Saturday, June 9, 2012

Surrender of the Cabal Negotiations Videos


  1. If people listen to the Globalvoice2012 interview today I think all will be enlightened. All is never as it seems so we need to give all the benefit of the doubt when we need to. We all want the same thing which is peace and love. I am grateful for everything all have done.

  2. They are correct that many of our systems on Earth need to be completely redone, and were unsustainable to begin with. Nothing that crucial to civilised life should have been implemented out of greed and for wealth. I expected more of adults, integrity should be the intent and long ago I believed integrity ruled the world of adults behavior. It saddens me that some humans with such low self worth would build prisons for the rest of us because they could not see the amazing depth, light and beauty of this human vehicle that comes with enlightenment.The beauty magic and wonder that comes from observing all of life and this planet is testament to everything's divine and complex nature. Life is a holy dance if one just asks to see it.