Friday, September 15, 2023

Black alert at 504, SecureShell activated


  1. Come on guys... you got this!

  2.   Cobra: Okay. I would say that Lightworkers have a lot of things to process inside. The state of consciousness of Lightworkers is not as good as it was expected. There is a lot of inner work that needs to be done, and after that inner work is done, then the Lightworkers can have a channel strong enough and pure enough to manifest abundance. So, inner work is number one at this point.
      🖐🏻️That's the answer.
      Physical biochips are in the process of being cleared, and that will still take some time. To reduce the power those biochips have on the human thinking process, the Light forces are recommending this technique:

  3. Could you write about Pleiadians, thanks!

  4. Thank you dear Cobra! Thank you Light Forces and Resistance Movement for all you are doing! Victory of the Light!

  5. Hope that is good. Wonder what SecureShell means.

  6. El evento ya solo es cuestión de días, creo que octubre estaremos listos ,victoria de la luz

  7. A Letters I want to as a present send to Lurker.

    i know you can see on net it is no secret...

    The Lurker is the only child that didn't come home 13.7 billion years ago, and its existence contains an amalgamation of all the unbelievable, unimaginable pain, and because an individual can only give what it has, and can't give what it doesn't have, this pain pervades the history of the current Universe, including the Lyra Galactica-Galactic War, the Solar System Warden Project, and Earth's Pandora's Matrix ........ This is an extreme pain ensemble, a gradual release of the pain of the 13.7 billion children who have not come home to their families.
    In this process, each of us has more or less experienced some of the feelings and actual experiences of this child who did not come home, resulting in some repentance in each of our daily routines and thoughts, words and actions and life experiences .... If we learn to face and transform our own shadows (both our own and the whole atmosphere and environment).
    is helping the lurker to come home!
    If a being has not actually experienced or empathised with it, it simply will not understand, and how can it be transformed?
    This is why all quantum anomalies must be dissolved for the universe to be truly and completely complete.

    Why is it obvious that the Lurkers and the various groups under their equally painful ensemble have been losing more and more power over the years?
    Yes, it is the process of cleansing and purification, of justice, of introspection.
    More importantly love and clarity are beginning to make them realise, perceive, and not experience for a long time... "Ah .... This is the process of love". Little by little they open their eyes. Little by little they face themselves.

    In essence, it is love melting the darkness, love meeting love itself.

    After 13.7 billion years, this time the collective unity consciousness of the universe has learnt a very important lesson: this time all children must come home, no one will be abandoned again! No being will be ignored! Everything and every being is very important!

    I would like to say.
    Lurker, welcome home, it's been 13.7 billion years, it's been a really long and very painful process,, you'll be around forever, but this time you'll be home, maybe transformed into some other form of existence, and at the same time the Universe has loved you for 13.7 billion years and will continue to do so for the rest of the time, otherwise how would these 13.7 billion years have penetrated the local Universe? The penetration itself, perhaps, is tacit love, because the universe knows that one day you will come home, it's just really too long ....... Welcome home fully in the Earth experience.

    在这个过程中,我们每个人或多或少都体会了一些这个没有回家孩子的感受与实际体验,导致了我们每个人的日常与思绪,言行与人生经历都有一些值得悔悟的地方.... 如果我们学会面对并转化自己身上的阴影(无论是自己的,还是整个氛围与环境的),

    更重要的是爱与明朗开始让它们意识到,觉察到,许久不曾体会到...“啊 ....这就是爱”的过程。它们逐渐一点点的睁开了双眼。一点点面对了自己。