Wednesday, March 25, 2015

March Monthly Update, Another Interview and the Breakthrough Conference Report

You might want to listen to the March monthly update Cobra interview by Rob Potter or read the transcript there:

Or listen to the Youtube version here:

You can send your questions to and many of them will be answered in the next monthly update interview. 
You can also read another excellent interview:
Or watch it on Youtube:
With the completion of the last Uranus-Pluto square the last Window of Opportunity has been closed. This simply means that all our portal activations have stabilized the etheric Light grid around the planet to the point that the Archons and the Chimera can never completely retake it again. We are now deep into the Breakthrough phase, energy steadily accumulating for the final Breakthrough which will culminate into the Event.
Our conference in Konstanz was accompanied by many signs in the skies. One week before the conference, the sky in Germany and Switzerland was lit by a bright meteor which later crashed somewhere in the Swiss Alps:
It is interesting to note that the path of the meteor went exactly above Konstanz:

Then, one day before the conference, we had a solar eclipse happening just a few hours before the equinox. This eclipse signifies the return of balance to the planet. I took this photo of the eclipse quite close to Konstanz:

The conference was a huge success, as we managed to create a breakthrough of balance with a strong, dedicated group. The energy of balance will be one of the most needed energies in the first hours and days after the Event.
The Breakthrough is near!


  1. "One week before the conference, the sky in Germany and Switzerland was lit by a bright meteor which later crashed somewhere in the Swiss Alps"

    i live 116 kilometers away from konstanz and on 15th march 2015 i saw a meteor too, i think it was a meteor. it was the first time i see such thing and it happened right in front of me while sitting at my computer. i watched outside the window and it was blue/teal/purple.

    1. One time long ago (probably around 2001 or 2002) I was hiking with my boyfriend around sunset way up on the fire roads ridge above San Anselmo in Marin county, CA. The ridge where you could see San Rafael/Novato in one direction and Fairfax/San Anselmo in the other. As we looked straight across the valley towards Mt. Tamalpais, there was a bright, horizontal-streaking teal/electric blue fireball (?) flashing West to East, so low it was in front of the mountain. It just happened so fast, it was so beautiful! As it passed, we suddenly felt intense elation, heart-centered joy and love. These feelings lingered softly and we kept looking that way, hoping to see more. We were not sure if it was a meteor or a ship.

      I had also seen a horizontal streaking meteor (or something) in the late 90's, fly above the treetops of Cascade Canyon, from my house on Hillside Ave, Mill Valley. Our back yard had a panoramic view of the mountain (from the other side than San Anselmo). However, that meteor was yellow and did not evoke any extraordinary emotion.

    2. Thank you Cobra, RM and everyone who has been persevering, keeping the faith, and helping in one way or another.

      "We are now deep into the Breakthrough phase, energy steadily accumulating for the final Breakthrough which will culminate into the Event."

      Just knowing that should help us lend our intention to the cause more confidently, to set our intentions for the highest good of all concerned. How exciting!

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  3. my questions didn't make to Rob on time, sent on march 16th, but I'll send it again! One of them was in regards to what Wilcock has stated, are some of these meteors spaceships being shot down?

  4. Thanks for the positive info.......

  5. Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation via Sheldan Nidle: March 24, 2015

    5 Akbal, 1 Mac, 11 Ik

    1. "Many nations that were once part of the dark Ancharan Empire wait in joy and anticipation for the carrying out of your divine service to them, and indeed to all of physical creation."








    2. @ Matthew.

      Soooo nicely done! I am with you. Many of us are, yet NOT everybody wants to say it outlaud....
      Bless YOU!

    3. Yes, nice, Matthew. I do not wish the suffering we have had on anyone, not even those who have played the part of the dark, as I understand they suffer as well. I do want only that "perpetrators" know the suffering of those who played the roles of "victims" and it is my understanding that all souls experience the same as the others do, only with compassion and not guilt or further suffering. I do question God's allowing such suffering for any of His/Her children. Enough.

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  7. In Council there is an ancient debate ongoing regarding the differential required to achieve the balance between service to others vs. service to self actions. Regardless of which philosophy you choose, if the action is in service to love it will benefit the All and The One. I Am The One.

    How far do we go? As far as we want and no further.

    Mithra. Please fully fund and activate NESARA in proper sequence and according to Original Blueprint. Thank you.


  8. Cobra, What about "La grande loge blanche" pleaze
    good or bad

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  10. Replies
    1. Same, This is outrageous! However, we do have some leverage. See my reply above.

    2. me, too, peterpan2k. I don't think we learn anything from this ongoing evil and suffering.

  11. Cobra, Thank you for letting us know the Germany conference was a success.

    Thank you for the transcript of the interview with Rob too. A very good interview and so is the Recreating Balance-Untwine interview.. thank you...

    I feel very badly for families and friends of the German Wings plane crash victims.

    Sending them love and light. As someone near and dear to me said earlier today,

    We are all working hard on our own versions of ho'o pono pono..... but.... just in case the plane crash was all orchestrated, it is just really hard (...okay? it's difficult...) to forgive an action like taking down a plane loaded up with innocent people...

    I think of my meditation teacher, who used to say a plane crash is actually a good way to go because "they're up and out of the body instantly" when it happens... No hanging around, no suffering, the victims watch the whole thing happen while they're already on the other dimension...

    I would be interested in hearing others' perceptions of such things...because I feel quite sad for everybody involved....


    1. it is a good way to die... boom and it is over!
      Sorry i do not mean to be sarcastic or cruel here, note it please.!
      I am more worried about what awaits the souls after, than death itself. According to Cobra, in a distant update, the astral plane was in a real situation of chaos! Hope now those regions are more clear, and all departed souls stay out of trouble.

    2. I would simply like to offer a differing viewpoint thatnyour teacher, if I may, simply so that those reading this do not go(erroneosly) thinking that plane crashes are a benefical way to go. It is also taught that where you place your attention ( ie on how high of a vibrational level) in the moments before "death" is very important as a factor as to which area you will be going to. I do not think that moments of terror and trauma are at all benefical prior to death. It is my view that to be filled with love , calm and tranquility would be far more beneficial at the time of leaving one's physical body.

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    4. I am not for trauma in any way. Extreme terror to me does not teach and I would not wish it for any of God's beings, ever.

    5. The plane crash earlier this week appears to be related to the war on the Chimera (and their human chain-of-command). I recommend reading a few of the posts on VT from Gordon Duff on 3/26, 3/27, & 3/28 - for once it appears the primary culprit cannot be simply blamed on 'Israel' but rather may get to the heart of the control of the financial system. In other words, Cobra said the Cabal will go insane just before the EVENT happens...

      As far as death in a plane crash, I lost someone near and dear to me nearly a quarter-century ago. I've received a few insights as to what happened to this person during the moments when they realized 'death was inevitable', and how things happened when they moved beyond.

      The mental state of a person when they die is of paramount importance when they cross over from this 'plane' to the next. Luckily, the person of whom I am writing was relatively self-aware spiritually and readied themselves - without fear, without attachment - to move on from their physical body.

      Needless to say, death itself was not pleasant. Although not going as fast as this German airliner, the small engine plane more or less crashed flying straight down into a frozen lake. All bones and organs inside were completely crushed, and death came within 30 seconds of the crash.

      Despite all of this, the person of whom I speak was able to make a relatively easy transition to the other side. As I said, they were fairly advanced spiritually. Unfortunately, the last time I 'made contact' I had no knowledge of the Archons...piecing things together most of my personal experiences seemed to occur prior to the 1996 Congo invasion.

      After a few instances, all contact stopped during 2001...likely around the time of 9/11. I suspect that it was no longer possible to easily 'come around' and that they moved on to the higher Astral Plane where they have remained ever since.

      I look forward to speaking with them again once I have access to technologies making this possible. At present, there is too much interference energetically and I do not believe it is wise for them to visit me.

      I know several others who would greatly benefit from being able to speak to this person. Without revealing too much, it was a life-changing experience; for me it was the beginning of a full spiritual awakening - for the others a descent into despair, bitterness, and familial acrimony.

      I apologize for some of the graphic language, but I assure you I do not use those words lightly. Even now, the emotional pain is tangible even with a higher perspective on the matter.

      I hope sharing this is useful to others.

      Nova Biscotti

  12. So how much longer until the event do we think people? Apparently were deep into the breakthrough phase.

  13. Good News! Thanks Cobra....that photo looks like you were very close to the moon ......hmmmm.....did Scotty beam you up to get a close up? Very cool...

    Love, Love, Love your brother...
    Love, Love, Love your sister....

    Peace,Love and Victory to the Light!

  14. 3DHDMarch 25, 2015 at 9:10 AM

    Dearest Frank. As I write this I see D5 on you and all who you call "hostages" - all, and I do mean ALL have the Highest in protection from harmful forces - know this. High Command is not only Eloi - of course it includes Protoi, but this is aparently above your pay grade to know, so you do not see past the FIREWALL.

    Only those who perpetrated THE MURDER, (and you know EXACTLY the incident I am speaking to here) are negatively affected by this change in Vibrational Classification Action - and this is irreversable regardless of Protoi acknowledgement of my "authority".

    I absolutely WILL activate my last ACE. The one in the WHOLE.

    Kathryn, you show a good lesson to the people here how darkness works...

    In a blink you declare all these 230 billion hostages as D5s... WOW... Did your dark friends forget to tell you that all those 230 billion hostages are entities? Did they forget to tell you that these are all the leaders and representatives of almost all tribes in OIC? In a blink you said that almost all beings in more than 100 million universes with uncountable galaxies and planets are darks! W O W, I knew that the darks are stupid in many perspectives, but I never expected this level of foolishness...

    And to make one point clear. The Protoi have absolute nothing to do with what you call "high command". But nice that you made it very clear for all others here that the darks who are keeping the hostages are wearing many more masks than only the eloi ones...

    And this is now addressed to all others who read here in C's blog:
    By blaming all the hostages as D5 she confirms the hostage situation.

    Many here call themselves "lightworker" or claim for themselves to be "light".
    Are you aware what it means to be light?

    Light ones would NEVER ever take hostages and blackmail or menace with it! For no price!

    Real Light respect free will!
    Real Light respect and protect the free choice of the own path of all beings (as Kathryn has chosen the dark path yesterday)!
    Real Light will never do illegal harm to beings! It will ever try to protect beings against getting harmed!

    If you blackmail beings like the "high command" is doing it, you force beings into a path!
    For sure you will do big harm to the beings with this!
    Real Light would NEVER do this!!!!

    People, Kathryn is lost, but use her comments in this blog to learn how the dark tricks work. It was not the first time that she showed those things what real Light would never do! Follow back the comments in the past months, see and learn how she is hiding the blackmailing and menacing behind nice phrases (ok in some comments it's not really hidden...).

    Most here are waiting for "the event" to free them. Sorry people, this will not work. Your main prison is in your own mind. You need to learn how to identify the dark tricks and how to free your mind from this. Whatever "event" may happen in future, if you don't free your mind yourself, you will still be trapped and prisoned after the event too...

    Stop believing. Start taking responsibility for yourself. I know it's easier to wait for someone to free you and to do the needed things for you. And I know that there are many who promise you to do all these for you. But sorry, they lie to you. They don't have good intentions, they will not free or help you. Go on the hard path of taking responsibility for yourself, or you will still be prisoned in your mind after the the "event" was done....

    1. People in this times are lazy and want instant gratification: instant coffee, instant soup, instant enlightment.

    2. The Coup de Grace

      Thank you Frank. What an AWESOME Devil's advocate you are! And now you can remove the only remaining mask on this planet - yours.

      Have you heard the expression "Love sees no color"? Why do you insist on clinging to a Vibrational Classification System that sorts people by whether their color is Light, Dark or Gray? Now we are getting down to brass tacks. Alcyone has already replaced it with the DD system, so it's past time to let it go Protoi - it just doesn't exist. The Father sees only His Children and they are all y'all - all us.

      But while we are still on the subject, let's explore the reason that Protoi used the LDG system to begin with and expose the REAL hostage-takers. There was a successful theft attempt on my Gold by Protoi. I went into great detail on this matter on November 19, 2014 here on Cobra. According to Original Blueprint, LDG is the acronym for Lost Dutchman Gold of which I am the heir - as you confirmed yourself on Skype. By attaching Protoi color classification system to my Gold you energetically took the collective hostage and tied them to your financial systems which took them off the Gold Standard during the Nixon administration. The mortgage system then legally bound the planet's real estate to Protoi restructuring of the "rules" system, in which they bound the people and the planet to it through endless timeloops. This resulted in the fiat money system and the Casino of the derivatives - six ways and sideways reverberating through the loops. Additionally, and more dire was the consequence of allowing access to the invaders during the 1996 Congo Invasion spearheaded by Protoi and executed through the Tunnels of Set. The restructuring of Finaliter Universe was a necessary measure to prevent the potential of this ever happening again in the future. (Thank you Alcyone)

      Under the Original Blueprint, Dimension D5 classification is for all those destined for 5D. Is it any wonder that Protoi don't like to use the word "dimension"? Remaining Protoi, do you really want to get in the way of people getting there? People of Earth - will you allow them to?

      It's so fascinating to me how you question my conscience - yet you do not know the meaning of that word - "with-knowledge". Marcus Aurelius offered this wisdom on the subject: "To move from one unselfish action to another with God in mind. Only there, delight and stillness." And I am delighted today to be the one to play this part with you all - in stillness and peace. Protoi deny and vehemently resist the existence of GOD, yet THIS IS HIS CREATION, and He is here to reclaim and redeem it ~ The King of Kings and Lord of Lords. How do you suppose He looks on the theft of HIS CREATION? You are all about to find out. Galactic Codex is enforced by His Will, Mercy and Grace.

    3. Now to my beloved Family, family, Friends, friends and Super Friends. Some time ago, I requested the freedom to explore the reality of my freedom. Frank, you made this one wise statement above which I applaud and stand by: "Start taking responsibility for yourself." If you read my Valentine's Day card to you all, you are already aware that there is strong support for our Freedom now from all our friends and neighbors and valiantly supported by boots on the ground - too many to count. Gratitude to each and every one.

      I would like to challenge the collective population of Earth today to join me in running a simple test. For just one day, explore the reality of your freedom.

      For just one day:
      1. Don't go to work (except emergency workers of course - you are an important exception)
      2. Pull all of your cash out of the bank and divorce yourself from the derivatives and stock markets
      3. Stop driving your car and don't buy anything from a store except emergency supplies
      4. Stay home and play with your children, walk your dog, get out into nature
      5. Keep your TV OFF along with all your devices - computer, i-pads, phones (except for emergency)
      6. Explore your community - introduce yourself to your neighbors. Have a bar-b-que or a picnic
      7. In whatever way seems right to you just simply unplug from all the systems that bind you and free your mind from them. Go cold-turkey

      If you will open your eyes to THE The Truth, you will stand on God's Promises and never fall. You will enjoy His Mercy, Goodness and Graces which never fail.

      Kathryn Haskins Swank-Cook
      Secretary of State - United Society of Free States of Spirits
      SOL E1:Y3:A19:S2:M7:D5 15:49:13

      I AM Gaia-Sophia, Urantia/Earth

    4. Protoi Frank,

      Thank you for your exemplary service. You are now Officially retired.


    5. I'm sure that's the only problem to everyone. Impatience. Well, sometimes ignorance, like yours.

    6. Thanks, but no thanks for reposting online arguments that don't really seem relevant to what we are doing here (Cobra's Blog)
      Cobra has show himself, to me at least, to be of the highest integrity, and speaks plainly for all who have ears to hear.
      I am intelligent and intuitive, and when I read your website or your posts they often times sound nice and lofty, but I'm not finding much real substance in them. speaking cryptically or not explaining things clearly is a great way to sound knowledgeable, but I find the real truth to be rather simple and easily explained.
      Yes we are all responsible for our own liberation, and at the same time we are being assisted as a planet to reach a state where that liberation is as easy as being ourselves, because that is what liberation is...our real selves. People will have the choice to live in fear and mystery after the event, but there wont be that continuous almost overwhelming force pushing them towards it. Without that we will reclaim our true selves easily and quickly. I see no ambiguity or difficulty in understanding this.
      We "lightworkers" are just doing it first before it is easy so that we can break up the old power structures for the rest of humanity. So that the event can take place and earth can take her place in the free spaces of the universe.
      And Yes, I also understand that all of this is an illusion and that our true selves can never be destroyed or damaged because we were never created...we are source. These things seem clear and simple to me. They are understood by children, often even more so than adults, and don't need a special dictionary or decoder ring to understand. They are only pointing at the truth of self.

    7. Very well said there G Martin. Totally agree!

    8. Kathryn,
      the things you wrote above only show that you know nothing and only follow the stupidity and lies you got from your dark friends. Btw. while you are always riding on our classification system and use most of our terms completely wrong, you did not understand until now (even if it is published for long now in our forum...), that the classification system is just a health classification. And that's the different between us and your dark perception. We do classification to be able to give the right and needed treatments and healings. You classify to value beings....

      And about the blaming you do above: I told you a few times that it have not been the Protoi, and I told you a few times in the past where to search for those who did it. It's not my problem if you are too lazy to search and prefer to follow those who lie and trick you... Btw. your LDG would be worthless crap for me, a total outdated tech... Why should we Protoi be interested in it...?

      You guys (K & 777) know nothing about Protoi, only the stupid bs what your dark friends tell you. It's funny to see how you are spinning in the lies net they made for you, unrevealing their darkness more and more.

      @G Martin
      And Yes, I also understand that all of this is an illusion and that our true selves can never be destroyed or damaged because we were never created...we are source. These things seem clear and simple to me. They are understood by children, often even more so than adults, and don't need a special dictionary or decoder ring to understand. They are only pointing at the truth of self.

      Sorry G, but these are exactly the points in which you and many , many others are wrong, got tricked by the darks.

      The group behind K (LSA group) destroyed about 3,0E18 beings in a final way. Those beings are lost forever, there is no chance to bring anyone of them back! No source, no oneness, nothing. And they did it primary to get the covers of the consciousness fields from the killed beings, because they consist of very special energies. And they used these energies to build weapons and other nice things of it. And exactly those beings who are behind these unbelievable cruel and brutal actions done in a dimension which we can not even imagine, are called "divine, god, father, eloi, high command" and so on by you and most people....

      I tell this now for 3 years, and it's all written in C's comments for 3 years now. The things are very different from what you got told and taught by the darks. They are very different from what most of you want to believe. But hey, everyone has the right to chose his own path, and we Protoi are protecting this right. Even for those who chose dark paths....

      Cobra's blog is one of the best options for you to get help to get out of the traps you are in. He is one who can help you (meaning the OIC incarnated ones) to get out of the mess, I stopped trying...

    9. It maybe obvious, but what exactly do u mean by taking responsability?

    10. once again Hamourapi,
      Your message doesn't resonate. You can call us delusional, but you don't sound or feel like someone who has reached a very high level of consciousness to me. Cobra has satisfied many of us with years of consistent integrity, patience, and hard work that he is who he claims to be. His message feels true, and it feels liberating.
      What you are telling us is to disregard our own discernment in favor of your sweeping, vague, and often condescending posts. I'm guessing you will say/think that I am just blind, and you see everything so clearly. Below are quotes from your post above.
      "worthless crap for me"
      "know nothing about Protoi, only the stupid bs what your dark friends tell you"
      If you are the one who knows what is actually going on here and you come across as arrogant and dismissive then I think I'll stick with my "dark" friends who share love, beauty, and plain truths. I can tell you have a powerful mind, but I'm not feeling much heart from you.

    11. From what I understand; "Taking Responsibility" Is owning up to every action [free will] you make. It took me until last year to REALLY grasp this subject; That's why if it theoretically [ not saying it will] came down to it; I would "Die" before I let someone control my actions to that degree. I cannot change everything; but i do have the ability and right to control my own actions.

    12. Ok Kathryn,
      I think you will not do the needed search and work anyway to find the facts, so I do a shortcut here. My job here was that you make a decision, you did, so no more need for me to waste more time...

      I told you often to search who is behind all of those things which you blame me. You did not...

      Now I make it easy for you and tell you (and all others) the facts. I think you know her. Maybe well...

      The one behind all those is the 1st prime ID of eartha!
      It was her, who created the whole OIC.
      It was her, who hijacked most of the OIC inhabitants from creation and placed them by force into OIC.
      It was her, who took away all the leaders from the hijacked tribes, put them in stasis and keep them as hostages until now. All of the hostages are light beings, there is not a single D one.

      Go and look for yourself!
      She is hiding in a base over the top level of OIC.
      Your old status will still grant you access to her base.

      You will find there the darkest entity that ever existed!
      She is full of hate, there exist no other being having similar or more hate inside than she has.

      Before she created the OIC, she exchanged in herself all energies which we Protoi call "source energies" with karma energies. Karma energies have similar properties as source energies, but they are much stronger.

      Her aim was to get the strength to place herself over all other beings.

      But the karma energies had had the side effect, that it made her totally ill. She got 100% dark, she is "the source of darkness".

      If you go there, you will see and realize it all yourself...

      When you leave her, follow the connections she has.
      You will see, that there are going connections to everyone you refer to as "divine, god, creator, eloi, source, high command..." and many more.
      Almost all of them are simple group parts, all controlled by eartha. They are only dark puppets...

    13. Who are you, Hamourapi2012? I tried to figure this out by reading through your site but it's a tangled mess. Can't get a good read on your ideology or you. I noted my gut did not resonate "love" to any of your words, as it does so often with 3DHD. But then I was also blocked via my annoyance with your site, especially with this frequent use of the term "OIC" which seems a nonsensical grouping of nouns, possibly to be read as adjectives, but that's a guess. "Oneness Illusion Creation". It's like Shoe Ear Horse or Infinity Place Doughnut and so hearing you bandy "OIC" around like a legitimate thing was getting on my nerves. No matter how many links I followed on your site, this term is not adequately validated or explained in such a way I can understand. Aggravating would be my assessment of the time I allocated to the mystery unfolding here on Cobra's blog. Are you saying "oneness" is an illusion? You did say God does not exist which brings us back to semantics. It almost seems like there are now a battalion of "confusers" out there putting forth theories to ensure we all remain completely confused... and your website is certainly a stellar example of this. It also seems like you are afraid to actually come out and SAY what you mean it's all inference and double-speak. Who are you really, Frank? Not like any angel I've ever imagined, i.e. not a "loving" energy. Be real if you've nothing to hide. And which beings are hostages, were eliminated? Negative ones like archons?

    14. @research junkie
      Maybe the background of the term OIC can explain it. For this we need to go to the very beginning, and that's not easy to understand. First let's make "time" simple to a flat line in what we know as "years" in 3D (in fact it's much more difficult, but that doesn't matter in this case...). So somehow sorting these things into "years" the OIC and all of this creation is about +/- 20 billion years old.

      If I talk about the very beginning, I am talking about times more than 543 billion years ago. In all these "time" it was the highest rule to develop and protect evolution, with the target to get more and more evolved individual or hybrid beings of many many different kinds. The freedom of the individual was and is highest good.

      But as written above someone wanted to put herself above all others, created a lot of things and ideologies for this purpose. One of these ideologies was "we are all one", and it's very famous in astral disneyland. But this ideology is very harmful for the beings following it. It is doing reverse evolution to the beings. So as a beings from outside OIC I the whole "oneness" ideology as an illusion, made as trap to enslave beings. And as the OIC is something what we call "mini creation" (meaning small outside, huge inside), you get the name: Oneness Illusion Creation / OIC

      That fact that you can not "feel me" a direct connected to the fact that you are an OIC inside being and I am an outside being. As inside being most of your parts and senses are analogue-non-fractal. But as an outside being I am fractal. Most my energies too. So it's like you try to sense a magnetic field with a light sensor... But in this case I would think it's maybe more like sensing a chaotic gray field.

      You said: t almost seems like there are now a battalion of "confusers" out there putting forth theories to ensure we all remain completely confused

      Oh yes, almost all spiritual info out there is dark polluted or dark origin. Are our infos too? My answer will have no relevance for you, you need to find out these things by yourself. follow your questions and doubts if you want an answer for this. I only can give a personal non official comment from myself: If my intention would be to fool people, to trick them and to find followers for my own benefit, I would make something very close to the common things, what would be easy for the people do jump on my train... We Protoi do the opposite, and I wrote already a few times that I am not searching for followers...
      Sometimes it's simply better to use the own mind than to follow feelings and emotions. Everyone with experiences on the (real) battle fields can tell you that the easiest thing to influence are the feelings and emotions...

    15. @GM:
      If you are the one who knows what is actually going on here and you come across as arrogant and dismissive then I think I'll stick with my "dark" friends who share love, beauty, and plain truths.

      Yes it's very easy to stay on a point. And we alway have fears about the new....

      "share love"... nice. I expect you are aware that "love" is energy? The way you feel it is completely OIC inside specific. So as I am an outside being, you will never feel this from me... But that's not the point.

      Yes, it feels right and nice for you. But insects are also flying into light, and heroin is also nice for junkies...

      If you would analyze the energies which you name love (no clue if you are able to...), you would find that there are "things" inside. In the beginning you will for sure not be able to identify what these things are, because these things are encrypted energies. Maybe later you will find a way to decrypt it, it's not a very difficult crypto, it's not even fractal, just linear maths, single layer crypto with only 5 different crypto elements (don't try to get it with 3d mind...). But even if you can not decrypt it, you have a hint, and could follow the question "why the eff is something hidden in love energies?".

      But whatever i will say will not reach you. The best thing i can do is to tell you where you maybe can find some hints to follow to find the answers you are searching for. And it's on to stay where you are, as most people do, or to move, learn and find your answers...

      If you are the one who knows what is actually going on here
      I've already written about these some comments below....

    16. You paint an interesting picture Hamourapi. My intuition tells me that you believe what you are saying...In which case you are either delusional or the only person I have encountered who actually knows that is going on around here. I do appreciate that you didn't use an emotional attack as a reply. I have to admit that I am leaning towards you being delusional, but at least it's delusional in a new way...better than your average person delusion.

      My reason for leaning this way is that you claim that feeling cannot be relied upon for guidance. I am not speaking of emotion here. Feeling is the experience of knowledge in a way. Something that feels expanding, or supportive feels that way because of truth. Heroine isn't feeling like I am speaking about. Intuition is tied to feeling. If we can't use feeling as a guide then what? Our rational mind? I use my mind a lot, but I don't rely on it solely to make decisions, and I am so grateful that I have feeling because without it I could be fooled very easily with information that sounds good but feels wrong.

      I appreciate your paragraph on analyzing the energies of love. That is at least a start. Is that , from your perspective, the best place to start with the info you are sharing. I see no way to rationally know OIC or the story that you claim started OIC. It is just unverifiable information that to my has no other source other than you and your website.

      If you are outside of our reality and we don't have a connection to feel each other then I must know what you feel? Do you not feel love and connection when you are doing well? Do you not feel the oneness of all that is when you are connected to your real self outside of the mind patterns?
      I hope you see that I am not mocking you, but am curious. I have never heard anything quite like what you are sharing, and it is good to give all info the benefit of the doubt to a point in case we get stuck "believing" or in dogma.

      I do agree with the above poster that your website seems like a jumble of info that doesn't really have a strong foundation. If I can't rely on feeling to sort threw it, and it is too jumbled to wrap my rational mind around then how do I approach it without just taking your word for it?
      Thanks for being a sport about it all. I love it when people can actually have a discussion without getting too personal :)

    17. Hi GM,

      a quote of a below comment:
      3DHDMarch 28, 2015 at 8:53 PM

      Don't you suppose the creator of a realm might be the only authentic authority on it?
      OIC = Original Infinity Culture. OIC NO LONGER EXISTS! It was replaced quite some time ago by NIC = New Infinity Culture. Critical thinking skills and improved attention span would be helpful here, folks.

      Isn't it nice that some of your wishes are fulfilled immediately...

      Kathryn is the one here who most attack me, not only in words, there are also energetic attacks attached to her comments...

      And what she is doing? Confirming OIC! Hey thank you K!

      She can call it how she wants, she has no more authorities anyway...
      I would guess the OIC is known in common spiritual world under many names (for example the ancient Greek name "Tethys" from pre olympic mythology is referring to OIC...). But anyway from my outside perspective the OIC is exactly as I describe it. But for sure outside and inside perspective are very different. If you have a labyrinth, those people inside see it totally different than others from outside...

      Feeling is not a bad thing and guide anyway. It's about to learn to differ the origins. What is your's, what is foreign influence. Most people are not able to do this, and those who I know who are able to do it, needed years of hard work to learn it. But all of them are outside people, so it's not a good compare anyway.

      I don't really know where a good starting point would be. These hidden attack energies are in very must "good" things. In almost all "official" healings. I know quite a few healers who found out about these hidden shit long before they met me. Just they had no clue what it was...

      But also from 3d point of view, you can maybe start by making a big table with all the key facts of the different spiritual ideologies. By this I am sure you will find very fast things how they work similar, how they fight against each other. These fighting against each other often is the expression of the different dark groups following different agendas.

      And you will find by yourself many things which simply don't fit. This is the point with liars. Sooner or later they all get caught by the mistakes they make in their own lies net.

      And to answer and earlier question from above, starting with anithing of the above, looking for yourself what's going on (alone or in groups...), is what I mean if I say "start taking responsibility for yourself".

    18. Oh forgot this....

      Things like intuition, estimation and so on are typical 3d fractal things. In the moment people come down from OIC to 3d parts of them start to get fractal too. To get full fractal it needs about 200 incarnation years down here. Someone with 70 3d years is about 82% fractal. When an OIC incarnated one dies and go back in OIC, within days all fractal evolution is undone, and all these is gone. So it's always a restart for OIC ones.

      I am here from "the beginning", so 100% fractal. We have all of those what you ask, just with other energies, and a lot of it a bit different from OIC ones.

      Do you feel all people same? I would bet, that you feel many people very different from the kind you feel lightworkers. Do you feel some people maybe like "grey fog". Or do you remember old TVs, the grey screen they had without signals? I know some who feel the fractal energies like this.

    19. I'm now 300% certain that Frank is delusional. It should be painfully obvious to anyone who's even slightly Awake that this entire reality is designed to create the illusion of Separation, not Oneness.

      Twice during my life I have had to almost completely rebuild my understanding of the universe from scratch. The first time I also learned that it was possible even for me to fall into a Cult mentality (even if it was a cult of three people) I've been a lot less arrogant and much more careful about discerning information since then. The only two concepts that survived my paradigm shifts were Oneness and trusting my gut. If Frank's version of reality is true, then my soul is already irrevocably lost.

      I'm prepared to have to rewrite my view of the universe from scratch again after the event. Are you Frank? By the way, congratulations on your retirement. You've earned it. :)

    20. @Evolution
      You will be in the same mess after the "event", as you are now. You are expecting the wrong and you will miss it when it happens.... But it's all not my problem, the start of the topic was ONLY about Kathryn. With her decision she lost her last snippets of authority, that was what was needed... So good luck for you, you will need it...

    21. Frank

      I have an interesting thought. If Oneness is a delusion, then most of the earths population are not delusional. As far as I have seen, most people don't believe we are all one. Most people believe they are their body or soul separate from all others. Does that mean that the small percentage of people who actually believe that we are all pieces of one whole are delusional and all these others are right about that?

      If we are not all connected then what is the cosmology of existence? have billions and billions of beings just existed forever or where we created by a being out of nothing? If we had a beginning will we have an end? an ultimate end?

      So what does being outside OIC offer you as an advantage here on earth? Do you still sleep, eat, bleed, and work? Do you have mastery over matter?

      Is there a clear plan to end OIC? Is that why you are here?

      You say it takes about 200 incarnations to reach full fractal...which I would guess is the goal of this whole thing, or the means of escape from OIC? If this is so then how do we go about consciously converting our energy to fractal energy? Hasn't the amount of change happening multiplied exponentially in the last hundred years or so? Can't a person make much more progress in one lifetime now than 500 years ago? or is this also false?

      It is clear to me that we as a planet are reaching higher and higher levels of awareness which is allowing the surface population to finally perceive that we have been hijacked, and enslaved, and seeing is really all that is really required. From your perspective what is all of this change on the planet leading towards? If you agree that something like "the event" is going to happen then how is it that it isn't going to help us be truly liberated? Doesn't change as sweeping as that have to have a major positive impact on every human? Is the event just a distraction from your perspective? If so then how do the dark ones benefit from this particular distraction?
      Thanks again!

  15. I hope and pray that we are close to a breakthrough.

    Daily life is full of worry and stress, but many others on the planet have it much worse than me i know.

    I am somewhat tired of hearing the same type of updates again and again. It is time for a new form of expression i feel.

  16. Wow, Cobra, thanks for the links to these two interviews!! Just when I thought you might have nothing left to say, you have even MORE to say!!!!! These two interviews are just so amazing and so revealing that they make my mind spin. Flabbergasting!!...but in a good way. :-)

    I am also glad that the conference in Germany went well. Germany had a lot of healing to do with WWII and Adolf Hitler, but I thought they already did most of that these past few years! Unfortunately, the Cabal keeps trying to use them as the scapegoat for all of the Cabal crimes! It is very good that you went there to heal all of those negative energies!!! I think it will help a lot toward PLANETARY LIBERATION!!

  17. Cobra this is from a very good friend of mine in Syria....I thought there were troops their backing the monsters away from the Syria... well we have a bad situation in my area , there is a bombing and planes hits , bashar alas ad planes hitting hospitals , they destroy a one so far and hitting the other , there are lot's of martyrs wounded i saw two kids who lost their legs .

  18. I certainly don't pretend to have this mastered, but it's a nice intention:

    DAILY OM ~ March 25, 2015
    Choose Love: What We Are Made Of
    by Madisyn Taylor

    Make all decisions from pure love and the world will change.

    Love is often presented as the opposite of fear, but true love is not opposite anything. True love is far more powerful than any negative emotions, as it is the environment in which all things arise. Negative emotions are like sharks swimming in the ocean of love. All things beautiful and fearful, ugly and kind, powerful and small, come into existence, do their thing, and disappear within the context of this great ocean. At the same time, they are made of the very love in which they swim and can never be separated. We are made of this love and live our whole lives at one with it, whether we know it or not.

    It is only the illusion that we are separate from this great love that causes us to believe that choosing anything other than love makes sense or is even possible. In the relative, dualistic world of positive and negative, darkness and light, male and female, we make choices and we learn from them. This is exactly what we are meant to be doing here on earth. Underlying these relative choices, though, is the choice to be conscious of what we are, which is love, or to be unconscious of it. When we choose to be conscious of it, we choose love. We will still exist in the relative world of opposites and choices and cause and effect, and we will need to make our way here, but doing so with an awareness that we are all made of this love will enable us to be more playful, more joyful, more loving and wise, as we make our way. Ultimately, the choices we make will shed light on the love that makes us all one, enabling those who have forgotten to return to the source.

    This world makes it easy to forget this great love, which is part of why we are here. We are here to remember and, when we forget to remember again, to choose love.

    1. Phoenix, Thanks for the words you express on Pure Love which has no opposite (like hate).

      It underlies everything. I have learned that some are meant to awaken to its full value consciously during a lifetime and others to varying degrees or not really at all. Whatever one is meant to consciously realize about Pure Love in a lifetime, that will serve the individual most for their unique path of growth and realization--increased well being and happiness--that is forever.

      I love the following quote Marianne Williamson brings forward from
      A Course In Miracles:

      “Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us. We ask ourselves, 'Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous?' Actually, who are you not to be? You are a child of God. Your playing small does not serve the world. There is nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people won't feel insecure around you. We are all meant to shine, as children do. We were born to make manifest the glory of God that is within us. It's not just in some of us; it's in everyone. And as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same. As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others.”

  19. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. Wow your the first person I've seen on here that actually makes any sense! :) Everyone else is to busy espousing new age trash and pseudo spiritual nonsense.

    2. Nonsense is of the mind. Heart-centered feeling leads the way into the Light.
      Breakthrough is near!

    3. well said someone thinking and not going with the flow

      on planet not allow to leve to get my thing to start helpping this world to get back on the right path but ben stop form doing that and what i have lean form the humans they like to be show thing not told about thing but to see it with there own eyes it always ben this way for the humans as how many time i ben on this world the humans have always work this way

      most of humans think this is nothing but lies bucause they have ben lie to so many time so they will not come so your never going to get the number of awaken one that you want with out showing it to them

    4. Cytherean Rayne,

      I attempted to reply to your question and concern below, also the question of many others, like Joe R.

      The dark forces have assumed such extreme power and control in the "outer world" which they have been ALLOWED to assume by Divine Intelligence, for a greater growth and purpose for ALL. If it weren't for the
      possibility of Divine Intervention, we would all be doomed. So while anyone who has capability to make others aware of what's going on or to alleviate the situation, that is greatly welcome, ultimately it is the Divine Intelligence that governs everything in creation, which is orchestrating the outcome--which most see as positive and a New Age of Heaven On Earth.

      We are living in the "lowest" age (Kali Yuga) out of 4 ages which alternate cycles on earth. We are living in an age where the LEAST display of divinity is present and the maximum display of destructiveness is apparent. And within this lowest age, we are at a height of darkness. It's just a matter of how much is allowed by Divine Intelligence, and in what degrees, for the Divine Plan to be accomplished and transition into a New Age.

      It is not that there has been some mistake in the ultimate vision of God, that would be impossible. At the same time, we are not ONLY meant to be passively awaiting a "savior", as you rightly say. But truthfully, there's not a whole lot that can be done from a human standpoint other than make others aware of the cabal and dark forces. For example, pointing out chem trails to others.

      However, with the massive control by wealth of the Rothschild family and its cabal connections, they own virtually everything in the physical world. The NSA is spying on everyone profusely. Their attempt is to enslave most everyone with the most evil intent. We know that and it takes Divine Intelligence to orchestrate liberation. After all, we ARE part of Divine Intelligence and we ARE Divine Intelligence in essence.

      God decided to device or create a "game" or "play" to appreciate "His" ONENESS in terms of infinite creation which he brought forth and is bringing forth continuously. Part of that plan involved a diverse world
      of opposite values called earth in a 3 dimensional reality of human beings.
      The darkness is part of that sublime plan and unfoldment. It is not something
      "foreign" to, or opposed to, the Divine plan. It can be seen as opposed to goodness, but ultimately, darkness AND light is part of God's purposefulness to bring about continued evolution (growth) in all beings.

      Thank you for expressing your view.

  20. If you carefully read Cobra's last article from the 19th. He clearly states that the Archons and Chimera took millions of ears to create this dangerous etheric grid within this sector of space including earth especially. A ne yet where was the federation all that time and what were they doing while the Archons and Chimera were building this veil for millions of years?

    Seems rather incompetent to me to watch such a threatening darkness continue to advance without so much as a wall of opposition, no?

    Sure, we all have been told of the million year wars that ensued afterwards but why were these dark entities allowed to do their dirty work in the first place right smack in the faces of the company of heave and the positive forces of the light?

    Am I the only one who bothers to question what's going on at the root of all this conflict that eventually ended up here at this planet millions of years later?

    Perhaps people would rather remain blind as to how things originate but I don't like stories that start in the middle or near the end like ours is.

    It reminds me of how people want to talk about how the USA is so great at destroying so many countries over the last 60 odd years but they don't want to learn how the conflicts first started in the first place because that threat forces people to think about the ramifications of what's really going on behind closed doors.

    Do people think that communism came about in Russia or China in a natural or organic way? If so, then you really need to brush up on your history lessons because they were not natural in any way shape or form.

    Just as it was not natural that such a large control was allowed to happen in this sector of space by the darkness without the company of heaven or the federation of light knowing all about it occurring right under their noses.

    Some people are just happy with the positive end results. And some of us want an explanation as to how they were allowed to happen in the first place.

    Our current plight would not have been able to happen if not for the dark forces advancement for millions of years.

    Are none of you curious as to why it turned out this way?

    I am.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. hey bro i agree with you comment fully, cobra needs to elaborate on this more carefully. we need answers cobra.

    3. I like you :) lol, good read, I can relate to what you're saying, I like to think more big picture, why and how, rather than just what the end result may be after the event, now we all happy, yay... What caused all of this and why? Whats going to happen after? What is the whole point? There is always something bigger, and someone more powerful pulling every string for some self beneficial plan.

    4. Joe,
      Its a good point you raise. I have wondered the same. Cobra referred to the dark as a cosmic anomaly. So, the question is, were the positive forces benefiting from this as well and thus the reason it was not stopped sooner? I do not know the answer to that. How much suffering is enough? I wonder how long they would last in this dimension? If more were incarnate on this planet perhaps there would be a greater sense of urgency to remove the dark as they would find this experience entirely unbearable. The suffering robs us of our divine right to live as our creator intended. There certainly are many unanswered questions.....
      Peace and Love........

    5. Ya it's interesting. I remember it was stated that powerful Light-beings can "detect" darkness anywhere in the universe. So why wasn't there a reaction immediately upon detection of the darkness appearing for the first time? Perhaps it was a acquired ability that needed to be learned, since darkness didn't exist before the "error"? Who knows.

      Thing is we don't know much of anything of how the universe and it's denizens operated millions of years ago to the present. I think the closest we can come to understand the universe's conflicts is through the lens of what happens here on earth if a similar situation would happen, like war for example. So who knows really, but I think it's a question that should be sent to Rob or Untwine for interview questions.

    6. @ Joe Renaud

      I was reading your 100000% honest comment, and I was shocked.

      "Am I the only one who bothers to question what's going on at the root of all this conflict that eventually ended up here at this planet millions of years later?"

      "Some people are just happy with the positive end results. And some of us want an explanation as to how they were allowed to happen in the first place".

      No, my friend. You are NOT the only one.

      Every single word you said...
      Every single though you expressed...
      It was as if... For once again, I was talking, arguing to myself.

      However, I always end my thoughts like this:

      "I forgive everybody on Earth, because I KNOW, (and I always remember), that we've been mind controlled, and under a deep, a powerful hypnotic curse for eons.
      The ones that I CAN NOT forgive, are/IS the one/s who let the darks to go so far and to become tooooooo powerful. And now even God, the Creator is scratching her/his head and saying: Wow! What happened here? It was suppose to be just a childish experiment.....Oops, we TOTALLY screwed it up. HEEEEELP!!!".

      THANK YOU, Joe, for giving me the courage to let this heavy rock out of my chest.

    7. I would encourage people to send their questions to rob potter so he can ask Cobra in the next interview. The origins of the anomaly is certainly a worthy topic IMO

    8. I've been thinking the same things lately. How was this ever aloud to happen? The only answer I can think of is either source is incompetent (which makes me worry we might actually never be free from this prison) or that source just didn't care enough to stop it from happening. Both ideas are really troubling and it's hard for me not to blame the light forces for letting this go on for so long. Even if we were tricked into somehow agreeing with these conditions, the amount of suffering that goes on should never have been allowed by higher beings. And I agree with hye angel, it seems hardest to forgive those working for the light in this situation.

    9. Yes Joe you are right.

      But most people don't want to hear this. It's out of the "common". It's not fitting their beliefs. It don't "resonate" with them, so they are not listening. Most of it is already written down. It's ignored...

      So my question is, why do people ask questions if they don't want to hear the answers...? Are you sure you want to hear the answers for your questions?

      Short version:
      It's all about former renegade Protoi who misused the powers and authorities of Protoi to create dark shit and to put themselves above all the other beings. Against all rules and against all what Protoi stands for...

      Hey, but who am I to tell you these? I'm just a current Protoi, what shall I know about these things....

      People are not interested in the facts what happened and happens behind the doors if it is not what they expect. So why should I waste my time to tell...

    10. Dear Family and Friends, we request answers to some poignant questions asked by many of us.

      Has enough not been enough yet? How far will You go yet? How far is "As far as You want and no further"?

      Are we to understand that You are still honoring dark contracts made during Atlantis?

      Where was mercy when God peered thousands of years into the future of such contracts?

      I'm sorry that we people are increasingly dying as Lambs in a geo-political arena that is ever expanding into a sacrificial pit! The straightjacket of oppression tightening its control front, back, sideways, above and below. I am sorry. It is a shame, friends, family, that today Spain passes the Gag Law:

      Cytherean speaks and wants answers: "People will not turn this around without the suppression gone so we either face destruction or deferring our power to a savior."

      A savior? How many times have we been told that we are the ones we've been waiting for?

      It doesn't work this way in 3D when the suppression of memory upon entering here makes hacking the Illusion matrix another dream or should we call it a human nightmare within a nightmare.

      How much more blood sacrifice?

    11. Joe, I believe you pose an ultimate question. Your perspective seems to come from looking at the dark (negative, destructive) and light (positive, constructive) forces and events and attempting to determine what allowed those actions to occur in the first place. You ask why were the dark forces allowed to escalate so extremely, etc.

      If we attempt to find out the ultimate cause of ANY action, we find ourselves in an "intellectual" non-ending loop. Because if we say that something caused any event, then we can always question that cause and reply, what caused the cause...and so on. For example, we could attribute "conception" as the cause of our birth, but we could question what what the cause right before the seed and egg came together. That instant before, there was no conception. And how bout the instant before that, and before that, etc. See, ultimately, we can attribute simple "relative" answers as causes to events, but in actuality they don't give us the ultimate Cause of all causes.

      The best answer to this predicament for me, is understanding the ONE all knowing intelligence responsible for all creation. From within the one ever-present, non-changing awareness that is intelligence itself
      SOMEHOW "it" (by whatever name we call it) created diverse creation, which included dark and light display and other "opposites" (like hot and cold, pleasure and pain), on earth. In this 3 dimensional physical plane we call earth.

      This to me and many, is the great mystery of life. How does the ONE intelligence that has no differentiation whatsoever, create great diversity and worlds from within itself, while at the same time, they do not change the status of its WHOLENESS as ONE? That means that the diverse world, although it "appears" to be separate from a realization of unity and oneness of the non-changing ever-present ONE, it actually is not. It has not become something in Truth "other than" the ONE. The mind can't really figure it out on its level. (Continued below)

    12. (Continued from above)

      So when people think that Intelligence, God, Divine Spirit, the Ground State of Physics (by whatever name you call it) "made a mistake" or "wasn't aware of an anomaly" or the creation/earth "experiment failed", etc., ask yourself what that's saying about the all knowing Intelligence? It would be impossible ultimately for ANYTHING WHATSOEVER to occur anywhere without the all knowingness and ever present awareness of the ONE Divine Intelligence. That means if the dark forces escalated their destruction on earth over thousands of years without anyone checking their extreme actions, in this example, that ultimately that was "allowed" by the ONE for a purpose. That doesn't alleviate any of us from stepping forward and acting IF we are able to do something about the situation ourselves. That doesn't mean we can just passively say that the ONE is aware of everything and will take care of everything, so I don't have to act myself. No. But at the same time, it also does NOT mean that the ONE is unaware or impotent regarding anything that takes place in creation. Just the opposite. The ONE has set up laws and allows the results of them for a purpose that serves the evolutionary (growth) nature life's positive qualities. Everything is created in the image of the ONE and mirrors that greatness. But nothing can act independently of the ONE. The ONE can step in at anytime if need be, if actions get "out of hand", so to speak. But even extreme conditions are known by the ONE, because it knows ALL possibilities to every single occurrence at all times--past, present and future. After all, "it" created EVERYTHING, even the possibility for "error", from its own incredible wholeness of Being.

      So in summary, I think when we look at the cause for why the cabal and dark forces has been allowed for so long, we have to look at the ONE responsible for everything. From the ONE Being, it created something "else"--it's mind boggling, but true in what appears in life.

      The "possibility for" suffering, pain, adversity, challenges ARE PART of the diverse creation created by the ONE, as equally as are ease, pleasure, happiness, well being, etc. The key to understanding this is that the same ONENESS is in ALL and structured its own greatness and purpose in all of us, in all creation. So nothing can "get something over on the Creator". Does that make sense? It's difficult if we're in the brunt of pain and suffering, but when we're not and can see that adversity has a Higher Purpose in the intent of the ONE, then understanding becomes more complete.

    13. (Continued from above: 3 of 3)

      I've written the following story previously:

      If we lose $10,000 today from an investment and it is not recovered, it is a loss for all time recorded in the history of our life. However, if in a next "present" moment or time period of our life we gain $1,000,000 (one million dollars), we still have a history and loss of $10,000 previously. However, next to the $1,000,000 gain, the $10,000 loss is greatly minimized or felt as negligible.

      That analogy is the same with suffering, pain, challenges, afflictions: they can be a horror and all degrees of something we never want to go through. And they happen. However, when we come into the result of facing those challenges either in the afterlife or in gaining great happiness while here on earth (as we enter the New Age, for example), the tremendous loses become minimal or negligible in comparison to the gain. They lose their original impact.

      The ONE had to setup life in a certain "intelligent" way. On earth, there are opposites to be faced everyday. Evidently the purpose to facing challenges and adversity is to gain greater strength and mastery over such a situation. I am told that this GAIN is realized as adding onto our everlasting "Light Body" that we are mostly aware of afterlife. At the same time, happiness realized on earth is ours to experience NOW.

      I hope some of this makes sense to you and others. I keep reading where people believe there are ultimately "mistakes" in the universe, by the ONE who created the universe(s) in the first place, who even made up the concept of "mistake". When we consider the magnitude of the ONE, in humility, in humbleness, that reality is so beyond out capability in the intellect of figuring it out. Nevertheless, we grow in understanding and experience moment-by-moment. Sharing our understandings with others allows us all to help one another.


      Breaking through!

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    15. This comment has been removed by the author.

    16. In the movie Constantine he said "they call it the balance of the Light and the Dark, I call it hypocritical bullshit.
      In the Bringers of the Dawn by Barbara Marciniak says a borg race was taking over the galaxy in the future
      and they traced its orgins to Earth. This is the Transhumanism of the Cabal goal for themselves. So she says the
      Pleiadians came back in time to stop this from happening. Dan Winter states you can go back in time and change
      it if the future you are going to create is more coherent. So this helps me with the bullshit of it all.

    17. The Light forces fucked up their here now to make it right now I trust.

    18. Divine On Earth: You measure gains and losses like you do money--do you have the nerve to stand in front of a world of Remcos and give a talk about money gains and losses? I am dying die a million times a day. I am being murdered, being tortured, raped, enslaved, dying of starvation and thirst, every day, every hour... devoured by amoebas, bacteria, nanites, crushed, burned, shot, cut, slaughtered...

      How much blood sacrifice to serve a *higher purpose*? Jesus dies on the cross with each one of us, every hour. Where is God, the Father, after 2,000 years of his children dying? After 26,000 years?

      Our task now? Our task now is to represent the last of the last of the last.

      What can a plateful of fancy talk do?

      Zarathustra, you begged on the streets.

    19. Rima,

      When I read your post I get that you feel pain. I don't know what a world of Remcos means? I didn't find that in a Google Search. Then you write about suffering: I am dying die a million times a day. I am being murdered, being tortured, raped, enslaved, dying of starvation and thirst, every day, every hour... devoured by amoebas, bacteria, nanites, crushed, burned, shot, cut, slaughtered...

      In my post, I included the following:

      It's difficult if we're in the brunt of pain and suffering, but when we're not and can see that adversity has a Higher Purpose in the intent of the ONE, then understanding becomes more complete.

      That analogy is the same with suffering, pain, challenges, afflictions: they can be a horror and all degrees of something we never want to go through. And they happen. However, when we come into the result of facing those challenges either in the afterlife or in gaining great happiness while here on earth (as we enter the New Age, for example), the tremendous loses become minimal or negligible in comparison to the gain. They lose their original impact.

      You state: How much blood sacrifice to serve a *higher purpose*? Jesus dies on the cross with each one of us, every hour. Where is God, the Father, after 2,000 years of his children dying? After 26,000 years?

      During affliction it can be impossible to see beyond affliction. Where is God? If God is God (or by any other name), ever-present, non-changing, ONE, then it is impossible for there to be a time or place that God is absent.

      You write: What can a plateful of fancy talk do?

      Is that what I wrote? Perhaps what I wrote can more accurately be described as a way to understand WHY suffering, challenges and affliction occurs. The same God or ONE is in suffering, as in happiness and peace.
      This earth life is part of the Grand Divine Plan, not the end game, the end of one's life. That would be foolish and illogical from the All Intelligent ONE.

      You write: Our task now? Our task now is to represent the last of the last of the last.

      I don't know if you're saying that we should do something to rescue those who are suffering. I addressed that in my post. I wrote that IF we can do something, we should. However, it is the Divine Intelligence which allows
      everything, without exception. It is present everywhere and knowing of everything simultaneously. (Continued below)

    20. Rima (continued from above: 2 of 2),

      You write: Zarathustra, you begged on the streets.

      As I said, I feel that you are in a state of pain from what you've experienced. I'm sorry for your anguish. We all go through something in different degrees. But at the same time, I'm highlighting reasons to your questions or loss of hope, lack of belief, etc. It's not that God has left and is coming back. He couldn't be God if that were the definition, a temporary appearing God.

      Before this lifetime you and all of us get a picture of what we're going to be faced with in this lifetime. We agree to go forth and undertake experiences for our growth. This often entails harsh situations while we're on earth, but we knew they would help us. And it is said, no one is given a lesson greater than their ability to handle it. Otherwise, that would be a foolish lesson, doomed to fail, and would not be a lesson at all. (You don't give elementary students lessons that a post graduate student may be able to accomplish.)

      With that said, when we're born, the memory of our past lives and the prior afterlife memory of what we agreed on for this lifetime, in our best interest, is shut down intentionally. We don't remember when we're born. Some may, if it's necessary, advantageous for them to remember. It is said that our Soul, our inner Self, remembers everything and knows intuitively deep within us our life path agreed upon.

      We still have free will to accept or not accept what we already agreed on for a lifetime.

      However, I don't think you're in a position to look into these matters while you're going through extreme hardship, as it seems.

      I suggest posting EXACTLY what's happening in YOUR LIFE right now, specifically, so others may offer help. You describe your experience very "generally" and almost like a martyr (no disrespect, but empathy intended),
      so it's difficult to get to the gist of the difficulty that YOU PERSONALLY are experiencing. Forget about Jesus Christ, the last 2000 years, the quarantine of the earth for the last 26,000 years, the Remcos (I still don't know what that's referring to)--for a moment. Please just share about yourself and YOUR understandings and concerns.

      Thank you being "human" while at the same time you are Divine.

    21. Joe, I have replied below to your question about how this has been allowed to happen. There have been many others who have the same question and it is hoped that what I wrote will be helpful to all.

      To understand the "answer", one has to look even deeper than only dark forces vs. Light forces. There is ONE Source which has created and allowed both opposing forces, destructive and constructive, and they BOTH serve the Divine purpose which is evolutionary and helpful to all beings...this Divine plan is ongoing and forever.

      To understand the answer to your question, we must go beyond our limited human thinking to Divine Knowing.


    22. Yes, it is true: Darkness was not "meant to be", because it came into existence out of the chaos - the logical opposite of the Absolute.

      If "almighty" is defined as a force that forces itself onto other beings without participation of others, then Source is not almighty, yes. The question is, if it then would be Source, if this would be the nature of Source.


      I do not say, that it is of a higher purpose that beings suffer. BUT: In the end, even darkness was not meant to be, the outcome will be created as a positive one. Because that is the nature of Source.


      This is a paradox that wants to be accepted and understood as such: That darkness has no meaning and leads to something meaningful.


      1. What is the Absolute?

      2. Does the Absolute need a logical opposite?

      3. If yes, why?

      4. What is the consequence, if the Absolute needs the chaos as its logical opposite?

    23. Joe, I've never shared this hypothesis before, but this seems as good a time as any to share it publicly (and see what comes of it).

      I believe the answer can be found via a cross-comparison of the narrative that Cobra paints as well as ideas found in the "Law of One" series. One reason I've become a staunch supporter of Cobra was because of this kind of analysis. I realized the narrative he provides actually encompasses the LoO very well - whereas the other way around is a bit more difficult.

      The issue is the Veil itself, and the fact that any ET/EDs who wish to communicate with humanity must obtain 'approval' of some variety of the Archons.

      In short, I think the "Archons" presented a concept of 'Acceleration' of the advancement of the human species via what they described as Etheric Veil Technology. Much in the same way an outside vendor will promote their software to the executives of a company, there may have been a 'presentation' made that by cutting humans off from Source they could greatly accelerate the advancement of humans toward special ascension by creating life circumstances which would force people to consciously choose between a 'service-to-others' vs. a 'service to self' orientation.

      This probably sounded like a good idea...after all, what's 25,000 years to a highly evolved being? If you could create a more intense 'school' that would accelerate the ascension process, why wouldn't you do so?

      However, my suspicion (note - this has NOT been confirmed by anyone) is that species closer in consciousness and physical appearance to humans (i.e. Pleiadians and other humanoid species) recognized right away that something was not right, and protested. Unfortunately, various treaties of non-interference as well as the Veil itself probably prevented any rigorous investigation of the true intentions of the Archons.

      In reality, a prison planet was created and perfected here - more accurately it could be described as an 'energetic farm' where humans were harvested for various reasons to continually feed the Archons and reinforce the Veil.

      Once the invasion of relatively advanced planets occurred within the Pleiadian system, then it probably became apparent that something needed to be done to permanently end this situation (i.e. eliminate 'anomaly' within the energetic structure of space/time). Panicked that their empire was about to crumble entirely, the Archons/Chimera had all reinforcements were moved to Earth with the 1996 Congo invasion. The idea being that no positively oriented ETs/EDs could interfere due to both the Veil and previously signed treaties.

      Once the decision was made to do something about the situation on Earth, Intel was gathered on how to go about liberating the planet as things had clearly gone 'off the rails'. However, this Intel revealed increasingly dire information about how the situation on Earth was proceeding.

      This brings us to roughly 1999 when the Resistance Movement rebelled and liberated themselves and consequently saved the myriad positive civilizations living underground by 2004. Everything else beyond this point has been covered by Cobra in previous posts and interviews.

      I will add that none of this has been vetted with anyone else - indeed I've never even shared it verbally. However, this feels like the right time to state this info, and as with all hypotheses of this sort, I likely have a large amount of background information wrong. Hence, I ask anyone to not extrapolate too far.

      I merely look forward to learning someday what percentage of the above is actually correct. For me, liberation first, learning 'truth' can come afterwards - when I'll have all the time in the world!

    24. I suspect they cleverly took control over several planets and didn't show their true face until they took total control and held everyone hostage. and the forces of light weren't aware as they were of light and didn't think of such evil plots. Its probably also God's plan to let some souls take challenges so people will value light and goodness they worked so many years to achieve them.

    25. Sara, My understanding is in agreement with what you say so clearly in a short paragraph; there's a "relative" (cause and effect) reason why darkness took over so extremely as of the present. AND there's an "ultimate" purpose in God's plan for EVERYTHING that happens everywhere and at any time. :)

    26. when living the realization that we are all truely one at the core, it becomes possible to own all portions of separation in our own life ... and by doing so, all fragmentation becomes merged again with our source ...
      i have found that this is the fastest shortcut as this bypasses everything else: it goes straight to the "heart of the matter" ...

  21. Thank you Cobra, Untwine, and Rob for sharing so much valuable information with us. I feel that 2015 is going to be a very powerful year for us. It feels like the old power is breaking up so severely that they are going to get their noses bloodies in the open soon. They are going to be show as the parasites that they are, and people are only getting more and more knowledgeable about their schemes.
    I want to thanks everyone who shares knowledge and power with other people. And who reaches for a broader perspective. Those of us who are in the know are holding this awareness in place for the rest of humanity to claim.
    Things may seem to be taking forever, but they are actually happening very fast. What a pleasure to see the transition of a whole planet right before our eyes. What an honor to be part of this be alive while it happens.
    We are on the home stretch.

  22. The Eclipse image above, and the New Moon this past week looked like a giant smile coming from the heavens. Be sure to look up! Some amazing things to see hanging out up there!

  23. UFO in Kolomna, Russia - March 23 2015


    According to some sources, since 1987, people of the world, (and every living thing on Her), are going through symptoms called the ASCENSION SYMPTOMS.
    This is a physical process that will take us to much higher dimensions. Slowly, our physical, carbon-based heavy bodies are becoming CRYSTAL bodies.

    Unfortuantely, the majority of poeple are unaware of this, and they are panicking and seeking modern doctors' help.

    The first article, a cnhanneling, also explains why many of us are feeling being left ALONE. Surprise -another Ascension Symptom!

    You can read the best article on Ascension symptoms in here:

    And here, you can find which are the best ways to handle, to heal/cure them.

    I wish ALL of YOu to stay strong, aware and in HIGH vibes.
    No panicking. No using chemical medicine, which here in America, is mostly known as DRUGS. (Have you ever wondered WHY?)

    Sending my Love and Get Well Soon wishes to all of you,

    1. You know; I get the feeling I am a Really...Really...Really old, Battle Weary, warrior soul. I find peace and comfort in being alone for periods of time [not forever, but i certainly need a good dose of "alone time"] I've become really good this lifetime at quelling my own anger and stilling myself, taking my actions into my own control [completely, even if my choice to do the "right" thing leads me to "death"]

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  25. For some reason it won't let me respond directly to Joe Renaud- so here it is.

    I wondered the same thing. I have been a reader of Cobra's blog for the past 2 years and I have asked myself the same thing. How and why was this allowed to progress to this point? Why should we work to "liberate" ourselves if it wasn't even our fault in the first place to begin with? How can we remember if we keep forgetting over and over? Those at fault should be the ones cleaning up the mess.

    I'm not trying to be negative, just expressing my frustrations as to why things are so muddled together, it's like you have to look real real hard to find specks of gold(truth).

    Come on, give us the gold mine.

    1. I think it's already been explained here :

      Source can NOT handle prime anomaly. The semantics is simple i.e. if Source is indeed All Powerful then it follows that Source has the Power to Checkmate Itself ... which was done accidentally (according to Cobra) when prime anomaly was inadvertently created ... If all this is indeed true, then Source has a looooooot of explaining to do ...

    2. I don’t know why people are blaming this planetary situation on the Light Forces. WE invited the dark in!! It was our human ancestors in Atlantis who volunteered to be implanted and later agreed to let the Archons and Reptilians take over the planet! The Light Forces didn’t ALLOW the dark to take over; we INVITED the dark to take over! Free Will is the most important rule of this universe. Without free will the universe would be meaningless.

      It wasn’t until SOURCE told the ascended masters, “Enough is enough, no more free will for the dark forces! Bring them back to the light, by force if necessary.” I would recommend this wonderful book, The Return of Light, which explains everything:

    3. This is a multi-dimensional issue. On some or many levels, we are all culpable. You are here to clear your portion of it. It is your resposibility and no one else's. The faster you clear it for yourself, the easier and faster it will clear for everyone.

    4. Family, Friends, thank you for this opportunity for dialogue.

      I say, once released from a state of amnesia, can we claim responsibility for our culpability. Until we are released from 3D and returned to full capacity, we cannot be expected to take ownership or responsibility for culpability of which we have no memory or knowledge (Atlantis). How do we, here, now, know for sure that any of that in fact happened? All we know is what we are *told* from different sources. And what do we know about the spirit behind those sources? Nothing.

      In this state of affairs, in our present hijacked condition of controlled thoughts and emotions, the job of the surface population should be only to receive help--to be open to it--as receptacles. Creator's job should be to give help.

    5. Thank you, time missionary, I must have missed that post.

      I'm not trying to place blame on any of the Light Forces or point fingers. I know it sounds like it but I really am not. I just wanted to make sure I am reading crystal clear information backed up with proof if possible. Having proof makes all the difference in the world.. Possibly the universe!

      If the source made a mistake by creating prime anomaly.. Could it be possible the Source is young? There is the theory of the Multiverse, perhaps there are individual Sources for each Universe with varying degrees of experience, time, creation, etc under their belts. Just a thought.

      I agree, Rima. We could do so much more if we remembered what we were supposed to do in this life time instead of guessing and following our intuition, hoping it is right and not influenced by the Archons to throw us off the track. Supposedly, according to the Galactic Codex, we can ask for help and direct communication which I understand is very difficult because of the Veil. However, the progress so far seems like it shouldn't be much of a problem now, without pissing off the cabal of course. I mean, I'm not up there among them so I can't really know for sure why they can't do that yet. I'm sure they have a good reason for that anyway.

      I just wish that we will be given/shown the ultimate truth, everything that has been going on til up to the event. I am honestly tired of scouring the web, reading books, whatever I can find just to piece together the puzzle.. Only to find it is wrong, forcing me to look more deeper. What if the light forces are not what they seem to be? What if they have their own hidden agendas? Lots of what ifs and disinfo floating around. I have a 17 months old daughter and am engaged to a wonderful woman.. All I can think of is our future, more importantly- my child and grandchildren's future. I want there to be peace and happiness, where we all can live in harmony. I am tired of war, I want it to stop.. Honestly, if I could do something that could drastically change things for the better, I would in a heartbeat. I don't wanna sit on my ass and meditate and hope everything will turn out for the better.

      For some reason, Cobra's blogs always have seemed to resonate with me so I have placed my trust in him for now. If Cobra does indeed have "direct contact" with them- Tell them to sign me up for a pilot job! I doubt it but doesn't hurt to ask. ;)

      Interesting tidbit about me- 1992 or 1993, I was just a little boy in school, we had a papier-mache project and I was to pick out whatever animal I wanted. I immediately picked cobra out of an animal book. I constructed a papier-mache black cobra with yellow stripes.. Did I somehow subconsciously knew "Compression Breakthrough?" or just a coincidence? I dunno. Just happened to remember this as I typed my reply. My parents still have the papier-mache cobra to this day stashed away in a closet.

      Anyway, enough rambling.

    6. Thank you, time missionary, I must have missed that post.

      I'm not trying to place blame on any of the Light Forces or point fingers. I know it sounds like it but I really am not. I just wanted to make sure I am reading crystal clear information backed up with proof if possible. Having proof makes all the difference in the world.. Possibly the universe!

      If the source made a mistake by creating prime anomaly.. Could it be possible the Source is young? There is the theory of the Multiverse, perhaps there are individual Sources for each Universe with varying degrees of experience, time, creation, etc under their belts. Just a thought.

      I agree, Rima. We could do so much more if we remembered what we were supposed to do in this life time instead of guessing and following our intuition, hoping it is right and not influenced by the Archons to throw us off the track. Supposedly, according to the Galactic Codex, we can ask for help and direct communication which I understand is very difficult because of the Veil. However, the progress so far seems like it shouldn't be much of a problem now, without pissing off the cabal of course. I mean, I'm not up there among them so I can't really know for sure why they can't do that yet. I'm sure they have a good reason for that anyway.

      I just wish that we will be given/shown the ultimate truth, everything that has been going on til up to the event. I am honestly tired of scouring the web, reading books, whatever I can find just to piece together the puzzle.. Only to find it is wrong, forcing me to look more deeper. What if the light forces are not what they seem to be? What if they have their own hidden agendas? Lots of what ifs and disinfo floating around. I have a 17 months old daughter and am engaged to a wonderful woman.. All I can think of is our future, more importantly- my child and grandchildren's future. I want there to be peace and happiness, where we all can live in harmony. I am tired of war, I want it to stop.. Honestly, if I could do something that could drastically change things for the better, I would in a heartbeat. I don't wanna sit on my ass and meditate and hope everything will turn out for the better.

      For some reason, Cobra's blogs always have seemed to resonate with me so I have placed my trust in him for now. If Cobra does indeed have "direct contact" with them- Tell them to sign me up for a pilot job! I doubt it but doesn't hurt to ask. ;)

      Interesting tidbit about me- 1992 or 1993, I was just a little boy in school, we had a papier-mache project and I was to pick out whatever animal I wanted. I immediately picked cobra out of an animal book. I constructed a papier-mache black cobra with yellow stripes.. Did I somehow subconsciously knew "Compression Breakthrough?" or just a coincidence? I dunno. Just happened to remember this as I typed my reply. My parents still have the papier-mache cobra to this day stashed away in a closet.

      Anyway, enough rambling.

    7. Thank you Rima, I so wanted to post a song by Joan Osborn which referenced Him as a stranger on the bus, but there was an offensive blurb referencing the pope in the same song, so I declined - be assured that person does NOT have His or his or Her, her ear. The core of Original Blueprint was that all of us would go Home holding hands. We are all in the same boat - "just trying to make our way Home".

      But you already knew this.

      Adherence to Original Blueprint is vastly superior to the alternative, but it requires the work and participation of the entire collective. Co-creation. The faster and more committed to discovering and following your own individual path you are, the faster we will all get there. Don't get distracted by playing the blame game - stay focused on the destination - the rest will be sorted out naturally. Including the collapse of unwanted timelines - the drying of tears.

      One foot in front of the other. Is it primrose season already?

    8. Oldgoldblue, I replied above in answer to yours and similar questions regarding how all of this happened in the first place and who's responsible.
      I hope what I wrote may be helpful.

    9. we are the true gold
      for self-empowerment, true liberation comes from owning our experience
      right after the immutable space at the core of our being, lie our emotions that are the true source of power and change in this world
      embrace your emotions, express them
      be one whole human being through embracing all that comes into your field of experience
      not easy to do ... doable nonetheless

      i hope these words make some sense ... :)

    10. Belief is always a lie, and it rejects God.

      I want no facts, only TRUTHS.

      Dear 3DHD, will you go as far as you need in the task of unmasking?
      Can we collapse Disneyland forever?

  26. “There is no coming to consciousness without pain. People will do anything, no matter how absurd, in order to avoid facing their own Soul. One does not become enlightened by imagining figures of light, but by making the darkness conscious.”- Carl Jung

    1. I've been facing mine ever since i was young; learning who i was truly; Fast foward 15+yrs, I'm at one with myself, and atleast 90% in control of my own emotions. [still trying hard for that last 10%. i Suspect its a warrior-soul issue; Some people just make me think they need a high five. with a iron chair... to the face... ya know?] [Not that i hate them, just sometimes people are just that irritating to me; Guess that ties back into me needing alone time to de-charge from the energies of "people"]

  27. A site with good info!

      This was a good article, The lightworkers' network is growing stronger, hacking through that m@tr1x!
      House of Cards is showing a lot about the U.S and Russia and their interactions...makes me think...There is a lot about Russian history I didn't know, there is some info about it in this article also.

  28. Thank you Rob and Cobra for yet another excellent interview. It takes many years and some failing to find true genuin information thats resonate. This site does that - for me anyway. It has in a certain degree something to do with the messanger, not only the information. Focus on sulutions and positive hope for mankind - are characteristics I higly value, and without hammering and crushing on the feet on everyone else beliefs and truths.
    In the socalled "enlighthend community " there are a lot of other sites that are involved in the " stroking of ego " competition and fear mongering. Regulary you will hear namecalling, " new age bullshith " ( a common phrase) or even blank ridiculing of members from other sites and beliefsystem . All this among our enlightend " chosen ones "! I know about Shills and agents and trolls and other nasty entities. But really - are they all? It is a seekers/ lightworkers trademark to at least respect differences.
    Now why can`t we unite - is not our goal somewhat the same ? Free us from enslavement of humanity! I think so and I hereby challange all others in all truth movments and such, to stand together - as one.
    My initial idea here was to light a candel an suggest we all consentrate on one issue at a time in stead of petty arguments - witch only delay any progress. Is it possible?, Yes if we all REALLY are that wise and evolved as most of us think. I know from working through life on varios tasks it is much better to have 10 people working to solve 1 problem at a time than 10 all working on their own.
    It is of cause TEAMWORK!.
    How many of us are there now ? some thousand or even ten thousand througout our world? If we a singel day or a week had focus our effort and energy on - let us say Child abuse. We could comment an mass on the main stream media criminal silence of this grusome topic. - for one day or a week or even a whole month. We could contact our local politicians and demand answers, we could send out letters, write articles, found victims ( individuals or gruops ) and support them in any way that is possible for us, and much much more - if we only can UNITE!
    On litttle step at a time, it would have great impact I belive. A truth movement not sitting still but in motion - regardless !

  29. It won't be long....

    This Sheldan Nidle interview by Alexandra Meadors brings a lot of clarity to those burning questions you have... ~PB

    Alexandra Meadors 3-24-15… “A Highly Informative Q & A With Sheldan Nidle: Revelations Have Changed Our Future! March 24, 2015″
    Posted on 2015/03/26 by kauilapele

    Thanks to William who informed me of this. Immediately upon seeing it I felt it wanted to be posted. So here it is. I have not listened to it all as yet, but I felt that many would resonate with Alexandra’s questions for Sheldan, and learn some more about what this “Sheldan Nidle” person is all about.

    Published on Mar 24, 2015

    You will love this interview! Sheldan Nidle and Alexandra Meadors share an informative review of some of the hottest topics reviewed by our online community. You will hear a concise recap of what is unfolding now, what was done to prompt these changes, and what we can look forward to. Sheldan and Alexandra are discussing the possibility of a monthly presentation on specific topics! Stay tuned!

    The views and opinions expressed herein are those of person(s) interviewed and do not necessarily reflect those of Alexandra Meadors and Galactic Connection.

  30. This is exciting! <3

    GAIAPORTAL: Gaia Energetics continue to “shake off” intransigent shadow points
    27 Mar

    Gaia Energetics continue to “shake off” intransigent shadow points.

    Leverage has been placed upon Light-resistance beings.

    Breakthroughs occur at all levels in the moment.

    Grand Breakthrough will follow.

    All those exposed to current incoming Cosmics experience “waking” proddings.

    Stellars are now in full-assist mode.

  31. Would Cobra or anyone please tell me if there are plans to remove starseeds from the planet even temporarily for rehabilitation and healing. I lost my bank account as it was overdraft. I no longer answer the phone as only bill collectors call. My mother decided to suddenly hate. I have no friends left. My health is poorly. I have never been so depressed. And this week a cement truck ran into my car putting me in the hospital with head injuries. I have no more money to buy alcohol and my inner hell is even worse. Would anyone answer? I really could hoping for this.

    1. Hi peterpan2k!

      First off I'm sending much love to you as I type this. Your voice has been heard. I'd like to share some valuable info for you that may help your perspective in these times. Dr. Michael Newton has a book called Journey of Souls and it's basically a collection of data from his thousands of hypnotic regression therapy sessions. He found that all people no matter what their background always said the same things about the life in between lives. And apparently we choose the bodies we come into before we incarnate here. We have a soul group that collaborates with us and helps us grow and mature into a wise soul. We don't see everything before we come here because that would ruin the experience. We must also remember that we are part of the resistance and knew life on earth would be difficult when we agreed to volunteer here. And from what you've been typing,difficult it's been. For the time being we gotta play the game until it's over. Then we can rebuild this planet and restore its magnificence. I hope these words have helped you. I love you very much and I mean that. We are all in this together. We must support each other when another is down. Thanks for taking time to read this!

    2. Rehabilitation and healing came via the cement truck landing you in the hospital; by your funds drying up so you could not afford alcohol and via your loved ones turning their backs so you would be forced to seek love from within. Take this as a wake up call, the swift hard kick so many of us need to prod us into making changes. Get the insurance company to pay big for those injuries and start over. Realize it is all about perspective, peter pan. You can, by decision, embody pure positive energy and allocate your former inner hell to the status of "liberator".

    3. Hi, I have been asking for rehabilitation and healing as well as my body has been debilitated in the past four years. No family and friends left, it's just me and my daughter. I've been through a lot in my life but this is the worst and most days just don't have the will to keep going. Something has to give soon cause I think a lot of us are starting to give up. You're not alone, hope we get our cosmic relief soon.

    4. Much love to you JC. And all the others.

    5. Hi Peterpan and others that are suffering. I send my love to all. It's beyond a coincidence that many Lightworkers are being attacked at this time - it's because we are a massive threat to this matrix. Hopefully very soon this planet won't be a prison any longer.

  32. I have noticed lately that the Archies have quietened down a bit in my head :-) I sure will be glad when they are obliterated and finally come to the light !

    1. Wow! I have noticed the same thing lately ;-)


  33. Today's update:

    "Gaia Energetics continue to “shake off” intransigent shadow points.

    Leverage has been placed upon Light-resistance beings.

    Breakthroughs occur at all levels in the moment.

    Grand Breakthrough will follow.

    All those exposed to current incoming Cosmics experience “waking” proddings.

    Stellars are now in full-assist mode."

    Uns umgibt der Glanz der Sonne, Lass Uns Wellenreiten geh'n
    Heute fall'n wir hundert Pro nich vom Brett :-)




  36. The thing about God and its existence, what it is, why He/ She allowed all this stuff to happen, i am finding more and more meaningless and loss of time.
    For me, only Life exists, something like the ' Force' in Star Wars analogy. It is not a Being nor Entity which will come to free us. If this 'GOD' didnt free us in 26000 years, it wont free us in the future. I am sure about it.
    Thus, the concept of a Allmighty , Caring , Omniscient God dissolves like a sand castle in front of my eyes.
    What it remains, is just the pure Lifeforce, and our choice to use it for good or evil, for freedom or our own doom.
    It is just like a sword. Not an entity or being.
    And dark ones have used it for evil .
    I have found another analogy in the movie Avatar, the Mysterious Energy that interconnects all things in Pandora' s mythology.
    However, it is time to use the Force for our own Liberation and Liberation of the Planet!
    Yes, Nietzsche was right!

  37. "The world is changed by your example, not by your opinion." ~Paulo Coelho

    1. Phoenix -- Excellent quote and a great reminder. thanks for posting.

    2. Most of my insightful comments are as much to wake myself up as to offer inspiration to others. I am sure I saw that on twitter, and it struck a chord, because I used to be more attached to my opinion until I realized
      a.) I just want to be heard, and
      b.) I became the way I am (outspoken) because too many people told me to shut up.

      So I am trying to tone down my "opinion", (because, really, who cares?) and get better at walking my talk, (because that's more what matters).

  38. well guess what guys came home in a hard day of work when I went to check the bank account to see how much I got pay this week found that my account has been put on hold they withdrawal all .leaving me with $72.00 dollars I found that was capital one credit card I did not pay but they got the power to hold your account and make you or force you to deal a pay .this is just amazing I can not wait for this Financial Tyranny ends ,Cobra it does not matter if we tell them that we do not owe them any money when they have control of this electronic system ,until the EVENT and RESET we are pretty much in their hands they can do what ever they want we us .hope the EVENT happens now not soon

  39. I'm glad that Rob asked Cobra the question I sent him about when we'll be able to live in a world without borders, since I'm very sick of them.

    Currently I'm living in brazil as some of you know, and although me and my american wife have everything to be able to move to the US, we can't do so because of ridiculous technicality.

    For us to be able to go we need to get someone to be our sponsor, since my wife can't work. This is something very simple, only takes 2 weeks and you don't have to pay anything, you just need to prove to the us govt that your income is above poverty levels etc. her parents were going to do it for us until they became aware of our political/spiritual views and pretty much abandoned the whole thing.

    Then my wife's best friend was going to help her out and the same thing happened, she saw some of my wife's posts on facebook about meditation/chakras and false flags, began thinking we're crazy people and never talked to her again.

    So now we're pretty much stuck here away from our cars, diplomas, property etc. I have a job but here in brazil I get paid less than half than what I'd get in the US, so the whole situation makes us feel very hopeless.

    Our plan of action now is to save up cash so we can try to pay a stranger to help us out, which is terrible considering our family has turned on us.

    Is either that or the event, whatever happens first. I just hope that things could hurry up as we're in this situation for almost 4 years now, I could've been finishing up college by now but instead we're just wasting our lives here.

    Cobra always says about how we can't just sit and wait for a miracle or saviors coming from the skies, but right now that's all we can do.

    1. Truly wish I could help you; I couldn't be eligible as a sponsor [as I make zero Real Income; On food stamps as no other way to feed myself currently] So im with you there. I'm unable to return to school either due to grants/technicalitys, unable to start a business due to economic enslavement basically. So i've given up the entire old-way of thinking; my new lifegoal has been for abit recently to move towards self-sufficiency; Farming[naturally, without herbicides [as best as i can get anyways, the world is poisoned..]/Permaculture/Aquaponics ect. So... all i can say is don't give up completely. I believe the off-worlders certainly are aware we're stuck inbetween a rock and the proverbial "hard place". So actions of change will always start small... with a single seed at times. Much love brother; Sorry for the way our world is currently [but changing!]

  40. i feel no more archon attacks!
    I think something is getting clear out there!

  41. Oh thank Heaven for 117.

    As M1 and Holder of SigNet as Mithra Trust Number 980745-321514-010057 of United Society of Free States of Spirits, I hereby sign, seal and execute all Supreme Credo (Credit) issued by One Heaven Treasury in accordance with Article 117.9 of Pactum de Singularis Caelum.

    The Casino is permanently closed.

    1. Now all we have to do is arrest the rich Indians.


    2. Hang on a second here; let me get this straight.
      According to your own comments, you proclaim that
      - "I am the source of sources"
      - "I am The One"
      And, of course, you also commandeer the Finaliter Fleet.
      Now you're saying that you are M1, authorized to be the only person to authorize who "generates" money on Gaia.

      Bit much to claim with nothing to back it up, don't you think?

      If *I* was in such a position of power *I* would do a lot of things Myself, as in " if you want something done RIGHT, Do It YOURSELF"

      Oh, Wait! that's actually what I'm doing ;-)
      No wonder my extended occipular pertuberance area feels funny sometimes.


    3. there's usually a delay between energetics and physicality ... so you can pick up something some time before you can actually see it in the physical world ...

  42. The Canary is dead.

    Guardians of Bear Clan. Your Path is lit up under you. Hits, no misses.

  43. On your inner journey you will come to find everything is you, everything is one and unity, you will find you brought your self here. You will find those syncrinicites in your life are a message from your higher self, those star ships are from your galactic self, those orbs are from your angelic self. For who can know you better than your self, who can teach and expand you than your self. So when it is said that everything and anything you possibly need is with in you, it is because it is you that is everything and anything, your god self, your angelic self, your galactic self, your spirit self, your planetary self, your solar self and so on. When you come to this realisation you will know you have absolutely nothing to worry about, for you are source/creator. Your 3D mind will reject this because 3D is polarity/separation, and the higher dimensions are unity and oneness. Let me know if you resonate.

  44. Hello Remco!
    I hope you are ok!

    1. Remco is fine. He and I have exchanged several emails off-list. I am not sure he even reads the comments here anymore. Don't worry. :-)

    2. Yes, hello Remco !!
      How are you?
      Sending you good wishes...

  45. Cruise,
    What a beautiful message and it totally resonates with me. It was indeed, a message I needed to hear today. My 'self' knew it to be true.....Thank you, with love and gratitude, for bringing it forth.


    About how I feel nowadays; esp the lines "People tell me to slow my roll; I'm screaming out "Fuck that. Fuck that." Agreed. No more slowing down. only up from here.

  47. I am pretty sure things are getting better in the " invisible realms". Even though everything in this 3 d reallity looks like it is all the same stuff, no visible changes.
    If you want a good , strong solid house you need a strong solid base. Base is the most important part of the building and the most difficult to make.
    And the base for this new Earth is being created right now, even we notice it or not.
    It is easy to say let us be patient, when we live in this reallity...myself i am having terrible financial situation, but i will do my best to survive until the Event
    I am still here! This is amazing!
    We are still here!
    Im proud of us!

  48. Give a one year old child Dante's "Inferno" to read. Give him 26,000 years to read it, in which time he has to also digest and understand it. The catch is that he is only allowed to read it every incarnation between the age of one and two while forgetting everything read previously.
    This is an impossible task. A child will not be able to grasp the enormity of the task without help from an intelligent mommy or daddy.
    Likewise, we need our Mother/Father to help us understand what we have to do, step by step, to reach our freedom and liberation.
    It is easy to say "It is up to us to reach our own freedom" but without a coherent instruction manual and help from Daddy, I am lost.
    If requesting help from Divine Source is useless then I see no flicker of hope for humanity and we shall remain slaves and fodder. Pandora's box was opened and emptied and "Hope" was not in there!
    I have no memory of what I did that I am today witnessing pain, hunger, fear, sadness, and despair to us earthlings. I do not want to be culpable any more and release any contracts that allowed the archons to do this to us.
    I am lost. I am a one year old child with a large heavy book, and no understanding of what to do with it.
    Love and light, freedom and understanding to all!

    1. Carmel,

      Really, that's a great place to be; to know that you really don't know and are like a one year old. I think Socrates said "I know that I don't know." I think you have much wisdom relying on Divine Source rather than try to mustard up a reality that our limited human nature knows the answers in itself. Nothing much comes from human understanding without Divine intervention. That's my experience. The Divine is in everything literally. Peace.

  49. You may be interested in reading this Cobra.....

  50. (Thank you for the beautiful post Cobra)

    Here my other comment about the anomaly again with the correct terms and words:


    The task here is:

    ACCEPT the existence of paradoxon.

    UNDERSTAND the paradoxon. The true core of paradoxon is the Zarathustra consciousness: "Question: Wich color has the appel? Answer: red/green".

    3. RELATE it to everything.

    In this special case there are many paradoxes, for example:

    Source is

    a) almighty
    b) not almighty

    This is both true. Taking the time away, a) is true. Inside timespace continuum b) is true.


    a) is completely accidential
    b) serves a higher purpose

    Is also both true. Inside timespace continuum a) is true. Outside timespace continuum b) is true. In the end there will be something that will be learned and added to the divine blueprint through this experience, even it was not planned. It is not about the matter, it is about the spirit. Physical death is not the death of the soul.
    Death of the soul is much more dangerous. And I am not quite sure about this Central Sun thing, what the restructuring exactly means, if the divine spark still exists, I guess, yes.
    Mind over matter. The answers in the material world are the opposite to those in the spiritual. We are the link in between, we are the living paradox. We are the "encore". There will be something which we will take with us that will us always remind - not in a negative way, in a way that just allows us to be conscious. Could be, this is this thing in which Source gets conscious about itself. And also creation is everything that exists and that not exists and this does not mean nothing matters. Imagine this apparent contradictions in endless fractals.


    Yes, we are not guilty and we solve the anomaly anyway from inside. We take responsibility for every action of every dark being, although we are not responsible- another paradox fractal. It leads to enlightenment. It enlightens us into infinity. And this is the way out. As long as we feel and think as victims we are not able to solve it. It will not stop starvation in Africa, which we know is an artificial creation of the cabal. As long as we allow the dramas to pull us down, we hold them into existence. Those dramas are created to keep us (all) in low vibration, as the darkies know how powerful we are when we enter the light. I have made my decision, because I want to solve powerty. I do not allow the cabal to hold me back.




    1. Brilliant insights! I like the fractal reference..
      Inside space-time continuum it is an analogy; outside space-time continuum it is not an analogy, because it is a true ever-unfolding process.

      Also, "..we are the paradox.." and "Could be, this is this thing in which Source gets conscious about itself."

      YES! We ARE the Creator Gods, inside space-time continuum, in disbelief of this, feeling dis-empowered; outside space-time continuum, we are the unlimited beings we were meant to be!

      Belief is the catalyst to flip things inside out!


  51. All righty.
    I have now got TWO glitter-lamps which can be activated by shaking them. So says the description.
    I am not touching those lamps as they are both 3 meters away from where I sit. One is easily activated by saying "HEJ!" which is swedish for "hello" and the other one just goes on when I think of Light and clap my hands. And when the Music plays just right sometimes both of those lamps burst into Light with me just happily griining and smiling while the music is playing.

    And I don't have the imagination to be making any of this up. If I did I'd be writing books.

    This One turns All The LIGHTS ON

    "We're Not gonna sit in silence
    We're Not gonna live with fear"
    Anymore. No More!
    "YOU'RE THE VOICE :-)))
    Try and [please] Understand It
    Make A Noise, Make It CLEAR:
    "NO MORE!"

    Frickin' HEJ
    We're On Our WAY


  52. Don't you suppose the creator of a realm might be the only authentic authority on it?
    OIC = Original Infinity Culture. OIC NO LONGER EXISTS! It was replaced quite some time ago by NIC = New Infinity Culture. Critical thinking skills and improved attention span would be helpful here, folks.

  53. AG (Silver) = Amazing Grace. OH! Now I C

  54. This is one of my favorites parables from an old wise man.
    It is time for us to face our real present problem, the mess we are in, to look for practical answers, no matter what happened in the past, we will not understand it and probably we will get lost in vain theories and discussions, and time is short!
    This is called the Parable of the Poisoned Arrow:

    "Suppose someone was hit by a poisoned arrow and his friends and relatives found a doctor able to remove the arrow. If this man were to say, 'I will not have this arrow taken out until I know whether the person who had shot it was a priest, a prince or a merchant, his name and his family. I will not have it taken out until I know what kind of bow was used and whether the arrowhead was an ordinary one or an iron one.' That person would die before all these things are ever known to him."

  55. I can't believe (or understand) how all the talk about free will is thrown out the window the moment people start going about the importance of this game, and how necessary it is and how wonderful it will all be for the whole thing. I really don't like this game. I wish I wasn't forced to play it, and I can't see how I will ever want to forgive whoever put me thru this for the sake of curiosity. From where I stand (a place you are welcome to judge, I'll address you accordingly, and your 'wisdom') it looks like the whole problem is you can't just be, you need to either take or destroy other people's stuff or it ain't enough. I will never change my philosophy: Stop getting on each other's faces like the only way is to integrate everyone else's bullshit into our own OR SPEND ETERNITY TRYING. Go somewhere else and stop thinking your horrible crap is something I need to either have, give in to, destroy, or be destroyed by. I am done with your childish and incredibly annoying nonsense. I am not integrating no opposites. If you got a problem with me you will either eliminate me or I'll eliminate you. But it'll not linger, it'll be quick.

    1. I wasn't aware we were on a battlefield here.. Destroy you or be destroyed because philosophy differs?. Haven't we done that enough over lifetimes... I am at fault at not being informed completely what is being discussed however seeing such challenging words on your post it makes me think as if you landed in a blog of utterly unlovable people.. Which Surely you would disagree to that would you not... They as you are sharing their knowledge... Is upto each individual to accept or implement if it resonates or simply reject... However just in case we really are in a battleground here I'll use the newly obtained but modified weapon of mass pacification. "I'm sorry, please forgive, Thank you, I care about you.'

    2. When despair is at its highest point it will culminate into entlightenment and this solves resistance by itself.

    3. Dragon heart , all you really said is, "I am really offended at your words. You are not sorry. And in case you haven't noticed, there's a war going on. Note the cruel intention of your reply as I'm not looking for moral superiority here, nor anywhere else.

      To me my words mean live and let live, but I'm not 'asking'. I am calling on whats already part of the Galactic Codex.

      I cannot die. Neither can I live in a world where the attraction of guilt instigates the ignorant to attack at the sight of the first 'injustice' the come across. You get to speak, you'll never correct me in that tone.

      My point being made by your sarcastic reply to something not addressed at you, if I put it out there because I am tired of being silenced and the world revolts against it, and if that costs Heaven itself, it is a price I have decided to pay. As the flag of the country I was born on says "Freedom or Death".

      I felt no love in your reply. My post wasn't addressed at you, but at the forces of darkness this site speaks of.

      Sorry, I should have been clear... Not just being sarcastic.

    4. I was being honest I really have no issue with you just trying to lighten the moment. Is all.

  56. This is a message to the one who likes to claim a whole bunch of initials. You already know the answer to your "roles" challenge as you attempt to utilize the same tech and call it majik. Your mask has been ripped from you some time ago. Yosemite Sam with fists fighting the air.

    The Soul of the World (Alma) will not be displaced by your Medusa.

  57. Just some ramblings here on this Sunday morning, post-meditation (which was lovely...).

    I have always felt sad by the pain in the world -- homeless people, down-on-their-luck people, people with terminal illnesses, people with mental health issues. What about those in war zones? Those who look over their shoulders during a family gathering and see a drone appear out of nowhere? (I cannot imagine how terrifying this is).

    Most people in the USA are only dealing with their immediate situations, which are hard enough. And they medicate themselves with moronic TV shows (The Kardashians! Sports Monday! Sports Tuesday! Sports Wrapup!, you-name-it-sitcoms, Dancing with the Stars!) and if they are slightly more educated, or want a small break from TV, it's book clubs, with books promoted by the same set of media owners...yes, some of the novels contain beautiful writing about recycled history (World War 2 stories) but some of it is absolutely horrible, like the Hunger Games.
    I'll switch gears.

    We can create a new reality. We can visualize our lives and start making for ourselves new imaginations, new versions of ourselves, lives where we live in harmony, where peace is throughout the land, where we help each other and live from the heart.

    I think the HEART is it. We need to move into our hearts and live more ho'o pono pono with loving kindness being the center of how we do things. I taped a big printout of ho'o pono pono and its definition on my door at my workplace. I've had a few curious people come by and read it... wow, they say. Okay, it's a start.

    Sending love and light into the world on this Sunday...

    Oh, and PS... I was out looking at the sky yesterday and the very odd set of clouds up there. One of those clouds was a whale....!! With an underbelly, a back, a head, a mouth and a big flippy floppy tail... He or she was sending.... Aloha.

    1. Yes WestCostUSMegan - " we can create a new reality. We can visualize ..
      ..." This is what I myself are doing every day. I really know the power of these tools. And if we think we are, we are - meaning that the creative creator in us is capable of much more than we often believe. So in the next now one have to ask what is the best reality for me and others to live in and then visualize it using varius datail in the prosess. :) And affirmations works find to. Here is some I really love :
      Or simply . Affirmations for altering the timelines in a positive way.

    2. Sigbjorn, Thank you for this link on: information there!

  58. Boots on the Ground in Fort Lauderdale, FLA—Jade Helm Drills [video]

    DAHboo777 confirmed my recall that there was a small drill like this a couple of years ago in Miami. That was apparently a test...
    Huge Military Exercise in Florida!

  59. below is a description of some of the events that took place on the day of 28 Mar 2015 and the dreams during the night that followed, relating to enduring pressure, healing, team missions, energetic transformation, atlantis, etheric clean-up and great insights ...
    i'm hoping that this short story will uplift, inspire or empower you in some way ...

  60. It’s Not Me!

  61. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. Your son is probably an "indigo." Research the term indigo children. It will explain everything.

  62. This comment has been removed by the author.

  63. Today we BREAK the Mirror, mirror on The Wall.

    M-24 is broken today by order of Alcyone.

    I am the KKK and I WAS wearing black head to toe on the planet known as Urantia/Earth. But now I'm dressed to the nines and I have a Reunion to get to so you'll forgive me for my haste.

    We beat you to the FCC (Freedom, Chance and Charm).

    Thank you Zap! ICU Luna and I raise your Moon and all the Silver, Gold and precious metals and gems along with it. Go launch 1000 ships - Gaia Ships and enjoy your BLESSED and Blissful life, my Daughter.


  64. "To strive, to seek, to find, and not to yield"


  65. "They were waiting for humanity to awaken and humanity was waiting for divine intervention. Basically both parties need to do their job. Both parties are responsible for the successful outcome of this. " ..Many humans were programmed to believe that the end is already written and they don't have much to do with it...Via bible, koran, etc because of many religions have them programmed into thinking thats how it is going to go,,,I saw their endings...dont know why they are content with that?? Please know that if the general public has access to a holy book...its not telling you many truths....thats how they controlled you....Yes there is a God and Jesus and many have been blaming them for everything..blame yourselves for allowing evil human monsters to do whatever they wanted to mankind and animals and turned away allowing the suffering and destruction of the people, animals and planet to go on....without knowing how things really work..or even bothering to try to think for themselves. Why would you believe without just accepted ...We need everyones involvement...there is something for everyone to help with..on my fb page is living hell...and links to all of the abuse going on...we need people to hear the cries for help and help...we need everyone to sign petitions,so that they will see that the people are serious and we can STOP the suffering...there are so many ways everyone can help...I have so many links to any project, you would like to take on....

    On the page below you will find Anonymous members from all over the world..We are looking for everyone to join us..and help save this planet from its human monsters that run free...hunt and expose all human monsters..and help mankind survive this ride we are about to take.. time to end this nightmare for everyone....
    Thank you in advance and Thank you to all Everyday Heroes...we couldn't do it without every single one of you....keep sharing...keep exposing...Soo many need there for each other.....To love and light and Victories Now!!

    1. Yes, the the light will win as there is no other possibility. The light shines into darkness, the light is stronger than darkness. May all beings be conscious about the fact that it is not okay how animals are still treated here in the moment. Let us solve those collective patterns also through Ho' oponopono.

    2. I have a better idea..lets arrest the bad guys and rescue the injured....they can remain caged until the Event...instead of roaming around free...killing and torturing the innocent...

    3. ....yes, I am not in the position inside of human society to do that physically, I can only sign petitions and act it out on the non-physical planes, as the higher consciousness of those who know is leading the planetary development energetically...this is why I make decisions on the mental plane and this influences those who are on the position to question it would be the best if all those who harm others with conscious intent would be arrested.....thats what we all work for....with the possibilities we have....namaste....

  66. Poor man wants to be rich, rich man wants to be king. King is not satisfied until HE rules everything. As it should be. As it always should have been and always will be.

    1. I have learned recently that with the increase of Goddess energy it is about balance and win win relationships, with support of each others uniqueness, from eyes to eyes, instead of "power over" BE-ing self-EMpowered. Having reached that state no more comparison and competition is needed. Looking forward to it. <3

  67. When we have reached the state of not needing it anymore, then it happens - another apparent contradiction. We then have integrated the wished reality by complementing the needed within and therefore it IS the new reality which just manifests in the physical.

    1. Haha Inana,
      This is like "God only helps those who helped themselves" - if they can help themselves, then why do they need God's help? Like the recent Blue Avians said "We are not here to help you, we are not your saviours. You have to do the works!". Sound alike but a little difference.

      May the LOVE be with you always!
      Piperon - The Spiritual Flute Composer -
      The Star Races Series -

  68. Protoi Command is completely integrated into High Command.

    Chimera factions still protecting Protoi key positions on Earth are ordered to immediately stand down and disband.

    1. ....everytime I read "protoi" I have to think at "protein" finally understand....can you put in clear simple language what is "protoi" finally finally.....
      .....otherwise I might go on commenting here in star-language like this: ".......keeelaaauuuu hoooiaaa......laila lamba ekinha noha ukulika ia meina uaheke lele piki poko poissi nanäää............."

      :D :D

      luv u anyways

    2. "Protoi Command" is dark fake copy of Presbeia Protoi. You can find what Protoi are here.

  69. The reason why we are all here... Sort of a Sufi story... a very short one:

    At one moment before the time and space existed, the inhabitants of the infinite world realized that there is a world beyond infinity. So they asked the Infinite Creator, if there is such reality beyond infinity. And why shouldn’t they enter this world.

    The Infinite Creator asked them back. Before I let you into the reality beyond infinity. Do you really understand what you have now.

    · Do you really understand what infinity means?

    · If yes, do you know the opposite meaning of infinity?

    Then inhabitants of the infinite world immediately searching the opposite meaning of infinity. That is the reason why we are all here.

    The longer versions:

  70. Are we still playing poker? We have The Nuts. It's all in the Elasticity Factor.

  71. The game of cHat and MOuse has evolved.

  72. This will probably be picked up by several others and that's fine with me, but I wanted to let others know about Ibrahim's latest blog post.

    Has a very nice sound to it. The post FleetHawk777 made several days ago sure caught my eye also. Don't completely know what to make of it. Blessings to everyone, one and all, in the most unlimited and brilliant of ways.

  73. I add: The longing that belongs to expression of Source and that part of it which is divine and endless (full of bliss instead of lack), will, for sure be there for eternity, increasing every moment. And when there is no-time it will increase with unlimited speed. Woaaahhhh.......... Hmmmmm.......... I am already breathless......and in the breath.....of light......and we (all) bring it to all.......


    It is a very important event, a DAY of changes to know about. Therefore, I wanted to share it with YOU all.
    If this resonates with you, then please, make a mark to not miss that day.

    I got this from:


    April 2015
    Spiritual Vision
    Full Moon Lunar Eclipse!

    The Earth is Twinning and so are you!
    What is your vision? Where is it taking you?
    Beloved Community of Self-Ascension...welcome home to YOU!
    April is promising to clear away the debris from your life if you allow the twinning earth to inspire you to freedom and new beginnings! We just posted a short yet chock full of information video with all the details. To connect with it, just click the link in the next section of this newsletter!

    We invite you to remember that until April 07 the portal of Ascension that has now opened is still finding its stability and as it does you may discover yourself feeling less than "stable". Smile and know that you are in the divine flow of the universe and prepare for THIS WEEKEND! The combined energies of Saturday, April 04 with the Full Moon Lunar eclipse, combined with the presence of the celebration of Resurrection is your moment to say YES to the universe and to CREATE, CREATE, CREATE! Remember yourself now and let the ride be amazing!

    We will be in South America in "reflective silence" at the behest of the Cosmic Essene, March 31- April 10. This is a journey that we must take, right now and we look forward to sharing with you upon our return!
    Let your Third eye shine, discover your limitless space and Invoke the clarity you so richly deserve as you navigate April!
    Sri and Kira

    PS: We hope you enjoy our all new monthly newsletter format. Miracle Team members still receive weekly newsletters with Miracle Team messages!

    Be Sure to watch the April Revelations Today!

    Posted and Ready for you to watch by clicking here!

  75. Do you want financial Breakthrough, Spend Money and get It back, and all types of Spell listed below
    All are 100% Guaranteed, No Human sacrifice is Involved, A trial will convince you
    Email us now via: / call our 24hrs Hotline on +2348034645172.

  76. I want a spell to break this Matrix and liberate my bros and sis! Ok if archons sacrifice involved!

  77. Someone is attacking Freewill of Nesaranews. blogspot is the post...

    Freewill being attacked by bad guys...One think about having a blog like this is the cabals just love to try and crash your system often. Luckily I started out on the Comodore 64 back in 1982. No big sweat for me. I usually reformat at least once a month to take out the garbage. This time C: was targeted.... so I am redoing things and will not be posting much this evening until after My main machine is back up and running.

    Posted by Freewill at 8:55 PM

  78. citiri zilnice privind situatia planetara si producerea Evenimentului

  79. If god only help the ones who help themselfes, then it is not a very good loving god........

    a real good god, is he, who cares, and helps EVERYONE...also the ones, who not, orr vannot help themselfes.

    But, as i earlier said,......the event needs happen now...BEFORE this summer....So...SOON...THIS year.

    The masses will never wake up....or maybe after thousands of years...but i think never....

    thats why we need huge enormous divine, alien intervention, to start the event, and much more....SOON, this year. include, are giving up,, live...IF, STILL nothing will happen this year, around/before summer.

    Its totally understandeable, that if still nothing happens this year.....aloooot!! of people ...and here on cobrablog......lose their faith, in all the lightforces.

    The wait for the event to happen, is muuuch to long now...this cannot be accepted/tolerated anymore.

    The event, only, will totally wake up everybody, also the masses.

    Me, and alot of others, are expecting, and NOW want the event, within this year summer.

    I keep my word...If still nothing happens, before this year summer.....i still go suicide...and NO...i offcourse do not commit suicide without reason!

    But because, my spirit, soul, and physical body/me, is totally burned out, and at the end of its life/power, because, of all the endless waiting for the event to happen, without any visible proof, that something is goint to happen...and because, i cannot, and will not live any longer on this real hell...named life on earth.

    Yes, im back now for a moment on this blog...but i still feel very...VERY all know why.

    But hope you all here doing well.

    Wish i have control of, and can ....PUSH!! The EVENT button, within 1 second, for me, and for you all.