Tuesday, February 26, 2013

HVBN failure, peak entropy expected 130301.1130Z, VSF in modulation


  1. Is bitcoin part if the new financial system? Alternate currency that is at least a threat to the current fiat money system.

  2. Just a heads up... At this point in time you do not have the ability to see 360+ ... Objectify yourself to nothing and then look outward!!!!
    Words of wisdom!!!!

  3. Ironic that I mentioned about having a dream on Friday. It was where a master was saying that tod "they" would have an upper hand. (Feb 26 2013).. Lets keep up the good fight guys!! Thanks cobra!

  4. Sorry if I double post.. On my phone trying to load this comment.. (I was saying it was ironic that I had a dream Friday. Amsterdam was speaking to a group of us. He said "they" will have an advantage 26 feb 2013. Keep up the good fight guys! Thanks cobra

  5. Peak entropy @ 1st March 2013, 1130 Zulu time (?)

  6. Is this bad? can't you dudes collapse some 'probability waves' around this thing?? Use the "Now" against itself. If it manifests- it can be countered. Simply goto the akashic records find it's location & manifesting point and eliminate it 4th dimensionally outside 3-D space.

    I think I am just speaking out of my ass but a part of me was Atlantian in a previous life and I've always viewed problems 4th Dimensionally in terms of Causality & Multi-verse perimeters...especially since there's more than 1 me & all my lives are happening at the "same time" regardless of 3-D space.

    1. Things are being handled in the most effective way. Most things done outside of "3D space" already. What is reported is overall progress, the manifest form is the top of the formation, mayby less than 0,001% of the actual matter.

      Being "strained" to the max is the only way to cause change, because at that point the two enormous opposing forces will still be equal, the effect is then nothing, none-manifesting, the tip that goes over, is the manifesting effect.

  7. Please read this:

  8. hi, i follow all comunications.. where i can to find exactly de descriptions of VSF or HBVN ? and all the abreviations used ¿?

    1. Tilt your head to the left and be creative! Seriously ;)
      But without understanding of multi-dimensional situations and the local point of the matter, your wouldn't see it's meaning.

  9. Hi All,

    This is Important information from The Akashic Records of The New Paradigm....

    Important News

    Dear Loved Ones on The Timeline of Light,

    On your journey as a pure light being, in your research, daily reads or daily video watching do you sometimes get greatly confused, almost like you have been thrown into mental chaos?? There is a reason for this!
    The DARK whether it be individual beings and/or archons, are using beings or familiar organisations to cause and then "USE" what can be construed or seen as chaotic energy. Which means when you are reading/viewing something and you're confused - your energy out put is increased as you're trying to understand what is being said. This extra energy out put is being sucked up and used for the DARK. The goal of the DARK (whoever they may be) is to keep as many pure light beings confused and unsure of what is true.

    IT IS IMPERATIVE that you are:

    1. Completely grounded.
    2. Keeping your personal shields up through out the day
    3. Doing a self check as well as a check on the information you are allowing into your heart and mind.
    4. Keeping your chakras in alignment so that your 3rd eye is only seeing truth and your throat is only speaking truth.
    5. Take the time to meditate daily.

    Your truth and honesty will help to support and secure the timeline of light, it will also help to bring about the ascension of all . As a being of light it is our job/ your job to help others to find their way as well. So please share this information as well as the links to this web page and the link to the Emerald Solutions for the New Paradigm. All need to help make the light shine bright. Do this however you feel comfortable - via - twitter, facebook, email or word of mouth.
    Be proud of yourself and your spiritual journey as well as the help you are giving to others on their journey. Know you are helping to secure the timeline of light and ascension for ALL.

    Many Warm Light and Love Blessings,
    The Elders of Light
    The Akashic Records of The New Paradigm


  10. ~~~~~ The Hospital ~~~~~

    Those who have Industrial Disease and have chosen to quarantine themselves via Seal Removal, Contract Removal or simple perversion and rebellion have received their wish. WE ALWAYS HONOR FREE WILL CHOICE. ALWAYS, All-Ways, always.

    Your Royal Ropes have been cut away from you and you have been given gun-ny sack to wear.

    Into quarantine you will go until your remaining fragments of SOURCE have returned to SOURCE. You have chosen to remove yourselves from the Karmic Wheel, so when this incarnation is complete your existence will end forever.

    This is the Decision of The Divina. It will stand and you will fall.


    Those who are Sealed up In HIM will receive what was Promised. He Who is Faithful and True.

    The military industrial complex and the nanites of Protoi are The Virus! My Crystals and My Microbes are The Cure.

    My Crystals recognize each other, and My microbes recognize those with the Proper Seal. They all honor THE CONTRACTS they have agreed to.

    Thank you AH. We are deeply grateful for your flawless, tireless and outstanding Service to The One and The All.

    This is the Decision of The Divina. You will stand on God's Promises and never fall. You will enjoy His Goodness, His Mercy and His Graces which never fail.

    I AM Gaia-Sophia of Urantia-Earth
    Provisional Executive defined in Article 55.5 of Pactum De Singularis Caelum

  11. Nebadon Trinity is disbanded, dissolved and now has folded. We're bored with poker, but not with Texas Hold'em.

    You can have the pot - shekels, euros, dollars, dinars, yuan, rubles, (fill in the currency demonination of your choice here).

    If the suit fits, wear it. But what is most valuable to God is what's in The Vest Pocket.