Monday, October 1, 2012


Compression grid activated to LOGN9.4, MasterPlan modulation in progress. Master delta LOC complete. HVBN substable to stable, major systems security breach deflected. M increase to 2, Dreamland attempt in progress.


  1. 9.3 >>> 9.4 :)

    hehee..great capcha ...onelov :-D

    lovin'it !

    1. Creeping quickly towards 10...
      Bring ON Operation Dreamland...let's dream a new dream :)
      Onelov!!! (sweet capcha!)

  2. Operation Dreamland

    Operation Dreamland is an operation of the Light forces to start a new Renaissance on the surface of this planet. The first Renaissance 500 years ago has been initialized by a certain positive occult group behind the White Nobility in 15th century Florence.

    The second Renaissance will be started by the same occult group worldwide and will herald the final victory of the free human spirit over the forces of limitation.

    Contact has been made with White Nobility lineages that were involved with the birth of the first Renaissance and might as well help with the creation of the second.

    Contact made with Grail White Nobility lineages means restoration of the Magdalene mysteries as preparation for the true revelation of the Goddess.

    The Resistance Movement will be the main operating force for Operation Dreamland from the time of the Event onwards. The purpose of Operation Dreamland is twofold.

    First, to restore abundance to the Lightworkers. Many Ligthworkers have a belief system that spirituality means living in poverty. This belief system is mind programming from the Cabal. In truth, physical abundance is a natural expression of the beauty of the incarnated Soul and every Lightworker deserves it. The Cabal wants to keep Lightworkers away from money to hinder the progress of the Light forces. The methods of the Cabal range from relatively harmless such as paid disinfo agents posting ad hominem attacks for “Cobra taking $1000 donations”, to moderate such as non-physical negative entities blocking business activities of the Lightworkers and then to more serious such as blocking access to funds that belong to the Lightworkers or outright stealing them.

    Saint Germain Trust has been established in the late 18th century by Comte de Saint Germain with a purpose of assisting the Lightworkers at the time of the shift of the ages. Saint Germain Trust will be unblocked as soon as the Cabal is removed at the Event. Lightworkers will be finally able to live in abundance.

    The second purpose of the Operation Dreamland is to start disseminating true occult teachings of the mystery schools of the Ascended Masters. In the last 26,000 years as this planet was quarantined and almost completely cut off from direct contact with the Ascended Masters, spiritual teachings have degenerated and now blind are leading the blind. One such example are many channeled messages that supposedly come from the Ascended Masters or Galactic Confederation. What happens in most those cases is a genuine energetic contact, but on the mental plane the Archons come in with their technology and insert messages that look full of love and light on a first impression, but in reality are just recycled phrases.

    At the Event, the Light forces will begin to reveal true teachings of Light. In many cases those teachings will be a little bit different from what most people expect, as this planet has been cut off from true Light for 26,000 years and many things have been long forgotten.

    There are certain preparations for Operation Dreamland that need to be made before the Event. Some members of the White Nobility have already responded to my call, and if any more from them want to join, they can contact me at

    In addition to that, hundreds of Lightworkers have also contacted me for that purpose, offering their help. I would ask anybody that wants to be involved in Operation Dreamland to very clearly state their talents, skills, contacts and resources that they can offer. If they can be involved in pre-Event preparations, they will be contacted soon. If not, they will be contacted directly by the Resistance soon after the Event.

    1. I work with impoverished and mentally ill and am very good and finding out their needs, helping guide them to a successful life given any resources. I am organized and empathic. I am a big picture thinker and would love to help.

  3. Thank you c0ca5a8c-c459-11e1-8248-000bcdcb5194 :)) This ^ states about how archons influence any/some channeled info from the GFL etc which may be what has happened to GG's channelings possibly!

  4. @CoCA5... (and the rest) LOL
    Hello, my friend! So funny, I was going to do the same.

    However, I think that, the GOAL/plan of the 2 steps, should be emphasized, SO NOBODY WOULD MISS THEM.
    Then Cobra will be able to do FREE conferences... Lets hope.

    Somehow, I see here a connection of what the Iranian president did on his glorious, UN speech. What a brave, and honest LIDER! ( Soon, Obama will do a BETTER ONE!! AN OCTOBER SURPRISE ).
    While watching the video, I got goosebumps, chills... As if he - Mahmud Ahmadinejad, was telling: "I did not chose to be a muslim. I don't trust what my, or ANY other world religion is preaching, lying to us. This is what I know about Jesus, because.... I HAVE MET HIM!" Yes, that's exactly what I GOT from his speech! And I think, I am right.
    Recently, ST. Germain, and Sananda/Jesus, have maid PERSONAL contacts with the billionares, world leaders, celebrities... even, with some important religious personnel.

    SALUTE, COBRA, and RM!!!!

  5. Holy F****** S*** its happening, please please i need to feel human again, i ve been surviving since i moved out not living, all my life ive questioned my existence and my pupose, if this is real , im gonna cry like really cry and love everyone like i never before :)

  6. Marúaweeka!

    Subject: JPMorgan
    Date: 10/01/2012 - 18:34
    Location: New York, USA

    "JPMorgan Sued By NY AG Over "Shit-Breathing" Bear Stearns RMBS Fraud"


    Also see:

  7. Also, news of early withdrawal from Afganistan. Also, want Cobra to know I know how to bring people and projects together with common sense. Really want to do something positive!

  8. Marúaweeka!

    Okay, let's get back to the WingMakers for a moment . . . and I apologize for my scattered questions tonight. It's just that there's so much I want to know that I'm finding it very difficult to stay on the subject of the Ancient Arrow project."
    Dr. Anderson:
    "You don't need to apologize. I understand how this must sound to you. I'm still wide awake, so you don't have to worry about the time."
    "Okay. Let's talk a little bit about your impressions or insights into the WingMakers' philosophy and culture."
    Dr. Anderson:
    "First of all, again I want to remind you that only a fraction of their writings have been translated. So whatever insights I may have, are limited by a partial understanding -- at best -- of their culture and philosophy. Also, I want to remind you that the WingMakers may not represent the broader culture and philosophy of their time. Our interpretation was that they represented a subset or subculture of their time.
    "With those qualifications, I'll say that the WingMakers have the benefit of about 750 additional years of evolutionary thought. We presume that humans of this era are active members of the Federation of our galaxy . . . "
    "What's the Federation . . . I haven't heard you talk about it before?"
    Dr. Anderson:
    "Each galaxy has a Federation or loose-knit organization that includes all sentient life forms on every planet within the galaxy. It would be the equivalent of the United Nations of the galaxy. This Federation has both invited members and observational members. Invited members are those species that have managed to behave in a responsible manner as stewards of their planet and combine both the technology, philosophy, and culture that enable them to communicate as a global entity that has a unified agenda.
    "Observational members are species who are fragmented and are still wrestling with one another over land, power, money, culture, and a host of other things that prevent them from forming a unified world government. The human race on planet earth is such a species, and for now, it is simply observed by the Federation, but is not invited into its policy making and economic systems."
    "Are you saying that our galaxy has a form of government and a economic system?"
    Dr. Anderson:
    "Yes, but if I tell you about this you will lose track of what I really wanted to share with you about the WingMakers . . . "
    "I'm sorry for taking us off track again. But this is just too amazing to ignore. If there's a Federation of cooperative, intelligent species, why couldn't they take care of these hostile aliens in the year 2011 or at least help us?"
    Dr. Anderson:
    "The Federation doesn't intrude on a species of any kind. It is truly a facilitating force not a governing force with a military presence. That is to say, they will observe and help with suggestions, but they will not intervene on our behalf."

    Please

  9. Interestingly,

    Obama and Biden programmes seem to have been cancelled(due to Obama's busy schedule), no public programme available till the end of the month. Additionally Putin cancelled Pakistan trip:

  10. @wingmaker
    I'd like to know my friend, where are you from?
    In america they say - "hurray"! But where I come from, (former Soviet Union), we too, said URRAA !!

  11. ok well this article sums it all up
    OSC ( operation santa clause) it says on dec 25 that every child on earth will get a present and a delicious meal is this the acension?

    1. No it's not :) We hopefully can do better than that.

  12. but the present im happy about :) who knows maybe that 100,000

  13. HVBN ???

    LOC ???

    Your best guesses please ;-)

  14. If anyone knows more about this "Y" image, perhaps an energy concept, or just the timelines merging - idk, but, id love to learn. A friend had mentioned it the other day. And...

    It was previously featured on the image of Pandoras Box on this blog

    I believe it was also mentioned by Blossom Goodchild

    And if I'm not mistaken it is the image referred to as the "flux capacitor" (sp?) On Back To The Future - lol

  15. I don't like the defeaning silence around here and David Wilcock's site. No real update since the September 9th Fall of the Reptilian Empire,at DW August 28th.. :s

    1. Hi LV, :)

      If I remember correctly,Cobra had said a few weeks ago after Oct 6 he will release more information.Maybe Cobra can confirm this? Silence could be look at Drake, he's been crying wolf every two weeks.I mean would you announce something you're not 100% sure of? No..I wouldn't either.Maybe they are trying to confuse the public or maybe they are trying to confuse the cabal the event time.IMO I never thought giving the greenlight was a good idea(even though I would like to know)why would you give the cabal a heads up when they go down? Why go on live radio and make all these statements in the first place of mass arrests? Keenen, casper,ect are in war of words on rumormill..are they actually working together or all just disinfo? and what's with all the Obama Cancellations,and no schedule for Oct on October might be the month,hopefully it's our freedom...

    2. World Leader's Cancelled Trips and Meetings

      Something's brewing, what are they preparing??? An event? Or are they all going off planet?

  16. Latest update from Gaia Portal

    ‘Essential patterns for ascendancy are complete.’

    Seems very positive.

    A message the other day advises that we should all ‘keep to the same positive intent during intent manifestation meditations’

    Hopefully we can all agree what that intent should be?

    ‘A Planet free from: disease, ill heath, hunger, homelessness, violence.
    Mankind living in complete harmony & peace with each other, the planet & other creatures on the planet.

    Mankind taking responsibility for his actions.’


    Gaia Portal// 2 Oct

    {{‘’ Next Steps Currently Enabled and Supported at 5-7D Levels

    Multi-Directional couplings have completed. Star patterns aligned with Gaia energetics have enabled exchange of grids among Star Light Beings. Essential patterns for ascendancy are complete.

    Next steps are currently enabled and supported at 5-7D levels.’’}}

  17. Cobra, in case you didn't read this already, I wanted to include it as an explanation of how your site has likely been infultrated with 'shills' and for you to not take their negativity personally. I know you know all about this type of shady operation, but I think it really helps to read this confession of someone who previously was employed as a shill. It's also a very good reason why their posts need to be blocked.