Monday, October 22, 2012

R13/10 complete. L0 radius: 0.65m, L0 membrane intersection.


  1. To Enlightenment and Beyond! Woohoo!!! Namaste one and all! We are one in Love and Light! Thank you Cobra for continued liftoff details on the launch!

  2. Golden Light Sparks Have Commenced


    Grid points upon the Earth planet have begun a process of “sparking”. Ignition of Higher Light fires within each Hue-man proceeds. This applies equally to groups within various consciousness levels, and includes cultural, social, political, technical entities. No one will be spared from these sparks, nor from the resultant Higher Light fires.

    These fires are supporting the burning of all old 3D-4D Earth paradigms and will continue throughout the 12-21-12 gateway. 11-11 portal is a key to new beginnings, and all higher priority items will be cleared prior to that date.

    Those guided by Gaia will undertake holding of Higher Light and Higher Vision for the New Earth, Gaia Nueva. Any and all may assist. Those called by Gaia are urged to heed Her messages, and follow them precisely, moment to moment.

    Sparks lead to Fire. Fire leads to Purification. Purification leads to Planetary En-Lightenment.

    Note from Ish*** Anyone who can see auras or has an open 3rd eye may be able to see this?

    1. Seeing some really interesting energy flows and am working with the violet flame to invoke purification followed by emerald then pure white light for cleansing.

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  4. This ongoing process of ever increasing awareness and truth will continue well after 2012 portal and even if we do have the event in the not too distant future i hope people will realize we as a planet and a people have a lot more love to give. I know that it does mean something when we pray and intend for a higher truth and expansion of light and love in our daily experiences. It means even more when we move forward and striive toward our goal and service.

    The expected and hoped for mentoring by our space family will provide explanations of the earths history and our previous interactions with the non material realms. Our feeling nature constructs our reality and the fevor zeal and enthusiasm that we inject into our path with heart will magnetize the vision of peace on earth that so many of our cobra family feel and express here. The laws of manifestation are available and positive actions are highly rewarded at this time.

    No time to wallow in the mire. Every day is a day of decision and each decision in the day is important to our progress. The batttle of life or really the opportunity of life is to choose love over fear to choose righteousness over selfishness.

    Step up now is the time for your help and action to goodness. You see the problems offer the solutions. Refuse to participate in old worn out ideas and dead systems. Actively seek out alternative lifestyle changes until you create harmony in your life. Never give up never surrender to negativity or less than the truth. Support others on their journey. Allow all to be who they are. Remain focused on the goal and devote every action towards the one.

    The prospects for the future are good very good. Our realization, knowing confident awareness will mountains of ignorance and doubt wil vanish like dew in the sunlight. Get out your shades and sun glasses its about to get bright on the inside. Establish the inner connection to God through out all outer activity. Forgive your self your transgressions and renew your vows and find peace in silence.

    I saw a funny shaped cloud today and said hi.

  5. Cobrass,
    "Remind yourselves again and again, especially when your doubts assail you, that you are divinely loved, protected and guided in every moment of your existence!" #Saul

    "You are the manifestation of the Divine each and every moment now. Get comfortable with it. Soar with it. BE it, dear hearts." #AAMichael


  6. Today I felt such love meditating my chair vibrated and I know all will be great! Just follow your heart.

  7. 10-23-12 Bill Ballard ~ Thank You For Gathering As One on 10-21-12

    To everyone who participated on 10-21-12, WE DID IT! Mother Earth has indeed entered a new and much higher frequency range that anyone who is attuned can feel. There will be many more throughout the remainder of 2012, so please join in! Thank you! LOVE!

  8. I don't like how the number of comments have significantly dropped, guess it's due the premoderation which I was supporting, but now it's soo silent around here :S

  9. There still seems to be too many scratching their head. So here's some clarity for those: CMO Azar. Put that in Canunpa and smoke it. Or not. Whatever your choice was. Action speaks louder than words.

    By the way Cobra: Thank You.

  10. The day the Earth stood still. Something feels off right now? Are the dark ones going at it again in desperation? Any new updates?

  11. The next day, 22 October, I really received an invitation to do what I have decided to do on the Day of decision.
    Cobra was right - remember?
    "Visualize ways how YOU can contribute to the liberation process. Discover your talents and make a decision about how you will use those talents towards our final goal of setting people and our planet free. Make a decision that you will support other people dedicated to this process so that we are stronger together.

    After the Day of Decision you will have many opportunities to implement your decision in your daily life. You will be guided by your inner voice how to do that. Know that your dedication will be tested in real life."

    1. This is awesome news Ananda, seems like the Plan is in action !

  12. Thank You Cobrasss!
    Insert your favorite tree-hugging hippy cliche here...
    Mine is "Make Love Not War"

  13. Don't be afraid:

    In Love and Service,


  14. Where is your Heart?

    Where is your heart she asked?
    Looking very puzzled at her, I said right here pointing to where my heart is on my body. Smiling she said, I am very aware of that heart. What I am talking about is where does your heart reside, concerning the matters of your spirituality. The beginnings of where we all originated.

    Which story of Creation does your heart resonate with? Where is your heart on that matter?
    Do you resonate with the story of God creating Man first, in his image, or do you resonate with the story that a woman step out of the scared Tree of Life.
    Your heart will speak to you, so will your cellular memory also speak to you.
    Everyone is looking for a purpose in their own life. They will follow anything that they perceive to be beautiful. That is a human nature trait.
    Why do you think Tiamat has been given the title, Divine living Library?
    Every experience on Tiamat is recorded, so that many beings in many, many Galaxies may learn what has been recorded on Tiamat.
    The sacred tree of life is very real and very much alive.
    Why do you suppose that plant chemistry and human chemistry are almost identical?

    Now understand it is time for wombkind to step into their truth.
    They are life givers, when they are violated they should expose the offender. To unravel all the lies that have been told in the past would be a huge task to undertake. How dare a Fi-male kind violate wombkind the sacred live givers. How dare a wombkind not expose the offender, this is like breaking the Sisterhood Covenant. In this aspect of not stopping the offender from violating other sisters, you have broken a part of the Sister Hood covenant, allowing a man to violate another wombkind that has already violated you. That is breaking the Sister Hood Covenant, the taking care of another sister.
    Those actions by the fi-male kind show their worthlessness, with the harm they create.
    Where is your heart on the matter of nutrition?
    Where is your heart on the matter of immortality?
    Where is your heart on the matter of reincarnation?
    Where is your heart on the matter of loving yourself?
    Where is your heart on the matter understanding who you are?
    Where is your heart on the matter of Clan Mother Law?
    Where is your heart on the matter of balance & structure of your body and how that relates to your personality?
    Always be aware of where your heart is, how your heart is reacting to the different aspects of life that you experience from day to day.
    As my conversation ended with Divine Mother, I pondered where my heart was, is and could be with all that I experience.
    The awareness of what Divine Mother spoke to me has shifted me again, allowing a greater depth to come into my being of awareness.
    Where is your heart this day?


  15. After the arrest of Green Party candidates Jill Stein and Cheri Honkala last week when protesting being excluded from the 2 party presidential debates, this is refreshing !


    Third Party Presidential Debate Moderated by Larry King

  16. hi

    New update from Gaia portal

    Seems that our 'offworld cousins' are actually getting involved assisting mankind now?!



    Galactic Sources Empower Newly Fired Grid
    25 Oct

    [[ Galactic sources empower the newly fired grid points with Higher Light Intention which enables facile elimination of darkness from all corners of Gaia.

    As grids are empowered Galactically, intergalactic connection with Gaia is enabled, and acceleration of Ascension occurs.

    Major Enlightenment of humanity may occur in this now moment.]]