Sunday, July 1, 2012


Operation Cobra in progress. Phoenix APR attempt failure, Omega Phoenix modulated. Isidic security breach, deflected. HVBN substable to stable.  M increase to 2.0.


  1. It looks like MSM is starting to step up. This is the Guardian yesterday. “It's not a comfortable weekend for the men heading some of the world's biggest banks. Barclays has already been hit by a £290m fine for rigging interest rates but that could be dwarfed by a series of global lawsuits which could cost banks billions”.
    “In a 28-page statement of facts relating to last week's revelation that Barclays had been fined a total of £290m, the US Department of Justice discloses how a network of traders working on both sides of the Atlantic conspired to influence both the Libor and Euribor interest rates – the rates at which banks lend to each other. It was, in effect, a worldwide conspiracy against the free functioning of the market.”, according to the Guardian.
    “Conservative MP Tyrie warned: "The public's trust in banks has been even further eroded. Restoring the reputational damage must begin immediately." For this reason, the Barclays chief executive remains very much in the line of fire. "Diamond must go," said the former Lib Dem Treasury spokesman Lord Oakeshott. "The criminals must be charged and convicted whether in Barclays or other banks, brokers or hedge funds."
    So It Starts in Earnest!

    1. Banking is massive fraud that is covered up at the highest level by the regulatory system that is set up to do exactly this.

      It's like having a complaint department run by the people that commit the crimes. That's the FSA in Britain. It's always been one rule for them and another for the rest of us poor shills that get raped in recessions that are a planned financial harvests committed by global financial terrorists.

      They even fuck over each other but then psychopaths have no empathy, this was proven when Lehman Brothers had a run on them.. Merril Lynch struck a deal and Lehmans had to bite the bullet.

      When the likes of the Guardian start to report the real facts and not the smoke and mirrors game tat the FSA are playing to try and cover up the full, real extent of how we are all at the mercy of banking fraud then I might consider buying their paper.

      Until then they are not journalists, they are simply repeaters of rhetoric from an entity playing both sides.

      Mortgages are fraudulent
      Credit cards are fraudulent
      The whole Credit system is fraudulent.

      Nobody is really in debt because the debt is actually based on lies and is illegal.

      World debt needs to be completely wiped clean.

      Until then it's all just a sideshow.

      Nobody should be in the amount of debt that people currently are. They don't want you paying off the mortgage, they want you to get into difficulties so they can seize actual assets from money that is borrowed that does not actually exist.

      It's just made up numbers on a computer screen and people fall for it every time and spend their entire lives enslaved to it.

      Taxation is massive fraud, again it's simply accepted because we don't have anything to compare it to so we are lead to believe we are free when we are all debt and wage slaves.

      Fuck the Guardian and their so called "libertarian" readers.

      Nobody in the mainstream media has the balls to really tell it like it is because they are completely embedded in the vile system that currently has most of us enslaved.

      Until the slate is completely wiped clean we are all still debt slaves..

    2. Namaste Cobra,
      I can't understand this post either. After you rest, could you please be a little more detailed? Much LOVE and LIGHT Weltha

  2. Cobra, could you please decipher what these mean? Phoenix APR attempt failure, Omega Phoenix modulated. Isidic security breach, deflected. HVBN substable to stable. M increase to 2.0.....I don't know what this means, but is sounds like the ball is beginning to roll!

    1. I think he must forget sometimes that we are still currently on planet Earth and not on some mother ship and completely in the loop.

      A quick "average persons" version of this OP would be very helpful please Mr Cobra.

      I appreciate you're busy somewhat but some are quite tentative at this stage.

    2. Zeg & Rule303, are you new here? These are coded messages for the resistance that also reads this blog.

      Stop asking for clarification because you won't get any until the time is right.

      If you don't know what it means, chances are, you're not supposed to know... yet.

    3. The "resistance" need a blog to co-ordinate this overthrowing of the entire system that has us enslaved..

      Have you ever watched Dads Army on British TV?

      Perhaps you should change your name to "Pike"

    4. the Blog is similar to radio broacasts from england to France during ww2 it can reach alot of people without them having to be "contacted" by easily traceable methods!

    5. Don't panic Captain Mainwaring.

      Thanks for making it clear to me.. ;-)

    6. OH! I thought the "link" was not working! I thought I was not getting the full message! But it is a code! Well then, GO RESISTANCE! LETS ROLL!

  3. My heart is singing, songs of love! Love permeates my soul, spreading out for all to see, feel, and absorb. Forgiveness is flowing through my heart! Much Love!!!

    1. Would your heart be singing "songs of love" if tommorow after work you return home to find your wife being trampolined by the milkman while pouring sugar in your car petrol tank?

      Or the mother of a son or Daughter in Damascus that has just found out her child has lost half their face from a rifle round from "militia" funded by Washington?

      How about "Change" just before you run off to the hills filled with forgiveness.

      Spare a thought for those millions far less fortunate than you RIGHT fucking now that are victims of this evil empire that currently runs our globe.

      This is STILL our current reality and you are going off before the champagne cork has been popped.

      All loved up due to the new Earth energies, and not thinking about those who are not feeling it's benefit yet.

      How about compassion instead of forgiveness for those that really need it and not the one's who cause it.

      Forgiveness will come as part of Earth's consciousness that we are all currently tuned in to. If we were not then we wouldn't exist on this "living planet"

      But this planet is still very very sick. So put the party poppers away and show some compassion focused on those that truly need it.

    2. rule
      try to be nicer here to others judging and posting assumptions what other people think and know is counter productive :-( " Singing songs of love and forgiveness" elicit disdainfull remarks from you? We are not the govt. here so lashing out at others is misplaced and feelings of anger and judgement only disrupt your own field. I for one appreciate your insightfull and accurate comments regarding the financial lies and deciepts. I also respect Love and forgiveness. We llok forward to more of your "helpfull insights!
      Respectfully warm reagrds

    3. My apologies, Damien and Rob.

      My prayers are daily and my meditations are daily but they are focused on those that I truly feel that need it right now.

      Sorry for letting my emotions bleed over on here.

    4. Just remember ......All is well and all will be well : )


  4. zegerman /rule
    If you you read the FAQ sheet of this site it will explain and answer many questions. This site is so that people involved in the "The Resistance" can get updates and the enigmatic code names are are for their benefit. We the public/ground crew are now being apprised of the situation as it develops and will be given updates s it is allowwed. We will not be given explanations until it is safe to do so! If you you go back to the post prior to this one I have some posts which evplain some things .The person or persons who is/are Cobra rarely comment here mostly Cobra only posts. He/She/they remain unmoved unperturbed and un responsive to they both the many attacks and praises that this site recieves from people who visit here.By going back to the begining of this site and read you will see many posts which will give you a glimpse of the actions being taken by one group of space people and "The reistance". I highly recommend this it will give you a broader perspective.

    1. It's better than smoke signals I suppose.

    2. InEdDe R2D2 jedi cobra stewart sky <3 egri ehi egro

  5. IAM glad to see some of the press reproting the financial issues lately and though it is not a total revelation it is a good start. It seems the battle is clearly on behind the scenes with moves and countermoves and sabotoge being attempted at every turn to thwart justice. It seems the Fireworks that so many hope for may soon be visible to the public. I really hope We the People everywhere will not get worried or panic. I think this will be the case unless the MSM trys to inflate it all to create panic. Most of the world is oblivious to the drama that has been playing out for thousands of years so I do not think the initial strikes will even register for most people until we have made substantial progress. I will happily continue to devote my meditations and prayers to these efforts. Go Cobra and Space family we love youuuu.

    1. I think the so called "illuminated" ones are right on one thing. The average bod on the street has no clue and probably couldn't even comprehend the extent of it all. And this is why they have gotten away with so much in the past.

      This is why America are so desperate to get hold of Assange and hang him up as an example to anyone who wishes to seek the real truth.

      Things are definitely moving in the right direction but I don't think it's going to come as soon as some may think. The rot goes right to the very core and this means it has to die for everyone to truly know what "Freedom" means.

    2. You may be right Rule. Arrests are the beggining only we have a long way to go for sure. Many of us are aware of that and yes the rot or mold and bacteria will disappear and die when it is exposed to the light of truth! The arrests may allow a formal announcement of open interplanetary exchange and that will lend immeasurable momentum to revelations and education of truth to the world and things may happen sooner than we think. Patince and more patience seems to be the bitter pill for us so distracted by the worlds problems.
      thanks for your comment! {-)

    3. It's a virus on our eco-system that we all currently rely on. I truly believe that the central galactic sun in union with Mother Earth will remove the virus. The shift of ages is here and it's mid point as far as I can fathom. We need to stop treating our Mother like some commodity and replace the currency we all rely on, and replace it with our hearts.

      We become the currency and the Earth becomes the true living art form that she is. The harmonic convergence is under way but I don't think it's time to celebrate just yet.

      Of course this is just my opinion of the linear reality I am in at the moment. If it was quantum I would be elsewhere. And I suspect so would everyone else ;-)


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  6. Forgiveness,
    A commodity you can't buy, sell, steal, cheat, bribe, etc. It is encoded on our hearts and souls. What is it about forgiveness? Why is it that when we forgive, we feel better? Why is that? Hmmmm. Could it be that LOVE seems to be the place we feel most comfortable, fulfilled? Why is that?

    Seems to me that love and forgiveness come hand in hand. Death and destruction act the same way? Hmmm. I wonder.............

    How come theirs not love schools or empathy schools, even forgiveness schools?

    1. Great Idea Damien I learn empathy when I have judged someones suffering and situation as just them being out of balance and then I find myself in the same situation. I know I am out of balance and then the separation/suffering illusion creates empthy! I always forgive but sometimes I am caught up in the moment of wanting to correct others thinking and actions when they violate certain universal laws. Best to breathe and be calm before acting on earth based instincts sometimes! The Lord: "Hello Rob" Rob : "Yes Lord" The lord: "Yea and Lo thou art Forgiven" Rob: "Wow thank Ye Lord"........ I am now a "channel" yyyyeeeeeee hhhaaaaaaa
      playfully submitted

    2. Because that is not the current energy or vibration that we live in. That's more feminine and we are currently under a male dominated patriarchal system of control.

      It is in our soon to be future but we are in the transition between the mass awakening that is making people more aware of how enslaved we have all been. we currently have an idea fed to us of "Freedom" And "free-will" but it's a version fed to us by the control system that has no intention of letting us have free-will or freedom. We are shifting past this of course but we are not there yet.

      We are homo-sapiens who are not all currently in tune to our Mother Earth's consciousness. The process is under way and 2012 is the mid-point and there are another 18 years left after that point. Then I think we can start to call ourselves Humane-beings when nobody kills, robs, tortures. etc etc..

      We are the only creatures that treat this home as a dustbin and a financial commodity.

      That's not humane. So there are no real reasons to celebrate just yet..

      My daily meditations take place in my local forest at sunrise and I stare openly in to the Father sun and give my heart and soul to both Father and mother Earth. I don't focus currently on the vile entities that are losing their grip as we shift.

      We are shifting away as the 26000 year cycle commences so they will reap what they sow without my focus.

      It's not the end of the world that corrupt Hollywood want us to believe, it's just the end of the world as we know it. Even the Mayans didn't know what comes next..

      We are still currently in quarantine so I doubt ET's will be landing any time soon. There is plenty more to learn before this happens and we become reunited with our galactic family.

      If you have a clean pineal gland and endocrine system then the ET's can easily communicate with you I simply acknowledge and ask. It's just your higher self you are being reunited with. And death is really an illusion as we have all had lots of differnt life experiences.

      Major depression is past life regression and that's why some people have no real clue why they feel so lost, or guilty or in pain. these people need focus from "light workers"

      And those currently caught up in the middle east being murdered on a daily basis.

      The so called "Cabal" have their own lessons to learn.

      So I beam my love to those that truly need it right now.

      I am currently indifferent to those that cause it all.

      But then that's my path and my current progress along it.

      I don't have to forgive them they have to ask for it first. By realising the error of their ways. Then I will give it because it will be deserved.

    3. I feel the anger too. Believe me! Human, same as you, just trying to win the battle as best I can.

    4. We all are, I am sorry for being a twat towards you in my comment. It was not personal and was just a projection of my frustration I felt when I got up this morning.

    5. Rule303: "That's more feminine and we are currently under a male dominated patriarchal system of control."

      Not as of June 5/6 of this year. Go back and read posts here from that time, and maybe search some other alternative sites about the Venus Transit. It was not just about a planet's shadow passing in front of the sun. It was about a major shift and change. It's OVER for the male-dominated, patriarchal system of control.

      The transition may take time to show up in 3D but the Goddess is back, and she is balancing some things up. It's one of the ways that the Powers on Their Way Out know that the jig is up.

      Like I wrote, go back and read some older posts and comments on it.

      I'm here as a Goddess Representative to say it is so. :)

    6. hehe..
      Calliope, thanks for expressing that ;)
      Shakti power forevermore !

    7. @ Rule 303 - some links -
      you can read the good news here :)

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  7. LETS DO IT!!!!! GO GET EM TIGER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Suppose you fed off negative energy, how would you hunt for food? Think about it! What would you do? What did THEY do?

    But what if you fed on positive energy? Where would you find food? Think about it.

    Without love and forgiveness what's left inside you? There is bigger picture here, and it is inside each and every one of us.

    This the the battle we all face. Please don't feed the enemy.

    1. You have to be aware of the extent of the hypnosis before it fails to have any power over you, otherwise you are always in a state of hypnosis.

      I am not feeding them by pointing out how extensive it really is, because the press are not doing the job they are supposed to do. I don't have any feeling towards them at all, it's indifference and no focus goes to them other than the fact that I know what they are doing, and others do not know the full extent.

      If you are not aware you have an illness or a parasite feeding off you then how can you remove it? You will continue to be a victim of it until you face it.

      Disclosure is coming, the media wont be able to hold back the tidal wave for much longer and there are billions still under deep hypnosis all concerned about the daily nonsense of soap operas and who will win x factor and how funny it is to laugh at the poor sods who think they can be "famous"

      British TV is full of baiting of people who are suffering from poverty and lack of awareness. An example is the Jeremy Kyle show and the US have the likes of Jerry Springer.

      It's food for sheer ignorance but still very very popular.

      The cult of personality is still gripping lots of people, and they wont be able to compute this new Earth energy until they understand it.

      People will riot in the UK for one example when they realise some of the shit they have been told and that family members have died overseas over massive lies from vile evil corporations. And the same in the US and other countries, other entities will capitalise on this and that's when revolutions get co-opted.

      When enough people realise it's a spiritual revolution and not one born out of the bi-products of fear then the damage will be less.

      But global consciousness is simply not up to that task yet. and I don't believe that our ET family are going to intervene until harmony is the norm and not the exception which it still currently is.

      This is our evolutionary process in a life time and not between life experiences. That is what ascension means to me, and not everyone will get it this time as the cycle repeats and the Mayan calender shows us that time is cyclical in this 3D reality.

      Put that on the front page of every paper on Monday morning and in the news on TV and see what the current reaction would be

      Awareness can come at a cost. We need to be AWARE of this.

      You're not feeding negativity by showing it you can see it and it no longer has you in its grip.

      As far as I can see it you are purging yourself of it and experiencing emancipation of mental and spiritual slavery.

      Waiting for our ET family to turn up and press the reset button is a bit weak minded in my honest opinion.

      But it's just my honest opinion of course and WE are all learning new things daily as the process speeds up.

    2. You make good points rule yes keep learning is a good idea. No one here is waiting for anything we are, many of us are working and doing many things besides monitoring those who are more able to help to assist us in the lawful arrests. The scope of this action and the worlds problems are vast and we are encouraged to step up.

    3. One thing is for certain, there will be plenty of need for healers. Not doctors and big pharma. Centred people who can resonate love energy to heal others with understanding and compassion. This is our evolution from homo-sapiens to humane-beings as far as I see it.

      I think only then do we qualify as galactic entities and our quarantine can be lifted and the veil will no longer be needed.

      Then full "CONTACT" will be established.

      Mother Earth is healing herself and as Earth consciousness we go through this process too. Through to true enlightenment.

      Those that have chosen not to ascend will go through this process again as the cycle of ages repeats.

      I don't want to go through multiple 3D life experiences again only to end up here.

      Old Souls Unite and lift the vibration for others to benefit and heal as many as you can in the time frame we currently are under.

      I don't like this density any more it feels old and I feel like it's time for me to move on.

      I know I am not alone in that feeling. :-)

    4. yey! Let's starve them! And let's ourseves have a feast of love!

  9. This just in folks hot of the presses and may be linked to our friends just some verifiable actioon that somethings happening!!!

    Alert! All Satellites Are Down (1st July 2012)


    1. More good news:

      July 1st: flower of life within a triangle!

    2. i love you rob <3 you just get it <3 ya kno.. its like.. well.. lol you didnt even know but now you do... if you read my posts (above) checks times ive writting from top to bottom so yeah this you know.. and this indeed youll SEA as you feel this and once you HEed this.. youll hear it.. so talk to me more.. i am waiiting for you love

  10. @pottsman
    just in case you didn't see my comment in the previous very busy thread, i'll try another last time. It says in your profile that you're a healer and you said you live in England, i am in England too and would be interested in knowing more about what you do and probably book a session. Email me if you want ( Thanks :)

    1. check your e-mail thanks :-)
      with Love Rob

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. yah @pottsman, thanks for the reassurance that there's still a segment of the food supply that is safe, if not beneficial to consume. Looking forward to the reeducation process for the general public - to learn the value of eating well. It's all vibration & frequency. We are not junk, so why do we eat it ? But more than that, looking forward to the electrical disintegration of Monsanto into the loving flames of Prime Creator, and recapturing our food system. They've gotta be one of the first to go. Wondering if in retrospect the cabal is thinking Citizens United was such a great idea.
      we are LOVE

    4. IAM right on glad you are back! :-)
      I am happy u saw my reply. I did worry a lot about food and we must be vigilant awake and try to control our senses and but it is very difficult. There truly is wonderful healing sciences which hope fully can be released sooner than later. I once witnessed a Pleiadean ship go in and out of the atmosphere up and down. Boy that really clened the earths atmosphere nicely i hope we can earn the right to use this technology yesterday.. ...What is Citizen United? The Monsanto is one of the oldest and absolutely one of the first Demon holes to be exposed as far as I am concerned. I hope they do reveal to us all like the death camps were revealed after ww2 what has been going on. Camp David and all of those nasty DUMBS. The whole truth shall set us free.
      let love lead the way

    5. Hi Rob ... Citizens United refers to the SC ruling that established corporate personhood and released any limitations in regards to the amount that could be donated to the election campaigns of Congressmen & women. Apparently the influence of PACs and lobbyists weren't enough. This is an issue that the Occupiers were concerned about, and in fact I recall one of them (OccupyDC) made the repeal of it a central issue. Nice to know that all this will be set straight VERY soon. Also, it seems that most of the items that you had numbered in your previous post, (of what we are under the influence of) in conjunction with the information that Cobra has given us, falls under the category of the Archons. Certainly looking forward to all the healing technologies that you mention, we will need them !
      Love Rules ! :)

    6. IAM yes that corporate person sc ruling was Taft Hartley act and Ralph Nader siad it is one of the most damaging decisions to the rights of the individual vs the corporation. however the pandemic of corruption with federal judges is especially agregious.
      or maybe jail4judges i cant remebe? but they make the point clearly. I had a friend in high school and his mom was dating a judge. I like the orginal masons as they were originally a good spiritual oraganiztion and to this day many freemasons are good people. At the top it has been used and co-opted by the dark now bu this was not always the case. Anyway while i was passing through his house I noticed a freemason book and I asked if his mother was reading it as she did not seem the type. He said the judge was reading it because "He needed to be a Freemason to become a federal Judge". those were his exact words so it seems there are masonoc meetings where those who seek power and fortune are told how to judge and how the NWO thinks. If they go along with the marching orders they get money and move up the chain of command if their conscience kicks in and they refuse they're rise to "Success" is slowed or halted. David Icke was right they meet in secret in plain sight. Love rules

    7. mmm yes, the system will be bucked big timesoon ... maybe even today :))

    8. That helps me put things in the right light. My ex-husband is an atty and is very good at defending the poor and those fighting the system but was never any good at the business side. I always admired his commitment to doing the right thing but felt badly for his sense of failure. He seems to have come to peace with himself lately for which I am grateful.
      There are good guys out there.

  11. Solar activity is pure love, that's why everything thrives on this planet when the sun is out.

    The sun is our Father and the Earth our mother, they are coming closer together on an elliptical orbit.

    As if a a romance is being rekindled. And everything down to sub atomic particles will benefit from the greatest love story ever told.

    If this was a quantum reality then that would be the reality which I would choose to be in right now and be witness to the dawn of a Golden Age.

    And it's always darkest just before the dawn..

    1. That's a beautiful perspective Rule. And a perceptive one.

    2. @ Rule303. Nice. Thanks for the reminder that it's always darkest just before the dawn. I haven't heard that expression for years. I've read your posts, and I'm in no doubt of your passion, so I say, welcome. :)

    3. Feel the need for psychic protection from Rule303. Something's amiss. Too much sweet talk. Not pure on intent. Don't let him take over the blog. Ignore his comments. This is your only warning from Owl. I'm going back into my tree and get ready for meditation.

    4. @ 3DHD & Ourspiritulwealth, thanks for the comments.

      I truly believe light workers will start to feel the calling As the new Earth energies ramp up and we move towards the next few years.

      The heart is the currency of the new age. People with lots of money but who are spiritually bankrupt will no longer be running the show.

      that's what it means when the Meek shall inherit the Earth.

      Mainstream religion is basically a huge lie, that is sprinkled with some truths.

      It's the only way to pull of such a huge lie in the first place.

      The heart will be our currency and the planet we share with every other living entity will become a true living work of art and the only church that is needed. Worship the planet as we are meant to because we are it's consciousness.

      Hurting the planet is self inflicting injuries on our own collective psyche.

      She is healing herself right now from aeons of systemic abuse, and this process has seen the end of previous civilisations such as Lemuria and Atlantis.

      That will not be our fate once enough of us shift to full Earth global consciousness and put a stop to the abuse.

      Then we evolve in to humane beings, and we can join the galactic family we all have. They are our brothers and sisters and family and friends and parents that have evolved or ascended whatever term resonates more with you.

      Telepathy can put you in touch with your family from other dimensions. Our pineal gland and endocrine system and DNA is the antennae to the infinite universe and it's infinite possibilities. And your own individual akashic record.

      Past life experiences will come through in dream and even waking states, shamonic experiences will become quite normal and not just the temple of a few chosen ones who are simply guardians of this knowledge until it's time for us all to share it. It's why we are here and we are the one's we have been waiting for.

      It's still the dark part before the dawn right now though, and some are getting a bit ahead of themselves due to shifting love vibrations. Look at how all atrophy is happening right now before the spike in novelty theory that the Mayans understood and the I-Ching and Terrence McKenna elucidated so many to.

      Novelty is our version of the miracles that we hear of in "Ancient" texts.

      Expect much more synchronicity and trust intuition as we connect to the higher self.

      It's our birthright. And we have paid through many many different life experiences to get to this point, And much further without global cataclysm. We passed that point during the cold war, it's not going to happen but there is still some turbulence ahead.

      That's how I see it anyway :-) ♥

  12. Osiyo friends!

    Who is doing the Sunday mediation with me today?

    Remember to find your time if you wish to do it unison:

    or look to the June Archive on the right of this page for "MAKE THIS VIRAL.." heading

    If you are meditaitng today, reply to this and share your local (if you wish)

    I will be holding down the land of Dixie, deep south USA

    MMitakuye Oyasin, Gus dii dada dv ni, Sa'ah Naaghaí Bik'eh Hozhoon
    (All My Relations, We are One)

    aho! Have a Great DAY!

    1. Pittsburgh, PA (15:00 EDT) - with Yunz! (American English translation: "You All")

      Todos un Pueblo

    2. Yes, thanks, Imtracyac, I'll be joining. :)

    3. Be there at 2:00 Houston time! See y'all there.

    4. I was there at 9pm european time (france)
      aho! ☼

    5. Well done friends, good to see y'all and yunz(that's you, Angelsea:-)

      love is in the a ir, every sight and very sound.....

  13. Hi imtracyac~
    I will be joining in from Thailand :) Will be doing in unison-(2AM here) "see" you then!

  14. I will be joining from east coast Canada @ 4pm here.

  15. 3/5' of a mile in ten seconds

  16. i decided to google Isidic just out of curiosity... what i found made me smile... an acronym meaning;
    i sing, i dance, i conquer \\\ love it!

  17. Its at noon here on the west coast :) Let's breakthrough!

  18. hosting a link to your site. Upvote if you can!

  19. "Operation Cobra in progress?''
    THE deadliest cobra bite for SELF DEFENCE... IS in progress!!!!
    GOOD LUCK!! BE PROTECTED under the Angel/ET wings.

    Thank YOU Resistance. Thank you Cobra. Thank you Galactics!

  20. Is Micha's independence day message credible?

    1. I found it resonating at the beginning, but then i found too many: !, and words like fight, war,
      so i skipped it.
      Discernment is necessary, more than ever.
      Hope that helps you,
      Much Love ☼

    2. i thought that article posted on the2012scenario was really well written, and tried to use common sense and ration to challenge the validity of the message. whoever is sharing the truth, and whoever is sharing the untruths, it is obvious that disinformation is being implanted around the internet to try and cause separation and confusion among the light workers/warriors.

    3. I agree with you @aron. I would also recommend those with ??s to take a look at what Steve says on the2012scenario regarding Micha's message. Thanks for bringing up.
      I agree with you Claire, it didn't set well with me, it was too negative.


  22. This comment has been removed by the author.

  23. "The king cobra is the world’s largest venomous snake, with an average length of 12 feet but known to grow up to 18.5 feet. While it preys chiefly on other snakes, the king cobra is highly aggressive, extremely fast and agile, and injects a larger amount of venom per bite (as much as 600 mg) than most snakes. The king cobra is unique among snakes as it makes a nest for its eggs and remains until the young hatch. An adult human can die from a single bite in less than 15 minutes, making the king cobra one of the most feared and deadly snakes in the world." Wikipedia

    I say: Don't mess with a Cobra. 8 )

  24. This song is called ANGEL
    by Steven Rouche and Freedom

    I Offer this to our Angels and friends upstairs and our helpers below


    My Angel, come to me now, My Angel come to me now,

    Oh I have prepared a place won't you come to me now,

    I would bridge the worlds if I only knew how,

    And when this play is over I will take the last bow,

    This is good soul take my hand,

    Yes I know we can heal the motherland

    Because we are still young, young and feathered

    We are lightening golden thunder

    This is the edge the edge of time

    Have no more fear of death cause it is all in your mind

    Come to me now

    People gonna rise up break these chains and set ourselves free

    People gonna rise up break these chains and set ourselves free

    Oh my god we really know it is time this time again

    People gonna rise up break these chains and set ourselves free

    Oh my god we really know it is time this time again

    I ask you to jump have a little faith to keep you warm

    It is only your soul fire gonna see you through the storm

    We do greet the sea all changes with wings

    Remember I am your friend until the end begins again

    Until the end begins again

    I am alive and never die I'll just lay my robe down one day in the sun to dry

    And Then angel then we'll fly fly fly fly fly fly

    Hey yeah we going home now

    You got it in your soul why don’t you use it ?

    I aint gonna fight you no more we 're gonna win the war with music

    You got in your soul why don’t you choose it ?

    I aint gonna fight you no more gonna win the war with music

    Gonna stop the war with music

    Gonna stop the war with music

    Gonna stop the war with music

    Gonna stop the war with music

    People gonna rise up break these chains and set ourselves free

    Oh my god we really know it is time this time again

    Hey angel right in here now

    Giving thanks to you, for coming through me right now

    And I will bridge the world if you help me now

    When this play is over we will take the last bow

    Hear my call and hold it your hands

    Dived we will surely fall but united we stand

    But united we stand

  25. POOF for JULY 1: Moments from the Flip

    “Greetings and Salutations;

    June was busy month for weirdness, the skies have been filled with anomalies all over the world. The earth is being monitored at this critical juncture in time and transition. Disbelief in et’s doesn’t make them go away

    All over this world, by different people and groups, folks have held prophecies and writings for the ‘end times’. When the big universal clock turns, stuff happens. No amount of praying to make it ‘your way’ does any good. This transition is reaching deep into the financial world as evidenced by what’s in the news, the explanations vary, but change is there non the less. How about europe all the sudden, solving their problem and anybody shorting the euro, lost a bundle. Justice Roberts even flipped the script, against a bet. Universal health care is coming to america, like it not. The money will not keep going to the top. No gov can sustain itself by making its populace top heavy. Rome is the most recent example. Only fair ness works….duh.

    How can you call yourself a christian and not follow what the master said about taking care of the ‘least’. There are principles of nature that even effect govs, greed will get you in the end. The st germain trust exists because it’s intention was always to shift the wealth of the world from the greedy to those in need and make life’s principles real for the common folk. Nature will always make a balance and no amount of politics can change that. They joined withe the dragons because their purpose was the same. The elders joined them both for the same reason. They could see the eddies of time moving to the big shift and they have ‘age’ on most. They broke the code on longevity and have lived accordingly ever since. The secret is ‘attitude adjustment’. Change your mind, change your life. Take ownership of your own crap. Man, it is time to end serfdom for the masses. The lords are being whupped big time, from the top and not a thing they can do about it, they borrowed and failed to pay back, the casino has been foreclosed upon.

    Because I watch Bloomberg in the wee hours of the night, I frequently see things happening before they hit us shores. Last week’s delay appeared to be named merkel, she’s still hanging on to that master race bs. She wants nothing to interfere with that plan, tho things already have. Big surprise, Aryans were not ‘white’. She was told to her face, that concept was not going to fly in the new system. Ahh cockroaches are cockroaches, and they will die being that, like her cousin, still trying to dazzle the populace with manipulation in the us. That’s ok, you will know who’s been ‘working’ you for years and as hoped you will never allow them back into a position of power again. Many retired military officers know the bottom line and are fully on board with restoring the constitution to it’s rightful place. It’s already been done but you need to hear the ‘announcements’ to verify it for you. There’s been ongoing arrests in the us, but it’s been mostly lower rankers, not commander cockroach him self yet. But he knows the Raid is coming and that seems to be upon us all. Don’t be shocked or amazed, secretly you’ve suspected for some time, anyhow.

    Things have been moving and testimony has reached me. The masses are next, you and me. Hold your powder and don’t fire til you see the whites of the couriers’ eyes. True independence is coming to a town near you. It’ll start small, then become huge. One foot in front of the other, walk into the future and don’t look back….you’ll get turned into a pillar of salt…lololol. It’s all over but the shoutin’ don’t know the ‘moment’ all flips on it’s head but it’s close enough to smell. Be well and take care of yourselves, be good to one another. This has been poofness, over and out. Broadcasting from the Phoenix.

    Love and Kisses,


  26. New post by Annonymous-The Federal Rerserve is toast! Also, 2nd post by Annonymous-blackout on media restricting freedom on elections. We are to be give our power back! Also, I use my discernment and believe the message from Micah! Hold onto your hats folks and we all have to be there for each other, especially those still in the dark. I have been meditating most of the day on peace and love as I know most have. Victory is at hand! We can then help all others with any needs they have and help Gaia! Thank you Cobra, Annonymous, Micah, and everyone who I am sure number in the thousands. Also thank each other as we are one.

    1. can you link us to the new Anonymous post?

    2. Not sure if this is the one they are referring to ("Operation Vendetta") ...

      There is also another one posted July 1, different voice, different Youtube account ...

      This one refers to a Nov. 5, 2012 date for action.

  27. Glass House full of Aurum. Phoenix APR requested.

  28. Kool & The Gang - Peacemaker -
    Pho5nix APR accepted

  29. "A mighty mountain of LOVE!" :)

  30. This comment has been removed by the author.

  31. Hi all,
    Check David Wilcocks site for recent updates. There has been and attemt to assassin one of his insiders. (Not Benjamin Fulford)

    Love and light

    1. MC Did you get my reply to your other post? u may e-mail me if you like!

    2. i haven't been able to access that link all day. i get an error that says "Database Error: Unable to connect to the database:Could not connect to MySQL". anyone else having this problem?

    3. hmmm..seems all roads and links to David's site don't work at the moment....guess it must be under maintenance ;-)

      here's some info from Kauilapele's blog - it might even be the entire update.

    4. @Rob,
      Hi I saw your response, not sure if it was the right one though? How do I find you e-mail address? Mine is really easy.
      My "aka" here at xycoon dot se. ;o)


  32. Thanks for posting the link. Starts July 4 and continues through voting in November.

  33. This is also an appropriate song: The Isley Brothers, Caravan Of Love.

  34. Did Drake say anything important in his broadcast yesterday? There are no notes yet...

  35. @Matt Derry,
    Drake was not on yesterday he had to leave due to the hurricanes in West Viginia and DC. Here is a post from today on facebook made by him.

    "Had to leave WV, no power- 5-10 days- no phone...most all the state we traveled through was dark...
    So am here.
    Took longer than expected to get here, so, no show.
    Enjoy the holiday."

    Cheers m8

  36. Replies
    1. Let us partake of Canunpa. I have missed your posts here, Red Electric Moon. As you say in beautiful Lakota, Mitakuye Oyasin.

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. Yes @Azure! Canunpa. Also Olowa and Wakawacipi until our feet hurt!


  38. SALUSA(Full Message from Mike Quinsey today):


  39. hmmmm so this is how the central bankers are LOL

  40. Read short post which includes video:

    or just watch the video here:

  41. SaLuSa Says Mass Arrests Have Begun

    1. The power outage in the DC area because of the storm would provide a good cover for this. People would be unable to communicate what is happening.

  42. Hi guys,
    I just need to share this. A large fly buzzed in when I opened the door to the balcony wanting some fresh air. I've heard that you could communicate with animals so heck why not give it a try?

    The fly buzzed further in to the apartment and was out of sight for a couple of minutes. Suddenly he came back. I started to talk to him and saying "come on little guy I open the door even more so you can fly out". Said and done I opened to door more widely and told him to fly out. He made 2-3 turns at the main window before he very nicely flew out between the door I was holding up and the curtain.

    That was really cool experience..

    Love and light

    1. Nice one! McCroft. I too have done this over the last few months with flies and wasps. It doesn't work every time, but it does often work. Funny!

    2. Cool !
      Sometimes when they get trapped in the window gear I tell them to be still so that I can capture them and set them free. They seem to get the message.
      Animals are amazing communicators & healers too - hummingbirds have actually fluttered about to do aura healing with me, and always seem to turn up at the perfect moment with a beautiful message of love and joy :)
      Yes we can Talk to the Animals !

  43. before I go and read anything, I just woke up from my mid-day siesta (another thing I love about Greece). Anyway, I had 2 dreams that were basically telling me arrests are happening.

    ok, now I'll drink my frappe and go read what Salusa says. =)

  44. Hi Folks, Been following Cobra and his fabulous work so lets All Unite , provide a Well deserved Boost and Reintegrate the Stop Gap for MASS ARRESTS and information we have been given is Spot On for Us to build up our Power ..Lets Start our Rocketship and Prepare for Lift Off !!!!

    We can break this loop today! Learn to keep your energy! Learn to project only light and high vibrations back into the game!

    The way to win the game is to no give the other team the reaction they want!

    Also notice another ploy of the archons, making you wait!

    What happens when people sit and wait?

    They time to sit and think and this can be dangerous!
    This is where mind-worry starts. Don't Fall for it !!!

    Please read the full channel :

    1. AAM Confirms: The “Containment” Started Last Monday, June 25, 2012

      "In regards to rumors, there will be no pole shift or three days of darkness, no matter who is saying so to the contrary. There may be a minor amount of flooding, but there will not be any significant seismic activity followed by coastal flooding. There will be no need to remove significant sections of Earth’s population to Inner Earth or the ships. He was very emphatic about these statements, repeating one of them three times.

      He said that there are no Archons around the Earth and any clones of theirs that existed were neutralized many years ago. Micah’s message is simply not credible."

      I just read this; I'm not saying Micah is disinfo, and I'm not saying AAM is not disinfo either, just giving a heads up!

    2. I am pretty sure this is NOT AAM. If you listen to the recording on May 28th, the entity is talking about those that do not subscribe much to information from channelling. He is in his flow but seems to loose the plot when he says, (of those who of us who criticise clear channels) 'We are shocked and disgusted'. This is ego speak. Is this how a being of the highest light would really think? Additionally, it receives and gives flattery. Spirit praise when it is deserved but they do not flatter. I also feel that telling us who is good/bad is not respecting our free will, it is like doing a child's homework for it. Spirit always respect free will. I approached someone who's experience and knowledge is greater than mine. She says it is a very intelligent 4th density entity that is now practically controlling what is otherwise a highly credible site. These entities do have access to a great deal of credible information, yet they are not honest.

  45. Kein problem... :)))
    World Liberation Movement video in german language... Thanks for Lovyruthy!
    Welt Befreiungs bewegung Video in deutscher Sprache. Vielen Dank für Lovyruthy!

  46. Ben Fulford attacked?

  47. It's begun!!!!!!!! Thank you thank you to all lightworkers, star nations, angels, ascended masters, higher beings, our higher selves, our personal ascension teams and of course the One and only God Source Energy!!!! I can barely contain my excitement. We still have lots of work to do, but Hallelujia 'containment' has begun!!!!!

  48. Things are clearly hotting up. My thoughts and prayers are with everyone who is working so hard for this at great cost to themselves. Also prayers for those that have so lost their way, that they STILL might find it. Going to be quietly meditating as advised here.

  49. The nest is burning and the phoenix is rising :) There is a hard aspect between the moon and mars at 3:21pm PST suggesting the possibility of impulsiveness, let's hope this energy is harnessed and used properly ;) If anyone wants to join me I will be meditating between 3-4pm PST to assist in the smooth transition of the shift we are manifesting right now ;) Good work everybody! When we are guided by the spirit, we are guaranteed victory. Life is GOOD :)

  50. yeah XD Cobra gives that code thingy up there , and next thing you know you got a flying saucer lifting your house for some complex reason and placing it on the Himalaya mountains for 5 minutes exactly DEAD PRECISE and then they teleport you under the surface of Mars and leave you staying there for 10 seconds while you shout like a baby and then they teleport you back to your house on its original location XD ..........And 5 seconds later a SWAT team member breaks into your house and cleans the scratch on your glasses which was cause ACCIDENTALLY during the teleportation and that occurs only 1 in a 1000000000 times XDDD

    1. after cleaning your glasses with great precision and a napkin that is made from egyptian cotton..the SWAT member then leaves kindly through the door even though he broke your wall XDD

    2. Did i mention the SWAT member leaves his complimentary CARD before leaving <_< and The services he offers are so secret , that the card has absolutely nothing written on it XD

  51. Not trying to be a downer here, but at what point do we, as a group, finally call bull$hit on the mass arrest scenario?
    (I'll pause so that can resonate)
    I've been waiting/ hoping for this to happen since December & we're still right here. There's a veritable echo-chamber all across the 'net with 'channeled messages' & 'insiders' all proclaiming to have some 'intel' and the arrests have begun or the arrests are soon….just be sure to stay tuned!

    As some point, I'd expect to see some solid direct (not anecdotal, not 'fuzzy')evidence from a source outside the echo-chamber. Seriously, at what point do we ask ourselves have we been duped yet again? None of us want to be duped yet again... that's why we hold so tightly to the voices calling from within the echo-chamber, praying that this time, this bit of information, today,... tomorrow perhaps(?)... something solid, verifiable, and something REAL will occur. Once again, it appears today is not that day. How many more days like today will it take?

    I'll poke around on here during my downtime at work. Once I leave work, I'll take a few minutes to meditate. I'll see me... then my spirit... there are chords originating from my spirit's head extending out into the unknown. The other end of the chords are held by possibly dark energies that want me to feed off the planted disinfo, lies, half-truths, etc that pull me back here to feast daily on deception and false hope. From my back pocket, I'll pull out a pair of large, shiny, and very sharp scissors and start cutting the chords. Most of the chords will fall away and shrivel to nothing quickly. The remaining few will require more cuts for them to shrivel away. And then, with calmness and determination and love, I'll tell who or whatever was on the other side of those chords to kindly go fuck themselves. You can lie and deceive all you wish, but I am free of your hold... so kindly go fuck yourself somewhere else.

    Enough bull$hit.
    Enough deception.
    Enough half-truths.
    Enough lies.
    Either this is real or it is not. Either way, please stop fucking with me and mine.
    We are one. We are Love.

    1. I agree, the joke isn't funny anymore.

    2. I agree. I still have faith but I'm rational enough to realize this 'mass arrest' thing seems like a dangling carrot, always just out of reach.

      Here's the thing; if this is in fact a deception then it's pretty massive in scale and complexity. which begs the question: why?

      Has this been a distraction to keep the awakening masses focused externally and waiting for salvation rather than looking within and using our collective power for good?

      For all we know the 'Event' could be global economic collapse, WWIII, martial law and the disarmament, and detainment of anyone who opposes. And we, the few 'awakened' ones do nothing in the midsts of all the chaos believing it's all part of the show and the 'good guys' will show up at the end... only they never do.

      I don't meant to spread negativity, but doesn't that scenario seem just as likely?

    3. Global economic collapse is imminent regardless of "Mass Arrests" The banking system is nothing more than an elaborate ponzi scheme and wall street is full of compulsive gamblers like Jamie Dimon who have been committing major fraud for ages.

      People have invested in gold but the gold has been sold thousands of times over to different customers.

      The Chinese want their gold back that the Americans agreed to keep for safe keeping during WWII to keep it from the Japanese empire but they never gave it back.

      They told the Chinese it was in the vaults of the World trade centre at the time of the false flag event that rocked the globe on September 11th. It's one of the reasons why the clean up was done under such strict conditions and Rudolph Giuliani signed off on the disposal of the evidence so quickly. And Jeb Bush owns the security firm in charge before and after the event.

      The United States of America is morally, physically, and spiritually and now financially bankrupt and the entire infrastructure is moribund.

      That's the cataclysm that is looming. Not floods or earthquakes you can read about in ancient texts.

      The cataclysm before this Golden age is global financial meltdown, and it has to meltdown because it's evil and based on lies and has done nothing but cause misery to the 99% for centuries.

      And now it's all over. Regardless of whether "mass arrests" are going to happen.

      We don't need ET's for this. This is all our own doing by being hypnotised and allowing them to manipulate and control our eco-system for so long.

      It's going to come as a shock for a lot of people but it's not a catastrophe. Not when we realise how better off without it we are.

      The transition might be a bit rough going for a bit though.

      But the Meek shall inherit the Earth as we are meant to.

  52. Weather pattern of luminosity...

  53. my discernment is,

    in order to discredit a channel they use the method to give a specific date for an event and when nothing happens this channel is less credible. i use the word channel in the widest possible sense ;-)

    this is a gradual process, eventually rendering the channel useless.

    but my observation is, the specific dates given for events come nearer and nearer to the now, meaning the real moment of the event and disclosure must indeed be very near if they cant spare "far out" specific dates anymore. time is running out so to speak

    i feel the wave is going to crest soon and all the hardship of pasts will transform us into the beautiful beeings we already are for all of us to see

    much love and light to the you, iam with you all the time.

    finally found my voice here so to say


  54. anxiety, anticipation and fatigue are taking a toll. In need of a breakthrough.

    1. Yes, it's been a very long road but we're at the finish line my friend. Dig deep and hang tough, it won't be long now ... we are indeed breaking through right now.
      Take a moment to breathe in the Joy that is spreading throughout the planet. The sun will be rising on a new day & a new way ... taste it, feel it, know it.
      Sending Love and Light your way :)

  55. I have been following this blog for quite awhile now along with a few others and this is my first post to this site. I keep seeing negativity everywhere. I can understand this because until recently I was one of those horribly pessimistic people. Now, not so much. No matter what happens, I do believe we are in the end times. Whether it is of the Christian faith (although I believe if the rapture was going to happen it would have already done so) or the other multitude of religions out there. Something is going to happen and soon, I can feel it. Whether it be us ascending, or ET's finally showing themselves to us, or the MASS ARRESTS, or the end of the world through WWIII, something is happening. If we all no longer exist on this earth due to the fact that we have all been taken from WWIII what does it matter at that point. I refuse to look at the negative in this for even if the latter is the case, I "know" there is something better on the other side. Any other option out there has to be better than the current existence we have as slaves to those with no soul or that of a negative soul.

    I'm new at the whole meditation thing and have yet to "know" that I have gotten any response from my higher self, but, I do "know" that there is something more and I intend on finding it. I "believe" that we are all one and it is my goal to feel that oneness with all that is, and to find the truth. I implore all of those that want to go down the negative path to re-evaluate your stance and find the positive in everything. We are all in a battle for our very existence in this 3D world. Even if this HOPE is false, it gives us something to believe in of a positive nature, and I believe we all could use all the positive we can get. JMTC.

    Thank you everyone for your patience and I hope no one takes this personally. I feel that I know what my purpose is in this learning experience and it is to help others cope with the changes that are about to occur, whether today or next year. I will be here to do what it is that I signed up to do.

    1. The closest we ever come to total destruction was in the mid eighties with the US and Russia nearly comminting to -pre-emtive strikes of nuclear attacks. It didn't happen but it was very close. We have passed that event and it wont happen again.

      The cataclysm is of our financial system which is rotten to the very core. This is going through it's death throes right now throughout Europe and the USA. It cannot be saved and it should not be saved because it's a virus or corporations and pure greed by an evil entity of a small bloodline of elites.

      Everyone is currently at their mercy or suffering to a greater or lesser extent due to their global financial terrorism.

      This old dinosaur is about to fall over and breath it's last few gasps of air and even those with a shoebox sized consciousness will start to snap out of the hypnosis and realise that we've been manipulated to such and extent that we simply didn't not know we were being fucked so hard and for so long. Because as a collective consciousness we have been brainwashed in to thinking it's normal.

      The elites have simply run out of time. They now this and they are just stalling the inevitable..

      That's part of our evolution from homo-sapiens to Humane-beings and it has nothing to do with ET's

      They are simply observing this because they went through a similar process before having their veil removed.

      Our veil is being removed and people are waking up.

      This is our path of evolution witnessed in a single lifetime.

      I prefer calling it evolution but some prefer the term ascension.

      It's our spiritual revolution and our galactic family are waiting for us to come through it and join them.

      Full contact will not be established until we do.

    2. Welcome. You have only to intend to contact your higher self and, due to the energies around, you will in time. All will be well. There is NO WAY I would have come to do this if I had not thought it would work.

  56. hold the light much encouraging news out there today. things are HAPPENING. remember we are co-creating this event, so look at any negativity that pops up and then release and let it go.
    Love to you all...

  57. please visit back myblog..


    The flower of life within a triangle. July 1, 2012

  59. thus is a very nice compilation video of just some of the massive sighting that haveen taking place people many different races represented here and it is uplifting to see how much evidence is being presented
    Interpplanetary identification process is gaining tremendous momentum

    dont miss

  60. not a good arrest


    1. Good old British fascism! One rule for them and another for us. I bet Assange is not getting much sleep at the moment. To think that it's simply a US issue is daft, the Britsh would hand him over without any real evidence if the cameras and "alternative" media focus was not aimed directly at him. I truly hope Ecuador step up to the plate for him or he is going to be wearing an orange boiler suit before very long. Europe is just the tail of the dog that is corporate USA. All the governments are the same entity and they give us the illusion we have a choice at the elections. It's hilarious..

    2. Exactly. All the world's a stage and most humans don't even know they're in the theatre.

    3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  61. This comment has been removed by the author.

  62. Copied from Drake's FaceBook page:

    Bill Brockbrader will now be taking over where I left off. I will soon bow off and fade away and watch from the sidelines. Listen to Bill, his sources are sound, unlike mine. Do not believe Cobra, that was a psyops. Benjamin Fulford is indeed MI-6 and a Rothschild shill as Stew Webb claimed. I still have much faith in David Wilcock, a man of conviction and a patriot at heart.

    1. lol thats not drakes facebook page.some troll who made a blog thinking drake and cobra are drag queen clones made that page.

    2. we go....


      I believe it is Former White Hat causing trouble..he has linked the fake profile to his blog and if you compare the two, it's obviously his style.

      They are currently trying to warn everyone about this in Global Voice, while fake Drake is trying to friend everyone in Global Voice.

      I can see this spinning out of control fast...

      Drake's real Facebook is under Drake Kent.


    3. Seriously? For crying out loud... This mess is beyond ridiculous. My sincere apologies IF I am accidentally spreading CRAP.

      Yes, FWH's site lead me there. Aarrgghh. I find him slightly entertaining... in an Eric Cartman kind of way.

      You know what, I'm done. Save the world on your own. From here on out, I am just waiting for my ride back home...whever ever that happens to be... and off of this God foresaken planet. This has got to be the most dysfunctional planet ever. I swear. Sheesh.

      Thanks for the heads up.

    4. Seriously. It's absurd and beyond frustrating. But, I couldn't help laughing as I read through the "updates and that sort of thing". Hahaha....grrr...sigh.

    5. Okay, first off, wow. I am not sure what to think about all the info/disinfo flying around among lightworkers on the internet these days, but I suggest everyone go report this facebook profile as fake (I just did)...

      Instead of focusing on the distortions of reality and possible outcomes, lets focus on the fact that we have been brought together through our shared interest in a creating a fair, loving, and honest world based around universal compassion and oneness. This is the one thing that no outcome or lack thereof can take away from us at this point.

    6. That page was funny to read! Clearly a fake.

      Just for saying:

      Cobra during these months demonstrated a genuine and balanced behaviour. He never made sensational ads, he never gave us certain timeframe for any event.
      If I have to compare him to Fulford or Drake, or many others, he's definitely the one who compromised less his message, and actually helped humanity with mass meditations for example, and many other wise and interesting posts (at least for me).
      But well, let's say this is all a scam. If so, I will give to Cobra the award for best actor!

      Again my tip is don't take life too seriously.

    7. I have never visited the site of, nor read anything written by, the one calling him/herself Former White Hat. My reasoning behind this is as follows:
      A White Hat is someone on the positive team, a good guy, right?
      So a Former White Hat, by definition is a former member of the positive team, a former good guy.
      In my book, a former good guy suggests a bad guy (or at least neutral).
      Therefore, it is highly unlikely that a bad guy is not going to be giving you genuine information of value. I suggest it highly likely, that you can only expect dis-information from a bad guy.
      So, I wonder, why do any lightworkers wishing to assist, be informed, etc., visit, hang out, and read information offered at the site of a self-proclaimed Former White Hat? I'm no James Bond or Sherlock Holmes, but it seems to me if you want to look for a bad guy, look at the ones who call themselves bad guys. Maybe they are the bad guys. We can be forgiven for being duped by the guys calling themselves good guys, if that day ever comes, we'll know about it for sure! :)

    8. I personally read his site because it's hilarious and obnoxious and makes me laugh. Simple as that. Sometimes I need a break from the serious nature of the ascension topic and back and forth of who's evil, who's disinfo, etc. For me, reading his site is similar to having a good laugh at myself. Nothing and no one is off limits there. All depends on your sense of humor, tho...
      It's hard to believe anyone would take him too seriously, however, by creating this fake Drake drama, during a time when people are so sensitive and hanging on every word, just looking for a sign, he did manage to stir the pot.

    9. @Klove. With all due respect, what you call a 'fake Drake drama' may or may not have resulted in somebody taking action and going out on the streets as the posting tells them to. I hope not, but if some on here believed it to be a genuine posting, why not some people with a gun in their hand? Come on, a drama for entertainment only is what you watch on TV. This is supposed to be real life.

    10. for the record- I never take anything serious from the FWH. He is entertainment purposes only, period. Cobra is just slightly above that status so far, too, imho.

      The danged fake FaceBook page is what got me. I didn't realize it was or even could be fake. Shoot, I even sent a friend request... which was later accepted. Sheesh. :)

    11. You're absolutely right that he's taken it too far with the call to arms and that's why I was one of the first people alerting Facebook and this site to the deception.
      I didn't mean to make light of that in my previous post, although it definitely came across that way - I was talking more about my reasons for reading the blog prior to this Drake stunt. I apologize for that.

    12. We're all in this together, even those of our communities, friends and family members who don't even know there's anything going on...zzzzzzzzzzzzzz. :)
      It's very difficult for us, who do have a clue, and we all want the same thing and that's what's keeping us going. The vision of freedom and peace and love is so strong so let's all hold hands and feel greater strength in numbers and greater strength in our desire for the outcome that serves the higher purpose of all. It's a real rollercoaster ride at the moment, and I think we all just felt our stomachs churning as we went into that big dip! ;)


  64. “As a child I felt myself to be alone, and I am still, because I know things and must hint at things which others apparently know nothing of, and for the most part do not want to know.”
    ― C.G. Jung, Memories, Dreams, Reflections