Thursday, June 7, 2012

Negotiations Update

I have contacted my sources and they confirmed intel from Drake’s last interview.

Top people inside Positive Military group started having doubts and reservations about the execution of the Mass Arrests scenario in early May as there was an unknown element disturbing their plans. This unknown element turned out to be the Archons, physical and non-physical ones. The original Plan for the Mass Arrests designed by the Positive Military did not include Archons in consideration as their presence was not known to the Positive Military group until recently.

The physical Archons consist of a powerful group inside the Jesuit faction. This group had direct access to nuclear weapons which they were threatening to use if Mass Arrests would commence. As this group was effectively cut away from such access this Tuesday, the Cabal went into panic mode as they had no more leverage to delay their downfall. Therefore they are begging for mercy. They are cornered and they have nothing more to lose. If their only future would be mass arrests and possible execution, the only option they have is to fight an all-out war until their last man falls. If we give them a chance for a peaceful surrender in exchange for a milder treatment after they surrender, they have a motivation to cooperate. I have been present at many negotiations with members of the Cabal and they all follow the same pattern: as long as the bad guys have some power, they will use deceit to your disadvantage as much as they can and as long as they can. When they are finally cornered, most of them become very cooperative and some even genuinely cross over to the Light.

The non-physical Archons could become a real problem in the Mass Arrests scenario. Please understand that Mass Arrests could not happen without the complete reset of the financial system to cut off the Cabal from their remaining financial resources. At the reset, the non-physical Archons would influence people to spread panic, violence, riots, provoke civilians against the military…Things could really get ugly and spin out of control. 

So peaceful surrender of the Cabal is our best option. If the Cabal tries to manipulate the negotiation process, we can still execute the Mass Arrests scenario anytime we want. In case that things then get ugly and escalate into a war, the Resistance has promised to back up the Positive Military and protect the People with their resources and can also send their troops from their deep underground bases to assist the Positive Military as the last resort.

Non-negotiable terms of surrender as suggested by the Resistance:

1. The leading members of the Cabal that are public figures must publicly announce surrender of the Cabal over the mass media until a certain deadline. The latest date suggested by the Resistance is June 21st (summer solstice). If the Cabal does not do this, the Mass Arrests scenario continues.

2. Immediately after that, in the next 24 hours, they must permanently step down from all positions of power. They must give in all their property and resources. They are allowed to keep basic food, clothes and shelter for survival. This will free us to create the future we want, with NESARA, free energy technologies, transparent financial system, non-censored media....

3. They must publicly confess their wrongdoings. Amnesty can then be granted in most cases, with some arrests still taking place.

The reason for polls on this and other websites is for the Positive forces to understand the opinion of the general public so they can perform their negotiations with greater confidence. Therefore it would be great if someone could get those polls to a mainstream website so that opinions of the mainstream population and their reactions to this would be better understood. Human masses have been programmed immensely and they effectively became parts of the Matrix and no one knows how they will react.

Even if all physical Cabal surrenders, you need to understand that by this act alone the non-physical Archons will not be removed. That is a separate issue and it will be dealt with in a different way.


  1. Woooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

    The light is on !! The big universal family is sending out invitation to all for the big non stop bliss out love party brothers and sisters !!

    1. Even better with the picture !! Much gratitude and love to you Cobra and all working on this and everyone !! It's on !! I can feel it !! I can see my/our life shaping ! Feel the love, it's all over !!

    2. So agree my friend! Such a chance we have to embrace oneness and bring true unconditional love into our world! Since this has came out after the transit all I have felt with these questions and this vote is so much love! Love for everything including the darkest of souls that have a real chance to come home to the light. Namaste!

    3. I just lost my job today and I am happier today then i think I have ever been!

  2. Surrender to the light, Dark Ones! We just want peace!!!!

    1. I agree. I want them to show their commitment to PEACE by;


      I have more but I am being brief.

    2. And what country do we send them to? The cabal are a group of INTERNATIONAL people. As in, they come from all over the world. And what about people who have no homes and can only rent.. why should those who couldnt afford to pay off their mortgages be given a house for free while those others get nothing? No, i say, dont kick them out, but rather let them live in the home, and to also aboish RENT for the others. that way it is fair for everyone.

  3. Thank you Cobra for sheading light on this topic.

    We are all blessed by your work and dedication.

    Thank you,

  4. Cobra, what a breath of fresh air! Thank you for your explanation.

    At this time is wish to wrap my arms around all the Dark Ones, offer my forgiveness and move into our new world!

    Peace and love for all.

  5. The Devil went down to Georgia
    He was lookin' for a soul to steal
    He was in a bind 'cause he was way behind
    And he was willin' to make a deal

    No Deals with the Devil

  6. Namaste Cobra, the light at the end of the tunnel is drawing closer by the day!

  7. This update confirms my own intel via visionary dreams. In summary, I was shown a visual history of Earth's infestation by negative astral entities over millennia (in reverse-chron order, if you will). The final visual portrayed a huge, highly intelligent, black dragon/dinosaur head, with infinitely menacing intent. My understanding from this visionary communication was that this class of being ultimately directs and manages the conditions for humanity's imprisonment.

    So long as the cabal are removed from power and contained under conditions that do not ever allow them to wield their influence upon humanity's evolution again, I accept the conditions of peaceful amnesty as described above.

  8. I believe Drake is the real thing and he has stepped forward to do his patriotic duty.

    The only item of negotiation for the side of the cabal seem to be taking executions off the table.

    As Light Workers we want this as well. Executions will do nothing to undo the horrible hell they spewed on us for centuries

    We need to remember WE ARE ALL ONE.

    A lot of the events in 2012 are related to the Karma of Atlantis and Lemuria. We need to undo that Karma.

    We don't need to like these people but we do need to send love for healing.

    Let us find Peace. Victory to the Light!!


    1. Well said. Thank you CT and THANK YOU COBRA! I don't expect it to be possible, but I would very much like to look some of these criminals in the eyes and personally forgive them, maybe even embrace them and share some healing Love. They're a reflection of me. Let's not bear hatred or resentment but thank them instead for showing us the dark so that we could better perceive the light.

      I can't help but be all mushy-lovey since the Goddess returned.

    2. "We don't need to like these people but we do need to send love for healing."

      Well said!

    3. Peter I too feel this! Tears of love and forgiveness for all and acceptance into the light!

    4. Blast them with love..that is what they need :D

    5. That ancient karma, and accumulated karma up to this life lifetime, is now cleared, to all who wish and choose to leave all that "karma" behind, any any all negative memories/emotions/teachings, forever.
      Now is the time.


  9. I sincerely hope that the Cabal is indeed going to surrender. But after the last decade plus of their shenanigans (I know it’s been going on longer than that, but that’s about how long I’ve been awake and following events) I really expect them to try and pull something yet again.

    If it was up to me to have them surrender peacefully or go to war, of course I’m going to choose to have them surrender peacefully. But how can we trust them to do so?

    If anything is possible, I would choose to have them “Peacefully Removed” I know we have allies out there that could make that happen.

  10. True or not, this post is so much better than the last. i am fine with amnesty for the cabal as long as they hold to their end of the terms noted above & we regain our freedom. some time ago i read some gfl posting that described this reality as a grand play where we all are merely playing our roles, including the d-bag cabal (sorry... still some lingering 3d). i get that completely and hold no hard feelings toward them and theirs whatsoever. At the end of the day, i just want to be free and to enjoy the time i have left on this planet because this might just be my last time here for a while. but if this all turns out to be a big ol' hoax, big deal. i'm going 5d with or without it. peace, my friends. i love you all very much....even you archon and cabal d-bags.

    1. Amnesty should be at least on a secure location on a remote island with no means of escape and all of them should be there to work out their living situation by themselves ....psychiatric healing teams to periodically monitor their growth. No general amnesty can be allowed as they will not give up many will just seek to regain power. Also their are are select few maybe 500,000 or so worldwide who are not from this planet in holographically projected vehicles who will fight to the end. Some may still "be killed" and return to their original bodies be they grey or reptilian or ? This group must be located and rounded up by the Galactic Highway patrol (Andromedeans?) As any attempt by earth based forces will end in loss of human life as their technology and superhuman like powers are impossible for even Special Forces to handle. This must be ET/Ed operation! Why not just keep arresting the the smaller fish and take out the big boys one by one at first. Then grab some of the behind the scenes bigwigs; soros rove rothchilds rockefellers warburgs hauptsburgs etc x 20 and about 30 of the major govt players in the us and begin a massive education campaign... taking over NRO and Norad underground facilities will important to control media and to stop satellite censorship.. or better yet have the Et's themselve secure the transmissions. Making contact with regular populace and having more official messengers for this public awakening is of paramount importance. I would volunteer as many others here and elsewhere would also! Having fear by the military is a new one for me? Minor firefights's are to be expected. The spiraling out of control can be eliminated by a media blackout as these media whores/ minions will do more of the same dis-info and stoke the flames of confusion and fear unless they are cut off below the knees. Arrest all news censors and the onsite managers. Have these actions to co-incide with the first major round-ups. Broadcast on the emergency channel a repeated declaration of intent for freedom and liberation from tyranny on all radio and TV networks. Then begin a 24/7 broadcast of criminal complaints giving names dates and facts, eyewitness testimony regarding drug smuggling by the bushes would be a good start need I go on? Again the space family of light could aid in this respect. To allow this enslavement scenario with chemtrails, vaccines , micro chips , HAARP, mind control, poisoning etc etc endless wars, erosion of rights conditioning for a mindless zombie food source slave population is far worse than any problems we will face from the general public. When the ELF HAARP frequency sent along the power grids stop invading people homes the majority of people will be able to think. They might start spontaneously talking to their neighbors and a new era of peace and understanding might just happen. Most of our dysfunction has been bred into our thinking process on purpose. When it becomes "good" and accepted to speak the truth and to expose the lies and criminal activities the sheeple will gladly run free into open pastures. Remember Tahir? All the major killing was done by military/police forces.

    2. If we dismantle the criminal federal government its many agencies can be assured jobs in rebuilding the country in a positive way. These are off the top suggestions but media control is paramount to such actions to limit panic. That is what they are doing now by not reporting the truth of world wide massive protests. We are with you guy lets go forward not in a rush but in a well planned Lawful arrest of criminals who are tyrannically creating endless suffering and willfully murdering millions of souls annually through starvation suppressed cures and disease ( via vaccinations The modern day gas chamber) and many other means to numerous to mention here. Get all those flak jacketed hoorahs and tell them how the country has been manipulated by traitors to truth the constitution which they swore to uphold and let them lead the charge! I suggest when congress is in session with all parties present and TV's turned on. Hold them all in detention and call on the public to surround Dc give everyone 3-5 days to get there and when you get 4 million surrounding you and supporting you (this will not be a problem it may be logistically food and water etc but we can handle it) start the expose or trials or educational process of why this has taking place. Bring them up to the docket in a preliminary hearing of a first time ever national grand jury and present your best evidence for legal indictments. First we could, apologize to the public for the initial shock and minor violence. Don’t worry we will understand and come to your support. Explain this is not a coup but a mass arrest of major criminals. Explain that these psychotic sociopath materialists's whose culture of greed and corruption has gone too deep into the fabric of this country and must ripped out by its roots. IN A LOVING WAY as a good Father who wants his children to understand right from wrong by stopping the secret bullies from destroying his children's lives. Like a gardener who must remove the weeds so must we remove the criminals in our governments. SORRY FOR ALL THE PASSION. I feel strongly our efforts must commence sooner than later as the longer 'they get away with it" The more difficult will be the battle....I recognize far more educated in the know players with Et/Ed wisdom guiding them should ultimately decide the when the plans are enacted. I bow to their wisdom. However if it left in the hands of earth based good guys. Put your best plan forward and execute it with the precision and secrecy of a Normandy like invasion. We all want the results The ends must be tempered by Lawful means and actions. Since when do the police forces anywhere stop arresting anyone anywhere from fear? I do not seek violence only Freedom. As you all gird your loins abide in truth and the truth will abide in you and remember The Light of God never Fails! I personally would be willing to be part of such an action and put my life on the line so if there is room for a 50 something to get involved if you are who you say are you know how to contact me I can keep a secret and I am without fear. Respect and support to you all with love and a cherry on top.

  11. All the public faces we would recognize of the cabal are puppets they dont have the power, they are going to be sacraficed like the pawns they are, they are trying to make deals they have no authority to make or intend to fulfill.
    They are preying on fear and pity.
    they are threatening us with more violence if we dont concede to a deal WTF!!!!!
    There is nothing to fear
    Human race get off your knees!

  12. Let's try something out here. As a measure of good faith, is Cobra willing to name some names? Name some of the cabal with whom you have witnessed negotiations. Name some of the individuals who were on the wrong side and have now crossed over. Give us a researchable example of cooperation that has manifested in some way after a cabalist was cornered and became cooperative. If there is a verifiable example, this might permit us to believe that peace talks are more than a delay tactic. The cabal are very good at "naming" initiatives and groups and task forces and foundations with "peace" in the title. The graphics are always professional and positive. But we know that in the name of peace, they murder and abuse. It does not much matter what anyone here thinks of my energy. But I am interested in truth first -- because only truth sets people free. Let's have some truth that would stand up to the Berean standard, please. And respectfully -- how could the non-physical Archons not be known about -- especially if they have such power as to stop the decades-long plan so close to finale? And how did they become known about? Did they send a message? Did someone within their ranks leak their existence? We need specifics in order to believe this. General claims about whys and wherefores do not suffice anymore. And should not. The stakes are too high. Namaste.

    1. Anyone who is asleep, unaware of the real truth about life and death, has powered the cabal. That was me. I've never killed or tortured anyone, but it happened so that I could participate in the American dream as it were. Am I evil? Would you imprison and torture me for my compliance? When I became aware that something was wrong and began to dig, I found out so much at once and was so afraid I became paralyzed, that is the work of the archons. They are the destructive force that balances out the equation. They cause fear, doubt, and indecision. I was afraid, I had no confidence or feelings of self-worth, and my indecisiveness caused me to do nothing. I am not a public figure so none of you may believe this, but I could have stopped this a long time ago. I am an educated woman with a well developed talent for public speaking. I am a top notch negotiator, a very persuasive person and I knew I could make a difference, a BIG difference. But, the effect of these ankle-biters (archons) over-powered me and so I did nothing. I was afraid for myself and my family and I acted selfishly. I should have sacrificed everything and done the right thing, but I didn't. I may not deserve your forgiveness, but now that I have found the light within myself, and accepted the unalterable truth of what happened to me as a child, I have decided to forgive myself. Cobra is right about the cabal, I know this because I am the cabal - and I choose the light.


    3. Thanks brother. I plan on using my skills to educate the public now about the truth. Let fear disappear, there is no place for old world ideas where we are going. This is something I wish I'd had the courage to do a long time ago. I hope its true what they say, "better late than never."

  13. I ABSOLUTELY agree with Truth Only post. I too need PROOF that they are going to do what they say they will. I don't care if the money crashes or economy. I do not care what they are master manipulators for centuries.



  14. Peaceful surrender and life imprisonment for all offenders! So when they release the countless amount of people who are currently in prson falsely for marijuana convictions there will be plenty of new space for these evil fuckers!

    1. I am the cabal, arrest me. If you hate these people, you should hate me. You should arrest me. Call me evil and take out your aggression on me.

    2. I love you melody. i wish you the very best.

  15. Cobra,

    So now we wait until June 21 st on their sacrifice day at Colorado Castle???

    1. I'm also wondering what happened to the momentum we seemed to have and the window of opportunity... I'm watching optimistically but I'm no longer expecting much.

  16. Rumsfeld, Kissinger, Cheney, Powell, Bush snr, Bush jnr, Hilary Clinton and her serial killing husband, Rice, Dimon, Bernankie, Queen Elizabeth the last and all her cronies. Top bankers across the globe, top military leaders across the globe, CEO's of Monsanto for poisoning us with GMO's. The heads of the medial profession for killing us with our cancers when a cure has been known for year, US government officials past and present, UK government officials past and present are all complicit in mass genocide.

    Everyone at the high seat of satanic worship called the Vatican.

    Life imprisonment for all of them. And a proper maximum security prison with no fraternisation.

    This would be a start. And it is justice.

    Anything less would be dishonouring our dead and about to die due to these war warmongering parasites that have been feeding off us for centuries.

    1. This negative controlling train of thought is the same vibration the cabal function on... This need to control is one of the biggest things we have to give up to escape duality.

      Forgive all and bring forth the light my friends!

    2. clay i am pretty sure rice is a mk ultra victim and many others alos will have to be de programmed and special considerations for these victims must be given!

  17. Yes, I also agree with Truth Only's post above. PROOF that they are going to do what they say they will do -- something that We The People can verify through search and discovery on our own. Now they are having to put up the "Good Faith" proof.

    For years I have been aware of Shaini Goodwin, aka Dove of Oneness, and her monumental efforts to inform the world of NESARA. I was one who did become informed and gained hope. Go to Drake's website and register. He will send an email with links for explanations about NESARA. This is totally what is needed. And I also agree with Cobra and the Resistance - their requirements. By jUNE 21st. No later! See this done, know it is for real. Love is at the center and core of even those affiliated with the Cabal/Elite, even though it appears not to be. No more of this energy will predominate as WE demonstrate high integrity. Those responsible for such devastation must pay a price that is appropriate, to be determined respectfully. Re-education for mankind must include these people as well. So be it. Let's support this peaceful path with focus. :-)

  18. DID I JUST HEAR HEAR MAJOR US MEDIA (, Jeb Bush say "he lost the WINDOW OF OPPORTUNITY"... and according to latest polls "W. bush has been the worst president in history", and "thr bush brothers are in trouble"
    LOL, talk about the darkest of cabal bowing down :)

    Yes, this is the "window of oppoturnity", folks


  19. It has come to my attention that there are prosperity packages created for those who knew the right people. I believe these packages where created to tip the balance of the scales in favor of the Illuminati, their families and friends. These prosperity packages should not be paid. I do not think "We the People" want to reward them for their evil deeds. This is but the first item of deceit I have found in this deal.

    Other issues have come up. I am wondering if there will be another conference call with Drake to address questions that have come up for people researching the NESARA act.

    It appears as though the White Knights know what is in the NESARA act, so it would seem resonable for us to ask for someone who knows what is in the NESARA act to go over how the safety nets for the guilty will be handled, or better yet, how "We the People" will be garrentied NO funds will be secretely distributed to the Illuminati, their family members or friends.

    And how "We the People" will be protected from any Ruling family or friends ability to work their way back into power.

    Most of the people I have been interacting with DO NOT want this deal, because they see it as a trick, as we have been trick so many times before, and so are planning on voting NO. I however, see a window of opportunity, if and only if, "We the People" are given ALL the facts, and safety measures; showing us security beyond any doubt.

  20. Psychopaths will continue to commit atrocities if they are not stopped properly. Because they have no empathy. Everyone I've listed and many many more are clearly psychotic. We have been ruled by psychopaths who operate on a low vibrational frequency, they create wars and financial instability to make a global low frequency.

    They thrive on the bad vibe that they create for all of us.

    Put them all in maximum security prison with no chance of release in this current lifetime, let them sit and make their peace with themselves and ask for forgiveness before moving on to the next life.

    It's the only way that us and our children can be safe from them. They would have wiped us all out if they had gotten the chance.

    We can forgive but we should NEVER forget what they are capable of. No eye for an eye, just supreme justice for all.

    Lock them up for life.

  21. We 3D humans need to be mindful that we might be very very close to a decisive point in our struggles.

    Right now we are aware of only a tiny part of the entire big picture, and this makes our decisions so very delicate, based on trust and belief.

    Please remember that in the next short period of weeks/months we will be making decisions that effect not just us in the here and now, but perhaps the entire universe and vast numbers of other entities.

    With what we know this makes our choices complicated, remember we as a group of entities are soon to be welcomed as higher density beings into a much larger and richer diversity of beings, so perhaps now is a good time to start making decisions that will help us to get there as quickly and wisely as possible.

    Delicate, sensitive thoughts and actions please sisters and brothers.

    1. I agree. While there are minor details we need to focus on, there is still a larger cosmic picture we need to concern ourselves with..

  22. Once this version of NESARA is in place. We the people will be able to vote on changes if any are deemed necessary. im against another bail out.

  23. proof

    camera on them after their surrender
    so the people can see that they are not to the power.
    not prison but controled with camera wherever they are....

    if they accept this so thu humanity can forgive alls.

    guarantees and not words.
    this is important

    as above so below
    that means int his case if i forgive into the heart i forgive into the earth

    but with transparent camera visualizing life of all of them

    this is justice
    absolutely do evrything to remove negative entity because if we didnt

    so we do nothing....

    because the start again
    choosing heads of people
    and share fear around

    all our efforts have to be facts now

    so remove the archins it

    1st into the plan for my opinion

    love and joy to everyone

  24. Thank you for your prompt update, Cobra, and for your great work. Yes, of course, peaceful surrender of the dark ones is the ideal situation. I do have a question, however. Haven't we been assured by multiple sources that any attempts to set off nuclear devices would be halted immediately, as has already been shown to happen? If so, then this nuclear threat should not be a concern.

    Be that as it may, I believe most of us just want the "bad guys" to be held accountable for their actions under proper law. I have no interest in anyone being hurt, not even them. I choose to have them put on trial, legally, and detained humanely, where they can no longer cause anyone further trouble. Ever again.

    Enough of this. I no longer want to worry about how I'm going to pay the rent because I haven't been able to find a full-time job in 4 years. I am weary of worrying about how to pay for medicines for my husband's chronic illness because we cannot afford health insurance. I no longer want to see homeless, hungry, sick people anywhere on our Beloved Gaia. I am so done with all of this, you know? I choose for ALL of us to live our lives in peace, joy, and happiness. Can we Please go there Right Now? Thank you.

    If a survey is needed, I would definitely not "vote" by email to Lady Dragon. Nothing personal. I just believe that a public, web-based survey would be better. I am not interested in creating one myself, however, if Drake or someone else wants to do it, here are two websites to check out: kwiksurveys. com and surveymonkey. com Thank you. Bring On The Peace, Love and Light <3

    1. My thoughts too and for some time, more so recently due to ongoing updates and delays. The hammer has to fall, there will never be a perfect time, of course in the meantime more and more people are dying, losing their homes, suffering needlessly when we are so close to a promised utopia...

    2. A Public survey sight opens the back door to hackers paid by the cabal to skew the numbers, just take the extra step and email Lady Dragon with your decision I'm sure I want my decision known and in black and white, I do not fear anyone knowing that I am of the light and choose peace instead of war, either way it goes the momentum in peoples hearts wants peace, and so it shall be. I for one out of the many do not mind them knowing how powerful I am joined in with the collective to "desire a peaceful solution."

    3. Email is one of the easiest things to hack. Email is spoofed all the time, thats how you get those SPAM ads its no guaranty of valid results.

  25. So much hate! Has it not occurred to so many of you that hate, deceit, fear and doubt are the tools of those that wish to undermine this entire transition?

    How about shifting your mindset to enable you to direct your energy in a language, thought and visualisation of what you want our future to be? The ankle-biters, illuminati, cabel, acherons, the GFOL, light workers, starseeds, White Hats, you, me, EVERYONE is included in this future.

    The purpose of the Venus Transit and the arrival of the Goddess is to bring balance and love into our lives. It is no coincidence that it should happen shortly before the fall (or should we say 'rise', for they have already fallen many, many years ago?) and judgement of those that have held humanity down?

    It is my belief that many of us need to look inwardly and think about the Goddess' influence in our lives and how we can work individually to raise our own self to a new level, and in doing so collectively help ALL beings on this planet.

    What could be a greater demonstration of our raising conciseness to the forces that are helping us than a considered treatment of those that have done wrong? To say they should be punished, jailed, executed... how is that doing anything other than what they would have done to us?

    Not in my name!

    Bring them to the light, and those that refuse will come over eventually in their own way as their karma works out in the universal scheme.

    Inspire love in your adversary so they may become your family.

    With love!

    Your Brother xoxo

  26. Thank you Cobra, welcome back :)
    I rushed to post my message without first reading yours, until now
    Sounds good!


  27. Thanks Cobra. whew.. was getting worried there for a sec. a peaceful surrender is what we all want. otherwise, the Archons will reek havoc on people's fear and panic. This will make transition a LOT more difficult.

    For now, I will not blame, judge, make assumptions, or feed off of any fear of the 'what ifs' or the 'unknown outcome'. Should we get angry and blame others because things are not working out the way we 'want' it to? It's disheartening and a challenge to see these recent updates, yes. But regardless of the how, when, where.. liberation WILL happen. This month or 50 years from now. Gaia is moving to a higher vibration, and we as a human race will have to adjust to this change... the hard way, or the easy way.. that is up to us as a collective. Remain centered and balanced and look within for peace.. Shine your light, and raise your energy of love, no matter the outcome or how this play's out. Keep your focus, send positive intentions, and do not get caught up in the chaos. Because the shit can hit the fan, even on a larger scale. Do not forget who you are, and that we are here to awaken others, and be an example, and a source of hope and light as their 3D reality is disrupted and distorted through this process. That is our purpose here is it not? I do love each and every one of you.

    Victory in the Light

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  29. Are people really taking this Drake internet personality serious?

    We need to see proof of identity and credentials, otherwise it could just be some bored old geezer who has just figured out how to use the internet. Or he could have an agenda of misinformation..

    I personally am not worried about the outcome as I trust the universe and our return to the galactic centre to bring balance to our human oce-system. Corporations and governments and Royalty and all people born with "title" are nothing more than a virus on our eco-system. Mother nature, goddess Gaia or whatever term you prefer will provide the cure.

    But to hear full and frank confession from some of the complete and utter lunatics we have been empowering to rule over us and to let them go with a pat on the back and a letter of forgiveness is total madness.

    They want us to believe that they still have some fight left in them by offering to fight us if we take them down without conditions, when we could take the banking system down in one month by simply not paying our bills and mortgages etc.

    We have the power within all of us and collectively to find a solution to this virus that has spread across the globe. Non-violence is vital of course, but they need to be locked up and make right with their own higher-self. and we need to be safeguarded for our futures from them.

    I do not want to see any physical harm come to anybody, not even to those that would kill us all then go home and eat a meal and sleep soundly. But those kinds of people are currently running the shop.

    Drake and his kind need to own up or shut up as far as I am concerned. And stop relying on the herd mentality to muster up a bit of support over the internet for a frail EGO.

    If I am wrong about the guy then I will gladly kiss his feet.

    But I will trust in harmonic convergence and the return to the womb of all creation that we are currently witnessing.

    Live from the heart, live above fear. ♥

    1. My dearest ClayDog,
      I read all your posts and I want to say something from the heart. You are definitely in your heart center because of the non-violent ideas that you adhere to. You have love for all and it shows. But, somehow your words are mixed, as though you are loving from your heart, yet speaking from your brain. I only recognize this behavior because I do it all the time, as it takes one to know one, right :) Anyway, I appreciate your passionate remarks and the ability you have to put into words the difficult task we have of finding justice, without using the techniques that were used by the cabal themselves. In order to create a new way of living and sharing the world, we must find a way to abandon the very ideas and beliefs that caused this mess in the first place. Thank you for being a vocal pioneer for the cause brother, much love!

  30. I have already voted yes. But I want them to have to work to repay those they have harmed. Serve the poor, sick and worst off. Let them work off their karma by making those they harmed whole. That will rebalance the scales.

    1. It is good, that you voted for yes. But please think about the rest. In the meaning of the light is no space for payback or compensation. Forgiveness is the only option.

  31. May I add, individuals whom are considered political prisoners, who were arrested under the Bush and current regimes should be released. The likes of those arrested for taxation and first amendment issues; The Browns and their supporters; Irwin Schiff;Bill Wood aka Brockbrader( who was just recently arrested )and many many more.

  32. Thank you for being another voice in the darkness. And thank you to all who have voice opinions here and elsewhere on the internet. I truly feel or voices are in many ways joining add one. Let's look at what we can agree on there we will find solutions. Cobra, lady dragon, Drake and so many others especially those who have fought and are no longer here. It is my opinion that the voices from the past are cheering us on. We will prevail, we will be FREE!

  33. I've been watching this for a few days now. I'd just like to say...

    You are already free. Asking someone else to free you is an inherent acceptance that you are enslaved when you are not. Acquiescing to someone else's demands is an inherent admission that they are in charge of what is possible when they are not. Seeking revenge is a perpetuation of a cycle of fear and anger that is eons old and has only lead to where we are now...and will only lead back to this point again.

    An essential cannot forgive if confessions have not been made. I cannot forgive what has not been confessed to me and every other victim of negativity. I believe there must be universal, public confession of negative intent. In my opinion, only this can lead to a path of healing.

    Stay centered, everyone!! Our future is not limited by a dichotomy of decisions placed before us by those who are lost. These choices before us that we are to "vote" on...the only limits to the choices we have before us are our own imaginations! We do not feel love, we ARE love! We ARE freedom. We are the future we create and this future is without is beyond the duality of war vs peace, nuclear annihilation vs peaceful negotiations, 'give in' or 'give up'...all on someone else’s terms. BE free, ACT free, FEEL free and there is nothing anyone can do to you. Do not give these givens over to anyone or anything. Do not let anyone set boundaries around you. That is enslavement. And you, my dear and beautiful are free.

    1. You're welcome and you are beautiful. Remember also, that you are free. <3

  34. Here are the problems with this whole scenario:

    1) There are between 4 million and 16 million members of the galactic militia outside of traditional earth-based military or resistance forces who CAN arrest & remove the Cabal and the Archons with a minimum of bloodshed without this resulting in "all-out war" to do do so.


    2) It simply defies logic as well as their past/current actions to believe that The Cabal will either willingly step-down or negotiate and follow through with their own surrender.

    As a result, I simply cannot shake the feeling that this is a mis-info/dis-info ploy on their part.

    1. Or maybe Creator just wants to see if "We the people" understand oneness and accept unconditional love into our hearts?

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. It's possible that you're right, Brando.

      However, framing the options in this poll with factually incorrect information--that we allow them to step down or there will be all-out war and blood-shed--smacks of deception. And I refuse to believe that any Creator-inspired "test" would operate in that manner.

    4. in the Bible story God once spoke thru a Jack Ass. Never discount whom or how the divine speaks, its often thru surprising means. God is One. And Sometimes has a very funny sense of humor.

  35. If what you're saying on this post is the truth, then what was the point of all the visualization about the arrests happening smoothly all around the world etc. ?
    Because you said tha if the arrests happen there will be an all-out war and the other option is to make then surrender and then giving most of them amnesty.

  36. @brando9000

    This could be true, and I can forgive. But can you trust a psychopath to see their complete error of their ways and turn to the light?

    More like the powers that be will tell you one thing while doing the complete opposite. I can forgive all of them once all of them are behind bars where they cannot commit mass atrocities to our planet and us.

    We will be safer, they will be safer from temptation and they can start on their own path of forgiveness.

    We are talking about people who invented AIDS, have known of a cure for cancer for decades if not longer, who committed 911 in order to take us on a crusade against Islam and take oil rich countries etc etc etc..

    Forgiveness for me is easy, I forgive them in my heart.

    But I will never trust any of them.

    1. We shouldnt trust in them, We should trust in us. To control and confine them as they have done to us for so long will only strengthen our attachment to the lower vibrations that most are accustom to. We have a chance this year to leave these lowest of vibrations and for once move on through the dimensions instead of reincarnating here. We must accept these dark souls and show them the path back home. Obviously there must be strict oaths made by them that are enforced on all levels. But they must have a chance at freedom on the same level as everyone else. They too are victims of this horrible duality that has enslaved us all and disconnected us from Creator. Deep down they too long to go home, they have just walked much farther away from the road home then us and will require some of us to go get them. I will be there with arms open to welcome them back if they so choose to come!

    2. They need locking up for their own safety if not anything else. Do you honestly think once the Secret Service goons stop protecting these kinds of monsters that people will not take them out and maybe kill innocents while doing so?

      They should be put away in a secure environment for their own good and the good of all those that they have hurt.

      Otherwise the temptation for revenge will simply be too massive for anyone with an axe to grind, and there will be millions of people who would love to grind an axe in the head of the likes of G W Bush et al.

      I do not include myself in that category, but I would not like to see somebody incarcerated for acting out what they see as rightful retribution and mistakenly taking out innocent people at the same time.

      To be forgiven they will have to confess openly all that they wish to be forgiven for, this will create hysteria amongst the masses. Revenge will be the utmost thoughts on lots of peoples minds.

      Lock them up for everyone's sake. forgiveness will come in time from even those who have lost loved ones at the hands of these psychopaths.

      You can have your arms open, I agree with you and would do the same. But somebody might have other plans. When full disclosure hits a free and honest media outlet then people will go crazy for retribution. More casualties of war.

      We simply are not all singing from the same hymn sheet yet. That day will come but it's not here yet.

      People need protecting from themselves when emotions run high and bitterness eats it's own container.

      Even people who openly forgive will become targets of those hell bent on retribution.

      It is insane to think that all will be well with an honest confession and a big group hug. We have not ascended yet, people need help with many different issues. Letting mass murderers free once they have been completely honest will stir up a hornets nest of pure unadulterated hatred.

      There are many among us who choose not to ascend at this time. We need to be aware of this, and simple non-violent measures have to be taken in order to stop mass bloodshed.

      Like I said, we are not all singing from the same hymn sheet yet. It's completely naive to think we are.

    3. It is true that they may need to be isolated from our general public for some time for us all to heal, or maybe they will move them off planet to begin their healing. I do not know. But I truly believe it most important for everyone to keep their mind away from thoughts that exist in the lower vibrations. Our collective consciousness needs to remain in the light and for the love!

  37. There must be a group of young people on here who haven't been through this world with the cabal as long as I have. I can agree with all 3 points, however amnesty I would disagree. If indeed this is not a trick and if indeed they will surrender...I do believe they still MUST pay for their crimes against humanity. I am a forgiving person, but forgetting what they have done will only happen when they are at a fema camp scrubbing toilets. They should NEVER walk free...NEVER EVER! We are all one, but that doesn't mean they shouldn't get spanked and go to their room. amnesty! Not for this bunch.

    1. They will always pay for their crimes as soon as they know love. They will live every day trying to accept and process the guilt that comes with knowing how much pain they have caused their family. We gain nothing by discarding them into prisons and forgetting them. Our collective consciousness has everything to gain from embracing oneness and showing unconditional love on a level that has never been demonstrated until now.

    2. Well said brother! I have felt a terrible pain deep inside all of my life because of something that happened to me as an infant. I had no control over what happened but my poor little self tried so hard to fight it. When we don't know how to process that kind of intense emotion we bury it, deep inside. And then usually cover it up with strange behavior and addictions. Most of these cabal participants have been through similar traumatic events and don't know how to even love themselves. That's why punishment doesn't work. They are living in their own hell already. They need to be shown love and compassion - they DESERVE to be shown love and compassion. The great creator is the very spirit that lives within everything, even the cabal. If you knew that God came down in physical form and was tortured as a child and went on to hurt others because that's all they knew, would you punish God? Whatever you are taught as a child, you seek out as an adult, unless given the proper treatment. I speak from a very painful place when I say that I know exactly how they feel. They do not feel a sense of self-worth, and they deserve to feel worthy. They deserve to feel loved and to be loved - to find out that they themselves are the embodiment of love. I for one, love you ALL. Know that you are worth more than all the gold and diamonds in the universe. Because YOU are LOVE. And love conquers all. Feel that tiny little spark of love that is buried deep inside of you. Its warm and beautiful and bright. And if you focus on that light, the love that resides right inside of you, it will start to grow, until it is bigger and brighter than the sun. And when the spirit moves you and gives you an opportunity to show that light, that love, share it, and watch the love grow! My little spark is growing right now, because I have shared this with you. You are bright, you are beautiful, you are truly a magnificent and divine creature. Go look in a mirror, and realize that what you see looking back at you is the great spirit, peeking right at you through your own eyes. Now say - I love you, and realize that its true.

    3. Melody-you speak the truth and I am glad to hear them. I too had to suffer before I came to forgiveness and did things that I regret. I was healed about 12 years ago and feel others pain so clearly even when they are not aware. Once we realize forgiveness of ourselves we open up the universe to hope for all.

    4. Brando, Melody,

      Thank you so much. This is the ascending truth. Love.

  38. This question is open to anyone. Guys please do clarify. June 21st
    Is the last day "suggested" for the cabal to surrenderand confess on mass media channels meaning that its only a suggested day they might
    Not agree or maybe stall until then and then ask for an extension.
    This will be granted to avoid war . Trust me i foot want blood shed. We
    Don't want to loose friends and family to war neither do we want
    False promises or delivery dates that never materialize. We want the June 21st date to be written in stone a dead line that will be dealt with immediately. Mass arrests for those who elude the June 21st date should(which i expect all of them to) should start within 2 or 3 days

    1. Agreed. Now that they have lost their last leverage, there needs to be no if/ands/or buts in regards to extending the june 21st deadline. Hopefully they will find their inner peace and just give in without a fight. Namaste

  39. A peaceful surrender would be a good way to begin the Golden Age.

    Peace on Earth.

  40. @achuth90

    You cannot appeal to a psychotic mind as they don't see that they have done anything wrong, that's how they are able to keep on committing atrocities. Mainstream media such as the Murdoch empire are complicit in all the worlds wrong doings, so disclosure wont happen there.

    Most will fight to the death to protect what they see as rightfully their. We are nothing but cattle to them.

    I think you are being woefully naive to think that open confessions from inbred psychotics will come by June 21st.

    we could crash the system they thrive on by simply refusing to pay all our bills, they control us through the banking system, the Military industrial complex relies on the banking system. Don't pay a soldiers or police officers wages and see how long they will defend these monsters.

    it can all be done non-violently, but people need to stop being so naive and taking too much notice of anonymous internet "celebrities" for a solution to this madness.

    If the 99% stopped paying their over inflated cost of living then they would collapse almost overnight.

    Money is slavery, and we are currently in chains. emancipation from this slavery is staring us right in the face. Instead we are putting faith in to some random guy who claims to be a Vietnam veteran and have "inside knowledge" and he is going to empower us all and save us all. Herd mentality manipulation 101.

    Cut the virus off at it's blood supply. That is money and wall street. Then see how much power they can muster over us. People will stand down in droves. and wake the fuck up..

  41. @Marcus

    it is not the Golden age yet, it is coming.
    but it is always darkest just before the dawn.

    Surrender will come non-violently once they have no more credit to pay the idiots who foolishly choose to bear arms against us.

    Money is mostly digits on a computer screen, it's massive fraud. We need to be aware of this and stop feeding it.

    Then the beast will die off like the un-evolved dinosaur that it is.

    1. It hurts when you call me those names. Inbred psychopath, idiot, etc. I know you are mad at me and you may not care, but it hurts to be called names. Besides, if a child was born of parents who are related, what fault is it of theirs? If a baby is born and has the specific wiring inside their brains that makes them a psychopath or sociopath, what fault is it of theirs? Do they not deserve love and affection? Should we just throw them out at birth? Lots of people are psychopathic and sociopathic and they never hurt anybody. The statistics are really quite eye opening. Thank you for your posts, friend. Much love :)

    2. Melody, you seem to still be struggling with your identity. While it appears on the surface that you have acquired some rehabilitation from your horrific childhood and later experience, your commentary continues to plead your identity as one of “them.” If you consider yourself a good negotiator, may I suggest you wait until you have reached a more stable spot on the spectrum near objectivity. So far, you ask concessions of forgiveness from the aggrieved slaves of the cabal without acknowledging the serious need for the cabal to be adjudicated for their crimes and atrocities. One cannot conflate forgiveness with justice. Both forgiveness and justice can be applied without risk to either. But justice cannot ever be dismissed, even where mercy may be granted for extentuating causal circumstances. If all crimes were simply forgiven because the perpetrator was abused or treated badly as a child, this world would be so much more dangerous. Yes – they all need forgiveness and rehabilitation. But first, they must all face justice. And that is the point where mercy may be considered. Please quit asking all the decent folks here to simply stand down from their grievances … and when they rightly observe that the cabal are psychopaths. It may hurt, but it is observably and objectively true. Name-calling is more about wrongly calling someone a name they haven’t earned. We are not the guilty ones here for feeling the need that they be identified for what they are (right now) and brought to face and atone for what they have done (and these CAN be done in a context of mercy). Then there is time for rehabilitation.

    3. You are guilty! When you point your finger at another, you point it at yourself because we are ONE. Define justice? Because it sounds like you want punishment, you want revenge. Should we not instead be searching for and giving unconditional love. These people who have committed atrocities did so because they do not know love. They have never been shown love therefore they do not know how to give love. They have experienced more pain and suffering than most people have and they need love and forgiveness. If you were in their position, I would love you! Stop trying to punish people who are already living in their own hell. Love them. Love them. LOVE THEM! WE ALL DESERVE LOVE.

    4. Melody,
      You say “Stop trying to punish people who are already living in their own hell.” This unhinged assumption is a perfect example of why you cannot act as a negotiator yet. I did not call for punishment, but for justice. Justice may mete mercy or punishment. If you read my post again, I indicated that in this matter, bringing the cabal to justice most certainly can be done in the context of mercy.
      You say, “These people who have committed atrocities did so because they do not know love.” I have understood this for a long time and agree with you 100%!
      You also say, “They have experienced more pain and suffering than most people…” There is absolutely no way this assertion can be measured as truth. You would have to know all the pain and suffering of all other people and have the ability to assess a metric for “most” people compared to the cabal. This is beyond one individual’s purview.
      You also say, “If you were in their position, I would love you!” Does that mean you cannot love me in the position where I am? Or must I prove that I have not known love and therefore committed atrocities as a result before I qualify for your unconditional love? Of course I am a little harsh on you with this one…but you might at least see how the statement possibly begged this response.
      Yes, I am guilty. Guilty of wrong(s). I accept this and each day repent and seek to overcome and offer mercy to those who need it (which is everyone, really). But I will never pretend that unconditional love means dismissing the need for me to stand accountable for my guilt. I hope for unconditional love from all in spite of my guilt, but I do not demand they grant that love without confronting me where I committed wrong. This is the view I take with the cabal. In my opinion, it is fair and just.
      My point to you was – if you seek to act as a negotiator of sorts between cabal and non-cabal – you do not yet appear to require consideration/concession from the cabal, but mainly from the non-cabal. Your response to me was confirmation of this bias. Again, it might make sense to wait until you are more objective to take on such a role.

  42. It's funny how i don't care what happens to them.

    All i care about is how the minds are being set free, the people fed, the worries dissolved as we don't have to spend half of the time thinking about how we're gonna pay rent anymore, how we're gonna build communities of art and communion and great love, out in the nature feeling the bliss, festivals of love where we'll all hug and smile at each other, we'll have amazing discussions about what happens in this universe, how its wonders are unfathomable. And i can feel it's happening. It really is. We're in for a ride people, let's be ready. Let's be ready to have blessings pouring all over in quantity and quality. We gotta be it. We gotta be open to be one with them if we wanna receive them. And they're coming like a flood, that's what matters.

    I be me and they be them. If cabal members are ready to open to the true nature of life, and be love, i'll play volley ball on the beach with them tomorrow. Who cares. If they wanna keep a castle somewhere where they can bulk around all day, i don't care either. I don't have time to make them pay. There's way enough space and resources, who needs anything from them, nobody. No more time wasting. If they want to fight we got light dragons who can drop them on the central sun, i'll go find the rock in which they reincarnate and give it a hug.

    I wanna explore the bliss of the universe, and it's started already. Can you feel it happening ? Can you feel the Goddess and the God, the One, how we are love and pleasure ?

  43. 1. The leading members of the Cabal that are public figures must publicly announce surrender of the Cabal over the mass media until a certain deadline. The latest date suggested by the Resistance is June 21st (summer solstice). If the Cabal does not do this, the Mass Arrests scenario continues.

    To me this means that they will have to start announcing this and continue announcing this until June 21st. Or am I reading it wrong?

  44. I read on here a few weeks ago,about the Silver Leigon blowing a Cube up.Well if we are to be ALL-ABOUT PEACE-and forgive these enemies of earth's humanity,,,WHY did the Silver Leigon blow up the Cube,istead of having them surrender Peacefully?????
    Is it NOT the same scenario???
    Where was the love and peace and trust ,then,,,you want all of us to have NOW???

    1. Evidently the archons chose not to surrender peacefully, and thrive on war, I am happy that the Silver Legion are there to perform what they are here to do for us. All of us have different missions and in this life time is on a different course.

  45. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. Is any of you involved directly on the field ? I don't think so. Are you guys going on with your life ? Yeahah. So do you need to have warlike mindset my friend ? I don't think so. Why not be love, build real connections around you, break the norms and codes and enjoy together, practice peace. Me think need no we soldiers pretend being. We ain't. We're here to feel the love and explore the wonders. That's who we are. See how once you take just one step the synchronicities can be quick now.

  46. Comments i received in my e-mail today about the whole situation. Changes in plans... I don't trust the cabal, who have always said one thing, then done the other.

    *The cabal surrendering??? Highly unlikely.

    *I don't see how the cabal could threaten us with nuclear weapons, if they can be/or have been switched off. as we have been assured in the recent past.

    *The archons have no right to interfere in our sovereignty on our planet, and they do not have my permission to be here on our Earth.

    *It's too bad, but June 21st will come and go with no results, because the satanist scum cannot b trusted.

    *The scums will never step down from their power, they will only distract and feign doing so. Then...seize all the more power.

    I've seen the latest Whitehats video with Drake...said we must vote...went to Drakes site, hit link to vote...Ladydragon site came on......nothing about any kind of voting...only online poker playing,bingo,and electronic games.... ...very disappointing......Very telling
    I wanted to vote then and there. I couldn't see any kind of voting.

    I was under the illusion, the early May,and last several meditations and visualization was to rid the Earth of all dark entities...and was told after, that this was a great success.I guess it was not a success...if the dark entities are still on the planet.
    The technology of our off world friends could be used for the why is this not an option???

    I say now,I would wish that there be a non-violent way for all good to happen...but the scum that hold the power are not going to give it up. They've been in control for thousands of years, and they will not surrender.

    You can't give us hope, then rip it away...then give us more hope, then rip that away

    I say mass arrests immediately and get ready for war against the people that the scums have already planned for...................
    ...and what of the galactic alignment and Ascension...something the cabal has no authority over??? What of this???

    My only wish now, is to see Earth Mother take charge and cleans the planet of all human and non-human entities and start over.Love,frankie ^j^ :)

    My vote is thumbs down to the cabal...and what will be...Will Be.This is the first time you've ever gotten anything aside from positive and supportive of Drake from me.
    There's a reason for that...I'm 48yrs young :-) and my Intuition has been honed for many lifetimes. It's NOT that I am saying that what Drake is coming out with is not true..
    He is with-holding info that could be beneficial to all and if anyone close to him will nudge him, he will speak out.
    I do not know him, or I would not hesitate.

    It's like when you're trying to make a decision and without Knowing that others have your back enough, you are quite simply 'afraid'..Drake has been the one that many have 'depended on' for a long time. He's used to that role. He is not accustomed to asking for help.
    David Wilcock needs to DO another Interview and say that he's got Drake's back and Drake then, needs to spill what he is holding back.

    Thanks so much as always for the update..
    Much Love to You and Yours,

    1. I read your message and I am overcome with joy. Progress. Do not let the fear of non-physical archons stand in your way. The fact of the matter is, Divine intervention is here. The ascension process, and the evolution of this planet, is inevitable. Keep faith in the fact that all fear is illusion, thus all things working for fear are trapped in illusion, and can not prevail. We are vessels of the light. Thought manifest beautiful realities. We have already won. It is impossible to stop divine creed from taking place. We have already won. Keep Peace, Love, and Light in your heart. Manifest tomorrow. PeaceThank you for the communication. Only Peace will bring peace so of course I'm happy to hear all measures are being taken to avoid conflict. In the meantime I have been working to be as healthy as I can be and to spread love and compassion with every word, breath, thought in hopes that this energy will help to bring about peace in the end for everyone.As you say we all are one, all of us whether living in the light or in the dark, we all need to go home together. So sayeth the Boddhisatva ;-)So that was just a few i wanted to share the thing is the cabal have been given many deadlines and kept going on our galactic family can deactivate all weapons if need be and take all the members off world from the planet so if this date passes and nothing happens our starfamily needs to finish the last phase of the mission because we are so close to all the changes we want and need so this should be the back-up plan and let it manifest.Namaste

    2. Your words of hope are inspiring, as always Sirian! Namaste all :D

    3. I agree with you. We have reason to be cautious here.
      On the surface the story sounds good..., BUT, there is way more to it that we are being told. So let me add some stuff to what you've already said.

      Listen, WE ARE NOT CHILDREN!!! So many out there are still keeping secrets and NOT TELLING us stuff and saying they have to not divulge everything...and it's for our protection. POPPY COCK, BALDERDASH and a few choice words #^^#^#^#^#^#^
      LIKE THE GENIE told Alladin (TELL THE TRUTH!)We can handle it! The only one's who can't handle it are the military it seems who are bigger cowards than the average Joe on the street.
      Nuff said

      Much love to all

      OKAY HEAR THIS..., I for one am sick of that...!

    4. Anyone who is asleep is a hostage of the archons/ankle-biters. That is the truth. These people do not understand that is their fear that feeds the dark side. Whatever you fear has no power over you, its the fear that has the power. Cobra has been protecting someone who is very dear to him, a girl who just couldn't find her way out of the maze of deception. A girl he loves, but couldn't find the confidence to love him back. She was afraid she wasn't good enough for him and found every reason to run away and hide. Until now...

    5. I smell roses and chocolates, Melody.

    6. :)) yeah, but I'm pretty sure it is me who should be giving him the roses and chocolates! He is amazing. Talented, loving, and super cute too!

  47. Thank you so much, Cobra and everyone else involved in this unbelievably massive task - Positive Military, Resistance Movement, and all the Ground Crew. Please, no war...I can't bear to think of the immense grief the families have to go through if lives were lost. No life should be sacrificed. Each member of the Ground Crew deserves to live to see the Dawn of the New Age. We need to remember that we are evolving into a higher consciousness race.

  48. There is a choice of free will! No one else can do this work for us.

    This might be the last breath of duality on this planet.

    There has been a lot of talk about forgivness it's time to step up on that plate! This does not mean that the criminals will walk away free.

    Love and light

  49. This comment has been removed by the author.

  50. Thank you Cobra to let we know this. Peaceful surrender if possible, and arrests if necessary.

  51. New Norway-like interdimensional spiral/portal recorded in Armenia:

  52. I wanted to post this if it means anything as i do not like to deal with channel messages as much like cobra but this one did resonate with what we are doing at this moment.Laura: I am glad I was not only imaging your presence yesterday and I am sorry I was unable to take down a message yesterday. I hope you are back for good and till the end this time! Would you remind our readers who you are briefly please. And also, would be great to have some news from you.


    Allendale: No worries las, you have seen the new message and I am glad you realised I am really back, and that it was not merely wishful thinking on your part. I am part of the Galactic Federation in my three dimension form. My material form is somewhat human and I did live on Earth for too long. My visible form in your dimension is working in intelligence in your terms and I am that being’s higher self.


    News for me are marvellous, as I am so delighted to see you all join forces and work together with respect and appreciation for each other. I know many of you have suffered tremendously at the hands of the cabal, and yes all Drake is talking about is real. No joke. You are actually pulling this one off, my lads! Well done. You still have to keep going though. But one step at a time, and you will make it to the end of the road.


    Resistance is certainly not useless and your secret movement will pick up more and more momentum and attract more and more light workers. Have a wee thought for our friend Bill Wood. He is a genuine soul, in service, doing his duty. He is not exactly having a great time now, I can assure you. Send him your loving thoughts, along with the mail he has requested from all of those who support him. He will not stay where he is for a very long time, as thing will speed up. By that I mean that… well… I don’t want to jinx it by saying too much.


    I am glad to be back, things are on the move, your hearts are on the move and for a change, yes it is heading in the right direction my lads. Allendale out. God bless.

    Allendale channelled by Laura Tyco

    1. sirian im not sure if your familiar with when david wilcock got a death threat? there was an anonymous caller with a peculiar accent i personally think it was Allendale giving david some support through the phone you should listen to it, its the one when he gets on with kerry cassidy its quite amazing

    2. although he goes on the phone as anonymous theres a presences about that man i picked up, his demeanor is diff from one that is living on this world doing the "normal" life if you know what i mean.

  53. No deals, the truth will set us free:

    1. The members of the Cabal are publicly identified along with their family members and associates. Their evil deeds are exposed and their locations disclosed.

    2. Immediately after that, in the next 24 hours, they will be permanently removed from all positions of power. They must give in all their property and resources. They are allowed to wear sackcloth and ashes.

    3. Amnesty can then be granted in most cases, with some arrests still taking place. No one need be executed. If however, they are killed while trying to resist; so be it.

    Most people are still asleep. The GFL fleet could fly over the worlds major cities and the people of Earth would not be able to understand what happened; they would roll over and go back to sleep.

    There has been so much talk and it now seems that the Resistance is trying to get this done without disturbing the population. I am already disturbed. Drawing this out will make the learning curve very steep indeed. As I understand things, the ascension of Earth will happen when it happens, whether we are prepared or not.

    Just get on with it, then those who are ready and willing to lead the way can step up and do so. There is so much to do and so little time.

    1. "Time does not matter - only life matters." The Fifth Element :)

  54. The outcome is heaven on earth. The process is peaceful, loving, and illuminated. And so it is!

  55. Hi Cobra,

    Thank you for this update and thank you for your service. I am quite a logical thinker and love to read things and find what others don't see. Your last blog post is informative and persuasive but there is one huge inconsistancy! You say that the one over-looked part of the mass arrest scenario was both physical and non-physical Archons.


    You also say that the physical Archons in the form of the Jesuits were blocked from using any nukes. GOOD..., GOT THAT PART.

    Then you say that it is the non-physical archons which would cause the problems for the mass aressts if they went forward by causing mass panic and etc..(you know what you wrote so I wont repeat it all)

    PROBLEM! Can you please explain WHY the non physical archons would ONLY go crazy if the mass arrests take place..., but will be all nice and friendly if they dont?

    Either way..., mass arrests or not..., the bad guys are losing control of the banks..., they are stepping down out of power, and a new age of peace begins!

    From what I've heard..., the non-physical archons eat hatred and anguish etc..., human pain and suffering for breakfast.
    So track with me on this..., if that all goes away (IN EITHER CASE) why are they going to be "good" if it happens one way and not the other.

    Secondly and more importantly..., you said the non-physical archons either were going to be or at least could be taken care of in another way which brings up the question...WHY NOT DO IT NOW and then go ahead with the mass arrests?

    Sounds to me like this is a "PLOY" by those who would like to see leniency for the dark CABALISTS and the story is being "packaged" in such a way as to make it sound like the best course.

    It seems to me that all the LIES and cover ups should END and if we are to trust anything or anyone..., we've got to stop trying to "sell" people on things and give them the WHOLE TRUTH AND NOTHING BUT..., don't you agree?

    I could be wrong here..., but the inconsistancy in your story I've pointed out is definately a flaw and deserves at least a "reasonable" answer. I'd appreciate if you could post a public response!

    Thank you

    1. Non-physical ankle biters (sorry but archon means ruler and I give them no power or respect) are the reason for the cabal. These entities are feeding off the actions and fear based emotions all the time. Cobra did not say they would be nice, they are a different part of the game. He said that we must deal with them in a different way. You can arrest a person, but what do you do to a spiritual entity that sucks your life-force dry? Answer: you learn how to resist them. We as a society must identify which emotions and subsequent behavior feeds these entities and learn how to control ourselves. If the cabal is arrested and brought before the angry mob, the ankle biters will simply continue to feed off the anger and fear of the public. We must educate ourselves on the exact things these creatures feed off of. Think of anke-biters as the opposite of life and love, they feed off of hate, fear, death and destruction. They want a world with war, rape, and all manner of hurtful actions as it means more food for them.

    2. Thank you for your insight..., but however well intentioned your response was..., it was more of a definition..., i.e. here's what they silly thing...
      Suffice to say that I know what they are.

      If you had read my query of Cobra more carefully, you would have seen that your answer, while appreciated by me and well intentioned by you..., does not answer the question I posed at all, but in fact skips it completely.
      If the galactics have the technology to remove these "ankle-biters"(and even if they are non physical in 3d, they must be physical on some level) why do they (the galactics) not do so?

      The problem (as stated) by Cobra does not pass the smell test.
      This could be simply because he did not tell us everything. You will see that I added something about that in my post.
      If "we" are to make educated decisions (now that it is 2012) about anything, we need to know EVERYTHING..., I sure you can see the logic in that. Long past is the time where we tread lightly and only tell less than one percent of what we know!

      As for myself, I am WAY PAST this "you've just got to trust" trap we as a collective group keep falling into.
      I am an adult..., and a Soverign! No one makes my decisions for me and because of that, I require ALL INFORMATION ABOUT EVERY SUBJECT!
      This in not negotiable! I am no ones chattel or slave.

      So I say this: If you want my agreement, or my support, tell me EVERYTHING! It's that simple.

      Secrecy is nothing more than MIND CONTROL except on a much more subtle level.

      Mind control is a cosmic crime and even those who are of the "light" will incur karma for this eventually.

    3. In the case of a mass arrest scenario there would be more opportunities for the non-physcial archons to cause violence and chaos than in a peaceful surrender scenario.

    4. This comment has been removed by the author.

    5. Shannon, knowledge is available to all who seek it. If you want the truth then go find it for yourself my dear. Some people don't know anything about the atrocities that have happened, nor the depth of the lies that have been told. To lump all of that onto to a mind all at once is too much, it produces overload and causes a lot of damage. I know this for a fact because I myself am a researcher and I fell down the rabbit hole, so to speak, and hit the bottom really hard. I went from knowing nothing about the secret government to knowing EVERYTHING in the span of two months. I was overwhelmed and I wanted to kill myself. We must be gentle with the minds we wish to free. If you want to know about new technology available, or perhaps natural cures for every disease known to humankind, that information is out there and I'm sure the unawakened ones would appreciate hearing that stuff too. We need to have balance regarding what information is being shared so that individuals do not become overwhelmed with negativity.

    6. Melody your words bring comfort and resonance as they could only come from someone who has escaped the darkness and knows the only way is through the light. I have often hesitated to post due to negative attitudes/thinking/feeling that use up my posative energy. I have found myself and others now who feel as I do and in unity there is nothing that can be done to us.

  56. thank you Cobra....!
    my 2 cents:
    i would like to see each and everyone of them who wants leniency, to have to get onto international TV at prime time, and tell everyone just what they have done,in very specific detail, and then to apologize. That includes human sacrifice rituals, ALL OF IT. And i am glad to hear they will be stripped of their "wealth".
    But this would be very difficult for them to do, and they would have to be sincere, or we wouldn't buy it. And if they are not sincere, then they won't be willing to do that.

    and to everyone re the window of the end of June there are a number of very powerful astrological aspects, including the first time the Pluto Uranus square (the aspect of the revolution) goes exact. But since this square will happen 6 more times after that, it would be a good idea to be very aware now. But this IS the beginning of a major change for sure...! wow.

  57. Thank you Cobra for this ray of hope !!

    Blessing !

  58. Nobody has all the answers and as far as channelling goes. I believe in it 100%. But I also believe that some who claim to be channelling are just victims of their own vivid imagination. Daryyl Anka is a real channel for Bashar, but there are a lot of fakes out there. People need to practise more discernment before taking stock in people who claim to have connection with other dimensional entities. It could just be schizophrenia ramping up as the earth energy is shifting. No person has all the answers, and events are unfolding that are completely out of our hands. This planet is being re-birthed as we approach the galactic centre. A recalibration is in process.

    We are witness to an evolutionary shift that is palpable now to all those who are sensitive to the frequency changes.

    The dark ones cannot operate in the 5th dimension where we are heading. The Vatican holds so many secrets that were plundered by murderous deeds throughout the centuries, They have answers that everyone should know. But knowledge is power.

    As we are shifting they are losing that power of the patriarchal male dominated society.

    I for one am happy to watch it all unfold and bear witness to it.

    We are all spectators, and it is hubris and borderline insanity to think otherwise.

    If something does not resonate in your heart then it's the greatest sign that a lie is being told.

    That's why I do not have any faith in this Drake character and the whole "white Knights" nonsense.

    We don't need saving thank you very much, you have no control one way or the other so submit to it. And all will be revealed.

    Hysteria is self fulfilling and a bi-product of fear.

    The dark ones or "cabal" will meet justice because the Universe tends to bend in that direction. That is all the faith I need.

    I don't need to listen to bullshit artists on the internet and fake channellers. Intuition are our guides.

  59. also, re; the vote.
    like someone above, i was very disappointed to go to the voting page at Lady Dragon's site. The site is totally homemade looking, and not easy to follow. And on the voting page there are all these ads for gambling and the vote is worded very strange really. of course everyone is going to say yes, but it leaves out all kinds of important details.

    so try this vote on for size, at

    WAAAAY better. excellent, in fact...DON'T MISS IT!! vote there too. :-)

    blessings to everyone, thank you for your hearts.

  60. I've sent this to Avaaz hope they will put up the poll!!

    Love and light.

  61. If they surrender, wouldn't it cause the same problem?

    "non-physical Archons would influence people to spread panic, violence, riots, provoke civilians against the military…Things could really get ugly and spin out of control."

  62. resa pacifica ? ma voi vi fidate di stà gente ? appena ti volti ti piantano il coltello dietro la schiena ! ma non si rendono conto ? ma i fratelli galattici non ne hanno avuto abbastanza dei tradimenti del passato ?

    ma poi ...dopo tutto quello che hanno fatto penare noi miliardi di persone con fame , stenti , preoccupazioni , inquinamento a noi e a gaia ...e questo per secoli ...senza contare la connivenza con la chiesa , le mafie , nel medioevo uccidevano e torturavano donne , uomini nazismo , tutta la falsità protratta , le free energy nascoste , immane disperazione creata per secoli e secoli bui fino a tutt'ora e devono anche passarla liscia e stare sereni ??? no ...devono scontare tutto fino all'ultima anima rovinata e bloccata e sentire tutta la sofferenza provocata a causa loro ad ogni singola anima e capire cosa significa !

    All-out war with the Cabal to wipe them out
    was pacified? but you trust those guys? soon as you turn around you planted the knife behind his back! but do not realize? but the galactic brothers have not had enough of the betrayals of the past?

    but then ... after all that we have billions of people suffer with hunger, hardships, concerns, pollution and gay ... and to us this for centuries ... as well as with the connivance of the church, the mafia, in Middle Ages killed and tortured women, men .... Nazism, all falsehood protracted, the free energy hidden, terrible despair created for centuries and centuries and are still dark to even get away and stay calm?? not ... until the last soul must pay all spoiled and stuck and feel all the suffering caused to them because every single soul and understand what it means!

  63. Ya-Ta-Hey!! Aho!! Hola!!
    I don't want to hurt anyone or anyone to get hurt. We can't expect to eliminate negative and not forgive. Yes, rehabilitation to the light. Most of us don't come wrapped in a sterile wrapper like a hotel glass, I know I don't, but still, it has to end somewhere. Help is easy to get and IF you want it, it will work. We love that Goddess and it's in here somewhere.
    Money News: "The 'Big Reset' Is Coming: Here Is What To Do"
    Follow the money. I got this from ZeroHedge dot com. Also, Thom Hartmann does a national AM radio show and has his web site. I post from this site and post photographs of UFOS. Many people follow that money website and Thom Hartmann's (Liberal) political shows. I can see that Thom is just a distraction tool, but he is trying. You have my vote for peacefull means. Ya-Ta-Hey!!!

  64. è l'esperienza che ha fatto capire noi , ora tocca a loro , è karma ed è giusto che se lo becchino tutto , se nò non capiranno mai nulla , tu credi che loro si arrendono perchè l'hanno scelto ?

    io amo i fratelli , i nemici cerco solo di non odiarli , ma solo perchè non li odio , non mi fido comunque , sarei sprovveduta e ingenua se mi fidassi , essere amorevoli non significa essere incauti e sprovveduti . ♥ pace tra fratelli di buona volontà per il nuovo mondo privo di oscuri egoisti e capricciosi ♥ love

    anche io sono contro la violenza , ecco perchè bisogna cautelarsi dalle anime oscure recidive e pericolose .

    la pace và costruita su basi solide , chi non è cresciuto e non ha capito non vuole la pace , vuole solo pararsi il culo per paura . quella non è pace , è politica di comodo .

    fintanto che gli fà comodo ...appena uno spiraglio di possibilità di riprendere potere si apre ecco che ripartono ..hanno sempre fatto questo , sono subdoli , striscianti , possono aspettare anche secoli al varco ...

  65. As I was thinking about these comments, one of my favorite songs played on the internet radio... "This world is still afloat, No not in Noah's boat, We've only lost the vision, Of the stars we're meant to be. This world is full of love, We still have hope." - from "This World" performed by Zero 7. Very appropriate synchronicity. And this song always fills me with joy... <3

  66. is the experience that has made us understand, it's up to them, is karma and it is right that if all the undertaker, nor if they will not understand anything, you think they are giving up because they have chosen?

    I love the brothers, the enemies just try not to hate them, but just because you do not hate them, I do not trust, however, I would be helpless and naive if I fidassi, being loving does not mean being reckless and inexperienced. ♥ peace among brothers of goodwill to the new world without dark selfish and capricious love ♥

    I too am against violence, which is why we must protect itself from dark souls and dangerous relapses.

    peace must be built on solid foundations, not those who grew up and did not realize he does not want peace, just want to prepare themselves for fear's ass. that is not peace, is politics of convenience.

    as long as it suits them ... just a window of opportunity to regain power, which here opens out again .. have always done this, are subtle, creeping, they can wait at the gate even centuries ...


    The guy in the link and all his videos are a great anti-dote to all the internet hysteria being whipped up by bullshit artists like Drake.

    if you are adult enough to look past a few profanities then check him out. Don't buy into the hysteria and disinformation about the cabal mass arrests etc etc etc.

  68. There is much to do !

    Alas ... I have had a heavy heart since the "vote" announcement.

    The debate here is good however we talk of the Light which is the only part of this that I can totally believe, I know it has impact ...I use it. Those that need proof may wish to start with the Light ... Try a little Light Warrior activity ... maybe choose a situation somewhere in the world or somewhere close to home and place that situation in the Light. How about we "Light Up" Syria ...simply visualise The word Syria or visualise the geographic position ... Light on Syria for the betterment of Humankind and then let The Light do its work !

    Then lets see what unravels over the next week or so... Try It

    Freedom in Light

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  69. Who of us has not done something or many things that were wrong for which we would hope for forgiveness? Melody, thank you for your post as there are so many people out there like you who just were afraid. Anger is only the result of being frustrated and at the base is sadness. We allowed all this to happen at one level or another I believe to bring us to consciousness and the ability to ascend and we must choose wisely. Causing more hurt only hurts us. I was glad to hear the change of tone in Drakes voice. I trust him and all others now who are looking out for our best interests. Believe me that in most cases people have been so conditioned they don't realize there is a choice. Please choose wisely as all is happening as it should. I hope all can forgive as forgiveness also involves forgiving yourselfs for things that we have all done in various degrees. I trust in those who have brought us to this point to know who is truthful. It is easy to see with a pure heart. I have no doubt there will be appropriate outcomes for those not willing to do the right thing and there are ways to know. I have no doubt they will never hurt us again. Only we can hurt ourselves. Again, thank you Cobra and thank you Melody. I choose peace and forgiveness and put my faith in the higher powers as I don't know all.

  70. Love is the only key. Hatred creates more hatred and you don't fight violence with violence. I don't judge. Eventually every soul turns to the Light, it's where we all truly belong. I don't buy into any idiotic compassion, but try to see everything through unconditional love.
    Boy, i was really frustrated yesterday and it did really lower my vibrations. We wanted peaceful solution all along and suddenly it was all about to vote on war or not. I thought someone is kidding, seriously. Nothing was fully explained and it sounded really ridiculous.
    My take is it doesn't matter if the cabal sit in jail or somewhere else off planet. All I want is an immediate end to the tyranny - stop chemtrails, so people don't get sprayed like insects, free the media, so people won't get brainwashed non-stop, end the financial tyranny, so the wealth can be distributed equally etc.
    There are many other smaller countries, who suffer so much. It was last November, when i read about Congo, Rwanda, Darfur, Sierra Leone... extensively and cried for many nights. I wanted to go there as volunteer, just to help. It was not so easily possible and i am no doctor. I thought, boy, in what for a strange world we live in - if you want to help and spread the light you need to pay so much, even for volunteer work, but if you damage environment to make profit, like cutting trees, it's not a big matter. Hope someday i can finally go wherever i want and help wherever it is needed.

    1. What about Eastern Europe, how come no one in the west ever mentions going there to help those people. How about the Balkans, why does no one ever mention that area and say I really really wanna go over there and help those people out.

      Really tired of every westerner always mentioning Africa as the only place that needs freakin' help. Open your eyes wider people, even the awakened ones sound really naive when it comes to this.

      There's South America, there's south Asia there's most of Russia, there's the Oceania, a ton of areas much, much larger than Africa, that need help.

      At least the one being discussed in your post.

  71. Earthmates has a fantastic idea!

    Have you ever had the uneasy feeling someone was watching you but you couldn't see anyone? I know I have. Dark-aligned souls will feel The Light's good energies all around them but they won't see anyone obvious. I bet the hair will be standing up on their collective necks.

    I have a suggestion which is based on the idea that we all seem to want the same things - the cabal to be "shown the Light" and for us to be able to come out from under the cabal's dark power and live lives of love, peace and freedom. We also know the power of The Light from God. We can't see it, but we know it's there...

    My suggestion is: Let us all come together spiritually and visualize or imagine Angels from The Light accompanying all - ALL - people on earth, every day, sharing their Light and Love with absolutely everyone. Every day, imagine Heaven's Angels with every person you see. I bet if we could see it, The Light would be soooo dazzling, we would need sunglasses!

    I'm thinking this daily activity would accomplish several things:

    1) The constant Light will drive the dark-aligned ones crazy and might be distracting enough to throw them off their evil intents. In my opinion, that alone would help all Freedom Fighters everywhere.

    2) We won't be trying to judge any individuals because The Light will be with everyone. Dark-aligned souls might capitulate and move towards The Light or they may go deeper into the dark and maybe even choose to leave earth for a darker, more comfortable realm. After all, we are currently allowing more and more Light into this world.

    3) The more Light we can cause to shine on each person everywhere, will ultimately lift each of us higher and in my opinion, will calm our spirits and give us strength to help others and allow us to get through the days ahead much more smoothly.

    Every day when I go on the net, I am uplifted by everyone's positive strength and spirit. If this visualization idea rings true to you, please join me every day in this activity until the dark is either under control or has joined The Light.

    Thanks, everyone. We are one in The Light.

    1. Thanks, great idea. The more posative light we put out the less power the ankle biters have!

  72. Throughout all of this I think its important to have compassion & forgiveness for not only the cabal, but for ourselves. I understand that "revenge & hatred" is a 3D concept, but so is chastising each other for not being enlightened enough to be completely forgiving of these members of society who have committed major atrocities against humanity. I believe that loving forgiveness takes time & acceptance just like any hurt to heal. We all have to get there on our own clock. At this moment I would love to see these members put on trial for their crimes, admit to all wrong doings committed, and relenquish all money & assets acquired through wrongful means. Where to place them is a mystery. I suppose a institution that works on unraveling that negativity that binds them until they're able to slowy re-enter society if ever.
    Let's remain cool & calm and trust that the light is prevailing. I know it is because the skies and clouds have been so gorgeous as of late. Leave our judgments of each other at the door. I think its rational to want to give these cabal members an initial smack in the face for the centuries of madness, and then true healing will follow. Denying that small part of you that's livid is not honorable. Sit with it, embrace it and when you'r ready let it go with love.


      SO DO YOU THINK THE ETs/EDs that are helping liberate this planet are full of hatred & revenge? NO but did they "LOVE TO DEATH" LOL the reptiods and greys parasites they have eliminated from our planet?


    2. "Evil" is just darkness. Darkness is simply the absence of light. You speak of evil as though it has power over you, when really the power to overcome it, is within you. Darkness is not a thing, it is the lack of something, the lack of light. Let your light shine! Fill the (evil) void with love. The first dimension is desire, the second emotion, the third dimension is space/time and your physical connection to everything, the fourth dimension is what you DO with the first three. The fifth dimension is simply being in love with everyone and everything. The fifth dimension is related to the heart chakra, the seat of Christ conciousness. Be in your heart brother, rise above the lower vibrations of earthly desires and be in love. You are love, we are love, we are ONE. Love them unconditionally because they are a part of you. The world around you is only a reflection of the world within you, and you are beautiful.

  73. Thank you Cobra for responding to our concerns. Please forgive me for voicing a few more. As a child of the 60's, we saw huge things happen when our cries for peace and love went up. It was a powerful time and we as a generation thought that significant progress had been made in the world. Turns out, that "progress" was only a show to soothe the masses and lull us back to sleep. Things didn't really change at all and the PTB continued to expand and firm up their plans for total global domination and annihilation. It has become the way they love to work. Look at all human societies now. Advance some really crazy ideas, get the populace used to them and it becomes "normal". My friends, none of this is normal and we can no longer delude ourselves into thinking they will go away peacefully and be responsive to all the love and light we can send them. If we allow this to happen one more time we are selling ourselves and our children down the river. You can send all the love and light to them you want, but send it to them off-world or on some remote planet. they CAN'T stay! We have an incredible amount of work to do in a short period of time and not many souls to do it. Let's not confuse ourselves with this whole scenario. How can we point out to the sleepers that the little innocents from the dark side are and have always been a threat to our very existence if we stand here and continue to send them love and light and hope that they stop spraying our children with chemtrails and causing all sorts of global traumas. Prayer, intention, meditation and love DO work- for us! But they are laughing at us my friends, and buying themselves more time to regain any footholds they lost. Why do you think the messages of Cobra and Drake have so resonated with us all?? It's because SOMEONE was willing to STAND up and SPEAK for the desperate human condition! Quit standing around hoping for the best. Demand change and keep them running until something becomes the force that changes it forever. I'm not sure what it will be, but I also feel it's coming. In the meantime though, don't do what we did in the 60's because it's not enough and it will only make it harder for the generations that follow. So peace and love to all of us...oh and you too cabal...wherever we send you!

    1. Michigan Mom: Agreed! They need to be sent somewhere else...prison planet would be a great start. We are moving up to another dimension soon. They can stay here, on 3D as long as everyone else has left. Once they kill each other off...they will be done! One way or another their time is up.

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. Hello MM,

      i agree with your request to the people to stand up! Some of the light fighters at the sharp end do a lonely job. But i also learned, it is sometimes hard, but better so.

      As i wrote before, it is technical necessary for the dark ones to leave earth. Our intention is to heal them, and to welcome them back home after healing. But the earth will ascent, and the dark ones will not survive it, if they are still here. Much of them want to leave earth, and i think, they will go to a very nice place, waiting for them.

      Right now, our most important wappon is healing and forgiveness. I think some of you got some informations for healing last days, and i hope it is working fine.

      I will tell you, what i did, because i tell no one to go a road, that i didn't go myself before.

      Beside my own soul-parts i had two small additional dark soul-parts. It was a dark renegade Ahriman part and a dark renegade Baphomet part. In the beginning of march, this two parts caused big problems to me. I had two options to deal with it. The first was trying to get rid of them. This was the wrong option for me. The second option was to live with them. So did i, and i send them every day much healing from the creator. And one day, the healing was too much for them, and they wanted to go back into the light. Right now, both are in the light, they are now a permanent part of me, and all parts declared to abstain from the possibility to get dark again. Renegade dark Ahriman, Baphomet and Lucifer parts can go this raod, if they want. Sadana parts are not able to go this road for technical reason, based on definitions of the creation.

      But i had a problem. At my wife i found beside her own soul-parts 205 soul-parts from sadana. And at this time i didn't know about this definitions. So with my wifes permission i send all of her soul parts much healing from the creator. And the 205 started fighting back against the healing, but they got weaker every day, and got to the point to give up. In this moment i got the problem about what to do with them? I found a solution on evening of 5.6.2012. We offered them to go into the light and convert into my own soul parts, if they declare to abstain from the possibility to get dark again. So did they, and they converted, i gave some additional soul-parts of my own to my wife to care about them. Now they can stay in the light too. But this solution will not work for others.

      The main point of all from before is: Healing, love and foregiveness are the important points now.

      Because this is the only way to show the dark ones, that they don't need to have fears for the future. The fears of the dark ones (and ours) are the next stepp to take.

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  74. This comment has been removed by the author.

  75. sono esseri asociali e recidivi che hanno in mente solo la prevaricazione , l'asservimento degli altri per il loro arricchimento . a causa loro e ai loro complici , la mia vita rovinata e quella di tutte le persone pacifiche che hanno sempre cercato di non rendersi complici del loro pensiero malato , asocciale , distorto , contrario alla legge di amore e fratellanza . non li perdono finchè non avranno scontato tutto il male fatto subire a noi che tutt'ora subiamo ..- relena -

    non voltare mai le spalle a questi tizi e non essere buonista , tenteranno sempre di prevaricare e fregarti , sono malati , sono fortemente pericolosi e negativi , devono essere cacciati dal pianeta .

    are repeat offenders and asocial beings who can only think of the abuse, the enslavement of others for their own enrichment. Because of them and their accomplices, and that ruined my life of all peaceful people who have always tried not to be complicit in their thinking ill, antisocial, distorted, contrary to the law of love and brotherhood. do not lose them until they have assumed all the evil meted out to us that still suffer .. - Relena -

    do not turn your back to these guys and not be fainthearted, will always attempt to bully and cheat you are sick, they are highly dangerous and negative, should be expelled from the planet.

  76. MelodyDoveJune 7, 2012 10:09 PM
    Well said brother! I have felt a terrible pain deep inside all of my life because of something that happened to me as an infant. I had no control over what happened but my poor little self tried so hard to fight it. When we don't know how to process that kind of intense emotion we bury it, deep inside. And then usually cover it up with strange behavior and addictions. Most of these cabal participants have been through similar traumatic events and don't know how to even love themselves. That's why punishment doesn't work. They are living in their own hell already. They need to be shown love and compassion - they DESERVE to be shown love and compassion. The great creator is the very spirit that lives within everything, even the cabal. If you knew that God came down in physical form and was tortured as a child and went on to hurt others because that's all they knew, would you punish God? Whatever you are taught as a child, you seek out as an adult, unless given the proper treatment. I speak from a very painful place when I say that I know exactly how they feel. They do not feel a sense of self-worth, and they deserve to feel worthy. They deserve to feel loved and to be loved - to find out that they themselves are the embodiment of love. I for one, love you ALL. Know that you are worth more than all the gold and diamonds in the universe. Because YOU are LOVE. And love conquers all. Feel that tiny little spark of love that is buried deep inside of you. Its warm and beautiful and bright. And if you focus on that light, the love that resides right inside of you, it will start to grow, until it is bigger and brighter than the sun. And when the spirit moves you and gives you an opportunity to show that light, that love, share it, and watch the love grow! My little spark is growing right now, because I have shared this with you. You are bright, you are beautiful, you are truly a magnificent and divine creature. Go look in a mirror, and realize that what you see looking back at you is the great spirit, peeking right at you through your own eyes. Now say - I love you, and realize that its true.

    Melody-Love...I am a lightworker. I understand unconditional love. I am a wonderful being...I know all this. However, God gave us a brain and a 6th sense to keep us out of danger. Most of this extreme to the max. damage, cruelty, hurt, pain, & more that the cabal has done is inexcusable. Every family on earth has been touched by these monsters, so to just negotiate, break a deal and trust them to "do the right thing" is an insane thought. They need to be picked up, processed through the system and once found guilty, put in prison. Period. They built fema camps all over this country for us...well now they can use them for their own butts until we can clear out our prisons of about 90% of the innocent people. Once in jail, behind heavy protection, then our people world-wide can forgive and work on forgetting all the hell they placed on us...the people. They must pay for the wrong they created my friend. You just can't "love" them to a cure. They do not have a conscious any longer. Little by little they numbed it until it was silenced. To restore it will take eons of time. We, the people, will be long gone before that happens. It just would be good to know that all the wrong that took place in this world has been cleaned up. I hate to leave a dirty home.

    Now talking about forgiveness...that is something you do for yourself. I can forgive. Forgetting all the horror, well, that will take time. Easier to do once they are locked up and not causing any more harm.

    1. Yes you must forgive yourself, but you must forgive others too. It sounds like you have something buried inside of you too that you are having trouble with. As long as these people have no control over our lives what does it matter where they go? The fact that you do not want treatment for them, you want punishment shows that you yourself have not risen above the hate. And for the record, LOVE DOES CONQUER ALL. It is the ONLY thing that truly conquers.

    2. Melody-I hope to know you soon as everything you say is true to me. When I was really healed all the negative energy left my heart chakra in a wave of heat that nearly knocked down the healer. I went on to become a Reiki master and went to places I can't begin to explain. The experience changed me and I am grateful but I had to want it. This is not about the head but about the heart as I realize you know.

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    4. MelodyDove-I am very good at forgiving others and forgiving myself when and where needed. No, I have nothing buried as I went through the purging years ago. So you are saying that after hundreds of years of evil to billions of souls that it's ok with you if we just forgive them and send them on their way? They can have all the treatment they want, but to let them go on their merry way is insane. They must pay for what they have done to this planet and all who live here, past and present. They will have no control over our lives if they are somewhere off planet or in prisons. Then we can go one about our business of rebuilding this wonderful planet.

      I once heard a mother on a court stand forgive the man who killed her daughter. But the man did go to prison for his wrongdoing. That's what I am talking about. Once in prison, if this man is truly sorry for his act, seeks treatment, then he can live out his days in prison but at peace with himself. That's what I envision for the cabal.

    5. Nancy it has been so enlightening as we hear from so many folks about how they are lightworkers but are still in fear and so afraid of the shadows. Forgiving is moving forward from the moment a situation is forgiven. To contemplate revenge for the past actions keeps a person from the "Now",it draws your heart back into the past to even want to think about doing something negative as punishment and revenge, Karma comes into play and the circle continues.

      The only decision here is to choose you this day between Peace and War it is really a personal intention that is embeded in a persons heart chakra and that is all. It appears that this call is a decision to decide which way we are going to carry out the take down of the cabal.... different from them or the same methods as they have done to us. Light always win regardless of the shadows that think differently.

    6. To say "they must pay" is not justice, it is revenge. Punishment does not fill the empty void inside them that caused their reckless behavior in the first place. They are not evil, they are empty. They are devoid of love. It is not for you to decide what path another takes to the light. Stop worrying about others. Stop trying trying to punish people. Stop trying to conquer the cabal. Conquer yourself instead. The world outside of you is simply a reflection of the world within. And you Nancy are beautiful. I love the story about the mother who forgave her daughters killer. That is really powerful! Thank you for reminding us how wonderful forgiveness can be. Much love

  77. This sentence make's me lol.

    " ...did not include Archons in consideration as their presence was not known to the Positive Military group until recently."

    How uninformed and naive is the Positive Military? I dont' belive that. This isn't an 3D problem. It's a 4D problem. Why should the archons clap their hands, when the cabals surrender peacefully? The will loose their influence over mankind. Are they stupid? No. They are master of deception.

    So just kill the bodies of the cabale peacefully. So they can reincarnate as a stone or a worm. Then they have enough time to think and ascend to the light and love.
    Come on our body is just a vehicle of our mind. We are mind not a 3D body.

    The Silver Legion killed many Reptos in this cube. Why didn't the love them to death? Are the members of the Silver Legion monsters without feelings? Do they kill without the agreement of the creator? We must love our enemies and the Silver Legion kills millions of reptos without karma? Do we obtain permission to kill when we are ascended? Does the Silver Legion not realize that we are all one? Or is this all a great deception so that the cabale could kill my grandfather in ww2 and could kill my father with posioned food without harm.
    Enough is enough. Give them the chance to reincarnate as fast as possible so that their journey to the light starts as soon as possible. They need salvation now

    1. It is not for you to decide the path to the light for another. Be a good example and show love to others. Killing them is not peaceful. There is a difference between defending yourself in the heat of the moment and causing the death of another, and going after them for revenge. I have lost some people very dear to me too and it only does harm to continue the cycle of violence. Forgive and stop worrying about others. Do not try to conquer anyone else, conquer yourself, as the whole world is but a reflection of the world within you. You are beautiful friend, and so is the world within and around you :)

    2. YES YES YES! Now I have heard some REASONABLE response other then WE MUST LOVE THEM BECAUSE THATS GOING TO DO ANYTHING! Brahahahaha Actually "We Should do nothing but Love them and they will drop everything and realize that they were knotty and come over to the Light" brahahahaha Some of these people either sound or are completely INSANE! Thank you Ave Legios for having intelligence! So I dont get it Cobra explain this THE CABAL IS BACKED INTO A CORNER AND HAS NO NUCLEAR WEAPONS AND NOT MUCH FINANCE LEFT SO WTF IS THE PROBLEM? FINISH THEM OFF WTF IS WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE?



      All this is, is a ring around the rosy to confuse the already confused people! GIVE US A STRAIGHT ANSWER OR SHUT THE FUCK UP!

    3. @MelodyDove

      these beings and the cabale surpress my free will. They suck my spiritul energy through hidden symbols. The posion my food, they spread the sky with chemtrails. They force me to reincarnate in this world over and over again. They keep the truth hidden from me.
      So they attacking me directly in 3D and 4D therefore I have the right to defend myself because they broke the law of the free will.

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    6. @Joko311

      sorry you know nothing about the archons. You know nothing about the masters of karma. They decide which body you get and wich life you live. Not you. You are a slave. But here is the deal. We wait another 14 days and then we will see which excuses will appear why the cabale could not be arrested.

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    8. My dearest Ave Legios,
      You know much about the law of karma, but you know nothing about the law of manifestation. The unlimited creative power of the mind cancels out all karma. Look it up and start manifesting a better world for us all. You are a powerful being and we need people like you focusing on healing and love. No one else decides your future but you. It is you who have given your power to these ankle-biters, TAKE IT BACK! Reclaim your power and use it for good, please. You are so powerful and we need you.

  78. I think this all is just another trick from the cabal, they will never surender, they just want more time and the resistance fall for it and gave them time this is absurd. I am demanding announcement from Barak Obama about all this. We need to demand for the freedom it is the only way.

  79. I don't know if anyone else has mentioned this IMPORTANT POINT, but even if such a poll gets out to the mainstream, the majority of the world's population still know NOTHING about all this. There are also no public signs, that I can tell, that the cabal is interested in surrendering - drones are still being deployed, unconstitutional laws are still being pushed through, and Fukshima is still being used to put fear into the population. Further, the mainstream news is still locked down. How can all this be explained quickly enough to get the "majority's" response??

  80. Just some insight for the people talking about the window of opportunity in this post. Bill Woods stated in one of his interviews that the biggest window was from June 5th to the 10th. So lets hope we are in the midst of some major advancements, no matter what they are lets just move forward with this as peacefully as possible.

    Love and light for all.


    Posted by David Wilcock on June 8, 2012

    ..."Divine Intervention has dramatically increased. There are a variety of specific examples I will include when I have more time.

    The latest briefing revealed how much this Divine Intervention is shaping the strategy that will be used for the mass arrests.

    It has become clear that this is a battle against an influence more than against people. And the influence, for lack of a better word, is the Luciferian force -- which is described in the Law of One series in detail.

    A sudden, violent mass arrest would cause extreme hardship, chaos and disruption to society. This is exactly what the Luciferian force wants.

    Now, it is becoming clear that the Divine Intervention is guiding this whole process so that it is occurring bit by bit, here and there, so as to minimize fear and maximize effectiveness.

    There will be very big changes -- but it has now been realized that rather than assigning a particular date to it, they are watching events unfold and seeing how things keep miraculously improving and working out.

    I will have a lot more to say about this next week."

  82. Personally I believe there is already a divine plan in place. Arrests, (Galactics have said they will intervene to make sure the arrests go smoothly.), followed by Announcements to include exposure of the dark cabal; their history and all their dark deeds, followed by Tribunals & Trails which are already being put together. I don't see where any kind war or civil war fits into the picture. The galactics have already said they will not allow any more all-out wars. I don't see any stalemate or deadlock with these steps. The thing that should be done first is disclosure and getting our galactic brothers and sisters down here as soon as possible so that they can help us sort out this mess. I don't think Drake has the whole picture. That's just my personal opinion.

  83. I must admit that I was thrown off balance yesterday by all the comments on this website and others. So as I have been doing for months, I breakup the problem that I am presently facing into different points and discuss them internaly to come up with an answer.

    1. The Cabal wants to surrended.
    2. Will fight to the end.
    3. Cause more death and distruction.
    4. Drake wants "The Peoples" input. (Vote)

    Point one: We have been meditating, praying, and daydreaming about a peaceful removal of the Cabal. Everytime I would visualize this I would see them just walking up to law enforcement and giving up. I feel that there are many of them that can come to the light and learn to Love.

    Point 2: No more fighting.

    Point 3: No! (That was easy!)

    Point 4: Voting, Yes I want to be heard. I am tired of the people that I vote for giving into the Cabal wishes and plans because of fear or threats. It's time that my voice is heard.

    I think the question is easier to answer if viewed in smaller pieces.

    My bothers and sisters, this is our time to come together and bring in your future. No more fear, we must have faith in the source and in ourselves.

    I love you all and send my love to each one.


  84. The Archons have always been the big issue. Look at what they accomplished with all the whistleblowers fighting with each other. It is my hope that Cobra will call for mass meditations to show our intent to throw off the Archons--very difficult for humans to do. But if we have enough desire and enough belief, we will get all the help we need.
    Cobra, if you are listening--give us a bit of time to spread the word.
    Thank you for all you do.

  85. Just another point of view about drake and co.

    1. Instead of gravitating towards fear based information, why not find something positive and uplifting to share. I only see posts from you that are based in negative tones. This is the clever work of the ankle-biters. Seek the truth and you will find it. Rise above it brother and teach others how to do the same. We are not here to spread fear. Try checking the source within you for answers, be in your heart-center and rise above everything else. I hope this does not offend you as I appreciate the role of researcher in this world. I guess I just wish your focus was a little different. Much love

    2. This former white hat thing is a complete bogus site to disregard every reliable sources and cofuse people. Run by someone called Luis Kahn Nin. He is former pornography writer, one can easily see how his imaginations run wild.

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  87. While this is a better clarification of the situation which seems to be at hand, it still doesn't pass muster, as far as I'm concerned. These people are manipulative and are almost definitely plotting something while they appear to be giving up. I don't believe we have enough information to make a proper decision, and regardless of how 'awake' we seem to believe we are, I don't think we have the right to decide the terms of their surrender without an informed worldwide populace making this type of decision. We simply cannot speak for 7.5 billion people regarding something of this magnitude.

    A referendum of this sort can only happen AFTER the cabal is arrested and the rest of The Plan (as earlier constituted) is carried out. We don't yet know the level of our own ignorance, but the cabal does, which is probably why they're making this offer before we REALLY wake up. What I mean by this is a few things. For example, we don't know exactly who's going to be arrested and what their roles in things have exactly been. We also don't know who's going to get off scott free and what their roles were, and we don't know who's going to pay some penalty for whatever their roles were.

    Furthermore, we probably don't even fully know the extent of the crimes that they have perpetrated against humanity. Only they know that and they'll only potentially admit to the least amount that they have to in order to avoid severe punishment. According to the research I've done on reincarnation, a person has full control over the situation into which they are reincarnated. And, according to some other things I've read, the people who currently are in the upper echelons of this cabal may well have ALWAYS been in the upper echelons, across lifetimes and across cultures, for thousands of years.

    See, these people have had a monopoly on all kinds of knowledge that has been kept from the rest of us about how to reincarnate. These people basically maintain power for thousands of years by connecting with the right people with the right information (that no one else has), thus discovering who they really are and what their plan was before they died and reincarnated.

    So these people (according to this theory) have been responsible not just for almost every war in the last several hundred years, but almost all wars since the fall of Atlantis. So (according to this theory) they have done even more unspeakable things than we can even grasp based on our current knowledge base regarding what they are responsible for. And it's because we don't yet have the ability to understand the scope of their thousands of years of depravity and manipulation that we cannot yet make an informed decision as to how to deal properly with them. (cont. below)

  88. OK, let me get this straight - we can't kill the Reptoids because the Sleestaks and their non-physical counterparts won't stop playing Texas Hold-em long enough to set our phasers on stun and clean the outhouse and do the dishes before Gilligan's Island comes on and the Tooth Fairy fellatiates our rhinoceros to andgasm? have I got it? Is that it? Cuz if so....well I think that's just Super then.

  89. Hmm,

    what a remarkable coincidence. The 21. June is the birthday of Prinz William. There are intel out in the I-Net that he could be the antichrist. The leader of the NWO. Perhaps this is the reason, why the cabale is seeking for time. Opinions please.

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    3. So we wait in love and peace.
      I am that I am.

    4. I'm manifesting something amazing for you right now! I can't wait until you tell us how it turns out :)) Bunches of love - Melody Dove

  90. Be aware that we are being bombarded by the Powers That Be in order to prevent us from participating in meditations that restrict their (observations) of power over others (namely us!). I suggest that we all proceed with Love. Love is the Universal Key. Whenever you get a message from one or another, look at it through the eyes of Love. In that there are some that want to 'inform' everybody of what is the 'right' way to think; Well, if you look at those messages within the eyes of Love, you will see the truth. You all have free will. Godspeed to all.

  91. Cobra,
    does this mean then, that 2012 Plan is void now?

  92. (Looks like this post didn't originally upload...)

    Another thing to consider is that, in the thousands of years that this situation has been going on, it is possible that another large group or groups have tried to do the same thing that we're trying to do right now. There very well could have been a group of people who thought that they had the upper hand on the cabal and had all of their ducks in a row in terms of finally ending their dark reign, and the cabal pretended to cooperate in the way that they perhaps are pretending to right now. The cabal then might have turned the tables on their opposition and wiped all of them out and used every resource in their very large arsenal of dirty tricks to erase that history such that no one ever found out about it.

    I'm not saying that every point I'm raising here is true, because I don't know. And neither does any of us. That's my point. Don't you realize that they can see that We The People who are in the know about the state of affairs are getting antsy? Don't you think they read all of these boards to try and gauge how much patience we have at any given time? Don't you think it's possible that they know that each of us is sick of being told by our friends and family who we've informed of the shape of things to come that we're crazy? And, that we're impatient enough to just finally bring an end to all of this if given enough of the ‘right’ conditions? Don’t you see that they’re STILL dictating the terms?

    I am a person who believes very strongly in peace, but I also realize how big the scope of the cabal's manipulations could have been throughout history. I wouldn't put it past them to be planning a longer con, as I mentioned in yesterday's post. Simply put, we don't have enough information to be voting on something as big as this. We need to stick to The Plan that has been developed for over 30 years, even if it didn't anticipate the physical and non-physical archons.

    No nukes will go off, as we have a very powerful ace in the hole to prevent that type of situation from occurring. What we need to do (if this hasn't been done already) is appeal to those beings who are in a position to prevent widespread violence during the purging of the cabal, to do everything in their power to assist the most peaceful transition that can possibly happen. I'd rather rely on inherently good beings to assist us in sorting this out than rely, once again, on a group of evildoers who have every reason to betray us.

  93. Ken Carey author and telepathic channel predicting 2011-2012 since the'70s...3 books one being the Starseed Transmissions.
    In his most recent blog- Circle of The Faithful-he addresses this decision we are now faced with in a very heart-centered dialogue as a re-mind-er of who WE are and why WE came precisely at this "time"...

    I invite and encourage all of you to please go and give this a read and if it resonates with your heart as much as it has with mine please share it far and wide :)
    Under Creative Commons License: Attribution Non-Commercial No Derivatives

    In love and light...namaste!

  94. Truth & Reality

    When playing a game of chess with the devil one must be prepared to do what one must do to protect themselves and the innocent. I believe Cobra, Drake and the resistance will to this.

    The truth is - Negotiations ARE the the most logical and non violent choice at this point regardless of the integrity of the cabal and the Ankle biters.

    Light workers thank you so much for your love - we do get it, I AM Love, I Am The Anti Christ, I am all that there and all that there ever has been ...we get that we must forgive and find the love.

    Light warriors - Please be patient this might be a trick, most likely it's a stall tactic. In the end humanity will be the victor just like in the Hollywood movies. We all know this and will not be lulled back to sleep in this final hour.

    The true REALITY is that many of the top Cabal responsible for your ancestors death are currently planning your death, & would chop off your head if they had the chance and thought they could get away with it. Sorry for being so graffic, but I doubt any of you could disagree.
    That being said I doubt a hug and a prayer will cure this any time soon. I work with this type of self hatred and you are right all they need is love. Question is will they find it before or after they blow you up.

    There are MILLIONS of souls hanging on by a thread at the hands of the people our positive military are about to shake hands with. Keep this in mind when you are in your warm beds at night. I only bring this to light in order for you to realize the hostage situation our boys are handling right now. Enough blood shed of innocent people!

    We the united light workers and light warriors must stay on the same page.
    Every one has their roll to play here and all sides are correct at this point. I applaud you all for your passion and light.

    Even if this is a classic bate and switch I believe our boys are ready. Meditate shout pray love sing dance do what ever you do best to keep the love energy high.

    Demand your freedom - Thy WILL be done

    I AM