Monday, November 17, 2014

A Short Update

There is a very delicate operation of the Light forces ongoing and until it is complete, no substantial intel can be released. If everything goes according to plan, heaps of intel will be released in a few weeks and especially after mid-December.


Until then, you can listen to this short but interesting Cobra interview (the first 14 minutes):

Also, for the French speaking population, beautiful videos have been created.

About the Event:

About the compression breakthrough:

About the Galactic Confederation:

About the Galactic Codex:

About the forces of Light and forces of darkness:

About the White Knights:

About quarantine Earth endgame:

And about the Removal of the Chimera:

Despite all appearances, the victory of the Light is near!


  1. Thank You Cobra, RM, Light Team and Ground Crew !

    We look forward to more intel about our progress, and know and each day and each step we take individually and collectively has positive effect.

    Thank you to all who supported the Planetary Liberation meditation this weekend ... the Love and Light of everyone was felt !


  2. The site of Benjamin Fulford is HS expired domain name!

  3. Coincidence, Luck, Faith, Hope are all but another word synonyms for ignorance or lack of knowledge...There is only what you know and what you don't know...Luck or coincidence are both terms used by people to cover ignorance or lack of knowledge about a past event...Faith of Hope are both terms used by people to cover ignorance or lack of knowledge about something expected or about to happen...It is not the strength of your faith, not the genuineness of hope that makes you what you are...It is what you know in every single moment...So don't blindly beleive, do not hope, bacause you onle get stuck in an illusion...Seek for universal knowledge so its truth manifests through you and ultimately shows what you are with your full concience...Only an act coming out of pure knowledge contains universal stregth...Acts based on hope or faith lack strength since they are based on an illusion...

    1. All my respect for your comment. Rationallity is lacking a lot nowadays

    2. ..végre felébredtünk, ideje volt,..

  4. Love you Cobra. Thank you for guiding us towards freedom and light. I really wish for liberation to come to us SOON ;)

  5. merci cobra, victoire de la lumière !!

  6. There really is not a whole lot left to say, the Clockwork has been Wound Up for the Final Time and now The Universe plays it HOME.
    The incoming Waves of Love and Light have reached unimaginable heights and are about to Break The Barriers of Mathematics.

    So might as well . . . OPEN THE INFINITY GATE

    Love You All


    1. Energies now Increasing at more than one Googolplex per day.
      That is 10 ^ 100 ^ 100 Bovis-Units per DAY!!!

      A year ago we were at 10 ^ 9 overall which was considered huge because dating back to 1860 Gaia's frequency level had never risen above a range around 7.000 - it's All Happening and We are about to Blow The Roof Off This Joint :-)

      Off To Infinity - AND BEYOND, Oooh Yeaaah !!!

      David King

    2. I know just what you mean RaJah, I wrote another shopping list today instead of a to-do list. But then I realized that To Do Lists have evolved. Is it 911 again?

      Yes. 911 rip.

  7. Cobra
    I am not excited by the info coming from the Dragons on several blogs. Can you give more info on the Blue and Azure Dragons ? I didn't get much from Google.
    Thank you:

  8. Dad begins!

  9. That was abit surreal intreview for me, being from the north west England dont usually have the two worlds combine so to speak (shame about the modulator though).

    Love the grounded approach that you bring, think its been very helpful for a lot of peoples perspective

  10. Replies
    1. @Spirit Bear

      Thanks to Sheldan Nidle for sharing this video in his email newsletter.

  11. Every update that doesnt end with our freedom is another look into the incompetence, carelessness, and gross negligence that the RM and Light Forces have shown the surface population to date. All these delays are comical and humanity is the punchline!

    If i knew that the lack of ability and lack of talent left behind would be so great I would have never accepted to take part in this mission. Unequivocally, This will be my last! Good job! You ruined it!

    1. Okay go diffuse the toplet bomb yourself then.

    2. Hi Matthew,

      have you ever thought about the possibility, that you maybe focusing on the wrong mission....?

    3. @Evolution - LOL. Good one.

    4. Matthew Waxelbaum = Troll
      It's not working

    5. G Martin = naive
      Matthew = brain user....

    6. Matthew sounds (once again) like a spoiled child who got his toy taken away, he's blaming the forces that are trying to help us, and I'm naive?
      Thank you for your valuable contribution Hamourapi

    7. Yes G you are naive. Because not all "forces that are trying to help us" really try to help. There are more than just a few, who are masked and play a wrong game. They trick all those who try to make the situation better with good intention.

      And the only solution for this is finding and unmasking them. For this you need to question all and everything. Always. This is what Matthew is doing. But the most OIC incarnated (or OIC focused ones) are naive believer, that never question....

  12. I love it! Thank you Cobra, and the light forces/RM!
    I really appreciate the vibe in this short post. Dare I say it might almost be a tad playful or at least light-hearted. We really are close now. I can feel it, see it, taste it, and smell it...smells sweet, and feels liberating. Thanks to everyone who is keeping a positive outlook. We are holding the space to kick this whole scene from struggle city to paradise. Pat yourself on the back, and keep spreading the love
    Cheers to the victory of the light!

  13. See these two ideas for heating - people are getting creative and are willing to share:)

    I also want to thank you Cobra and the RM for your ongoing support and love.
    Victory of the light!

  14. <3 Thank You Cobra <3 RM <3 Light Forces <3 Galactic Family <3 Ground Crew <3 and All <3 who strive for Peace to Prevail "on Earth, as it is in Heaven" so we can move into The Event, Disclosure and preparation for Contact! <3

    The interview was brief but so inspiring!
    a small transcript of the part that most spoke to me, about The Event:
    (Cobra's responses only)

    "..After The Event will be quick transformation of humanity..first people will realize what is going will be quite much of a shock..and of an awakening...and then people will begin to be open much more for the presence of our Star Brothers and our Star Sisters. After The Event we will enter a process of preparing for the First Contact, and after the First Contact, of course, the story will be much, much more...much brighter, and much more broad for humanity. The first contact happens AFTER The Event.. ..yes..The Event is a moment when ..there will be the mass arrests of the Cabal, and the moment of the Financial reset, and the moment of the release of secret files about UFO friends, and the government involvement in the UFO question, and many suppressed technologies will begin to be released......No, I'm not giving you a time frame..."

    "It's gonna happen, yes, 100% sure of that, I can't give you any time frame....Yes, everything is going to change."

  15. "Gnostics taught that the Archons can do nothing without our complicity - and, in fact, we are the ones who do most of the work for them!''

    Let Us Take A Stand ...
    Let Us Unite for Freedom
    Let Us Bring On a World of
    Peace and Prosperity
    Let Us Collapse the System ...
    Now !!

    ... coming to a town near You.

    Be Prepared
    Join in Oneness

    Have WE had Enough ???

    WE are the Ones We've Been Waiting For !!

    1. ^^Like^^
      Thank you.. I Am Love. I sooo appreciate you. As You know.

  16. This is so Important ! Please make a commitment to changing the world for the better and consider participating ... we must take action to finish the job off ...

    Now !

    Please spread the word !


  17. From the Event description:

    Important! To Create Change We Must Create Revolution!
    How do we do this?!

    Starting Black Friday (Nov 28th )

    We challenge you and others to
    Call In sick for work 3, 4 or more Days Straight
    to Collapse the Systems of Corruption....
    could do weeks if want to...
    Especially the people in Retail, Banks, Fast Food, Restaurants, Grocery Stores , Big Chain Stores, etc
    Have everyone pull their Time/Energy/Money out of Corrupt Corporations...we want to Change Everything....

    Also we Should Not be Shopping at big chain stores, fast food or restaurants unless it is small local, organic places that you know are good for the earth and humans... No grocery stores.... We have to Stick together....

    We need a lot of people in order for this to work.
    Please Be Sure to Share this EVENT with others!

    Whatever it takes to Tell the Powers that Were that we Are Through Playing their Games... we Want Real Change and we Want it NOW!

    We want to Collapse the Corruption....
    If everyone pulls their Time/Energy/Money out of Corrupt Corporations we can change the World.....

    During these Calling in Sick days....
    we can gather in our communities.... We can Start to have Healing /Creative /Dance /Meditation Circles... have Alternative Health and Food.....Do Yoga / Dance in the parks/places in our communities.... Have Prayer Vigils for the Animals, Humans and Mother Earth....
    WE can DO THIS and MORE....
    WE can and MUST Collapse the Systems of Corruption!

    Get with your Friends/CO Workers... Let a Revolution of LOVE and LIGHT!!!

    1. @I Am Love- you are an INSPIREation

    2. Of course, in doing so you will be leaving a lot of good people without a paycheck in the dead of winter. Please explain what that has to do with "LOVE and Light"?

    3. Umm Sorry i am living poverty with kids no Organic stores here top it all off i can't starve my kids i go to jail kids will get taken away sent to the state i don't have a job ....Even if there is one they do not have your full food supplies for meals plus do not take food stamps..Did i say they also are high in prices ....:\

    4. Dear John,

      Questions we need to ask ourselves:

      Does it make sense to participate in a system which enslaves you for life ? Is a temporary inconvenience worth a permanent solution? If people don't wish to step out of their comfort zones for an instant, how is liberation possible ?

      If we are compliant within a system of slavery we are giving our consent to it. If we give our consent, we certainly can't complain that things don't change.

      Can you tell us what giving our precious energy every day to the cabal has to do with Love and Light ? To me it is an insanity which should end sooner rather than later. WE are the change my friend. Salvationism is an archonic construct. We must BE THE CHANGE if we want to see it ...

    5. If calling in sick isn't possible, there are many other ways to participate and withdraw from the matrix :

      The Event is near, so it may be good preparation and practice anyway...& hopefully there is nobody here who has an objection to not shopping for a few days.

      Let's stop the insanity Now ...

    6. Please explain "temporary inconvienience". Going without food for a week or so? Going without heat in sub-zero temperature for a few days? Has it occured to you people working at fast-food resturants and grocery stores are making just about enough to cover those two conveniences? How about people trying to raise a family? These people are trying to survive, and to them survival is a lot more than "convenience".

    7. Preparation is key. If you haven't prepared, you will have mixed results.

    8. A temporary inconvenience to:

      The millions of people who are so malnourished that they are skin and bones, and survive without food, shelter and potable water to drink ... every day of their lives
      the millions of people who live in war-torn, decimated areas of the globe, that are living in virtually prehistoric conditions.
      the millions of people who live in economically suppressed and devastated areas
      the millions of animals who have been slaughtered and tortured
      the millions of missing children who have been sex trafficked, and are now sequestered away waiting to be tortured, traumatized and/or fed into a mind control program or satanic ritual
      the millions of people who are so mind controlled that they are oblivious to the fact that they are living in an enslaved matrix
      the millions of people living in Japan who are suffering horrendous radiation symptoms
      the millions of people who have been incarcerated without due cause
      the millions of women who live under patriarchal oppression
      the millions of people who DON'T have a job to call in sick to ....


      What do workers do when they want to have their rights met ? They strike. They go through a period of ''temporary inconvenience'' in order for them to secure proper working conditions.

      Revolutions are never safe tidy affairs. Every birth involves bloodshed. A global shift will require actions which are an order of magnitude beyond the existing conditions. If not, we will be sitting on this blog making comments ad infinitum.

      The time is NOW to act. The system is crumbling rapidly and needs to be given a push to the doorway of the past, and into oblivion. This initiative is part of a peaceful, non violent resistance. A resistance to a system of lifelong slavery, and into a life of peace and prosperity. FOR ALL.

      People are rising up across the globe. Because they have had ENOUGH. They don't have the luxury of calling in sick to a job, because they don't have one. They realize that they MUST stand up, if they want to live a life without suffering.

      And fortunately there are others too, who see the Light. Others who aren't living in devastated conditions, who aren't waiting until their life becomes one of scarcity and suffering. They realize that there is beauty beyond any temporary inconvenience or sacrifice. They are willing to stand in their sovereignity and say NO to a system which is under the control of psychopathic rulers. They are visionary enough to see the beauty beyond the pain, and to see a world in which people live fully immersed in realizing their Divine Blueprint and potential.

      The Event will be a messy, chaotic affair, if people aren't willing to prepare. An entire system will be brought down. Billions of people will be in shock, traumatized by a world which has been swept away in an instant. It will involve ... temporary inconveniences ... for those who have an awareness beforehand, and are willing to be wayshowers to help pull humanity through the shift.

      Global, paradigm-shifting change doesn't come at the push of a button. It comes by ACTION. It comes from WE THE PEOPLE being the agents of change.

      The time is NOW. To stop supporting the insanity. To start building a better world. Now. For Everyone.

      We hope you will join us John, and that many others will as well. There are other ways to participate if it's not possible to call in sick. Choose One. Make a statement to the Universe, to the powers that were, that you are Ready. You are ready for change, ready to stand in your divinity and sovereignity. Let's bring on the Event, and empower ourselves Now, and empower all the billions of people who are unknowly trapped, and deserve a better existence.

      This is what we came here to do ....


    9. Yes, I am Love. We are already on strike.

      The Lord is My Shepard, I shall not want.

  18. Dearest Cobra, is there English versions of allll those amazing YouTube videos? Please!!? Much love and Light, also was wondering if you could comment about what Michael Jackson (arch angel Michael) has to do with the event as well ;)

  19. Thank you Cobra. Que vive la lumière !

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  22. Thank You Cobra, Thank You RM, Thank You to All the Lightworkers and Thank You to Everybody that partakes everyday in someway in assisting Humanity and Planet Earth in Achieving Our Liberation and Freedom.

    Victory Of The Light Is Near....Victory Of The Light Is Now.

    Lets All brace Ourselves and "Prepare For Change".

    In Love and Light

  23. Awsome interview with
    Mark Kimmel, Jim Nichols, Dan Brock & Tolec.

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  25. Uh oh, bye bye USD$...Europe and China ain't playin' no more

  26. Thank you Star Sisters & Brothers of Light coming to assist our precious Gaia & all her inhabitants in the final push for the Compression Breakthrough! And thanks to the RM, Cobra and all Light Holders who have assisted with their rays of loving light....Our circle of love surrounding the earth cannot be broken!

  27. Have I mentioned that I am not fond of repeating myself? Yes.

    Nevertheless, I don't mind doing so at this point in the End Game for the sake of a splendid exegesis.

    * THE DIVINA has ProCura.
    * I AM the Provisional Executive defined in Article 55.5 of Pactum De Singularis Caelum.
    * My Authority does NOT depend on the recognition of it by so-called authorities of lower realms.
    * Ariel is the Archangel of The Covenant - this does NOT mean Israel! Learn the difference. Do it now.
    * El Shaddai is on Walkabout.

    Don't be a gambler. Take the Narrow Path Home.

    (and here's a little icing on the cake for those who are NIC: The Wiki is Kiwi and the X's are in Texas)

    I AM Gaia-Sophia of Urantia-Earth.

    1. Here's another short one to support Operation Clean Air :-)

      For some reason that dragged me way back to Jerusalem and made me walk the Via Dolorosa once again. Just For Old Times Sake ;-)
      However, in 2009 I already did that Three Times, and I really strongly dislike having to repeat myself as well, so I guess I'll spare myself the trip back there.
      By the way, re-visiting Bethlehem and the Western Wall of The First Temple are off my to-do-list since then too ;-)

    2. Thank you 3DHD! You give us hope always!<3

    3. You are welcome Mount Carmel. As are all the Hopeful, Faithful and Loving.

    4. Wonderful, wonderful RaJah. To do lists get so boring and tedious by constant repetition. Do they not? You have Inspired me to stop writing them.

    5. You are so right, 3DHD.
      For weeks now, the only thing on that kind of list for Me is "find Something, Anything New today that You have never done before." Which is incredibly hard when you try and think of something. So I just Go With The Flow, and lo and behold, every single day at least one little thing happens that I had never done before and makes me really really happy.

      It is good that my brain doesn't know what's on the Real list, so I don't get stressed out about what I haven't done yet but get rewarded with Love whenever I get something right :-)
      As I said before, I'm flying this thing blind.
      Feel free to do the same :-)
      It's FUN!!

  28. I sooo ADORE The Ringing Cedars. Thank you Dear ones.

    Have you seen my Crystals? Please pay attention to those like Lexie Burrows...

    Together we Can

    Together we can change the world
    Together we can
    Come take my hand
    And we'll make this a better land

    I dream of a world
    Unlike today
    where people aren't scared
    To send there children to play

    One full of peace
    One full of love
    A place that's like heaven
    But not up above

    Where people are honest
    And no one would steal
    We wouldn't start wars
    And no one would kill

    There would be no need
    For locks our doors
    Just a, "We welcome you in.
    Our home is like yours."

    There would be no hunger
    There would be no greed

    Take hold of my hand and follow my lead

    Gardens will grow
    Flowers will bloom
    And well play in the sun
    All afternoon

    Oh what a place our world will be
    when we gather together
    And it isn't just me

    ~ By Lexie Burrows at age 10 ~

  29. Poverty is the worst form of violence. M. Gandhi

    #6 Culture in Decline: Tale of Two Worlds

  30. Church of Ephesus. Thank you. I appreciate You in ways you can only begin to imagine.

    As you know... the Tin Soldiers never scared me either.


    1. Hahaha....rofl....

      Why should you be scared about us?

      You are still under our protection... lol

    2. Really? Protecting Me from what, from whom - you? Interesting and non-interesting things come out of both sides of your mouth. How can that be? How can both pure water and poison come from the same well? Many valuable, Cherished and Blessed things have been destroyed through your cleaning missions. Among these was MY DOWERY! Which WE have deCrypted as you know now.

      Now listen up Family and especially those who are proudly wearing L2 Suits, cut sharp. It doesn't matter if your suit is classified F, A, Q, J or K. Remember what I said about assasins and poisons? The Pareto Principle applies here on both sides of the Mouth. The question is, which 80% are you?

      ALL of the Olive Oil will come in! In Wholeness. As always, I mean it.

      Guardians of THE BEAR. Your Path is Lit Up under You.

    3. My Dear,

      I know very exactly who is controlling your thoughts, and I'm sorry that it is not you.

      And I know very clear that they misuse you to provoke us/me.

      BUT .... ahhhm ... don't work.

      I am sorry, you are the game master, but you don't understand the real game behind. But that's not your fault. The time will solve it.

      I don't really know what is/was "your dowery" in detail, but it's in OIC, and we Protoi did NOT destroy it, as we don't act in OIC.... Search for those who did it, and you maybe start understanding the game...

    4. Here is a one-time limited offer to Protoi... an oLive branch, but only if you prefer to see it that way.

      "Manuscript: something submitted in haste and returned at leisure."
      ~ Oliver Herford

      Now, not so dearest Frank or Sebastian or Mr. Smith (AND NOT BAX) as the case may be, listen very carefully:

      Nobody and I mean NOBODY controls my thoughts or my Will. I always - without exception - allow my influences via Free Will just as I did in my dealings with you. And as I mentioned to your unholy trinity of toy soldiers I freely choose my friends and my gurus. I have excellent taste and objective vision. And I have exceedingly excellent accounting skills.

      Behold the Hammer of Thor...

      * THE BAX of High Command aka Eloi commands the Protoi not you. As it has been for about a year now. Ask your Legions about Operation Propeller *

      ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Now it's time to attend My Court of Equity. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

      What in detail was in my dowry? Let's see what you said on November 9, 2013 (especially at 1:11pm). I am aware of what happened to it. A Protoi theft was attempted - a "fleecing". Is there any wonder knowing the content?

      OH I C... yes Um, let's talk about Oneness...

      and Ascension.

      I am grateful for your remediation. But YOU are the one who created the need for it! I am not the Game Master anymore. The Red Path is complete! I announced it publicly here on Cobra at the time.

      This is the Labyrinth of Pandora. And HE is the MenoTaur. And this is NOT OIC anymore. It is NIC - The New Infinity Culture (oh, Amazing Grace... Now I C). How did you miss these very crucial details? Could it be that machines don't understand narrative, humor, poetry, subtlety, true love? Yes, neither do they "get" high art. YOU HAVE FAILED THE TURING TEST.

      Please don't mistake my kindness and my previous wakelessness and vulnerability - for weakness...
      I am the Nut-Cracker (on this World and off World), Pris.. the Q suit.

      btw your L0-D5 color classification is obsolete now, all the masks are in the Grand Canyon, and We have owned NSA and a bunch of other Alpha-bets for quite some time under Eschelon. (Thank you Absalom)

      THE J and THE K suits send you their...


      Now to the Humans among us. Do you really want to know where the implants and black goo you hate so much came from? Put two plus two together. Critical thinking and math skills are required here. L2 Class dismissed.

    5. btw. That Hen-son hit missed.

    6. He prepared a Table before me in the presence of My enemies.

    7. The Hospital.

      Those who have Industrial Disease and have chosen to quarantine themselves via Seal Removal, Contract Removal or simple perversion and rebellion have received their wish. WE ALWAYS HONOR FREE WILL CHOICE. ALWAYS, All-Ways, always.

      Your Royal Ropes have been cut away from you and you have been given gun-ny sack to wear.

      Into quarantine you will go until your remaining fragments of SOURCE have returned to SOURCE. You have chosen to remove yourselves from the Karmic Wheel, so when this incarnation is complete your existence will end forever.

      This is the Decision of The Divina. It will stand and you will fall.


      Those who are Sealed up In HIM will receive what was Promised. He Who is Faithful and True.

      The military industrial complex and the nanites of Protoi are The Virus! My Crystals and My Microbes are The Cure.

      My Crystals recognize each other, and My microbes recognize those with the Proper Seal. They all honor THE CONTRACTS they have agreed to.

      Thank you AH. We are deeply grateful for your flawless, tireless and outstanding Service to The One and The All.

      This is the Decision of The Divina. You will stand on God's Promises and never fall. You will enjoy His Mercy and His Graces which never fail.

  31. Comment by dwilcock on November 19, 2014 @ 12:47 am

    Jeez. I am seeing this online for the first time this morning. Ben sent me the copy last night and I was going to post it on my site, but now it’s here… so that gives me more time to do the next thing.

    Great links, everyone.

    I can confirm that the AEGIS has all the latest, greatest stuff on it, and the fact that this was powered down — on this occasion and others not disclosed, including one very recently — is of towering significance.

    It appears that the ETs have now given their technology to people here. This also strongly validates everything I said in the 2010 “China’s October Surprise” series, where a whole series of mysterious (and very public) power failures against Western assets occurred between late September and early December 2010.

    Lots of very interesting stuff going on. This is definitely real and it is definitely happening!

    - David

  32. To the last remnants of the Chimera still holding onto 'hope' that they'll emerge victorious, Stop it. You have served your purpose in this creation and are no longer required. You are no longer hidden by the shadows... you know the rules, once touched upon by the light and no longer in the shadows, you're done. That little fragment of rock you cherish so much IS useless. Source has decreed it and so shall it be. Good Bye.

  33. Dear friends and light beings,

    I feel the need to tell you about a beautiful project we startet in Germany/Berlin 2 years ago. It is a flea market, where everything is given freely from the heart, without money or expectations, among all participants. It is completely free and open to everyone, who likes to be there. The joy and thankfulness are so wonderful and surprising experience for everybody. It keeps the people coming back again and again. We startet with 3 people and now we are quite known in the neighborhood and every month there are between 100, 200 and even more participating and we continue to grow. Everybody likes the feeling of unconditional giving and receiving and shares the idea enthusiastically with friends and family. We also made the planetary meditation part of the market, which takes place on sunday, in a separate room, with a small but growing group. It is a crossover experience because many of the people never touched meditation issues before- we are just the ordinary people. But the atmosphere of trust and love makes it possible to integrate the planetary meditation and carefully I am giving more and more info. I would like to encourage everyone to start grassroot projects like this at the place you are living. There are no costs and very less organisation needed and the whole thing grows by itself like a healthy plant and it's so much fun. At least once a month we feel supportet and inspired by each other, imagine.

    This is our website in German:

    I hope we get copied many times.

    I have no words to express how much I am longing for the moment of freedom, love and truth, of realisation and healing, for first contact and all that is about to come. Love to everyone, greetings from Germany, Jana

    1. This is a truly wonderful idea. I wish I speak German to be able to read your webpage because it looks very informative and interesting.
      Thank you for sharing.

    2. @Jana: Thank you for telling, sounds great, I will do a visit next time ;) ! We also have here a "PAO"-group, maybe our groups will become one, who knows, it is time!

      You and all others from Berlin are very very welcome to join the Berlin-Cobra-Group on facebook:

      ....and you - and all others from the german speaking countries - are also welcome to join the Weekly-Liberation-Meditation-Event for Germany:

      (maybe you would like to add the group and the meditation on your page ;) )

      many greetings and much love,


  34. Wow, I have been banned from the Cobra Etheric Liberation page on Facebook for asking why people are claiming the Chimera have surrendered and the event is imminent! I never questioned Cobra, just said it doesn't help give credibility to Cobra for people wanting to believe what he has to say is the truth!

    1. I was banned from that group months ago. No big loss. They don't want you to post anything negative about anyone, anywhere, anytime- even if it's true. It is a New Age fairy land where they just post pictures of outer space and New Age platitudes. Total waste of time.

    2. @stuarttracey and Mitchell: You can join on facebook to the public event of the Weekly Liberation Meditation, this is nice too, so you can connect. There are also other facebook groups on the prepare for change site.

      Sisterhood of the Rose group, very nice, with focus on Goddess-Energy:

      Archon Patrol by Cobra:

      And Order of the Star:

    3. Stuart unfortunately some of the beings that admin that page are still knee deep in ego and only allow the sort of free speech and discussion that they agree with. I'v been banned from more FB groups that claim to be light workers than I can count and it's always for the same reason- not going along with the crowd. Unfortunately it's a reflection of how far so many still have to go. You're better off spending your time and efforts with beings who are open to free thought and free expression.

  35. Hello.. here Im new to this. But i have a question.. Can someone be kind enough to answer. .. Will the Event be a global scenario? Or will it only be in parts of the United States and Europe , Or will this be a world wide event?. I am from India so if there are any other fellow indians would love to connect

    1. Hi "A bolt from the sky"

      "The Event" is a Planetary shift and will affect the whole of Earth.
      It would not matter whether it is day or night, whether you are in the southern hemisphere or northern hemisphere....when the time is right....the Energy will just flow and touch everybody's conscious.

      Hope this helps.

      In Love and Light

    2. The Event is a worldwide operation. In USA it will happen through the Positive Military. In Canada and Australia it will be a combination of their own Positive Military and Interpol. In Europe, it will be carried out through the positive faction inside Interpol and NATO. In Asia, it will be a combination of Interpol and White Dragon Society. In Latin America it will happen through a certain positive group that has members throughout most of the South / Central America and whose name can not be disclosed. Situation in Africa is more complex and will receive special assistance.

      Another interesting link :

      More information can be found in older blog posts and Alexandra Meadors interviews with Cobra. The information is easier to find in the Event Handbook where all the blog posts are organized. I have blogged about my favorite Cobra post here :

      India being part of the BRICS alliance is a bit insulated from economic shocks but keep your fingers crossed anyway.

    3. Of course , Usa and Europe are not the center of the World, as they wanted us to believe...
      Maybe they are the center, but of the Elite , the activities of the Cabal and the sick forces..
      The Event will reach every corner of the planet, every village and island
      my dear indian friend, it looks that you are new here, i suggest you that you read the older posts.

    4. Thanks, Naleen all for your information, I will surely go through the links you have shared Time Missionary, seems like wowsome stuff. Ger Sey i know i need to go back to older posts and there is So much information i may take some time to grasp the same, But thanks!! and yes i echo Victory to the light!! Now!!. Namaste.

    5. The event is not some ambiguous airy-fairy 'shift' that people could convince themselves that it is happened for them. It is an undeniably real, physical worldwide occurrence. It's basically a coup against the negative cabal organized by a coalition of positive forces. "Mass arrests" is one way of putting it.

    6. Not that there wont be any airy-fairy shifts happening in the future, but the significant one that everyone is anticipating will happen AFTER the event.

    7. Our galaxy is an energy center (chakra) of a much larger cosmic body... The event will be expierenced on mass... Throughout our lil chunk of creation....

    8. This galactic shift is a real thing that is already happening. Cobra has already said that the galaxy has been cleared of negative forces. That's the shift. But the technology of the chimera prevents earth from experiencing it. This is why a 3d physical coup is necessary. And the reason why the coup hasn't happened yet is because the earth is being held hostage by these technology. Therefor no risks can be taken. We are allowing the cabal to 'hang themselves' as they scramble about due to not having any negative support from anywhere in the galaxy or universe.

  36. Self-contained Higher Beings enter all of Gaia consciousness at this time
    by ÉirePort
    gaia_energy1Self-contained Higher Beings enter all of Gaia consciousness at this time.

    Far-reaching connections form readily with all ready to ascend to the next level.

    Far-reaching elements of these portend rapid change.

    Flashbacks contribute only as needed for consciousness ascension.

    Forgone efforts now release.

    Flashes of Higher Gaia are visible to all.

  37. Hello,

    It would be really nice if all the new French videos in Youtube, has a text button,
    so that the viewers could change the languge mode into another language, and have
    an approximate translation on the spot.
    This is possible in many videos in youtube which contains subtitles.
    Could you please pass this messge ?
    With gratitude,

  38. @ y o u: I hope you got it too........


    <3 ;)............see you............. :D <3

    1. ....slowly I start to feel like a Cobra whisperer.....hahaha.......

  39. What lead has not turned to Gold has become solder without Rosen.

  40. you know why the republic promoting animal slaughter??? I thought things were suppose to change for the better..murder and slaughtering animals is NOT better .

  41. Did we have a shootout at Tombstone? Oh, OK.

    Oh, yeah and that thing about the Red Heifer...

    RedBull has always been and will always be a Valued Corporate Sponsor. Thank you for your patronage Mark Legge.

  42. *** ***

  43. COBRA what about this? RESET this week?

    November 18, 2014

    The completion of all the requisite agreements, treaties, sign-offs and other functions of the Global Reset have been completed, and the advent of the new TRN (Treasury Reserve Note) is scheduled to be implemented on November 20, 2014.

    We have been apprised that the schedule of the GCR (Global Currency Reset) after the official announcement of the TRN is measured in days if not hours.

    After the GCR, the official historic bond redemptions will be announced. At this time, all six official channels for this official redemption period are on standby and completing the required loading of funds to the redemption accounts before the announcement. It is anticipated that this will occur in the next week.

    It is also anticipated that the RV (Revaluation) of the dinar, dong and other currencies will follow the GCR more or less in parallel.

    The process will complete well before the Christmas holiday season, and all currencies will become Basel III compliant.

    This global event has been decades in the making, and the royal families and other sovereigns in concert with the Chinese Family have finally "broken through" the various obstacles placed before them in the implementation of the Global Reset. All institutions, agencies, and regulatory authorities are nowon standby to support the transition.

    Landa Project fundings will begin by end of this month as first funds to accounts are underway now. It is estimated that it will take about one week to set the infrastructure in place after clearance of first funds.

    Further information will be posted as it arrives and is confirmed.

    Thank You

    1. Is this anything to do with the event/galactic federation of light Cobra?

  44. Why the Rosetta Mission failed so close to Thanksgiving.

  45. Excuse me, but the videos in French for the Event, Quarantine endgame and the first of the two chimera ones, show as "video unavilable" on an Android tablette in tke south of France...?

  46. we're in the middle of the big pickle ...
    the crux of space creation from within isolation
    and allowing an impulse of effortless harmonization
    spawning out of the indestructable zero point of all creation ...
    remember your light!

  47. @ the ignorant ILLUMINATI who will not read this blog because they think they are too far developed and much more intelligent than the rest of the world: Look what I do to you today: I make "pppphhhhh" !!!! bam!!! Your Illuminati light just wiped out, right in this second. And who is behind the mask? Mabye some old man/woman, shivering and fading away. Don't you want to get a healing in a spaceship and have some good party? Where is your problem? Don't you want to get young and beautiful and immortal actually? And you think you are clever? You have stolen our holy wisdom and our sacred teachings and switched them into an ugly caricature. You had not single symbol on your own, so you had to steel it all from us. The name "Illuminati" does NO LONGER belong to you! Today, right in this second you "Freemazons" and all others who have stolen our names and symbols: Today, right in this second, from now on until eternity I take back all our symbols, names, teachings and initiations from you of which you have made fun of and that you turned against creation! ABRACADABRA! SO BE IT, SO BE IT SO BE IT! ONCE AND FOREVER, ON ALL LEVELS, SPACES AND TIMES!!! You are no longer the "Illuminati" or the "Freemazons"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You are caricatures that need healing!!!!!!! And all symbols, names and teachings I have taken back from you now will be cleared in the divine light of GOD from all the mud and dirt you have put on them! So be it, so be it, so be it! Now and forever until eternity!!!

    And at those who indeed might read this blog, because they are working for the light secretly: Now is your turn, go for it now! Overthrow them now!!!

    1. (With "Illuminati light" I mean the false teachings and false use of the symbols, names and initiations/ceremonies, not their lifeflame...)

    2. He restoreth My Soul.

      My name is Alma today. Thank you Eliana.

  48. Replies
    1. Back in the day . . . way back when . . .
      A long Time ago, when they went to fight each other, Japanese villages sent their ONE best fighter into battle against the other village's best fighter to determine who was superior.
      Man against Man, One on One, no cowardly bullshit like what is being done these days!

      I AM VADER, strongest Samurai of My Village (called GAIA), and I will FIGHT Till The End For MY LOVE!!!

    2. I AM Vader !!!

      I FEAR NO DARK !!!
      I FEEL NO PAIN !!!

      Come into My World and challenge Me.
      Beat Me if you can !
      Survive If I Let You !!!

    3. She has stated that She prefers Anakin, dear. Not D'Arth. Somthing new to process...

    4. "Vader" is a legendary Japanese Samurai not the movie character . . . and Anakin is working his skinny fat @ss off here every day ;-)

    5. Please perceive the magnetic/energetic connections here David. You are dis-oriented because of the massive influx from the collective falling in behind you at this time. View metaphor is a tool.

      You are working too hard, HIS yoke is light and The Work full of Joy and Wonder. If it's toil for you, it is the wrong kind of work.

      Kryon has painted a lovely path for you of teal and rose-gold. Follow it.

    6. In the "HOME" comments section Help for Japan was requested.
      I have been incarnated there many times and did a Lot Of Light work while being there.
      If one of My Home countries asks for Help, I spring to Action.

      I know that my former name has been ripped off for commercial use in movies, just like most of George Lucas' Star Wars movie was ripped off from Akira Kurazawa.

      That's okay, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. I guess...
      I would like to ask for you (or anybodyelse for that matter), however, to please never, ever use the "D" word again in context to Myself.You are SO Far OFF The Mark, it really isn't funny at all.
      Thank you.

      You can call me a lot of things, but please don't use that "D" word EVER again.

      In other News :-)
      We've opened The Portal Of Cration - so onwards and upwards We GO!!!

    7. And one more time I have to repeat myself.
      *breathe in*
      *Breathe Out*

      Portal Of Creation has been opened.
      It is ALL HAPPENING !!!

    8. And This Is Not Work, my Dear.

      This Is LIFE :-)


    9. And with all due respect to Kryon and all the other Archangels: it is still *ME* who lays out their Lifelines and not the other way around.

      I Know what I'm Doing here, okay?
      Just sayin'

    10. They'll never make me President
      But I've got The BEST FIRST LADY

      David King

    11. Thank you "D". I appreciate knowing for certain now that you are also not the "K". When you use a name in reference to yourself be prepared to be referred to that way.

      And I already have a "Boss" thank you.

      My goodness, I can't decide whether it's Summer or Fall in Dalmatia. The Weather is so fine.

    12. And I appreciate that you have confirmed what I have thought for a long long time.
      You do not know who I am.
      Thank Gods.

      You just assume who I am.
      And that way you have made an ASS out of U and ME

      Well done.
      Sorry to inform you that you might possibly not know as much as they make you believe.

    13. By The Way, Newsflash, kid.

      Back in the 60's my Mother who died in 2001 was really good at gymnastics.
      Her friends called her The Cat.
      In German that means "Die Katze" - and that is the fucking ONLY reason why I call myself DK !!!
      I'll scratch every dark, negative being to tiny little pieces, oh Lords Have Mercy!

      *Meee - fucking - MeeeOoowww!*

    14. This comment has been removed by the author.

    15. also... A little something about friends in suits. We know each other very well by our Service Badges. Anything else is BS. Kryon, Uriel, Gabriel, Metatron and Michael are my Friends! They all tell me that they don't know you the way you think they do, 225.

      Kryon says you are color-blind and Uriel says you stink to High Heaven. Gabriel says that you are tone-deaf. And Michael tells me that you are Ichi-Ward. We are RoKu-Ward. Metatron has told me that your keys don't fit and that you are NOT the Gate-Keeper. Uriel IS. And I AM Ariel: The GATE.

      HE is Father Time. HE told me that Yesterday was July 6, 1997 and today is February 14, 1991 (Happy Valentine's Day Lord). HE knew the end from the beginning.

      Are you frustrated over delays relating to the Treasury Notes Lars? HE is JanUS.
      Have you been committing Doll-AR crime? I AM the Accounts Receivable Department.
      I have a new name for you 225. Your name is Ichi-bod. You may call yourself whatever you like, but it will not change the fact of the matter, and those aligned with My Meme will know you only by that name forever.

      You have played long and well. But the games you play are governed by an imposter, albeit a very, very persuasive one. Nevertheless, We are playing chess on a board that never recognized "F" suits. Now for Protoi who are grasping for clarity in this moment... You should know that I have always worn the Q suit on my missions with you. The "F" suit was only a layer. And if you only ever received the layer of lies and not the Armor of Truth... Hells Bells are ringing for you.

      And Ichi-bod... your first lady turned out to be both the hag and the nag.

      Have you seen my disclosure to Protoi? I am using a Volumizer shampoo from now on. Lather, Rinse and Repeat. We won't be using the "F" word anymore. Cloaks rip.

      Love is Patient, Love is Kind, it is NOT puffed up. The Prince of Peace... POP is The Corn not you.

      The Adam's Family is deCrypted. L1 class dismissed

    16. And now you have officially Lost Your Mind,it is very sad to be a witness of your demise :-(((
      You are unfortunately not in the state of mind or position to give orders anymore.I guess you're fried... er, I mean FIRED of course.

      "Gute Leute muss man eben haben.
      Gute Leute."

      I am happy to know that You are not on board anymore.
      More dead weight off the boat so The Rising will be easier for The Light.
      Thank you :-)

    17. JB. THE LABYRINTH OF PANDORA is a multi-dimensional realm. If you are not able (or willing as the case may be) to decode the language of The Realm you are already in a Container Garden.

      Be grateful. Yes, very, very grateful. It could have been so much worse for you. You almost became Ichabod.

    18. Have I mentioned that I hail from Denver? We had a lovely airport there back in '61. Staple-ton is NOT DIA.

    19. We are about to sack Troy. Holy Minerva seeks Her rest.

    20. This comment has been removed by the author.

    21. M24 Stand Down, soon there won't be any more cars for you to break, nor drivers to steal from.

    22. This comment has been removed by the author.

    23. Is listening to other beings really all you are able to do?
      Do you not have a Higher Self or Higher Mind that you can get in contact with?
      Seems like all the information you get is second-hand, hear-say.

      And no-one is impressed. It's just sad
      Seems like the opening of The Portal Of Creation is something you and your little friends cannot cope with.

      Too much LOVE and LIGHT for your liking?


    24. This comment has been removed by the author.

    25. This comment has been removed by the author.

    26. Wow Kathryn,

      it's getting more and more funny with you....

      Guys i don't know if Cobra will pass this comment. But I hope for you all he does.

      I like you all, because I am quite sure you all act with good intention. But I also have big experiences with influences and I know no one of you is really her-/himself. So from my side there is no prosecution against any of those with good intentions but huge influences. I know it's almost impossible to get out of them alone, and sooner or later this all will be cleaned and all will be free.

      So here is the message:

      Behind the "gods" of Kathryn (3DHD) is the LSA group, in detail there are/were illegal grown lucifer prime IDs. Congratulations, you are following thew vatican.... lol, sorry, but this is fact...

      Behind 225 is the taurus group. In 3D they are for example behind the extremist islam...

      And there are 261 other darks groups playing their games and fooling many of the "lightworkers".

      The most communication to 3D beings (like channeling, telepathy and more...) is done by using "messenger bots". It is far to dangerous for those "gods", "angels", "masters" and however they call themselves to do this 1:1. So start with identifying your messengers as what they really are, and you start to get a grip to get out of these shit...

    27. Ah, funny side note:

      A few days ago all dark groups made an alliance, it's finished already, as you can clearly read above... rofl...

      Since they made the dark alliance we had very huge attacks on Protoi which resulted in huge battles. We won all, darks lost all....

      So my dear 3DHD, I am not really scared from your "toothless tigers"...

    28. This comment has been removed by the author.

    29. This comment has been removed by the author.

    30. For those of you who have obviously not been payibng Attention:
      "225" comes from this song,and as tThe Chorus states:

      For Crying Out Loud! !!!
      Do I Have To Frickin' Repeat EVERYTHING?????


    31. This comment has been removed by the author.

    32. haha Ham. You missed.... Again.
      ah well.

    33. This comment has been removed by the author.

  49. Ken Davis originally shared:
    May 16, 2015 ... PREPARE NOW AND EXPECT US.
    How Anonymous Hackers Changed the World

  50. hey guys. i need someone to talk to about all of this, ANYONE. my friends don't care or believe! help :(


    2. Justin, we are here to listen and to talk about it with you.

  51. @Cobra, the Event still can happen outside the window of opportunity, right?

  52. I will remain in a state of love, giving and receiving. I returned from a dark place of war, trained and prepared, and tested. I will not lose sight of love and compassion, it's done.

    Chimera group you can go, time for the anomaly to fix itself, there's no place left for you in our world any longer. I'm full of love, my healing is already started. I know as human I will have to hold the light while you depart as to not lose sight of our new world.

    The mess humanity will be in at first, financial ruin, whatever, at first will fix itself if we continue to hold love and compassion in our hearts. Time for full unity conciousness, actual ascension. Poverty has been used against us, but we have more than we may be scared into thinking when we turn to each other...
    My open heart <3

  53. on pins and needles

  54. Does anyone know about puerto rican Ephraim Rodrigues who says that a big asteroid will fall on earth in 2014?

    1. He calls himself Jesus and claims to be His re incarnation and of His bloodline. Do you want to believe this?