Monday, June 25, 2012

Uranus square Pluto - Archons Activity

I would like to bring to your attention that this Sunday, June 24th, was the exact time of Uranus-Pluto square, a very powerful astrological alignment that brings much tension into the air.

This influence is most intense in the time window between June 21st and June 28th. This is the timeframe that major non-physical Archons set for the beginning of a violent revolution and civil war. They are hoping to spread this worldwide to create chaos in order to help their physical counterparts hide away from the mass arrest sweeps. That will not help them, even if they try to hide in Uganda. Rest assured that the Light forces know where they are in every moment.

This Archons’ plan will not come to fruition as there are higher positive forces preventing this. Know that non-physical Archons and their minions are behind most violent acts on this planet and they will not be able to initialize this as they are losing power daily.

Goddess wants peace. And peace shall come.

There is hidden war now taking place in Pentagon. The dark Cabal tried to infiltrate the Positive Military group to stop the mass arrests but this is currently successfully being dealt with. This was one of the main reasons for delays that frustrated so many people.

Stardust 2 is a defence and not an attack weapon. It will be activated only to prevent the Cabal from doing harm at the time of the Event. This technology can be activated on a distance with a precision of about one millionth of a millimeter. It will be targeted specifically to the neurotransmitters in nerve cells in the bodies of the members of the Cabal. This technology is very target - specific and no innocent individual will be harmed in any way.

Taking certain hard-core members of the Cabal into the Galactic Central Sun is healing, not punishment. Some of them have been damaged beyond repair. They have rejected the Light completely and this is the only way to deal with the situation. They will not feel any pain while being disintegrated. They will simply be gone forever.

Regardless of the events in the next few days, please remain calm, but alert.

Archons and their minions will try to provoke you. It is natural and human to feel anger, fear, doubt or impatience. But do not act on it. Just calmly observe your emotions, take a few breaths, maybe play your favourite song and then decide how to act.

Do not engage in violence, whether physical (rioting, violent revolution) or verbal (attacking messengers on the internet, hateful comments to anyone, relationship quarrels). Violence will NOT solve our problems. Clearly planned and focused action will.

Focus instead on beauty, nature, meditation. Find calmness within. And when you need to act, act from that calmness.


  1. Thank you for the update Cobra. It is much appriciated ! Be well brother.

  2. Cobra,

    Thanks for the clarification on those topics. Any update on how successful yesterday's mass meditation was? How much of the non-physical archon grid has been removed / disabled at this time?


    1. one indication of the meditations success was the resignation of the new Greek Finance minister. He was admitted last week to a local hospital for "fainting" but was in fact poisoned. He sent a letter resignation from the hospital. It's been accepted and he's out. One more pariah out of the way.

      Someone got their message across and the politicians in general are starting to shake out here.

    2. the Finance Minister of Ireland as well


  3. Fantastic! Calmness shall rule in my home, along with love and compassion. Thank you, Cobra, for this very inspiring update! It seems that the event is just about here now! Stay in the light!

    Much love to all. :-)

  4. He said; "The Game is up. We won" ! Watch this 10 min video. Link below. You will like it !

    TNA @ Rio+20: Lord Monckton Breaks Down the Rio Conference

    1. Nice to have the heads up! Thanks. Been following Lord Monckton a little bit lately, and I've had my head bitten off by some (not on here) for sharing his info. Ha!

    2. Sash1964 ~ Yea, he seems like a very cool man. What he says makes sense to me.

  5. Very Calm and Happy here. Thank you Cobra. We will LOVE them out of our World.

  6. Much love and light!! Thank you for the update Cobra!

    Unfortunately, the negativity really resonates with me at this time. After a weekend of wonderful camping and enjoying nature we came home to a letter from our landlord stating that he has decided to rent our place to his family members :( Since we have been on a month to month lease for over the past year, he has full right to his decision. At first it was very difficult to not let my frustration, disappointment and anger to take over. After a very short time I was able to pull it together and feel nothing but love and light! After all, everything happens for a reason!

    Positive thoughts are what we need to find a new home for our family!!

    1. wingsofparadise, you are a very wise soul my friend. I am sorry for your situation, but you are right! Everything happens for a reason and as long as you have love and light in your heart and soul it will all be fine. I will meditate and pray for you and your family tonight. Love and Light to you all!
      ~Michael Hall

    2. Asking Angels to not only assist you in your situation, but also to help you find the silver lining in it all. Everything happens for a reason, and you may find yourself in a much better situation if you allow yourself to go there. :-)

      sending much love, sis-star(or bro-star hehe) :-)

    3. Thanks guys!! Certainly do appreciate your kind words and thoughts!

      Mike, I guess this means that I will need to put SpiritTrain and Up2the5th on hold for a bit until I am settled once again. You can bet that I will contact you via email for help when I am ready. Your welcome email was very kind :)


    4. That is quite all right Rachelle :) We are all here for each other and when you get settled we will still be here for you my friend :)
      ~Michael Hall

    5. Yes you surely need to be placed somewhere else, probably much needed and waited there ;)
      Much Love WingsOfParadise ☼

    6. Don't forget - one door closes, another ones opens.

  7. Absoluteley beautiful, Love will always prevail and we are whitness to that right now! This makes me so happy! I love you all!
    ~Michael Hall

    1. yes, thank you Cobra, this is quite beautiful, powerful and inspiring. Will take your words to heart.

      Being in Nature in her myriad forms, being surrounded and nurtured by her peace, beauty and majesty is always healing balm to the soul, and makes it all brand new again.

      The Beginning is Now. We are Strong. We are Unified. We are Light. We are Love. We are Victorious.

      May all discord and activities on Earth that are not reflecting the highest Light and God's Holy Purposes be miraculously swept and transformed into Divine Love and Harmony for the restoration of Earth and Her people into their original blueprint of perfection that was originally intended.

      God speed Cobra, the Resistance, all Peace Warriors, and Light Forces.

      We are holding you in an aura of Perfect Love and Freedom.

      One Heart and Peace to ALL.

  8. This is great! Was talking to my lightworkers, and this message is a great confirmation of everything they told me.... this is also confirming what I'm FEELING in my heart, as I'm doing my inner work.

    Bless you Cobra. Thank you, and please relay my heart filled gratitude to the resistance. Together, we're all making this happen! :-D

  9. I posted this in the "Starseed Saloon" Forum ... Maybe we could do this :
    "If the Archons feed on our negative thoughts, we then have a powerful tool we can use ...
    Just let them die of hunger...
    If any thought of anger, envy, separation, ressentment etc. come into our mind and we are aware of it ... we can then immediatly focus our mind on something else that the Archons don't feed on...
    I'm a sci-fi fan and a couple of days ago, I saw a rerun of "Star Trek- The next generation" episode in which the main plot was around a Vulcan weapon, using as power source, the agreesive thoughts of the ennemy, amplifying and redirecting these thoughts to them ... killing them in the process. The only thing that could counteract this weapon was : thinking about peace...
    Well, well ...
    It made me think of a powerful force, inside of us...
    Thinking about peace, as often as we can..."
    Not to kill them tough, but to starve them ... if they can't feed, then they might loose their grip...

    1. Michelle, isnt it SO AMAZING when you have these feelings and thoughts in your head, then something like that comes to you and really hits home?!? I love it!
      ~Michael Hall

    2. Been trying this. Being aware of them definitely helps.

    3. michele
      that is a very appropo analogy. Calos Casteneda called these parasites which drain a warriors light force "Mud Shadows" And Don Juan told Carlos, that being impeccable with his thoughts and actually not having any thoughtsor fear that will feed these shadows is the best way a person could gain personal power and when /Carlos realized what these shadows were and how they literally suck all the energy on an auric egg down to the point you ae barely alive. Carlos eas able to "See" this phenomenom and he remembered his Dad and said "He never had a chance" ....... I think entering the silence and no coarse thoughts or desires of the material body are definitely key to starving them! STarve the ARchons do not give into negativity of any kind!

    4. Pottsman ~ I'm with you. Well said.

  10. It is posts like this that incline me to trust Cobra. I had read elsewhere of the Uranus/Pluto square and the powerful tensions that will ensue, and his information dovetails with and makes sense of the overall situation, including Drake’s overreaction to the Rio Summit policy paper. Perhaps Drake was influenced by these non-physical Archons as described by Cobra. And Cobra’s advice converges with the words my soul keeps whispering – “stay calm, stay home, sit in the garden, meditate….spend less time on the web!”

    And yes, the Goddess is here, and Magic is in the air….


    1. yes, me too. his very first post was about Mercury turning direct. I remember that day i was noticing how the Earth felt very different....clear, clean, happy, sparkling. Then i discovered this blog and his post about Mercury was totally in sync with what i was feeling. I know astrology very well, and the Uranus Pluto square is MAJOR. The sun goes through it in less than a week, and that will bring the energies down to us very powerfully. And then, later in July, Mars goes through it in Libra, which will also bring the energies quite powerfully. It is the aspect of the revolution. Those two planets were conjunct in the late sixties (when the Plan was born...??)
      And simultaneously, today we have another very powerful square with Jupiter and Neptune, which is the powerful love energies that are also happening...and there will be much communication now, of all sorts...but the Truth will come out, the dam is bursting.

      blessings to all and thank you Cobra, i really resonate with you.



    2. lol i wasnt really wanting to admit i need more time off the web but yeah with this message and your comment & my whispers saying the same.. yyup.. had trying times all week and i can literally feel them around me trying to 'push' to be more negative... no wonderive been on rage all week o.O usually i am very calm and my husband is the one with frustration and anger issues, but this week, i have been more grr and snippy than ever... he thinks hes 'too chill' and that there is something wrong with him but i am MUCH happier they are sticking to me than him lol i just get a huge headache having to block and deal with them all the time :( spent 4 hrs meditating the other night and still could only barely sleep

  11. Thank you Cobra, I have really felt the energies you speak of. I noticed an energetic presence a couple of nights ago ( a thick opaque energy which I felt were the archons trying to like you say spread negativity and fear. That night I started feeling nauseous which got progressively worse throughout the day and last night! Luckily it has eased off today although I have been feeling emotional about angry about how the archons and cabal have kept us in slavery and fear for all these eons.. I am keeping in the light and trusting the light even with all the chaos and confusion that has been happening of late! Thanks once again for keeping us posted with these updates so we can have a more informed perspective :)

  12. Starve them .. I love it! thanks Michelle! And thanks for this heartfelt message Cobra, bets advice I've heard in a long while. There is definitely "magic afoot", and we together are creating it!

  13. I have this great desire to immerse myself in water, then light up my heart chakra and send out ripples of love. Join me my friends in a celebration as we welcome the Light!

  14. This is funny i posted the exact same picture on FB, couple of hours before your post. Oneness connection :)

    Feeling much love on my end. Definitely a lot of energies. If i take the time to properly process, digest them, it's all love remaining.

    The light is definitely on. Torrents of it to everyone.

  15. This morning I was reminded of a message I received some time ago: "Be strong. Be brave." I am understanding this more all the time.

  16. Thank you.

    I'm laughing to myself as I have been having quite the encounters since the Uranus/Pluto square this weekend. This morning (in my part of the world) I walked to a special place, and got a wonderful internal message of support about the Goddess power in me, and also I had put my iPod on "shuffle" because I am communicated with in that way, too, and have been for many years (well, as many years as I have had an iPod, lol).

    This message really coordinated well with what I already heard inside. That makes me smile so much!

    Yeah, I'm trying not to get too worked up by the ankle biters, but they can be itchy. Ha! In any case, the suggestions here worked for me perfectly, before I even read them. :)

    Love to everyone, and keep hanging on. :)

    1. LOL!! This made me laugh out loud immediately, and say to myself, "I knoooooow, right?!?" Haha! After all these years of being cut off from her and feeling "less than," I feel the Goddess and my status as maiden/mother/crone and Kwan Yin/Mother Mary/Isis/Hera/Brigid/Shakhti/yadayadayada coming home to roost and uniting within.

      It's pretty cool. :)

      And she don't take no shit, either. Hee hee hee! :D

      Hugs, everyone. Yo Mama loves you. ;-)

    2. lol... Shakti power rules forevermore :-)

      Welcome home mama !

  17. Thank you Cobra - and yes stay calm is my middle name..cause that's how I am even though excited within..
    Last night I did dream about Turtles.

    "The Turtle is a symbol, a vehicle, a carrier or container...a womb perhaps...for holding the sacred, the Divine, God, Great Mother, First Father. The turtle is no small animal in dreaming. Of course on the top layer, the symbols surrounding the turtle: small, slow, hides away, burrows into the earth, etc. also need to be applied. But the turtle lives on both land and sea, can protect itself, can out live humans. There is much to consider.

    Dreams, as always, go much deeper than we normally want to dive, like the turtle. What is embedded here is rebirth, a new life, change, the Divine in every way. To not take lightly a dream of Turtle, consider all aspects.

    "If turtle has shown up in your life, it is time to get connected to your most primal essence. Go within your shell and come out when your ideas are ready to be expressed. It is time to recognize that there is an abundance out there for you. It doesn't have to be gotten quickly and immediately. Take your time and let the natural flow work for you. Too much, too soon, can upset the balance. Turtle reminds us that all we need for all that we do is available to us, if we approach it in the right manner and time."

    "Turtle reminds us that the way to heaven is through the earth. In Mother Earth is all that we need. She will care for us, protect us, and nurture us, as long as we do the same for her. For that to happen, we must slow down and heighten our sensibilities. We must see the connection to all things. Just as the turtle cannot separate itself from its shell, neither can we separate ourselves from what we do to the Earth." Ted Andrews, Animal Speak

    1. Could be an animal guide/guardian spirit for you?

    2. Very nice dream! Turtle is small in size, but a powerhouse non the less, according to Native Americans as the Turtle represents the elemental clan of Earth.
      I had 2 turtles come up close to me in Central Park at the time of last Full Moon and our global meditation :)


  18. Something feels different but in a nice way. The Reiki and Seichem energy I channel feels greatly amplified today, very intense. Does anyone else heal, have you noticed anything? The Earth energy usually feels warm and tingly but tonight it felt blissful, went straight to the heart. All will be well. Gratitude and immense respect to everyone awake and doing this with me.
    Does anyone know what that big ram could mean, that I saw in the Sunday med? BTW I had the pope arrested and shall continue to do so.Perhaps I upset them.
    In peacexx

    1. Aradia,

      The ram is prominent in the old testament ... the hollowed out ram's horns were used in their ritual ceremonies (called a shofar)

      Here's some food for thought:

      Simply put, the shofar is a type of trumpet. In fact, it's one the oldest musical instruments known. The shofar is a trumpet made from the hollowed-out horn of a mammal, usually a ram.

      What the Shofar Means

      In Jewish thought, the shofar is a wake-up call. In the liturgy, and in literature, it is frequently described as a clarion, or as having a clarion call. The shofar, especially on Rosh haShanah, is meant to shock Jews out of complacence and force them to look around and see the world, and themselves, anew. Historically, the shofar was used as a war trumpet in the Book of Joshua. The trumpets that "brought the walls tumbling down" were shofarot, and their sound was said to inspire the Israelites and strike fear their enemies. Again, like a clarion, the shofar was meant to inspire awe. On a similar note, after the reunification of Jerusalem in 1967, the Chief Rabbi of the IDF sounded a shofar at the Western Wall, the last remaining structure of the Second Temple. His action was immediately understood by Jews everywhere as an affirmation of their link to the City and the Land, in the most unmistakable way possible.

      The Shofar and Freedom

      The Liberty Bell, in Philadelphia, may seem an unlikely object to link to the shofar, but the link is cast in metal, so to speak. The bell is engraved with the Biblical verse, "Proclaim freedom throughout the land, and liberty to the inhabitants therein." This verse is part of the Book of Leviticus, and describes the institution of the Jubilee Year, when slaves were to be manumitted and land deeds were to revert to the original holder or his family. In Biblical times, the Jubilee Year was announced by the blowing of the shofar, and the instrument has been associated with freedom ever since.

      Read more: What Is the Meaning of the Shofar? |

      Sure seems to be synchronistic to the meditation !

    2. Wow! Thanks for your trouble here. This is all I really want, freedom and justice for everyone. Not bothered about ascension etc. In gratitude x

    3. Dearest Aradia
      Thank you for your vision of the Ram. It is very important !

      The Ram (big horn sheep) is the power animal, or totem, which indicate new beginnings. I summarize information about Ram and its meaning from the work or author Ted Andrews and others:

      If a Ram has shown up in your life, be prepared for new beginnings. The ram Aries, which falls in the spring, is a time of creation and birth.

      The horns are very important, being on the head means they are associated with the crown chakra. The spiral horns are very symbolic or spiral energy, the energy of creation, and symbolize creativity, imagination and the birthing of the new. Ram is powerful , bold and well muscled, yet it has supreme agility and unique ability to climb high and to scale the treacherous cliffs with ease, needing only 2 inches to get a foothold while leaping fearlessly about in breathtaking fashion. These qualities are all indicative of something that may present itself very soon. (A tricky situation need a powerful player, one that must be very sure footed)

      Ram has long been associated with sacrifice, being killed in rituals for a variety of purposes (Moses and the Passover lambs). It is also a symbol of the quest of great rewards (think Greek mythology, Jason and the Golden Fleece). It is also the symbol of force and power (battering rams were long used to break down the doors of enemies). All these things have significance now, and are reveling themselves.
      Something of power shall be sacrificed, lain down and great rewards shall result. Previously closed doors shall be opened.

      Young rams assert themselves, butting heads and vying for position. This is most especially true in autumn, when the pecking order becomes focused. Is there something coming in autumn? Are we going to see the old ones being challenged and forced from power? (Let us hope so )Rams crash and spin into each other until one is forced to give up…but in the end, it is the old one that steps aside.

      Your vision is very telling, and very wonderful. Thank you for allowing me to share this expression with you.

      I am also a Reiki healer and have studied shamanic journeying and various forms of energy work. I had a very great influx of energy Sunday, so much so that my heart raced every time I moved from a lying position. Since I have no heart condition, this was a bit unnerving! but has resolved itself Monday and I feel better than I have in a few years. Quite an interesting day.

      Much love and blessings, aho!

  19. Aradia - My wife is a healer.. ;o)

  20. Another great song for these times : " Love " ( John Lennon )
    Here are the lyrics :

    Love is real , real is love
    Love is feeling , feeling love
    Love is wanting to be loved

    Love is touch, touch is love
    Love is reaching, reaching love
    Love is asking to be loved

    Love is you
    You and me
    Love is knowing
    we can be

    Love is free, free is love
    Love is living, living love
    Love is needed to be loved


    1. Romantic! I have forgotten all about romance and I never even realised.

    2. Michelle, I think that John and George are beaming their Light down upon us now. The changes that they brought to the world are now being fully manifested.

      This song has always brought much comfort and peace :

      One Love One Heart

  21. L O V E
    Thoughts tip tapping busily about my mind
    Brightly hoping inspiration to find.
    So I kneel to ask a delicate elf
    She says,' it’s a feeling beyond regard for self.'
    Next, in a jar of wisdom I take a peek
    It says,' love is a lesson taught by the meek.'
    Now I know that this implies no lack,
    It means love cannot ever harm or attack.
    So I question the lining of a drifting cloud
    And the answer is whispered not very loud,
    'Love is the infinite possible feat,
    Because it requires giving without a receipt.'

  22. Thank you Cobra! And thank you to all you loving souls that write such beautiful and inspiring messages to share~ They do mean so much! I had a very good meditation on Sunday, felt surges of energy several times, in my minds' eye I could see shadows 'marching' into the blue ray which then turned violet in color, then they were gone and I felt this overwhelming peace come over me. Yay!

  23. For some reasons i have always been very very receptive to the dark ones (without knowing it for 40 years)
    To be AWARE now about the archons, is a BIG relief, and helps me even more to deal with it.
    Thank you Cobra, thank you All, for being here!
    I have this beautiful energy now from the song 'Tonight in Babylon', that filled my last 24h with very uplifting thoughts,
    and last night, i had a lucid dream where i met our Star brothers and Sister, gosh that was SO real!
    There IS gonna be a NEW beginning, yeah! ☼

  24. Something was happening yesterday, i could tell it from my body. I had a terrible ache in the right shoulder blade for weeks. Suddenly in the everning yesterday (in the european time zone), i started to have a chest pain in the right side. So the pain doubled and it was so very intense and i was very very weak. So it must be definetely from the Pluto-Uranus square. I have not much idea about the astrology, but since my awakening, i can identify nearly every body changes with the pewerful cosmic alignments.
    Thanks Cobra for addressing the "soul disintegration" part. That is something that nothing to be fearful or afraid of. I wrote in the comments before, some dark souls can not find their way back and it is very very hard for them on a soul level. So the disintegration back to the Source is actually a very blissful thing for them, so they can finally find their way back. It's a salvation, not a punishment.
    Now, activate the operation Stardust please! :-) As always, we are ready!

    1. Sorry for my french, i am not a native english speaker. "So" came just frequently. Hope you understand me. :-)

    2. Ton Anglais est excellent ;) ouiii, nous sommes prêt!
      (j'espère que ça va mieux aussi pour toi) ☼

  25. You rock Cobra. Thanks for the update. Patience is something we all need in the last few moments of all of this. Stay strong. Lots of love. :D

  26. Thank one and all. Yesterday was anxious and for some reason early this morning was also then something really wonderful happened. I was getting up to do something around 6:30 and suddenly about 1/2 my lights went out but came back on in a few minutes and repeated once more. I didn't think much of that but what happened next was extrodinary. The light in my chandeler starting blinking like Morse code then stopped. It kept doing this until I realized I was getting a message. I found the inner heart chakra meditation almost immediately and used that. I had a little anxiety during the day and used the meditation and around 1:00 I felt a total peace come over me. What a wonderful day and life for all of us as one!

  27. Speking about favourite song, i became terribly romantic lately. Miss my Twin Flame. Someday we'll gonna meet.

  28. Crystal Ball,
    Interesting I had pain on the inside of my left knee when I went to bed yesterday. It was more in the soft tissue than in the bones.

    Today on the morning it was gone! I have never had a pain there in my whole life. I'm very active but have not done anything that I can recall should have anything to do with the inside of the knee.

    1. Many physical pains are energy related nowadays. If you're young and think i'am too young for this pain, then you're right! Sometimes it seems like we're complaining too much, but it's not. The DNA and lightbody activation are not an easy procedure on every level. The powerful alignments activate something in us, it's painful at first, but one can be thankful, that we're on a right path and everything is going according to plan. Of course the pain is intense and not very comfortable. At least another six months we'll need to endure. But i won't complain. :-)

  29. Much love Cobra and everyone... These are indeed intense energies. Now lets do the light work we have come to do. We are light workers, here to dispel the darkness. It is time.

  30. Family of Light wake up - volume 2

  31. Nice update, thanks very much Cobra and the team. Looking forward to revelations, so that we can get rid of those dark ones, and finally meet you and all our heroes/heroines! ;)

  32. Thank you so much LADY DRAGON for yet another one of your complete bullshit posts. Do you really think we are that dumb to not know who you are? Yet it seems you HAVE pulled the proverbial wool over many of the sheeple that have commented here. You will pay for your lies and bullshit through the karma you are building. We cannot escape our karma so you have fun with that in your next life as you try and repay for the disinformation you cause in this one.

    1. Shawn,

      Cobra and Lady Dragon are not the same person. Cobra is male(modulation could not hide that part) with a European accent and Lady Dragon is from Montreal,Quebec with a French Canadian accent.Even when voice modulation is used for Cobra he doesn't respond in any manner like Lady Dragon does.You will see for yourself once Cobra comes out in the open...

      Peace :)

    2. Hmmmm...I'm not so sure. Though it's rather irrelevant, my take is Cobra sounds like a Russian woman. Yeah, well, that's just like, my opinion, man. :)

    3. My opinion is Cobra is Mexican!

    4. That was my guess too. A Latino woman.... but a wonder if there might be a Baltic connection...

    5. This comment has been removed by the author.

    6. I think Cobra may have a Greek connection. I've heard the type of speech pattern before from Greeks who learned English as a second language and speak it very well. They can't ever really shake the accent though.

      Truth is, many of you would be surprised to find out there's a bit of Greek DNA in you from long long ago.

      Whatever nationality Cobra may be is of no consequence. I know it's fun to guess, but really, who cares? There are more important things to concern ourselves with.

      Namaste... Poli Agapi kai Fos.

  33. aaahh... well that explains the roller coaster i was on yesterday :)

    i am truly in love with this life, this earth, all my relations... here and beyond. thank you for being my constant companions and teachers, dear friends. the colours, the smells, the sounds, the feelings... all of it! ...all that i'm privileged to experience while walking the earth in my spacesuit... it's a good deal. glad i signed up with you all... peace and love.

  34. A tough week here too, long challenging hours at work put me in a funk. I had practically no time to post or spend much time on the web grr. I made some time to meditate, but not like I wanted. That darn Uranus square Pluto!

    Cobra is so right! Spending time in nature always helps me clear my head and calm my spirit. After a rough week, I took a 'time-out' and literally made love to Gaia all weekend hahaha. I was hugging trees, caressing rocks, petting grass, meditating in the garden, digging my feet in the sand at the beach as the ocean washed away my stress. Watching clouds all day, stargazing at night. So beautiful. ahhh and listening to the sounds of nature.. I love it! It's so calming. My neighbors must think I'm completely nuts! LOL

    I'm so fortunate to be here with all of you, just lovin the vibes here, and the songs too :D. I've had constant synchronicities everyday for a week.. the time is always 10:10 11:11 1:11 2:22 3:33 5:55 ,etc it's non-stop. today my gas pump stopped at 6.66 after I left work (it was 4:44pm btw) :-)

    1. Azure,
      I have the same experience when it comes to synchronicity of time. The time is always, 11:11, 12:12, 22:22,23:23, 00:00 :o)

    2. And to wake up in the middle of the night, with the clock showing 3:33 precisely ;)
      I have the same repeating numbers, it's great to read yours too, i wonder if we'll meet on the same vessel =)

    3. I too have that synchronicity with the time you all speak of. I've also had the number 204 follow me around for as long as I can remember.

  35. Thank you for this assurance, and for being the voice of reason and wisdom, Cobra. Grateful thanks to all on the Ground Team who are working so darn hard to liberate Humanity, please stay safe. Much love and blessings.

  36. Greetings all and salutations! I have been wondering about our timing in that through Dr. Suzanne Lie I am involved in one of many groups of four that are meditating as one unit to focus a healing to specific parts of Gaia. I guess you could call us the clean-up crew! LOL! One Love, Brothers and Sisters! Till Victory!

  37. Spread the Word!!


    Forget about surrender from the archons or the cabal, they've had their chance and it's time to remove them. Not out of spite, hate or anger, but release them as participants in an experience that we once embraced and no longer require. We all have to live with our choices and isn't unconditional love and unity our next goals on and with this planet? If so, these are the qualities that we must begin our next step with, even if they're not yet fully integrated.

    Wouldn't it be better if all those that would harm another from the archons down to the most insignificant bully were simply removed from the planet or quarantined for treatment/rehabilitation, so that no one has to sit in judgment and we can get on with the business of healing the planet and providing for the needs of the rest of humanity?

    We and our extended family together can help any that are truly sorry and desire a fresh start, the rest can live out their days somewhere else where they can harm no one but each other.

    In loving service,

    The son of man

  38. I was given this link earlier but knew if I read it before turning in I'd be at peace... Thank you


  39. has 'the event' been explained yet?

    1. The Event refers to the removal of the cabal from their positions of power. At this point in time, since they did not accept the terms negotiated for their peaceful surrender, their removal would be by mass arrest.

      It is also the arrest scenario that Drake refers to.

      Cobra has posted information in early to mid April which would be helpful to read as well as these :

      1, Plan 2012:
      2, Removing the Cabal:


  40. thank u & love u, Cobra. love u all.

  41. Interesting chill vibe in the comments today. I think the Goddess is working her magic :)

    1. well then the Goddess needs to high-tail her patootie to my house. The past few days have been nothing short of explosive between myself and my father.

      I try to maintain my composure, but he just seems to get under my skin. He says things just because he knows it'll bother me.

      The other day he was getting into it with my girlfriend over political crap. He's a self declared Fascist and says it's the only thing that will save Greece. I saw the look in his eyes while the back-and-forth was going on and he was saying things just to aggravate the situation. I finally had to throw him out of my place and spent the next 2 hours calming my girl down.

      He's all about money money money (I could care less) and considers everyone his slave. He commands respect although he shows none and ALWAYS threatens me with violence. I'm not a little kid and as I was taught, if someone hits you, you hit them back, only much much harder. Whenever I feel the confrontation getting heated, I just walk away because I don't want to explode, which I recently discovered infuriates him. Also noted that the day after an argument, he's sidelined with a massive migraine - so massive loud sounds and sunlight cause him further pain.

      This "event" can't happen fast enough. I'm tired of this. If I have to rip the arxidia (ankle biters) apart myself, point me in their direction.

    2. I sympathize with you Theo... my son thinks I need a CAT scan to check for a brain tumor because I believe this stuff and the love of my life has Melanoma, we're about to be homeless etc... April 12 - the original date set wasn't soon enough in my view.

      Our Galactic family is really testing our resolve to "Stay Calm" imho. We're all tired of it all.

      Garbanzo where are you and what do you have to say on the matter?

    3. Theo, stay strong friend. It could be that your presence in your Dad's life, and he in yours, is each of your greatest spirituals tests. The challenge is to stand present, in non-reaction, and non-judgement.

      Believe me, I need to follow my own advice here, but I do believe the Goddess is helping us all now. Stay in love. See your father as the infinite, divine being he is, but one who is stuck in fear.

      No one is a victim. Our paradigm of victim/aggressor is over. No one is attacking him but if he chooses to continue to believe that, he is no longer welcome to do so in your presence. Or your girlfriend's. Release him in love.

      This drama is a microcosm of what is going on in our world right now. Are we up to the challenge? To love and respect ourselves enough to embrace the past victim/aggressor dramas, love/fear, light/dark, and then let them go? To stand in our power and say, thank you for your lessons, but that is enough.

      Good luck to you Theo!! You are a beautiful spirit who brings so much light and love to this space!

    4. dear Theo, you warm my heart :)

      Families are most of the time the biggest challenge to us, especially when they are still living and breathing the old paradigm. Releasing them with love is easier said than done. Realizing that we aren't successful in bringing more understanding to their views, can be frustrating as it can seem as if somehow WE are the ones who aren't rising to the challenge.

      You are noble soul for your efforts, but the old timers can just be so very entrenched.

      The advice Cobra gave is great when you feel provoked.

      "Focus instead on beauty, nature, meditation. Find calmness within. And when you need to act, act from that calmness"

      Next time you feel a storm brewing, challenge yourself to disengage from it. Stay detached & observe yourself. Change the subject, and if that doesn't work, go over give your Dad a big hug, tell him you Love him, and walk away in peace.

      You'll be making the ankle-biters very very mad instead :)

    5. Dear unknown, Theo and anyone for whom another day on this plant feels a tough, tough call ( Me today), try laughing and crying with this short poignant video from ET 101. Mission control reminds us we agreed to absorb the dysfunctional ways of this planet in order to transmute them. We agreed to forget, now we must remember that we forgot and seek to remember what it is we forgot to remember......


    6. I would like to thank all of you for all your support, love and light. It speaks volumes that someone from the other end of the world can open his heart to complete strangers (although we are all of the same source) and find nothing but goodness and support.

      I love you all. Thank you again.


    7. Aradia,
      this was one of my favorite books 'back in the day'... The statement to the effect of 'what passes for sanity on your planet is sending chills down the spine of the rest of the universe' was amusing and the perfect confirmation for many of us that WE weren't the crazy ones, and that it was the accepted world culture that was upside down. It has always stayed with me as a remembrance.

      So glad that this is resurfacing now for more to access.

      Theo - please consider that it just that - YOUR love and light that will have the greatest effect on your father ... without saying a word :)

  42. Cobra: It is my understanding that the Pleiadians are asking for an end to the genocide of the white race before making first contact. Please comment.

  43. One article from a main Swedish newspaper about a virus attacking Bank accounts. Is this your baby Cobra?
    New viruses hacking bank accounts
    A new generation of computer virus has stolen up to 550 million from 60 banks around the world.

    June 26th, 2012 at 10:05, Updated: June 26, 2012 at 11:41

    The victims are wealthy individuals and corporations. A Nordic banking is on the list.

    According to computer security firms McAfee and Guardian Analytics, this is a further development of the Trojans

    "Zeus" and "Eye Spy". The earlier versions were used to steal login credentials, but has now been revealed that the Trojans are able to automatically transfer money to chop the league's accounts.

    READ MORE: Malicious cyber-attacks continues to increase

    Another novelty is that the new Trojans are not out fishing at random. The hackers have beforehand carefully selected his victims.

    - It's about individuals with wealth or company-specific assets, says Fredrik Moller, president of McAfee in the Nordic and Baltic countries, to TT.

    Reportedly, the 168 individuals who were affected. At its peak, nearly a million transferred from an account.

    The affected banks are in the U.S., Europe and South America. McAfee will not disclose the names of the affected banks, but in a Nordic bank, probably Swedish, are included.

    - We say it is a major Nordic bank with operations in Sweden, says Fredrik Möller.

    According to Reuters, sold the new versions of "Zeus" and "Eye Spy" in Russia, Ukraine and Romania, for between 300 and 4000 dollars.

    After the revelation was closed the two servers in California and Russia, which ruled the Trojans, but according to Fredrik Möller, they were back in service on Tuesday morning.

    READ MORE: Hackers can take control of Dreamlinern

    The Trojans are distributed either by e-mail attachments or by having the user be tricked into a fake website that is completely identical to Netbank. When he logged in, it's up a box that says "wait" and meanwhile goes trojan into your account and complete the transaction.

    To complicate controls further meet the Trojans of creating false account statements, which means that the affected customers do not directly realize they are being stalked.

    According to TT, the Nordic bank Nordea hit in Norway. This, however, denied by the bank.

    - We have not been exposed to the Trojans attack that resulted in the money disappeared from Nordea in Norway. This is unknown to me, says Thomas Sevang, Head of Nordea Norway.

    Woke up to this story this morning on NPR--could these "investigations" and arrests be those very same cabalist infiltrators?

  45. I think it's time that we individually invoke the Galactic Codex. Isn't this what all of this is about anyway?

    This is what we are fighting for isn't it????? They are our UNALIENABLE and UNCONDITIONAL rights. Given by God. We shouldn't have to wait for the Cabal to capitulate or for the Pleadians to feel our "temperature" or for the grid to fall or anything else. Or do I not understand the words unalienable and unconditional correctly? A right is a right.

    1. Kat master, I am in your debt for posting this as I had not seen the Galactic codex. It's light, truth and beauty has uplifted me. I think that perhaps it is being invoked already, but at a pace that is safest for all concerned.

  46. Thank you for being a calm voice in a stormy sea. Sending you love & light & MANY thanks. <3<3<3


    please watch this, scary stuff from police about St louis army and about what could happen

    1. BS meter to the max. NO FEAR IN THIS BLOG!! WE ARE FREE! Oh and I think this is complete BS to be honest.

  48. This is just a reminder that for every day of delay so many innocent people loose their home, wealth, health, and lives.

  49. Found this on Drake's site, things are heating up !

    Letter–Russian Highly Enriched Uranium

    Posted on 06/26/2012


    June 25, 2012

    Read whole article here:

    excerpt from this article:

    …The effect of this Executive Order is limited to property that is directly related to the implementation of the HEU Agreements. Such property will be clearly defined by the regulations, orders, directives, or licenses that will be issued pursuant to this Executive Order. I have delegated to the Secretary of the Treasury, in consultation with the Secretary of State, the authority to take such actions, including the promulgation of rules and regulations, and to employ all powers granted to the President by IEEPA as may be necessary to carry out the purposes of the order. All agencies of the United States Government are directed to take all appropriate measures within their authority to carry out the provisions of the order.

    1. After reading that letter, all I kept hearing was "WAR".

      If the positive military and ET's were waiting for a Green light, it doesn't get any greener than that. That's a clear declaration of someone being up to no good.

      Turkey's now saying it's plane was shot down by a Russian ship... I have a funny feeling things are about to pop off in a big way.

    2. TheoDaGreek,
      It's probably the old saber rattling.. taking the focus of the real issues...

  50. Most honored Cobra

    Thank you for having the courage and wisdom to live your purpose, and to allow us to witness it. It inspires me to continue to fulfill my own destiny.

    I laughed when I saw your graphic, as I was in England last March and bought the T shirt (Keep Calm and Carry On). This statement was originally used on WW2 posters, and has recently been revived (perhaps to keep the masses thinking they are brave and stalwart during these economic times? Meanwhile, the stealing and lying was to continue with the population feeling as though they were all being good British citizens, stiff upper lip an all, as they marched to the poorhuse.)

    Anyway, I thought it was suitable to my own purpose, that being- to maintain the light no mater what the Cabal throws out. And I love your revision. Always is fun to use a instrument of the Cabal and turn it around.

    A big hug to you -heart to heart. Many blessings

    All are one Aho!

  51. but your new consciousness is getting to the point where you need to be moved, shortly after we arrive, to your respective Light Chambers in Inner Earth.

    This is a quote from Sheldon Nidle most recently. WTH is he talking about being moved to light chambers. I am all for us working with our galactic families but I do not think we need to be moved to light chambers...

  52. This comment has been removed by the author.

    Educate them or throw them to the Sun.
    We Do not care.
    Just Help us have PEACE and Freedom.
    NO More Evil, Enough.

  54. I am aware that I am seeing this through my present human limitations:

    about those among the "lost souls" who have been damaged beyond repair and rejected the light completely, them being painlessly disintegrated in the Central Sun: couldn't a timely intervention of God-Love-Light have avoided this sad conclusion? Haven't they been, at a certain, critical point, been left with insufficient care?

  55. NO

    they have had a free will choice to express and manifest their own reality, and sorely abused that gift.

  56. will our future be in the inner earth?

  57. I wish to share with you this highly spiritual music by the great composer Arvo Part: