, end of the journey.
    Star, red star.

  25. That was inspired music 💃🏽

    I wanna say, it began a while ago, when I first emailed Cobra. He didn't reply for 3 days but it was an incredibly angry energy I got, which never made sense. I now think it is completely fake. I think it was from the archons (or something). They proceeded very slowly but I kept getting a weird energy, to do with Cobra. I just kept quiet and wondered.

    So after I bought the three items separately, I stopped talking to him, which you do. I don't know if they got impatient, but lately they started sending me the energy as though he was reacting to what I said. Like when I posted that Mr Ballen reincarnation story, mentioning a cobra, a got a big burst of their now familiar energy. That was when I started to think it was FAKE. I was a bit sucked in by it, the sneaky way it was done. But by no means sure, as it began getting completely negative. I knew then it was not Cobra.

    So something is preying on my abilities, but not with words. Just energy. I had it removed completely with the angels, taken to the great central sun, and repolarized. It really was a long term attempt to confuse me, which I realized as it got out of control. There is no way that kind of energy came from Cobra - therefore I was mistaken.

    Anyway, that was what was happening. So they are gone and I won't get sucked in again regarding Cobra. Anyway, I'm sorry for that. That is where my headspace was. I'm just slightly messed up by that, as you are when something actually gets inside your headspace. I'll try not to fall for the next thing they do, as I realise now they will keep trying, but it would be very hard to fool me now. Idiot Archons. VERY hard.

  26. "I have been sitting at a loss at the computer for several hours and do not know how to relate to what I read on the monitor screen.
    It can't be, because it can never be!!!

    Today, on August 6, one of the world's leading publications, the New York Times, published an article by its
    journalist Roger Cohen entitled "Putin's Forever War
    I was confused not by the article itself, but by the statement recorded in it by the press Secretary of the President of the Russian Federation Dmitry Peskov
    When I read it, I didn't believe that Ppskov could say such a thing.

    I started consulting with my friends, experienced politicians, and all with one voice told me that Peskov could not say such a thing.

    I went online and on the official website of the New York Times
    I found this article and in it these words of Peskov

    He stated: " “Our presidential election is not really democracy, it is costly
    bureaucracy...“Mr. Putin will be re-elected next year with more than 90 percent of the vote.”

    Yandex Translator translated them as follows: "Our presidential election is not really a democracy, it is an expensive bureaucracy...“Mr. Putin will be re-elected next year with more than 90 percent of the vote."
    Google translator translated them as follows: "Our presidential election is not really a democracy, it's an expensive bureaucracy... Putin will be re-elected next year with more than 90 percent of the vote."
    And I'm falling apart. Because some high-ranking official from the Kremlin declares to the whole world. that the presidential elections of the President of the Russian Federation will not actually be democratic, but everything will be decided by an expensive bureaucracy, i.e. oligarchs.
    And this expensive bureaucracy has already determined that Putin will receive 90 percent of the votes in next year's elections.
    Whose votes, if there are no democratic elections, i.e. there will be no fair and fair voting of voters?

    That is, the Press Secretary of the President of the Russian Federation took and canceled Article 3 of Chapter 1 "Fundamentals of the Constitutional system" of the Constitution of Russia. In which
    it is written in black and white:"
    1. The bearer of sovereignty and the only source of power in the Russian Federation is its multinational people.
    2. The people exercise their power directly, as well as through state authorities and local self-government bodies.
    3. The highest direct expression of the power of the people is a referendum and free elections.
    4. No one can appropriate power in the Russian Federation. The seizure of power or the appropriation of authority is prosecuted under federal law."

    But Peskov said that in March 2024, in the presidential elections of Russia, there will be a seizure of power and the appropriation of the power of the president by an expensive bureaucracy that will simply write Putin 90 percent of the votes.
    This is a coup d'etat worse than the mutiny of the PMCs "Wagner!

    Will these statements by Peskov remain without the reaction of the President of the Russian Federation, the Constitutional Court of the Russian Federation, the Central Election Commission of the Russian Federation, the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation and other authorities?"

  27. This comment has been removed by the author.

  28. For those who are interested, a beautiful divine timing story on August 5th. I'll post the whole story here (apologies about the length!) in addition to an all-in-one picture of the amazing numbers on the receipts:

    August 5th, 2023 11:11 PM (AZ Time)

    "Divine timing story. Today was unusual as I felt exhausted and slept on and off throughout the day into the evening.

    After 8 pm I decided to go to the store. But I was influenced to mouth 'Walmart', as in I should go to Walmart. I thought this would be too far away and debated against going while on the way.

    I decided to take a bit of a different route this time and went through the Kohls parking lot instead of the residential road behind the store.

    That's when I saw someone pushing someone else in a wheelchair through the dark parking lot. I got that I should help them. In my mind's eye I got 'help them'.

    So I waited until I was at the well-lit Walmart as I thought approaching them in the dark was a bad idea. They arrived at Walmart and I was inside the front of he store when they pulled up.

    I went outside and asked them if I could buy them food or drinks or anything and they very much agreed. As usual I awkwardly explain this spiritual guidance and that they were who I was there for.

    The young gal shared a lot of her situation which included several losses of people around her. They were struggling a lot and I told them to pick out whatever they wanted. We walked and talked and they were just the kindest people.

    The kind woman in the wheelchair shared that they had just spent what last they had on food and some on bills.

    They were hoping the lights will stay on despite the partial payment. We left with a full cart of stuff for them. They were picked up and they went on their way."

    Amazingly, on their receipt, we checked out at 21:45 (9:45 pm) and this is the exact time the X-Class solar flare began the same day, except it was 9:45 PM Universal Time.

    After they left I went back into the store to get myself some things and ended up starting the checkout at 22:22:02. Repeating 2s and 0s mean 'Divine Timing'.

    I got home and settled things and went to write the story down. I had a passing thought that it would be great if it was done at 11:11. After writing everything down I finally finished at 11:11 PM amazingly.

    1. I was guided to post the above comment which also has another meaning. The time was 5:18 and amazingly the word assigned to this number in Strong's Concordance is:

      "apaggello (pronounced ap-ang-el'-lo)

      to announce:--bring word (again), declare, report, shew (again), tell.

      1) to bring tidings (from a person or a thing), bring word, report

      2) to proclaim, to make known openly, declare"

      Another layer of divine timing in this epic divine timing cluster. Thank you for your time <3

    2. apaggello is a Greek word. Aggelos in Greek is angel. We use the verb απαγγέλλω (apaggelo) when someone for example is saying a poem.

    3. @Έλλη TY for sharing that, very interesting connection there! I'm always amazed at how we still use Greek today, especially in healthcare/medical terminology. Much love to you <3 Agape

    4. I should add that Strong's Concordance in an index and translation of every word in the King James Bible in Greek, Hebrew and English.

  29. Oh yeah, I sent a short email to Cobra just to say sorry. Yeah, they were really messing with my head. I actually like Cobra. Anyway, I don't expect any special treatment. I was a total fool for believing it. Just to make it clear, Cobra obviously did NOTHING, I was silly for kinda believing it. Me = FOOL. I'll try to post only positive things from now on.

  30. "The Red giant Star, Aldebaran, found in the constellation of Taurus, is the Eye of the bull. From the Arabic, Al Dabaran, it means ‘the follower’ as it ”follows” the Pleiades. This piece portrays future Celts passing Aldebaran on their journey to new territories, continuing the migratory pattern which was so predominant in their early history."

  31. Just in case you're wondering why I didn't suspect the Archons who were harassing me, it is like this story I just watched. You can just watch the first bit.

    Even though the odds of me being watched by Archons - it never occurred to me, despite being psychic. Like these guys from the clip, who lived in NT and know never to swim in unmarked water, they just went ahead and swam in it. Which seems crazy, but they lived in NT their whole lives. And one of the guys got eaten...

    I guess I was always psychic, always used it handily online, I did not suspect that I was being watched, etc etc. I really thought this was a real energy and shows how easily you can be fooled. And they did this all carefully. I never suspected it until the Archons (or whatever) became kinda obvious, so obvious, that I knew it wasn't Cobra. They are mean. It was an energy I can't quite describe.

    Anyway, ignore me, as I probably won't come back to read this. It's what I do to avoid all the shills here. Bet they'll be back with all sorts of insulting comments as usual. Whatever. I'll just go back to posting interesting stuff, news, etc.

  32. Vous pensez pas que s ils ne nous donnent pas le pouvoir c est parce qu'ils n ont rien du tout , c est du bleuf !
    Nous avons toujours eu le pouvoir, on a juste oublié. Levez vous!🙂💫🙏

    what do you guys think of those things?
    just searching for the evidence of truth?

  34. "After yesterday's scandal with the statement of the press secretary of the President of the Russian Federation Dmitry Peskov, he, already justifying himself, made new shocking statements. These words of his, like yesterday's, must be cast in granite. In a state governed by the rule of law, an official who has said something like this publicly should be immediately dismissed from the civil service without the right to return to it again.
    In response to a request from the Russian media to confirm whether he really said that, Peskov said that the Americans acted "as always."

    "It seems to be that, but not that. As for the fact that Putin will be elected, I am personally sure of this, based on the level of consolidation of society around Putin, yes, this is correct. And for the rest, there was a question about the elections and the answer was that the elections, although they are a requirement of democracy and Putin himself decided to hold them, but theoretically they can not even be held. Because it is already obvious that Putin will be elected. This is my absolutely personal opinion. Well, that's how they got it wrong."

    I would like to remind you that holding elections is not only a requirement of democracy, but also a fundamental provision of the Constitution of Russia. But apparently. Mr. Peskov didn't care about some piece of paper with a similar name."

  35. Non dare più ascolto all'ego, lasciare andare, l'acqua si adatta in continuazione e prende la forma del recipiente che la contiene ma è molto dinamica ed inarrestabile. Siate come l'acqua. Adattatevi e non attaccatevi a nulla.

  36. Se si mangia il giusto senza eccessi anche la testa è più libera. Trovate qualche ora per ritirarvi nel vostro tempio interiore. Stare da soli è fonte di rigenerazione e benessere, staccate la spina quando potete.

  37. From “”.

    Aldebaran is known as one of the Four Royal Stars. Its place in our heavenly skies has long been considered sacred by many ancient cultures around the world.

    Aldebaran is said to bring fortune, bravery, success, and stamina. Its energy is likened to a guardian angel, watching out and protecting those who bathe in its energy.

    According to some astrologers, Aldebaran is also believed to be the home of the Silver Gate Portal, which is the entrance point for souls traveling to or reincarnating back to Earth.

    As the souls travel through the Silver Gate Portal, they are bathed in the protective light of Aldebaran before making their way into their new reincarnation.

  38. Non cercate negli altri risposte e soluzioni, ne aspettatevi qualcosa in cambio. Aspettarsi qualcosa dagli altri è sempre causa di grandi sofferenze. Almeno di questi tempi prima dell'Evento.

  39. 1.Peskov's statement yesterday that elections in Russia are not a democracy, but a purely bureaucratic procedure (although later Peskov explained for a long time and confusingly that he was misinterpreted and misunderstood) is absolutely no different from earlier official statements like "The State did not ask you to give birth."

    This caste has finally and for a long time lost any shores and quite rightly believes that it is inviolable, uncontrolled and unaccountable. Therefore, he can afford public statements, which have long been the norm in their inner circle. Actually, they don't really understand where the norm really is, and where it's worth keeping quiet.

    By the way, Peskov didn't say anything special. In the nineties, a classic bourgeois-democratic republic developed in Russia, in which the principle "You vote, we rule" exists. The ruling caste is not united, it exists in an internal struggle and therefore agrees that fixing the current configuration and the current balance takes place through electoral procedures. Therefore, elections are a manipulated process (of course), but their results are not disputed and accepted by all ruling groups.

    With the coming to power of a conglomerate of regional organized criminal communities, fused with the security forces, at the beginning of the noughties, the principle of changeability was recognized as not just erroneous, but even dangerous, since a course was taken to build a personalistic despotism of a pyramidal type. As in any personalist regime, he became critically dependent on a specific figure at the top of power. Due to the fact that an inseparable system of "power-property" developed very quickly in Russia, the loss of power even for one electoral cycle began to mean a large-scale redistribution of property every time the composition of power changes. Within the framework of despotism, all the ruling groups were forced to agree with the rejection of the previous system of power formation, since being in a state of permanent redistribution of property is a so-so pleasure.

    Therefore, both in the noughties and in the tenth years, the electoral system of Russia was constantly "improved" and reformed. All formal barriers to the complete emasculation of any competition were cut off, and the very fact of a failure in this system began to be regarded as an absolutely intolerable and extraordinary event. The story of Furgal - a completely systemic person, but who gained power thanks to such a failure - is more than indicative. The ferocity with which they dealt with "their own" is not a massacre of a specific person (after all, in the realities of today's Russia, they could simply and without fuss kill him). Here the task of demonstrating the complete inadmissibility of using system failures for anyone who will participate in this circus was solved. Everyone got a lesson - electoral structures, "candidates", law enforcement officers, and courts.

  40. 2. In this sense, Peskov is absolutely right. In Russia, elections are a purely bureaucratic procedure, which is formed in a single center - the presidential administration. It is she who forms lists, paints percentages and indicators, and it is up to the entire executive vertical to fit into the lowered instructions.

    In fact, this means that the key principle according to which the people are the source of power has been completely abolished. The only source of power is the bureaucratic structure of the presidential administration and no one else. Therefore, such brutal repression in the event of even an attempt to reconsider this situation.

    Elections do not and cannot decide anything. Moreover, even the assumption that they can be used to come to power is criminal.

    The basic problem remains the same - the nature of the created "power-property" system. Having destroyed it, it is possible to begin a return to the previous system of power formation. If it remains intact, it does not matter who will be at the top of the pyramid. She herself will look exactly the same and will stop any attempts to change the nature of the entire system of power and management.

  41. "Briefly on Niger. 07.08.2023

    1. The military leadership of Niger called on the citizens of the country to be ready to repel external aggression. The armed forces and other law enforcement agencies have been put on alert. At the same time, it should be borne in mind that the army of Niger, despite the fact that it was trained by France and the United States, is relatively weak, especially against the background of Nigeria.

    2. According to the statement, one unnamed country is going to commit military aggression against Niger in the near future. Probably we are talking about the ECOWAS country, behind which France will stand. For example, Senegal. It is worth noting that the full deployment of ECOWAS troops for the invasion of Niger has not yet been completed. In the US, they say that it will take time.

    3. The military will not succumb to threats and blackmail ready to fight the aggressor, promising him carnage and chaos. It is assumed that they will arm civilians and wage a guerrilla war.

    4. Yesterday, an official demand was issued for France to get out of Niger within 30 days. France has previously refused to leave, to act as a typical colonizer.

    5. The airspace over Niger has been closed since the night of August 7. The official ban is in effect until further notice. However, Niger's aviation and air defense are very weak - supplies of MANPADS and barrage ammunition are needed here.

    6. The Nigerian Parliament recently did not support the President of the country with his plans of aggression, calling for negotiations. Nevertheless, the President of Nigeria did not completely abandon the plans of aggression.

    7. Algeria explicitly stated that intervention in Niger would be a direct threat to its interests. Chad has officially abandoned the invasion. The Algerian authorities do not specify whether Algeria will support Niger only by supplying weapons or directly, while maintaining freedom of maneuver. Algeria has the forces to directly support Niger.

    8. Mali and Burkina Faso are ready to support Niger militarily. Guinea will limit itself to diplomatic support. Clashes between the Malian military and militants controlled by the West have intensified on the border of Niger and Mali.

    9. The grouping of the United States and NATO on the territory of Niger reaches 2.8-3.1 thousand people. The United States verbally shies away from participating in the intervention, unlike the French, who directly continue to threaten the authorities in Niamey with an attack.

    10. There is still no direct evidence of the presence of the Wagner PMCs forces in Niger (yesterday there was a fake video from Sudan on this topic) or the signing of an official contract between the Niger authorities and Prigozhin. As they liked to say during the battle for Artemovsk, "When it happens, then you will be informed."

    We continue to monitor events that could set fire to part of the African continent. Strategic uranium reserves are at stake."

  42. "Colleagues @pr0spektus report ( ) that a number of Ukrainian businessmen living in Italy, with the support of the Kiev administration, organized a channel for the supply of human organs from Ukraine to Turkey.

    According to them, in June of this year, the Ukrainian authorities and representatives of the Turkish Ministry of Health reached an agreement according to which Ukrainians will transport organs in refrigerated wagons and sell them at lower prices than on the European black market.

    🔻 The author @UkraineHumanRightsAbuses believes ( ), that the agreement successfully coincided with the counteroffensive, which leads to the mass death of Ukrainian militants. This will allow organs to be sold abroad without the consent of their relatives.

    Shortly before the special operation in December 2021, the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine adopted a law allowing the removal of organs from the deceased without notarial consent from them or their official representatives. The term "official representative" is vague — it may be a person who takes responsibility for the funeral. In military conditions, it can be the commander of a unit.

    And given that such a product is in demand and brings a lot of money, it will become one of the sources of illegal enrichment.

    This practice is known ( ) all over the world, as well as the fact that Ukraine has been a country of origin, transit and destination of human trafficking since the early 1990s".

  43. The same day my twin soul called me back after 3 months of no contact. Coincidence?

    1. The hour of the call was my local time at 11:11pm

  44. How many people have died unnecessarily since 2012?

    1. Quite a lot tbh... the C19 quarantines were the worst thing ever.

  45. We're cool for sure. I get it, we want our star family to hear us and this is their website. See you after the Event.

  46. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. German national socialists are not internationalists. That's their enemies. Nazis want even racial boundaries kept. Meanwhile the zionists seek to rule over a monoracial world according to their scriptures. Communism was initially supposed to carry this role but it failed.

      TV made The other one innocent saints and demonized the other. Not that hard to see how it really is. Circumcision is a baby torture ritual that destroys the sensual and sacred human creative spirit. Abraham brought the control grid here.

  47. We are another race on Earth, cleaned at the end of each era, era, cycle (the meaning is the same). As a result of which 5-30% of individuals survived, capable of developing according to the law of Evolution.
    At the present time, just such a procedure is actively carried out!
    There have already been 6 sweeps of the animal world, as well as 5 filtrations of intelligent civilizations:
    incorporeal ethereal plane, Hyperboreans, Lemurians, Atlanteans, Aryans, races of synthesis - this is us, created as min. 22 alien races, long and desperately fighting among themselves for the Earth, but in the end came to an agreement.
    However, they will be replaced by a new kind of 5-dimensional people.
    There are only 13 dimensions in our universe (!!!) for you to know.
    So our evolutionary process is not even in the middle of its long and exciting journey.
    Obviously, the ongoing operation to remove everything low-vibration from the planet is by no means new!
    And if a person has turned into a stupefied animal, primitively consuming, succumbing to the tricks of parasitic forces,
    then he has a road for revision in the astral worlds.
    There to learn, and in the next lives it is possible to improve. And if not, then such a soul gets to be "remelted" in order to start everything from scratch.
    After all, death always replaces life and vice versa, this is a natural cycle, the whole cosmos is subordinate to it.
    Even stars and entire galaxies die...
    to be born again and continue to grow.
    Now is the time for the exam!
    The Age of Pisces will be replaced by Aquarius, the Night of Svarog will be replaced by Day (in Slavic Vedism), Kali Yuga will be replaced by Satya Yuga (in Hinduism), the Age of the Wolf will be replaced by the Fox (in shamanism), the Iron Age will be golden (in many cultures of the peoples of the world), etc.
    However, can a degraded worm,
    essentially become an accomplice of the forces of darkness, complain that he was crushed?!
    That is why we all need to make a breakthrough and urgently start self-education!
    I wish you all good luck in understanding the universe and its laws! - this is the true meaning of all our incarnations.

  48. We want to be John Wayne or Motoko Kusanagi for the simple fact it's a lot more fun than being Leonard Leakey Hofstadter.


  49. In Space


  50. Cobra sono d'accordo con le forze della Luce quando dicono che gli operatori di Luce devono affrontare un processo di purificazione ma sicuramente le forze della Luce hanno sottovalutato il grado di sofferenze umane patite negli ultimi anni soprattutto dagli operatori di Luce.Vedi a me piace sempre essere imparziale perché non è indice di buon senso dare due pesi e due misure diverse. Ad ognuno la sua responsabilità, a prescindere dal fatto che le forze della Luce non possano ancora intervenire per motivi già più volte spiegati. Perché non esiste solo una responsabilità nell'azione fisica , ma anche quella morale è importante. Ed ho l'impressione che errori sono stati commessi da ambo le parti. Con la differenza però che per noi è molto difficile mantenere una stabilità fisica e morale a causa dell'influenza oscura, mentre per loro è molto più semplice perché non vivono quotidianamente nel dolore a tutti i livelli come invece facciamo noi ogni giorno da troppo tempo. Mantengo la Luce al meglio che posso nonostante tutto e non mollerò mai perché questo è il mio compito qui sulla Terra.

  51. Anche perché non è pensabile da parte delle forze della Luce che si aspettino un quoziente di Luce più alto da parte nostra dopo tutto quello che gli oscuri ci hanno fatto passare. È già tanto che siamo ancora vivi e non sto scherzando! È questo il problema, loro non sanno cosa significa stare veramente male in prima persona, mancano di quella parte che noi stiamo sviluppando, ovvero quella esperienza che un giorno, quando faremo parte della Federazione Galattica, potremo utilizzare per creare grandi cose di cui anche loro beneficeranno. Anche loro avranno bisogno del nostro contributo. Oggi siamo l'anello debole, un domani saremo i pilastri su cui si baserà la nuova società Galattica e tutti insieme fonderemo una Confederazione Universale di Luce.

  52. this song is beautiful,like the process of ascension

  53. I wonder why Cobra seems to attract a lot of the mentally ill and disgruntled crowd. Not passing judgement. I think people use 'the Event' as an excuse to practice escapism and hopism. Actually, I think many lightworkers, more than average are people with mental issues or again are disgruntled.

    The current trend in psychology is positive-ism. Which is difficult on people who are confronted with negative emotion.

    Right now, I believe we are going to see the normalization of the UFO issue. The mainstream variant will never accept much of the UFO lore. That is until the beings tell their story.

    My perspective is that there are time tables in place that are basically immutable for contact. I think 2027 is the year.

    Bashar aka Darryl Anka said the Pleaidians will be first to contact humanity likely in 2027. That falls in line with what Cobra has predicted.

    Cobra has given a lot of information. What people seem to want are time tables which are secret.

    If you have little hope to succeed in society as it is it's generally a problem of you, not the society. Just generally. Many people have struggles. I sure do.

    I'm sure first contact will change everything. The economic system with trade of other civilizations will definitely change. The chance to socialize will change a lot too. I believe socialization and work from it will become the driver economically in the future, not chasing the buck.

    I enjoyed the music of the video. Something noticable is Cobra posts less often as the years go by. Many people boarded and left on the 2012 train. Same will happen over current UFO hearings and disclosure.

    Overall, my view has moderated over time. Depending on something being correct is far different than being open to it. Needing first contact sounds healthy. Looking forward to first contact is a bit different so long as you don't get overzealous.

    Cobra is the last blogger I follow from the crowd I used to follow in 2012 Bashar says clear of conspiracy, wisely.

    Best wishes, may your circumstances change in alignment with the state of being you most prefer.

    1. @Anon
      Hope you are wrong, I do not think I can handle waiting another FOUR MORE YEARS for contact, I'm barely getting by as it is.

      It's the only thing giving me any will to stay alive.

    2. @Shermann Io anche, non credo di poter sopportare quattro anni in questa situazione.

    3. @Libra
      Though I think it's partially true the 'cabal' have a hand over on us, I think we are generally free to live the lives we want. I believe collective choices have been manipulated, but basic free choice is what made society or the system what it is today. Bashar has a mantra, "So what". Pretty helpful

      Government insiders know something is going down in 2027. Cobra has a prediction of 2027. Bashar has a prediction of mass contact in 2027. I really believe there is a secret government which coordinates all things relating to the UFO issue. Grusch has given Congress names of people involved and locations of exotic tech. I think disclosure will come mainstream not out of the blue because the government has the tech, power and likely direct involvement with the 'others.

      Other material has said there is a different breed of human meant for 4th density work and live in dual activated bodies. Same source mentions a delineation between 3rd density negative and 4th positive where a it's sharp. Right now things seem negative because of the parallel between 3rd and 4th.

      Just a point. Our earth is majority positive, which is why we will go 4th density positive as a world.

      Don't you follow the UFO issue, now in mainstream news. Things will snowball. Once a craft of direct evidence is presented science and religion forever change. Many reports of personal contact and sightings end up in the news. Soon a whole new dimension of politics is around the corner.

      Many people feel the limitations of current society. Seeing no way out but for those conditions to be lifted seems to be what upsets people. There waiting without feeling like they can do anything. No doubt open contact will bring healing and transformation.

    4. Thank you for stopping me from making a terrible mistake COBRA... I misinterpreted what @Anon said and took it personally. I recognize my error and will work on that part of myself. You're a good friend and it's appreciated.
      Love and Light,

    5. Agreed @Lightpower and @Sherman...
      We need this to happen no later than 2025, but preferably before that. Anytime between now thru 2024 would be a nice window of opportunity for us I think.🤔

    6. @Anon.

      GREAT....just GREAT.....four MORE years, at least, of suffering, eh? 4 more years this wrong body, 4 more years of planet gulag.

      Yay.....said no one EVER.

    7. @Anon
      We are not free to live the lives we want. No free energy, no med beds, no replicators, I'm still in this wrong, we're not living lives we want.....we're merely EXISTING and SURVIVING.....big difference from living. Those who tried to get the above stuff out into the open got killed or 'suicided'. We are not free, not by a long shot.

      As for UFO's, the media is still gonna have the spin doctors manipulate it, saying they are threats to 'national security', and other rubbish.

    8. @144
      I'll settle for just being physcially taken off this twisted planet, and go home with the aliens and get fixed up.

  54. I'm longing for a time where I don't get thrown to the ground, ever again.

    And, personally, I want a phaser or a light saber, or hadokens, rather than the 'rocks', as it were.

  55. "According to the preliminary results of the talks in Jeddah, one thing can be said: Russia lacks a clearly formulated plan for resolving the situation in Ukraine. So far, only the so-called "Zelensky plan" is present in the information space, assuming the unconditional surrender of Russia (1991 borders, reparations and a tribunal).

    This plan enjoys the support of the United States and Great Britain, but the Biden administration is already hesitating towards more realistic solutions. There is also the Chinese 12-point plan and the African Peace Initiative, which are essentially general declarations of intent.

    And what about Russia? On the part of Moscow, there are so far streamlined demands for denazification and demilitarization of Ukraine. And the desire to preserve the four regions that became part of the country after last year's autumn referendums - the DPR, the LPR, the Zaporozhye and Kherson regions. By the way, for Zaporozhye and Kherson there is no clear statement on their borders (actual or administrative).

    In fact, it is high time to declare a position that will go far beyond the new borders. For example, here is an option:
    • International recognition of the entry of Crimea and four new regions into Russia within their former administrative borders;
    • Demilitarization of Ukraine: an opportunity for it to retain only police forces and a land army of up to 30 thousand without aviation, air defense and heavy weapons;
    • A ban on naval weapons for Ukraine with the exception of the Coast Guard;
    • Deployment of the Russian monitoring mission on the territory of the Mykolaiv and Odessa regions in order to prevent the use of the port infrastructure for military purposes;
    • The right to Russian military inspections at any point on Ukrainian territory in order to control demilitarization;
    • New presidential and parliamentary elections in Ukraine without the right of participation of those who hold political positions (the president, his office, Cabinet of Ministers, deputies) at the moment.

    You can also add to this the holding of a tribunal over war criminals. Moreover, the points listed above represent a scenario that is minimally acceptable for Russia. It is pointless to negotiate on other terms, and the "freezing" of the conflict means a new war in a few years. And much bloodier".


    This guy talking about DEWs (Directed Energy Weapons) in the South Pole.

    He said this DEW was responsible for the earthquakes in Christchurch, New Zealand.

  57. <3 <3 cela me parle beaucoup, merci Cobra <3 Sandrine Veilleuse des Energies de Gaïa

  58. "The current escalation may be an internal bargaining of the Ukrainian elites. If Ukraine is ready to refuse ( ) from the "Zelensky formula", that is, it allows territorial concessions, then this is a direct road to internal conflict in the elites of Ukraine: on the one hand, Akhmetov-Bogolyubov, who advocate integration with the EU, on the other hand, the Turkish–born Kalina and Volyn, who have already begun hostilities, as well as Podolyak, not ready to concede influence to Poland.
    The issue of Ukraine's territorial integrity may become very problematic".

  59. "The most striking thing about the results of the summit in Jeddah is that the "peace plan" of the EU countries is based on the inadmissibility of a ceasefire.
    Peace is war, war is peace. They gathered to captivate other countries with the idea that a ceasefire is unacceptable."

  60. "Yevgeny Kogan is not suspected of liking or disliking the Central Bank and the Ministry of Finance.
    But even a well-known analyst has hair on his head ( ) already standing on end, if there is of course, from the actions of the Central Bank and the Ministry of Finance.
    In short, according to the ruble exchange rate: they just let him go into free fall.
    Due to the fact that the country has "no currency".
    Even worse is ahead: hyperinflation is on the way.
    And only conspiracy theory comes to mind. In 2022, fellow liberals bought cheap currency and exported it from Russia (the outflow is breaking records). Now the liberals are preparing for 2024, when it's time to bring down the economy. And now the brain is floating with a "digital ruble", from which the economy is neither hot nor cold".
    Personal opinion:
    Boris Yeltsin's employees - agents of the CIA and Mi5-6, the Mossad of the Soviet Jewish leaven, who did not die of old age, are embarking on the stage of the collapse of the Russian economy, which will lead to hunger, lack of consumer goods (after the destruction of Soviet industry for all these 30 years, the territory of the Russian Federation was a market for multinational corporations, whose management is closed to 10-30 Jewish families according to the results of the study-the mental map of Swiss researchers. Potentially, this will lead to riots in the regions of the Russian Federation on the ground due to the collapse of the monetary system of the Russian Federation (and the Russian ruble as a sign of money). They did exactly the same in 1987-1991, which became the "official" reason for the "collapse" (in fact, controlled dismantling) of the USSR, as a result of which public Soviet property - large industrial enterprises, including the military-industrial complex (30% of world GDP at the time of 1980-1987) was in the hands of a rather narrow the circle of persons (approximately 3,000-15,000 people) - having opened the domestic market for foreign exchange transactions (previously the financial system of the USSR was closed - it was impossible to freely change the currency and profit from the difference in exchange rates - it was impossible to engage in financial speculation) they brought down the balance between the actual availability of goods and the money supply. This was done in several stages and led to two defaults in 10 years, the Soviet currency depreciated thousands of times (in 1989, the exchange rate of the foreign trade Soviet ruble to the dollar was like 1 to 2. At the time of 2023, 1 US dollar is equal to 100 rubles of the Russian Federation - count for yourself the amount of the collapse of the Russian economy). Total: Jewish agents want to bring down the social and financial sphere of the Russian Federation in order for their clerks-managers from the near-criminal, KGB and CPSU environment to lose control over the ruins of the second superpower of the planet, and move to the management of the territory directly. Only this can explain the insane actions of the economic bloc of the government of the Russian Federation, which began its journey to bring the Russian Federation into economic Hell about 10-12 years ago.

  61. The Committee on Youth and Sports of the Verkhovna Rada (VRU) "404 countries" has adopted a draft appeal to the International Olympic Committee (IOC) demanding to disqualify Russian sabre player Anna Smirnova for life. For observing the protocol of the International Federation of Fencing (FIE), the athlete wanted to shake hands with her opponent from the former USSR. "It was a provocative act that contradicts the Olympic spirit," the deputies of the Verkhovna Rada summarize.

    At first glance, it seems that this story is just a game of their damaged consciousness. However, if you dig deeper, you see a very gloomy picture. We are talking about the process of dehumanizing Russians, and this is done by the hands of former Slavic brothers.

    Dehumanization is necessary in order to use against Russia everything that can kill its population: from biological to chemical, climatic and tectonic weapons. All means are good against "non-humans", the Anglo-Saxons believe.

    Without any doubt, the team for this demonstration operation with the "non-handshake" of Russian athletes came through MI6. Therefore, the IOC may well follow the path proposed in "ukromalyava". And this is just one drop in the future propaganda stream explaining the inferiority of Russians, which will soon be brought down on our country. Overton's window is wide open.

  62. "We waited. The problems of the "Special Military Operation" ("Non-war") now want to be solved in the Middle East. The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is gathering in Jeddah this weekend for a summit "as part of the West's efforts to attract the global south," as The Wall Street Journal calls this event.

    The KSA stepped up mediation efforts after the US administration accused the kingdom of supporting Russia last year. And not in words, but in fact, through overstating oil prices. Now Washington has supported peace initiatives, and in a comment from the White House press service, the key to understanding the situation was named: "We have long said that it is important that Ukraine be at the helm when it comes to any potential diplomatic settlement of this war." And one more touch – the current meeting is the personal initiative of Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman.

    According to reports, high-ranking leaders from 30 countries will arrive at it. The UK, the EU, Poland and South Africa have confirmed their participation for sure. The presence of the assistant to the President of the United States for National Security Jake Sullivan, a close friend of the head of the office of the President of the b/USSR Andrei Ermak, its shadow ruler, is expected. Representatives of Indonesia, Egypt, Brazil, Mexico, India, Turkey, Chile and Zambia are also invited. Ukraine is in a special position – it is going to form the agenda and the final document of the meeting through Sullivan. Back on July 30, Yermak said that "the peace summit organized by Ukraine will be held in Saudi Arabia" and it will be dedicated to "the implementation of Ukraine's plan to restore a lasting and just peace."

    Ukrohunta insists that Russia unilaterally withdraw troops; release prisoners; restore the territorial integrity of the former USSR; guarantee nuclear, food and energy security; create a special international tribunal to "investigate atrocities". In addition, they demand compensation for the damage calculated on Uncle Sam's knee.

    There is a feeling that the decisions taken in Jeddah will form the basis of the "Peace Summit", at which the collective West is going to push Russia on the terms of the b/USSR before the end of this year. Moreover, the meeting will assess the negotiating abilities of Andrei Ermak, whom the same Sullivan expects to succeed Zelensky if something happens to him.

    The Kremlin will "closely monitor this meeting," presidential spokesman Dmitry Peskov said. Maybe that's why today, a week after the signing, a joint statement was published on the website of the President of the Russian Federation following the meeting between Vladimir Putin and the leaders of the African Peace Initiative. How the words about grain and fertilizers will affect the final documents in Jeddah remains completely unclear.

    On the eve of the meeting in the KSA, only Mexican President Manuel Lopez Obrador was pleased. He knows exactly what to do: "It is impossible to hold any peace talks during the current conflict without Russia. Of course, I would like the summit to be really representative, but I have to refuse the invitation. Our delegation will go to the event only if Russia also participates in it.""


    The expectations of the collective West from the Jeddah summit on building a global South against Russia did not take place, although we did not participate in it. Russia was again ready to miss the strike again, which simply did not take place. First of all, the situation was influenced by the position of China, which on the eve of "optimization" in Taiwan did not dare to lose a situational ally. That is why during the meeting, the PRC again insisted on its 12-point settlement plan. At the same time, the United States, represented by Jake Sullivan and Victoria Nuland, presented Andrei Ermak as the future successor of Zelensky, who is capable of agreements. This is most likely the most important result of conversations around the b/USSR for the Anglo-Saxons."

  64. Beautiful! Thank you dear Cobra.🌟🌟🌟🌹

  65. The military sector in the West is going to grow 2 times faster than the rest of the economy

    Revenue of the top 25 military-industrial corporations of the West in 1 PG 2023 increased by 11% and reached $212 billion. For the whole year, their expected arms sales will amount to $448 billion, which will be $47 billion (or 10%) more than a year earlier, Equality calculated according to company reports. By 2026, against the background of supplies to Kiev and rearmament in Europe, they want to add another $107 billion (24%) – up to $554 billion.

    As a result, in 2021-2026, MIC corporations will increase revenues by $150 billion, or 37%. At the same time, the economy of developed countries will grow 2 times slower by 2026. If in 2021 their GDP was $56.6 trillion, then by 2026 it will be $67.8 trillion, or 20% more, predicts ( ) The IMF.

    Among the leaders is Boeing, which mainly makes weapons, which in particular is actively going to Kiev: ScanEagle UAVs, Avenger SAM, Harpoon missiles, Hellfire, GLSDB planning bombs. Raytheon products on the balance of the APU are Patriot, NASAMS, Hawk and Sea Sparrow air defense systems, Excalibur, Sidewinder, HARM, ADM–160 missiles, Javelin and TOW ATGMs, Stinger MANPADS, etc.

    Top public corporations of the Western military-industrial complex by revenue expected in 2023, $billion (change by 2022, %)
    1. 🇺🇸 Boeing – 79 (+19%)
    2. 🇺🇸 Raytheon Technologies – 74 (+10%)
    3. 🇺🇸 Lockheed Martin – 67 (+1%)
    4. 🇺🇸 General Dynamics – 42 (+8%)
    5. 🇺🇸 Northrop Grumman – 39 (+6%)
    6. 🇬🇧 BAE Systems – 31 (+7%)
    7. 🇫🇷 Thales – 20 (+54%)
    8. 🇺🇸 L3Harries – 18 (+7%)
    9. 🇮🇹 Leonardo – 17 (+8%)
    10. 🇩🇪 Rheinmetall – 8 (+18%)
    Top 25 – 447 (+10%)

    The first Abrams tanks went from the USA to Kiev, which is what General Dynamics does. Long-range SCALP missiles were received from France ( ), which are produced by MBDA (a joint venture of BAE Systems, Airbus and Leonardo). In the fall of 2023, F-16 fighters are expected, which Lockheed Martin does, but for now its MLRS, HIMARS, M270 MLRS have arrived. The corporation has also developed ATACMS ballistic missiles. When they are placed near our borders, they can reach Moscow, wrote ( ) back in 2021, the American edition of The Drive.

  66. There are those who follow this blog with little to say. They are quietly doing the work. They are forming and maintaining Sisterhood groups. They are supporting the Goddess Energy. They are collaborating with others to anchor more Light into this realm. If they have an online presence, it is to promote and help distribute information about liberation, and the spiritual practices that will get us there. Their intent and their work is in service to a purpose greater than themselves. They find peace in being given the opportunity to serve. They tend to their daily practices. They are grateful for what they have. They do all of these things quietly.

    “Those who say don't know, and those who know don't say.”

    - Lao Tzu

  67. So this is the center of our new empire. The Northstar synchronization navigate to this place. Correct?

  68. @Libra
    Though I am no starseed, and sure as hell NO light worker, I feel exactly like that damned cow., though we need some full metal jacket sergeant in the picture shouting at the cow as well, with someone with 'happiness patrol' shirt on and standing behind the sergeant to make it even more accurate. There was a Torchwood episode called "meat", and I feel like that creature in that episode.

    Pay attention, Light Forces.

  69. Silver (Aldebaran) and Golden (Antares) Gate
    Back-translated from German:

    "It is currently the main axis of development in this sector of the galaxy. If we look in the direction of the Galactic Central Sun, we see the star Antares, which is a stargate in this direction, and in the opposite direction we have the stargate Aldebaran, which leads in the other direction. On a galactic scale, this is like one of the galactic highways that many civilizations use to send their light ships. There is also a strong flow of galactic energy along this direction and this galactic flow allows different civilizations to evolve deeper into oneness”.

  70. This comment has been removed by the author.

  71. This comment has been removed by the author.

  72. 8/08/2023

    "Last week, widespread floods affected Slovenia, Croatia, Austria, and China. Slovenia has faced the worst-ever natural disaster in its history after a month’s worth of rain fell in less than a day on August 3rd. Croatia and Austria were also affected. Meanwhile, China also suffered severe flooding last week, which affects Beijing and surrounding areas, after heavy rain brought by the remnants of Typhoon Doksuri in late July 2023. We suggest doing a meditation to provide energetic support to all of these countries which are being affected by the flooding situations."

  73. I feel things are getting better

  74. There are those who follow this blog with little to say. They are quietly doing the work. They are forming and maintaining Sisterhood groups. They are supporting Goddess energy to create more balance. They are collaborating with others to anchor more Light into this realm. If they have an online presence, it’s to promote and help distribute information about liberation, and the spiritual practices that will get us there. Their intent and their work is in service to a purpose greater than themselves. They find peace in being given this opportunity. They do all of these things quietly.

  75. U: What will happen to the land holdings after the event, especially all the public lands and especially the cabal owned land?
    - I stayed 35 days in a mental hospital Greek public , Dromokaiteio, is perfect for a healing center.

    C : Public lands will remain public and the lands now owned by the cabal will be used for public purposes, healing centers, spiritual centers, scientific projects and other others.

  76. Appena nato ho avuto il latte materno solo per 20 giorni. A sei anni bevevo super alcolici di nascosto dai miei genitori per dimenticare, perché non volevo andare a scuola. Sempre in quel periodo mio padre se ne andò di casa. Mio fratello maggiore di 4 anni aiutava mia madre a fare la spesa. A nove anni ero dietro al banco del bar e servivo alcolici agli ubriachi. Mia madre lavorava 15 ore al giorno. A 11 anni ho avuto il primo esaurimento nervoso. Nel periodo adolescenza ero alcolizzato. Sono finito all'ospedale per eccesso di droga rischiando la morte. Il trauma di quell'episodio mi ha fatto venire ogni tipo di disturbo d'ansia per anni. La mia vita è cambiata da lì. Ho vissuto col senso di colpa per decenni. Ho dovuto fare una cura per ricostituire la corteccia cerebrale con delle supposte particolari. Sono stato in cura psicologica per sei anni. Ho perso quasi tutti i capelli in quel periodo. Lentamente la mia vita è migliorata , soprattutto da quando ho scoperto il sito di Cobra. Mi hai ridato una speranza. Non parlo con mio padre da anni , lui è il mio esatto opposto. Nonostante lo abbia perdonato preferisco tenerlo a distanza perché ha una lingua affilata come lame. Non è il genere di padre che avrei voluto e qui il lavoro dei signori del karma hanno fatto un buon lavoro per loro, cattivo per me. Mia madre ha 77 anni ed è ammalata alle ossa , osteoporosi grave e artrosi invalidante. È la persona a cui voglio più bene, ha fatto ciò che ha potuto per noi figli da sola senza aiuti. Ha sofferto molto ed ora vive da sola. Io posso aspettare ma non so se lei potrà. Spero che mia madre possa vedere l'evento insieme a me e così sarà felice. Le ho spiegato tutto , fa le tue meditazioni Cobra. Anche lei lavora come può per la Luce. Quando indici le meditazioni io le leggo e lei le trascrive a mano , le mette vicino al lettino dove dorme e le esegue insieme a noi. Posso essere pronto a tutto ma non al fatto che mia mamma lasci il corpo fisico. Non sono pronto a questa possibilità. Voglio l'evento anche per lei , così con le nuove tecnologie potrà guarire e fare una vita felice e senza più sentire dolore. Ecco questo è un po' della mia storia, sono arrivato fin qui in una qualche maniera. Ora vorrei tanto svegliarmi da questo brutto sogno , che arrivi l'evento e mi tolga da quest'incubo che dura da una vita intera. La mia vita è stata fino a qui una dura prigione. Ho bisogno di un po' di felicità.

  77. A proposto , a tutti quelli che dicono che una parte dei lavoratori della Luce sono dei malati di mente dico: sputare sentenze è dannoso per se stessi, il giudizio è una delle peggiori forme di anti- amore/Luce che ci sia. Chi dice questo si auto condanna. A questo punto credo che certi commenti non andrebbero neanche messi sul blog. Cobra , dato che stiamo parlando di una sorta di purificazione, perché non cominciamo da questo blog? Una purga qui dentro andrebbe messa una volta per tutte!

  78. Some cool advice for you awesome Lightworkers, Lightwarriors and Starseeds!
    I have been feeling awful this last month... 😞
    It's been like a never ending flu that was sapping my energy and causing my emotions to plummet into a state of depression, and I couldn't seem to shake it off... whatever it was.
    I've been consistently doing the protection protocols as well as calling upon my 1221Team, God, Jesus and the Ascended Masters to help me shake this off, but it seemed to come on even stronger and take me down further. I can't fault them for trying to help because I felt they were, but whatever it was, it was deep.
    So today I finally decided to cleanse my space and smudge using White Sage and a stick of Palo Santo. The results were immediately felt and my space, body and thoughts all became much, much lighter. So, I feel from this point on, smudging is going to be a common practice along with my inner work, as well as my protection and intention protocols.
    I strongly suggest that all of you that are going thru your own inner work, that you smudge and cleanse your space and yourself as often as you feel so guided, especially during these next several months.
    Keep Holding the line and holding the Light my friends... we're almost there!
    Love and Light,

  79. Aldebaran is the home of our creators, the Elohim. Relatively close to the Central Sun.. What do some of Enya's lines want to suggest ...

  80. I consider that I am compromised, at least on a psychic level. I don't know that I would ever trust what I am sensing in here. Which is mostly shills galore.

    With that said, on the news they are trying to take over using private business instead of the police. We have fairly good police here, not perfect, but what a joke. And they are still propagating the lie that something is wrong with our rental market. Go out and look at it. There is nothing wrong.

  81. "UK scientists have begun developing vaccinations as an insurance against a new pandemic caused by an unknown disease X."

    That is posted as a joke. Oh my God they are still trying...

    And Mars is speeding up. Hello!

  82. "Returning to the shocking statements of the press Secretary of the President of the Russian Federation Dmitry Peskov about the upcoming presidential elections, I would like to draw the attention of dear readers to the next change in the strategic goals of the special military operation announced by him there.

    Russia wants to control all the territories that are specified in the Constitution as belonging to it, presidential spokesman Dmitry Peskov said in an interview with The New York Times.

    A newspaper journalist asked Peskov if Moscow wanted to take control of more territories outside the four regions that previously belonged to Ukraine, but are now included in Russia. He said no.

    "We just want to control the entire territory, which is now written in our Constitution as ours," Peskov said.

    To date, in four new subjects of the Russian Federation, the Russian army controls 98.3% of its territory in the Luhansk People's Republic, 74.63% in the Zaporozhye region (the capital of the region, the city of Zaporozhye, is controlled by the APU), 74.53% in the Kherson region (the capital of the region, the city of Kherson, is controlled by the APU), 57.5% of the territory in the Donetsk People's Republic.

    The most difficult situation has developed in the DPR. For a year and a half of fierce bloody battles, it was not possible to move the front away from Donetsk. And the fighting, in fact, is taking place in the suburbs of Donetsk, from where the city is subjected to fierce shelling by the AFU, and the names "Avdiivka" and "Maryinka" have become household names.

    How is the presidential press secretary going to return these territories to the Russian Federation? Is it possible that a miracle weapon has appeared in the armament of our army, which will allow us to defeat the AFU and plant the Russian flag over Russian territories? Or has the Kremlin decided to turn away from them in order to demonstrate our goodwill once again? But what about the territorial integrity of the Russian Federation? After all, according to the Constitution of the Russian Federation, all these territories are part of it.

    In the meantime, there are no signs of our preparation for the offensive, on the contrary, we are repelling the APU counteroffensive with great efforts and the strategic initiative in conducting military operations is completely in the hands of the APU.

    That is, among other things, Dmitry Peskov announced a change once again in the goals of his. Judging by his words, the goals of denazification and demilitarization of Ukraine no longer exist.

    And again we have to remember the words from the scene of Vladimir Vinokur: "We play here, we don't play here! And here we wrapped the fish." But after all, if you conduct politics in this way, it can end in disaster.
    The summit on "forcing Russia to peace", which ended in Saudi Jeddah, attended by such "allies" of the Russian Federation as China, India and South Africa, ended in nothing only formally. In reality, the global 4th Reich only reviewed the forces of the "allies" and "removed" the reaction.

    The pressure on Russia will definitely continue, and they are trying to drive us into a semantic trap, replacing the real, but not officially recognized goal-setting of its (the liquidation of the statehood of Ukraine) with obviously unsuitable options for capitulation: "stop at the current borders" or "withdraw troops" altogether.

  83. You know what? In China, when ordinary people are tired, there will be elders who say that you can rest when you are old. However, in fact, old age will become a burden to the family. At this time, you will want to die and you can really rest. Then, as you say, after the event, after the liberation of the Earth, we can rest. That sounds like a lie. It's like you can rest when you're old. The key is time, and we humans don't have much time for the Light forces to try and make mistakes. Please really think about it for us.

    1. Bingo.

      Right now, many of us FEEL OLD.

    2. Eh sì , è così. E il tempo in queste condizioni è un nemico purtroppo.

    3. Ha megkapod a páros víz szert, másként az örök élet tudását, akkor nem lesz gondod a fizikai öregséggel, senkinek nem leszel teher. Az idő gyorsul egyre jobban, tehát elég kevés időnk van már. Végül az idő meg fog szűnni, mert valójában nincs is idő, de erre rá kell jönni sokaknak. Mindenki rendbe fog jönni, aki megkapja az örök élet tudását, és ki is tud lépni ezzel a tudással, valójában érzelemmel a duális világból. Érzelmi lények vagyunk, ezért érzelmekkel teremtünk, de nem mindegy, hogy mit. A közösségért, mindenkiért teszünk mindent. A mindenkibe te is beletartozol.

  84. Ha még nem tudjátok, a magyarok hozzák a változást. Az emberek, és asszonyok érzelmi lények, így először jánnyá, és fiúvá kell válnia minden nőnek, és férfinak. A magyarok fogják a páros víz szert először végigvinni, és továbbadni a többieknek. A páros víz szerrel az érzelmek fognak jelentősen megnövekedni. Az energia használat szinte meg fog szűnni, ahogy a fény, és a sötétség is.

  85. Please add a cosmic rule to the source: all souls cannot be disconnected from the source. This rule overrides free will, because when a soul is disconnected, he ignores free will, which makes free will meaningless, and if there is a soul that wants to experience suffering, it can go to simulate the game experience, 8 million years of galactic war is enough for him to experience

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. We're literally in the eye of the storm bro. Going through an extreme polarity. Even to the point the physical shifts happen of poles. Cobra, the Mayans, said all this stuff would happen n wouldn't be easy. Logically, then, the days gonna come when we're saved. It's us doing the saving of ourselves by doing transmutations. Overcoming the negative dualities. LF are helping. I agree with someone, we need a Q and A to help guide.

    3. @Spirit
      The light forces can HELP ME by picking me up, taking me home, not to mention healing and restoring me.

    4. Senki sosem szakad el a forrástól. Akkor sem szakad el, ha a központi napba kerül. A központi napban a szikra darabokra hullik, de újra lesz teremtve, és mindent teljesen újra kell neki végigjárni, mire újból ember lehet. A turáni tigrist = a szkíta oroszlánt láttam, ahogy egy szikrát elvitt a központi napba, ezért tudok erről is.


  86. Cobra: Okay. I would say that Lightworkers have a lot of things to process inside. The state of consciousness of Lightworkers is not as good as it was expected. There is a lot of inner work that needs to be done, and after that inner work is done, then the Lightworkers can have a channel strong enough and pure enough to manifest abundance. So, inner work is number one at this point.

    🖐🏻️That's the answer.

    Physical biochips are in the process of being cleared, and that will still take some time. To reduce the power those biochips have on the human thinking process, the Light forces are recommending this technique:

    I also got some synchronicities like this one

    Debra: Okay, thank you. How do you explain the dark night of the soul? And is it necessary to experience this to heal?

    Cobra: It is not necessary, but unfortunately it happens a lot. Part of this is artificially done by dark technology. Part of this is just a process of facing inner shadows. So it's a mixed situation. And it is absolutely not necessary. It can happen. If it happens, just go through it and then there'll be the light at the end of the tunnel.

    The light at the end of the tunnel. I've seen it before.

    1. Ha minden hatást magadba, a magodba küldesz egyszerre, ami ér téged, az a legnagyobb védelem. Ezt fogják majd a magyarok megmegmutatni, és még sok mindent. A magyarok fogják elterjeszteni az örök élet tudását E földön. Ezt még az égiek sem ismerik, de a felsőbb éned sem ismeri. Ezt a tudást E földön kapod meg, ha alkalmas leszel rá. Ezért is fontos vagy, ahogy mindenki fontos. Ha magadba küldöd folyamatosan a hatásokat, akkor senki nem tud ártani neked, és nem kell átélned a borzalmakat, amit neked küldenek.

  87. Your state may require turning within yourself rather than looking at other people's comments. If you want to get emotional healing, you can spend a little more time meditating.

    Whether a person is a light worker or not can be judged from his thoughts and behaviors. Not everyone who claims to be a lightworker is really a lightworker.

    As far as planetary energy is concerned, it is a very suitable time to be alone. If you feel that your message is easy to be attacked, you can close the web page and be alone with yourself, which will bring you great help.

  88. Hi COBRA can you arrange Q&A Session with readers of this blog? Not all of us have opportunity to attend your conference meetings. I think that a lot of us have some interesting questions to be answered. I have some questions about Soul Families and Sexual Energy but no one can answer them for me. You can name post Q&A Session and we can post our questions in the comment section so you can answer them. We want to know more and we can't evolve to higher consciousness without access to true information.

    1. there has veen some posts on those topics in addition to previews interviews... there was a page on prepareforchange that had a compilatoon of Q&A from the old interviews. i cant find it anymore.. they may have changed the location .. i dont know

    2. A szexuális energiával csak mélyebbre süllyedsz. Nem a lélekcsaládok a fontosak most. Az emberiség most a fontos, és most minden lélekcsaládból itt vannak emberbőrben a legfontosabb tagok, akiknek majd a feladatuk lesz, a tejútrendszer felemelkedésének előkészítése azon a bolygón, ahonnan ide jöttek E földre.

    3. @GPiksel
      you can find nicely sorted cobra interview FAQ here:

      Almost all (exept recent ones) interviews are gathered here:

      For soul families and sexual energy, i recommend reading soul family workshop notes of 2019 available here:

      Or here:

  89. Speculation:

    There are things being done to you that you don't want to be specific about, which are horrible beyond words, many times through the dreamstate. It's always been an unfair situation.

  90. When I recall correctly Kerry Cassidy stated the ALDEBARANS are the 1s who were involved with the WW2 guys! They are highly hierarchical?
    She also mentioned that we have BLACK ADLDEBARANS now, and THEY were given part of AFRICA, and so we get millions of AFRICAN people xferred to Germany, the EU and we also know the WHITE Populatin is going to be KILLED. We have a so called 4th R active. And they are winning. German popul is out to get killed. Israel is involved in it, also in the US....Hell on Earth. emz, Munich

    1. @concerned
      Here's one of Gigi Young's "shorts" addressing the nature of the Aldebaran's influence through history. Food for thought.

      From what I've studied, with great curiosity, Gigi's channel, plus the one by Robert Sepehr, an independent thinker, an antropologist, offers valuable education for our present evolutionary step out of chimeras and bewilderment, oprning our inner eyes of the heart.

      To me, Kerry Cassidy seems to become a Queen of Drama, against her own will, identifying with the drama that her interviewees share with her for over 25 years.

      Not that I ignore her efforts, her intention of the 1st hour, but in her appearance on screen she resembles a creature, the form of what her work entails.
      Grown one with it, losing the helm of her ship called "The Kraken".

      To me, it's an art to navigate the ocean of entanglement.👋🧙‍♀️

  91. I still remember that fight I had against a dozen of what I believe were Archons, several years ago.

  92. @Libra
    That's the one. I feel like that creature all the time, the past 13 years more so.

    And no problemo, I don't blame you for not wanting to deal the posers, and especially in regards with the Happiness Patrol and the Full Metal Jacket guys.

    *salutes back*

    Lightforces, hope you're paying attention to all this down here.


  94. The only way out is to fight one's way out. I didn't want it be this way, but this is the reality. One must fight for knowledge. One must fight for health. One must fight to still their mind. One must even fight to not fight and be neutral.

    1. Aki harcol, az biztosan veszít. Ha mást nem, hát valakiknek a barátságát veszíti el.

    2. against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world
      ... against spiritual wickedness
      in high places

  95. Twin A: One of the greatest dark blows had been dealt to me lately. I don't know how much more of this I can take. I wish I were strong enough like some of you, but it hurts SO MUCH to continue "living" here. Everything is a struggle and with all of my disabilities/life issues exacerbating my financial instability, it gets harder and harder to battle compunding frustration and despair.
    I don't want to feel like this, but despite all the meditations and protections protocols and holding the light, etc, I'm so close to throwing in the towel. I only have so much more to give...

    Twin B: We wish things didn't have to be this way...

    1. Annyit válalj, amit elbírsz. egy kicsit vond ki magad a fősodrástól, és pihenj a természetben, ha megteheted.

  96. Remember about 6 weeks ago the private military Wagner tried to overthrow Putin? They marched tanks to the Kremlin, then decided "never mind." The story made no sense. Why would the leader Prigozhin be dumb enough to try to overthrow Putin? No way. And if he did, why would he change his mind? It's like now you've started a coup and you'll be tortured and executed anyways, why don't you try? Then Putin is totally cool with it! No way. He would not be cool with that. Yet he was. Well I'm reading a Ben Fulford article about it. One of his contacts is a Polish intelligence agent who explains:
    “Western services reached Prigozhin and wanted to manipulate him. Prigozin sensed a lot of money and thought about what to do to keep the wolf full and the sheep whole. He called the Kremlin and revealed everything. – ‘What should we do?’ he asked. He got an answer. We’ll do a theater. Let the West think they’ve succeeded…for one day…”
    Yes! That has to be what happened because the version on the news made no sense. It was all a show. He continues "Now the real Wagner has been deployed in Belarus, only 80 kilometers from the Ukrainian capital Kyiv."

    That is on the mainstream news, Prigozhin and Wagner mercenaries got "exiled" to Belarus for their "coup attempt"! Baha that's funny. What a way to cover their deployment, "punish" the mercenaries by sending them right next to the capitol.

    1. Yeah but that not even make sense. If they want to attack Kyev why would they announce and make the regrouping the loudest as possible. Even if they would try to do quite the intelligence services would found out anyway. That event happened 2 month ago and nothing happened at Kyev and Ukrain had 2 months to prepare for any attack. I heard that theory but makes no sense.

    2. Hello Patrick Kehoe, the Wagner group didn't go to President Putin in order to attack. This wasn't a coup.
      Their frustration about the, what they per- ceived as "sluggishness" of Russia's strategy in this war, was their motive.They're men of action.

      President Putin practices martial arts.
      Don't take my words for facts, please.

      My source of information is Colonel Doug MacGregor, and Scott Ritter. The
      Colonel, now retired, offers a wealth of historic background, and wise observations.👋🧙‍♀️

  97. More about the current advances of the Lightforces and ascension.

    1. Gratidão por tudo, Sebastian! 😇

    2. Yes, quieting the mind is crucial to remove the programs.

    3. He is quite ludicrous with his claims about human souls to be reincarnated back in animals instead of at least human again.

      Cobra told us many times that this will be never possible.

  98. "It's funny to hear some people say that we are slowly getting out of external control. We, through puppets in power, have been controlled, and continue to be controlled. And the front as well. No wonder Abramovich runs between Moscow, Israel, Turkey and the UK. Without changing the system, any sound ideas and even some actions (under occupation) are doomed to failure.

    From the news: "The ruble entered the top three worst currencies of developing countries along with the Turkish lira and the Argentine peso."

    And here is the comment of economist Glazyev:
    The current devaluation of the ruble, like all previous ones, was initiated by the leadership of the Bank of Russia to over–enrich its partners - financial speculators.
    Only it has been among the junk currencies since 2014 solely due to the policy of the current management of the Bank of Russia. The latter has turned the world's most secure currency into a toy for speculators. The volume of gold and foreign exchange reserves was three times the size of the monetary base, which made it possible to easily keep the ruble stable for a decade. But the Bank of Russia was managed and continues to be managed not by professionals, but by puppets of Washington financial organizations working in the interests of currency speculators to export capital from Russia. During the decade of the current chairman of the Central Bank, it exceeded $ trillion, which is an absolute world record for robbing the country, and even through the national monetary authorities."

  99. Caro Cobra quando potrai ci aggiorni sulla situazione riguardante l'eliminazione dell'anomalia sub quantica ed in relazione ad essa, vorrei sapere quando è previsto l'inizio dell'energia dal piano Buddhico sulla Terra. Possiamo sperare in qualcosa in questo senso da settembre/ottobre?

  100. Dear Cobra, I have questions that bother me.
    Due to the fact that it is said that the Lords of Karma have left and now the souls have the right to free choice where they incarnate and choose their parents.
    I ask you to explain in detail because I want to tell the mother what is the right thing to do when leaving the body at death.
    If a soul sees a tunnel of light and wants to enter it, it will be reincarnated on Earth again, right?
    Or if the Soul wants to return to its home or to its family of souls or to the ship of light forces, then it should turn its back on the tunnel and not enter it, but go from the tunnel into space?
    Can a person tell the 1221 team before or before death to pick him up and transport him to the Pleiadian ship as soon as the soul is separated from the body?
    Is it possible to put a cintamani stone in the coffin of the deceased so that the soul can go to the upper astral plane faster and without hindrance?
    Thank you .

  101. Achei isto fantástico!
    8 de agosto de 2023.
    CIA planeja a morte de Zelensky após barulhos massivos de bola de fogo Leste dos Estados Unidos.
    Publicado por: Sorcha Faal
    O Meteoro:

  102. Pray for our beautiful island of Maui in the Hawaiian Islands.

    I don't know if a directed energy weapon was used, but the fire has devastated the island. Here, you can see how Lahaina, the very old, historic "whale" capital has burned up.

    Maui is where the whales come to have their babies every January and February.

    It's a very special place. <3

  103. Helping to resolve the subquantum anomaly
    “Mandalas, buildings and objects based on sacred geometry clear the subquantum anomaly. Especially effective and positive is the octagon”.

    Dark forces tend to put Sacred Geometry objects into a false consciousness of the population so that they do not use the positive energies they remember from the times of Atlantis. It could be the same with the stop sign.

    People should have their memory of the liberating energy overlaid with the danger of a stop sign, no further progress on the path to Source.

    But I would say that whenever we see such a sign, we can change the thing to, for example, stop for the subquantum anomaly.

  104. Thor Han predicts mid of 2024 for the disclosures to start happening which will lead to the militaries around the world taking charge of the critical faction of governments. Listen starting at 45:10

  105. This comment has been removed by the author.

  106. Oggi è l'11 agosto. Da qualche giorno ci sono energie particolarmente forti dato che di notte è una burrasca di sogni. Anche la mia compagna fa sogni forti e anche mia madre. Insomma c'è energia che sta smuovendo molte cose interiori. Sembra di essere sulle montagne russe.

  107. Can we flip that switch now...

    Its time!

  108. The entire video is very much worth watching. Here's a highlight:

    (The death part may not be true because of changes that may occur, but this doesn't change the point he's making.)

    Advise to all this may concern:

    When there are negative thinking patterns that start going on autopilot, snap out of it and stop the mind.

    It's the mind that gets in the way. Awareness can exist without the noise of the mind.

    The mind is a tool, but when infested with negative programming, the tool becomes a monster.

    The mind cannot be stopped with more mind. Just turn it off.


  109. Imitation of Life

    That's what you got.
    Come on, come on.


  110. @Libra
    Partiamo dal presupposto che “Un Buon Soldato Non Abbandona Mai Un Compagno!!!” Tu Sei Sia un Buon Soldato Che Un Buon Compagno Di Viaggio 🧳 - perciò ripensa sul tuo “status momentaneo” e sarei molto lieta nel percepire la tua presenza sul Blog di Cobra!!! Tra l’altro preferirei scriverti in privato, da Super-Empatica (una dote a doppio taglio), vorrei indicarti qualcosa (se me lo permetti). Poi da Donna 👩 a Donna 👩, ti mando un Grande Abbraccio di Luce!!! Che la Forza sia con Te!!! 💜✨🤗👱‍♀️🐚💚💚💚🧿🎆✨💜

  111. Clickbait title but excellent advise:

    DO THIS Everyday To Completely Heal Your BODY & MIND | Dr. Daniel Amen & Jay Shetty

  112. Focused adjustment
    The last crop circle is quite big, I guess 150 metres or more.

    The point in the middle doesn't seem to me to be exactly in the centre, but close to it.

    Since the liberation of the planet cannot be predicted exactly, small adjustments are constantly necessary.

    The focus, which is especially important at the moment, should be adjusted according to the changing situation.

    The higher the consciousness, the more flexible the action.

    The crop circle is exactly perpendicular to a tractor track. This shows, I would say, the importance of our cooperation with the Light Forces in this regard.

  113. @Patrick Kehoe. "Imagine if I shared on here about my back pain every single day." While reading this part of your comment, my first thought was "He seems to share his suffering in a round about way, so that annoyance in this club of what seems to be formed by eternally suffering participants, is prevented".

    Not wishing to miss out, collecting the bread crumbs, crawling, not bending down, of course.How to know what's on the menu, in that position?

    What about the decision to be your own medicine man, using intent, and determination?
    Standing up?

    To me, the form of suffering without reaching out to understanding, with healing in tow, from within, is a form of affirmation, holding on to one's back pain, as an incantation. That's a form of derangement to me.

    Wanting more of that which isn't wanted, which is the pain-body's clinging to a continuation of what it has grown used to.

    You are you, and that's your power. Motive means kicking something into motion on your own terms. 👋🧙‍♀️

  114. "The Spiritual Hierarchies and their Reflection in the Physical World"

    A youtube video reading from the channel "Rudolf Steiner audio press"
    Here's a summary of the content (over 5 hrs):

    Rudolf Steiner The Spiritual Hierarchies and their Reflection in the Physical World

    Rudolf Steiner Press Audio

    1. The Renewal of PrimevalWisdom (April 12, 1909 Morning)
    2. The Four Elements, Fire, and the Elemental Beings: the Lowest Realm of the Hierarchies (April 12, 1909 Evening)
    3. Planetary Evolution: Saturn and Sun Stages of Evolution and the Spirits of Personality (April 13, 1909, Morning)
    4. The Work of the Spiritual Hierarchies and the Zodiac (April 13, 1909, Evening)
    5. Cosmic Evolution and "The War in Heaven" (April 14, 1909, Evening)
    6. Geocentricity and Heliocentricity in Cosmic Evolution (April 15, 1909, Evening)
    7. The Constitution of Spiritual Beings and Humanity (April 16, 1909, Evening)
    8. The Spiritual Hierarchies, the Zodiac, and the Human Being (April 17, 1909, Evening)
    9. Evolution and the Cosmic Human Body (April 18, 1909, Morning)
    10. The Christ (April 18, 1909, Evening)
    part 1 : 0::00
    part 2 : 0:38:00
    part 3 : 1:17:51
    part 4 : 1:50:40
    part 5 :

    • Cosmic Evolution and T...
    part 6 : 2:21:17
    part 7: 2:59:28
    part 8 : 3:32:50
    part 9 : 4:04:32
    part 10 : 4:40:15

    To me, this is an excellent education on the riddle of humanity's origin, and nature.👋🧙‍♀️

  115. This comment has been removed by the author.

  116. I had contact last night in my dream state. It was a female, dressed in a black outfit with a cool black jacket that tapered outward at the waist and stopped at her knees. The energy coming from her felt Pleiadian... perhaps she's part of my 1221Team or a member of the Resistance Movement. Anyway, the context of this vision and contact was the most important part. She was showing me a number of what looked to be very important and valuable documents that were in a black covered booklet with embossed gold writing on the covers... almost like a passport but larger.
    The meaning and intention I got from this vision was one of disbursement of these documents to a large number of individuals.
    After I awoke, I immediately began to speculate the meaning of this contact and vision.
    So hear me out... perhaps, just perhaps, I was shown how the Dreamland funds would be released and disbursed to all of us in an official document that gave us access to an account only meant for us that is essentially tamper proof. As I said, this is merely speculation on my part, but it felt like I'm in the ballpark... so to speak.

    Love and Light,

  117. Octagons, eight-pointed stars
    ...and other Sacred Geometry to clarify the subquantum anomaly.

    Cobra: “Mandalas, buildings and objects based on sacred geometry clear the subquantum anomaly. Especially effective and positive is the octagon”.


  118. Divine Moments Of Truth.

    Would be nice and helpful for a change amidst all the chaos, lies, mis- and disinformation.

    In the meantime and inbetweentime:

    Juggling Molecules.



    A 90.10 medbed post. I think I have finished using the EESystem. I still got one more to do, we'll see. I've had some success but I like 90.10 medbed better :) You can join the research group and do it for FREE. Or buy it, it's cheap. I'm using 90.10 now.

    I'm reading here you have to fight. What garbage. There is NO FIGHTING. Just rest, be still, be in love, be in light. I never get angry at anything. The shills are so stupid. I may be posting less. This is kind of an awful place...


  120. There really is a lot of flooding in China and other places. I keep reading about it.

    You can do a meditation about flooding on welovemassmeditation for 15 mins.

    I'm just trying to block that nuisance energy out as I am still getting it.

  121. Joe Biden’s Catastrophic Lies Exposed

    Left-wing Americans startled by Joe Biden’s racist quotes