Monday, October 21, 2013

RR2 complete


  1. guys what is RR2 :D i want to say "yeah!" too :D

    1. ola just had the same reaction and thought; lets stay positive to a nonsense remark for most people like me, ;-)

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  3. what does this mean?

  4. yeah, i knew it! something good will happen, iv'e joined the weekly liberation movement again after months of falling asleep.. it's so bright up there it's really clear

  5. This might help a little bit???

  6. I may be wrong with this, but, It feels like it just came to me when I was watching something else on Youtube.

    APR = Active Planned (Planted, maybe?) Reality


    RR2 sounds like a phase in the Resistance's course of action, but what it entails is not something meant to be our business. (unless we were part of the Resistance that needs to/does know those codes)

    This, however, does mean that RR3 will be able to begin, and between that phase and RR4 is when the first of two remaining points of major intersections will have a thirty percent chance (odds may rise depending on near-future circumstances) of occurrence.

    Chances between alpha and beta timelines are not discussed, but the signs between each are, however, which is a clear enough diction to tell which timeline we have made it into if either timeline has successfully occurred.

    In either case, the second point of intersection is significantly closer towards the Event's "deadline", if that is what the omega convergence point can be related to in a layman fashion.