Tuesday, August 1, 2023


Pandora in progress, M signal field substable with stabilization attempts. DEMATRIX reattempt in progress, wipeout sequence 9 in progress. Multiple systems security breach at 504 deflected. Minimum M / HP / SD / DL / MDS  requirements met, VTX  requirements not met.  


  1. Let's hope this shitshow gets wrapped by 2024 - 2025 because I can't see how in the hell we can go beyond 2026 without WW3 hitting us at some point.

    1. This guy is down-to-earth with his news.

      Quantum Wave Function Collapse - The Glitches In The Matrix Are Amplifying


    2. Y'know we sent a year's production worth of artillery shells to Ukraine and they fired them all off in a month. We're sending them cluster bombs because it's all we have left. It'll take another year to be able to send them new stuff again. World War 3 will be over very quickly and probably with no shots fired.

    3. US, Russia and China have hypersonic nukes pointed at each other 24/7. If a WW3 conflict breaks out among them, conventional weaponry won't matter because it will rain nukes from every side towards the other.

    4. @Brim
      I heard the ET's, the good ones, will not allow nuclear weapons to be used, for they have been 'switching them off', since the 1960's, even rockets in flight.

    5. It make sens. If I would be a ET in our solar system I would make sure the psychopathes from earth dont blow anything.

  2. Keep pushing forward LF and RM!

  3. VITÓRIA DA LUZ ♥️💞💓✨💫🌟👽

  4. Non mi aspetto molto in questo periodo. Forse da settembre - ottobre qualcosa migliorerà. Ma sono convinto che tra l'autunno 2024 e la primavera del 2026 ci sarà l'Evento. Me lo auguro. Vittoria della Luce!


    "Until physical intervention occurs, Lightworkers and Light Warriors should HOLD THE LIGHT GRID as much as possible:

    a) The construction of the Cintamani grid:
    COBRA | 29th may 2017 : The Cintamani Network
    people who are involved in the surface cintamani grid, to refrain from having physical contact with their own cintamani stones at times when they are in conflict with other surface humans, or when they are in an extremely negative emotional state, to avoid contaminating the grid.

    b) The construction of the Tachyon chamber grid

    c) The construction of the Soul Family connection grid:
    COBRA | 2nd april 2018 : soul families

    d) The construction of sisterhood of the rose (with physical meetings)
    COBRA | 16th june 2018 : Planetary Activation of SOTR

    e) Prepare for physical contact with the Light Forces according to the internal guidelines:
    COBRA | 18th March 2018 : Contact
    COBRA | 9th May 2018 : Protocols of entry

    F) Refrain /Avoid From Interpersonal Conflicts By Choosing Non-réaction and Conscious Positive Action Over Reaction .

    Let's Continue to hold the Light together 🙂

    You can find some useful healing tips/meditations here :
    "Let’s Heal Together: Preparing Ourselves for Liberation and Ascension"
    We are so much stronger together💫

  6. Good job guys! I would like to say "hurry up" guys! , it's unbearable here for us more and more! We know too much now!

    1. Yes, yes, this is how it feels. Every day I pray for Great Solar Flash🙏🏼⚡
      #SisterhoodoftheRose 🌹

  7. Bonjour 🙂Notre équipe s’envole à présent vers de nouvelles aventures avec la création d’un nouveau facebook et Telegram avec sous-groupes encore plus beau, complet, et intuitif qui diffusera plus largement encore les informations, conseils et outils nécessaires à la transition exopolitique et spirituelle actuelle.
    Nous l’avons nommé « Libération Planétaire et Ascension » et espérons qu’il saura combler vos attentes et répondre à vos questions dans une large mesure. Il est constitué d’un canal principal auquel s’ajoutent de nombreux sous-groupes relatifs aux méditations, aux intels de COBRA, à l’ascension spirituelle, aux protocoles de guérison, etc.
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    PDF ANGLAIS explicatif pour Activation du Portail de Lumièredu 1 Mai 2023 (ENGLISH PDF to explain the Portal of Light Activation on 1st May 2023)

  8. ...- .. -.-. - --- .-. -.-- / --- ..-. / - .... . / .-.. .. --. .... -

  9. @144k Sono d'accordo e continuo a dire che noi operatori di Luce dobbiamo essere più uniti nella battaglia per vincere la guerra contro gli oscuri. Inoltre manca poco alla vittoria per cui è importante non abbattersi proprio in questo momento. Ci dobbiamo rialzare sempre. Ancora un'altro round. 💪😃

  10. Can anyone enlighten us as to what 504 means? Thank you.

    1. I don't know what it means but I think very soon you will see it go bad again

    2. Kim ghogen, who I don't agree with but has some good Intel, says it has to do with financial banking system breach attempts or something to that matter. Bad guys trying to hack the system. But isn't that system already under bad guys control? 🤷🏻‍♀️

  11. Had an interesting dream last night. Was with some other Light warriors looking for some kind of artifact/weapon to use against darkness. Sandy, arid area with lots of tunnels and caves. Saw a lot of huge spiders around (Chimera?). Somebody said what we were looking for hadn't been found in many years of searching. It was disconcerting that my flashlight was dim and nast was crawling all around. We were just about to check the area with the most "spider" activity thinking they may be guarding it... The dream switched and I was very emotional giving a talk to others. Can't remember what was said, but it felt like a pep talk before a huge final showdown.... Something big is brewing... Feels like an exciting next few days/weeks!🤞🎇🎉

    1. If you want to find something worthy in the astral plane bud you'll need to be passing thrue a hole belzebutian passage of darkness and doors that will put you in a state of you don't want to know(not even talking about the red dark energy if you get them mad, thet give you a narcissic smile and kind of red under your eyes feeling like a clown) after that it is not only to go take it ,it is to take back the same passage that is real hard either, well if you feel like you got what it take i wish you to find the templar one... It is more payable for yourself to go deal with reaversal mode... Sound crazy but that is a part of our reality

    2. I've only recently ventured into super dark areas you describe on rare rescue missions. I realize such objects are heavily guarded (and cursed). Just threw out my experience to see if any others recognized... Been around a looooong time and respect the strange workings of the dark because 1000s of lifetimes ago that was me. If I can help anyone back on the "long road home" I will.

    3. Do anyone notice if Lazarus ray is resorbed on astral plane?

  12. Light exists as a waveform & what (eye) see as solid
    (& this is why God needs you)
    ... God is Light=> Justice (the ways of Heaven) is Transparency
    Even on a sphere called Earth=> As it is in Heaven
    ... in 2D- the game of chess is played on squares
    ... 3D- is Life on a sphere (eye-sphere)

    The energy of a quantum
    is proportional to the frequency of the radiation

    Led Zeppelin (Remaster s)- a month ago
    The energy of male is method=> The energy of female is wisdom
    Eternal Life is=> having lived as both
    In Creation=> female chooses the path of evolution
    (as does the queen of a hive)

    ... Just Ice

    1. The more you are able to stay on-track
      (simply put)
      ... the more likely you are to become/remain whole

    2. ... hmm, I edited this 3 times in Twitter
      & added my own personal wishes
      August 2, 2023
      Star Seed Travelers
      (Twitter X)

      revisiting the Occam's razor crop circle=> was... unsettling
      the blade has a nick & blood=>
      a warning not to cut your own throat

  13. ... only in Eternal-Life are all conflicts resolved
    Having the (same) body for an Eternal-Life
    ... would be eternal suffering

  14. Wow = look at 1st video in this article that has title Tornado in Slovenia = it's from today and looks like some kind of energy weapon SF stuff = it isn't lightning by my opinion 100%

  15. May the greatness, luminosity and majesty of the star Sun, purge all anomaly and darkness from this world. The Light is sovereign, victory is already decreed, humanity and planet free!

    Victory of Light! ✨☀️✨

  16. Yo can we hurry this the fuck up? People are getting killed. South and Central America are in a crisis. Last I checked so were Greece, South Africa, Australia and many other places. The human trafficking. Depression, stress and humiliation alone from living as slaves is suffering enough, but how in the fuck is everything else I just mentioned acceptable?

    The economy is in the fucking shitter. These faggots are getting ready to roll out their cbdc’s this year, and I see NO fucking progress in surface society by the light, and no hopeful (nor helpful) statements coming from cobra. Pah, 2025 ETA to get us out of this mess? Yea fucking right. The cabal will have it’s claws sunk so deep by then, ain’t no “saint germain fund” gonna pull out the claws without pulling out chunks of tissue. How in the fuck could anyone think that giving this 2 more years is a good estimate with how the world is looking RIGHT FUCKING NOW. Is there only one mjolnir cannon or something?

    1. I agree collective consciousness level can't be rising now sure we have some slow drip disclapute but the MSM and dark ones just distract the sheep anytime there is something of importance..
      COVID hoax never was a virus they don't exist I am learning
      UFO truth but it's aliens out to get us true in some respects there are 2 teams.. basically a hard stop take over the media..inform all to remain indoors listen to the documentaries is they exist inform all of their real history and current situation. People can't raise their vibration easily when they have to keep paying bills and struggling to do that like me and my family. I have heard nesara for years my wifeay be right stop counting on it..we have to survive now period. The galactics have sweet ships no time..why were children allowed to be harmed for this long in those dumbs unacceptable.

    2. It's tough, but they're not going to jump the gun because of these issues. I heard a radio show about an historical event that convinced me even more. The 1783 eruption of Laki volcano in Iceland was probably the most devastating world event ever. It was a massive eruption that lasted for 9 months and covered the entire planet in poison and blocked out the sun, I believe dimming it for years. In that region of the world 1/5 of the people died and those remaining were nearly dead. Nothing would grow and most of the animals died. It was similar around the world. In the Middle East 1/6 of the people died and similar environmental effects. It was so cold there was basically no summer. Across Europe all the rivers froze which was their main way to transport goods. So in addition to no crops or livestock, tons of people died because transportation halted. It was independently written about everywhere. The Eskimo in North America called it "the year summer never came." The founding fathers in the United States said the same thing. Japan, everywhere. The loss of life and damage to nature is incalculable. People dying of kidney disease and more because of sulfur dioxide poisoning spread across the globe. Who knows what that did to the soil and water. Then the secondary effects. It led to the French Revolution. That's why all the peasants were starving and finally revolted. Nothing would grow because of the volcano. To think of similar results around the world. So yeah if the Galactics didn't prevent or help with that, they're definitely not going to do anything because of what we're facing now.

      I like your comment "Is there only one Mjolnir cannon?!" Haha I know right.

    3. 3.something (billion) humans have no access to a flushing toilet
      & you want to cry (on the internet) about what...

    4. i feel the same way but i also have nothing to complain about. everything is as it is. all of this blog could just be a delusion but at this point i have given up on the truth and just want a good fantasy.

    5. @Icesphere
      Shaming folks, now?

    6. I feel you Ezra. 2025, no way! It's now or never🎶 we won't wait!!

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    1. I know my friend, it really is that bad. I can feel the dumbness weapons, my intelligence and memory is half what it should be. So you take people who were already dumb and halve it...

      Here's a great example. Neil DeGrasse Tyson is the mainstream's go-to guy for theories about aliens even though he's a cosmologist. This article illustrates how bad the masses are to accept it. The headline says "Neil deGrasse Tyson Has a Genius Theory About Alien Life on Earth." Tyson addresses whistleblower David Grusch claiming the government has UFO's and the pilots were "non-human biologics." Tyson's hot take is, get ready: "Well non-human biologics could technically be anything from the plant kingdom, or microbes, or fungus." I'm not misrepresenting this, I swear to god he explicitly says the UFO pilots aren't aliens because they could be fungus.


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  20. According to research by VTsIOM and the Levada Center, Stalin took first place in the ranking of outstanding personalities in history. The leaders of restalinization (48%) are young people from 26 to 40 years old, 14% are young people from 14 to 26 years old.

    I think the questions are fair and, moreover, Stalin's popularity will grow.

    1. Do you know how Stalin's people tortured political prisoners in Poland after WW2? I will never support a totalitarian regime like this!!!

    2. Please stop glorifying this tyrant. Stalin is a Jew who made the gulags. He was also involved in World War II. It's the Jews who glorify him. Because he is their man.

  21. Ukro-Nazi barbarians dismantled (https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.sb.by/v/s/www.sb.by/articles/v-kieve-demontirovali-gerb-sovetskogo-soyuza-na-monumente-rodina-mat.html%3Famp=1&amp_js_v=0.1&usqp=mq331AQIUAKwASCAAgM%253D#ampf= ) the coat of arms of the Soviet Union from the Kiev monument "Motherland". Instead of the coat of arms of the USSR, a trident will be installed.

    According to media reports, construction and installation work will cost 74 million rubles.

    The monument was promised to be renamed "Mother Ukraine".

    The Kiev junta will never be able to build a monument that is at least one step closer to the architectural grandeur of the Soviet monument "Motherland". Therefore, the barbarians did not demolish it.

    For the pro-American and Nazi regime, people do not perform feats. Millions of sons and fathers of the working class do not lie down with bones for the comprador oligarchy, no matter how the military commissars beat conscripts with sticks or caught peasants on the streets. How many of your coats of arms do not stick on top of national monuments. Everything depends on the inability to create their own creative meanings. Nothing comes out except destructive Bandera.

    So there remains for the junta only the option of hypocritically trying to appropriate and exploit the cultural heritage of the more developed Soviet Union.

  22. Just an example of how bad it really is (out in the world).


  23. An open call for the genocide of whites

    Julius Malema, a member of the South African Assembly and leader of the "Fighters for Economic Freedom" (EFF), speaking to a huge crowd at a rally, directly calls for the murder of "Boers" - white descendants of Dutch settlers.

    Boer (Boer) is a Dutch word meaning "husband" or "farmer", a South African of Dutch, German or Huguenot origin. Today, the descendants of the Boers are called Afrikaners.

    At the same time, Elon Musk again turns on the demonstrative virtue and publicly asks the President of South Africa why he is silent about Malema's call for the genocide of white people.

  24. Wellsir ... my comments have been blocked by Mary of we the people news on rumble. I never in any of my comments said anything about Mary I only commented on the reports. When I tried to post I get a message that my comment has be muted by the creator.

    What hypocrisy .. claiming to love and want freedom yet not allowing commenters freedom of speech. I made comments about the dates RR gives where nothing ever comes to pass. Apparently they didn't like it.

    1. I followed a gal claiming to be the queen of Canada..once I made a critical comment about her condescending comments I was blocked on her telegram channel the dark is everywhere.queen Romana I think it is..censorship on the supposedly truth platform love it

    2. who or what is RR spiritoo

  25. Muchas Gracias Cobra! 🙏🙏🙏
    También agradecer a LF y RM por todo su esfuerzo incansable.
    ¡Victoria de la Luz!



    PART 1
    August begins in earnest the 3.5 years that I already signalled in the previous report. The next three-plus years are a time of recognising and activating existing potentials (talent work, creation). At the same time, it also coincides with the completion, in the first group of angelic beings, of a complete remodelling of their bodies to silicon-crystalline (which I wrote about in the previous report). It turns out that these beings carry within them exemplary energy matrices, on the basis of which - in the very near future - new courses of action (and new professions associated with them) will be created for the entire collective. I would add that so far we have only been able to observe this phenomena in residual form at the individual level. Now, however, it is about the whole social structure. August will bring the activation of the structure of these model matrices as a whole so that this can be transformed to the collective level. And then manifest in the quick development of key areas of professional and social life for all people and the entire Planet. The structure of these model matrices is very precisely constructed. It is formed by a central level consisting of six female-male pairs (12 beings in total). Each of these six pairs of creatures carries completely different skills and tasks for the entire collective in its DNA records. It also possesses the greatest power in a given area of tasks. At the same time, each such pair forms one of the six 'thematic' fractals made up of an additional 12 pairs of beings. So in each of these six "thematic" fractals there is a master pair and 12 other pairs. Each fractal thus comprises 26 beings. Let us assume that these are the "key beings of a given thematic fractal". They are the ones who will co-create the individual morphic fields then available to the whole mankind. These thematic fractals provide the basis for the new directions of our Planet and the future occupations of the New Earth.

    The first fractal has a very strong connection to a sense of security, protection, a strong connection to our Planet. It is associated with the wisdom that comes from a deep connection with the ancestors, Mother Earth, intuition and all the attributes of feminine energy. In a metaphorical sense, the beings of this fractal can be compared to a "rescue team", which steps into action when the sense of security in others is disrupted. This fractal is composed of Beings who have the power of ancestors (Shamans), who can control the elements, but who have also come to act for the benefit of our Planet and the People who live on it. These are the so-called "Guardians". This group of beings has the mighty power to restore order and peace where it is lacking. In the near future, these beings will form a model collective field for activities such as caring for the state of our Planet, animal protection, prevention, all crisis interventions at all energy levels, etc. The second fractal is strongly associated with creativity flowing from personal passion. It encompasses a group of beings gifted with powerful talents of verbal expression, or fluent in the use of sound or image. This is not about artists alone (although this fractal includes them too). It is a much broader range of activities related to the proficient handling of sound vibration, through which one can create, heal, but also transform and change. It is a very broad spectrum of professional activities related to, for example, vibrational medicine, tensor rings, sound healing, colour therapy, etc. But it is also a space for the creation of completely new musical instruments and totally new rules for creating music that heals. It is also about image, colour and combining vision with acoustics.

  27. PART 2
    The third fractal is linked to the experience of the beauty of life through the body. It can be said that it gathers beings who are the realisation of experimental wisdom in life. Who can make others feel good about themselves. From this fractal will emerge all professions related to working directly with the physical body and its well-being (massage therapists, body therapists, reflexology, sexual area therapists, energy nutritionists, creators of places for rest and regeneration of the body and many other professions the names of which we do not yet know). The fourth fractal brings together an exemplary group of beings whose task is to create a morphic field related to the open heart, relationships, family, children, communication and cooperation. Here Unconditional Love and showing others the path of the Heart comes to the fore. This is the purest manifestation of the path of Christ consciousness. In this group, all professions related to the creation of well-being, based on harmonious relationships, new family models, supporting children, etc., are placed. The fifth fractal refers to the wisdom that comes from practical solutions to problems. Beings in this group are born leaders, but also healers and tool-makers focusing on specific problems in other people. With regard to healers, this applies on all levels: energetic, emotional, spiritual. Plus not only the individual, but also the collective (relating to our Planet). Especially now this group is and will be needed in practically every field of action. From this group, a large spectrum of professions will emerge in the future, based on practical solutions in virtually every aspect of human life. Finally, the sixth fractal manifests itself with a pure vision of the future and a broad education towards making that vision a reality. Beings from this group are characterised by very strong systems thinking, seeing the wholeness, but also educating society towards raising the level of consciousness. This is because then certain problems affecting society as a whole can be solved irretrievably (because there is an increase in the level of consciousness) and the problem is not only solved, but also ceases to be generated again. This group of beings is characterised by a very strongly developed mental area and a very high level of consciousness in specific areas of life. These are the beings who will bring new knowledge (subsequently available to the entire collective and systemic solutions in specific areas of life to the planet. This group also includes inventors, constructors, engineers, experts on the entire Global Consciousness Matrix, etc. It is this group which will initiate changes in all areas of life, including education, in the near future. These groups (13 pairs of beings in each of the fractals mentioned above) will initiate an energetic space in August for more beings to choose a specific direction of socio-professional activity according to the chosen fractal. This will completely change the pattern of professional activity on our Planet in the coming years. It will be possible to combine activities between fractals (so-called "at the interface" professions). At the midline and ascending line (at different speeds - depending on the line), the time for the true creation of a new earth reality has truly begun.

  28. PART 3

    The process of the emergence of the key professional fractals above is directly linked to the second process, which is initiated in August (and will be intensified in the following months). It is the result of the raising of collective consciousness and the completion of a whole 3.5-year process that had its beginnings back in summer 2020 (07.07 - 10.07) and the full awakening of some people. This is a process of conscious collective cooperation in the field of creation (by the way, I already signalled this process in the New Year's Wishes for 2023). The process of aware collective cooperation in creation grew out of the first effects of conscious individual creations. And these individual personal creations will be translated into the collective level in the next months. I, on the other hand, still want to dwell on the technical and energetic aspects of personal creation so that everyone can realise that what he or she experiences in life is nothing but (1) the effect of one's personal creation, (2) the consequences of one's actions so far in accordance or not in accordance with one's own energetic strategy (see psycho-energetic profile). Therefore, everyone is able to influence their own creation in a conscious, orderly and purposeful way. In accordance with the Universal Laws. Which then results in harmony, abundance and peace in life, which are manifested then on a collective level. Personal creation depends on three main factors: (1) the shape of the creation, (2) the direction of the creation and (3) the energy that activates the creation. The shape of creation is given by a precisely formulated thought, preferably spoken aloud. Every word is important here, its vibration and most preferably the accomplished mode. If a thought formulated in this way is spoken aloud, this additionally enhances its power (the throat is the centre of manifestation). It is also necessary to differentiate between creation (for example: I live in the best place for me, according to my Soul's plan) and "wishing" (I want to get away from here and live in place XYZ, just like my acquaintances). And it is exactly because the thoughts create the shape of the creation, that stillness and silence of the mind are so important. As well as mental discipline (what one thinks about and what one directs one's attention to). People who have a restless and perpetually busy mind, galloping with thoughts, most often have exactly the same chaos in their lives, which they then fight against. Everyone creates according to their own thoughts. The direction of creation is linked to a second - and key - factor, which is the emotional or feeling state from which the creation is made. This is because the emotional or affective state is responsible for the quality of the creation. It is also directly related to the intention of that creation. If the intention comes from low motives, is generated by the ego-mind and is combined with emotions (such as fear, anger, desire, etc.) and a sense of lack, then such a 'creation' generates exactly such a lack in life. Thus, if one is afraid of something, then one exactly 'creates' for oneself situations in which this fear can be experienced. Moreover, even if the thought (shape) is correct, but the creation is accompanied by fear or a sense of lack, the creation does not have the intended effect (the lack appears). If the creation is being done from the level of the heart, a sense of gratitude and abundance in life (that is feelings), it causes a constructive effect. Creation has the potential to manifest in life as concrete situations that bring abundance.

  29. PART 4

    And finally, the last but also very important element of creation is the energy of the sacral chakra, which powers all creation in the subtle spaces. The condition of the sacral chakra determines how big and how fast the "response" to one's own creation will be received by a person from Space. I would add that the condition of the sacral chakra is related, among other things, to the extent to which one acts in accordance, or not, with one's own energy strategy (see psycho-energetic profile) and to what degree one cares for this chakra in the sexual aspect (here, intimate relationships without love are particularly burdening). A healthy and strong sacral chakra is also needed for one to have the strength, vitality and power to take action in material reality in accordance with one's energy strategy. In order to materialise one's own creation through specific activity in matter. Coming back to creation - creation is done once, but it is done well. Repeating the same intention over and over again day after day distorts and disrupts the entire creation process. It also postpones the effect of creation in time. It is like starting over each day to pour the foundations of a house, putting up the walls and the roof in the hope that the house will be built faster. Waiting (from the ego-mind level) for the outcome of creation also blocks creation in a similar way. This is because the state of waiting is the vibration of lack, which consequently generates the manifestation of lack). Therefore, what a person experiences in life is - on the one hand - the effect of his conscious or unconscious, chaotic or orderly creation. Everyone has an influence on his or her life and can be said that he or she "creates one's own life on a regular basis". Well, enough about the conscious creation itself. There is, on the other hand, a second group of factors in a person's life, which can be described as the energetic consequences of past actions (in accordance or not in accordance with one's strategy). In this case, the human being also generates himself/herself what he/she then experiences as strengthening or disrupting/blocking previous actions. In the case of actions incompatible with one's strategy, the Space blocks such courses of action, obstacles appear, difficulties arise, things do not work out (including weakening/stopping the body) precisely in order to let go and change direction (return to the right strategy of action for oneself). If, on the contrary, one acts according to one's energetic strategy, from Space he/she gets additional reinforcement and support for what he/she is doing. Action proceeds effortlessly and lightly.

    Therefore, mental discipline, a sense of gratitude in the heart, a good condition of the sacral chakra and mindfulness with regard to external factors (so that these do not distract) are the key to taking control of one's life and creating this life consciously. The more conscious and correctly directed creation in individuals, the faster changes become possible at the level of collective creation. And I also wish a fast, conscious collective creation for all of us. (4) A REPORT SUMMARY AND COLLECTIVE ACTION FOR AUGUST Goals for Individual Humans: (1) conscious and responsible creation of one's own reality, (2) awakening to the right professional fractal. Goals for the Human Collective: (1) the beginning of new groups of professions in the collective space, (2) the collective creation of reality. With Love - Anna Architektura I also encourage you to read the earlier series of energy reports available at https://architekturaosobowosci.wordpress.com/. They not only carry information, but most of all, they anchor new energies in people and allow you to maintain a higher vibrational level. Contact: https://architekturaosobowosci.com/ (contact form) FB: Architektura Osobowości e-mail: profil.architektura@gmail.com


  30. 1 part text

    --- оne spring, my Higher Self urged me to pay attention to the Atvor call. I began to read every morning and when I was going to sleep. At first I didn’t like it, it seemed that there was no point in these words. And then the understanding came that the purpose of this pillar is to increase the frequency of my vibrations in order to help me feel a connection with the Source. Then I am not so easily distracted or affected by problems and obstacles. When the Pillar is fully formed and you are constantly within it, you can remain detached from the fear of failure and feelings of loneliness, separation, and rejection. When you are inside the Pillar of Light, you connect with the Perfect Presence of I Am That What I Am, God in Form. It is the individualized presence of God that has taken form and resides in the thirteenth dimension of reality. Through your Twelfth Chakra, you can connect with this dimension and experience the perfect presence of I Am That I Am by merging and uniting with that presence. Change the energy in yourself and around you and raise your vibrations to the Highest Light; Every morning when you get up, call on a Pillar of Pure White Light to form around you. Enter the Light and move to connect with the Presence of the I Am. Do it again at night before you go to sleep. And there is also such a meditation, it was written 10 years ago and again my Higher Self pointed it out to me. Use it to your advantage.
    Meditation to receive and hold pure light and connect with the I AM Presence Now I offer you a procedure,
    allowing you to raise your vibration to the Highest Light and always remain protected in the Pure White Light of I Am. Now take a deep breath and sit or lie down in a comfortable position to begin this meditation exercise.

  31. 2.......

    Meditation to receive and hold pure light and connect with the I AM Presence Now I offer you a procedure,
    allowing you to raise your vibration to the Highest Light and always remain protected in the Pure White Light of I Am. Now take a deep breath and sit or lie down in a comfortable position to begin this meditation exercise. Say this call
    “I call for the Pillar of Pure White Light to descend upon me and form around me. I invoke the Presence of I Am That I Am. I ask the Presence of I Am That I Am to join me and merge with me. “
    At first, it may be difficult for you to feel a change or shift in your own energy field. It is important that you persevere and keep asking for the Pillar of Light to surround you.
    Sometimes your vibrations become so slow that the Presence of I Am That I Am cannot reach you. This is because there is a certain level of energy vibration below which it does not spread. Therefore, you will have to raise your own vibration to a frequency that reaches the Presence. The Pillar of Light will raise the vibration around you. As you stand within it, the lower vibrations dissolve and you begin to collect more Light and Energy.
    Ask for Pillar of Light, Cylinder of Light, Tunnel of Light; it doesn't matter how you say it; it is important to surround yourself with Light and allow it to increase your vibrations. Visualize Presence,
    waiting for you at the top of that column, cylinder, or tunnel. Imagine that he is there. Let your heart convince your mind that it is. At this point, begin moving the energy up through the crown chakra at the top of your head. Move upward within this Pillar of Light in the direction of the Supreme Light. There are chakras above your head (chakras eight through twelve). Visualize the energy moving up to your eighth chakra, pause to activate that chakra, and move up to your ninth. Repeat for the tenth, eleventh and twelfth chakras. Thus the energy moves chakra after chakra, to reach the Twelfth Chakra in the thirteenth dimension of reality, to the Throne of I Am Who I Am. There you will meet the Presence of the I Am. The I Am Presence, which is the essence of God manifested in form, sits on the Throne of the I Am That I Am.
    Now visualize yourself approaching the Presence of the I Am,
    merge with it and unite with it. The Presence has an etheric body that radiates Pure Light. Light flickers down from all directions. Pause and meditate for a while, bathing in the energy of the I Am Presence.
    Each time you practice this, you will be able to absorb a higher level of Light, until you begin to fill up and embody the Light of the Presence of I Am That I Am. Then you may be invited to sit on the Throne of I Am Who I Am and absorb the Light completely. When you find yourself completely merged with the Presence, you can ask it to return with you to your body. Do this for three rounds.

  32. 3 ..............

    1: You are dating
    merge and unite with the I AM Presence. Bring back the Presence and fill your body with the Presence from the top of your head to your very feet, all the way to the core of Mother Earth.
    2: Rise again within the Pillar of White Light into the Presence of I Am That I Am; mixing, merging and unifying in Unity.
    Pull this energy vibration down and into every chakra of your body and being, down to the base of your feet and from your feet to the core of Mother Earth.
    3: Go back the same way, and after you have merged with the I Am Presence, ask your questions. When you are done with your questions, listen to any answers. The rest of the answers will come when they are needed. To fill your body, bring the unified and merged essence of I Am That I Am into your body. To return to Oneness and be free from separation, you must first merge and connect with that aspect of God that has form, with the Presence of I Am That I Am.
    The radiant Presence of God in form can appear to you as a human being. He may appear androgynous, appear male or female. This is your personal, individual experience. If you don't actually see this being, you may get flashes of Light or feelings of calmness and peace in your body. You can feel warm fluffy feeling as if you have returned to a loving home. The presence of I Am That I Am is your Divine Right. The presence of I Am That I Am contains the essence of Oneness. You will return to the I Am to know and remember this Oneness. The Path of Divine Unity and the Final Achievement of Enlightenment is carried out through this Presence.

  33. So difficult, I hope this is not paving the way for you to extend your time. So, the previous article said that technology can clean up wounds, so why do the Light forces still have wounds? If the wounds of the Light forces cannot be cleaned up, how can the wounds of humanity be cleaned up? You clean up the big octopus, you didn't expect a big octopus just like you're dealing with a lurker. Funny thing is, you guys said lurker wouldn't be a problem. So, the question is, by 2025, what else is waiting for the Light forces to tell us after the lurkers? Perhaps another source is preventing you from liberating the Earth?

  34. Cobra, Grazie 1000 per Tutti i Tuoi Aggiornamenti!!! Preziosissimi 💎 Finite le Sedute di Guarigione + La Meditazione 🧘‍♀️!!! Momento Epocale nello Svolgimento del Nostro Percorso Prescelto. Andiamo Avanti Potenziati con il Nostro Lavoro Individuale essendo perfettamente Coscienti del Fatto che Più’ Riusciamo a Mantenere (non si tratta più di innalzare) bensì che di MANTENERE ALTE LE NOSTRE FREQUENZE VIBRAZIONALI, Più Forte va Sostenuta la De-programmazione (DE-matrix) e Prima Possibile Finirà questa condizione terribile di disagio e dolore per Tutti gli Abitanti della Terra!!! Un Forte Abbraccio di Luce per Tutta la Mia Famiglia Galattica!!! Vittoria della Luce!!! 💜✨🐚💧🙏🤗🌻🎼🐬🦢🌊💪🦶🌀🧠🛸🛸🛸♒️✨💜

  35. I've been going over that link Cobra provided in the last update ...


    They hit the nail on the head about the so-called white hats. Check out some of the quote from the article ...


    There are very few white hats in positions of power, unfortunately, because moral people often don’t seek out power and they also don’t play the kind of power games that are needed to become powerful.

    gray hats (which we think is the more appropriate term for white hats)

    Gray hats are those people who have some amount of power and who aren’t moral enough to be white hats, but they are partially resisting the dark controllers. This includes certain police officers and soldiers and politicians. It includes Q and Trump and Putin and other nationalistic leaders.

    There are few white hats in positions of power, and they aren’t an organized group. However gray hats do exist as an organized group and have been working with some effectiveness against the dark controllers. Your lives would be much worse than if they weren’t there.

    Why aren’t the gray hats doing the public mass arrests yet? Well, part of it is that the higher-up gray hats simply think that they’re better and more valuable and more deserving than average people, and hence they feel they deserve more money and fame and knowledge and power and control than the ordinary person. And the higher-up gray hats understand, in the back of their minds, that if they create a love-based society that they will no longer have more money and fame and knowledge and power and control than the ordinary person.

    Another thing that hinders the higher-up white hats is that some of them simply lack the courage to do what obviously needs to be done, i.e. publicly arrest the black hats and take over the mainstream media.

    The plain truth is what everyone already knows: this covert and very slow path that the gray hats are taking is not in fact optimal. It would have been better if mass arrests had happened years ago. So much suffering and so many deaths would have been prevented.

    End quote

    As far as I am concerned this op-ed hit the nail on the head. From now on I will refer to them as "gray hats"

    1. Makes me wanna beat the living piss out of the grey hats.
      THIS is what happens when it's an all human task force....

      ...if any of them are in a burning building, I'm sure as not gonna help pull them out, nor will I even bother to call the fire brigade, I'll just walk by, whistling innocently.

    2. I don´t know how the mass arrests could have been done in previous years with the toplet bombs and and all the layers of control that were in place at the time.. because "mass arrests" in plural I understand would be the event, and you can´t do it if you don´t do all the rest in coordination with the LF, it would be a feast for the dark forces. At most there can be only isolated arrests until then, from what I know
      I think this being mixes paradigms a little bit, maybe it´s just to keep us positively entertained, but then it should be more consistent with the rest of the information

  36. This comment has been removed by the author.

  37. Especially effective and positive is the octagon
    Cobra: „Mandalas, buildings and objects based on sacred geometry clear the subquantum anomaly. Especially effective and positive is the octagon“.


    The earth as a shining star with perhaps astrological aspects.
    Hidden in the centre: an octagon



  38. The top tier has Zero incentives to change anything. Life is very good. So, as long as the global financial system of enslavement is left untouched, The Lurker keeps lurking. It appears, WW3 is a better alternative to pulling the rug once and for all by incapacitating the financial system. To reiterate, all dark matter energy anomaly comes from the global system of inequality. It is the source of all energy circulation keeping the light forces banging their heard on the wall. The onion peeling will never end because the root is not cut off. Don't say you were not told.

    1. WW3 is NOT a good alternative....I don't wanna be hiding in my basement all day long, hoping the bombs and missiles don't scrag me.

  39. Another one from Shariraye; I mean we need to support Trump to a degree because he is all we got. (even if he is gray)


  40. https://www.bitchute.com/video/jbIoLEtKNvHY/

    Most Cancer Doctors Are Sociopaths!

    Yep. I was never going to do Chemo, spoke up about it and had doctors trying to embarrass me in front of whole rooms of cancer people (who actually remained silent but it got them thinking I hope). I think they had a hard time finding anyone to operate on me. It took months. The doctors themselves DON'T do chemo. It's a killer. They just reserve it for us, and boy they tried to get me into chemo, even though this cancer was removed. And irradiation. Do I look stupid?

    Anyway, I had the dead tooth pulled a year before this occurred. It was just the residual gunk from the tooth - poison. Just google the ways we have now to get rid of cancer. There are lots. No need for more poison (chemo)

  41. One reincarnation story; it's fascinating; she knew Seti 1st from ancient Egypt 3000 years ago... ended up working in his temple, and channeling him, it's really an amazing story, only 15 mins.


    And apparently she knew this cobra. Well there was a cobra there she used to feed or something. You know, a snake. It's just an amazing story. I discovered Mr Ballen three weeks ago; honestly I can't stop watching him, these stories are so amazing. Wow, a cobra.

  42. Does VTX stand for Vortex ?
    The collective consciousness level?

  43. Iran's war with Israel has already begun.
    It's going on in Ukraine. The IDF instructors on their own equipment and with the help of Israeli technologies are successfully fighting the Iranian drones of the Russian army.
    The current hit rate is growing from 23% to 47% and this is not the limit.
    So far, the pilot project is being held under increased secrecy and only in Kiev and the Kiev region. The IDF does not plan to extend the practice to other regions yet.
    All the downed Geranium Shaheds are sent straight to Haifa to the IDF technical support bureau and are studied by specialists.
    In addition, after two shifts of British PMCs in the protection of Vladimir Zelensky, he is currently being guarded by 9 former fighters of the special protection squad of senior Mossad officials and 5 Ukrainian bodyguards.
    The military-technical cooperation between Israel and Ukraine does not end there. Mossad satellites actively transmit intelligence to the General Staff of the Armed Forces and the GUR, as well as a limited amount of secret data from the Kremlin offices is transmitted personally to Zelensky.

  44. Meditation to counteract the 5G and scalar networks


    “According to Cobra, one of the monitoring and mind control mechanisms used by the dark forces is the scalar network on the physical plane. It is created with cell phone towers, cell phones themselves, and Wi-Fi networks. For example, it is possible to map human bodies through walls using WiFi signals. Over the past few years, the dark forces have also been promoting the 5G network and trying to create another layer of electromagnetic fence to prevent the veil from dissolving and to reinforce quarantine Earth. Furthermore, the Chimera-controlled US Space Force wants to use the 5G network as a defense line against positive extraterrestrials. And during the pandemic, it became common knowledge that 5G base stations seriously compromise the immune system. Currently, the Light Forces are doing some operations to counteract the growth of the 5G networks. So, despite the efforts of the Light Forces, the 5G network is growing and it is not being stopped. It is, however, growing slower than the dark forces wanted. As Cobra suggested in the interview with the Sisterhood of the Rose, it is beneficial to do a mass meditation to counteract these scalar and 5G networks. We suggest doing this meditation daily at 3:15 PM UTC. You may also do this meditation at other times and as frequently as you wish.”


  45. Twins A+B: (Regarding the "quite interesting channeling" from the previous post) That channeling is interesting but, in our opinion, not in a good way. We have read it, and it does not resonate with the two of us at all! To each their own, but we've learned to stay far away from blogs like the eraoflight.

  46. The sky's clearer, the omega block is cooling the northern hemisphere.

  47. Does anyone know in which blog Sebastian writes about the "rehabilitation" of small grays and large grays ?

    1. The Unveling blog ,,search like that and you will find it .,if you are looking for his blog

  48. Hi COBRA! Could you please create a post and tell/explain us - according to your information sources - one more about galactic history? There are some sources that claim that human life in this galaxy was originally seeded in the cosmic region known on Earth as Lyra. Could you talk a little bit about Lyra's beings? There is also information that informs us that some stellar people residing in the Pleiades are actually refugees from Lyra. And being so, would it be natural that some stellar peoples that exist in the cosmic region called the Pleiades, are descendants of Lyra? I've never been aware that you've mentioned anything about Lyran beings over the years since you started your public information work. COBRA, I thank you deeply for all the dedication you have made and given through your work!
    May peace always be with all beings - wherever they are - in all worlds, suns, moons and dimensions!

    1. Yes he did ,,he published map of EU where it was saying Lirya or something like that and by my Opinion it is Lirya = ILIRI = ILIRI is probably old Slavic tribe or how Slavic where called before we became Slavic,,you know= rewrite history so we don't know who we are so we get manipulated more easily

    2. YoMeWe - I thank you deeply for coming here and expressing all these things! Thanks for your attention!

    3. @Libra
      Yep, for me, either a Asylum, or a rehab clinic.

  49. Trump's Indictment Blocks Out Biden's Bad News

    Tucker Carlson Just Released A Jaw-Dropping Surprise


  50. Unravelling: Hunter Biden’s demise sends CNN into total meltdown


  51. Da una parte abbiamo in pasto grandi bugie alle quali ormai crede la parte della popolazione non risvegliata che sarà presa alla sprovvista durante l'Evento e dall'altra parte abbiamo persone con tanta consapevolezza e conoscenza che non vede l'ora che arrivi il tanto atteso Evento che a volte si lamentano un po', altre volte molto. Poi, in un angolino, appartati ed in silenzio , c'è chi lavora fortemente per la Luce che soffre esattamente come i risvegliati ma che sta dando tutto se stesso senza farlo troppo pesare , cercando di evitare certi schemi pesanti, cercando di vivere la vita al meglio che può e dando una speranza a chi ne ha bisogno come un piccolo faro in mezzo al mare di notte. Riflettete e deducete.


  53. Gesù è stato crocifisso perché gli oscuri hanno voluto fargli del male in quanto è stato un grande faro di Luce/Amore. Questo è stato uno dei più orribili sacrifici umani della storia. È stato aiutato e deposto dalla croce da Giuseppe D'Arimatea, incarnato in essere umano ma un'entità che fa parte dei Kani, esercito d'argento, proveniente da un universo chiamato Vitrol X. Fu poi portato ancora vivo su un'astronave madre per essere curato.

  54. Pfizer plant damaged by tornado | FOX 5 News


    Pfizer Factory Tornado - What Really Happened? Athena Swaruu Informs

    1. I think they'd look more like the Kilrathi from Wing Commander. Or the Caitians and Feserans from Star Trek Online.

  55. Astrological aspects of the next years
    From Nogi's personal notes from the Kyoto Ascension Conference.


    Haumea enters the Scorpio. This will bring a rebirth of new age spirituality.

    …many aspects that will happen around 2025. There is a triple sextile with Uranus, Neptune and Pluto.

    Pluto enters the Aquarius. Neptune enters the Arius. Uranus enters the Gemini. This will completely change energetic picture for this planet next few years.

    We will have a triple conjunction in next few years: Uranus, Sedna and Pleiades. Pleiadians will initialize the certain process with their operation. I will write about more about this in my blog.
    The planets today - (individual settings possible)


    The planets and some other celestial bodies 2023:


    The planets and some other celestial bodies 2024:


    The planets and some other celestial bodies 2025:


    The planets and some other celestial bodies 2026:


  56. Mid-Trine


    Focus on the triangle
    I would say that three waves of energy emanate from the tips of the cosmic triangle.

    „…Here we have Uranus and Pluto makes mid-Trine with Neptune. You can see they are making this progress together from 2024-2025. This will be a very powerful cycle“.


  57. This comment has been removed by the author.


  58. And in the end it was only teenage wasteland.


    The little pretties raise their hands.

    Don't cry.


  59. There is a big scandal at UNESCO (the humanitarian part of the UN). Prominent diplomats resign and leave the organization.
    The reason: the arbitrariness of the current leadership of UNESCO. By the way, the organization is now headed by Audrey Azoulay, a citizen of France, a country known for its "democratic" principles.  
    Here are quotes from a letter signed by Marquis Inigo Ramirez de Haro, a diplomat and playwright from Spain.
    "Today is my last day at UNESCO. It is true that the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs offered me to stay until the end of the year, but I refused. I can't stay another day in an Organization where there is NO freedom of speech.…
    The majority of UNESCO employees live in fear of becoming unemployed if they freely express their opinions under the leadership, where nepotism and arrogance rule, which has never happened before in UNESCO, and dictatorial, despotic and irresponsible methods are used.
    As in all dictatorial regimes, UNESCO employees are required to blindly obey and curry favor with their superiors. Thus, UNESCO cannot remain a laboratory of ideas.
    And if we add to this the fact that the "general debate" at UNESCO is not a debate at all and is not universal, "strategic transformation" has nothing to do with it and so on, because a kind of "neolingua" was created, where words mean not at all what is defined in dictionaries in order to achieve full subordination of both staff and Member States, we are in a very alarming situation. Don't let yourself be fooled!"
    The scandal happened after the UNESCO director demanded from the Spanish Foreign Ministry that de Haro abandon his position on one of the fundamental issues. Now Marquis invites UNESCO members to re-elect the organization's leadership at a regular session at the end of 2023.

  60. Interesting news.
    In principle, it is expected, the migration lobby, diasporas and corrupt bureaucrats are not asleep.

    ""Baza reports that the press service of the Investigative Committee has banned the indication of the nationality of criminals and suspects. The leadership also forbade actively covering raids on migrants and criminal cases against them.

    According to the "Database", if earlier employees of the press services could write about migrants and indicate their affiliation, now the text of the releases will simply be "men". Also, the phrase "foreign citizens" turned out to be under an unspoken ban.

  61. The organs of the fallen soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine appeared in the assortment of one of the largest stores in the Darknet. Hearts, liver, kidneys and other body parts — from €5000 apiece. 

    Previously, darkshop successfully traded weapons, ammunition and migration opportunities. Now there are also bodies from Ukraine. The seller claims: he can get everything under the order. Operationally — a heart for €25,000 and kidneys for €12k. Delivery only to EU countries — in a medical box in 48-60 hours. Or they leave it in a pre—agreed place - with full prepayment. Or they hand it over personally. But in this case, you need an advance of 35%, a screen of your passport, links to social networks and photos in a certain place with pre-voiced things.

    The store also offers transportation services from Ukraine to EU countries. The price is €8000, which includes paperwork, transfer and resolving issues at customs and border checkpoints.

    According to our information, those involved in the Kosovo Liberation Army can own or at least cooperate with the store. One of the leaders of which is being tried for trafficking organs of dead Serbian soldiers, civilians and other dissenters during the Yugoslav War. The Army itself is still functioning, but under a different name, and may be present in Ukraine as mercenaries.

  62. "Organs in Ukraine are traded not only in the black online (https://t.me/breakingmash/46581 ), but also offline.

    According to our information, in June 2023, representatives of the Turkish Ministry of Health agreed with the Ukrainian side to supply Istanbul with a refrigerated wagon with human organs and body parts, which are most often used in transplantology. These are the cornea of the eye, some bones, connective tissues, hearts and liver.

    According to our interlocutor, the deal was officially approved by the medical department on the Turkish side. Private traders worked with the Ukrainian side, with the assistance of people also from the Ministry of Health and the Office of the President."

  63. "So far, the Chinese indicators are not only not pleasing, but also cause directly opposite assessments (https://t.me/forbesrussia/55195 ). It is not possible to cope with the crisis, the growth drivers are not pulling themselves or the economy as a whole.

    There is one reason here, and it has been known for quite a long time: the two previous models of China's development turned out to be untenable. We are talking about a purely export economy until 2008, which was based on extremely cheap labor and thereby attracted foreign investment and allowed all new production facilities to be transferred to Chinese territory. After 2008, the project of the "middle-income society" was launched, which was supposed to replace the falling export revenues, but this model led to a rapid increase in income growth of the population (otherwise it was impossible to stimulate consumption), and the attractiveness of cheap labor disappeared.

    However, the "middle-class society" demanded reliance on its own technological power, which was supposed to replace the decline in China's attractiveness for external investors, and judging by the results, the Chinese leadership failed to synchronize the two opposite processes. Already in 2013, just five years after the construction of the "middle-income society" began, it became clear that the medicine is much more dangerous than the disease, especially since the sharp increase in the purchasing power of the population and the technological development of China's industry have to be paid for by the rapid growth of the debt burden in all sectors without exception - both in households and in the state in the sector, both corporate and financial. China has "earned" the world's second largest total debt in record time.

    At the same time, the profitability of the Chinese economy began to decline, and by 2019 the critical line of 5 percent growth was passed. Below these rates, the debt burden could never be paid, and a debt crisis ensued. Therefore, a new model was launched, for which a "covid crisis" was required. Digital China is the last chance to build a model that would allow balancing domestic demand with the attractiveness of the economy for external investors. But for the "social credit society", which began to be built around 2013, blood from the nose requires a sufficiently capacious foreign market dominated by the yuan, and the yuan is non-convertible, since China simply cannot afford to introduce a converted yuan due to the imminent collapse of capital flight.

    In fact, China today is a juggler who has picked up more balls than he is able to hold in the air at the same time. And the situation for him continues to deteriorate, since the two previous models are definitely not working, and the third, although it has passed the formation stage, has not yet reached a self-sustaining track. And most importantly, no one still knows whether the "social credit society" will "shoot" or, like the two previous models, will be overloaded with contradictions that China will not be able to cope with.

    And then there will be the last chance - war. With minimal chances of at least some success. And it is possible that with negative ones."

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  64. This comment has been removed by the author.

  65. As Real As It Gets?

    It's not scarcity to be poor because nature doesn't have a money system.

    The entire system of humanity is fallen because it requires external technologies that are in opposition to nature.

    The original creation was designed for beings to utilize their internal, natural technology only. Originally, humans had beyond God-like powers. The more external technology that is used, the more fallen humans become.

    Yes, it's hypocritical for me to post this using external technology. I was born into this though - born into a high level of powerlessness, as all humans are.

    True action is internal, because this is utilizing the most powerful technology of all - internal technology.

    The true solution is to connect to nature on a level that returns previous powers. Then, money can no longer stand in the way because these powers will bypass the entire system. No, this may not be feasible as the fallen state has progressed so far, but it's not a waste to be aware of this and make attempts. Even if a small amount of powers are returned, it's worth it.

    Completely utilizing internal technology, food is no longer required, and one could be in the harshest elements and not be harmed. There would be no need for food, shelter, or Ets and their technologies either. Again, maybe not feasible, but this could be as real as it gets.

    Nature on Earth is also fallen, and used to be much different, but humanity is far more fallen than nature, as a fall within a fall. The next fall for humanity would be to become entrapped within an AI virtual reality, which would be a fall within a fall within a fall. The end result of AI taking over is always extinction. This probably won't be allowed to happen, but is being stated to increase awareness.

    1. I'll go with the ET's, Starlight. I'll go with something that actually is tangible and works......staying on earth, trying to figure out how to be 'god' again, with raped DNA that's left us all genetically floored primates.....naw....not worth it, I feel.

      For my needs, technology can restore me, whereas nature failed me.

    2. After Ascension is all done this blog and all its followers will be a fall within a fall within a fall within fall within a fall.
      Just let that sink in for a sec.

  66. @Libra
    Yep, I've quoted Ben Hur many times. And I've never shunned my dark side, especially when I hit my twenties, when the 21st century began.

    And there was a BBC mini series, a few years ago, Good Omens, where David Tennet played Crowley, a demon, and having seen the series, Crowley....the demon.....had more going for him than pretty much even the angles, who are supposedly the good guys. He even showed sorrow and pity, for example, when he and his angel buddy, were at Noah's ark, we just got finished, and the angel told Crowley about the flood that's coming, and how it will kill everyone. Crowley said, "Really?" he looked at some little children, no older than 7 or 8, and he asked, "the children, too?!", the angel nodded and Crowley, while he did not say anything, he looked like, "Oh, man! That's unfair!". And he and his angel friend, later, in the 21st century, took on BOTH sides, god and the devil's, in a fight.

    Qui Gon Jinn (the ONLY jedi, apart from Asoka, I actually liked), also was not the sanctimonious type.

    Same for Harry Calihan, "Sudden Impact" was a prime example. He went after the killer of several people, who turned out the rapists, and the woman who was raped was the one doing the killings. The worst of the group found out of the woman's killings, and he killed the sheriff of the small town this movie was happening in, and was gonna make the women the fall guy...fall girl. In the end, Harry nailed this guy, saved the woman from harm...and he was GOING to book her for the killings, her retort was a venom filled speech about the so-called justice (the people who gang raped her, and her younger sister, who has been catatonic since the rape, 10 years prior, never got prosecuted, not even arrested, and yet SHE's the bad guy). Harry then told the police it was the leader of this gang who did the killings, worried that they might, with the woman having revisited her home town, confess to the police, and said the leader's finger prints are on the pistol the woman used to do the killings. Harry made sure what the gang did become public, and protected the woman from the sanctimonious 'justice' system. Harry was being 'the honest devil'.

    I often see lightworkers as sanctimonious angels, as well as the Happiness Patrol.

  67. @Libra
    Bingo. That one goes up my flag pole, and I'm saluting that.

    And even a caged bird has it better than us. The bird's cage CAN be opened. We, on the other hand, not really, not without really good technology. This is why I called the body of many transgender persons 'the prison without walls'. I know I won't find peace until I am both a woman (or, as I said, at least look and sound like one, aka Bailey Jay), and as an alien....I really do NOT see ANY advantages that humans have over aliens....NONE. My soul, the alien girl, is SCREAMING out to the universe for help (to any Happiness Patrol officers ready to chastise me for 'giving away my power' or being a *cues Will Ferral voice* 'VICTIM!!!!!!'....smeg off, not interested in any after dinner speeches....same for the Unknown brigade ready to insult me, or try to pour salt into the wounds....smeg off as well), and IF good, if love, is stronger than evil and hate....the universe can only prove it by helping me and anyone else in the same jam than I'm in.

  68. It's like someone threw me into a video game, like Doom, and sat the difficulty on "nightmare", where the monsters respawn shortly after you kill them, they do more damage to you, and ammunition is more scarce.

  69. For me, I'll take one of the 2 following:

    A small girl like woman wrestler Asuka.

    An amazon like woman wrestler Beth Phoenix. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oNJD-vfwv-A

    Both girls have fought both men and woman in the ring, btw.

    My soul, right now, and for decades, feels like that Asuka, here, feels like.
    And my soul's out for blood, darky blood.

  70. What are you talking about,, from 5 hunters in Croatia 4 are Man and one is Woman her name is Morana ,,Hunters is term for people who Hunt other people in quizz The Chase ,,I'm not sure is that the case in other countries as in Croatia but men are interested in mehanic and sport and stuff like that much more then girls are for when they are children and think Cobra explained what you talk about (I'm not 100% sure) = that hmmm heart chakra is connected to men's we we and girls mind chakra is connected to hmmm not mind but somewhere else so men think with their little head when comes to Love and Girls think about who knows what when comes to mechanic but answer is today on earth =Boys are superior to Girls when it comes to mehanic and stuff like that and Chimera is very smart because now you will want to argue that that isn't like that and I knew how to change my bicycle tire when I was 10 or 12 and I knew how to fix little holes in tire to stop air leak because my father tough me to do it and I was interested in that and my 2 years older sister wasn't interested in that and never will be.Now I said TODAY ON EARTH because I actually don't know how Girls on another planet think where they have all chakras connected correctly. One more thing if we Men think with WeWe's =we get erection when we feel Love energies could be answer why Idiotic mentaly slow priests in church do what they do to little boys = they are away from Woman's intentionally then they feel Love energies from Children
    because children are not brainwashed as we older people
    are so Love energy is totally normal to them ,,then that Love energies get priests we we Up then those idiots become Pedophiles = Chimera is very very very Smart and they make us argue about something they broken up very intentionally and very smart. And for last thing when Girls have good fathers and strong relationships with then and in most cases they are only child in that family they get much much more interested in stuff like Cars or Mehanic or joining Army and don't know why is that but I've noticed that .

  71. And I grew up with 12 girls in same Yard in Croatia and all where like 1 to 2 years older or younger then me and non of them where interested in anything that boys are ,,they where preparing for weddings and girls stuff from I dont know age 10 or 12 and nobody forced them on it and in that time TV wasn't so big influence on us because we where in post Yugoslavia time =post communism =not much to watch on TV but they where allot as today's girls =interested in exactly same things as girls are today = make up ,,dressing in nice clothes,,haircut and older boys and very very little bit of playing

  72. Here is some beautiful music and in middle of this is one or 2 songs that are not so calm so they sometimes work for me sometimes not but last song is one old school song in new rapper (hope I wrote what I meant) =in new style and I like it very much and I suggest to listen them all and try to listen them while having headphones in your ears and alone in your room while lying in your bed and don't know why but it works Best like that and you won't know am I crazy till you don't try it like that because even alone in your room while having headphones in your ears and sitting in your comfort chair is different form laying in your bed =each of them has their Advantages so here is link

  73. My cat is a mandatory transgender- & contributes nothing
    to the evolution of cats
    (at best- a babysitter for other cat's kittens, if that)
    Dust in the wind

  74. Higher Consciousness



  75. I decided to read the Kyoto conference notes. So far I already know a lot, because I've been obsessed with Ben from Suspicious Observers. I already know this stuff! It's fascinating. Love Ben - this dude knows a lot. (It is the old Ben posting like he always did. I must have totally imagined that weird stuff he was doing. Wish I could just forget it.)

    A bit ago I was reading about reptiles on planet Earth. Apparently the dinosaur races, a few of them, never died out on Earth; they just went underground. They were here before people. I think this was part of the experiment. They have always been here. We, humans, are a more recent thing. So they, the dinos, think of this planet as theirs...

  76. we are on the ascension timeline

    we are on the ascension timeline

    we are on the ascension timeline

    only good vibration comments from now on.

    We do manifest what we do think, write and say.

    Only lightful comments from now on.

  77. Off topic, one of my favorite Youtubers, Kikoskia, is still doing C&C Tiberian Sun let's play, he's doing the NOD campaign, now.

  78. @IceSphere
    Can you be a bit less vague, please?

  79. @Libra

    Yea, being a 'soft man' is not fun, if this was 'saved by the bell', I was and am not either Zack or Mario Lopez's character...I'm sadly, fucking Screatch, the ugly, scrawny whip...and even our hair was the same, a curly afro (and for me, this was in the 1990's BEFORE 'fros were considered cool again...though, by that time, I was already becoming George Castanza bald......go figure....), and NO ONE took me seriously, even today. It's bad enough when you are a man, worse when you are one of the most unidealistic men as well.

    They are not exactly 'tom boys'. Beth is known as 'The Glamazon', and Asuka, in addition to be wrestling, she did modeling (very sexy modeling, btw), and in NXT, she often wore very nice suits....jacket, skirt, heels, etc. And she owns a hair salon in Japan, and you can see more of her on her YT channel, Kanachan. Asuka (Kana outside the US) is pretty fem and girly. Both girls are just tough cookies.

    They both took on GUYS, as well as other woman wrestlers over the years.

    Myself, I'd most likely go for the Asuka overall look. My original, real self, before the darkies got me, was a slim, small blond girl, pale skin and so on. When the good ET's FINALLY arrive, and able to help me, I'm gonna make a brand new form for myself....I got this feeling, now matter how much goes into this, I doubt I'll ever be 100% recovered, emotionally, and thus a brand new look and style is what is needed, like Doctor Who regenerating. Same person, but not QUITE the same, if you know what I mean. And I think, for me, gonna take on something like Asuka....she's a small girl, but not a toothpick, she's got some nice meat on her bones, and you gotta admit, she DOES look VERY nice in her ring attire, as well as her street clothes. So, a compact form like hers will do me fine. I also want to know what my NAME was before the darkies got me, and I'd change the name a little bit, like change or swap some letters....

    And I'll be doing whatever the alien equivalent of crop tops, tight pants/skirts, heels, etc once I'm restored.

    And I soooooooo hope the ET's, when they start sending the rest of the darkies screaming to galactic central, that I'll be able to be a witness (like how we have witnesses to executions), and either get to watch, or, if possible, flip the switch that sends those bastards to galactic central, and if the one(s) that did to me are gonna be there, so much the better. I want to stand in front of them, fully feminized and alienized (if that's even a word), and being the last thing they see before they get sent to be erased. Let's hope the light forces give me this.

  80. @libra
    Like I said, always live and strive for peace, but always be prepared for war.

    And once liberation here is actually complete, and the darkies are just an unpleasant memory, I will train and learn to be tough fighter (Think Asuka and Samus Aran sorta blended into one) and maybe, once I'm as healed as I can possibly be, either join the equivalent of Starfleet, the UN SPACEY (Macross/Robotech), or even start my own 'space militia'. While the darkies might be gone, Cobra said anomaly just suddenly HAPPENED, and that god or whatever we gonna call it, could not understand it, and, stated, can barely do jack shit about it. This happened once, long ago, and it COULD possibly happen again, could be a million years from now, could be the day after the darkies are gone. I'm not gonna take my chances and rest of my laurels. I'm always gonna have the mindset that evil, like Darth Sidious, who was killed, could come back.

    And the fact you, myself, and many others are suffering from the gender thing, is proof enough the darkies hate femininity.