Saturday, June 30, 2012

Green Light Update

Real Green Light has not been issued yet. When that happens, action will be taken within 24 hours timeframe. This action will be very evident for everyone and nobody will have any more doubts whatsoever.

I have received hints from independent sources that action might indeed take place by Fourth of July. However, they were just hints and I can not completely confirm this. Even if nothing happens by then, rest assured that mass arrests WILL happen. The Cabal must be removed from this planet and that removal will happen within a reasonable timeframe.

It is worth mentioning that there are interesting  developments in occult economy  taking place. The Resistance Movement has been playing with and testing the computer systems of the Rothschilds banking casino to prepare for the Reset:

Eastern Alliance and White Dragon Society are very active during this weekend, putting additional pressure to the system.

This is all in preparation for the “financial Green Light” as Drake calls it.

Many members of the Cabal are now seriously considering “silent surrender” when the Event happens.

The Event is a worldwide operation. In USA it will happen through the Positive Military. In Canada and Australia it will be a combination of their own Positive Military and Interpol. In Europe, it will be carried out through the positive faction inside Interpol and NATO. In Asia, it will be a combination of Interpol and White Dragon Society. In Latin America it will happen through a certain positive group that has members throughout most of the South / Central America and whose name can not be disclosed. Situation in Africa is more complex and will receive special assistance.

And finally, the Resistance will give support with Operation Omega Phoenix:

Pleiadians with Operation Stardust 2:

And we collectively with our mass meditations:


  1. Thank you.

    Are we all up for some more meditation tomorrow folks.
    Get this ball rollllllllllling.
    Love & Light
    Blessed Be

    1. You can count on me!
      eheh i was 2nd to read ;)

  2. wow am i the first to read this? great update just before going to sleep! Thanks Cobra

  3. Thanx Cobra I actually suspected that the resistance where behind the banking issue that was reported world wide. I asked you the question an voilá here is the answer.. ;o)

    Give a lots of greetings from us and hugs to yourself and the resistance movement..

    Love and light..

  4. Thank you very much, Cobra, for this update. Looking forward to the wonder and awe, then the party, then the start of the clean-up! :)

  5. Thank you for the updates cobra! I wish I could help in some meaningful way. All you have to do is ask and - will everything in my power to help this tricky process proceed. Love and light my brothers and sisters soon we will ALL be free

  6. This message talks about the green light.

  7. Reporting for duty as always. Meditation set for tomorrow as scheduled.

    I thank you Cobra, I'm sending you another huge hug. You will very soon get to rest and enjoy your efforts~~ I feel it coming.

    "I'm gonna put on, my-my-my-my my boogie shoes, and boogie with you. ;-)

    hey, i'm # cool

    IT IS SO!

  8. Well you did a great job covering your ass with leaving all possibilities open. SCAM

    1. Nice hypothesis Dr.Kevin it must have took you a brain crunching amount of time for that one, oh nice credentials too! look at all that information to prove your point. here ill help you buddy cause your obv un-informed:

      Liens on BIS: Issues by Neil F Keenan:

      do some research dont be on the edge of someones words.

    2. and ill quote you another boy look at all the help your getting.

      The Lien document you see on Divine Cosmos is an administrative claim that substantiates the actual Lien. The Affidavit of Obligation that you see is merely the substantiation of the claim the Lien is based upon and it is directed to the Feds themselves.

      Allow me to explain some background here. The Keenan case started over a theft. Stealing from Keenan was a really foolish thing to do, for anyone who knows Keenan (I met him several months ago in China, and I was there when he told Jay Rockefeller to take a hike in Monaco) should have known that Keenan was never going to allow anyone to get away with that. In the process of going after those who stole from him, Keenan met up with Scott who has worked around these accounts for years. With Scott comes the knowledge of the accounts. From the knowledge of Scott and with his help,, Keenan acquired.all the books, ledgers and codes held by those who own the gold that the Federal Reserve leases.

      When the owners of the gold and the owners of the accounts that the gold is held in (Scott knows these people and the accounts intimately) realized that through this case they could get the Feds to pay what they had withheld for the past eighty years, they appointed Scott and Keenan and empowered them with full power of attorney and right of control, to have them to recover what the Feds and the Rothschild owned Global Central Banking system had not paid to them as was promised.

      The Liens are for real. The process they are using may not be well known to most people, but it is the most devastating process in existence. These men know exactly what they are doing and they are being well guided in this by Winston Shrout, a person who has been teaching the basis of commerce and law in seminars all over the world. Everything they do is well planned and then executed with precision.

      While the Federal Reserve might argue with this, be sure that Keenan and Scott have such a hold on this gold now that they can pull it out from under the feet of the Feds in a heartbeat. They know how to do it. The question now is, can the Feds now pay the back interest that is owing. The answer to that is...of course they cannot.. The Federal reserve at the end of the day, is just another private company and it's debts are NOT the debts of America.or the American taxpayer.

      What we are looking at folks, is the demise of the most vile and corrupt institution ever put on Earth, and not just because of Keenan and Scott, but more so because of their own corruption and abuse of the power they were given.

      Amon Christenson.


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    5. Kevin, not to worry - you will indeed be included in the partying when it all comes tumbling down. Get your boogie shoes dusted off and ready, my friend. There will be a HUGE CELEBRATION that you will NOT want to miss !

    6. i've got my Nike shoes on and slamming jello shots...the comet will be here soon.

    7. @Kevin .. haha ... that's GREAT ! We NEED a Party-Starter ! Rock On, brother, Rock On ! :-)

  9. If you want to raise your vibration for the weekend and the meditation, take a look at this great video by Bob Sinclair : "Together"

    This makes me tear up every time. My heart swells and I smile so big!

    You will too.

    Lyrics to Together :

    Oh yeah we're back now, oh!
    More bad news on the radio
    Planet Earth she's about to explode, yeah.
    The stars have lost their shine today
    They have all been blown away
    Together, only hope can be away

    Let me hear you say

    One day, we'll be together
    We'll never be apart,
    One heart, one mind yeah
    One day we'll be together
    Remeber this old world is yours and mine (yeah)

    See that man with a pen and gun ?
    Says its over for everyone (oh no)
    No I don't believe it's true
    But, I guess its up to me and you
    Together, we will find a way through.

    I believe in you

    One day, we'll be together
    We'll never be apart,
    One heart, one mind yeah
    One day we'll be together
    Remeber this old world is yours and mine (yeah)...
    Oh oh oh..


      The meditations are working. Electric blue lights over the skies of Tibet, June 2012.

  10. Cobra ... awesome news !
    Thanks so much for keeping us informed.
    Sounds like the compression breakthrough is imminent.
    Looking forward to concluding the old and begining the new :)
    Much Love

  11. NATO?! Wow, really? Amongst everything else, that surprised me a little bit.

  12. Well it's good to hear reporting about a world wide phenomena. Alot of sources focus on the US of A as if all of planet earth exists there. Let's face it, most of the world exists elsewhere and in particular Asia with China & India carrying 2 of the largest populations. With due respect to North America which serves as a main frame in terms of financial systems and the numerous cabal-based industries, Cobra's coverage on all continents is in alignment with the whole of Mother Earth shifting and ascending.
    Pay attention to Asia for I feel she'll be an epicentre of sorts

    1. Me, too. The continent of Africa contains over a billion people as well, and they have been brought to mind to me time and time again in recent weeks, with care and concern for what happens to people on the continent of Africa.

      I have been really turned off by the ethnocentrism of the focus of western developed countries in this process, and while I understand (many of them, I believe) the various reasons that is so, I worry about our brothers and sisters in places like Asia and Africa, too -- I keep wondering how this process will affect them, and want what is best for ALL, not just those in Europe, Canada, and the US.

      I'm sending lots of love in the direction of Africa and Asia. Thank you, justbetheresa, for bringing this up. It's been on my mind.


  13. Thanks for update! A lot funny things going on with the banks lol!!!

    Cobra, any chance Phillip Vernon Crowell is related to your sources?

    Washington Post

    Legal Notices

    PUBLIC NOTICE A $700,000,000,000.00, (Seven
    A $700,000,000,000.00, (Seven Hundred Billion U S Dollars) Offset Bond Has been delivered / issued to the UNITED STATES TREASURY DEPARTMENT. Timothy Geithner, Secretary of the Treasury has taken possession of it for the benefit of I, Phillip Vernon Crowell

  14. I don't understand these announcements. They are full of truth, half truth and a lot of mind games that are being played with the cabal. Why would they announce to the cabal when they are arresting? Wouldn't they arrest first and then make the announcements? I think it's more mind games being played with the cabal? Any comments? Just a thought.

  15. I personally think cobra is playing a game. He takes his cues from Drake and a few other's. They are all hiding behind a mask of anonymity. This is all a big drama in the game of duality.

    Cobra, if you are smart (and I don't see anyone giving you $1000 donations, no less than that you claim greedy one) then start a google ad account and other features to bring you in money. You've had more than a million hits so strike when the iron is hot. Just trying to help. You were asking for money were you not and this blog is free so..take it up.

    Other than that..I could do the same but I'm more genuine. I'm waiting for my time. There is real power in being genuine rather than hiding out and I don't hide. I'll write my story one of these days but it won't be here. I've been a first wave "Indigo" all my life. We laid the down the trail and blazed it here on earth. I know who is fake and who speaks the truth. Peace out.

    1. I know cobra is genuine but Truth is very difficult to discern. You might if you are a complete human with DNA running about 90 percent.

    2. Come on out Anasazi ! Sounds like you've got a great tale to tell.
      Right now alls we see, is a blog with 1 entry and posts here which don't add anything to the discussion other than attempting to smear and discredit Cobra --- not a great basis for credibility, bro.
      If you're all that, let your Lovelight shine ! What's stopping you ? The time is never better than NOW.

  16. This all sounds like great news! Thank you! But I wish someone would clarify for me what this possible upcoming "Event" is exactly?

    1. It's all made up .....this web site is piggy backing off the Alien movement and then the web host asks for donations. It's pretty cut and dry here. No real answer a lot of soon to be found hope and a bunch a dorks say nameste. Have fun

    2. Kevin,
      What percentage of your DNA has been activated? That will give everyone a good idea of where your Truth is?

    3. @UnderverseGoes: the Event is referring to the mass arrests.

      @Kevin: if those are your beliefs then what has drawn you here ? No such thing as coincidence in the Universe dude :)

    4. @love the Light brought me here...I'm here to spread love and truth my brother. I'm actually a reincarnated Drako Reptilian trying to sabotage the real truth. lol I'm actually with the Fraggle Rock Federation and we are working on a plan to assist in the mass arrests. Green Light bro get ready.

    5. @ Kevin,
      Fraggle Rocker Federation is way cool ...
      Kevin you sound like a smart guy. But even so, stick around, you might learn a thing or two you didn't intend on.
      I really mean that :)

  17. Oh man, looks like 1,111,111 page views went to a lucky winner already :)

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  19. Kevin,
    Why do you come here when you obviously don't like what we hold true. Its funny that this still happens outside of high school. There is always that one kid that wants to hang out with a particular group of kids but just doesn't know how to relate with them so they just linger around all the while trying to spread negativity to seem cool. It will get you nowhere my friend. We will happily be your friend but just stop with all the hating, please. Do you have values, morals? How do you want people to treat you? Do you really wish for someone to linger around the places you enjoy to be and insulting you and the beliefs that you hold true for yourself? We want the same things that most everyone on this planet wants. We simply want people to let us be who we express ourselves as, without judgement and condemnation. Nobody wants someone constantly over their shoulder calling them names and putting them down for what makes them unique. I am sure I can speak for everyone here when I say that we totally accept you and love you, even if you don't share the same beliefs that we have. That is what makes you different, an individual. All we ask, is if you are going to hang around here, that you treat us with the same reverent respect that you wish to be treated with. Spread love, not hate. What you give is what you get in life, it will always be your choice. The world that you perceive around you is the result of your choices. Choose love and your world will be filled with love beyond your imagination. We love you Kevin and truly do wish the best for you. Forgiveness is the key if you feel that we have hurt you in any way. I am sorry for anything that I may have said that may bring you anger or sadness. I am just here with my hand held out hoping that you will accept me for who I am and be a friend. Blessings from Costa Rica <3

  20. G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra

    Hey kids, donate $1K or more to cobra in the form of check, money order, cash (if you are stupid) debit card, credit card, money gram, western union and then the financial trail will be uncovered and cobra won't be a mystery anymore but it will cost you $1000. $900 won't cut it, sorry. Play the game and find out. If you really believe in this up or shut up. 'nough said.

    1. hahaa..this is great !

      You do know that 'the game' - I mean the REAL 'game' - is almost over, right ?

      In the meantime, guess we'll just look forward to watching your creativity blossom :-)

  21. Media Leak: Historic Criminal Conspiracy case against the Vatican and Crown of England to be launched in the Federal Court of Canada

    "It announces the first class action lawsuit in Canadian history to name as co-defendants the Vatican, the Crown of England, Canada and its churches, and big pharmaceutical companies, all of which are accused of crimes against humanity and criminal conspiracy"....

    1. hot diggity dog! I'll get my dancing shoes and popcorn ready just in case. :-)

  22. Message from the Galactic Federation of Light 6/30/12 'Arrests Update'

    "At this time, we have perceived several different difficulties on certain fronts of this operation, and we say to you that we, along with your Earth allies, are dealing with these problems and difficulties and are doing our best to minimize any and all delays. We will say, and are happy to say it, that we do see these arrests moving forward and we do see these arrests being accomplished in a very suitable timeframe from now."

    "They are losing their grip on their pyramids, and these pyramids are crumbling and toppling onto them. They will be crushed under their weight, and they will never be allowed to resurface in your home ever again.

    This is one of the promises to you that we will make, and we keep our promises. Never again will these beings be allowed to filter through breaches in the dimensional enforcements."

  23. Spread The Word!!


    Forget about surrender from the archons or the cabal, they've had their chance and it's time to remove them. Not out of spite, hate or anger, but release them as participants in an experience that we once embraced and no longer require. Don't ask them to stand in front of the class and admit their mistakes, that just makes them defensive and angry, backed into a corner. They've been in power for so long, that they find it nearly impossible to answer to anyone. We all have to live with our choices and isn't unconditional love and unity that which we desire most on and with this planet? If so, these are the qualities that we must begin our next step with, even if they're not yet fully integrated. Consider forgiveness as a real option.

    Wouldn't it be better if all those that would harm another from the archons down to the most insignificant bully were simply removed from the planet or quarantined for treatment/rehabilitation, so that no one has to sit in judgment and we can get on with the business of healing the planet and providing for the needs of the rest of humanity?

    We and our extended family together can help any that are truly sorry and desire a fresh start, the rest can live out their days somewhere else where they can harm no one but each other.

    In loving service,

    The son of man

  24. "We see these differences in opinions flaring up from time to time into heated debate and argument and even in the promulgation of insults being hurled back and forth. We do not wish to see this, as again, there are certainly more productive ways to share your ideas and your points of view to each other. We wish to say that there is no need for name calling or insulting of one another. You are all in this together. You have all gotten to this point together."

  25. Scientific explanation of a Portal:

  26. Help! I'm losing my marbles. My husband is not only still asleep, he's in a coma! FRUSTRATION!. :(

    1. I am so sorry, you must be beyond frustration. Nothing you can do, just let him sleep until his time comes to come out of it. If you try to wake someone from a medical anaesthetic before they are ready they can get confused, agitated, shaky .Same thing here really. Leave it to his guides and HS.

    2. Thank you, Aradia for the good advice. :)

  27. Thank you for answering my question about the nature of the "Event". I am glad that you were not talking about a false flag operation Event. I think the entire world is extremely disgusted by false flag events. They are terribly illegal and immoral. Who can countenance murdering innocent people just to blame the crime on (a paranoid perception of) one's political "enemies"? This has unfortunately happened all too often in our history and recent history and must stop.

  28. Ran out of sugar (unusual), went to shop (closed), went to different shop, huge poster on the wall headed 'Cobra'. Came home, turned on the liberation video, there was the picture of Isis that is on my screen saver.
    Thank you Cobra beautiful video. Thank you all mediators, resistance, spirit.

  29. To Cobra and all:

    I have tried my best to participate in the visualizations.

    But realize: These visualizations are written using a paradigm that may not be familiar, understandable or relevant to all who wish to help.

    To give you an idea of what I mean, I have written an alternative “visualization” in words more closely reflecting my own paradigm. For this type of work, where others might use the word “prayer”, we use the word “postulate.” (This is shortened a bit due to the 4k character limit.)

    The Postulate:

    As I express this in the form of words of my language, and in the form of mental pictures, which are our common language, I am calm and undistracted.

    I see a powerful intention, originating in Source, and diverging outward through the network of Creation like intense beams of light.

    It arrives at our galaxy through its center, and then to our star – the Sun – through its center, and then to our planet, the Earth, through its center, and then to all of us through our centers. It is the intention of Creation, but it is also our intention. This is a co-created intention.

    The intention is that all counter-survival efforts originating from beings of our realm come to an end. And more specifically, that all counter-survival efforts originating from our species, Humans, come to an end:
    The false data motivating these efforts is now proven false.
    The fears motivating these efforts are now understood to have no basis.
    The anxieties about survival of the body are being replaced by the challenges of creating a new game.

    In our new game: Change does not happen through force and intimidation. Change happens as a result of increased understanding. That is to say: Increased affinity (which some know as “love”); Increased reality (which some know as “agreement”); Increased communication (which some know as “perception” or “awareness”).

    In our new game: The old paradigms are no longer operative.

    In our new game: The old “evil” beingnesses such as “archon” “reptile” “demon” “elemental” “ghost” “poltergeist” have no power to intimidate or deceive us.

    In our new game: The re-programming that used to occur in the Between Lives Area is no longer practiced.

    In our new game: Beings can remember, and they can do so with accuracy and certainty. A being can trust its own knowingness.

    In our new game: Beings are trusted to take what they need to keep the body healthy, while giving back as much as they can towards the goal of ever-increasing levels of knowledge, responsibility and better control over our tools and environments.

    In our new game: Beings are trusted to rule their own lives. Organizations only exist to facilitate coordinated action. Compulsion to serve, and punishment for any fancied failures, are bad habits of the past.

    In our new game: All will be encouraged to contribute, and be rewarded for their contributions, but none will be forced to contribute in ways they feel would violate their own integrity. And none will be deprived of a body for any action they take, nor for any failure to take action. These will be treated as opportunities to learn and nothing more.

    We envision a new reality in which bits of reality from the “alternative” universes will be accepted and welcomed to exist in our midst.

    We envision a new reality in which the great past failures of our species have been fully viewed and understood for what they are, and all of us thus released from the power those failures once had over us.

    We envision a new reality in which every being knows where it came from and has a firm idea of where it wants to go. A reality in which each being's connection to Source is strong, vital, and unwavering.

  30. I was looking up the Ontario inquiry about 9-11 and found an amazing article. JP Morgans collateral accounts challenged and looks like all major banks by V K Durham with tons of details in Portland Independent Media. How Bush used collateral accts as well as many many others to engineer 9-11! Enough to bring it all down. Not any good at embed but it is on the web!

  31. Oh, wow there is a “disconnect” between scams. Come on – here it is – it’s 4th of july and nothing happened – I do not see “motherships” (only maybe in my stupid head that could believe something like that - aliens it will help us and be let by cabals to help us).

    So far, the ROYALS are watching tennis (maybe with the “magic dust” in – see Cobra’s BS, contained in the “energy containers”, or whatever, – see some channeling BS – apropos, I would like to have some of what they are smoking when they do this supposed “channeling”.

    As far I am concerned on my TV is the same BS – business as usual. I cannot wait to see what other BIG BS Drake is going to sell tonight – LOL. After that I am DONE with all the BS.

    Advice to others: keep your jobs (if you still have one), your money (if you still have some), and do not believe this BS anymore – the cabals played us AGAIN.